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01:35 jcamins_away eythian: do you want me to upload the 3.6.x packages?
01:35 eythian jcamins_away: to what end?
01:36 jcamins_away To save you the trouble.
01:36 eythian I think they will just get removed when the next update is pushed.
01:36 jcamins_away For future 3.6.x packages.
01:36 eythian I currently don't build older versions of the stable line.
01:36 jcamins_away I'm talking about 3.6... well, 3.6.6, because I'm not going to have figured it out by 3.6.5.
01:36 jcamins_away Ohhh.
01:37 jcamins_away Now I understand your message. :)
01:37 eythian I'd need to come up with a method to do that, tracking multiple version streams is tricky.
01:37 eythian (i.e. everyone's system would want them to just upgrade to the latest version)
01:38 eythian one way that might work is a pocket called "oldstable" that tracks the oldest still current version, so only switches to 3.8 when 3.6 is EOL...
01:38 jcamins_away Yeah, that's what I'd like.
01:39 jcamins_away And if someone wanted to switch to 3.8, they could change their sources to stable.
01:39 eythian yeah
01:39 jcamins_away eythian++
01:39 eythian I might have a go setting that up at the hackfest or something.
01:39 jcamins_away Woohoo!
01:41 jcamins_away I guess perhaps as a stopgap I should make unofficial packages available at or something like that.
01:43 eythian yeah, though I've been using the current method for a while and no one seems to have noticed/minded :)
01:43 jcamins_away eythian: true, a lot of us roll our own.
01:44 eythian But, it's a good idea to have it available, so I'll definitely try to set it up.
01:44 jcamins_away Thanks.
01:45 * jcamins_away toddles off to get some sleep.
01:45 eythian later
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02:31 jenkins_koha Starting build #15 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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02:47 rangi hi BobB
02:48 BobB hi rangi
03:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #15: SUCCESS in 53 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/15/
03:24 jenkins_koha Bug 7368 typo: MARC -> Card
03:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7368 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Stable , General staff client typo omnibus
03:24 jenkins_koha Starting build #16 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
04:16 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #16: SUCCESS in 52 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.8.x/16/
04:16 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 8084: Follow fix for 7641 - Suspend Until not set on by suspend button.
04:16 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7722 - Insidious problem with searching
04:16 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 8001: [SIGNED-OFF] improve styling potential of the tag list
04:16 jenkins_koha * stephane.delaune: Bug 8041: lost items are no longer available in search
04:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8084 normal, P2, ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Stable , Suspend Until not set on by suspend button
04:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7722 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , Insidious problem with searching
04:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8001 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Pushed to Stable , Add some styling to the tags to allow them to be distinctive
04:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8041 minor, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , in admin search, items can be lost and  for loan
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04:46 cait hi #koha
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05:02 Oak kia ora #koha
05:02 Oak hello cait :)
05:06 cait hi Oak :)
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05:48 druthb o/
05:49 druthb kia ora, #koha!
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06:05 vikas hi !!
06:05 Oak hi vikas
06:05 vikas how r u oak !
06:06 Oak good. how are you?
06:06 vikas fine !!
06:06 Oak okay !!
06:06 Oak :)
06:07 Oak how is weather in Pune?
06:07 vikas very hot !!
06:07 vikas I just installed Koha in my college !!
06:07 Oak hmm
06:08 Oak cool.
06:08 vikas But i have some issues Like how to setup mail server !!
06:09 Oak did you use Debian packages?
06:09 vikas yes !!
06:10 Oak and did that:[…]koha-email-enable
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06:17 vikas Right now we are new on koha !! whether some one is there in pune or mumbai  for Koha Training !!
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06:26 alex_a bonjour
06:33 vikas ??
06:35 cait supportß
06:35 cait support?
06:35 wahanui support is probably found at
06:35 cait vikas: you can check if there is a company or support provider near you
06:36 cait vikas: or you can send a mail to the list, the irc chat is not so good for such questions
06:36 cait bonjour alex_a :)
06:36 cait alex_a: only about 3 weeks now!
06:38 cait @later tell slef wrote you a mail and did some drafts - we have a holiday here tomorrow, so send me information and I will finish the work :)
06:38 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
06:48 cait bbl
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06:58 reiveune bonjour
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07:00 julian_m hello
07:02 Oak Bonjour alex_a, reiveune, julian_m
07:02 julian_m Hi Oak :)
07:02 Oak :)
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07:04 francharb good morning
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07:20 kf hi #koh
07:20 kf a
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07:21 samuel hi everybody :-)
07:23 kf hi samuel
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08:24 rangi evening
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10:28 druthb o/
10:29 * druthb is at the American University in Madaba, testing an RFID gadget.  Koha's SIP is working very nicely.
10:30 druthb (like there was any doubt!)
10:30 jcamins_away Cool!
10:30 druthb The RFID gadget...  is less than 100% successful.
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11:13 * kf waves
11:13 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:13 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 6.6°C (1:09 PM CEST on May 16, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
11:27 jcamins_away paul_p: good afternoon.
11:27 paul_p good morning jcamins_away
11:28 kf hi paul_p
11:29 jcamins_away Were you able to push to contrib/global?
11:30 paul_p jcamins_away haven't tested again since last time. I can try now...
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11:32 kf paul_p: I am really keen on seeing dom indexing go in, but we miss a signoff for a unimarc follow up - is there a chance someone at biblibre could take a look?
11:33 kf the bug is 7818
11:33 kf bug 7818
11:33 wahanui i think bug 7818 is waiting for my QA. Should be pretty painless, as it works a charm.
11:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
11:33 jcamins_away paul_p: yes please!
11:33 kf but there is also bug 7421
11:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7421 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing mode
11:34 paul_p it's on my list... as many many things ... but will try to work on it ASAP
11:34 kf both together would enable full dom indexing support
11:34 kf for UNIMARC and MARC21
11:34 kf I think this would be really neat and give us time to develop some other new nice things based on it for 3.10
11:34 jcamins_away paul_p: incidentally, you might like bug 8092.
11:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8092 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , Koha should use CHI caching framework
11:35 jcamins_away It doesn't require your attention at all, I just thought you might want to look at the commit message. :)
11:36 kf jcamins_away: don't distracthim! :)
11:36 jcamins_away kf: sorry!
11:36 jcamins_away paul_p: but don't read the commit message until you've had a chance to upload the UNIMARC dataset. ;)
11:38 jcamins_away Apparently it is now morning. Myshkin is demanding breakfast.
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12:15 mtj jcamins:  i like your CHI patch :)
12:16 jcamins mtj: I'm pretty proud of it.
12:17 mtj ....CHI looks to be the DB-type module for all things caching?
12:17 mtj oops,  DBI not DB  :)
12:17 jcamins Yeah.
12:17 jcamins It replaces Cache::Cache.
12:18 jcamins Ideally we will use it for *all* caches eventually, even variable caches.
12:19 mtj CHI has a nice useful benchmark.script  too - i like that
12:19 jcamins And cache statistics.
12:19 jcamins And the ability to set up a mirror cache.
12:19 mtj nice, you see a bigger picture than me :)
12:19 jcamins And L1 caches.
12:20 paul_p jcamins patch with sandbox (including unimarc database) being pushed...
12:20 jcamins Woohoo!
12:20 jcamins paul_p++
12:20 paul_p done
12:20 mtj oh stop,  your'e just teasing me now :;P
12:20 paul_p jcamins =[…]bal.git;a=summary
12:20 mtj hiya paul
12:21 jcamins Yay!
12:24 jcamins paul_p: UNIMARC data = sandbox2?
12:24 paul_p jcamins the large one ;-)
12:24 paul_p (yes, sandbox2.sql.gz)
12:24 oleonard Hi everyone
12:24 paul_p hi oleonard
12:24 jcamins Thanks.
12:25 oleonard paul_p: I notice sanop.css in the OPAC hasn't been touched in years. Do you know if it can be removed?
12:26 paul_p oleonard it can be removed
12:26 oleonard Thanks
12:26 paul_p (the blue.css in staff interface can also be removed I think)
12:26 paul_p oleonard the blue.css in staff interface can also be removed I think
12:27 * oleonard is preparing a patch to remove obsolete image files, many of which were only called by sanop.css
12:36 kf oleonard++ paul_p++ jcamins++ rain--
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13:30 oleonard Bug 8108
13:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8108 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Remove unused images from the OPAC
13:30 oleonard 66 obsolete images removed!
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13:57 druthb hi, #koha.
13:58 libsysguy o/ druthb
13:58 * druthb just got back from[…]versity_of_Madaba
13:58 * libsysguy is working like druthb today and hacking away at some horribly formatted data
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14:06 fabio_t Hi everybody!
14:09 datadoctor g'day!
14:10 datadoctor libsysguy: May your data unravel and deduplicate!
14:10 libsysguy datadoctor: my your tables be normalized
14:10 datadoctor :)
14:11 libsysguy may thee never forget to compute thy canonical cover
14:13 datadoctor Are we talking cardinal or ordinal canonicals?[…]llapsing_function
14:13 datadoctor ;)
14:14 libsysguy touche` datadoctor
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14:21 oleonard We really ought to fix the shelf browser in the OPAC.
14:22 jcamins oleonard: what's wrong with it now?
14:23 oleonard It browses back and forward by strange increments
14:23 jcamins oleonard: has it always done that?
14:23 oleonard And I thought it wasn't intended to change the title you were currently viewing
14:24 oleonard As far as I know it's been doing these things for ages, but worked better at one time.
14:24 jcamins Yeah, it's always done the latter, and it's always annoyed me.
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14:26 jcamins What school system does schuster work for?
14:26 fabio_t I've edited record.abs, and bib1.att, and restarted my zebra instance after that
14:27 jcamins fabio_t: what are you doing?
14:27 fabio_t am I missing something related to authorities configuration?
14:27 jcamins the first question?
14:27 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
14:27 libsysguy heh good bot
14:28 * wizzyrea trained him well
14:28 fabio_t jcamins: sorry, I wasn't that clear
14:28 wizzyrea jcamins - schuster works for plano ISD
14:28 oleonard jcamins: schuster works for Plano-ISD
14:28 oleonard jinx
14:28 fabio_t I can't search authorities
14:28 wizzyrea mmmpf!
14:28 jcamins Thanks.
14:29 fabio_t and auth_header is empty
14:29 jcamins fabio_t: why are you editing record.abs, and bib1.att?
14:29 libsysguy reindex with -a?
14:29 * oleonard doesn't know the next step in the jinx procedure.
14:29 wizzyrea hehe
14:29 fabio_t even after the creation of some biblio records
14:29 libsysguy oleonard there is some pinching and poking i believe
14:29 fabio_t I did sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f
14:29 oleonard What is this the produce department?
14:30 jcamins Speaking of produce, we joined a CSA this year! :D
14:30 * wizzyrea considered doing that
14:30 fabio_t there are no records in auth_header though
14:30 jcamins fabio_t: that means you don't have any authority records.
14:30 wizzyrea fabio_t: do you have "biblioaddsauthorities" on?
14:30 fabio_t wizzyrea: yeah, it's on
14:30 jcamins You should not be editing the Zebra configuration files by hand.
14:30 oleonard jcamins: I hear you have to suffer through long stretches of greens and parsnips
14:30 jcamins What version are you?
14:30 jcamins *running
14:31 fabio_t Koha 3.6 packages
14:31 wizzyrea brb
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14:31 jcamins Which version of Koha 3.6?
14:32 fabio_t jcamins: I didn't know there was another way to edit Zebra configuration
14:32 fabio_t Koha version is
14:32 jcamins fabio_t: there isn't another way to edit the Zebra configuration.
14:33 libsysguy ^^ sadly
14:33 jcamins What I'm saying is Don't Edit The Zebra Configuration.
14:33 jcamins Nine times out of ten, it will end badly.
14:33 jcamins oleonard: yeah, I will learn many interesting things to do with greens and parsnips.
14:34 * oleonard is happy to be able to buy lettuce year-round, thank you science.
14:35 fabio_t huh. this is sad to learn... I was hoping to enable "search by fingerprint"
14:35 jcamins fabio_t: search by fingerprint?
14:35 * wizzyrea LOVES parsnips
14:35 * jcamins too, actually.
14:36 fabio_t * typographic mark
14:36 wizzyrea roasted, mashed, steamed, yum.
14:36 fabio_t I'm doing a project about Antiquarian books
14:36 jcamins first question?
14:36 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
14:36 wizzyrea ^^ it helps us if you answer these
14:36 jcamins I'm familiar with fingerprints, but they have nothing to do with authorities.
14:36 fabio_t I know
14:36 wizzyrea (as appropriate to your situation)
14:37 fabio_t I was listing the things I've edited
14:38 fabio_t and the search on typographs' brand works well too
14:38 fabio_t the authorities table in database doesn't get filled
14:38 jcamins fabio_t: so what is the problem?
14:39 fabio_t I was wondering if I could have broken something by editing unimarc bibliographic framework and zebra configuration
14:39 fabio_t my problem is I can't search authorities
14:39 jcamins Oh, quite possibly.
14:39 jcamins You don't have any authorities.
14:39 fabio_t if I create a bibliographic record
14:39 fabio_t no authorities is added
14:39 fabio_t * authority
14:39 jcamins If there's nothing in auth_header, no amount of Zebra configuration is going to add an authority.
14:40 fabio_t yep
14:40 jcamins I don't know much about UNIMARC, and the authority linking support in 3.6.4 was quite poor, but are you sure that you are adding fields that are authority-controlled?
14:41 wizzyrea ^^ this was going to be my question
14:41 fabio_t my question is: "why auth_header isn't filled when I create a new bibliographic record?"
14:41 jcamins Because auth_header has nothing to do with bibliographic records.
14:42 jcamins It is used for authority records.
14:42 fabio_t I have added some new fields in bibliographic frameworks, but I don't want them to be authority-indexed
14:42 jcamins Don't worry. They won't be.
14:42 fabio_t :)
14:43 jcamins The authority indexing configuration only applies to authority records, and you are editing bibliographic records.
14:43 fabio_t ok
14:43 wizzyrea so, are you really saying that you can't search for the bib you just created? Are you typing in "search the catalog" or are you searching specifically in the authorities
14:44 mtj jcamins: 'biblioaddsauthorities' syspref creates an authority record, when adding a bib record?
14:44 wizzyrea it should, if you add it to an authority controlled field
14:44 jcamins mtj: only if you add authority-controlled fields to the record, which fabio_t is not.
14:44 jcamins libsysguy: testing?
14:44 wahanui testing is fun! or easier when you have a test plan. Hint hint.
14:44 fabio_t wizzyrea: if I create a new bib, no auth is going to be added
14:45 fabio_t so auth_header is empty
14:45 wizzyrea if you're not adding any data to authority controlled fields, it wont
14:45 mtj jcamins:  gotcha :)
14:45 fabio_t it seems biblioaddsauthorities is not working
14:45 fabio_t sorry, you're right
14:45 fabio_t authority controlled fields are filled
14:46 fabio_t but new biblio doesn't add any authority in the database
14:46 wizzyrea I'm confused, I thought you said you didn't want the authorities added.
14:46 libsysguy hey
14:46 libsysguy sorry jcamins
14:47 fabio_t I apologize for my bad english...
14:47 jcamins fabio_t: are you having functional problems?
14:47 fabio_t everything seems to work fine
14:47 wizzyrea fabio_t: don't worry about your english :) we'll figure it out.
14:47 jcamins fabio_t: then don't worry about it. :)
14:47 wizzyrea bottom line: don't worry, I guess ^.^
14:47 fabio_t thanks again then
14:48 fabio_t I'm going to sum it up again if it helps
14:49 fabio_t in few steps
14:49 fabio_t let me know, because I'm not sure about being clear
14:49 fabio_t :)
14:53 jcamins fabio_t: one thing I should point out: if you are editing files, you might not want to use the packages.
14:54 fabio_t If I manually add an authority record, the database got updated, I do a full reindex and I'm able to search it too
14:54 fabio_t so I suppose something related to biblioaddsauthorities broke
14:54 fabio_t jcamins: thanks for the advice.
14:54 jcamins fabio_t: that could be. francharb would be the person to ask about that with UNIMARC.
14:55 jcamins I know it will work starting with 3.6.5.
14:55 jcamins (because I rewrote it, and tested it)
14:59 hdl fabio_t: is it a brand new koha setup ?
14:59 jcamins Oh, hdl is a good person to talk to, also.
14:59 jcamins Hi hdl!
15:00 reiveune bye
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15:01 hdl fabio_t: do you have BiblioAddsAuthorities LinkerModule,  LinkerOptions and CatalogModuleRelink set ?
15:01 jcamins hdl: that's not in 3.6.4 yet.
15:01 fabio_t hi hdl
15:01 hdl hi jcamins.
15:01 jcamins It'll be in 3.6.5, though.
15:01 hdl I don't know which version fabio_t is on.
15:02 fabio_t what do you mean by "is it a brand new koha setup ?"
15:02 jcamins hdl: fabio_t said 3.6.4 earlier. :)
15:02 fabio_t
15:02 jcamins You weren't here yet.
15:03 jcamins I don't know how BiblioAddsAuthorities worked for UNIMARC before my work on bug 7284.
15:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , Authority matching algorithm improvements
15:04 hdl jcamins: it worked quite out of the box iirc.
15:05 fabio_t I can confirm what hdl has said
15:05 hdl But I have not been looking at that code for a long time.
15:05 jcamins hdl: hm. That's how it was for MARC21, too.
15:05 hdl And it changed quite a lot from what I can see in master.
15:06 jcamins hdl: yeah, 7284 rewrote that so that it was consistent.
15:06 hdl I am not really familiar with C4/Heading and UNIMARC.
15:06 fabio_t never experienced problem with it with Koha 3.6 packages UNIMARC before :)
15:06 jcamins That's all new.
15:06 jcamins I could troubleshoot that if it were a problem with that.
15:06 fabio_t I'm going to revert my Zebra edits and see if it works again
15:07 fabio_t I have backed up the files
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15:13 oleonard In the command "git clone git:// kohaclone" where does the "koha.git" come from? Was that defined when the repo was initially set up?
15:15 jcamins oleonard: yes. You get that information from whoever is hosting the git repo.
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15:40 libsysguy is there a reason the special_holidays table stores the date across 3 columns instead of a date field?
15:48 jcamins oleonard: I come to you with a question about the language chooser in the OPAC.
15:48 jcamins Why doesn't it stick to the bottom of the window like in the staff client?
15:48 jcamins Is that intentional?
15:49 oleonard the original decision to make it that was based on the idea that the staff client is "application-like" and the OPAC is not
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15:50 jcamins Ah.
15:50 * jcamins may have to figure out how to change that with CSS and jQuery.
15:51 jcamins I like the floating selector.
15:51 oleonard then we can have a new preference, OPACStickyLanguageChooser
15:52 libsysguy ok let me append something to my question about the calendar...would anyone be offended if it changed from dates per column to datetime
15:52 jcamins oleonard: I don't feel that's necessary. I'm happy to have that local.
15:52 libsysguy ^^ is probably a question for the devel list
15:52 libsysguy oops
15:52 jcamins libsysguy: yes it is.
15:53 oleonard libsysguy: The answer to the first half of your question may moot the second half
15:53 * oleonard doesn't know
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15:53 libsysguy geez talljoy
15:53 libsysguy pick a name
15:53 libsysguy lol
15:53 jcamins oleonard: unless you think other people would want the sticky language chooser too.
15:54 oleonard If you figure it out share the code and see what people say
15:54 jcamins Actually, I think I'd like my OPAC footer text to be on the same line as the language chooser. That will definitely be local.
15:54 jcamins Of course.
15:54 * jcamins is a strong believer in sharing.
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16:04 fabio_t solved with 3.8! thanks a lot people :)
16:04 fabio_t I have to go
16:04 fabio_t jcamins++
16:05 fabio_t wizzyrea++
16:05 fabio_t hdl++
16:05 fabio_t bye
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16:14 kf1 libsysguy: around?
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16:59 oleonard http://catalog.bywatersolution[…]ages/filefind.png
16:59 oleonard ?
17:00 kf1 no idea .)
17:00 kf1 :)
17:00 oleonard My search says that is referenced by authorities\ but I've never seen it. Have you jcamins ?
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17:00 jcamins filefind.png?
17:00 talljoy joined #koha
17:00 jcamins Lemme look.
17:00 kf1 perhaps unimarc?
17:01 jcamins No idea.
17:01 jcamins I kind of like it, though.
17:01 oleonard In the OPAC it seems to be only referenced by some possibly obsolete sample data sql for the ISBD preference
17:02 oleonard installer\data\mysql\ru-RU\mandatory\system​_preferences_full_optimal_for_install_only.sql ?
17:02 jcamins That's not used anymore.
17:02 jcamins (the sql script)
17:03 jcamins I have no idea what that section of authorities/ does.
17:03 jcamins Oh, wait, yes I do.
17:03 jcamins It's broken.
17:03 * jcamins actually just finished writing up a proposal to fix that.
17:04 jcamins Heh.
17:04 jcamins Wait, no, just kidding.
17:04 jcamins No idea.
17:05 jcamins I'm pretty sure it's leftover from the authorities/ being copied from catalogue/
17:05 jcamins Hey, when does authorities/ get called?
17:06 jcamins Oh, it's the MARC view.
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17:11 sekjal joined #koha
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17:23 juan_sieira joined #koha
17:28 * jcamins waves to sekjal, juan_sieira, and another talljoy.
17:37 kf1 left #koha
17:40 jcamins gmcharlt: around?
17:40 gmcharlt jcamins: no, I'm a square
17:40 gmcharlt what can I do for you?
17:42 adnc joined #koha
17:52 kyleh I could use some feedback on bug 7817 if anyone is interested.
17:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7817 critical, P1 - high, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Items Permanent location (shelving location) is set to NULL when item is edited
17:58 cait joined #koha
17:58 edveal left #koha
17:58 jcamins OpenSRF is really cool!
17:59 * jcamins unsidetracks himself.
18:00 cait jcamins: looking at evergreen?
18:00 cait and hi again all :)
18:00 jcamins cait: yeah.
18:01 jcamins cait: Koha could benefit a lot from that sort of loosely-coupled architecture.
18:01 jcamins At least, I could benefit a lot from Koha having that sort of loosely-coupled architecture.
18:02 cait one thing after the other ok?
18:02 cait :)
18:02 thd loose-coupling++
18:02 cait slef: around?
18:03 jcamins cait: yes, first I'll get distracted, then I'll get reeeeeeeeeeaallllyyyyyyy distracted.
18:03 jcamins Oh, we're having a meeting now.
18:03 cait I thought so
18:03 cait and I have schedule questions :)
18:03 cait slef ping
18:03 thd mle_ ping
18:05 cait hmm
18:05 thd There was comment last week about the meeting this week being difficult for the schedule of slef and mle, if I remember correctly.
18:05 cait perhaps they will turn up a bit late
18:05 cait ah, I missed last week
18:05 thd We cannot have a meeting without both of them.
18:05 cait I wrote him an email with questions about the schedule this morning
18:06 cait no response so far
18:06 cait perhaps later tonight
18:06 * thd may have to leave in about twenty minutes.
18:07 cait we could reschedule perhaps?
18:07 cait and mail the list if we do
18:08 thd nengard had rightly identified that having her introductory presentation on the last day was probably not the best and we swapped some scheduling.
18:08 cait thd: I worked with what I knew about
18:08 cait on the wiki is the current version
18:09 cait her talk is a bit long and we have lot of introductory things on monday
18:09 cait some of them cover open source in parts too I think
18:09 cait not sure
18:09 thd The biggest constraint on scheduling seemed to be the constraint of how long or short people expected their presentations to run.
18:09 cait I am not opposed to rescheduling but we should do it very very soon
18:10 thd The wiki is current to my knowledge but my knowledge is confined to the meetings.
18:11 thd I was expecting to have jury duty today again but that is over with a settled case which never actually needed a jury.
18:11 cait I think I remember slef talked to nicole about that
18:11 cait I will try to ask him later
18:14 thd I suppose that you jcamins could have a meeting about scheduling issues and whatever else, and that would be useful input to whatever information slef and wle may have.
18:16 cait hm I don't want to change to much on the program now without very good reason
18:16 thd There were some empty spots on the schedule last week but they were not identified.  Perhaps calculation of expected times would have been required to understand how various presentations fit.
18:16 cait I think we need to put it on the website as soon as possible
18:17 cait the slots are all filled now
18:18 cait[…]ohaCon12_Schedule
18:18 thd The slots all seemed to be filled last week except that some were filled by short presentations.  Knowing which was which was the trick.
18:18 cait we had some open spots, but slef sent me the geo sci talks and I put them in this morning
18:19 thd Well that is great now that everything has a place.
18:19 cait we have a little time here and there 5-10 minutes
18:19 cait but I think it will work out, because of questions and people talking longer
18:19 thd Exactly.
18:19 cait slef had put some question and answers panels on the ends of first and second day
18:19 cait I think it's a great idea
18:19 thd It never hurts to have more time for questions.
18:20 cait I didn't have the full names for the geo sci presenters
18:20 cait so that is missing right now and we haven't checked with presenters, but I hope all are available at all days
18:20 * wizzyrea loves git aliases
18:20 wizzyrea oh sorry meeting.
18:20 cait hi liz :)
18:20 cait not a real meeting, we are missing slef and mle :)
18:20 wizzyrea hi :)
18:21 nengard joined #koha
18:21 cait thd: I really want to push the program out - because it's only 3 weeks now!
18:21 thd The other issue which was raised last week was a shortfall of funding relative to expected expenses.
18:21 cait slef has updated the website with some new sponsors since then
18:21 cait I am not sure how close or far we are from the amount we needed to raise right now
18:22 jcamins I don't believe there have been any major sponsors added since last week.
18:22 jcamins I believe he announced three sponsors on the lower tier, which would put the conference ~150GBP closer.
18:22 thd cait: I think that you should have a meeting now and then when slef resurfaces everything can be taken into consideration for finalising on the website.
18:23 thd I may have to leave at any minute but someone should decide to chair the meeting and start.
18:23 cait I am not sure about having a meeting with slf
18:24 cait and there is not really more as is in the chat logs now
18:24 jcamins Actually, I stand corrected. Several of the Full Monty sponsors are new since last week. I thought they'd already been announced.
18:24 cait i have told you all I know :)
18:24 jcamins Yeah, I think the meeting is over.
18:24 jcamins :)
18:24 * oleonard thinks meetings without all the important players are a waste of time
18:24 cait and make wth slf without slef...
18:24 cait I can't type
18:25 thd The only issue which I was attempting to raise is as full an airing of whatever as possible so that the principle parties can finalise what they need to with some input for whatever little time is left in advance.
18:25 * jcamins proposes ending the meeting.
18:26 jcamins All possible discussion having been completed.
18:26 wizzyrea seconded, i want to get back to like, fixing stuff ^.^
18:26 thd cait has not told everyone his ideas about scheduling.
18:26 wizzyrea hm that came off overly harsh.
18:27 * wizzyrea didn't mean it that way
18:27 jcamins slef already updated the wiki.
18:27 jcamins Then cait finished updating the wiki.
18:28 thd wizzyrea: I always try to break stuff very well before fixing it.
18:28 wizzyrea the++
18:28 wizzyrea thd++ even
18:28 cait ... and she is waiting for slef now :)
18:30 thd I am expecting someone who does not understand why free software does not simply work always on new hardware.
18:38 thd jcamins: Which sponsors list do you see with significant new members?
18:38 jcamins thd:
18:38 wahanui is the website presentation
18:38 jcamins Hrm.
18:39 jcamins I think that's missing two Kind Hearts sponsors and one Fully Monty sponsor.
18:39 thd jcamins: Who is missing?
18:39 wahanui missing is usualy library only, an item that's not out
18:39 jcamins thd: I do not recall.
18:40 * thd had wondered if there was another less official but more dynamically updated published list.
18:40 jcamins Nope.
18:41 jcamins I think there was an e-mail about it, but I don't recall when.
18:42 jcamins (Mondayish, maybe over the weekend, not sure)
18:44 * thd time has been terminated.
18:45 thd Recalcitrant hardware which refuses free software beckons.
19:00 edveal joined #koha
19:00 mle_ ¬¬
19:01 * mle_ read logs
19:03 cait hi mle_ :)
19:04 mle_ hey
19:18 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Anatomy of a Google+ share button" (17 lines) at
19:18 oleonard Google loves designing with tables.
19:19 wizzyrea good gracious
19:20 jcamins Wow.
19:26 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Anatomy of GMail's "Inbox" label" (29 lines) at
19:26 oleonard Another great example of fun with tables
19:35 wizzyrea lol wow.
19:51 ago43 joined #koha
20:06 kathryn joined #koha
20:07 jcamins Good morning, New Zealand!
20:07 * cait waves
20:10 Vinegar joined #koha
20:10 kathryn good morning other hemispheres!
20:11 kathryn well probably just the one
20:11 cait :)
20:11 jcamins kathryn: well, I suppose technically there are an infinite number of hemispheres you're not in.
20:12 jcamins There's the one that starts one degree north of you, the one that starts one degree south of you, one degree east, etc., etc.
20:12 jcamins :)
20:15 oleonard If NZ is awake, it must be quitting time for me
20:15 oleonard Bye #koha
20:15 kathryn bye
20:15 wizzyrea oleonard - how difficult would it be to add a "edit item" link to the holdings table on the item detail
20:15 wizzyrea doh
20:15 wizzyrea answer that tomorrow
20:15 wizzyrea bye
20:16 jcamins wizzyrea: didn't we already do that?
20:16 kathryn jcamins, in that case I revert to first greeting!
20:16 wizzyrea not on the item detail
20:16 wizzyrea you can click the barcode and see the item detail
20:16 wizzyrea wait
20:17 wizzyrea wrong word. Let me try again
20:17 wizzyrea hdwib to add an "edit item" link to the holdings table on the BIB detail
20:17 jcamins Oh.
20:17 jcamins Got it.
20:17 jcamins Easy peasy.
20:17 wizzyrea does this seem useful to anyone but me?
20:17 jcamins Hm.
20:18 jcamins It seems vaguely useful.
20:18 jcamins Useful enough that I think it's worth doing.
20:18 jcamins You could add a jQuery if you wanted it nownownow.
20:18 wizzyrea I was thinking like the "click in the box show the edit link" thing he did on the add item pag
20:18 wizzyrea page*
20:18 cait nice
20:19 jcamins wizzyrea: yeah, that'd be easy.
20:19 wizzyrea new, I was just piddling around in there and was like, but I want to jump to edit this NOW and it's like 3 clicks away
20:19 wizzyrea this seems silly.
20:19 wizzyrea stu pid auto correct
20:19 jcamins It does.
20:19 jcamins Your computer has autocorrect?
20:19 wizzyrea yes!
20:20 wizzyrea lion does and it is ANNOYING.
20:20 jcamins Disable it?
20:20 * wizzyrea goes to figure out how to turn that nonsense OFF.
20:21 wizzyrea phew. There, think I took care of that.
20:22 wizzyrea it still highlights when I type something wrong (like "naw") but at least it doesn't autocorrect me
20:22 jcamins Yay!
20:23 wizzyrea you would have to have edit catalogue permissions to do that, of course.
20:23 wizzyrea to see the edit links
20:23 jcamins Right.
20:24 jcamins Still easy to do with jQuery.
20:24 jcamins :)
20:24 jcamins If "Edit items" is available, you have edit_catalogue.
20:25 * jcamins leaves the implementation as an exercise for the reader. ;)
20:26 wizzyrea keke
20:26 wizzyrea well I want it to actually do the thing where it picks the right item and it's ready to go when you get there
20:27 * wizzyrea will think on it, and ask owen
20:27 wizzyrea he may have an objection
20:28 cait i like the idea :)
20:28 jcamins wizzyrea: no, I mean with jQuery you can easily check if the user has edit_catalogue privileges, and then use that information to decide whether or not you want to have the edit item button.
20:28 wizzyrea technically it's 2 clicks (and sometimes 3) no matter which way you go at it.
20:29 jcamins wizzyrea: right. I am sold on your idea.
20:29 wizzyrea edit -> edit items -> click edit on the item
20:29 wizzyrea click barcode -> edit item
20:29 wizzyrea or click table -> edit
20:29 * jcamins is just giving you hints on how to do it in nexpress right now, with only jQuery.
20:29 wizzyrea right right
20:29 wizzyrea well actually, it's nothing that dire
20:29 wizzyrea ^.^
20:30 wizzyrea but I think people would like it?
20:30 jcamins I think so. :)
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21:00 jcamins Anyone have any thoughts on minimum system requirements for Koha?
21:00 jcamins Let me clarify that.
21:00 jcamins Minimum system requirements for having a pleasant experience running Koha.
21:00 jcamins The server.
21:00 wahanui rumour has it the server is installed
21:01 wizzyrea how big of a collection?
21:01 jcamins wizzyrea: say, 50k records, several hundred circs/day.
21:24 logbot joined #koha
21:24 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.8.0, 3.6.4 and 3.4.8 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 13 June 2012 at 18:00 UTC+0
21:25 wizzyrea I think that would be adequate
21:25 wizzyrea really disk I/O + adequate ram is what really matters.
21:26 wizzyrea and not even disk if you've got enough RAM
21:26 wizzyrea maybe I'm not thinking correctly.
21:26 jcamins That was my thought, too.
21:28 jcamins I decided to up the requirement to 1.6Ghz, because that's still absurdly cheap.
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