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00:19 * jcamins_away peeks in.
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03:18 mtompset Greetings #koha channel folk. :)
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06:23 nikhil hallo
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06:25 mib_4tfrlb hallo
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07:00 reiveune hello
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07:01 gaetan_B hello :)
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08:28 cait-m_ hi all
08:34 cait-m_ noone here? :-)
08:35 cait-m_ magnuse++
08:36 matts hi cait-m_ :)
08:37 matts oh, cait-m_ , you're flying via amsterdam ? Me too :)
08:37 hdl hi matts
08:37 cait-m_ we have the same plane to edi :-)
08:38 cait-m_ lucky coincidence
08:38 matts yeah ! It's the one that arrives at 21:30 right ?
08:38 cait-m_ hmm 15 55?
08:38 matts lol
08:38 matts so it's not the same plane :)
08:39 cait-m_ oh
08:40 cait-m_ 18 30 in edinburgh
08:40 matts You'll arrive when i'll leave :)
08:40 cait-m_ you are not travelling with the rest of the biblibre crowd?
08:41 matts no, they're coming from marseille through paris... And i'm coming from strasbourg
08:41 cait-m_ hm cant read schedules today - 15 55 is edi
08:41 matts hi hdl !
08:42 cait-m_ hi hdl
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08:44 samuel hi everybody!
08:44 cait-m_ bit disappointed, no free wifi in zurich
08:44 cait-m_ hi samuel
08:46 samuel question : i want to put a file "robots.txt "(User-agent: * Disallow: /)  on koha  but i don't know where i can put it.
08:46 cait-m_ i think there is an example file in koha
08:46 cait-m_ not sure about the directory
08:47 cait-m_ it might have instructions too
08:47 matts at the root of the pub dir ?
08:47 matts (ie : in koha-tmpl)
08:48 hdl matts: in a dev install you are right
08:48 hdl matts: on standard install, iirc you are wrong.
08:49 matts hmm, yes, production mode might be different
08:50 samuel i don't find koha-tmpl
08:50 cait-m_ 35mins till biarding...
08:52 hdl samuel: /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs
08:52 hdl (sgdg)
08:53 samuel sound good :-)
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09:20 cait-m_ boarding time :-)
09:31 samuel cait-m:good travel!
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09:41 samuel Can CAS authentication be used with the Staff Client?
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09:50 mtompset Hello, zioha.
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10:16 Oak \o
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11:13 WaqarAzeem Hello Everyone ...
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11:35 mtompset Hello, #koha channel.
11:39 jwagner good morning
11:39 mtompset good day (24 hour period -- it's evening here)
11:41 mtompset Was there a reason various modules use Modern::Perl?
11:41 mtompset : : Perl
11:42 hdl mtompset: becaus it is cool, and is the actual PERL standard.
11:42 hdl (for production grade applications I mean)
11:42 mtompset Yes, but Ubuntu 8.04.04 which is supported until next year can't run KOHA unless I upgrade the perl from the default 5.8.8 installation. :P
11:43 mtompset And worse yet....
11:44 mtompset In the near future--sometime around September 2012--this module may drop support for 5.10 and will complain (once per process) if you use a year too old. As of May 2012, Perl 5.12 is unsupported by the Perl 5 Porters, so please consider upgrading.
11:44 mtompset Ubuntu 10.04 I believe has Perl 5.10 -- I'll check shortly.
11:46 mtompset Yep... this many people who though they wouldn't need to upgrade their Ubuntu installs may decide to jump to 12.04 3 years earlier then they hoped.
11:47 mtompset this means many...
11:49 hdl what is the problem with perl upgrade and libmodern-perl-perl install ?
11:49 mtompset I've never done it before. Is it safe?
11:49 mtompset Particularly after having done a whole bunch of CPAN installs?
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11:53 hdl mtompset: a whole bunch of CPAN install is what you would have avoided with koha-community packaging. you ought to test that on a test server.
11:54 mtompset on Ubuntu?
11:55 jwagner slef, online?
11:55 mtompset koha-community seems to be pro-Debian more than Ubuntu.
11:56 hdl mtompset: and it is.
11:57 hdl it is not pro-debian just for fun
11:57 hdl and ubuntu is also debian based
11:57 wahanui okay, hdl.
11:58 hdl wahanui: forget ubuntu
11:58 wahanui hdl: I forgot ubuntu
11:58 mtompset wahanui is hilarious.
11:58 mtompset got to love bots.
11:59 mtompset Yes, but debian and ubuntu don't always place things in the same directory structure or do things the same way. If I use Ubuntu, I'd prefer to stick with Ubuntu packages.
12:00 mtompset I'll play with the perl upgrade idea though.
12:01 hdl hope the best for you
12:03 mtompset I haven't checked out Debian, but Debian likely has similar upgrade cycles and LTS releases, correct?
12:04 mtompset It seems that the use of Modern Perl can disrupt that, if perl upgrades don't go well.
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12:23 oleonard Hi #koha
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13:02 mtompset Greetings, oleonard.
13:03 mtompset Are you one of the attendees of KohaCon?
13:04 oleonard Nope
13:04 * oleonard regrettably
13:04 Oak :-| *sigh*
13:04 mtompset Neither am I... didn't know about all this side of Koha until recently. :)
13:05 mtompset It's after-hours and I am going to attempt to shoe-horn Koha onto Ubuntu 8.4.4 :)
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13:06 oleonard mtompset: Why?
13:06 mtompset Call it a bizarre sense of fun and educational too. :)
13:07 liw it'll probably teach you a lot of why you want to run a more recent release of the OS ;-)
13:08 mtompset It's like tethering your internet under Windows 2000. ;)
13:08 mtompset using a blackberry.
13:08 mtompset crazy but workable!
13:08 oleonard mtompset: Does this mean you got Koha up and running successfully on a current OS and you're ready for more?
13:08 mtompset It's already up and running...
13:08 mtompset Not perfectly.
13:09 mtompset Still have snowball errors.
13:09 mtompset However, given the various things I have learned while trying to shoe-horn koha in 8.4.4, I have enough data to convince my manager that we shouldn't just clone 10.4 to live.
13:10 mtompset But rather do a clean set up under 12.04
13:10 mtompset and bring the data over.
13:11 mtompset Because I suspect there won't be any snowball errors under 12.04 as most of the libraries needed are listed and less need for CPAN.
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13:17 mtompset Have you ever watched "The Big Bang Theory", oleonard? Your last name has me thinking of Leonard.
13:17 oleonard I have, but didn't get into it.
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13:20 mtompset Okay... let's say I get the latest and greatest Ubuntu up and running KOHA...
13:20 oleonard Koha, not KOHA ;) Unless you're shouting enthusiastically.
13:20 mtompset How do I upgrade 3.6.3 to a newer version without losing data?
13:20 oleonard Although Koha versus KOHA is a preference, not a trademarkable distinction :P
13:21 mtompset I prefer Liblime Koha and KOHA. ;)
13:21 mtompset Capitalization becomes a distinction. But anyways...
13:22 oleonard Koha is a word, not an acronym.
13:22 mtompset I know. I know. :)
13:23 mtompset How do I upgrade the system?
13:23 mtompset (like the way I avoided saying the name?)
13:23 oleonard Back up your database and follow the upgrade instructions in the INSTALL file I guess
13:23 * oleonard is not an expert at upgrades
13:23 mtompset Because let's say... 3.10 does get SAML 2.0 working.
13:23 mtompset I'd obviously want to upgrade.
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13:26 mtompset Have you ever done an upgrade?
13:26 * oleonard only manages his own Koha installation for development purposes and runs it off a git repo
13:27 mtompset So why are you running Koha?
13:27 oleonard My library runs Koha but it is managed by ByWater
13:27 oleonard So I don't do the upgrades
13:28 mtompset So you help find and fix bugs, so when they upgrade, your fixes are in there? :)
13:28 oleonard Yup
13:29 mtompset Is that the only thing you develop?
13:29 mle #kohacon12 \0/ Norrie "Tago" MacIver confirmed playing Wednesday night : )
13:29 oleonard Mine was the first public library in the US to run Koha in production, so I've been involved with Koha development for a while now
13:30 oleonard I also do PHP and Drupal work for my library but I don't contribute to any other open source projects
13:30 mtompset Cool.
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13:31 oleonard Hi sekjal
13:31 sekjal hi, oleonard
13:31 mtompset The NGO I work with here in the Philippines has libraries throughout asia.
13:32 oleonard I understand the Philippines has a lot of Koha installations but they're mostly 2.x ?
13:32 mtompset The library co-ordinator is hoping this project springboards other entities within our organization in other areas to use Koha too.
13:32 mtompset To be honest. I don't know.
13:32 mtompset I'm a software developer by profession.
13:33 mtompset I've been working in VB, VBA, and perl mostly for the last few years.
13:33 mtompset So when the software solutions team said, "Hey! We've got a perl project that is backlogged 4+ years." I took it. :)
13:34 mtompset And that was my introduction to Koha.
13:36 mtompset I had no idea who Norrie Tago MacIver was. I had to google it.
13:37 mtompset Oh, and hi, sekjal.
13:37 sekjal hi, mtompset
13:38 oleonard
13:38 oleonard I can't remember where I saw information about the version those libraries are running
13:40 mtompset cool, and there's a :)
13:43 mtompset Actually, it would be 2.X if they were running under Windows. ;)
13:44 oleonard that's what I remember reading, that they were on Windows
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13:48 mtompset Hmm... it seems like Windows Folks aren't supporting Koha anymore.
13:48 mtompset That would be interesting to try....
13:48 mtompset Koha under Cygwin.
13:49 mtompset So many interesting ideas. So little time to try them all.
13:50 hdl mtompset: you could ask chris_n who worked on a port to strawberry perl
13:50 mtompset Yes, but the fun is in the journey, not the answer.
13:51 chris_n wahanui: win32 is
13:51 wahanui OK, chris_n.
13:51 chris_n win32:
13:51 chris_n win32?
13:51 wahanui win32 is, like,
13:51 chris_n have fun
13:52 mtompset Why only 3.4?
13:52 chris_n read and see :-)
13:53 chris_n there are probably a half-dozen new deps since 3.4
13:53 chris_n its the perl packages that are the most challenging aspect
13:54 chris_n although the strawberry maintainers have done a good amount of work to ensure the necessary modules are ported to strawberry for koha
13:54 * chris_n has pretty much lost the desire to work on the win32 stuff any longer
13:54 chris_n off to a meeting
13:55 mtompset Try not to have too much fun.
14:00 oleonard mtompset: One of the problems is that most people running Koha on Windows don't participate in the Koha community so any work they're doing (if any) is done in isolation
14:01 mtompset true
14:02 mtompset And actually, I have encountered similar problems to what the wiki page describes with Python.
14:02 mtompset ^with^but with^
14:02 mtompset I had a data exporting routine written on a Mac.
14:03 mtompset Trying to get it to run under Windows required an older python, because the libraries just weren't there for the MARC record format under the new ones a few months back.
14:06 mtompset We have a multi-cultural, multi-platform software development team. :)
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14:23 oleonard Are hold limits completely broken? They are in my tests
14:29 mtompset hold limits?
14:30 mtompset The only system I could test on is a 3.6.3 ;)
14:31 mtompset Unless there is code you'd like me to read. :)
14:35 mtompset Ooooo. perl is at 5.16. Has anyone tried Koha under 5.16?
14:35 oleonard Our 3.6.1 system in production isn't blocking holds after the item type limit has been reached
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14:50 oleonard I'm not blocked from making too many holds in master either
14:51 mtompset Hey, finding bugs is earning your wages. ;)
14:52 mtompset Just wish they weren't as critical as broken limits. :)
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15:09 oleonard It's a nice bug to find while everyone in Koha is on vacation :P
15:09 reiveune bye
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15:09 Oak_ oleonard++
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15:11 hdl oleonard: it is a nice bug to find, while every one is at koha con and have a hackfest by the end of the week :D
15:12 * oleonard can always hope
15:15 wizzyrea there has been some discussion about which limits to save - the circ rules limits, the syspref limits...
15:15 wizzyrea and almost none of them seem to work in the OPAC.
15:17 mtompset why are there two sets of limits?
15:18 wizzyrea dunno there's a whole discussion of it in bugzilla somewhere
15:18 mtompset should discussions be on bugzilla? How will people make sense of it unless they hop all the bugs?
15:19 wizzyrea sometimes they are on the dev list. But lots of times discussion is on bugzilla.
15:19 oleonard Discussions are on bugzilla where the discussion is about a bug
15:19 wizzyrea ^^ yes, this.
15:19 oleonard There is a maxreserves system preference which pre-dates the circulation rules matrix
15:20 oleonard Unfortunately the circulation rules system didn't fully replace the maxreserves preferences so both persist
15:20 oleonard This in and of itself is a bug
15:20 wizzyrea neither working is just bonus.
15:20 wizzyrea bonus suck, I should say.
15:24 mtompset And all just before lunch or midnight, depending on your timezone?
15:24 wizzyrea oh it's first thing monday morning for me :P
15:24 wizzyrea and I've already dropped something on my foot.
15:25 oleonard for some definitions of first thing ;)
15:25 wizzyrea first *koha* thing. ;)
15:25 wizzyrea and hey I'm an hour behind you, it's still firmly in "morning" here.
15:26 mtompset 11:25pm makes it near midnight or lunch (EST), both timezones which matter to me. :P
15:33 mtompset Any ideas on how to upgrade your OS' perl?
15:36 mtompset Sweet... a bug of mine was signed off and passed QA. YAY! :)
15:38 wizzyrea which one
15:38 wahanui which one is it
15:46 oleonard wahanui: forget which one
15:46 wahanui oleonard: I forgot which one
15:49 mtompset 8176
15:50 mtompset bug 8176
15:50 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8176 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Passed QA , $sqlwhere is undefined in C4::Serials in GetSubscriptions
15:52 mtompset Is the libyaz3 and libyaz4 api's equivalent as far as koha cares?
15:52 mtompset ^Is^Are^
15:53 mtompset The yaz modules are used by zebra, right?
15:54 gaetan_B bye !
15:55 mtompset Bye, gaetan_B.
15:56 mtompset Hmm.... I really should be doing development at night... my netbook is running 4-5 celcius cooler.
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16:07 oleonard Well.
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16:14 wizzyrea oh good everyone's back
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16:35 mtompset I never left. :P
16:35 mtompset Good day (24 hour period) to everyone on #koha.
16:36 mtompset Bye.
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16:47 oleonard Hi cait
16:47 oleonard Have you arrived?
16:47 cait hi oleonard :)
16:47 cait yep
16:47 cait just got into my room
16:47 cait now looking where I am and how to get to the library bar
16:49 oleonard Tell everyone hi from Owen
16:49 * oleonard wishes he could be there too!
16:50 cait I will
16:50 * cait wishes you could be here too!
16:50 sekjal hi cait
16:50 cait hi sekjal :)
16:50 sekjal I'd like to piggy-back on oleonard's "hi" with a "hello" of my own
16:51 sekjal really wish I could have made it this year...
16:51 cait we wish that too
16:51 cait I will miss lots of people
16:51 * jwagner wishes I were there too
16:53 slef arrived, heading to library bar, be a bit late
16:53 cait me too
16:53 cait at hotel now
16:53 cait where are you slef?
16:53 slef some street
16:53 cait heh
16:53 cait same here
16:53 slef 3 streets away
16:54 cait well, still at the hotel, but not sure where the library bar is
16:54 cait looking it up now
16:54 cait I am in windsor street...
16:54 slef I think we're on nicolson
16:55 slef see you there!
16:55 * slef afk
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18:04 chris_n if you're chasing random reboots, and your logs don't help, try mcelog
18:04 chris_n it finally tracked down a regularly random parity error on one of two xeon processors in a critical file server
18:05 chris_n lots_of_upset_users--
18:27 wizzyrea oof
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19:01 * oleonard hums and drums his fingers on the table
19:03 wizzyrea hm?
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19:10 gmcharlt wahanui: do you have a vector version of the stock Koha logo?
19:10 wahanui no idea, gmcharlt
19:11 gmcharlt er, why I am asking the bot
19:11 gmcharlt wajasu: do you have a vector versno of the stock Koha log?
19:11 wizzyrea hehe
19:11 wizzyrea sometimes he knows
19:11 wizzyrea he's practically sentient.
19:11 gmcharlt I noticed that you had made one for kohacon12
19:11 oleonard gmcharlt: /misc/interface_customization
19:11 wizzyrea oooooooo
19:11 oleonard koha3-staff-client-logo.svg
19:11 gmcharlt oleonard++ # my hero
19:12 wizzyrea vector art is found in /misc/interface_customization
19:12 wizzyrea vector art?
19:12 wahanui vector art is, like, found in /misc/interface_customization
19:13 sekjal vectoriffic!
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19:41 oleonard Bug 8188
19:41 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8188 major, P5 - low, ---, koha.sekjal, NEW , OPAC allow hold date in future requires both OPAC and staff-side preferences to be ON
19:42 oleonard Is it just me or does that seem wrong?
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19:46 wizzyrea that seems wrong.
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19:48 wizzyrea heya nengard, how ya feelin?
19:48 nengard finally better :)
19:48 nengard just in time to speak tomorrow
19:48 wizzyrea fantastic :)
19:49 nengard just had dinner with the BibLibre bunch, MJ, Cait and a few others
19:49 wizzyrea lucky :)
19:49 oleonard ^^
19:50 * oleonard has still never met slef in person!
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19:50 * oleonard wonders why you have to suspend and resume all holds at once instead of individually
19:51 wizzyrea there isn't a button
19:51 wizzyrea ?
19:52 oleonard Suspend all and resume all seem to be the options
19:52 nengard oleonard staff can d it one by one
19:52 nengard by going to the holds tab on the bib record
19:52 wizzyrea ^^ right, patrons can't
19:52 nengard right
19:52 oleonard Where?
19:52 nengard in the staff client
19:52 nengard go to the bib record
19:52 nengard click on the holds tab on the left
19:53 nengard and you will see it
19:53 oleonard Oh I was expecting to see it on the patron record.
19:53 nengard yeah me too
19:53 nengard i think the library who asked for it asked for the ALL option because if a patron is going on vacation or something they want to suspend all holds
19:53 nengard it's rare they would suspend 1
19:53 nengard ? but i'm guessing
19:54 oleonard Who added that?
19:57 nengard we did :)
19:57 nengard but I don't remember which library asked us to add it
19:58 nengard k - time to write a presentation for tomorrow - and one for tuesday if i can keep my eyes open
19:58 nengard left #koha
19:58 oleonard Looks like it should be bedtime, not writing time!
20:11 wizzyrea wow, anyone else get a firefox crash when trying to print fines a patron account?
20:12 oleonard What are the steps wizzyrea?
20:13 wizzyrea load a patron, click on fines tab, this particular patron has a lot of them, ctrl-p, crash.
20:13 oleonard Fines tab on
20:13 wizzyrea …but uh, apparently it doesn't do it on every patron with lots of fines?! Yep, that's the one
20:14 * oleonard has seen Firefox crash on print before
20:15 wizzyrea the only thing in the console is "[15:13:30.348] Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead. @ http://staff.nexpresslibrary.o[…]rowernumber=21082"
20:15 * oleonard has just a couple more pages to modify to finish his first round of work on jqueryUI datepickers
20:15 wizzyrea ooh!
20:16 oleonard Unfortunately those two pages are and But I'll manage!
20:16 oleonard See y'all tomorrow
20:19 datadoctor Don't use CTRL-p, use the print slip or print quickslip feature. Something to do with long tables.
20:20 wizzyrea no choice, the display they want isn't available with that.
20:21 datadoctor I believe it is a bug in Firefox, we ended up using Chrome in those cases.
20:22 datadoctor When the table is too long, Firefox becomes confused. We saw it with printing patron records, where the print slip, or print quickslip is available as an alternative to Ctrl-P.
20:24 datadoctor I think it takes place when the table length exceeds the print page size.
20:25 wizzyrea ah probably so - my gut said it was a problem in firefox
20:25 wizzyrea and not in koha
20:25 wizzyrea since it doesn't happen in chrome on the same patron.
20:33 sekjal[…]bug.cgi?id=369140, perhaps?
20:33 huginn` Bug 369140: was not found.
20:33 sekjal no talking to you, huginn
20:34 sekjal no using the leter 't' properly, apparenly, eiher
20:40 sekjal g'night, #koha!
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20:52 * magnuse waves in the direction of edinburgh
20:52 * slef waves at magnuse
20:54 magnuse kia ora slef!
20:54 Brooke joined #koha
20:54 magnuse nice picture of you on flickr, courtesy of nengard
20:54 magnuse kia ora Brooke!
20:54 Brooke o/
20:54 Brooke kia orrar
20:55 Brooke i pehea to ra?
20:56 magnuse um, huh?
20:56 Brooke how's yer day?
20:59 * slef climbs back on the net
21:00 * rangi arrives without his luggage
21:00 magnuse ouch, poor rangi
21:00 chilts rangi: what happened? lost, missing or just misplaced?
21:00 chilts or probably don't know yet :(
21:01 rangi they sent it to chch, instead of auckland
21:01 rangi eggs
21:01 rangi so its now in singapore, and arrives tomorrow
21:01 rangi around 12, they are gonna courier it to the hotel
21:01 chilts and so they should
21:01 rangi unfortunately it has all the brochures and stuff in it
21:01 chilts :(
21:01 rangi and my not smelly clothes
21:01 Brooke argh
21:02 magnuse ouch, poor kohacon then ;-)
21:02 rangi ill be the smelly presenter tomorrow
21:02 rangi :)
21:02 Brooke smelly presenters > 0 presenters
21:03 rangi and now, i should shower and run through my presentation and get some sleep
21:05 Brooke remember that whatever sheep you choose as a bedfellow, a Scot has already been there. *duck*
21:05 datadoctor Right y'all! Get some rest and have a fantastic KohaCon!
21:05 magnuse Brooke: rangi did say sleep, not sheep ;-)
21:05 slef rangi: :(
21:06 datadoctor Of course you might need a sheep if you are going to make some haggis!
21:08 Brooke or a proper bagpipe bag. These kids and their plastic garbage.
21:09 slef apparently I still don't have access to my koha list email :(
21:11 slef ISP is having mailserver trouble... glad we made a mailbox for kohacon
21:11 slef just hope people used it and didn't try to mail me direct
21:12 Brooke slef?
21:12 wahanui slef is an avid cyclist
21:12 Brooke might want to train waha to say that for a few days
21:12 slef good idea
21:12 slef forget slef
21:12 wahanui slef: I forgot slef
21:13 slef slef is not at home so please email kohacon12 AT instead
21:13 slef wahanui: slef?
21:13 wahanui you are not at home so please email kohacon12 AT instead
21:16 francharb joined #koha
21:16 libsysguy left #koha
21:19 Irma left #koha
21:19 cait joined #koha
21:19 * cait wavesw
21:21 * slef waves
21:21 slef do I put some packs together or sleep?
21:22 cait sleep
21:22 cait met rangi
21:22 cait and robin is supposed to be here too
21:23 cait I mean didn't meet him, but both arrived at the hotel :)
21:23 drojf joined #koha
21:23 cait hey drojf :)
21:23 cait hope you arrived too?
21:23 drojf hola :)
21:23 drojf yes!
21:23 slef yeah rangi was here
21:23 slef rangi is missing at least one case
21:23 drojf unfortunately had to rest my eyes shortly and misses dinner
21:24 slef it will arrive tomorrow
21:24 drojf ouch @ rangi
21:25 slef these things are sent to test us :)
21:25 drojf how was the library bar? or are you still there?
21:25 slef nah left to get food... niw back in room
21:25 slef it seems pretty good
21:26 slef fairly cheap too
21:26 slef well cheap for the UK
21:26 drojf heh
21:26 drojf sounds good
21:26 cait rest your eyes? ;)
21:26 drojf i had a really short night :/
21:27 drojf making slides, or going for a walk?
21:28 * drojf drinks guinness from a tea cup
21:28 cait lol
21:28 wizzyrea guinness from a tea cup. Epic.
21:29 cait I brought tea, because I don't like black tea
21:29 wizzyrea hehe
21:29 cait but too lazy to make some
21:29 wizzyrea I've been preaching the gospel of cait's fennel salad across lawrence.
21:29 cait lol
21:29 cait and yay
21:29 cait :)
21:29 wizzyrea people see me with those fuzzy things in my cart and they can't help themselves they have to ask me what they ar
21:29 wizzyrea and then they have to ask me wtf I do with it.
21:30 wizzyrea so I have to tell them
21:30 wizzyrea :)
21:31 cait lol
21:31 cait is fennel so unusual?
21:32 wizzyrea apparently?
21:32 magnuse fennel = fuzzy?
21:33 cait perhaps the greens
21:33 wizzyrea yea, the greens
21:33 slef at the top
21:33 wizzyrea they often sell them with full fuzz
21:33 wizzyrea here
21:33 wizzyrea it's quite impressive.
21:33 slef fluffy bits
21:33 wizzyrea magnuse!
21:33 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
21:34 magnuse hehe
21:34 magnuse ah, ours are just a little bit fuzzy ;-)
21:34 cait yep
21:35 cait only little bit fuzzy - sadly
21:36 slef queen going to sing on bbc1 now
21:36 slef has replaced phillip with a younger man
21:37 drojf goodness
21:38 * rangi wanders in again
21:39 rangi magnuse: CONGRATS!!!!!
21:39 magnuse rangi: thanks!
21:40 wizzyrea yes, definitely congrats are in order
21:43 slef what did I miss?
21:44 wizzyrea what's the norwegian word for "baby?"
21:44 magnuse wizzyrea: baby ;-)
21:45 cait magnuse: hey, the norwegian is like the german!
21:45 magnuse slef: i persuaded every library in norway to use koha. nah...
21:46 slef magnuse: congratulations. You must be very busy ;)
21:46 drojf magnuse: congratulations. the british have fireworks just now, i suppose its for you ;)
21:47 magnuse yay!
21:47 magnuse slef: probably more busy when they both come home from hospital (well, at least i will not have to drive there twice every day...)
21:48 wizzyrea oh yes. You should be sleeping right now.
21:48 wizzyrea lol.
21:49 slef Land of Hops and Stories
21:49 magnuse i should.
21:50 magnuse good night #koha - here's hoping everyone in edinburgh will have a ton of fun in the coming week!
21:56 maximep left #koha
22:01 JesseM left #koha
22:01 drojf joined #koha
22:09 edveal left #koha
22:17 cait good night all!
22:18 cait @wunder EDI
22:18 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Mid Kinleith, Currie, United Kingdom is 8.5°C (11:18 PM BST on June 04, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
22:20 cait left #koha
22:24 kathryn joined #koha
22:27 kathryn hi all! ooh I wonder if all the Edinburgh people are tucked up in bed
22:30 ago43 joined #koha
22:46 * chris_n shuts down his Win32 koha for good
22:55 hdl joined #koha
23:29 papa joined #koha
23:58 Soupermanito joined #koha

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