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00:59 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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01:42 mtompset Tweaked[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
01:42 mtompset That should solve the MySQL problems I encountered. :)
02:04 mtompset I was curious, is there a preference between desktop and server versions of the OS?
02:04 jcamins Server.
02:05 jcamins Then you don't end up with X.
02:05 mtompset Greetings, jcamins. :)
02:05 jcamins Greetings.
02:06 mtompset I'm finishing my 3.6.7 install now.
02:06 jcamins :D
02:06 mtompset I figured once I got past the dselect, I didn't need to finish, because it should be similar to before.
02:07 mtompset Discovered a couple tweaks I needed to make to the wiki page, but nothing huge.
02:07 jcamins Excellent!
02:08 mtompset turns out that one thing that worked under 10.04 does under 12.04, but removing it doesn't change the outputs from mysql, so I tweaked the MySQL setup section.
02:08 mtompset ^does^doesn't^
02:09 mtompset I figured if people realize the goal is UTF-8 and here's a way to check, worse comes to worse they can read the manuals and figure it out.
02:10 jcamins Yeah, that makes sense to me.
02:21 mtompset I'm wondering... the Koha_on_Ubuntu page is super long.
02:21 mtompset Is there a suggested length at which a page gets split?
02:21 jcamins There is not.
02:38 mtompset Hmmm... I guess people don't run the tests often, or the tests were intentional in the mistakes.
02:38 jcamins mtompset: which tests?
02:38 wahanui which tests are broken?
02:39 jcamins There should not be any broken tests on 3.6.7.
02:39 jcamins I spent hours yesterday making sure there weren't.
02:39 mtompset Barcord_PrinterConfig.t
02:39 mtompset Barcodes_PrinterConfig.t, for example.
02:39 jcamins Is that the only one?
02:39 jcamins Could I see the output?
02:40 jcamins Paste it to
02:40 mtompset Sure...
02:41 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Several uninitialized values..." (185 lines) at
02:41 jcamins There are no errors.
02:41 jcamins Those are warnings.
02:42 mtompset I didn't say error. I said mistake. ;)
02:42 jcamins Which we should perhaps quiet, but they are intentional- the idea is to test that the modules can handle questionable input.
02:42 jcamins Ah.
02:43 mtompset It would be easier to say, "You should expect to see X number of uninitialized value errors."
02:43 jcamins If someone went back and noted all that, yes. :P
02:44 jcamins But if you ask me, an even better use of time would be writing more tests.
02:45 * jcamins is very big on tests.
02:46 mtompset tests are good.
02:46 mtompset sadly, tests are boring.
02:47 jcamins Yes, but so are warnings.
02:47 jcamins So, better to write tests. :P
02:48 mtj you know what the most boring-est ....?
02:48 mtj looking for stupid bugs, that would have been easily caught by a test...
02:48 jcamins mtj++
02:48 mtj aint that the truth, fellow developers
02:48 * mtompset nods.
02:50 mtj and of all the inane computer-related tasks to work on, writing tests are actually pretty satisfying
02:50 mtj coz you get to prove that something actually works
02:51 mtompset I would rather right tests than documentation. :)
02:51 jcamins Kind of like SICP for the rest of us.
02:51 mtompset ^right^write^
02:52 mtompset Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals? ;)\
02:53 mtj and lets face it, developers that dont 'do' tests, are precisely the kind of developers that need to do tests
02:53 jcamins Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
02:54 mtompset I know, jcamins, I was joking. That was the first Google link.
02:54 mtompset That being yours and not the joke.
03:00 mtompset I just wrote a script the other day to make sure where the Test::Strict error was triggered, because of the 00-strict.t db_dependent test.
03:01 mtompset because I found it with ./, so my script runs all the valid cases (and a couple invalid) for calling
03:02 mtompset the -c option looks ugly in a less of a file redirect, but at least you can see if it worked or not.
03:02 mtompset huggin is still offline?
03:02 mtompset kawawa si huggin! Poor huggin.
03:10 rangi oh i updated that bug mtompset
03:10 rangi Test::Strict should have required 0
03:10 rangi but other than that its fine
03:10 rangi until someone puts a test using it in t/ itself that is
03:11 mtompset Yes, I saw that. I agree with that. I haven't tweaked the patch yet.
03:14 mtj gmcharlt:  could you fix huggin please?
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03:37 Amit_Gupta heya bag
03:43 rangi really, delete in reports .. really
03:49 mtompset delete in reports?
03:50 mtompset no report should do a DELETE in the SQL.
03:50 mtompset Greetings, Amit_Gupta
03:50 rangi i know
03:50 rangi thats why it doesnt
03:51 rangi just someone was asking for it to
03:57 mtompset which bug report is that?
03:58 rangi not a bug report the mailing list
04:01 mtompset Ah, it must be a list to which I am not subscribed.
04:01 rangi its the main koha list
04:02 rangi well i warned them
04:02 jcamins You should probably subscribe.
04:03 mtompset which list?
04:03 mtompset mailing lists?
04:03 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
04:03 rangi the main one
04:04 rangi ie the first one there :)
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04:09 cait hi #koha
04:09 jcamins_away Good night.
04:12 cait good night jcamins_away
04:14 mtompset good night, jcamins_away
04:14 mtompset Greetings, cait
04:14 cait morning mtompset
04:15 mtompset GAH! That is starting to bug me... the message says redirect in 5 seconds, but the redirect is coded for 10.
04:16 mtompset I won't be do bugged if it said 10, and was 5 though. :)
04:16 mtompset ^do^so^
04:19 cait koha?
04:19 wahanui koha is a free software ils see for more info
04:19 mtompset Yes, step 3 on the web-installer.
04:20 mtompset The only reason I catch the discrepancy is because of my browser: lynx. :)
04:22 mtompset lynx?
04:22 mtompset Really wahanui doesn't know about lynx?
04:25 mtompset lynx is the most amazing browser in the world. It is the fastest page loading browser, so much so that Microsoft was considering changing their web browser engine to be modeled around it ([…]nternet-explorer/ -- APRIL 1) ;)
04:26 mtompset lynx
04:26 mtompset lynx?
04:26 mtompset I guess I haven't mastered wahanui use.
04:29 mtompset lynx is the most amazing browser in the world.
04:29 mtompset lynx?
04:29 wahanui lynx is the most amazing browser in the world.
04:30 mtompset lynx is also the fastest page loading browser.
04:30 wahanui okay, mtompset.
04:30 mtompset lynx?
04:30 wahanui somebody said lynx was the most amazing browser in the world. or the fastest page loading browser.
04:30 mtompset forget lynx
04:30 wahanui mtompset: I forgot lynx
04:30 mtompset lynx is the most amazing browser in the world.
04:31 mtompset I'll live with that. :)
05:23 rangi Well be it on her head then
05:31 mtompset why are body pseudo elements so stupid about height?
05:36 mtompset Replying to thread too...
05:40 mtompset I think the problem is her indexes aren't up to date and she's going to try to delete a ghost record.
05:41 cait she did run a script to find unindexed records
05:41 cait so not sure that is the problem
05:43 rangi It's hard to know it's split over 3 threads
05:44 rangi And English isn't her native language
05:44 rangi It looks like corrupt Marc
05:44 rangi But deleting records might be only treating the symptoms
05:46 mtompset The problems I experienced with indexing were due to memory issues.
05:46 mtompset We had ghost records.
05:46 mtompset Fixed the indexing.
05:46 mtompset Ghosts disappeared.
05:47 mtompset Is there a way to read the thread online?
05:47 rangi This is the opposite
05:47 mtompset Seeing as I subscribed late.
05:47 cait there is nabble
05:48 cait and the archives
05:48 rangi Her indexing fails because of bad records
05:48 cait and her problem is not ghost records, but the zebrasrv dying
05:48 mtompset yes, but if you delete a record, and it still appears in search... that's a similar effect, cait.
05:49 cait yes, but not her problem
05:49 mtompset where do I read the archives?
05:49 cait ghost records in the index are not a similar effect - they don't make zebra die
05:49 cait they are just confusing
05:49 mtj
05:49 cait mailing lists?
05:49 wahanui mailing lists are at[…]ha-mailing-lists/
05:50 mtompset I'm subscribed now.
05:50 mtj
05:51 mtj[…]
05:57 mtj yeah, my hunch is she has glitchy cut/pasted text in her bibs
05:58 mtj ...and those records are causing zebra to fail its rebuild
06:00 mtj in that situation would fail for a full rebuild
06:00 mtj as well as sometimes failing on a partial rebuild
06:01 mtompset Okay, now that I've read the whole thread, that seems like the logical conclusion.
06:01 mtompset Sorry for replying out of context. Oh well. :(
06:01 mtj the catch is , she doesnt have enuff knowledge to debug or fix the problem herself
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06:03 * mtompset nods.
06:03 mtompset If I wanted to put a border around the staff client, any suggestions on how to do it?
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06:04 cait why do you want to imprison it?
06:04 reiveune hello
06:04 mtompset To make it match our other sites.
06:04 mtompset style-wise.
06:04 mtompset At least in this regard.
06:05 cait hm
06:05 cait I don't understand that mostly
06:05 cait noone would try to make the word or windows match their other sites
06:05 mtj mtompset
06:05 cait but people do with the staff client
06:06 mtj .body {border:5px solid red;}
06:07 mtompset Yes, but will it have the same problem as the pseudo labels? putting the border only the size of the visible screen?
06:08 mtj pass, not sure what a pseudo-label is, even...
06:10 mtj mtompset: looks  like theres a zillion ways to do that... depending on your browser :)
06:11 mtompset depending on the browser.
06:11 mtompset I'd like the way that affects koha file least. :P
06:11 mtj and a zillion more, if your browser =~ /ie/ ;)
06:12 mtompset Sorry, mtj... that method has the same bug that is frustrating.
06:12 mtompset I wonder if IE does it right.
06:13 mtj hmm, i think i can guess that answer to that question...
06:14 mtompset login: correct.
06:14 mtompset first screen: correct.
06:15 mtompset now for the challenge.
06:15 mtompset system preferences.
06:15 wahanui i guess system preferences is[…]ystem_Preferences
06:15 mtj use css, (and then jquery if you need too) and put the changes in the appropriate koha syspref
06:15 mtompset busted like firefox.
06:16 mtompset I've got the changes in css...
06:16 mtompset I copied staff-global.css, made tweaks, and then point koha at the tweaked version.
06:17 mtompset border: 10px solid red --- doesn't make it to the bottom of the system preferences page.
06:19 mtompset Top and sides look great until... you scroll up and see the bottom border going across. :(
06:21 mtj no offence , but it seems like a super no-no design idea
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06:22 mtompset No offense taken, but let's say I throw out bottom... I still would want the sides going down to the bottom.
06:23 mtompset The problem is, if I set a background picture....
06:24 mtompset It bleeds into the working area, because there is no div encompassing it all.
06:25 mtj then use jq to insert that magic div...
06:25 mtompset never used jquery before.
06:25 mtompset does it go in the html file?
06:26 mtj i test my crappy jq in the .tt file, then at it to the jsctipt koha syspref - when its working ok
06:26 mtj s/at/add/
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06:28 mtompset Okay... thanks for the ideas, mtj.
06:28 mtompset mtj++
06:30 mtj ftw: the syspref page has got a glitch with the body element
06:31 mtj it looks that way in firebug, at least
06:35 mtj the template might have a missing closing div?
06:36 mtj the trick for you might be to add the border code to the doc* elements, not the body
06:36 mtj .
06:37 mtj #doc, #doc1, #doc2, #doc3 {border:5px solid red;}
06:38 mtj oops, i take that back
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06:40 alex_a bonjour #koha
06:40 cait hi alex_a
06:40 cait bbiab
06:40 cait left #koha
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06:51 mtompset I looked at this in firefox and IE (firefox regardless of firebug on or off)
06:53 mtj im saying, look at the syspref page in firebug
06:53 mtj you can clearly see the body element does not extend to the bottom of the document
06:53 mtj why? not sure... but thats the bug...
06:54 mtj fix that 'body' bug on the sysprefs page , you fix your border problem....
06:55 mtompset It's the difference between $(document).height(); and $(window).height();
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07:00 gaetan_B hello :)
07:02 mtompset Greetingsd, gaetan_B \
07:04 * mtompset frowns, "I obviously and doing something wrong, and this jquery stuff is just as frustrating as the border bug."\
07:04 mtompset ^I'm^I^
07:06 mtompset $(body).append('<p style="font-size:72pt">CHECK</p>');
07:06 mtompset Why is there a big CHECK on my page somewhere?
07:06 mtompset ^is^isn't^
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07:08 kf good morning #koha
07:13 mtompset Greetings, kf
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07:13 asaurat joined #koha
07:14 mveron Good morning #koha
07:14 mtompset Greetings, mveron.
07:15 mveron Good morning #kohahi mtompset
07:15 francharb joined #koha
07:16 francharb hello
07:17 kf hello francharb and mveron :)
07:17 kf mveron: glad you survived the big wave of mails :)
07:17 mveron hello francharb and kf  :-)
07:19 mveron kf: Could catch almost all administrative things...
07:20 kf mveron: was only a week away... sorting through 400 mails right now :(
07:22 mveron kf: I could give you my diver eyeglasses and my snorkel...
07:22 mveron :-)
07:22 kf lol
07:22 kf thx :)
07:25 rangi evening
07:25 kf evening rangi
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07:39 matts hi !
07:40 rangi hi matts and magnuse
07:41 magnuse kia ora rangi and #koha!
07:42 magnuse long time no see - good to be back
07:43 rangi hows the family?
07:43 magnuse doing good! ;-)
07:43 magnuse leonard is growing at a seady pace, it seems
07:45 rangi :)
07:45 magnuse s/seady/steady/
07:46 magnuse rangi++ for the dashboard!
07:46 rangi i hoped you'd like it
07:46 magnuse very much so!
07:47 magnuse getting into the "Monthly Scoreboard" list is certainly a motivation
07:47 rangi :)
07:47 magnuse rangi++ for 3.8.3 too!
07:48 * magnuse plans to upgrade his customers as soon as possible
07:48 rangi still some outstanding bugs around fines
07:49 rangi but it mostly works
07:49 rangi apart from that
07:49 magnuse yeah, and none of my customers use fines
07:49 magnuse :-)
07:50 rangi :)
07:50 magnuse rangi++ for sign-off'ers in the release notes :-)
07:50 rangi ahh that was jcamins
07:50 rangi jcamins++
07:50 magnuse jcamins++ then :-)
07:57 mveron The Koha Dashboard is really great. Will it be linked in the list of Community ressources on  ? And on the Wiki?
07:58 eythian joined #koha
07:59 magnuse kia ora eythian!
08:00 magnuse ooh, the solr stuff got pushed? cool!
08:00 rangi needs work before 3.10, but hopefully we can get that done
08:00 kf hi magnuse - great to have you back :)
08:00 eythian bonjour, magnuse
08:00 rangi mveron: yep, you can do the wiki :) ill ask liz to add it to the main site :)
08:00 kf magnuse: discovering all the shiny things done while you were away? :)
08:01 kf morning eythian
08:01 kf :)
08:01 eythian hello kf
08:01 magnuse kf: hiya and thanks!
08:01 kf magnuse: maybe we shoul dhave a gbsd soon- concentrating on testing master?
08:02 rangi thats a good idea
08:02 magnuse kf: yeah, been off the lists for 3 whole weeks, lots of catching up to do
08:02 magnuse yeah, excellent idea kf
08:02 magnuse want to propose a date?
08:02 kf so let's not forget the idea until you have sorted through the mails
08:02 kf hm
08:02 kf not sure about the schedule right now - what date would make sense?
08:02 kf I think maybe sometime next week or the week after next?
08:03 magnuse yeah, sounds sensible
08:03 kf do we have a preferred day? maybe friday?
08:04 magnuse yeah, i'd vote for a friday, i think
08:04 magnuse week after next would be good for me, give me some time to catch up, but that's just me...
08:05 kf k
08:05 kf so maybe august 3rd
08:05 kf or august 10th
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08:05 samuel joined #koha
08:05 kf morning paul_p
08:05 paul_p hello #koha
08:05 samuel hi everybody
08:05 kf paul_p: do you still do the community fridays at biblibre? we were discussing a new date for gbsd on a friday in the next 2 weeks
08:05 magnuse bonjour paul_p and samuel
08:06 paul_p kf (& magnuse) well, last month, we did nothing, because we were busy & there was no official GBSD. But if you set a date for a new one, we will join !
08:06 paul_p (for those not in holiday, of course... which is not a lot of ppl)
08:07 kf any preference? we were debating august 3rd or 10th
08:07 kf concentrating on shaking out some bugs / testing master
08:08 magnuse i'd vote for 10th - it's the day before my birthday :-)
08:09 mtompset didn't paul_p say he was on vacation August 4th?
08:09 paul_p mtate yes, I'm on vacation from aug 4th to Aug 26
08:09 kf but he can make his employees join us ;)
08:10 mtompset But it would have to be 3, if we want his expertise and wisdom too. ;)
08:11 kf not sure he will have time one day before his big vacation
08:11 samuel excuse me (stupid question) but could you explain what is gbsd?
08:11 wahanui samuel: Daemons did it
08:11 Brooke joined #koha
08:11 mtompset Global Bug Squishing Day.
08:11 Brooke o/
08:11 magnuse gbsd?
08:11 wahanui hmmm... gbsd is Global Bug Squashing Day
08:12 mtompset Oh, so I got the wrong conjugation. :P
08:12 Brooke would y'all like a separate page highlighting the dashboard on the wiki or is the stuff at going to do the trick?
08:12 mveron rangi: I linked the dashboard on the wike mainpage under "Koha Community Sites (and their status)"
08:12 magnuse mtompset:[…]ug_squashing_days
08:12 rangi sweet thank you
08:12 samuel no problem, that's more clear now
08:12 magnuse mveron++
08:15 mtompset Is there more to say about the Dashboard that just the one section you have? If so, I'd create a Dashboard page. Just my opinion.
08:15 mtompset ^that^than^
08:16 samuel other question (less stupid), we plan to install a discovery tool in our library. Does someone have experience about discovery tool with koha?
08:16 mtompset discovery tool?
08:16 mtompset What is a discovery tool?
08:17 magnuse like vufind, blacklight etc?
08:17 samuel yes
08:17 magnuse ooh 178 new bugs while i was away...
08:20 Brooke samuel: if you name which one you're thinking on, it might help me think on who might have
08:20 mtompset So would be something like what you are thinking of?
08:21 * rangi grins at the latest mailing list mail
08:21 rangi someone elses turn
08:23 samuel Brooke: in France, it is not well known  for the moment, it's like an UFO for some people :-) . Actually, we have met EBSCO and Worldcat. At the end of august, we will meet Ex libris and summon. So, we are open but we want something which can good run with koha.
08:23 mtompset That's crazy! He wants a librarian-sysadmin.
08:24 rangi you mean like a systems librarian?
08:24 rangi theres thousands of those :-)
08:24 samuel mtompset: not exactly, here is a good link[…]iscovery.html.csp
08:24 rangi i just liked professionist as a word
08:27 samuel rangi: thousands of those what?
08:28 Brooke thousands of systems librarians, I believe
08:29 mtompset Out of population of billions, show how rare they are.
08:29 rangi yeah, billions of librians
08:29 mtompset Billions of workers regardless of occupation. :P
08:30 rangi well it would be pointless to have a billion system librarians without billions of librarians surely?
08:30 mtompset A planet of just librarians... we'd be fighting over cataloguing standards instead of land and resources.\
08:30 rangi the point stands, its a real job, its quite common in libraries of a certain size
08:30 samuel a rare specie
08:30 rangi however that is a very tiny library to be wanting one
08:30 Brooke in the Librarian Mad Max scenario, I'd win. #justsayin'
08:31 * mtompset grins.
08:32 samuel yes and when i've discovered this link, i was very surprised, i've never seen so many jobs for IT librarian
08:34 rangi yeah, it's a growing field
08:35 eythian Well, 'I' is half of '
08:35 eythian IT'
08:35 mtompset So I should go back to school for a masters in librarian sciences as I already have a BMath in CompSci?
08:36 samuel i don't think so
08:37 Brooke no
08:37 rangi samuel: lee at butte montana is using EDS with Koha
08:37 mtompset Just a passing thought. ;)
08:37 samuel rangi: ok
08:38 drojf "Data librarian. Tags: Data management, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint Designer" does not sound very attractive
08:38 drojf good day #koha
08:39 mtompset The words SharePoint Designer made it unattractive. :)
08:39 samuel mtompset: in France, people like me have not master in librarian science, we learn at work (with our high school and exams so boring, it's more exciting to learn by yourself and at work)
08:41 rangi samuel: you could also mail the list, i think some others would be using one too
08:41 drojf samuel: that's the way you learn the stuff you actually need to know. in germany you are often considered not worth anything without a sheet of paper saying you did that all in theory
08:43 rangi a mix is good
08:43 rangi practical for how, theory for why
08:43 rangi thats what i look for in a job applicant
08:44 samuel drojf: yes, when i see cod4libs and all the jobs, it's a dream. In germany or In France, we are less pragmatic and open-minded for that.
08:54 drojf yes cool website! ptfs is looking for an ils system administrator
08:54 drojf …
08:56 * rangi sends his cv
08:56 samuel good idea
08:56 drojf :)
08:57 eythian Oh man, I was going to apply for that. Now there's all this competition...
08:57 muzu joined #koha
08:57 drojf heh eythian
08:58 muzu hi
08:59 muzu hi drojf
09:00 magnuse feels like i should know this, but why are some of the modules om the "perl modules" page in the staff client in bold and some not?
09:01 magnuse s/om/on/
09:02 eythian Required vs. optional? (just guessing)
09:02 magnuse ah, could be
09:02 rangi yep thats it
09:02 magnuse cool, thanks
09:08 drojf eythian: any idea when packages for 3.8.3 are coming?
09:08 eythian drojf: today or tomorrow hopefully
09:08 drojf cool, thanks
09:10 magnuse no libchi-perl yet?
09:13 eythian Not yet
09:14 eythian I've done experimental builds of it, but need to give them a bit of polish.
09:14 eythian Maybe something else for the next day or two, I want to do it really soon as it's blocking new master packages.
09:17 magnuse cool
09:27 stuartyeates joined #koha
09:39 kf eythian++ :)
09:42 rangi oh crappy
09:42 rangi margaret mahy died
09:43 rangi[…]argaret-Mahy-dies
09:43 mtj meh, that is crappy
09:44 eythian yeah, saw that :/
09:44 mtj off-topic, how to hide/suppress items in teh staff-interface?
09:45 mtj i cant find the option in edit-items, etc...
09:45 mtj anyone remember?
09:45 kf mtj: you can't suppress tem in staff
09:45 kf only in opac
09:46 kf but not sure it would make sense to hide them in staff?
09:46 mtj but, how do i change an item's status to hide
09:46 kf or opac there are at least 2 optiions I think, opacsuppression and opachiddensomthing
09:46 kf it's done with a rule I think, like always hide this collection
09:46 kf there is no special status
09:46 kf or you can use a flag on the record
09:47 mtj yep, where/how to set that fag, tho?
09:47 mtj oops, flag :)
09:47 kf I think ther is a description on the system preference
09:47 kf look for suppress something
09:48 kf you use a field in the record and 0/1 I think
09:48 drojf there did not come an option to hide by ip or hide from people not logged in by any chance?
09:48 kf http://lists.koha-community.or[…]March/032044.html
09:48 rangi drojf: not yet, but it would be handy
09:48 kf drojf: hm I don't think so, you can only make it totally hidden
09:48 kf yes it would be .)
09:48 rangi hiding for certain categories of borrowers too
09:49 kf but it would be nice if we got the paging and numbering sorted out for hiding stuff
09:49 rangi so even if you logged in, but you werent a certain type of user you couldnt see it
09:49 rangi i know special libraries often have stuff that only certain of their staff can see
09:49 drojf yes that would be cool
09:49 rangi so it never gets catalogued
09:50 rangi thus, never seen by anyone
09:50 drojf we have a lot of tv recordings that are not allowed to be found from outside
09:50 rangi even the people who are allowed to
09:50 rangi yep
09:50 magnuse yeah, that could come in handy
09:50 drojf so our opac won't be an opac
09:50 magnuse i have had a couple libraries interested in that
09:51 mtj ah, ok - i got it :)
09:51 mtj you edit the bib, not the item
09:51 mtj ... stick a '1' in the 942$n field
09:51 rangi thats for the suppression one, the opachiddenitems you can hide a type of items
09:52 rangi extending that, to take borrower category into account shouldnt be that hard
09:52 rangi but like kf says, we need to fix the existing bugs first
09:52 rangi not pile more on top :)
09:53 drojf i'm more of a pile person :D
09:53 drojf that reminds me, should do other things today. better get a shower
09:53 drojf have a nice day #koha
09:55 rangi cya drojf
09:55 magnuse oops typo in opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/ - pootle is telling me to translate "of the the last:"
09:56 kf hehe
09:56 kf yeah, I saw that too
09:57 rangi hmm where's the typo ?
09:57 kf there is more
09:57 kf lol
09:57 kf rangi: I showed it to you too and you didn't see it :)
09:57 kf the the
09:57 kf it's doubled up
09:57 rangi ah yep, brain just skips it
09:58 rangi also, that feature kinda sux anyway
09:58 rangi we should fix it
09:58 mtj kf:  thanx - i'm actually looking for the 'opachiddenitems' syspref :)
09:59 mtj @seen oleonard
09:59 mtj meh, no huggles :/
10:08 mtj hmm, i think the catch is... we want the items hidden from the opac, at the bib level, not item level :/
10:09 mtj so, we gotta use opac-suppress, not opac-hidden-items
10:10 mtj and its more work, as each bib needs it 942$n set manually to 1
10:10 kf mtj: I think the record is hidden when no items
10:11 kf so if you hide all items... the record vanishes too (I think) would need a little test
10:11 mtj lol, you are right :)
10:12 mtj all good!
10:19 kf cool :)
10:26 davidnind joined #koha
10:32 kf hi davidnind :)
10:33 davidnind hi kf :)
10:35 davidnind looks quiet in here this <whatever time it is wherever you are>
10:36 kf lunch time in europe :)
10:36 kf aren't you up late? :)
10:36 eythian oh yeah, lunch
10:36 magnuse and holidays for a lot of people in the northern hemisphere, probably
10:37 davidnind 10:30pm in Wellington, NZ - not too late yet
10:37 davidnind they always seem to be having holidays in the northern hemisphere!
10:39 kf eythian: have you been to the restaurant opposite of biblibre yet?
10:39 magnuse eythian is in marseille?
10:41 kf magnuse: he is!
10:42 magnuse nice!
11:09 slef mtj: we've something. What did you need?
11:09 slef hi all
11:14 eythian kf: which one?
11:14 eythian The lebanese one?
11:15 kf yes
11:15 kf we went there at the hackfest this year
11:17 jcamins Mmm. Lebanese food.
11:17 magnuse lebanese_food++
11:17 magnuse and hiya slef and jcamins
11:17 McCloud joined #koha
11:18 kf it was yum.
11:18 jcamins Hi magnuse. Welcome back!
11:18 magnuse jcamins: thanks!
11:19 eythian kf: we had takeaway from there the other day, but that's it.
11:19 jwagner joined #koha
11:19 kf oh, and did you like it?
11:22 slef hi magnuse
11:23 julian_m joined #koha
11:24 slef anyone like to do a bit of clicktivism to help make Olympics sponsors pay their taxes?[…]ympic-tax-dodging
11:33 mtompset only if you can solve my body.border=10px solid red problem. :)
11:55 mtj slef:  i need a huggin
11:55 NateC joined #koha
11:55 mtj a hugginkissin
11:56 oleonard joined #koha
11:58 oleonard Hi #koha
11:59 magnuse kia ora NateC and oleonard
11:59 NateC Hi magnuse!
12:00 reiveune bye
12:00 * kf waves
12:00 reiveune left #koha
12:00 kf eythian: 17 now and wifi :)
12:03 * mtompset is taking oleonard's advice to style more nicely, with the impending upgrade for our library coming up.
12:04 mtompset I'm ALMOST there.
12:04 mtompset That search area and logo doesn't have a div on it.
12:04 mtompset Very annoying.
12:05 oleonard What logo are you trying to change mtompset ?
12:06 mtompset not trying to change the logo... the area in the staff client... below the "circulation, patrons, etc. etc." and before the "Home > ..."
12:06 mtompset There's no div.
12:07 oleonard There is in master
12:07 mtompset I'm dealing with 3.6.7 :P
12:07 oleonard Okay. But isn't it nice to hear that the thing you're complaining about is fixed in a later version?
12:08 mtompset Yes, that is true. :)
12:08 mtompset Thanks for the good word.
12:10 mtompset And I have got the cascading working for mostly everything else.
12:16 * mveron after signing off one of the oldest bugs from dashborad has now to do some Non-Koha-work - and hopes that in the meantime someone will have time to Re-Sign-Off Bug 7621  :-)
12:17 * oleonard searches in vain for huginn
12:17 oleonard Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621
12:24 kf oleonard: I think we have to find gmcharlt
12:24 magnuse mveron++
12:24 kf mveron++ indeed :)
12:25 oleonard Poor gmcharlt, we go looking for him because we like hanging out with his friend.
12:26 chris_n joined #koha
12:54 magnuse ooh, plack 1.0:[…]GAWA/Plack-1.0000
12:54 tcohen joined #koha
12:57 mtompset_ joined #koha
12:57 mtompset_ Hmm... must have had a bad net connection.
12:58 kf oleonard: true :(
12:59 mtompset_ Is there a way to kick the old me?
12:59 eythian if you've registered, yes
12:59 eythian if not, just wait for it to time out
13:00 mtompset_ How do you register?
13:00 eythian
13:01 libsysguy joined #koha
13:01 libsysguy joined #koha
13:04 mtompset Okay, now to register.
13:07 mtompset So basically I msg NickServ an identify with password and nick next time, and the old one will be kicked?
13:08 eythian No, but you can (I think) ask NickServ to kick people using your nick now
13:09 jcamins I think you use /ghost?
13:09 eythian yeah, I think so
13:10 eythian or /msg nickserv reclaim
13:10 jcamins And then they're given the nick Guest12345 or something like that.
13:18 mtompset There's no /ghost
13:19 eythian /help ghost says:
13:19 eythian Gebruik: GHOST <nick> [password], Kills a ghosted nickname
13:19 eythian to me
13:19 eythian I think it activates a server command that talks to nickserv
13:21 mtompset Probably a DROP to NickServ.
13:22 mtompset There is DROP, REGAIN, RECLAIM.
13:23 eythian you don't want to use DROP
13:23 mtompset I just read the help file.
13:26 * wizzyrea waves
13:26 mtompset By the way, what is the default value of [% themelang %]?
13:27 jcamins mtompset: it depends on what language you have configured, but I imagine it's usually 'en'.
13:27 jcamins (if you haven't set up any languages)
13:28 mtompset is it ever possible that is it undefined?
13:28 jcamins Probably, but it shouldn't be.
13:28 * magnuse waves at wizzyrea
13:28 mtompset Greetings, wizzyrea
13:29 mtompset I was just looking at the tweaks I made in my mad run to get 3.6.3 working.
13:29 mtompset <link rel="shortcut icon" href="[% IF ( IntranetFavicon ) %][% IntranetFavicon %][% ELSE %][% themelang %]/includes/favicon.ico[% END %]" type="image/x-icon" />
13:30 mtompset if themelang is undefined that will look for http://.../includes/favicon.ico
13:30 mtompset there's no such directory.
13:31 mtompset Assuming IntranetFavicon is unset.
13:36 paul_p joined #koha
13:39 mtompset I see someone couldn't handle NO_LIBRARY_SET as the branch name. :)
13:40 jcamins You shouldn't ever log in as your super user.
13:42 mtompset except for the web install and the first time you install?
13:42 jcamins Right.
13:43 mtompset Other than it is bad practice, is there another reason?
13:43 oleonard Things will not work properly
13:44 oleonard The system isn't designed to accommodate usage by that user
13:44 oleonard ...because it's not a real user account with settings like "home library," permissions, etc.
13:45 jcamins Right.
13:45 jcamins Oh, that was oleonard asking.
13:45 eythian Also, you don't have a real borrower account which causes weirdness
13:45 eythian or borrowerid
13:57 tcohen hi #koha
13:58 tcohen mtompset: nice script
13:58 mtompset I have a newer version.
13:58 tcohen question: which is the recommended reference for setting the zebra daemon?
13:58 mtompset Use.
14:01 tcohen <un-pause>
14:02 * eythian builds 3.6.7 packages
14:03 jcamins eythian++
14:03 jcamins tcohen: what do you mean?
14:03 jcamins I just follow the instructions in INSTALL.debian.
14:04 mtompset I should have tweaked INSTALL.ubuntu
14:04 tcohen i'm tweaking that file
14:04 tcohen for sending a patch
14:04 ago43 joined #koha
14:04 mtompset[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
14:04 mtompset I made sure it was up to date.
14:04 tcohen INSTALL.ubuntu.precise actually
14:05 mtompset If there is anything confusing or conflicting with what you are working on, let me know.
14:06 tcohen thanks, that's why I asked about the zebra daemon
14:06 tcohen i'm putting  the zebra daemon instructions as default
14:06 mtompset I have never tried the Zebra Queue Daemon
14:06 jcamins Don't.
14:06 jcamins Zebraqueue daemon is deprecated and should be removed.
14:07 tcohen not the zebraqueue daemon
14:07 tcohen the zebra daemon
14:07 wahanui the zebra daemon is probably required.
14:07 mtompset[…]dexing_with_Zebra
14:07 mtompset That is deprecated?
14:07 tcohen no, it isnt
14:08 jcamins mtompset: no, but that's not zebraqueue daemon.
14:08 tcohen what I mean is the first option in INSTALL.* is to run zebra from comand line
14:08 tcohen which is confusing
14:08 jcamins That's koha-index-daemon
14:08 mtompset Okay, I'll change the wording to say Index.
14:09 tcohen we could rename that table to indexingqueue
14:09 eythian Would probably make more sense with solr
14:10 tcohen yeah
14:10 mtompset Next question is: is this the preferred method for indexing?
14:10 jcamins Yeah.
14:10 jcamins mtompset: I prefer koha-index-daemon.
14:10 jcamins At least for production.
14:11 jcamins For development/testing I prefer the cron job.
14:11 mtompset Okay, then we should also review the wiki page to see if we can CPAN-less this. :)
14:11 tcohen mtompset
14:11 wahanui somebody said mtompset was a human being in the Philippines, and is having musical flashbacks.
14:12 tcohen i'm rewriting INSTALL.ubuntu, as soon as I have it i'll send the patch so you can review it
14:12 mtompset Sure, you have my email.
14:15 tcohen jcamins: even when koha-index-daemon is suitable for production
14:15 tcohen do we have a way to set it to run on startup?
14:17 jcamins tcohen: I just symlinked koha-pkg-index-daemon into /etc/init.d
14:18 jcamins (koha-pkg-index-daemon is a script I wrote, and sent a pull request about to fredericd)
14:19 JesseM joined #koha
14:19 jcamins Actually, I need to revise koha-pkg-index-daemon.
14:19 mtompset just discovered I didn't install apt-file on my new 3.6.7
14:19 jcamins Thanks for remind mge.
14:20 jcamins *me
14:20 tcohen jcamins: I still don't like to have the index updater outside the koha tree
14:20 tcohen we should have it integrated
14:20 tcohen and include the daemon scripts
14:21 jcamins tcohen: that makes sense to me.
14:21 tcohen is Tamil working on that?
14:21 * eythian has published 3.6.7 packages, working on 3.8.3
14:21 mtompset but then we won't have a CPAN-less install... NOOOOOO!
14:21 jcamins tcohen: not to my knowledge.
14:22 jcamins After the struggle with bug 5600, I think fredericd probably decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
14:22 tcohen mtompset: we're missing libanyevent-processor-perl
14:22 mtompset Yep.
14:23 mtompset I'm checking on the moose::util::typeconstraints too.
14:23 mtompset[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5600
14:24 tcohen jcamins: i'll leave the zebr apart of the docs untouched
14:24 tcohen until we sort this out
14:24 tcohen at least until koha-pkg-index-daemon is included somewhere
14:25 jcamins tcohen: makes sense. That's why I haven't made any efforts to adjust the docs.
14:26 tcohen that's why I liked my approach, we could have had this sorted out until someone had the time to integrate those libs...
14:27 * jcamins didn't care what approach was used, but the rebasing was problematic.
14:27 mtompset I want to stick with my CPAN-less install. :P
14:28 mtompset 3.6.7 and cron jobs do that for me. :)
14:28 jcamins To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between fredericd's daemon and yours, other than that yours required rebasing.
14:28 jcamins mtompset: I don't use CPAN.
14:28 * tcohen neither cared, that's why he abandoned his proposal
14:28 mtompset external non-default repo? :P
14:28 jcamins Yup.
14:28 * mtompset cringes.
14:29 mtompset I'm a purist.
14:29 jcamins Everything that I think I might use gets built into a package.
14:30 mtompset That's the beauty of this 3.6.7 -- we got CPAN-less if you use cron jobs.
14:30 mtompset (under 12.04)
14:32 mtompset It was so glorious just doing the single dselect and not having to hunt for missing pieces.
14:33 jcamins mtompset: pfft. I do "sudo apt-get install koha-common" and don't worry about how to use dselect. :P
14:33 mtompset You are trying to push my buttons. :P
14:34 jcamins Working pretty well, too.
14:35 mtompset Ubuntu will never grow up if it keeps going home. :P
14:40 tcohen is there a place to look for languages codes?
14:40 tcohen to point users to it
14:41 magnuse tcohen: for use in marc records?
14:41 tcohen no, for giving instrucions on translating your koha setup
14:41 tcohen in INSTALL.ubuntu
14:41 magnuse ah
14:42 mtompset translating?
14:42 wahanui i guess translating is ok of course :)
14:42 tcohen mtompset: 'get your templates translated'?
14:43 mtompset The only reference to Templates is in the Upgrade section.
14:44 tcohen 7. Install additional languages
14:44 tcohen In your install directory you can run this commands to have your Koha setup translated
14:44 tcohen to your language:
14:44 tcohen Set your environment variables:
14:44 tcohen $ export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/koha/koha-conf.xml
14:44 tcohen $ export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib/
14:44 tcohen Run the translator script:
14:44 tcohen $ cd /usr/share/koha/misc/translator
14:44 tcohen $ perl translate install <language-code>
14:44 tcohen (that's what I wrote)
14:44 tcohen I just want to point potential users to a list of language codes
14:46 mtompset Silly me and my English-ist ways.
14:46 mtompset I hadn't considered other languages during install.
14:47 mtompset That may merit a wiki update tomorrow.
14:57 tcohen mtompset, i'm about to post a patch in bug 8478
14:58 tcohen any correction you suggest will be welcomed
14:58 mtompset I've put myself on the CC list, I'll check email tomorrow and see it. :)
14:59 tcohen network is slow, i'm waiting for a git pull still...
15:00 kf tcohen: I think we are using iso codes - but the codes are differnt to those used in pootle in some cases
15:00 kf tcohen: I think maybe point to the po file directory?
15:00 tcohen mm, good idea kf
15:03 oleonard I must have spent too much time reading Bugzilla emails last week. Gmail is marking every single one "important" now
15:03 kf lol
15:03 tcohen maybe Koha is important for you?
15:03 kf they are! :)
15:03 tcohen :-P
15:03 jcamins lol
15:04 * mtompset laughs,.
15:04 paul_p joined #koha
15:05 kf wb paul_p
15:05 kf did we agree on 10th? magnuse?
15:05 mtompset Why would bugzilla mass mail for things like adding myself to the CC?
15:05 paul_p hi kf. I did not knew I was away...
15:05 paul_p silly internet connection...
15:10 mtompset Actually, the one thing the install instructions don't say is which very of 12.04 and which version 10.04
15:10 mtompset Perhaps we should suggest the server versions, and provide links?
15:11 mtompset And also mention that a base install of SSH server and LAMP server is good?
15:12 mtompset Well, I feel my brain oozing as my language skills failing.\
15:12 jcamins mtompset: both of those make sense.
15:12 mtompset Think it is time to sleep.
15:12 eythian LAMP implies PHP, beware of that :)
15:13 mtompset I'm sure someone is going to write some sucky authentication method patched through SimpleSAMLPHP. :P
15:14 mtompset And worse... hook it into Koha.
15:14 eythian jcamins: you ever seen this?
15:14 eythian dpkg-deb: building package `koha-common' in `../koha-common_3.8.3-1_all.deb'.
15:14 eythian dpkg-deb (subprocess): compressing data member: internal gzip write error: 'No such file or directory'
15:14 eythian dpkg-deb: error: subprocess <compress> from tar -cf returned error exit status 2
15:14 mtompset I better leave before curiosity catches me.
15:15 * mtompset waves.
15:16 jcamins Yikes!
15:16 jcamins eythian: no I have not.
15:16 eythian drat
15:16 eythian the built works fine, it just fails right at the end when making the package
15:17 jcamins Out of space?
15:17 eythian nope, checked that
15:18 jcamins Uhhh...
15:18 jcamins -x permissions on a directory?
15:19 eythian nope. I used the same layout to build a different version moments before, though in between I'd done a pbuilder udpate
15:19 eythian (which shouldn't cause this)
15:20 tcohen error creating a temporary dir?
15:21 eythian shouldn't be, everything completes up to this point
15:23 asaurat left #koha
15:28 tcohen apt-get install gzip? :-P
15:29 eythian heh
15:31 eythian well, doing just debuild worked...
15:31 eythian internal error: mkdir /tmp/Uotlf6lrwh/binary/koha: No space left on device
15:31 eythian ohh
15:31 eythian interesting
15:31 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
15:37 eythian maybe the space thing was right
15:37 eythian I think maybe it's cleaning up after the failure, so it looks like space is free
15:37 eythian <-- NSFW :)
15:42 jcamins paul_p: what is the problem with bug 5079?
15:43 paul_p hi jcamins. The problem is the useless syspref
15:43 jcamins I disagree that it is useless.
15:43 paul_p jcamins = argue pls
15:43 jcamins The idea behind the syspref is that little libraries who don't have much technical expertise use Koha too.
15:43 * jcamins works with some of them, but a lot more can't even afford C & P.
15:44 jcamins They install Koha, and find that they want to display the collection code or location.
15:44 paul_p jcamins = so we could provide an alternate XSLT in KOHA itself (or on the wiki, or anywhere)
15:45 jcamins That would be even worse!
15:45 jcamins Then we'd have to update *two* files every time we had a change to the results.
15:45 jcamins And then there would be another on/off option, so we'd have four files.
15:45 jcamins Then 8, 16...
15:45 jcamins Yikes!
15:45 jcamins And that's only with four options.
15:46 paul_p + I agree that it's good to have it, i'm not objecting that. What i'm objecting is that we add a syspref. If we have XSLT, it's to let the library be able to define the display. We don't need an alternate way to configure it
15:46 jcamins The syspref is to that the library is able to use the feature.
15:46 paul_p otherwise, i'll say "add a syspref to display the barcode", "add a syspref to display the return date" ...
15:46 jcamins The entire point of that bug was that there had to be a syspref, because for 3.8 you objected to adding the collection code without a syspref, wasn't it?
15:47 paul_p jcamins = I think we should just display the location by default.
15:47 paul_p jcamins ???
15:47 wahanui jcamins is A-Grade developper on Koha willing to rewrite it from top to bottom. Good Luck jcamins
15:47 paul_p I don't think so
15:47 jcamins paul_p: my understanding was that there was a patch without a syspref that was failed from 3.8 *because* it didn't have a syspref.
15:47 jcamins So bug 5079 was reported.
15:48 paul_p jcamins my 1st comment:[…]g.cgi?id=5079#c15
15:48 jcamins Right, but that's on the bug including the syspref.
15:49 eythian jcamins: looks like it was the space, it's happy now. What a terrible error message :)
15:49 jcamins I thought there was a different patch which added the information without the syspref that was submitted for 3.8.
15:49 paul_p jcamins I don't think so
15:49 paul_p (or I don't remember it)
15:50 jcamins libsysguy_afk: do you remember why you redid the patch for bug 5079? Originally it didn't have a syspref, and I had understood that the reason you redid it was because it failed QA for not having a syspref.
15:50 jcamins eythian: ugh. Well, at least it's working now.
15:51 laurence left #koha
15:51 paul_p jcamins (imo, if a library don't have the skill or the funding to have it's own XSLT, then she will be OK with the default one -with the location &callnumber added-)
15:52 jcamins I thought the argument was that this was a change to the display, which is unacceptable for existing Koha libraries.
15:52 paul_p wow, I hope we can change some things if we think it's for a better usability ! and in this case, I strongly think it is !
15:55 * eythian publishes 3.8.3 packages, finally.
15:55 jcamins paul_p: it's easy enough to remove the syspref, but I don't really see any reason not to keep it.
15:56 paul_p jcamins = because we have too many, and I really want to fight against those that we don't need !
15:56 paul_p jcamins (one of my 1st goal for next "Hackfest in Europe" will be to have a team working on listing them all & discuss !)
15:56 jcamins paul_p: but it sounds like actual users like oleonard feel that it is important to be able to enable these things individually.
15:57 paul_p jcamins = side comment: we will organise a hackfest in Marseille next march, as this year. You'll be more than welcome to join us !
15:57 libsysguy jcamins I think it was requested somewhere in the bug for QA comments
15:57 libsysguy i know paul_p had an issue with the spacing at first
15:58 libsysguy i feel like changes to the display of the opac generally require a syspref don't they?
15:59 gaetan_B when editing authority types subfields, there is a "Select to display or not:" dropdown menu, is there a way to hide the field when the authority is displayed but not when it is being edited ?
15:59 eythian you clearly need a syspref which, when set, shows you all the extra sysprefs.
15:59 gaetan_B eythian++
15:59 kf paul_p: I disagree about havint too many system preferences and it used to be a pref for the normal view too
16:00 jcamins Yeah, the spacing was a big issue.
16:00 jcamins I fixed that.
16:00 kf paul_p: not sure what it is called right now, but there is one to change item display on result lists for normal view, so why not have one for xslt?
16:00 melia joined #koha
16:00 jcamins They do, yes. This is a new policy.
16:00 jcamins gaetan_B: I don't think so.
16:01 oleonard jcamins: Does bug 5079 supercede the OPACItemsResultsDisplay preference?
16:01 paul_p kf ?
16:01 wahanui kf is, like, cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert
16:01 kf I think oleonard found the one :)
16:01 jcamins oleonard: I don't think so, no. Does that syspref already do what we want?
16:02 kf I think sysprefs give great strength to koha being flexible, yes they are somtimes a pain and some could be on a different level working even better in more detail...
16:02 kf and I think we need this one :)
16:02 oleonard I think it does the same thing to the "normal" display, but I'm not clear on what all 5079 does
16:02 kf jcamins: I think it works only for normal view, there is a bug somewhere
16:02 kf and it might not have this specific setting
16:02 jcamins oleonard: are you sure it exists?
16:02 jcamins (still)
16:02 kf have to go :)
16:02 kf left #koha
16:03 oleonard jcamins: Am I sure OPACItemsResultsDisplay exists?
16:03 jcamins Right.
16:03 oleonard I am.
16:03 oleonard Tested it recently.
16:03 jcamins Hm.
16:03 jcamins Where would I find it?
16:04 oleonard Searching > Results Display
16:04 jcamins Thanks.
16:04 * jcamins goes looking for it.
16:04 jcamins Hm, why don't we just use that?
16:05 oleonard Hence my comment:[…]ug.cgi?id=5079#c1 :P
16:05 jcamins oleonard: all I did was rebase based on the final QA comments.
16:06 oleonard A huge wall of comments can be daunting.
16:06 jenkins_koha Starting build #788 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 19 days ago)
16:06 jcamins Yes, and the QA comment was "don't reindent."
16:08 * jcamins will just switch sysprefs.
16:10 paul_p oleonard++
16:10 * jcamins tests OPACItemsResultsDisplay.
16:10 jcamins This does something completely different.
16:10 jcamins Not very well described, is it?
16:10 jcamins It seems to hide *all* information about items.
16:11 oleonard Well, it still shows library and item count
16:12 jcamins When it's turned on.
16:14 oleonard Oh wait, maybe the reason it worked for me was because I was testing a bugfix for it...
16:14 jcamins Yeah, I tested the bugfix.
16:14 jcamins (just now)
16:14 jcamins When it's set to "Don't show," no information is shown at all.
16:14 jcamins When it's set to "Show," little information is shown.
16:17 * jcamins throws the patch back on the floor.
16:17 oleonard That's not the behavior I saw
16:17 jcamins I can run it on my servers.
16:17 jcamins oleonard: really? All I'm seeing with the patch applied is call number.
16:19 oleonard Are we talking about Bug 5409?
16:19 jcamins Yup.
16:19 jcamins Not even which library owns it.
16:23 drojf i'm late for the party, but +1 for sysprefs. as long as they make sense and the default is sane, there cannot be enough. maybe there could be an "advanced settings" setting if people think it is getting to much, but we should not deny people options
16:26 cait joined #koha
16:28 cait hi #koha
16:29 oleonard "Don't show": "Show":
16:30 jcamins oleonard: hm. I didn't even see the library name.
16:30 jcamins Eh.
16:30 jcamins Probably needed to reindex or something.
16:30 gaetan_B bye !
16:30 oleonard jcamins: Did you run the db update?
16:31 jcamins oleonard: ooh, it probably wasn't automatically picked up.
16:31 jcamins It would've been .XXX.
16:31 jcamins Good call.
16:35 cait still discussing the pref? :)
16:35 * cait is sorry for commenting and storming out
16:36 jcamins cait: nah, I lost interest.
16:37 cait hm
16:47 cait paul_p: I have to add something about the xslt - I tihnk we should make it easy for libraries to have options without having to be programmers. Your own XSLT is never going to see new features on updates and it's a pain if you want to have multiple languages which libraries here want and need.
16:57 drojf that was too much ;)
16:58 SJeffery joined #koha
17:05 drojf cait: now that i seem to have a basic patch for opac suppression for ips outside of a certain ip range, what is the problem with opacsuppression and page numbering?
17:06 cait maybe :)
17:06 cait too much
17:06 cait sorry, trying to not drop tomato juice on the laptop
17:06 cait it skips
17:06 drojf good idea
17:07 drojf :)
17:07 cait if you use opachiddenitems the numbering is removed and you don't always have the same number of records on each page
17:07 drojf ah ok. but i extended opacsuppression
17:07 cait and if the numbering wasn't removed, it woudl have holes
17:07 cait might be similar but not sure
17:08 hankbank joined #koha
17:08 jcamins opacsuppression is different.
17:08 drojf opacsuppression just adds a string to teh search query, so i suppose that works ok
17:09 jcamins Right.
17:09 drojf the other removes results later i guess
17:09 jcamins Yup.
17:10 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #788: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/788/
17:10 jenkins_koha * mtompset: Bug 8458 - $stemmed_operand in C4::Search _build_stemmed_operand is not initialized. Added =q{} to initialize it to the empty string at declaration time.
17:10 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 8453: Add spaces to inventory options
17:10 jenkins_koha * 8268 Followup for creating var spool subdir.
17:10 jenkins_koha * srdjan: bug_8083: parameters subpermissions: manage_circ_rules and parameters_remaining_permissions
17:10 jenkins_koha * srdjan: bug_8083: Explanation of update query
17:10 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 8083 follow-up DBRev number
17:11 jenkins_koha Starting build #789 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 19 days ago)
17:12 jcamins Oh look, Master is still unstable.
17:18 * drojf gives master a cookie
17:19 cait drojf: :)
17:19 cait shouldn't you be working on your studies? :P
17:23 * jcamins is taking a finance class online.
17:23 jcamins I'm on page 4 of the text.
17:23 cait did you fall asleep yet?
17:23 jcamins lol
17:23 drojf when did you start?
17:23 cait but that comment was for drojf ;)
17:24 jcamins cait: I know.
17:24 jcamins drojf: I started reading the book this morning.
17:25 jcamins drojf: well, I read three and a half pages of the book this morning.
17:26 drojf it's good to let it sink in a little after some pages ;)
17:26 jcamins Hehe.
17:26 jcamins Exactly.
17:26 jcamins Fortunately I have one week until the homework is due.
17:26 cait why are you doing that to yourself?
17:27 jcamins cait: so that I know more about finance.
17:27 drojf he wants to handle $70000 on a search rewrite
17:27 jcamins Exactly.
17:28 drojf s/on/for
17:28 jcamins Though that's accounting not finance.
17:28 mbalmer joined #koha
17:28 mbalmer ola
17:29 jcamins drojf: actually, I'd like to learn how the stock market works so that I can invest enough for C & P to be able to donate *all* the labor, and not just half of it.
17:30 drojf :)
17:30 drojf the trick with the stock market is, it does not work
17:31 cait dice?
17:31 jcamins drojf: cait: well, maybe I can use the book for divination.
17:32 cait hm
18:12 oleonard Is "SHOW COLUMNS" mysql-specific?
18:12 mbalmer oh yes
18:13 oleonard Is there a standardized way of doing it?
18:13 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #789: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 2 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/789/
18:13 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 8130 [FOLLOW-UP] attach PDF files to a patron record
18:13 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 8130: [SIGNED-OFF] Followup - Empty file upload error never displays.
18:13 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 8130: Followup: errors must be a hashref
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document aqbudgets and aqbudgetperiods tables
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document the aqorders table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document aqorders_items table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document branchtransfers table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Update ratings table documentation
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document action_logs table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document aqbasket table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document the biblio_framework table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document branch_item_rules table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document branch_borrower_circ_rules table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: document issuingrules table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document patronimage table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document tags tables
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document import_batches table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: document import_record_matches table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Update documentation for the letter table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Update reserves table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document saved_sql table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document search_history table
18:13 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Update z3950servers documentation
18:13 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 6716 tiny follow-up, mysql want a space after the --
18:14 mbalmer I will check that for you, is it ok if I come back to it tomorrow, oleonard?
18:15 jcamins oleonard: you could always do a SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 1 and look at the column names it gives you.
18:15 jcamins However, I think there's a correct way to do it, too.
18:15 oleonard I was just speculating about a possible enhancement
18:17 jcamins $dbh->column_info() then you can iterate through to get a list of relevant columns.
18:17 oleonard My speculation began with imagining autocomplete for system prefs which take database column names and proceeded to "Why don't we have a centralized means of querying table structure"
18:18 jcamins
18:19 jcamins 'DESCRIBE TABLE whatever' seems to be part of standard SQL.
18:20 oleonard but not mysql
18:21 mbalmer anyone looked at moose yet?
18:21 oleonard I seem to have spotty connections to today
18:21 jcamins oleonard: it's not?
18:22 jcamins Well, the column_info still seems to be the best option.
18:22 jcamins That's the way you're actually supposed to do it.
18:22 jcamins mbalmer: yes. It's big.
18:22 oleonard mysql> describe table issues;
18:22 oleonard ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'table issues' at line 1
18:26 jcamins oleonard: $dbh->column_info it is, then
18:29 oleonard There seem to be some instances of that syntax already. I'm surprised there aren't more... seems like low-hanging fruit for any work to make Koha db-agnostic
18:29 jcamins oleonard: it is.
18:29 jcamins Definitely a very easy, very useful way to bring us closer to supporting multiple database backends.
18:44 oleonard Anyone else having problems connecting with git today?
18:46 jcamins oleonard: I don't seem to be.
18:47 oleonard There's probably a cow napping on my internet tube.
18:47 jcamins Hehe.
18:51 mveron joined #koha
18:52 drojf1 joined #koha
18:58 McCloud left #koha
19:15 SJeffery joined #koha
19:19 drojf1 how do i check if a patron is logged in?
19:26 melia in the OPAC? look in the top right corner of the screen. if not logged in, you will see "Log in to your account."  if already logged in, you will see, "Welcome [patron name]" and the words Log Out in red.
19:30 rangi Morning
19:30 drojf1 heh thanks melia_lunch. no i meant from within a script in koha
19:30 drojf1 hey rangi
19:31 cait morning rangi
19:31 melia_lunch ah well, I can't help you with that :)
19:32 rangi get_template_and_user
19:32 wahanui i heard get_template_and_user was getting called twice...
19:32 rangi Checks logged in an permissions
19:32 rangi And even
19:32 drojf1 i was looking at that but not really understanding it :)
19:38 oleonard joined #koha
19:46 trea-phone joined #koha
19:46 trea-phone anyone on that understands how "patron activity" is calculated in the stats wizard?
19:46 jcamins Incorrectly.
19:46 jcamins Don't use the stats wizard.
19:47 trea-phone perfect
19:47 trea-phone thx
19:47 jcamins :)
19:47 rangi Yeah we should remove the links to them
19:47 cait the answer almost always is don't use the stats wizard
19:48 rangi And point ppl to the reports
19:48 cait or provide some much simpler forms that actually wokr
19:48 cait work
19:48 rangi Yep I vote remove links
19:48 rangi And pre populate reports with some standard ones
19:48 cait hm sample reports
19:49 cait nice idea
19:49 rangi Daily circ activity etc
19:49 rangi They are,easy to delete
19:52 rangi I dunno
19:52 rangi Thinking aloud
19:52 cait you still make sense :)
19:57 rangi Coffee stop bbiab
19:59 wizzyrea well we could add a class of saved reports that can't be deleted?
19:59 wizzyrea flag them for non-deletion
19:59 wizzyrea (except possibly by superlibrarians)
20:00 cait hm but maybe deleting is ok?
20:00 SJeffery joined #koha
20:00 cait I mean you can always recreate them easily
20:00 cait by copying and pasting it from somewhere
20:00 wizzyrea suuure
20:00 wizzyrea but do you want to give librarians who are not system admins the right to delete reports they didn't write?
20:00 wizzyrea I mean, I don't really
20:03 jcamins Do we currently prevent librarians from editing reports they didn't create?
20:04 cait no idea
20:04 wizzyrea i don't think so?
20:04 cait in theory we have a perm
20:04 cait write reports
20:04 cait different to run reports
20:04 cait but there was a but, not sure it's fixed
20:04 cait bug
20:04 cait where you couldn't run reports without being able to edit them
20:08 * oleonard gives Bug 4048 another try ([…]_bug.cgi?id=4048)
20:08 rangi back
20:16 * oleonard waves goodbye for the night
20:17 cait wb rangi
20:21 rangi oh i should do stats runs for 3.6.7 and 3.8.3 eh?
20:22 jcamins Good idea!
20:22 jcamins Though the sign offs are already in the release notes. :)
20:22 rangi true ;)
20:22 rangi i think danielg likes them for his newsletter
20:22 rangi oh and it has lines changed and stuff too
20:22 * rangi will run it
20:22 jcamins I know.
20:22 jcamins I think it's a good idea. :)
20:23 rangi i need to read the code more
20:23 rangi to figure out how i can get it breaking down by file type
20:25 jcamins That's a good idea!
20:26 cait :)
20:26 rangi[…]-la-la-snoop-lion
20:26 rangi not for this run, but ill try for the next one
20:29 rangi the tested by and report credits are interesting to, if I knew how those were generated we could get QA to set them
20:31 cait hm?
20:32 rangi in gitdm
20:32 rangi its something the kernel developers do
20:35 chris_n stupid nullmailer
20:35 chris_n doesn't support tls
20:36 rangi well, its not supposed to actually mail :)
20:37 chris_n so maybe I missed the point :)
20:37 * chris_n is using the package to do his new production install of koha
20:37 chris_n so nullmailer is not supposed to handle overdue notices, etc?
20:38 rangi well it can, its just throws everything at a smarthost
20:38 chris_n yeah, I'm trying to use gmail to do smtp
20:38 rangi i pretty much always install postfix and get it to do the same thing, but a little smarter
20:38 chris_n gmail--
20:38 chris_n google--
20:38 chris_n I was using postfix
20:39 chris_n I guess I'll go back to that
20:39 chris_n so should I setup postfix as my smarthost and point nullmailer there?
20:39 chris_n I'm trying to avoid breaking the package install
20:40 rangi oh you totally can do the package install without nullmailer
20:40 rangi if you just apt-get install postfix it will remove nullmailer and put postfix on
20:40 jcamins chris_n: use Postfix. It's not miserable.
20:40 chris_n cool
20:40 rangi quite happily, leaving everything else
20:40 jcamins No, I'd just use Postfix and ditch nullmailer.
20:40 chris_n jcamins: tell me about it
20:40 wahanui it is, like, not
20:41 jcamins lol
20:41 * chris_n got a new dual quad core xeon machine for his koha production box
20:41 jcamins Lucky you.
20:41 rangi nice
20:42 rangi[…]s-for-koha-3-8-3/
20:43 rangi[…]istics-for-3-6-7/
20:47 trea1 joined #koha
20:59 lime joined #koha
21:02 SJeffery joined #koha
21:47 melia rangi?
21:47 melia lol
21:48 melia we are having problems with the package for 3.8.3. I'm told that the package koha on the repo *says* it's 3.8.3, but it's really 3.8.2. it's not actually been updated.
21:49 jcamins eythian was having all sorts of problems with it earlier.
21:49 melia oh so not just us. ok then.
21:50 jcamins He's the one who builds it.
21:50 jcamins I'm not sure if he ever got it working.
21:51 melia ok, I will wait for him to show up and see what he says :)
21:51 rangi http://debian.koha-community.o[…]pool/main/k/koha/
21:51 jcamins Uh-oh.
21:51 rangi you'll be waiting a while he is in europe :)
21:51 jcamins melia: you missed him. He's in Europe. ;)
21:51 melia oh no! he's in Europe?!
21:52 rangi looks different to me
21:52 larryb joined #koha
21:52 jcamins rangi: yeah, something went wrong with the repo.
21:53 larryb rangi, I just upgraded a site with the package, and it's still 3.8.2.
21:53 rangi i dont make the packages, btw, thats eythian
21:53 larryb The package version SAYS it's 3.8.3, but it's really 3.8.2.
21:53 rangi but lemme check
21:54 melia thanks rangi :) sorry, I was just pinging you because eythian wasn't in here, but I didn't know he was off to Europe!
21:54 larryb ditto
21:55 jcamins Okay, there's nothing wrong with the repo. Turns out that you don't have to delete all old packages when you upload a new one.
21:56 * jcamins did not know that.
21:56 larryb But it's still the wrong version.
21:57 jcamins larryb: I don't know anything about that. Earlier I announced the repo was messed up because there were older files still there, but it turns out that was a misunderstanding on my part.
21:57 rangi Installed: 3.5-1~git+20110928175704.405ee684
21:57 rangi Candidate: 3.8.3-1
21:57 rangi Version table:
21:57 rangi 3.8.3-1 0
21:57 rangi so you are saying hte 3.8.3 package isnt 3.8.3 ?
21:58 larryb Yes. After I installed it, the koha version is, and the 3.8.3 version update is not in the updatedatabase, and the fix is not there.
21:58 rangi looking now
22:01 rangi your best bet is to email eythian
22:02 larryb Okay, we'll do that.
22:02 rangi and/or build your own
22:03 larryb I'm not in that much of a hurry. :)
22:13 rangi @wunder nyc
22:13 rangi doh
22:15 jcamins lol
22:15 jcamins Hot.
22:15 jcamins But not like last week.
22:16 larryb left #koha
22:37 JesseM left #koha
22:58 papa joined #koha
23:04 libsysguy rangi you still around?
23:22 rangi yup
23:25 rangi sometimes you really wish you weren't proven right
23:25 rangi[…]-July/033616.html
23:26 rangi[…]-July/033641.html
23:29 drojf1 heh
23:39 rangi bug 8492
23:39 rangi is cool
23:48 drojf1 :)
23:48 drojf1 i hope my coworker is going to say the same. it's just a little patch but would be enough for us to go LIVE instead of 'live'
23:49 rangi nice
23:52 chris_n` joined #koha

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