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00:05 jcamins mtj: I've been having issues connecting all weekend.
00:05 chris_n QOTD help files done
00:05 mtj hmm, looks to be a debootstrap problem or bug...
00:06 rangi you havent told it the distro, its trying to do sid and pulling from backports
00:07 mtj aah, the url is borked :/ ->[…]dists/sid/Release
00:07 rangi yes
00:07 mtj only squeeze/stable
00:07 rangi you probably have that in your apt/sources.list or something
00:07 mtj[…]-backports/dists/
00:07 rangi not sure why you even want backports anyway
00:08 rangi --distribution squeeze
00:08 rangi id do, unless you really want to build packages for sid
00:10 mtj yep, gotcha
00:12 mtj theres a catch tho - it pbuilder fails with both --distribution squeeze-backports and --distribution squeeze :/
00:12 rangi why backports?
00:12 rangi ive never needed backports
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00:13 mtj 'backports' coz its the only dist available here ->[…]-backports/dists/
00:13 rangi yes, but why are you even looking at backports?
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00:13 mtj ie: theres no 'squeeze' dist,  only 'squeeze-backports' available
00:13 rangi yes ... at backports
00:13 rangi which is unsuprising
00:14 rangi because thats only for backports
00:14 mtj oops :)
00:14 rangi you prolly want
00:16 mtj ok, so heres why i got confused before...
00:16 mtj running this...
00:16 mtj bash -x  pbuilder create --distribution squeeze    --othermirror 'deb squeeze main'
00:17 mtj gives an error...
00:17 mtj I: running debootstrap
00:17 mtj I: Retrieving Release
00:17 mtj E: Failed getting release file[…]s/squeeze/Release
00:17 rangi yes
00:17 mtj .
00:17 rangi backports
00:18 rangi you dont want backporst
00:18 mtj so its hitting anyway?
00:18 rangi you want the actual debian repository
00:18 rangi yes probably because in you /etc/apt/sources.list you have backports or something defined
00:20 mtj yep, i have a backports line in /etc/apt/sources.list
00:21 mtj deb squeeze-backports main contrib non-free
00:22 rangi yeah, so its using that
00:22 rangi do you ahve a line for the actual debian repo too?
00:22 mtj weird - pbuilder still hits  - after removing that line ?!
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00:23 mtj rangi: hmm, could you paste an example , just in case?
00:23 Space_Librarian ola all.
00:23 mtj i need a 'deb-src' line in /etc/apt/sources.list ?
00:24 mtj heya Space_Librarian
00:24 wahanui somebody said Space_Librarian was a Koha poet or the sweetest lil lady you'll ever know
00:25 mtj hmm, weird my sources.list looks correct
00:25 mtj ive removed all my backport line from  sources.list
00:26 mtj ... and run 'apt-get update' - yet pbuilder still wants to use ?
00:27 jcamins mtj: delete your fakeroot and redo pbuilder --create
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00:38 mtj jcamins:  i dont think i have a fakeroot to delete? :)
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00:44 mtj ok, so i found the pbuilder problem :) - looks like it wanted an explicit  '--mirror' arg
00:46 mtj without the --mirror arg, it keep defaulting to ,  for me :/
00:49 mtj got there in the end... ;)
01:13 chris_n can anyone confirm that that tag editor does not work for 005?
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01:23 mtj chris_n:  looks glitchy to me, on master
01:23 chris_n I'll open a bug then, thanks
01:24 mtj appears to save an edited value, but defaults to an autogen-ed value instead?
01:24 libsysguy what would be the best way to transition off master and onto stable with a TINY bit of custom code for ldap
01:25 rangi wait for 3.8.1, and switch to the 3.8.x branch, then cherry-pick your custom code
01:26 libsysguy ok cool
01:26 libsysguy that is what I thought
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04:31 druthb o/
04:36 bag hi druthb
04:37 druthb yo, bag. :)  Best Boss EVAR!
04:37 bag you are only saying that cause you got to go to Jordan and spread Koha love ;)
04:37 druthb I say that alla time, silly man.
04:38 bag well thanks druthb I love hearing it…  But don't deserve it yet - give me a chance
04:38 druthb :P  You've been saying that for more than a year now.
04:39 bag I can be better
05:05 mtj eythian:  fyi i fixed the borked tiny_mce symlink in the .deb/rules file
05:05 mtj @bug 7589
05:06 huginn mtj: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7589 major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , tinymce editor broken in .deb packages - in 'en' templates
05:08 Space_Librarian ciao all! :)
05:13 mtj heya space
05:13 bag hey mtj
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05:26 mib_we34nn hi guys,
05:26 wahanui somebody said hi guys, was there a way to search for and delete duplicate entries in koha?  I got a spreadsheet from our librarian which I converted to marc file and imported to koha. however (despite bigbrovar's warning) some of the files in the spreadsheet she gave me were duplicates of entries already in koha.
05:28 mtj nope, fix your spreadsheet - then reimport
05:28 mib_we34nn when i try to logout from my koha intranet its just disappearing and not loging me out. am forced to go to opac and then do the logging out  from there. how can i fix this?
05:36 mib_we34nn where can i change BiblioAddsAuthorities because some fields seem to be locked.
05:37 druthb joined #koha
05:37 druthb o/
05:47 mib_we34nn anyone aware of how to unlock some biblio fields that are locked?
05:52 Judit[…]
05:52 Judit Create and manage Bibliographic frameworks that define the characteristics of your MARC Records (field and subfield definitions) as well as templates for the MARC editor.
05:52 Judit choose a framework you want to modify and click on edit
05:54 Judit and this might be the answer dor your logout problem:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6970
05:54 huginn Bug 6970: major, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, logout not redirecting to login page
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05:58 Oak Ahoy me hearties
06:15 magnuse kia ora #koha!
06:16 magnuse wunder boo
06:17 magnuse stupid ubuntu 12.04 messing with my keyboard...
06:17 mib_we34nn thanks so much my logout is working well
06:17 magnuse @wunder boo
06:17 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0°C (7:50 AM CEST on May 08, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
06:18 Oak magnuse
06:19 druthb Kia ora, magnuse and Oak!
06:19 Oak :)
06:19 Oak kia ora druthb
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06:19 Amit_Gupta heya bag
06:20 bag heya Amit_Gupta
06:20 magnuse hiya druthb Oak Amit_Gupta bag
06:20 bag heya magnuse
06:20 wahanui it has been said that magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
06:20 magnuse hehe
06:20 magnuse @wunder amman
06:20 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Amman Airport, Jordan is 15.0°C (9:00 AM EEST on May 08, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 13%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
06:20 druthb wahanui: Oak?
06:20 wahanui i guess Oak is Arslan. I am a student doing masters in Library Science (2nd semester). I am a web developer and work in Joomla. or good
06:20 druthb heh
06:20 bag pizza sounds better than 10000 bugs
06:21 magnuse yay for pizza!
06:21 Amit_Gupta heya magnuse
06:21 bag mtj?
06:21 wahanui DeM KraZy NutZ!!
06:21 Amit_Gupta @wunder Bangalore
06:21 magnuse bag: shouldnt you be sleeping now?
06:21 huginn Amit_Gupta: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 25.0°C (8:30 AM IST on May 08, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 21.0°C.
06:21 mib_we34nn how do you unlock the locked fields in biblio framework?
06:21 Amit_Gupta @wunder New Delhi
06:21 huginn Amit_Gupta: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 35.0°C (11:30 AM IST on May 08, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Falling).
06:21 Amit_Gupta @wunder Dehradun
06:21 huginn Amit_Gupta: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 34.0°C (11:30 AM IST on May 08, 2012). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa.
06:21 bag maybe it's only 11:21pm here
06:21 bag Amit_Gupta: that's wicked hot
06:22 bag @wunder 93109
06:22 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 13.9°C (11:21 PM PDT on May 07, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1013 hPa (Rising).
06:22 magnuse wow, the temp in amman was more pleasant than i would have thougt!
06:22 druthb It's only 9 AM, magnuse.  It'll be a good bit warmer this afternoon.
06:22 bag magnuse: it's probably still early there
06:22 druthb It was quite cold last night.
06:23 magnuse druthb: i suspected it might get hotter, yes
06:24 bag wicked hot
06:24 bag ;)
06:24 bag druthb?
06:24 wahanui She finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
06:24 druthb It's still spring, bag...midsummer will be killer, I hear, but it's not too bad this time of year.
06:24 bag oh noes
06:24 bag forget druthb
06:24 wahanui bag: I forgot druthb
06:24 bag heh
06:25 druthb meanie!
06:25 Amit_Gupta heya druhtb
06:25 bag brendan?
06:25 wahanui i think brendan is with his family
06:25 druthb It's supposed to get up to 36C here this afternoon...22C tonight.
06:25 bag bag?
06:25 wahanui I LIKE BASEBALL
06:25 druthb hi, Amit_Gupta! :)
06:25 bag druthb never snaps - she's too buddist for that ;)
06:25 Amit_Gupta I LIKE CRICKET
06:25 magnuse 36 is hot-ish, yes... :-)
06:26 druthb :P
06:26 druthb wahanui: druthb?
06:26 wahanui you are thinking she likes Amman.  A lot.
06:26 bag Noice
06:26 magnuse hehe
06:26 mib_we34nn anyone aware of how to unlock locked field in koha?
06:27 druthb imma trying to convince bag that we need a satellite office in Amman.  It's an easy place to like, for lots of reasons.
06:27 bag convinced
06:27 magnuse hehe
06:28 druthb There *will* be a long-ish article about it on the blog, probably in 12 hours or so, with pics, and *why* I'm rapidly falling in love with this place.
06:28 bag love it
06:28 magnuse yay!
06:29 magnuse mib_we34nn: have you seen the FAQ "Is there a way to not use authorities?" here: ?
06:29 mib_we34nn let me check
06:32 mib_we34nn i have gone as far as Home › Administration › MARC Frameworks › Books, Booklets, Workbooks (BKS)  but i cant trace BiblioAddsAuthorities  to allow the locked fields. where should i go?
06:32 mib_teg4gk joined #koha
06:35 mib_teg4gk please help me to know to set system preferences
06:36 mib_we34nn the issue is that, MAIN ENTRY--PERSONAL NAME has several locked fields an i dont seem to get where to unlock them. pliz help
06:36 magnuse mib_teg4gk: when you see the list of frameworks you need to click on "MARC structure"
06:37 mib_we34nn ok,
06:37 magnuse then find the field you want to change
06:37 mib_we34nn ok,
06:37 Judit have a look at this maybe
06:37 Judit[…]-koha-3-4-5346390
06:37 magnuse Judit++
06:37 mib_teg4gk ok
06:37 mib_we34nn let me check on it thanks sofar
06:38 mib_teg4gk thanks for the information
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06:50 mib_sgz3hw anyone aware of how to unlock the locked fields in koha
06:51 Judit oka
06:51 Judit y
06:51 mib_sgz3hw i have checked the FAQs and it is stated that , i can correct that by going to BiblioAddsAuthorities set to ‘allow’. where it is set to 'dont allow' but i dont know where to get this
06:54 Judit i show you one
06:54 druthb mib_sgz3hw: That's in system preferences, in the administration menu.  Search the system preferences for BiblioAddsAuthorities.
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07:05 mib_sgz3hw to all who have helped me thanks so so much . nice time
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07:11 druthb bonjour, francharb. :)
07:12 francharb morning druthb !
07:12 francharb :)
07:14 druthb I got the closest I have ever been to Marseille over the weekend.  The inflight map showed us flying just south of there, at 10 km altitude.
07:17 francharb druthb, where were you going to?
07:17 * druthb is in Amman, Jordan.
07:20 francharb lucky you
07:20 francharb how long do you stay there?
07:21 druthb a man just came thorough the office where I am counterpart here said he was taking up collections for an orphanage, after he left..  I said I would be happy to contribute, so they called him back, and Ihab translated for me, and I gave him 20 dinars.    Good Karma Is Cheap.
07:21 druthb I'll be here until the 18th of May.
07:26 francharb oh but you are working
07:26 francharb I thought you were visiting
07:26 francharb anyway, must be great
07:26 francharb :)
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07:29 Oak should I use the built-in label creator in Koha for printing barcodes, or is there a better option?
07:29 Oak software... i mean
07:32 druthb francharb:  yes, I'm workin'.  We're working with an organization here to improve Koha for Arabic and other right-to-left languages.  (and other facets of translation.)
07:32 druthb hi, cait!
07:32 cait hi all :)
07:33 francharb sounds cool!
07:36 druthb I'm working on right-to-left layout translation right now.
07:36 Oak o dear people my question not worth an answer huh?
07:38 Oak i am printing the just the barcode... the barcode lines, and the barcode number under the lines. the font of the numbers is too thin and smallish compared to the labels. how can I increase the font size of the barcode number?
07:38 Oak the "Font" and "Font Size" option here << Home › Tools › Labels Home › Manage Label Layouts › Edit Label Layout  >> has no effect when I change them.
07:39 Oak cait time for you to leave?
07:40 cait :)
07:40 cait no not today
07:40 cait on vacation
07:40 Oak cool.
07:40 Oak help me then.
07:40 druthb I've not worked with the labels much, Oak; I know there are some problems with some fonts.
07:40 francharb Oak, I wish I could help you but I just don't know... :(
07:40 Oak hmm okay. so how do you guys print barcodes?
07:41 francharb Libraries I'm working with usually buy them on stickers
07:41 Oak ah
07:41 Oak that would be easier
07:42 francharb If they dont, they use the label creator
07:43 cait Oak: same here - buying premade barcode labels mostly
07:43 cait I think chris_n might be able to help you with the font size - not sure who else
07:43 Oak hmm. well next time i should do *that* then.
07:44 Oak chris_n, are you free?
07:45 druthb It's 03:45 for chris_n, Oak...probably not around yet.
07:45 Oak ah. got it.
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08:25 dgl-library joined #koha
08:25 dgl-library Hi #koha!
08:27 fredericd druthb++
08:27 fredericd for working on RTL languages
08:28 cait hi fredericd :)
08:28 cait druthb++ yep
08:28 druthb thanks, fredericd.  I'm kind of improvising, as I only speak/read English. But the folks I am working with like what I'm doing so far.
08:28 francharb ++
08:29 fredericd druthb: Have you seen how UNIMARC XSL support Arabic/Hebrew writing?
08:30 druthb You can take a look at the opac at
08:30 fredericd it helps for multi-lingual catalogs
08:30 druthb No, I haven't.  I'll be sure to, as that may be needed for MARC21, which is commonly in use in Jordan.
08:31 druthb One of the things I want to address on this trip is having some mechanism for OPACMainUserBlock and other html blocks be switchable in value, based on the current language setting.  Very useful for multilinguals.
08:32 cait druthb: but you have seen the 880 with hebrew in marc21, right?
08:32 fredericd I'm not sure it's MARC21 transposable since it uses a UNIMARC $7 subfield containing explicitely the writing code
08:32 druthb It's been a while since I looked at it, cait.
08:32 cait fredericd: we have a solution for 880 fields in marc21
08:33 druthb we're also investigating a better way to deal with installer/data/mysql/<lang> than what we are doing now.  That's not sustainable, IMO; I'd like to move it --somehow-- into the existing translation framework.
08:33 fredericd For OPACMainUserBlock, isn't CSS class="rtl" enough?
08:34 fredericd druthb++ for translating SQL files on the fly from .po files...
08:34 druthb fredericd: That works, if you only want one language...the way I did it on that test opac works, but is non-optimal.  I want it where, if you're in English, you see English, if arabic, you see arabic.
08:34 cait druthb: you would need a query parser for sql... not sure that is doable because it's hard to tell what is a string and what not
08:35 druthb cait:  I'm thinking of using placeholders around the strings-to-translate....then only C4::Installer::load_sql needs to be fixed to cope.
08:35 cait similar to how javascript works?
08:35 druthb yes.
08:36 fredericd druthb: I also agree that placeholder is the solution generally used in any software I've seen
08:36 fredericd much more reliable than parsing (as done currently for templates)
08:36 druthb My strategy is :  1) nothing at all that would be a fork..everything comes to the community.  2) minimal change for other devs  3) reduce the problem down to string translation with pootle, everywhere possible.
08:36 fredericd and it allow translation on-the-fly, without generating files, again and again
08:36 druthb fredericd: I agree with part of your latest on bug 8044--that needs to be in the existing translation framework.
08:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8044 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Localization for Perl scripts and modules
08:37 druthb New directory==new complexity==bad.  But the patch *works* as it is, so his first swing at it is sound.  Now to make it "fit" better.
08:37 rangi Also fredericd is right about using the appropriate modules
08:38 * druthb nods.  As I've not worked with either before, I'm unqualified to have an opinion.
08:38 fredericd For me, the difficulty is that if we switch to a coherent translation framework, whichever it is, we will have to mark string to be translated in ALL existing templates
08:38 druthb That'd be a bit of a chore.
08:38 fredericd I don't see how it could be done incrementaly
08:38 cait h fun
08:38 cait oh fun
08:39 fredericd maybe a MEGA hackfest!
08:39 rangi Yep it would have to be done in one go, and right at the start of a cycle
08:39 druthb Yah, it's almost gonna have to be a red-letter-day switch.  There are about 450 templates in the staff, about 50 in OPAC.
08:39 rangi So have 6 months to fix
08:40 fredericd druthb: The translation framework I would favor is done by a German:
08:41 fredericd You could get in touch directly with him
08:41 fredericd He manages a large web application with its framework
08:41 druthb by the by, fredericd...the current ar-Arab .po files simply do not apply...the  translate script can't make it fly.  That load server is running 3.6.x...I don't know who has messed up the .po for that, but it is a serious mess.  (also, my Arabic friends tell me, the quality of the translation of strings is pretty poor.
08:41 cait and we have to find a way to keep existing translations
08:41 cait I mean transfer existing work to the new framework
08:42 fredericd cait: almost impossible...
08:42 cait well we should try
08:42 cait it takes weeks
08:42 cait and then oyu have something that is not consistent
08:42 cait it took ages to get translations where I don't fall over a typo or weird term on every page
08:43 rangi Also it needs to be very fast
08:43 fredericd cait: But with an improved framework, we could avoid having non-sense strings to translate, and much less strings, and constructed strings, no pieces of strings
08:43 druthb !
08:43 fredericd rangi: no speed issue with persistency
08:44 rangi Yes there is
08:44 fredericd the whole translation file is loaded in memory, and getting translation is just a lookup in hash
08:44 rangi There is always speed issues, just less
08:44 fredericd yes
08:44 rangi That's still slower
08:45 * druthb is feeling smug.  The office boy here--who speaks no English at all--came in, carrying a tiny cup of turkish coffee for my counterpart.  He looked at me, and pointed at the cup with a questioning look...and I said, "shy"...and he brought me tea, sugared just right for me.
08:45 magnuse yay
08:45 fredericd druthb: Do you want the name and email address of the person responsible of Arabic translation?
08:46 druthb please.  The folks I'm working with here will probably want to talk to them....could you email?
08:46 fredericd y
08:47 fredericd It's a team of Syrian, Algerian, Tunisian people,
08:47 cait I am not sure on the fly translation will solve all our problems
08:47 cait it's too complicated for that
08:47 cait we have lots of javascript
08:47 cait we have xml
08:47 cait we have tt
08:48 cait we have lots of different components and things playing together
08:48 cait and i worry that persistency will not make it fast enough - like rangi said
08:50 druthb The locals here are trying to ramp up projects *now*, so I'm working in the existing framework--hopefully, we have time for a better one soon, but these folks are hot to trot to get Koha busy displacing SirsiDynix in the middle-east.
08:50 cait :)
08:50 cait I think moving the opac system preferneces
08:50 cait into something like the news editor would be nice
08:50 rangi Poedit will tell u what's wrong with the .po file
08:51 cait and adding a default language system preference
08:51 cait druthb: that would solve the problem of switching languages - we have a whole bunch of those and we add more and more - but not working well for multiple languages
08:52 cait opaccredits, opacmain, the header one, the one on the no results page... and so on
08:52 cait there are also the xml cataloging plugins which are untranslatable now :( and the xml chosen is a bit weird making it hard to be parsed
08:53 druthb that's my thinking, cait.    I'm hoping to test an approach to that in the next day or two...will take a little longer to fancy up the tool to edit, but if I can get the code working...
08:53 cait they should have never gone in... in the first place.
08:53 cait breaking translations like this :(
08:53 rangi The news selector is broken for dialects
08:53 rangi You can't select en_nz
08:54 rangi That needs to be fixed
08:55 rangi Yeah I think translation manager should be able to veto things that break translations
08:55 cait I think the problem there was that it was missed
08:55 cait until too late
08:55 rangi Like in 3.8.0 how a ton of strings pushed after freeze
08:56 * cait growls
08:56 rangi (help files)
09:00 fredericd help files should be outside. Translating the software is one thing, translating help is another one
09:02 * druthb concurs, especially if they're not going to be updated until after string freeze.
09:02 rangi Still need to give translators time to do it
09:03 rangi And they shouldn't be after the freeze
09:03 rangi That's my point
09:03 druthb indeed.
09:03 rangi If u miss the freeze, u wait for next release
09:04 rangi Just like other patches do
09:05 cait I guess the reasoning was missing documentation for new features... but it's just not fair for every other language than enlgish
09:05 rangi Speaking of which
09:05 rangi I should email the list
09:05 rangi String freeze for 3.8.1
09:05 rangi On 15 May
09:06 fredericd Two different issues: 1) a release error, 2) a design error (help text in template .po files)
09:07 druthb fredericd: I agree--it would be useful to kick the help text out of the main .po; it just bloats the file horribly, and there's likely a better way.
09:07 cait I filed a bug suggesting that
09:07 cait it would also allow prioritizing gui before help files
09:07 rangi Still needs to be translated.  And so need to give ppl time to do so
09:09 rangi That's the trick
09:10 cait perhaps a communication problem too
09:10 cait plus everything else
09:10 rangi :)
09:10 rangi With my caching rendered html plugin
09:11 rangi U could cache translated templates
09:11 rangi That would make serving them fast
09:11 cait :)
09:12 rangi Just have language code as part of key
09:13 fredericd rangi: is there a bug number for that patch?
09:13 rangi Hmm
09:13 cait I think it is somewhere
09:13 rangi @query plugin
09:13 huginn rangi: Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=900 enhancement, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Unimarc Authorities
09:13 huginn rangi: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1218 enhancement, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , New plugin for MARC21 replacement cost
09:13 huginn rangi: Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=737 enhancement, P2, ---, mjr, NEW , Map of library in search system
09:13 huginn rangi: Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=917 enhancement, P2, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , plugins for coded fields in unimarc authorities
09:14 huginn rangi: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1817 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , pagination links disrupt display on large result sets
09:14 cait jared talked aobu tit
09:14 cait bug 7387 ?
09:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7387 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , Add Template::Toolkit plugin to allow caching of includes
09:14 rangi Yeah hard to find on my phone
09:14 francharb hehe
09:14 rangi That one
09:15 francharb cait, will you be at the kohacon?
09:15 cait yep :)
09:15 francharb cool
09:15 cait nothing could keep me away
09:15 cait you too?
09:15 francharb :)
09:15 francharb yep
09:15 cait yay!
09:15 rangi After kohacon ill have extended to redis as well as memcached and file::cache
09:15 cait have you figured out who else froom biblibre?
09:16 francharb cait, I think, Paul Claire, Sophie, Adrien and Alex are coming too...
09:16 cait oh nice
09:16 cait no gaetan?
09:16 francharb nope
09:16 cait but still, big biblibre group :)
09:17 francharb yep!
09:17 francharb :)
09:17 francharb It's going to be great
09:17 francharb but, what I wanted to ask you is
09:17 cait yep?
09:17 rangi slef: about?
09:17 wahanui yep.
09:18 francharb would you be able to show how fix a template when you have a word/words that are not in the po file?
09:18 francharb i guess it's not that hard
09:18 francharb and since I want to do more translation, I want also to be able to do patches to correct these glitches
09:20 francharb cait, you wanted me to be in the "history", I found a way to make it! ;) well, hopefully ;)
09:20 cait ooh, taht sounds good
09:20 cait where do I have to sign off? :)
09:20 cait ah right, should read back first
09:20 cait can you show me the problem string?
09:20 francharb hehe
09:21 Judit joined #koha
09:21 francharb for example, on the admin interface, the "more" button
09:21 francharb which list the modules
09:22 francharb or, on, there are strings that are not translatable, I can't find them in the po file
09:23 francharb and it's 100% translated...
09:23 francharb so my guess is that something missing in the template to tell koha that those strings should be in the po file..;
09:24 cait hm
09:24 cait the more button works for me
09:24 cait or it used to
09:24 cait I would have to check again in master
09:24 cait did you try reloading your javascript?
09:24 francharb how so?
09:24 cait sometimes that can lead to weird things, like the list button in opac showing up nontranslated
09:24 cait I think it#s shift f5
09:25 francharb cait, it doesn't change..
09:26 francharb but that's no big deal
09:26 francharb I can check this out later
09:26 cait normally
09:26 cait when it's javascript
09:26 cait it has to be surrounded by _(...)
09:27 francharb humm
09:27 cait only wondering because it def used to work :)
09:27 francharb if it's just things like to correct, I guess I will be able to do it! ;)
09:28 cait i can't wait to see your first patch :)
09:28 cait there are some problems in authorities you might want to try to tackle
09:28 cait there is a list on the wiki
09:29 cait I worked on some of them in marseille
09:29 cait[…]anslatable_string
09:29 francharb cait, during the hackfest, I wish I could work on this and send my first patch! ;) And It would be great to organize massive tests on circulation rules... It's totally different but totally necessary ;)
09:29 cait oh yes...
09:29 cait i think there are some patches in the pipeline to make things better
09:29 francharb great link!! bookmarked!
09:29 cait but it#s so hard to test that even fixes get stuck
09:30 francharb I know!! That's why I want to organize something with a couple of people to share the work and think about how to test, etc.
09:32 cait so many things to do :(
09:32 francharb the thing is, we don"t have a chechlist to run when a new feature come, etc... The idea would be to list tests that should be run every time we have a new feature related to circulation rule
09:32 cait 3 days not enough!
09:32 cait yeah, I think we should have test plans
09:32 cait on the wiki
09:32 wahanui it has been said that on the wiki is more information about the packages
09:32 francharb cait, sure but a small group could be dedicated to this topic
09:33 cait and perhaps try to automate some of them later on
09:34 francharb that would be perfect
09:34 francharb but first thing is to know what we want to check!
09:34 cait it's perhaps something we could try to do in a online meeting to
09:34 francharb ;)
09:34 francharb cait, sure!
09:34 cait perhaps getting liz involved too
09:34 cait she knows lots and lots about holds
09:35 francharb my plan is : talking about it with people interested, do a wiki page, share it, continue the discussion on IRC during an online meeting and then work!
09:36 francharb cait, if at least we could get organised on this topic during the hackfest, it would the first step to success! ;)
09:37 cait :)
09:37 cait I only worry because I already want to do too many things at the hackfest!
09:37 magnuse good plan!
09:37 cait including learning new things of course :)
09:37 francharb oups, I just saw it's 11:36 and my presentation for the training I give tomorrow is not ready...
09:38 francharb magnuse, will you be at the kohacon too?
09:39 magnuse francharb: sorry, no. i will be waiting for my firstborn... ;-)
09:40 magnuse ...and missing you all *a lot*...
09:40 slef rangi: you still there?
09:40 rangi Yup
09:41 francharb magnuse, next time! and congrats! ;)
09:41 rangi Was wondering what the license for the kohacon logo is
09:41 slef inherited from the koha logo IIRC so GPLv2+?
09:42 rangi Sweet
09:43 rangi So I can put it on a t-shirt if I wanted with no issues
09:43 slef please do. Let us know how people can buy and let's link it from the website
09:44 rangi Cool
09:44 cait :)
09:44 rangi Just an idea at the mo, but will link it if it becomes reality
09:44 cait slef: we will have to change the hackfest schedule
09:45 cait perhaps exchanging the bugsqash and packaging
09:45 cait so packaging is in the afternoon
09:45 slef cait: yes. Also there may be an Anti-ACTA march on 9th
09:45 rangi That'd work
09:45 cait it woudl free some time for free hacking in the morning
09:49 cait slef: reason is that liw will not arrive until afternoon
09:50 dgl-library1 joined #koha
09:55 magnuse francharb: thanks! and definitely next time!
09:55 francharb :)
09:56 mib_nah8l6 joined #koha
10:03 * druthb grumbles something about recalcitrant css
10:03 cait slef: did you see my edits to the wiki? I also sent you a mail with the complete summary?
10:06 slef cait: yes, thanks. I'll get on with it ASAP.
10:06 slef it's a big help. Too many balls in the air here just now.
10:07 cait ok - was not sure you got the mail
10:07 cait :)
10:10 magnuse oops in 3.8 just looking at :8080/cgi-bin/koha/admin/ gives lots of this in the error log: Illegal date specified (year = 0, month = 0, day = 00) at /usr/share/koha/intranet/c​gi-bin/admin/ line 200
10:11 cait we have millions of warns everywhere :(
10:13 magnuse woohoo! ;-)
10:32 slef hrm the 9 June march is in Glasgow
10:33 slef 50minutes and £12 away by train
10:53 Amit_Gupta heya cait
10:53 Amit_Gupta cait around?
10:56 cait yes?
11:25 jwagner joined #koha
11:27 jwagner joined #koha
11:30 Amit_Gupta heya jawagner
11:30 jcamins o/
11:35 jwagner Hi Amit_Gupta
11:58 mail joined #koha
12:02 chris_n hi mail
12:03 cait hi chris_n :)
12:03 chris_n heya cait
12:04 keisyr joined #koha
12:05 keisyr witam wszystkich
12:05 keisyr hello all
12:05 magnuse hiya keisyr
12:06 cait hi keisyr
12:06 NateC joined #koha
12:06 keisyr I prepared demo LiveDVD Koha 3.8 running on Linux Mint
12:07 keisyr someone come in handy sea
12:08 chris_n cait: millions of warns.... do you mean in
12:09 mail left #koha
12:09 keisyr
12:10 nengard joined #koha
12:11 jcamins keisyr: nifty!
12:13 keisyr ;)
12:13 magnuse chris_n: i think cait meant all over the code
12:14 cait chris_n: everywhere :( try orderinga book until receive
12:14 cait or a search in opac
12:14 cait from advanced search
12:14 cait or or or
12:16 chris_n cait: I think there is a bug for removing extraneous warns
12:16 cait I know
12:16 cait I filed it
12:17 cait I started in opac - but have to redo some of it I think
12:18 cait I mean some of the patches need to be redone
12:18 cait :(
12:20 * chris_n pokes bug 7877
12:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7877 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , note on expiration in the opac worded wrongish
12:20 chris_n opps
12:20 * chris_n pokes bug 7977
12:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7977 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Needs Signoff , Add a "Quote-of-the-day" feature to the OPAC homepage
12:20 chris_n ^^ ready for sign-off :-)
12:20 cait :)
12:20 chris_n nengard should like me... I wrote help files for it
12:21 nengard WOO HOO :)
12:21 nengard You're awesome
12:21 nengard chris_n++
12:21 chris_n nengard: feel free to correct the manual references once it makes it into master
12:22 chris_n I wasn't sure what they would be, so I just made-up a url :-)
12:23 tcohen joined #koha
12:30 Guillaume joined #koha
12:33 cait bug 737
12:33 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=737 enhancement, P2, ---, mjr, NEW , Map of library in search system
12:35 oleonard joined #koha
12:35 cait hi oleonard
12:35 cait :)
12:35 oleonard Hi
12:36 talljoy joined #koha
12:37 ago43 joined #koha
12:40 magnuse was someone asking about GBSD yesterday?
12:41 magnuse oleonard?
12:41 wahanui hmmm... oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
12:41 oleonard Yes, I did.
12:41 collum joined #koha
12:41 magnuse you want one?
12:42 oleonard What I want is something to happen to shake up the long queue of pending patches
12:42 magnuse i sort of forgot about them - it got hard trying to rack up some enthusiasm. sort of
12:42 magnuse yeah!
12:42 magnuse any ideas?
12:42 wahanui any ideas are welcome :)
12:42 oleonard ...but I don't know that GBSD would help get signoffs
12:43 magnuse a little bit of brainstorming is in order, i thinl
12:43 magnuse s/thinl/think/
12:43 oleonard I wonder if we need the developers of some patches to help guide testing?
12:43 oleonard I just know that a lot of patches I wouldn't know where to begin to test
12:43 magnuse might be a good idea
12:44 magnuse the fudge idea is interesting
12:44 * chris_n will exchange fudge for signoffs and qa on 7977 :-)
12:45 chris_n hmmm.... hope that's not equivalent to a bribe... :-)
12:45 magnuse i would pledge some kind of reward/bounty if we for example set a goal of "whoever does the most signoffs in the next month"
12:45 magnuse or something
12:45 cait hm a month is long
12:45 cait it's really not easy
12:46 chris_n maybe weekly or by-weekly
12:46 magnuse could be norwegian chocolate, "trollhunter" on dvd or similar
12:46 cait one idea I had was a script
12:46 chris_n bi even
12:46 cait that nags about an old bug
12:46 cait each day
12:46 magnuse yeah, one or two weeks might be better
12:46 cait until someone fixes or closes it
12:46 magnuse im just thinking aloud here
12:46 magnuse where should the nagging go? to the devel-list?
12:46 chris_n maybe a "bounty-per-bug" where the author/sponsor puts up some bounty?
12:47 chris_n so each bug nets something?
12:47 magnuse ooh :-)
12:47 cait not sure I get the idea
12:48 magnuse chris_n could promise to send a small package of fudge to whoever signs off on bug 7977 for example
12:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7977 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Needs Signoff , Add a "Quote-of-the-day" feature to the OPAC homepage
12:48 chris_n cait: each bug would have some "reward" etc attached to it by the assignee
12:48 chris_n exactly
12:48 cait hm
12:48 cait we want people to do good testing..I am not sure it#s the right signal
12:48 magnuse or a gift card to kiva or a bear at the next kohacon or...
12:49 magnuse yeah, cait has a point
12:49 chris_n well, all QA, etc rules would still apply
12:49 cait a bear?
12:49 * cait wants a kiwi!
12:49 francharb cait, could you help me to understand this?
12:49 magnuse yeah, your choice between grizzly and polar bear!
12:49 chris_n so whats the diff then if I hire, say, catalyst to handle the sign-off, etc?
12:49 libsysguy joined #koha
12:49 francharb I did a transfer from library A to library B
12:49 chris_n or by-water, or... <your-vendor-goes-here>
12:49 cait not much of a diff, but I don#t think that has happened
12:49 jcamins Did no one ever notice that koha-remove was broken?
12:50 francharb then I logged in library B
12:50 chris_n I think it has...
12:50 cait I mean people paying for sign-offs
12:50 francharb did a check in
12:50 francharb and koha ask me to transfer again the item to library A
12:50 francharb so...
12:50 magnuse chris_n: i have been pondering that too - we sort of want "independent" signoffs i think, so it@s tricky
12:50 chris_n jcamins: we're discussion fudge at the moment :-)
12:51 francharb how do I accept the transfer from library B ?
12:51 magnuse (thanks for breaking my keyboard ubuntu 12.04...)
12:51 chris_n magnuse: I agree, and have argued that in the past
12:51 magnuse jcamins: how is it broken?
12:52 cait francharb: not sure really - not much experience dealing with multiple branches
12:52 jcamins magnuse: it tries to use "--" as the instance name in certain situations.
12:52 cait francharb: have you checked the transfer rules?
12:52 francharb ok cait!
12:52 francharb yep
12:52 magnuse jcamins: yeah, i was messing about with that the other day, there is a bug for it
12:52 jcamins You're probably wondering "how did you never notice this before, given that you create and remove instances on a regular basis?"
12:52 cait hm, and all system preferences related? I think some might be new
12:52 francharb i can transfert everything, everywhere
12:52 jcamins magnuse: oh, there is?
12:52 jcamins I'll put my patch up.
12:52 cait but it doesn#t accept the transfer?
12:52 jcamins Unless you already patched it.
12:53 cait wants to transfer it back?
12:53 magnuse i think maybe i did
12:53 francharb but I guess it's cause by the homeorholdingbranchretunr syspref
12:53 francharb but i'm not dealing with a patron checkout
12:53 francharb just a transfert
12:53 jcamins Ah, bug 7924.
12:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7924 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Fix handling of command line arguments in koha-remove
12:53 chris_n magnuse, cait: ultimately it really comes down to the integrity of the one signing off or qa'ing or....
12:53 cait magnuse, oleonard: perhaps we need to set some goals? and have... gamification... badges?
12:54 francharb so i don"t know if HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn is used in this case...
12:54 jcamins Interestingly, the script works on my package development machine, but not my release maintenance machine.
12:54 chris_n even a "most signed off" acknowledgement could result in poor sign-offs for the sake of competition
12:54 cait I mean independent from the assignee
12:54 cait or we could have a module of the month
12:54 cait and try to clean out bugs related to that
12:54 magnuse jcamins: yeah, that@s the one i was thinking about
12:54 jcamins magnuse: there's a bug in your fix.
12:54 jcamins Can I fix the fix while signing off?
12:54 jcamins You're missing quotes around $args
12:54 jcamins Oh, no, you have eval.
12:54 jcamins That's okay, then.
12:55 jcamins Sorry.
12:55 jcamins There are two ways to fix it. :)
12:55 magnuse jcamins: i basically copied how its done in koha-create, i *think*
12:56 magnuse chris_n, cait: maybe make it "signoffs that are not rejected by qa/rm"?
12:56 jcamins magnuse: koha-create hedges its bets by using both options.
12:56 magnuse chris_n, cait: but that makes tracking it that much harderm of course...
12:57 magnuse jcamins: ah
12:57 jcamins What are we talking about?
12:57 cait not sure :)
12:57 magnuse jcamins: how to encourage more signoffs
12:57 chris_n cait, magnuse: I think that using the voting mechanism of bz and establishing some sort of priority based on that might be another way to encourage sign-offs and qa
12:57 jcamins magnuse: ah.
12:57 chris_n any time there is any sort of incentive involved, there will be the risk of poor work
12:57 magnuse yup
12:58 cait yeah :(
12:58 chris_n so its a balancing act
12:58 cait it always is
12:58 cait and we need more devs to sign-off
12:58 chris_n if we provide incentives, we have to also be sure to add checks
12:58 cait the sandboxes are nice
12:58 cait but there is a lot you can't do with them
12:58 chris_n so magnuse ides of "not rejected" is one such check
12:58 chris_n idea, even :-)
12:59 magnuse :-)
12:59 magnuse the sandboxes could perhaps be promoted more
12:59 magnuse and some way to separate patches/bugs that will work in the sandboxes would be nice too
13:00 chris_n perhaps any incentive could be limited to "bug is pushed to branch foo"
13:00 chris_n that would add the checks of QA and RM
13:00 cait yes
13:00 cait I suggested using a keyword
13:00 cait you could mark what can be tested in a sandbox with it
13:00 cait and we can create a list
13:00 cait and promote the list
13:00 magnuse excellent idea!
13:00 chris_n cait++
13:00 cait so it would be less frustrating
13:00 magnuse is it possible to do that in bz?
13:00 cait for someone who is limited to the sandboxe
13:00 cait s
13:00 magnuse yup!
13:01 chris_n it still will probably require a carrot of some sort to encourage participation
13:02 cait I liked the idea to add sign-offers to the release notes
13:02 * chris_n is not advocating any policy which would degrade the quality of code --for the record
13:02 cait testers
13:02 francharb anybody knows if the way transfert works changed lately?
13:02 francharb it doen's seem to work the same way than before...
13:02 magnuse well, speaking for myself, i dont really need much of a carot, its more a question of finding the time
13:02 chris_n francharb: check the release notes?
13:02 * jcamins doesn't look carrots. Parsnips, on the other hand...
13:02 francharb chris_n, good point!
13:02 cait francharb: I think it does use the branchtransfer table for returns now - paul wrote something to fix that
13:02 chris_n magnuse: this is just the problem... time == $$$ :-)
13:03 magnuse chris_n: yup!
13:03 cait yeah I think what we can do is:
13:03 chris_n even if the community had paid release positions, etc. the issue would exist
13:03 cait make it as easy as possible - like creating a list for the sandboxes
13:03 francharb setting up circulation is just a p... in the a...
13:03 magnuse nengard++ for signing off on things while we talk ;-)
13:03 jcamins Yeah, I'd love to have more time to sign off on things.
13:03 cait francharb: correct. :(
13:03 nengard was i signing off on things you were talking about?
13:04 cait we were talking about the process :)
13:04 cait and how to make more people do it
13:04 gmcharlt good morning
13:04 cait hi gmcharlt :)
13:04 chris_n heya gmcharlt
13:04 wahanui gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
13:04 magnuse kia ora gmcharlt!
13:04 chris_n do you have an opinion on the subject under discussion, gmcharlt?
13:05 cait[…]cribekeywords.cgi
13:06 * jcamins will sign off on bug 7924, though.
13:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7924 major, P1 - high, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Fix handling of command line arguments in koha-remove
13:06 magnuse yay!
13:06 magnuse jcamins++
13:06 chris_n jcamins++
13:06 jcamins I'm in the process of testing it now.
13:07 chris_n cait: we could probably setup a similar one for sandbox-able patches
13:07 magnuse cait: huh, clicking on "Search" for "regression" gives 0 hits?
13:07 francharb nengard, hi! do you know why i cant check in an item that i just transfered without getting koha asking me to transfert  the item back?
13:07 nengard um ?.
13:08 nengard sounds like a bug to me ? but i'd have to test further
13:08 francharb I'm trying to change my set up but still, I always get this message...
13:08 cait chris_n: that was the idea :) not sure how to set up keywords in bugzilla?
13:08 francharb annoying, especially just before a training! :)
13:09 magnuse for me, the stats that rangi does for signoffs are excellent incentives - i really wanna rank high in those lists. perhaps they could be published on - to give even more status?
13:09 cait yeah, that's a nice idea too
13:09 cait ok so far we have:
13:09 cait idea: use a keyword to mark sandbox testable patche
13:09 cait s
13:09 cait idea: put testers in release notes
13:09 magnuse +1
13:09 cait idea: put sign-off stats on kc-org
13:10 magnuse should we add these to the agenda of the next irc meeting?
13:10 magnuse get the blessing of the community and ask for more ideas?
13:10 chris_n idea: offer a very disinterested "bounty" such as fudge
13:10 cait I will be travelling I think so not sure I can attend :(
13:10 cait but yes
13:11 jcamins chris_n: postage gets pricey.
13:11 jcamins Heck, making that much fudge gets pricey.
13:11 cait idea: set up a fudge fund ;)
13:11 chris_n jcamins: how bad do you want someone to look at your bug?
13:11 jcamins chris_n: there are 117 bugs set to Needs Signoff.
13:12 magnuse looks like "Keywords" are just a free text field?[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4867
13:12 huginn Bug 4867: major, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, cnighswonger, RESOLVED FIXED, cannot clone subfields in marc editor, other clone/unclone weirdness
13:12 chris_n with hourly rates avg $75-$100 range, I'd say fudge is cheap
13:12 chris_n magnuse: true
13:13 chris_n I think their usefulness is limited
13:13 chris_n but may do what cait suggests
13:13 jcamins chris_n: oh, are you proposing having the submitter sponsor the fudge?
13:13 cait ah
13:13 magnuse yeah, if we just agree on a keyword it should work
13:13 cait another idea
13:13 jcamins I thought by "disinterested" you meant the fudge should come from someone else.
13:13 cait maybe we could do bug hunts
13:13 chris_n jcamins: yes or the assignee, whichever is more appropriate
13:13 jcamins Ah.
13:13 cait like: try to shake out all bugs in module x
13:13 francharb nengard, could you just tell if I always need to check the item in when it arrives at the other library (the library I'm transfering to) ?
13:13 chris_n jcamins: no, just not something like a pound of gold
13:13 cait and document tests on the wiki and look at the bugs for thatmodule
13:14 cait so we could clean up bugzilla and get some serious testing done + get some written test plans
13:14 nengard francharb yes, i thought you always had to check in items when they were transferred
13:14 chris_n something which would require some motivation to do well on the part of the signer-offer
13:14 jcamins chris_n: that makes sense, then.
13:14 nengard but there is a sys pref that might be effecting that
13:14 cait that we could try to automate later on (me looks at francharb)
13:14 magnuse cait: sounds cool
13:14 nengard francharb what do you have AutomaticItemReturn set to?
13:14 francharb nengard, maybe "AutomaticItemReturn"...
13:14 jcamins chris_n: I would even offer to do weekly fudge fests.
13:14 nengard jinx :)
13:15 nengard I have that set to Don't
13:15 nengard I always recommend those I train to leave it to Don't
13:15 francharb nengard, that what I was about to test!
13:15 francharb thank you for the advice!
13:15 francharb I'm going to test it this way
13:16 magnuse cait: but will we find the time to actually do it?
13:17 cait I think we need a way
13:17 * chris_n thinks that getting bugs signed off/qa'd faster is a serious concern
13:17 cait where a person can spend like 10 minutes on it
13:17 cait and still help moving it forward a bit
13:17 cait so just write up a test you did on the wiki... wouldn't take that long
13:18 cait or review a bug for that module and mark it reviewed/confirmed/retested
13:18 cait so... if someone is in a situation to be stuck somewhere for like 20 minutes... he could check out the current bug hunt page
13:18 * chris_n can say after being rmaint for several years, that if things are going to be done for "free" then the one doing them just has to make it happen
13:19 chris_n short of that, it won't happen
13:19 cait you always have to make time
13:19 cait that's true
13:19 cait and you have to want to make time...
13:19 magnuse yeah...
13:19 cait I coudl try to set a page up for a bug hunt
13:19 cait experiment
13:19 chris_n its the "want to" part that is the problem, imho
13:19 cait what would be a good one to start with?
13:19 cait i think a lot of people want... what I don' like is the
13:20 cait 'i don't get paid for that'
13:20 magnuse cait++ for setting up a bug hunt experiment!
13:20 cait because noone is going to sponsor to work on an old bug.. but you have to factor it in somehow
13:20 chris_n I don't think that most consciously think "I'm not going to get paid, so I won't do that," but I think the practicality of life often forces that decision unconsciously
13:21 cait yeah perhaps
13:21 cait yeah, think you are true, that was a bit hard
13:21 chris_n bug hunt sounds like a good start
13:21 cait so any ideas about a module?
13:21 cait and you are right.. my english is broken again
13:22 cait[…]ibecomponents.cgi
13:22 chris_n ie. rmaint "paid" me nothing tangible and often "cost" me tangibly (ie. time away from family, etc)
13:22 jcamins Certainly that's the case for me. I would like to see all bugs fixed, but I only have so much time, and given a choice between getting paid for it and not getting paid for it, the former almost always wins.
13:22 chris_n no complaints, just a few facts to hopefully help
13:22 cait and I apologize :)
13:22 chris_n no need to :-)
13:23 cait yeah, but I feel like I have to
13:23 chris_n it was a conscious choice :-)
13:23 cait it's not like I think htat about people here. it's only we have to find ways to get rid of the bugs... *sigh*
13:23 francharb hehe : I did a transfer from Library A to B, I'm in library B checkin the item in and koha says : "This item needs to be transferred to library B. Transfer now?"
13:23 cait francharb: was it in transfer before you checked it in?
13:23 cait I mean did the status show in transfer to.. ?
13:23 francharb cait, yes
13:23 cait hm
13:24 francharb in the end,
13:24 cait we could start with patrons maybe
13:24 cait ?
13:24 francharb automaticreturn helps me to only get the message (do you want to transfert back the item)
13:24 cait it#s not a too big module to test
13:24 cait and it has 163 bugs in bugzilla
13:24 chris_n cait, magnuse: gotta run, but I think there are some good ideas on the table; they should be put on the next meeting agenda
13:25 francharb but i changed the homeorholdingbranchreturn and I get the message "do you want to transfer the item in your own library?"
13:25 francharb :)
13:25 francharb I need to test further!
13:26 magnuse cait: just do it! ;-)
13:26 jcamins The other problem with signing off on things... a lot of people hate failing things, so certain patches get passed over because "gee, it doesn't seem very nice to mark it failed QA."
13:26 magnuse have fun chris_n!
13:26 Guillaume joined #koha
13:26 cait jcamins: I got over that... but It hink you are right
13:26 magnuse jcamins: knows the feeling... but tries to suppress it
13:26 cait it's always feeling mean
13:26 cait I try to comensate by explaiinign well why
13:27 jcamins There is a large swath of bugs set to "needs signoff" that I'm not responding to because I haven't gotten over that feeling yet.
13:27 cait perhaps they need some discussion then?
13:28 cait like you could ask... I don't like that about the bug... is that enough to fail it?
13:28 cait but not easy too
13:37 maximep joined #koha
13:38 magnuse i have tried to add our thoughts to[…]ing,_13_June_2012 - please feel free to add and delete stuff!
13:44 oleonard Thanks magnuse
13:48 magnuse are the criteria for when a bug/patch can be tested with the sandboxes written down somewhere?
13:48 magnuse is it just that no command line action can be involved?
14:00 jcamins I think the script may be able to test package installation now, too. :)
14:05 magnuse jcamins: which script?
14:06 jcamins magnuse: my super duper release testing megascript.
14:06 cait back
14:07 jcamins Once it works I'll send it (and all the supporting scripts) to chris_n for inclusion in the release-tools repo.
14:07 cait magnuse: not totally sure
14:08 cait I think it can do database updates?
14:08 cait or can*t?
14:09 magnuse jcamins: supercool!
14:09 magnuse cait: from reading i think it can do databaseupdates
14:10 jcamins Oh, yeah. I also need to test updatedatabase.
14:10 jcamins Bah, humbug.
14:10 jcamins I still haven't figured out how to do the updatedatabase testing.
14:11 magnuse time for walkies - have fun #koha!
14:15 jcamins Okay, didn't quite work.
14:15 druthb oleonard++
14:17 Guillaume left #koha
14:20 druthb So far, I've had very useful help from cait and oleonard and jcamins and fredericd and julian_m on this Arabic project.  Thanks for your help, all!
14:22 * oleonard is happy that rtl support is being improved, and happy for druthb that she is on a cool trip
14:24 francharb back
14:25 * jcamins feels the same.
14:25 cait :)
14:25 * jcamins runs his release test script again.
14:25 jcamins You know, when I started out, the entire script took about twenty minutes to run.
14:25 jcamins That is not the case anymore.
14:25 jcamins Of course, I do do six complete installations, so perhaps that's no surprise.
14:25 gaetan_B joined #koha
14:26 druthb It's after 5 here...I'm headed out for the evening.  be well, everyone.
14:26 druthb left #koha
14:39 * wizzyrea wave
14:40 JesseM joined #koha
14:40 oleonard Hi wizzyrea I had trouble testing Bug 7998
14:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7998 critical, P5 - low, ---, wizzyrea, In Discussion , 3.8 UI cleanup, tweaks to new styles
14:41 wizzyrea the 2nd part, I bet so
14:41 wizzyrea I think I messed it up
14:41 wizzyrea the patch I mean
14:41 wizzyrea not the changes
14:41 wizzyrea I will probably have to redo it
14:41 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "Package test results" (24 lines) at
14:41 jcamins ^^ super cool!
14:42 wizzyrea wowie
14:43 cait jcamins++
14:43 cait :)
14:43 cait amazing!
14:44 wizzyrea what were the problems you saw oleonard
14:44 oleonard wizzyrea: I wanted to test again because of the input field border problems we talked about the other day. I didn't know if the second patch addressed that
14:45 oleonard But the second patch didn't apply
14:45 jcamins Now I'm running the entire test script.
14:48 wizzyrea ah
14:48 datadoctor joined #koha
14:50 wizzyrea well, let me attach a patch that should have everything in it - but I don't know if it will work
14:51 wizzyrea dumb of me to do it in 2 patches.
14:51 wizzyrea oleonard: can i send it to you directly, and if it works then I'll attach it?
14:52 oleonard Sure
14:52 wizzyrea cool, thx
14:53 wizzyrea ugh. perhaps not.
14:58 wizzyrea ok, I think I got it right. I hope
14:58 * cait cheers wizzyrea and oleonard on :)
14:58 cait I am sure you 2 will make it work :)
14:59 * wizzyrea is unsure of the git fu in play here
14:59 jcamins wizzyrea: you can use rebase -i and then change the second patch to "squash" instead of "pick."
14:59 wizzyrea that's what I did.
14:59 jcamins :)
15:00 wizzyrea I applied both, resolved the conflicts, then rebased them and squashed them together
15:00 wizzyrea we'll see I guess
15:00 jcamins Installing UNIMARC.
15:00 jcamins From the package.
15:00 cait :)
15:05 jcamins Installing MARC21 from the tarball.
15:05 oleonard wizzyrea: Got the patch, but Gmail said it was a phishing attempt so I threw it away and hid under my desk.
15:05 wizzyrea O.o
15:05 wizzyrea well it's attached to the bug anyway
15:05 * wizzyrea threw caution to the wind
15:06 wizzyrea yea, it's probably mad because the server that the patch is coming from isn't gmail
15:06 wizzyrea but it's got a from address of gmail.
15:12 jcamins WOOHOO!!!
15:13 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "It works!" (56 lines) at
15:16 jcamins chris_n: I sent you patches for the release-tools repo.
15:16 jcamins If you have a chance to push them, that'd be awesome.
15:17 JesseM joined #koha
15:19 JesseM joined #koha
15:25 wizzyrea jcamins++
15:26 jcamins wizzyrea: is that not profoundly awesome?
15:29 francharb pffff
15:29 cait did you figure it out?
15:29 francharb I just discovered the floating collection feature...
15:29 francharb and all I can say is "pfffffffffffff"
15:29 jcamins @later tell sekjal
15:29 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
15:29 cait is that a good or bad pfff?
15:29 francharb Is HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn still in use?
15:30 cait no idea
15:30 francharb cait, the feature sounds interesting but the way circulation works, to me, it's a mess to understand, so adding more complexity is not what I need right now... ;)
15:31 francharb wizzyrea, hi!
15:31 cait makes sense
15:32 francharb can i ask you a question about the floating collection feature and the way it's related to homeorholdingbranchreturn syspref?
15:32 cait I proably don't have an answer :(
15:32 cait ah wizzyrea - taht's a good idea :)
15:32 francharb ;)
15:32 * cait goes back to cleaning the windows
15:32 francharb or anyone who knows!
15:33 talljoy joined #koha
15:33 francharb Actually, what is the difference between the "default return policy" in the page and the HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn syspref?
15:34 wizzyrea sekjal, if he's around, might know
15:35 wizzyrea francharb: I'm not sure I know
15:35 wizzyrea it's a brand new feature
15:35 francharb wizzyrea, I will ask him later then. I was asking you because you said in buzilla "On upgrade, the value of HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn is used to populate the global default (which is
15:35 francharb stored in default_circ_rules.returnbranch)."
15:36 francharb and I didn't know what you meant by "global default"...
15:36 wizzyrea ah, what I probably meant
15:36 wizzyrea is that if you have homeorholdingbranchreturn set a particular way
15:37 wizzyrea that will be the default, and the smart rules override that
15:37 wizzyrea if that's what you desire.
15:37 wizzyrea is that making sense?
15:37 wizzyrea for example
15:37 francharb sounds good to me
15:37 wizzyrea ok then i'll not bother with an example lol.
15:38 wizzyrea (unless you want me to)
15:38 wizzyrea (or feel it's necessary to your understanding)
15:39 francharb so, it's like the default default value is set up by what we have in this syspref BUT, if I use this new feature, It's override by what we have on the smart rules page...
15:40 francharb hummm
15:42 wizzyrea right
15:42 wizzyrea for particular item types or collection codes or whatever the mechanism is.
15:43 francharb wizzyrea, I re-read your comment on bugzilla and you said "The use of HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn is removed in AddReturn to instead use this subroutine."
15:43 francharb it makes sense
15:43 wizzyrea hehe, which bug, now I want to know what i said.
15:44 francharb why we have this default value on the smart rule page
15:44 francharb[…]g.cgi?id=7144#c17
15:44 huginn Bug 7144: enhancement, P1 - high, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Floating collection
15:44 wizzyrea i've slept since then.
15:44 francharb the comment I was reading
15:44 francharb ;)
15:44 wizzyrea OH, ha
15:44 wizzyrea all of that stuff
15:44 wizzyrea was written by sekjal
15:44 wizzyrea in his commit message
15:44 wizzyrea that was just my sign off :)
15:45 francharb ahah
15:45 francharb ok
15:45 wizzyrea my comments come after my sign off ;)
15:46 wizzyrea but I believe we are both reading this right - HoHBR sets the default value for everything
15:46 francharb I guess too
15:46 wizzyrea then smart rules define branch return on per branch/itype limits.
15:47 francharb oh god... It's complicated
15:47 francharb :)
15:47 wizzyrea well
15:47 wizzyrea @quote get 123
15:47 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
15:47 wizzyrea ^^
15:47 francharb hehe
15:47 wizzyrea somebody wanted it :)
15:48 wizzyrea @quote add francharb: oh god… it's complicated
15:48 huginn wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
15:48 wizzyrea boo
15:48 chris_n jcamins: were there 2 patches?
15:48 * chris_n only received one
15:48 jcamins chris_n: there were.
15:48 wizzyrea @quote add francharb: oh god… it's complicated
15:48 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #203 added.
15:48 jcamins Which one did you receive?
15:48 wizzyrea @quote random
15:48 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #163: "<oleonard> One nice thing about the real Koha is you don't have to call someone to get it." (added by wizzyrea at 08:05 PM, November 10, 2011)
15:48 chris_n 2/2
15:48 jcamins I'll try again with 1/2.
15:48 jcamins One moment.
15:49 francharb the thing is, I was trying to test basic transfers between two libraries and I had weird message... It might be related to this new feature...
15:49 jcamins Okay, did that work?
15:49 * francharb is adding something else to check out later on his todo list
15:49 jcamins No it did not.
15:50 francharb jcamins, are you talking to yourself?
15:50 francharb ;)
15:50 jcamins chris_n: okay, I think it worked now.
15:50 wizzyrea francharb: what message?
15:50 wahanui i heard message was a warning not an error.
15:50 chris_n got it
15:51 * wizzyrea is keenly interested in wonkiness with transfers/holds in 3.8
15:52 francharb at the end, I was logged in my library to receive the transfer from another one and koha asked my if I wanted to transfer the item I checking in in my own library...
15:53 wizzyrea so you had a transfer from library A to library B, and when checked in at Library B it prompted you to return it to library A instead of receiving it?
15:53 wizzyrea now this is not to fill a hold, just a transfer?
15:53 francharb (I was testing HOHBR set up with 'the library the item was checked out from"
15:53 francharb wizzyrea, at the begining, I had what you describes
15:53 francharb then, I changed the HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn
15:54 francharb and koha asked me to tranfer to library B
15:54 francharb but I was already in library B
15:54 francharb I was logged in library B
15:54 wizzyrea hm that is interesting.
15:54 francharb :)
15:55 wizzyrea what do you see from a select * from branch transfers where item number = theitemnumber
15:55 wizzyrea branchtransfers*
15:55 wizzyrea it might be instructive.
15:55 francharb wizzyrea, right now, I can't work more on this part, I have to finish up my presentations for my training tomorrow
15:55 francharb but
15:56 francharb i keep this in mind
15:56 wizzyrea was the item already in transit when you flipped the syspref?
15:56 francharb and when I will retest this (I will check the sql too)
15:56 wizzyrea or was it a whole new test
15:56 wizzyrea well anyway
15:56 wizzyrea those are things to keep in mind when testing
15:56 francharb wizzyrea, I'm not sure but I tried each time to do a whole new test
15:57 wizzyrea k, that's probably best. :)
16:00 melia joined #koha
16:04 chris_n hi wizzyrea
16:08 * wizzyrea waves
16:08 wizzyrea heya
16:12 Guillaume joined #koha
16:12 * wizzyrea is an email answering machine today
16:12 chris_n lol
16:13 wizzyrea also, I actually *have* email to answer today, which is somewhat of a change in the normal thing.
16:18 jcamins When should 3.6.x enter string freeze?
16:18 cait hm perhaps give a week for translators ?
16:18 jcamins cait: actually, the question is "how much warning do I have to give the rest of the community?"
16:19 chris_n jcamins: I gave at least 1wk to translation
16:19 chris_n so now if you like :-)
16:19 jcamins If I'd been organized, I would've announced last week that 3.6.x was entering string freeze tomorrow, but I wasn't.
16:20 cait why does the community need to be warned?
16:20 chris_n organized?
16:20 jcamins cait: I don't know, someone might care?
16:21 jcamins So what I'm hearing is "you can put 3.6.5 in string freeze Thursday if you want, sure, why not."
16:21 chris_n jcamins: since the bulk of the changes are cherry-picked from master, it really is not that much of an issue
16:21 * chris_n had very few maint branch specific fixes during his tenure
16:22 chris_n and very, very little direct concerns with those branches as such
16:22 chris_n fwiw
16:23 JesseM joined #koha
16:23 jcamins Okay, 16:00UTC on May 10.
16:24 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "String freeze announcement - is it coherent?" (1 line) at
16:25 jcamins cait: chris_n: thoughts?
16:25 cait reading :)
16:25 trea joined #koha
16:25 chris_n sounds fine
16:25 cait yep
16:25 chris_n just add some \n to it
16:26 chris_n :)
16:27 jcamins chris_n: yeah, my e-mail client wraps text.
16:27 * chris_n breaks out the fresh strawberry cake
16:28 jcamins I'll be releasing 3.6.5 on May 24, not 23. Oh well.
16:29 * oleonard destroys his desk in rage
16:29 * oleonard shakes his fist at jcamins
16:29 jcamins lol
16:29 jcamins Time to head into the city.
16:30 JesseM joined #koha
16:31 Guillaume left #koha
16:33 adnc joined #koha
16:42 chris_n jcamins_away:[…]ols.git;a=summary
16:53 Brooke joined #koha
16:53 chris_n @later tell jcamins you may want to include the translation list in the future on your release related notices; I forwarded this one on
16:53 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
16:54 Brooke o/
16:54 chris_n \o
16:54 cait h Brooke
16:55 Brooke wie geht's
16:56 cait gut :)
16:58 Brooke staff intranet pictures++
17:07 Brooke gaetan++
17:09 francharb ok! I need a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:10 francharb 0/ Brooke
17:10 francharb ;)
17:10 * Brooke hugs francharb
17:10 * francharb_afk hugs Brooke
17:10 sekjal joined #koha
17:10 Brooke hey sekjal
17:10 sekjal hi, Brooke
17:11 francharb_afk Brooke, I still have what I want to send you on my desk. The good thing is that I think of you. The bad thing is that you don't have it.... I mean yet! ;^)
17:11 francharb_afk it's banana bread time!
17:11 francharb_afk see you all
17:12 cait :)
17:15 chris_n banana bread is spectacular
17:16 Brooke when it is good, it's good.
17:16 Brooke I had an excellent Banana Cupcake a couple weeks back
17:22 libsysguy joined #koha
17:33 trea-away left #koha
17:43 jcamins_away chris_n: thanks. I shall be sure to including the translation list in the future.
17:51 st-6374 joined #koha
18:28 oleonard Unauthorized bot? Interesting.
18:44 chris_n good work chanserv
18:44 chris_n or whoever
18:53 JesseM joined #koha
18:57 * chris_n collides with wizzyrea
18:58 wizzyrea !
18:58 wizzyrea uhoh
19:00 chris_n bz collision :-)
19:02 wizzyrea hehe I hope not too disastrous
19:03 chris_n no, bz is good at handling those sorts of things :)
19:03 cait mid-air collision!
19:03 * chris_n takes a moment to pick up all of the cookies he dropped
19:03 chris_n before the little bugs get them
19:03 wizzyrea I just attached an omnibus of the css changes
19:03 wizzyrea so if anybody wants to have a look pver it
19:03 wizzyrea over*
19:04 wizzyrea gaetan I hope is at home.
19:04 oleonard Hm... members/ seems to be an orphan
19:07 cait oh
19:07 cait poor thing
19:07 * wizzyrea rattles the tin cup "mistah can ya spare a dime?"
19:08 cait oleonard: I have another suspect :
19:08 cait we should do something for them
19:08 jcamins_away BTW, if anyone is interested, my release test scripts are now in the release-tools repo, thanks to chris_n.
19:08 cait :)
19:08 jcamins_away Forgot to mention that earlier.
19:08 cait jcamins++
19:09 oleonard Poor has been dragged aimlessly through so many upgrades
19:09 magnus_afk jcamins++ chris_n++
19:09 cait what did it use to do?
19:10 cait I found it when doing the classes and then again when translating
19:10 cait it's following me around
19:10 cait I think it wants a home
19:10 oleonard It was a specialized subject heading browse thing
19:10 oleonard But pre-MARC
19:10 cait oh
19:10 cait ah
19:10 cait sad
19:11 cait probably not possible to breath new life into it then?
19:11 cait jcamins_away: are you interested in adopting?
19:11 * oleonard covers the poor dear's little ears
19:11 McCloud joined #koha
19:11 cait lol
19:11 jcamins_away wizzyrea: if you look at, that's the script needed to generate WWW::Mechanize scripts based on your browsing.
19:11 cait jcamins_away: could we make you do some online tutorial sometime? :)
19:11 cait like guiding me trhough a simple one?
19:12 jcamins_away cait: If I'm able to rewrite the subject browser, I will do so. :)
19:12 cait (not nw... but in 2 weeks after accounting?)
19:12 jcamins_away cait: yes, that's on my to-do list.
19:12 jcamins_away Speaking of accounting, you should be working on accounting right now!
19:12 cait yes... sir
19:12 jcamins_away oleonard: wizzyrea: order cait to go work on accounting. She's ignoring me.
19:13 McCloud Hello, anyone have a minute for a Newbie type question?
19:13 wizzyrea ms. cait - they tell me you have accounting to work on
19:13 wizzyrea we always have minutes for those :)
19:13 cait yes....
19:13 cait but it's so boring
19:13 wizzyrea well
19:13 wizzyrea pretend you're covering something up for a zillionaire banker
19:13 wizzyrea that will make it exciting.
19:13 jcamins_away Hehe.
19:13 cait lol
19:13 cait I will try :)
19:14 Guillaume joined #koha
19:15 * oleonard is with cait. Accounting is boring!
19:15 McCloud ok great, I'll be back when I have a bit more time, thanks guys and gals!
19:15 * chris_n promptly drowns in bug 7284
19:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Authority matching algorithm improvements
19:16 jcamins_away chris_n: it's already pushed to master, and it will be in 3.6.5.
19:16 oleonard McCloud: If you had asked your question already we could already be answering it
19:16 jcamins_away Great chatting.
19:16 * wizzyrea substitutes "more time" for "more of a priority"
19:16 Guillaume left #koha
19:17 wizzyrea seriously that was odd.
19:17 * chris_n wonders what all that was about
19:17 wizzyrea maybe his office was on fire.
19:17 chris_n lol
19:17 oleonard It's like the time I went to the DMV and waiting in line for two hours so I could ask the clerk if I could come back later and get a driver's license.
19:17 cait lol
19:18 cait perhaps a mystery shopper?
19:18 cait or how do you call those who pretend to test service?
19:18 chris_n oleonard: did the clerk let you?
19:18 chris_n cait: right
19:18 jcamins_away cait: mystery shopper is the right term.
19:18 cait yay :)
19:18 * cait is now quite impressed with her own vocabulary :P
19:18 oleonard It was someone's boss. We all failed the test because we were goofing off.
19:18 cait i am on vacation :)
19:18 wizzyrea noooo!
19:19 jcamins_away chris_n: why are you in bug 7284?
19:19 * wizzyrea does not consider making cait do her homework goofing off
19:19 cait oh right... the accounting thing
19:20 wizzyrea as if I could actually *make* cait do her homework
19:20 cait you all do a good job
19:20 cait really
19:20 cait I need someone pushing me to it
19:20 cait and if you could continue that for the next 2 weeks...
19:20 chris_n jcamins_away: just followup from my MARC research :)
19:20 cait I will kick... complain... be grumpy... and in the end there will be cookies for all of you
19:21 NateC joined #koha
19:21 rangi Morning
19:21 jcamins_away chris_n: ah, yes. Good stuff, that.
19:22 chris_n glub.... glub.... ;-)
19:22 jcamins_away Oh, come now.
19:22 jcamins_away Contrast that to
19:22 oleonard Hi rangi
19:22 chris_n it gets easier now
19:23 jcamins_away Morning, rangi.
19:23 cait morning rangi
19:23 wizzyrea mornin rangi
19:24 rangi Happy birthday melia
19:25 jcamins_away Happy birthday, Melia!
19:25 cait happy birthday melia :)
19:26 magnus_afk happy birthday melia_lunch!
19:27 JesseM Just wondering if there is anyone working on adding a permission to not allow someone to override fines?
19:28 melia_lunch thanks :)
19:28 jcamins_away JesseM: turn off the various override sysprefs?
19:28 rangi I ate ur chocolate from Pauline melia
19:29 JesseM does that turn it off completely?
19:29 jcamins_away It should, yes.
19:29 cait there are different fine rleated permissions
19:29 jcamins_away I think.
19:29 cait but it's possible I think
19:29 JesseM I was thinking of doing it as a per staff basis
19:30 JesseM so adding a permission
19:31 jcamins_away Ah.
19:31 jcamins_away I don't think anyone is working on that.
19:31 JesseM does that make sense? so restricting a staff member or a volunteer to override fines
19:31 JesseM thx Jared
19:31 jcamins_away Except you should always put things in a positive sense.
19:32 jcamins_away So it's a permission that allows staff members *to* override fines.
19:32 rangi Yeah off by default
19:32 cait JesseM: I think tht makes lots of sense - we have one for renewals
19:32 jcamins_away Automatically set it for everyone who has circ permissions, and there won't be any change in functionality, but then libraries can easily disallow individual members of staff from doing it
19:32 cait JesseM: so having the others in a similar way would make sense to me
19:33 jcamins_away rangi: no, on by default, since right now anyone can override.
19:33 rangi No off for all new ppl
19:33 jcamins_away rangi: oh, got it.
19:33 jcamins_away Yes.
19:33 jcamins_away On for existing, off by default.
19:33 rangi Otherwise any new borrower can override
19:33 cait I think it would be - since all permissions are off on default when you create a patron
19:34 rangi Thats why positive not negative permission cait
19:34 cait now I am confused :)
19:34 JesseM :)
19:34 cait but I am sure it will turn out allright
19:35 rangi If negative off=on
19:35 jcamins_away cait: rangi was agreeing with me. :)
19:35 cait that's not surprising
19:35 JesseM So a new patron needs to be granted permission to override a fine. Under the circulation flag.
19:36 JesseM I think
19:36 cait and he can do it, when he has all permissions for the module, but can't if he is missing the permission, right
19:36 cait ?
19:53 nengard joined #koha
19:55 talljoy joined #koha
19:59 rangi Brb
20:05 * rangi stopped at a cafe for a flat white and pan au chocolat
20:06 rangi Before meetings
20:10 kathryn joined #koha
20:11 rangi Hi Kathryn
20:12 kathryn morning rangi : )
20:12 * cait waves
20:12 kathryn and morning all !
20:12 * kathryn waves back
20:14 kathryn cait do you like figs?
20:14 cait yes :)
20:15 kathryn : ) I was given about 8 pounds of nearly ripe figs recently, so some are looking beatiful in jars of sugar syrup, and other are kinda turned in into jam
20:16 cait oh! yum!
20:16 kathryn am quite excited about using them : )
20:16 kathryn using = eating
20:16 cait heh
20:17 cait I bought some raspberries today
20:17 cait first this year
20:17 rangi U dude's should set up a koha and catalogue recipes
20:17 cait I bet marc has fields for that
20:17 rangi Probably fixed length
20:17 rangi And not metric
20:17 kathryn mnnnnnn
20:19 cait we could always use 5xx
20:19 cait 245... for the title...
20:19 rangi We should use semantikoha
20:19 rangi Then get nice links going
20:19 kathryn images essential, and ratings...
20:19 cait for all the ingredients?
20:19 rangi Yep
20:19 cait you could do a combines search for the ingredients
20:20 jcamins_away Hm. But how do you make it useful?
20:20 kathryn honestly!
20:20 cait heh
20:20 cait so who is going to host it? :)
20:20 rangi We can
20:20 kathryn :)
20:21 cait perhaps we can get some of jo's recipes too
20:21 jcamins_away We still have a problem with ingedients and amounts.
20:21 cait yum
20:22 kathryn and wizzyrea
20:22 wahanui I LIKE SCIENCE
20:22 cait jcamins_away: we are koha developers... is there something we can't solve?
20:22 rangi Oh yeah we can catalogue jos blog to start
20:22 jcamins_away cait: no, but we have to figure out how to solve it before doing so.
20:22 * cait can offer a fennel salad recipe
20:22 cait oh
20:22 cait hm
20:22 rangi Wolfram alpha
20:22 cait can't we have some mashup with... something else to just recalculate the cups into a sane measurement unit?
20:23 cait yep
20:23 rangi Use its API
20:23 cait wolfram alpha does work nicely for things like that
20:23 rangi To translate
20:23 jcamins_away Oh, no, the problem I meant was how to store them.
20:23 kathryn my recipes often don't have there an api for handfuls and dollops?
20:23 jcamins_away The solution to differing measuring systems is easy: we all use grams for measurements.
20:23 cait kathryn: i have the same problem... i am more an experimental cook
20:23 cait and if something turns out yummy... I often have no idea how to make it happen again
20:24 cait well not exactly
20:24 wizzyrea cat's fennel salad is a huge hit in our house
20:24 cait :)
20:24 rangi Cats love my cooking too
20:24 kathryn rangi at least you didn't say dogs, cats are fussy : )
20:25 cait heh
20:25 rangi My cat eats tinsel
20:25 rangi Not that fussy
20:25 kathryn hehe
20:25 jcamins_away I suppose one could use 505$t $g
20:25 cait lol
20:26 jcamins_away It'd require some refinements to the XSLTs.
20:26 jcamins_away And possibly indexing changes.
20:27 rangi With DOM
20:27 rangi :)
20:27 jcamins_away Yes, definitely would require DOM.
20:28 cait of course
20:28 cait can only work with dom
20:28 jcamins_away And local cover images.
20:28 cait which brings me back to
20:28 cait we really need a unimarc test database
20:28 jcamins_away That'd be nice.
20:28 cait I have asked for one so many times :(
20:28 cait I mean bilbiographic data and some authorities would work for me
20:29 rangi Yeah local cover images would work great
20:29 * kathryn looks up DOM
20:30 rangi Would be a good demo site
20:30 jcamins_away Maybe I should just sign off on fredericd's UNIMARC patch on the strength that GRS-1 continues to work.
20:30 cait document object model :)
20:30 jcamins_away rangi: it would indeed.
20:30 cait I think
20:30 jcamins_away rangi: flip you for it?
20:30 wizzyrea wait what are we talking about
20:30 kathryn jcamins_away is talking about pancakes
20:30 jcamins_away wizzyrea: this is #koha. What else?
20:30 cait wizzyrea: a koha installation to store our recipes :)
20:30 rangi Heh you can have it, ill just link to it :)
20:30 jcamins_away Cookies!
20:30 wahanui Cookies are delicious delicacies
20:30 wizzyrea LOL
20:31 jcamins_away rangi: fair enough.
20:31 * wizzyrea suspects that kohl is not the tool for that
20:31 * wizzyrea curses lion's autocorrect
20:31 jcamins_away wizzyrea: OH YEAH?!?
20:31 rangi Wanna bet
20:31 wizzyrea you know I'm cursing a lot at my mac recently.
20:31 kathryn wizzyrea can do a proof of concept to prove us wrong?
20:32 cait wizzyrea: get a real os?
20:32 cait :P
20:32 * wizzyrea has one on her laptop
20:32 rangi It's your soul battling for freedom
20:32 cait wizzyrea: you know that kohl is cabbage?
20:32 wizzyrea it is!
20:32 cait was not that far off
20:33 * sekjal <3's rotkohl
20:33 rangi Sekjal my man
20:33 cait I am not so much a kohl person
20:33 cait brokkoli... perhaps
20:33 cait rotkohl, yes
20:33 rangi Script to get marc from asin
20:33 cait but cauliflower is eew
20:34 rangi How far did ya get?
20:34 * wizzyrea teaches her mac how to properly spell koha.
20:34 wizzyrea stupid mac.
20:34 sekjal rangi:  got it conceptualized, and as far as needing to write the XSLT from Amazon XML to MARCXML
20:34 rangi Ahh
20:34 jcamins_away rangi:
20:34 jcamins_away Just remembered that.
20:34 rangi Thanks!
20:35 cait wizzyrea: well.. had to teach my phone too... and it runs linux
20:35 jcamins_away No idea if it's open source.
20:35 sekjal jcamins:  it's not
20:35 sekjal not sure what the usage restrictions are, if any
20:35 jcamins_away sekjal: eww. Well, so much for that idea.
20:36 jcamins_away S/he should release it as open source.
20:36 sekjal agreed
20:36 jcamins_away Any idea why s/he won't?
20:37 sekjal haven't spoken to her/him
20:38 sekjal rangi:  I've got a proto-type amazon searching script, but it's currently hard-coded to my associate tag.
20:38 sekjal depends on Net::Amazon... which I'm not that thrilled with
20:40 jcamins_away Okay, that's it for me. I'm heading home now.
20:40 cait to make cookies?
20:40 cait and why did you people start to talk about this recipe koha?
20:40 cait now I still have not started with accounting!
20:40 jcamins_away Just a reminder, if anyone wants to make a plea for including more patches more recent than May 14 in 3.6.5, you need to make a cogent argument to me in the next day and a half.
20:41 jcamins_away cait: no, probably to cherry-pick into 3.6.x.
20:41 jcamins_away While you're doing your accounting homework. :P
20:41 jcamins_away Bye.
20:41 cait mmh cherries.
20:42 kathryn I'll take my autumn fruits this week cait : )
20:43 kathryn hi melia
20:43 cait :)
20:43 melia hey kathryn
20:43 sekjal rangi:  there is supposed to be a way to pass Amazon an XSLT style directly, letting their servers handle it, but it's giving me a Forbidden error whenever I try... that's my current sticking point
20:45 sekjal was also wondering if it'd be better to create a Z39.50 wrapper for Amazon, so it can be added as a source for Koha more naturally
20:45 sekjal happy birthday, melia
20:48 melia thanks sekjal :)
20:48 rangi Ok meeting time
20:48 wahanui meeting time is always going to favour one section of the globe
20:48 sekjal best wishes to you all for the rest of your day/evening.... time to go get some groceries before Avengers tonight
20:48 sekjal cheers, #koha
20:48 wizzyrea say hi to iron man for me
20:49 rangi And laptop cleared at customs
20:49 wizzyrea whoot!
20:49 * sekjal hates liking Iron Man.... since he's about as anti-open source as a super hero gets
20:49 wizzyrea it's true
20:49 sekjal but Robert Downey Jr. plays such a good jerk
20:49 wizzyrea *nod*
20:50 wizzyrea oh he's got a creamy center.
20:50 wizzyrea or something.
20:50 sekjal something
21:03 maximep left #koha
21:12 gaetan_B joined #koha
21:23 maximep joined #koha
21:39 jcamins o/
21:41 jcamins Does anyone know how to find out when a patch was committed, as opposed to when it was written?
21:43 jcamins --pretty=fuller
21:47 jcamins Okay... how do I cherry pick most of a branch?
21:48 jcamins Oh. git cherry-pick A..B
21:50 wizzyrea wow, that's screwed up
21:50 wizzyrea I have a single patron who has 8 holds
21:50 wizzyrea she is last priority on every single one
21:51 wizzyrea her holds will not move up the list
21:51 wizzyrea even though she should be
21:51 wizzyrea any thoughts on why this might happen?
21:51 jcamins wizzyrea: no thoughts, but you've had this happen before.
21:51 wizzyrea the fix for that is not working here
21:51 wizzyrea that was a case of someone had pinned the hold to the bottom of the list
21:51 wizzyrea not so this time
21:52 wizzyrea this is every hold, and none of them are pinned
21:52 wizzyrea every hold for this patron
21:52 jcamins Hm.
21:52 jcamins Weird.
21:53 jcamins Well, at least I was right that you had a similar problem at some point.
21:53 wizzyrea :)
21:53 wizzyrea yep
21:53 wizzyrea I thought of that, actually.
21:53 wizzyrea I thought that was the problem
21:53 jcamins Well.
21:53 jcamins You know what time it is?
21:53 wizzyrea time to go home?
21:53 wizzyrea time for kittens?
21:53 jcamins No, I'm at home.
21:54 jcamins Time to test 3.6.5!
21:54 wizzyrea time for booze?
21:54 wizzyrea so, time for booze AND THEN testing.
21:54 jcamins lol
21:55 wizzyrea well i'm flummoxed. maybe the answer will come to me in a dream.
21:55 jcamins Let's hope!
21:56 gmcharlt time for kittens drinking booze?
21:56 gmcharlt wait ...
21:56 jcamins gmcharlt: we gave Myshkin some cat grass yesterday.
21:56 jcamins It's much the same effect.
21:56 gmcharlt close enough
21:56 jcamins He is presently guarding it.
21:59 jcamins gmcharlt: Myshkin extends feline greetings to your owners, and suggests that they are overly generous with allowing you to pay attention to things not themselves.
22:00 gmcharlt jcamins: I go to the office so as to not have cats sitting in front of my monitor ;)
22:00 jcamins Myshkin has dictated that leaving the apartment is not permitted.
22:01 jcamins Almost every day one of us breaks the rules. He doesn't understand it.
22:02 cait heh
22:03 jcamins 3.6.5 passes all the unit tests.
22:03 cait yay
22:04 gmcharlt jcamins: yes, they never seem to make the connection between the servants leaving them and the kibble showing up later
22:07 maximep left #koha
22:27 rangi back
22:29 jcamins The proposed 3.6.5 builds and installs cleanly.
22:29 cait yay
22:34 * rangi steals 3.6.5's thunder
22:35 rangi mainly cos if i do 3.8.1 after it will run into kohacon .. i tried doing a release while at the access conference, its a bit insane :)
22:36 jcamins Quite understandable.
22:38 kathryn yeah rangi I can't believe you did that - I didn't understand at the time how mental that was
22:38 rangi if i wasnt mental, we'd never have done koha in the first place, an ils in 3 months ... lucky hlt are mental too
22:38 cait lol
22:39 kathryn hehe
22:39 jcamins Okay... why can't I get get_bugs to work?
22:40 cait i would say because we squashed all of them
22:40 cait but .... i know better
22:40 jcamins Hehe.
22:42 jcamins It has something to do with connecting to Bugzilla.
22:43 rangi jcamins: any reason why i couldnt add 690 to the Headings::Marc21 ? if i wanted the linker to link them too?
22:43 rangi (to topic term in this case)
22:43 jcamins rangi: no reason.
22:43 rangi sweet thanks
22:43 jcamins If you look at UNIMARC, there's a proposal for linking it to the frameworks.
22:44 rangi ahh
22:44 jcamins In the spirit of kaizen, I decided to keep the existing functionality for MARC21.
22:45 jcamins Since there was no existing Headings::Unimarc, fredericd had more leeway.
22:46 papa joined #koha
22:50 jcamins Oh, there's way.
22:50 jcamins The order of fields changed.
22:50 jcamins *why
22:51 jcamins ... and the field I want vanished entirely.
22:56 jcamins Fixed it.
23:11 cait left #koha
23:11 jcamins What else needs to go in the release notes?
23:11 jcamins I guess we need a list of new sysprefs.
23:13 jcamins So I guess I have to parse the INSERT bit to figure out the order of fields.
23:16 * jcamins decides to be lazy and uses SQL::Statement::Structure.
23:22 JesseM left #koha
23:35 rangi :)
23:41 jcamins Okay, I was really expecting this to work a little better.
23:41 jcamins It won't parse my completely valid SQL.
23:42 jcamins Okay, plan B.
23:42 libsysguy1 joined #koha
23:43 jcamins Wacky regular expression time!
23:44 libsysguy w00t i managed to kick my other computer out lol
23:45 jcamins Yay!
23:45 libsysguy i was afraid I'd be libsysguy1 all night lol
23:50 jcamins Ugh. This doesn't work:
23:50 jcamins $variable =~ s/'"`//g;
23:50 jcamins Escaping the quotation marks doesn't help.
23:52 libsysguy hmm
23:52 jcamins I switched it to tr.
23:52 libsysguy is that a strange backtick?
23:52 jcamins Because that's faster.
23:52 jcamins Didn't help.
23:52 jcamins You think?
23:52 jcamins I guess it could be.
23:52 libsysguy i just didn't know if it was just me
23:52 rangi try \ it
23:53 jcamins No luck.
23:53 libsysguy what is the expression you are trying to match?
23:53 rangi well, you want those 3 chars?
23:53 rangi in that precise order?
23:54 rangi or do you want any one of them?
23:54 jcamins Any of them.
23:54 jcamins Right.
23:54 jcamins []
23:54 rangi ahh yes and |
23:54 * jcamins sighs
23:54 libsysguy yeah |
23:54 jcamins Yeah, that works perfectly.
23:54 libsysguy sweet!

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