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04:55 gmcharlt @later tell jcamins wip/koha-equinox.git ready for you to pull from again -- I've addressed both the rel ranking and making -x work; there's also a dom-biblio-rebased branch for you to use if you want it merged against master as of today
04:55 huginn` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
04:56 gmcharlt @later tell cait wip/koha-equinox.git branch dom-biblio has latest and greatest for bug 7818
04:56 huginn` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
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06:05 KK Hello aLL
06:05 KK *All
06:06 KK Need Help , i am installing koha on ubuntu with guide[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu got this error :Error ------------------------------------​------------------------------------​------------------------------------ mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)'
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06:33 alex_a bonjour
06:33 wahanui niihau, alex_a
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06:38 reiveune hello
06:38 wahanui salut, reiveune
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06:51 Oak kia ora #koha
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07:04 Joubu hello
07:06 Oak hello Joubu
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07:06 julian_m hi
07:06 wahanui niihau, julian_m
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07:08 Oak Bonjour paul_p, julian_m
07:08 paul_p good morning #koha
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07:32 cait hi #koha
07:51 magnuse hiya #koha!
07:55 cait i magnuse :)
07:55 cait isn't today a holiday for you? :)
07:56 magnuse yup it is
07:56 cait :)
07:57 cait want to join me in some fun with bugs?
07:57 magnuse but i woke up before everyone else, so i thought i might as well check some email etc
07:57 magnuse ooh tempting, but i have some other stuff i need to look at too
07:57 magnuse you have a holiday today too, right, cait?
07:58 magnuse what sort of fun were you thinking of?
08:00 cait hm dom indexing maybe
08:00 cait or signing off last minute string changes
08:02 magnuse gah, time to take the dogs out - bbl, maybe...
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08:19 fredericd cait: Could you test a new Pootle server?
08:20 cait oh
08:20 cait what kind of testing?
08:20 fredericd just take a look at it and confirm it works as the previous server
08:21 fredericd it's based on a yesterday DB backup
08:23 cait ah
08:24 cait living in a vm now?
08:24 fredericd yes
08:25 rangi well done fredericd
08:26 cait cool :)
08:26 cait pm me the url and a login maybe?
08:27 cait I can try to start testing in an hour or so  if that's ok
08:27 cait have to make some phone calls first
08:27 fredericd cait++
08:27 fredericd see my pm
08:28 cait ok
08:28 cait testing login
08:28 cait my login works
08:28 cait so can test later :)
08:37 slef hi all
08:38 cait hi slef
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09:21 cait hi adnc
09:22 adnc hi cait
09:22 adnc how are you doing
09:22 cait :)
09:22 cait all ok
09:22 cait and you?
09:26 adnc cait, I'm ok, solving some problems here.
09:26 adnc how is koha doing
09:26 adnc i didn't use it for quite some time ;(
09:26 cait ah
09:27 cait koha is doing well
09:27 cait 3.8 is about to be released soon
09:27 cait and it will be a great release again :)
09:42 * slef kicks[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6890
09:42 huginn` Bug 6890: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, ASSIGNED , Add reserves to modification logging
09:54 slef faq?
09:54 wahanui i heard faq was found at
09:54 slef clean install and I'm getting "    *   No copies are available to be placed on hold" and I don't see why not.
09:55 slef[…]rences-turned-on/
09:55 * slef checks circ rules
09:56 cait slef: you need to set a rule
09:56 cait all libraries - all - all
09:56 cait with number of holds > 0
09:56 cait sorry, was on the phone with my dad
09:56 cait and check oyu have a value > 0 for maxreserves in system preferences
09:58 slef I've got a rule
09:58 slef I'll check sysprefs
09:58 rangi also allow on shelf holds
09:58 slef rangi++
09:59 cait oh good point
09:59 slef that was it
09:59 * slef goes to update the faq
09:59 slef I'm sure that bit me before
10:00 rangi i suspect that should be on by default
10:00 rangi i suspect thats the most common use case
10:01 cait hm
10:01 cait off would be the normal setting here
10:01 slef really?
10:01 cait it's highly uncommon that onshelfholds are allowed
10:01 rangi its the opposite here
10:01 slef even if the book is onshelf in another branch?
10:01 cait yeah, normally only checked out materials
10:01 slef that's what usually bites me
10:01 cait yeah, we have no library doing that righ tnow... multi branch
10:02 cait I am not sure how koha works here
10:02 cait what they woudl like is
10:02 cait that you can only place a hold, if their own copy is checked out
10:02 * slef crashes his koha and returns to developing
10:02 rangi i dont i have a single library that has that on
10:02 cait or if there is no copy at the library
10:02 slef there maybe should be a third setting: onlyIfNotMyBranch
10:03 cait I would certainly like that :)
10:06 magnuse onshelfholds = off would be the norm in norway too, i think
10:07 slef wow - so if a book is on the shelf, you have to race to get there first?
10:07 magnuse slef: yup
10:07 magnuse librarians can't be bothered to pick books from the shelf for you
10:08 slef lazy people
10:08 magnuse i don't have hard stats on it of course, but from circumstantial evidence i think that's the rule most places
10:08 magnuse hehe
10:08 slef we can hold books on shelf here, but we have to pay like if it was any other reserve or transfer
10:08 rangi seems like something that should change, thats the kinda thing you want to do if you want to keep getting funded
10:09 cait slef: holds don't cost here
10:09 cait slef: public libraries sometimes, but not in academic libraries
10:09 magnuse slef: here neither
10:09 slef I think both costed here but it's been a few years since I was a member of an academic library myself.
10:10 rangi for libraries like levin, people dont want to drive into town to get the book to find out its been issued
10:10 slef And professional libraries either everything costs or nothing costs.
10:10 rangi for a rural library its a nessecity to have onshelf holds
10:10 rangi otherwise the opac is kinda useless outside of the library
10:11 rangi you find something you want, you reserve them then you go get them
10:11 magnuse yup, good point
10:12 rangi fredericd++
10:12 rangi what i was trying to say, but you said it better
10:12 magnuse when i worked in an academic library we would not accept on shelf holds through the opac, but if people called and said they would drive for an hour to pick up a book we would get it from the shelf and reserve it for them
10:12 rangi *nod*
10:12 magnuse so they knew it was waiting
10:12 rangi thats the old way they used to do it too
10:13 rangi but its less work for the libraries
10:13 slef tracking reservations - should I be using UpdateStats or logaction?
10:13 rangi thats what the whole holds to pull report is for, onshelf holds, so im pretty sure american libraries do them too
10:14 cait rangi: yes, I think they do
10:15 cait but other models exist :)
10:17 slef also, when I modify a module, should I increment $VERSION?
10:18 slef say now or watch me break some perfectly good features ;)
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10:19 Oak cait home at this time of day? good.
10:19 rangi cait: i know, just saying that i think the default is the wrong way round
10:19 Oak kia ora #koha
10:19 slef I think I'll use logaction because here doesn't seem to be a GetStats to go with UpdateStats so I guess they're only accessed in the Tools: Reports thing.
10:19 rangi not that we should remove it
10:19 cait rangi:  I know :)
10:19 cait Oak: easer holidays here
10:19 cait easter
10:19 Oak ah
10:19 rangi slef: you should, no one does
10:20 rangi so it's up to you
10:22 magnuse @wunder boo
10:22 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -2.0°C (11:50 AM CEST on April 06, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Windchill: -8.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
10:23 magnuse scattered clouds? i think the proper term is "snow showers"
10:24 cait heh
10:24 cait @wunder Konstanz
10:24 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 8.0°C (12:00 PM CEST on April 06, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1012 hPa (Rising).
10:24 Oak magnuse
10:25 magnuse Oak
10:25 Oak @wunder islamabad
10:25 huginn` Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 29.0°C (3:00 PM PKT on April 06, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
10:25 cait fredericd: is there something specific to test on the pootle server?
10:25 Oak me go.
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10:51 slef anyone know why issuehistory doesn't show the circulation log as well as the issues table?
10:52 slef ot at least link through to it
10:52 slef or
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11:19 slef Changes submitted for bug 6890
11:19 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6890 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Needs Signoff , Add reserves to modification logging
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12:13 sturmtruppen morning #koha
12:13 sturmtruppen I have a question...
12:14 sturmtruppen is it possible that has a problem?
12:15 slef first question
12:15 wahanui first question is "What are you trying to do?"
12:15 slef it's possible, but if it's not in, it's surprising
12:16 sturmtruppen import one iso2709 datafile
12:16 slef second question
12:16 wahanui somebody said second question was "What is the exact error message?"
12:16 slef oh and what commandline are you entering?
12:17 sturmtruppen no message error, only wrong data in the db
12:17 slef wrong how?
12:17 sturmtruppen perl kohaclone/misc/migration_tools/ -m ISO2709 -file tonzig.dat
12:17 slef wahanui: what is the third question?
12:17 wahanui the third question is "What version of Koha are you using?"[…]ion-koha-running/
12:17 sturmtruppen git version
12:18 slef sturmtruppen: and does "yaz-marcdump tonzig.dat |more" work OK?
12:18 slef lunch here, back in 60ish
12:19 sturmtruppen just run "yaz-marcdump tonzig.dat |more" in the shell?
12:19 jcamins_away sturmtruppen: what's the problem with the data in the database?
12:19 sturmtruppen jcamins_away: in tab biblio, all the field are NULL
12:20 sturmtruppen except for autoincrement
12:21 jcamins_away sturmtruppen: I think the problem is probably your command line.
12:21 sturmtruppen where?
12:22 jcamins_away Try taking out the -m bit, and and adding the appropriate argument to specify biblios.
12:22 sturmtruppen ?
12:23 sturmtruppen "adding the appropriate argument to specify biblio"?
12:23 magnus_afk http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]lkmarcimport.html
12:23 jcamins_away sturmtruppen: the command you used to import the data. It's wrong. It shouldn't have "-m ISO2709" and should have -b or -biblio or something like that.
12:23 magnus_afk -b
12:23 jcamins_away I don't remember the exact command. I don't use that script.
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12:27 sturmtruppen magnus_afk: "0 MARC records done in 0.0035550594329834 seconds"  with -b option
12:28 jcamins_away sturmtruppen: in that case, the problem is your file.
12:28 sturmtruppen how can it be? now i'll explain what i do
12:29 sturmtruppen 1) z3950 search with koha interface
12:29 sturmtruppen 2) show MARC data
12:29 sturmtruppen 3) copy MARC data in a file (tonzig.dat in this particulat case)
12:29 jcamins_away How did you do step 3?
12:30 sturmtruppen run  perl kohaclone/misc/migration_tools/ -m ISO2709 -file tonzig.dat
12:30 sturmtruppen select all - copy - paste?
12:30 jcamins_away Yes, you can't do that.
12:30 jcamins_away MARC is a binary format.
12:30 sturmtruppen why?
12:31 jcamins_away It contains non-printing characters.
12:31 sturmtruppen hohohohohoho... now i've learn another thing...
12:31 jcamins_away You have to use export.
12:31 sturmtruppen learned
12:31 sturmtruppen ok, now i'll try...
12:31 sturmtruppen wait...
12:31 jcamins_away Why exactly are you doing this in the first place?
12:32 sturmtruppen i need to import 2000 book in the library
12:32 sturmtruppen i need to learn how
12:32 jcamins_away And why are you doing a Z39.50 search then exporting the record and reimporting it on the command line?
12:33 jcamins_away I can't think of any situation where that is a good idea.
12:33 jcamins_away You should just use Z39.50.
12:33 sturmtruppen beacuse i have another program that obtain the data from the italian SBN and save in a file.
12:34 sturmtruppen if i found the difference between the file, i can wrtie an algorith to convert the data and then import in koha
12:34 sturmtruppen complicated?
12:34 wahanui complicated is, like, far too mild a term to describe
12:34 jcamins_away I would recommend you not do that.
12:35 jcamins_away Export a file from Koha and open it up.
12:35 sturmtruppen ok. can you tell how can  i import 2000 data?
12:35 jcamins_away One at a time using Z39.50.
12:35 jcamins_away Or some program that supports MARC.
12:36 sturmtruppen can you tell me one, please?
12:36 wahanui one is probably developeed by a worldwide community of developers, the other by liblime
12:37 jcamins_away I can't recommend anything other than Koha, sorry.
12:37 jcamins_away There are very few programs that support MARC.
12:37 jcamins_away There's MarcEdit.
12:37 jcamins_away But I don't use it.
12:38 jcamins_away The only program that people on this board will be able to help you with would be Koha.
12:38 sturmtruppen jcamins_away: i just remember that you said me that the marc is binary...
12:39 sturmtruppen maybe this is the key...
12:39 jcamins_away MARC standards?
12:39 jcamins_away MARC standard?
12:39 jcamins_away MARC21?
12:39 wahanui MARC21 is at[…]hic/ecbdlist.html ,
12:39 jcamins_away ^^ take a look at the first link there.
12:40 sturmtruppen another problem is tha unimarc format
12:40 sturmtruppen so, you can see i have lots of problems...
12:41 jcamins_away UNIMARC?
12:41 wahanui i guess UNIMARC is[…]ted-documentation
12:41 jcamins_away Okay, look there. ^^
12:42 jcamins_away The basic format is the same, it's just the tags that are different.
12:42 sturmtruppen yes, already study that pages
12:42 gmcharlt good morning
12:44 jcamins_away Morning.
12:44 wahanui it has been said that morning is a state of mind.
12:44 jcamins_away gmcharlt: I'm trying to reindex my DOM installation.
12:47 gmcharlt jcamins_away: cool. any issues so far?
12:49 jcamins_away Well, it doesn't seem to want to reindex, which is a bit of a problem.
12:49 jcamins_away I'm not sure if that's you or me, though.
12:49 jcamins_away It exports, then cleans.
12:50 gmcharlt anything interesting if you use -v -v
12:50 gmcharlt ?
12:50 jcamins_away That's what I'm trying now.
12:50 * oleonard is not sure his eyes are up to more capitalization corrections today...
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12:51 jcamins_away I got a complaint about collection.abs on my non-DOM install, which seemed peculiar.
12:52 gmcharlt indeed, that makes it sound like it's try to run it through the GRS-1 filter
12:52 * gmcharlt drinks coffee
12:53 gmcharlt doh! sec
12:53 jcamins_away Well, that was the installation that is using GRS-1.
12:53 jcamins_away I just never saw that error before, that I recall.
12:53 gmcharlt I know what it's happening
12:53 gmcharlt er, why it's happening
12:53 gmcharlt one moment
12:53 cait gmcharlt++
12:53 cait jcamins++
12:59 gmcharlt jcamins_away: could you try this -- symlink record.abs -> collection.abs
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13:01 jcamins_away Well, that fixes the error.
13:01 jcamins_away Reindexing with DOM still doesn't seem to want to do anything.
13:02 gmcharlt to confirm, the change to dom-config.xml setting level to 1 is in place?
13:03 jcamins_away No.
13:03 jcamins_away I just noticed that.
13:03 jcamins_away Bit of a false alarm there, sorry.
13:04 gmcharlt jcamins_away: my heart will forgive you ... eventually :P
13:06 gmcharlt jcamins_away: also, when you have a moment (and back to the grs-1 filter), I'd be curious if making collection.abs be an empty file will be sufficient
13:07 jcamins_away Any idea why it started looking for collection.abs?
13:07 gmcharlt yes - the change to fix -x wrapped the XML export in a collection element to make it proper XML
13:08 gmcharlt GRS-1's marcxml filter sees the root element of collection and wants to find a collection.abs
13:10 cait I am glad you 2 clever people are working on this
13:10 * cait provides some cookies
13:10 oleonard Lately I've felt quite out of my depth on the mailing list!
13:11 cait can you explain that in simpler words please?
13:11 jcamins_away gmcharlt: ah, that makes sense.
13:12 jcamins_away gmcharlt: Once I've finished reindexing with collection.abs symlinked to record.abs, I'll try again with a blank collection.abs.
13:13 cait oleonard: not sure what out of my depth means :) but I am feeling a bit lost in this discussion about plack and search languages myself
13:14 oleonard Oh sorry
13:14 oleonard "out of my depth" means things are too difficult for me
13:14 cait don't be - I guessed right then :)
13:15 oleonard I'm assuming the phrase is related to another English one, "in over my head." It appears the English have a fear of swimming.
13:15 cait heh
13:15 * gmcharlt has discovered a strange and new way to break a dev installation -- if you've got any files in the tree with a : in their name, running make will fail with the error 'multiple target patterns.  Stop.'
13:17 jcamins_away gmcharlt: call it "null:" and under DOS your system will stop responding.
13:18 gmcharlt jcamins_away: so, does this dash our dreams of porting Koha to DOS? ;)
13:18 jcamins_away gmcharlt: only if you create a file called "null:" ;)
13:19 jcamins_away Heh. Every 10 seconds, the length of time left on the merge goes down by 5 seconds.
13:20 gmcharlt lol
13:24 jcamins_away bug 2399
13:24 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2399 normal, P3, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , All status fields in the item edit interface offer two blank/null entries per dropdown instead of one
13:25 cait oleonard: no holiday in US today?
13:25 oleonard Not universally
13:25 jcamins_away Yay! My DOM-indexed installation worked!
13:27 jcamins_away Oooh, ampersand escaping even works properly.
13:28 cait yay! :)
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13:34 cait testing bug 5549 :)
13:34 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5549 blocker, P1 - high, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , Hourly Loans
13:34 * cait starts bug workin
13:34 * cait starts wrangling bugs
13:36 slef cait++
13:37 slef oleonard: the mysql quoting problem is that koha may well already be using reserved words as column or table names.  Not checked so not sure but it wouldn't surprise me.
13:38 oleonard Yes, I understand that. But I'm not sure mbalmer did.
13:38 cait I think we do
13:38 cait I think I remember having problems with one column name once
13:39 slef oleonard: oh ok. I thought you described it to mbalmer as a possible future problem, whereas I think it's a today one.
13:39 oleonard Oh, maybe I did.
13:39 * jcamins_away sighs and taps his toes.
13:40 jcamins_away I think DOM indexing is a lot faster than GRS-1.
13:40 jcamins_away Or maybe I'm just more impatient the second time 'round.
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13:43 jcamins_away Uh-oh.
13:43 cait uhoh?!
13:43 jcamins_away The GRS-1 indexes on disk are 52kb.
13:43 cait hm
13:44 cait that's a bit small
13:44 jcamins_away And I just caused a kernel panic.
13:47 gmcharlt I now know why -- Zebra's grs.sgml filter really ought to have been called grs.sgmlike
13:47 jcamins_away lol
13:50 jcamins_away What does it do wrong?
13:50 cait uhoh
13:50 slef cait: uhoh?
13:50 cait failing tests
13:50 cait and it confuses me
13:50 gmcharlt jcamins: it doesn't let you specify a wrapper element -- just lets you tack on one <record> after another
13:50 cait #   Failed test 'installer/data/mysql/ has no XXX in it'
13:50 cait #   at t/00-checkdatabase-version.t line 48.
13:50 cait # XXX found in line 5151
13:50 cait 1..2
13:51 gmcharlt I'm working on a patch to
13:51 cait oh I see
13:51 slef cait: looks like a production-time test, should be ignored for development
13:51 jcamins gmcharlt: so it's not going to work properly with -x without it?
13:52 cait slef: yeah, wonder why I didn't run into this before
13:52 slef cait: I've deleted t/00-checkdatabase-version.t in my deployment test branch
13:52 slef cait: you've been testing bugs that don't updatedatabase?
13:52 cait that would be the easiest answer - but I did
13:52 francharb hi and bye all
13:52 francharb see ya
13:52 cait probably failed them before getting to the git comit
13:52 slef cait: not sure when t/00-checkdatabase-version appeared
13:53 cait me neither, my git hook is new
13:53 cait so I will blame that
13:53 slef cait: any bug cait: any bug Mon Aug 8 23:45:00 2011 +0200
13:53 slef Mon Aug 8 23:45:00 2011 +0200
13:53 cait ?
13:53 slef damn pastebuffer error ;)
13:53 cait ah :)
13:53 slef but that's when t/00-checkdatabase-version appeared
13:53 slef bug 6700
13:53 cait hm
13:53 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6700 normal, P3, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Better handling of version numbers in updatedatabase
13:54 cait slef: for bug 5549- do you think the upatedatabase is necessary?
13:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5549 blocker, P1 - high, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , Hourly Loans
13:54 jcamins Yes.
13:54 slef cait: yes. Also, jcamins suggested it.
13:54 cait slef: it will most likely only hurt developers, or should only hurt them
13:54 slef cait: it hurt me!
13:54 jcamins cait: and all the people who ignored my advice and installed master in production.
13:54 cait I am a bit unhappy with it because it will cause a red complaint for everyone starting from a stable installation
13:55 cait so it will look like an error and people will ask about it
13:55 slef cait: good point. We maybe could make the updatedatabase test for the column first.
13:55 cait is there a way we could check for existance of the column?
13:55 jcamins Wrap it in some sort of if?
13:55 slef oh easier idea
13:56 slef I could remove the line from the earlier updatedatabase paragraph too
13:56 slef new patch coming in 5mins
13:56 * cait thinks about it
13:56 cait jcamins?
13:56 wahanui i heard jcamins was an outstanding cook, well-traveled and brilliant, trying to think of a solution, or the wizard that forges queries in the deep fires of zebra
13:57 jcamins Makes sense to me.
13:57 cait slef: can you do a new patch?
13:57 slef new patch coming in 5mins
13:57 cait very cool, thx
13:59 slef Attached bug-5549-change-to-kohastruc​turesql-missing-from-c.patch
14:00 cait starting tests... :)
14:01 cait upgrading from table? ;)
14:02 cait I didn't say people should do that! :)
14:02 cait will fix with my sign-off :)
14:02 slef upgrading from stable
14:02 slef damnit
14:03 slef that's what I get for trying to redo a patch while I also manage kohacon12 sponsorship
14:03 cait you do well )
14:03 cait :)
14:03 cait ah
14:03 cait I see I sent my earlier mail from the wrong mail address
14:03 cait going to fix that
14:04 jcamins Does anyone have access to ISO standards without paying a fortune?
14:06 * cait sighs
14:06 cait I am confusing my windows
14:06 cait slef: can you recheck the patch? looks the same to me, perhaps missing git add?
14:07 magnus_afk sekjal: thanks for qa'ing Bug 7445!
14:07 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7445 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Passed QA , Clicking on a tag gives "Language ... does not exist"
14:09 slef cait: AHDKjASHKDAHKJS
14:09 * cait hides
14:10 slef Attached bug-5549-change-to-kohastruc​turesql-missing-from-c.patch
14:10 slef third time lucky
14:10 slef in future I'll wait until I can do one thing only!
14:16 gmcharlt jcamins: OK, I've pushed two commits that should straighten out -x for both DOM and GRS1
14:16 gmcharlt note that it adds two config entries to koha-conf.xml
14:17 * paul_p head to push a few patches that have passed QA
14:17 paul_p gmcharlt could you, by chance, find time to investigate the problem clrh & me have to push to contrib.git repo ?
14:18 paul_p (well, not by chance, this will happen only if you decide ;-) )
14:21 jcamins cait: does that clarify?
14:21 cait jcamins: ?
14:21 jcamins cait: I just sent a message to the list.
14:21 cait oh
14:21 cait let me finish this (learning from slef... one thing at a time) and then i will check
14:21 jcamins :)
14:21 sekjal joined #koha
14:22 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
14:23 jcamins gmcharlt: what sould BIB_INDEX_MODE and AUTH_INDEX_MODE be set to?
14:24 jcamins Oh, I see.
14:24 cait reading mail now :)
14:25 slef learning from slef's mistakes
14:25 laurence left #koha
14:26 cait slef: i didn't say that :)
14:26 * wizzyrea waves
14:27 * jcamins waves
14:27 * gmcharlt waves
14:27 slef wizzyrea: help!
14:27 wizzyrea !
14:27 slef wizzyrea: can I make a page have a parent but not appear in the menus?
14:28 slef wizzyrea: on website
14:28 wizzyrea hmmmm
14:28 cait hi wizzyrea :)
14:28 * wizzyrea ponders this
14:28 cait slef: signed-off
14:28 cait magnus_afk: around?
14:28 wizzyrea which page?
14:28 slef wizzyrea: and/or do pages two levels down not appear on submenus?
14:28 slef cait: thank you!
14:29 * wizzyrea would have to test that
14:29 cait slef: evil bug fixed - thanks goes to you :)
14:29 wizzyrea the first question?
14:29 wahanui well, the first question is "What are you trying to do?"
14:30 slef wizzyrea: create paypal landing pages
14:30 wizzyrea the first question is also or what is the goal?
14:30 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
14:30 wizzyrea aha
14:31 sekjal slef cait:  passed QA
14:31 cait yay :)
14:31 cait another evil bug on it's way to h...
14:31 cait sorry, I am getting too excited about this :)
14:33 sekjal smashing evil bugs is worth getting excited about
14:33 sekjal 3.8 is going to be awesome!
14:33 cait :)
14:33 cait yep, I agree :)
14:33 cait but I think some bug squashing is needed
14:33 cait sekjal: if you test... take a look at your logs sometime
14:33 cait we really should fix that
14:34 cait lots of scripts lots of warnings
14:34 jcamins Weird...
14:34 wahanui hmmm... weird is normal after a while :)
14:35 jcamins I think the DOM filter may actually be vastly more efficient.
14:35 cait jcamins: yay!
14:35 gmcharlt jcamins: interesting -- I wouldn't have expected that
14:35 sekjal cait:  good point.  ideally, we shouldn't get anything unexpected/undesired in our logs
14:36 cait I filed some bugs
14:36 cait or added to existing bugs the output of my logs while testing
14:36 jcamins gmcharlt: nor would I.
14:36 cait but perhaps someting qa could keep in mind too?
14:36 cait to check I mean?
14:37 cait I tihnk we activated use warnings in a lot of scripts and it was ok, and then we added new things...
14:37 jcamins gmcharlt: but GRS-1 requires about 4 blocks per thousand records, whereas DOM requires just over one.
14:38 * gmcharlt blinks
14:38 * gmcharlt then goes in search of a large dataset
14:39 cait I could offer soe
14:39 cait I could offer some ... :)
14:39 cait but probably too large
14:39 gmcharlt cait: large is just fine
14:39 sekjal cait: I'll look into adding that to my QA workflow
14:39 cait if you really mean that.. go here[…]:openaccess:start
14:40 jcamins Of course, I might not understand what it's doing.
14:41 cait sekjal: it's just something I noted while testing and I would provide patches... but it's still a bit hard for me to figure out why something is going wrong
14:41 gmcharlt cait: thanks!
14:41 cait gmcharlt: I think it's really too large for that purpose :) only advertising something nice we do
14:42 gmcharlt cait: well, I will be chopping it down to 5,000 to start ;)
14:42 cait wise :)
14:43 cait magnus_afk: around?
14:46 jcamins Well I'll be.
14:46 jcamins gmcharlt: I should've bet against your guess that DOM indexing was going to explode the indexes.
14:47 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "Index space usage" (17 lines) at
14:48 cait gmcharlt: I think at least tübingen should have some original script records too....
14:48 gmcharlt cait: - would you mind eyeballing and letting me know how relevance ranking for the German records looks?
14:48 cait oh
14:48 cait yes
14:49 cait not sure how to test tho
14:49 cait how do you test for english normally?
14:49 gmcharlt keyword searches on short titles, for one
14:49 cait ok, my first search was mean, but results don't look bad
14:49 cait I searched for 'der' an article
14:49 gmcharlt heh
14:49 cait at first results have lots of der in the title
14:50 cait I like doing that - because in most ils it's a stop word :)
14:50 cait what i always wondered about
14:50 cait is there a reason it always ranks serials and sets first?
14:50 cait before monographs?
14:50 cait it's kind of annoying
14:51 cait but I see tha thappen in all our catalogs
14:51 gmcharlt jcamins: I'm seeing similar results -- DOM taking up about half the disk space of GRS-1
14:51 cait gmcharlt: some information about how the ranking works or should work in general would help me testing
14:52 jcamins cait: bahahahaha!!!! "How ranking works"... gmcharlt works miracles, but even he might find this problematic. ;)
14:52 * cait sniffs
14:53 cait not even for cookies?
14:53 cait my first thought was that it ranked things higher, where the term occured more than once
14:53 wizzyrea question re: dom vs grs-1 - incoming z39.50 searches can still happen right?
14:53 cait but my second search for papyrus contradicts that
14:53 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yep
14:54 wizzyrea I admit i'm rather lost in the difference between the two. Is it just how they are stored?
14:55 jcamins cait: that's how it works. Only, not the way you'd expect. Frequency is still kind of weird.
14:55 cait hm ok
14:55 cait so it is not weirder than before
14:55 cait gmcharlt: I see it not working worse than before - could you perhaps activate UseControlNumber on that system?
14:56 gmcharlt cait: sure, one sec
14:56 jcamins wizzyrea: it's the difference between being able to say "I want an index which tells me all records which have at least one item which is not checked out and not lost" and only being able to say "I want an index which tells me which records have something not checked out and something not lost."
14:56 jcamins DOM allows you to do the former.
14:56 jcamins Actually, no.
14:56 jcamins The second is still to advanced.
14:56 cait the other way
14:57 jcamins GRS-1 is "I want to have two indexes, one which can tell me if there's anything not lost on a record, and one that tells me if there's anything not checked out."
14:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: the main difference is that the DOM filter gives you a *lot* more control over how you set up what you want indexed
14:57 jcamins But GRS-1 doesn't allow you to say "they have to be the same record!"
14:57 jcamins *item
14:57 * jcamins goes to make coffee cake.
14:57 cait ooh
14:57 cait cake...
14:57 * wizzyrea concedes that it may be over her head, goes back to making circ better.
14:57 wizzyrea :)
14:58 gmcharlt cait: done
14:58 wizzyrea j/k, (kinda) thanks for explaining
14:58 cait thx!
14:58 cait cake.. better circ... and i get german relevance ranking?
14:58 cait :)
14:58 cait and I think I killed my browser
14:59 chris_n cake ranks up there in english relevance ranking imho :)
14:59 cait hi chris_n
14:59 cait gmcharlt: I think i found a way to kill the opac
14:59 gmcharlt cait: how?
15:00 cait some weird characters in a search for se,phr
15:00 chris_n please resurrect it when your finished cait
15:01 cait ok, correcting myself, I only killed the browser :)
15:01 * jcamins wonders about search performance.
15:02 jcamins gmcharlt: nice work on the relevance ranking!
15:02 jcamins You fixed the weighting, too, didn't you?
15:03 gmcharlt jcamins: I left it be for the moment -- kinda needs to be on a separate bug anyway
15:03 jcamins Really?
15:03 jcamins Odd...
15:03 jcamins It seems to be working the way I'd expect it now.
15:04 cait I think there is room for improvement- but really doesn't seem worse than before
15:04 jcamins Okay, never mind.
15:04 cait more better than worse
15:04 gmcharlt cait: I'm in the process of loading more of the Universität Konstanz bib set into that database
15:05 cait ah, you selected Konstanz :)
15:05 sophie_m joined #koha
15:05 gmcharlt to bring it to a total of 988611 bibs
15:05 jcamins wizzyrea: weren't you complaining about an issue with it?
15:05 cait tübingen is really big, but they are very old and have lots of languages
15:05 cait gmcharlt: nice!
15:06 jcamins gmcharlt's adjustment to the rankings bring It back to the top of the results for "It."
15:06 cait yay!
15:06 gmcharlt jcamins: right - and as I mentioned in the bug, using Title-cover seemed OK as a compromise
15:07 jcamins Yes, I think so.
15:07 * gmcharlt realized last night that I didn't want to start getting a reputation for putting in features at the last minute that require reindexing all bibs upon upgrade ;)
15:07 jcamins It's not exactly the same as the previous functionality, but it's a reasonable approximation.
15:07 jcamins lol
15:08 gmcharlt jcamins: I want to push a branch that organizes the commits a little better -- are you comfortable signing off?
15:08 Guillaume left #koha
15:08 jcamins gmcharlt: still poking.
15:08 gmcharlt cool
15:09 jcamins However, I'm feeling pretty good about it.
15:09 reiveune1 bye
15:09 reiveune1 left #koha
15:11 cait gmcharlt: what I see I like too :)
15:11 cait gmcharlt: did you have time to include 880 fields?
15:12 gmcharlt cait: not for cutoff, but I'll have it next week
15:12 cait ah, ok :)
15:12 cait gmcharlt: any chance to meet you in edinburgh? :)
15:12 gmcharlt because the change will be implemented just in the index definition XSL, it will be a pretty safe backport
15:13 cait nice
15:13 gmcharlt cait: unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year
15:13 cait oh, was hoping to meet you
15:13 cait but perhaps next year
15:13 jcamins What is Storable::mretrieve?
15:15 alex_a left #koha
15:15 jcamins Never mind.
15:17 gmcharlt jcamins: the bug7818-dom-biblio-final branch in the ESI wip repo has the cleaned-up commits
15:18 jcamins gmcharlt: did you change the paths in the generated by comment that the koha-to-zebra-indexdefs.xsl stylesheet produces?
15:21 jcamins Actually, I guess it's okay as-is.
15:21 jcamins One more concern.
15:22 jcamins Going forward, we're going to be editing the koha indexdefs, not record.abs.
15:22 gmcharlt jcamins: nonetheless, I've pushed a commit to bug7818-dom-biblio-final to clarify
15:22 jcamins Is that mentioned in a commit message, at least?
15:22 cait for dom and grs or only for dom?
15:22 gmcharlt jcamins: I'll push a commit to clarify
15:22 jcamins For DOM.
15:22 jcamins Thanks.
15:22 cait oh
15:22 cait should we be testing for normarc and unimarc too?
15:23 jcamins cait: it wouldn't be a bad idea.
15:23 jcamins On the other hand, we already have a precedent for MARC21-only DOM indexing.
15:25 * chris_n goes off in search of food
15:26 * jcamins realizes he only got to the "unwrap butter" stage of making coffee cake.
15:26 paul_p joined #koha
15:27 cait wb paul_p
15:27 paul_p ;-)
15:27 cait jcamins: I didn't even get there :)
15:27 cait oh.. and new patch to sign-off on... very easy... with test plan... bug 7900
15:28 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7900 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Link to vendor from subscription details is broken
15:29 jcamins Okay, I'm comfortable to sign off with the addition of a commit noting that the koha-indexdefs file is the new canonical source for DOM indexing rules.
15:29 gmcharlt jcamins: ok, I've pusehd those clarifications to bug7818-dom-biblio-final as well
15:30 jcamins I'm sure there are issues that'll come up, but this seems solid enough for 3.8.
15:30 jcamins Oh, wait, one more test.
15:31 jcamins I didn't test non-XML indexing with GRS-1 again after we got the XML indexing working.
15:32 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7641 - Add ability to suspend reserves - Followup <[…]ed35a09f7fa8b24bb> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7310' <[…]cf27d92eada86e9d7> / 7368 Followup for indentation in <[…]eb/?p=koha.git;a=
15:34 jenkins_koha Starting build #700 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:39 nengard Looking for some report help - i need a report to list titles that have an indicator of 1 in the first indicator field of the 490
15:39 nengard tips?
15:53 gmcharlt nengard: select biblionumber from biblioitems where marcxml regexp 'datafield tag="490" ind1="1"';
15:53 nengard thanks gmcharlt will give a whirl :)
15:54 gmcharlt one doesn't actually need the regexp; select biblionumber from biblioitems where marcxml like  '%datafield tag="490" ind1="1"%' will work as well
15:54 nengard ooooo
15:54 nengard that's super easy
16:02 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5549 follow-up DBRev number <[…]47c3c53919542eebc> / bug 5549: change to kohastructure.sql missing from commit 8cea8e5cc05075dc391194248d3... <[…]21bdf2da643901b96> / Bug 7897: Move the SocialNetworks syspref to the Opac tab <http://git.koha-community.or
16:13 Michael joined #koha
16:13 Michael Hello?
16:14 jcamins gmcharlt: I guess I should sign off on the patches and attach them to the bug?
16:14 jcamins Actually, that was a question for sekjal.
16:15 jcamins sekjal: see above question?
16:18 jcamins gmcharlt: DOM indexing takes about the same amount of time.
16:18 jcamins But way less disk space.
16:21 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #700: SUCCESS in 47 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/700/
16:21 jenkins_koha * tajoli: Italian translation teams
16:21 jenkins_koha * 7368 Followup for indentation in
16:21 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7641 - Add ability to suspend reserves - Followup
16:22 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7641 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Add ability to suspend reserves.
16:22 jcamins paul_p: around?
16:22 jenkins_koha Starting build #701 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:22 paul_p jcamins for a few minuts yes
16:22 jcamins I'm prepared to sign off on bug 7818.
16:22 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
16:22 jcamins Is the best thing to do to use git-bz to attach all the patches to the bug?
16:23 cait gmcharlt++ jcamins++ :)
16:25 paul_p I think yes. BUT be carefull with -e option, i feel there are some problems when you want to attach X bugs (X>1) because you can obsolete on every bug, and obsolete patches that just have been uploaded a few seconds before)
16:25 paul_p not 100% sure, but I think
16:25 jcamins paul_p: yeah, I've had that problem too.
16:25 jcamins gmcharlt did his development in a branch, so I don't think there are any patches currently on the bug.
16:28 gmcharlt there are not
16:31 jcamins sekjal: Bug 7818 is waiting for your QA. Should be pretty painless, as it works a charm.
16:31 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
16:35 jcamins paul_p: ten *great* patches for you on that bug. :)
16:35 paul_p jcamins not for today ;-)
16:35 jcamins paul_p: well, there are no string changes, so it'll keep until Monday, I suppose. :)
16:35 paul_p (and I can push them after string freeze, because: 1- it should not change anything if you don't use it. 2- no string changes)
16:35 paul_p ;-)
16:35 gmcharlt paul_p: you have better things to do on an Friday evening? ;)
16:36 cait paul_p: I am going to look at some more string patches today
16:36 paul_p jcamins & gmcharlt = monday is a holiday in France.
16:36 cait or already too late?
16:36 jcamins paul_p: there's nothing wrong with Tuesday. ;)
16:36 paul_p cait, just about to send a mail about bug 2780 & a few hours before string freeze !
16:36 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2780 minor, P3, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Capitalize strings consistently
16:36 jcamins Needs signoff?!?
16:37 cait yep
16:37 cait oleonard did more :)
16:37 jcamins I spent over an hour signing off on that two days ago!
16:37 cait there are also some interesting acq featues
16:37 cait *sigh*
16:37 cait too much - need help!
16:39 * wizzyrea can look at those capitalization ones
16:39 paul_p cait for acq features, I think they'll wait for 3.10 (I can't QA them myself, and Ian suggested to delay them because they're large. If you can convince someone else of the QA team ;-) )
16:40 cait I think i will not go against ian
16:40 cait I am worried about warnings in the logs in acq modle
16:40 cait there are lots
16:40 cait I noted on some bugs
16:40 cait what i can do is give the bug a sign off you asked for
16:40 cait and it would match the other interface
16:40 cait which I think is an argument for including it
16:41 cait bug 5339
16:41 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5339 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Parcel closing in acq
16:42 cait hm no
16:42 cait that's not the one
16:42 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 2733 - Can't print patron account <[…]a47658380e21f4645> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_2780' <[…]d6bb9d0f7688833e2> / Bug 2780 - Capitalize strings consistently (OPAC pages) <[…]git;a=commitdiff;
16:45 * jcamins finally eats some kuchen.
16:45 paul_p OK, ladies and gentlemen, have a good (and holy) week-end ! it's time to go back home for me.
16:45 cait bye paul_p
16:45 cait have a nice weekend
16:52 gmcharlt cait: about 330K of the Konstanz records are now being indexed -- I realized I didn't have quite enough disk on the VM to index them all
16:52 cait ah yes
16:52 cait takes lots of space
17:02 clrh have a good week end all
17:02 cait bye clrh :)
17:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #701: SUCCESS in 47 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/701/
17:09 jenkins_koha * srdjan: bug_7613: OCLC Connexion gateway
17:09 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 7613 follow up to fix perlcritic errors
17:09 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 7613 follow-up DBRev number
17:09 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 7445 - Clicking on a tag gives "Language ... does not exist"
17:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7613 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , OCLC Connexion Gateway, including extension svc/import_bib
17:09 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 7897: Move the SocialNetworks syspref to the Opac tab
17:09 jenkins_koha * mjr: bug 5549: change to kohastructure.sql missing from commit 8cea8e5cc05075dc391194248d31a54586389601
17:09 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 5549 follow-up DBRev number
17:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7445 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Master , Clicking on a tag gives "Language ... does not exist"
17:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7897 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , SocialNetworks doesn't fit in searching
17:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5549 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , Hourly Loans
17:09 jenkins_koha Starting build #702 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
17:11 cait jcamins: are you working on 2780?
17:11 phasefx joined #koha
17:12 jcamins cait: not at the moment.
17:12 cait I am starting on it now
17:12 cait if you want to later, we need to talk :)
17:13 * jcamins doesn't really want to, thanks. :P
17:13 cait :)
17:15 * gmcharlt wonders how many people will go blind in the service of that bug ;)
17:15 cait hehe
17:15 cait too many...
17:15 cait for the sake of consistency!
17:18 gmcharlt hobgoblins are stealing our eyes!
17:42 sekjal back
17:42 sekjal jcamins: I'll try to look at 7818 this weekend
17:43 jcamins Woohoo!
17:44 sekjal my mother-in-law will be coming by to visit, so it may need to wait until Monday
17:50 slef @quote add <gmcharlt> hobgoblins are stealing our eyes!
17:50 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.  Quote #198 added.
17:54 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #702: UNSTABLE in 44 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/702/
17:54 jenkins_koha * adrien.saurat: Bug 7781 : enhancements on main page
17:54 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7758 - Koha allowing LOST items to check out without alert
17:54 jenkins_koha * mjr: bug 7894 [SIGNED-OFF]: crude fix: convert results array into an arrayref
17:54 jenkins_koha * dpavlin: Bug 7847 - OPAC search dies with plack
17:54 jenkins_koha * dpavlin: Bug 6701 - login timeout is in seconds
17:54 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 2780 - Capitalize strings consistently (OPAC pages)
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7781 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, adrien.saurat, Pushed to Master , Enhancements to the main page (first step)
17:54 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 2733 - Can't print patron account
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7758 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Koha allowing LOST items to check out without alert
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7894 blocker, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Broken detail page for first link on page 2 from search result page in OPAC
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7847 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , OPAC search dies with plack
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6701 normal, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , language on timeout system preference is wrong
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2780 minor, P3, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Capitalize strings consistently
17:54 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2733 normal, P3, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Can't print patron account
17:54 druthb joined #koha
17:55 jcamins Unstable?
17:55 jcamins !jenkins status
17:55 jenkins_koha status of all projects:
17:55 jenkins_koha 3_6_Packages: last build: 7 (11 days ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/3_6_Packages/7/
17:55 jenkins_koha Koha_3.2.x: last build: 36 (4 mo 4 days ago): UNSTABLE: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/36/
17:55 jenkins_koha Koha_3.4.x: last build: 80 (1 mo 15 days ago): UNSTABLE: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/80/
17:55 jenkins_koha Koha_3.6.x: last build: 44 (1 mo 2 days ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.6.x/44/
17:55 jenkins_koha Koha_Docs: last build: 44 (6 days 22 hr ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]job/Koha_Docs/44/
17:55 jenkins_koha Koha_master: last build: 702 (45 min ago): UNSTABLE: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/702/
17:55 jenkins_koha Master_Packages: last build: 33 (45 min ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ster_Packages/33/
17:56 fredericd gmcharlt: DOM works like a charm with UNIMARC
17:57 gmcharlt fredericd: yay!
17:58 moodaepo joined #koha
17:59 gmcharlt although I think there's one case it doesn't handle yet
17:59 gmcharlt fixed field possible in a subfield (e.g., the UNIMARC 100$a)
18:00 fredericd you mean you tweaked the MARC21 DOM for fixed fields?
18:01 gmcharlt fredericd: the record.abs converting knows how to translate range() definitions for fixed fields
18:01 gmcharlt but not range() entries within a subfield
18:01 jcamins gmcharlt: we have those in MARC21 for authorities and linking fields.
18:01 cait sco main
18:01 jcamins We just don't index them yet.
18:02 gmcharlt jcamins: indeed
18:02 gmcharlt well, it wouldn't be hard to add support for constructs like melm 100a foo:w:range(...
18:02 gmcharlt I'll try to put a patch together for tomorrow
18:03 gmcharlt fredericd: any changes you could send me a small file of UNIMARC bib records?
18:03 fredericd indeed, currently Zebra doesn't index properly UNIMARC 100 field
18:03 fredericd gmcharlt: sure
18:05 gmcharlt fredericd: even in GRS-1 it doesn't index the UNIMARC 100 properly?
18:07 fredericd several indexes are populated but not used elsewhere
18:08 gmcharlt fredericd: ah, I see
18:08 cait what is in UNIMARC 100 ?
18:08 fredericd gmcharlt: see private msg
18:08 gmcharlt cait: it's the equivalent of the MARC21 008 field
18:09 druthb left #koha
18:10 cait gmcharlt: thx :)
18:14 slef yengh
18:16 cait hi slef
18:17 * slef adds bits to registration form as emailed
18:17 cait cool :)
18:17 slef heh wrong channel
18:17 * slef returns to #kohacon
18:20 cait fredericd++
18:20 cait fredericd: did you see my email about the pootle server?
18:23 oleonard!/xmacex/[…]88329700689580032
18:23 oleonard ?
18:24 cait of happiness I think?
18:24 cait our nice international release team?
18:24 gmcharlt an allergy to the color green?
18:25 cait or that :)
18:25 cait gmcharlt++ :)
18:26 jcamins The explanation for why it's
18:27 nengard was just wondering about that
18:32 cait he explained - now I am sad
18:34 jcamins Oh, that's really sad. :(
18:42 magnus_afk yeah, xmacex deserves better than a closed source ils...
18:43 cait what is he using?
18:43 cait or forced to use...?
18:44 magnus_afk a swedish system from a vendor called axiell
18:46 moodaepo joined #koha
18:49 fredericd cait: your email saying it doesn't work? because it should work now
18:50 cait cool  -will continue testing then :)
18:50 cait can you give me the link again? I think I forgot to save it
18:53 talljoy joined #koha
18:54 slef do people think of "the full monty" as the film or something else?
18:55 oleonard If someone used it in conversation I would think they meant "the whole thing" or "all the way"
18:55 oleonard But I would also think of the film
18:56 slef So any suggestion for another cult film title for the lower sponsorship band?
18:57 gmcharlt Rocky Horror Picture Show?
18:57 oleonard Why a cult film title slef?
18:58 slef oh anything related to "the full monty"
18:58 slef consistency in naming
18:59 oleonard What's the context?
18:59 slef kohacon12 sponsorship packages
18:59 slef something more interesting than "silver"
18:59 cait oleonard: my eyes start hurting...
19:00 oleonard cait: Mine too!
19:00 oleonard Oh I get it slef. Fully Monty is the top, you need the lower one.
19:01 cait oleonard: I do feel sorry for you... we should get cookies
19:01 slef "the nifty fifty" has been suggested
19:03 slef good/bad/shoot-me-now?
19:04 cait hm
19:04 cait but you want people to do more than the nifty fifty I think?
19:04 cait apart from that it sounds not bad to me
19:04 oleonard
19:08 slef mmmm, Shallow Grave was set in Edinburgh... best not call the lower level "shallow pockets" though.
19:10 jcamins Happy holidays, #koha.
19:12 rangi gmcharlt: rocky horror picture show was written by an nzer, so has a tie in :)
19:13 rangi slef: trainspotting :)
19:15 cait morning rangi
19:15 slef rangi: yeah. Suspect that won't go down well in Edinburgh. Not the most glam side of the city, that.
19:15 rangi slef: yep, tongue firmly in cheek on that one
19:16 rangi evening cait
19:16 cait the registration form is online :)
19:16 * rangi registers
19:16 slef yeah... that wasn't entirely intentional but hey, it's there now
19:17 slef
19:17 cait moving forward!
19:17 rangi slef: soft launch, its all the rage
19:17 * cait volunteers rangi or slef to mail the list about it
19:18 rangi i can do that
19:18 rangi got words for me, or shall i just make some up?
19:19 cait there are some words above the form.. but not many
19:19 slef the koha list probably doesn't need many words
19:20 nengard left #koha
19:20 rangi yeah
19:20 rangi ill do koha and koha-dev
19:25 rangi done
19:27 slef rangi++
19:35 talljoy joined #koha
19:36 slef maybe-final question: is the film Kind Hearts and Coronets much known outside the UK?
19:37 oleonard Not to me
19:37 slef is "Kind Hearts" OK as a title for the lower level?
19:37 slef even if you don't know the film
19:38 slef Alec Guinness before he became more famous for "they scare easily, but they'll be back and in greater numbers than before" and so on.
19:38 oleonard Sounds fine to me
19:39 rangi yeah and it will give people a good film to go watch
19:39 rangi :)
19:54 cait oleonard: how many more until you are done? :)
19:55 oleonard Too many!
19:55 cait ouch
19:57 slef is oleonard patchbombing us again? :)
19:57 oleonard Over 150 left cait
19:58 oleonard slef: Not bombing so much today, my eyes are growing weak
19:58 cait *sigh*
19:58 cait I had hoped... there weren't many more...
19:58 slef oleonard: my eyes are grey and my hair is weak...
19:58 cait oleonard: I did some follow ups
19:58 cait tiny
19:58 oleonard I saw that. Thanks.
19:59 oleonard The job will have to be left half done for this release.
20:01 oleonard I shouldn't have started on the help templates. Better to have gotten further in the main templates.
20:04 cait you could still go back to the main templates :)
20:04 slef[…]soring-kohacon12/
20:06 cait yay! slef++
20:08 sekjal oooh, less than $1000 for ticket to Edinburgh....
20:08 slef @karma
20:08 huginn` slef: Highest karma: "rangi" (542), "oleonard" (471), and "wizzyrea" (320).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-109), "failed" (-73), and "-" (-44).  You (slef) are ranked 13 out of 2008.
20:09 rangi Do it!
20:09 slef rangi: is it your fault that has a do_it parameter?
20:09 rangi Nope
20:09 * slef checks the paypal account limits
20:10 rangi Never worked on log stuff
20:10 * oleonard bids #koha a good weekend
20:11 slef rangi: oh well. I'll speak no ill of the dead.
20:17 * sekjal also departs, and wishes all those in #koha well
20:51 JesseM left #koha
20:52 YoungPublicLibrarian joined #koha
20:54 YoungPublicLibrarian I'm asking this question out of curiosity and no idea of how it would actually work: Is it possible to create a notice that would gather all the patron's with Overdues and send it to one email that the library used? That way we could print it out? Right now our system prints out a page for each patron's account that has overdues and we can send just that page
20:55 YoungPublicLibrarian out to the patron without worrying what else would be on the paper. This is what I'm trying to figure out how to do...
20:57 slef YoungPublicLibrarian: not sure about a notice, but I think a Report would be possible.
20:57 YoungPublicLibrarian That would work too, but our Vendor told us that reports are more of an administrative thing...
20:58 YoungPublicLibrarian In fact, if its a report we could make it just be able to be printed out instead of emailing the pages to the library...
21:00 slef not sure, but you could get a spreadsheet out of a report
21:01 slef and then mailmerge or whatever
21:02 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, but could we get the spreadsheet to print out just one patron's information on one page? That way we could send out each page with separate information on it.
21:03 YoungPublicLibrarian I would really like to continue this conversation, but I'm required elsewhere at this time. If you can would you email me an example of how to create such a report to If you can't I understand. Thanks!
21:13 wizzyrea joined #koha
21:21 slef hi wizzyrea... I've still that problem on[…]soring-kohacon12/ with the submenu in the top bar
21:21 slef but now is dinnertime
21:21 slef bbl
21:27 cait very late dinne!
21:37 * magnus_afk does a little happydance for his 50th commit in koha, then promptly falls asleep
21:42 sekjal joined #koha
21:53 edveal left #koha
22:52 cait left #koha
23:16 druthb joined #koha
23:17 druthb left #koha

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