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00:06 melia I am wondering about datatables
00:07 melia Bug 6836
00:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6836 enhancement, P2, ---, julian.maurice, RESOLVED FIXED, jQuery plugin Datatables integration[…]/DataTables_HowTo
00:07 melia that one made it so that we can use datatables in Koha, right?
00:07 melia Bug 5345
00:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5345 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , DataTables in Koha
00:08 melia that one is using datatables for all of the tables in acquisitions?
00:08 rangi thats the idea yeah
00:08 melia so we want to use datatables for everywhere else in koha rather than using tablesorter?
00:08 rangi yes
00:08 rangi we dont have to go removing them
00:09 rangi but we shouldnt introduce new ones, and remove them if and when we get the chance
00:09 rangi if that makes sense
00:09 melia so if we want to sort other tables, we just need to use datatables rather than tablesorter. right?
00:09 rangi im pretty sure thats the idea yes
00:09 melia ok got it. thanks!
00:12 jcamins My understanding is that datatables is generally vastly superior, so I'm not clear why we'd want to use tablesorter, anyway.
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00:41 Culiforge Hey, it's me again with Fedora.. can't seem to get Graphics::Magick and PDF::API2::simple to install. cpan says G::M doesnt' exist and flat refuses to install PDF::API2::simple. any ideas?
00:47 jcamins Culiforge: G::M is unnecessary.
00:47 jcamins As is PDF::API2::Simple.
00:47 jcamins However, for the latter the problem is probably that you're missing MakeMaker or something like that.
00:48 Culiforge jcamins: but won't install koha without it.. ...or will it?
00:48 jcamins Culiforge: it will.
00:49 Culiforge jcamins: please go on.. I'm intrigued...
00:52 jcamins Culiforge: you just continue with the instructions.
00:52 jcamins All Makefile.PL does is create a Makefile to run with make.
00:52 jcamins Run Makefile.PL.
00:52 jcamins Run make.
00:52 jcamins Run make install
00:52 jcamins You're done. :)
00:53 * jcamins wanders off.
00:53 Culiforge jcamins: right on, I thought it was like a dependency I had to fix before continuing.. thanks jcamins_away
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01:59 druthb o/
01:59 libsysguy \o
01:59 druthb hi, libsysguy!
01:59 libsysguy heya druthb
02:00 libsysguy whatcha up to
02:00 druthb just got back from dinner and a little shoppin'.  Found a great summery skirt and some shorts, and a couple of new tunics, on sale! :D
02:00 libsysguy w00t sale prices
02:01 * libsysguy is waiting on my favorite clothing brand to go on sale
02:02 * druthb has trouble finding tops and dresses in her size; Omar the Tentmaker is not a popular brand in Kansas.
02:03 libsysguy you're in Kansas…geez im going to start playing where in the world is druthb again
02:04 druthb we've settled down in KS.  :)
02:04 libsysguy ohhh well then I guess I'll win the game ;)
02:05 druthb Lawrence has lots of advantages--liberal-ish town, very local-store friendly, trans-protective laws...and wizzyrea and trea are here (and teh Spud.)
02:05 * libsysguy is trying to move to austin where it is more liberal
02:08 libsysguy does anybody have any opinions on wiki software here
02:08 * druthb has opinions, yes.
02:08 rangi i like ikiwiki
02:09 libsysguy the university uses contribute and it just crashed on an upgrade and I lost like 50% of my data
02:09 rangi mostly cos i can interact with it entirely with git
02:09 rangi
02:09 libsysguy ahhh
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02:09 druthb I use dokuwiki a lot for migrations stuff.
02:09 libsysguy do you know if it has ADLDAP support?
02:09 libsysguy off the top fo your head
02:10 rangi no idea
02:10 libsysguy kk thanks rangi
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02:33 Brooke o/
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02:48 Brooke ruh oh shaggy. Bots be quittin.
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03:27 Amit_Gupta heya bag
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04:40 bag yo Amit_Gupta :D
04:40 bag hi there
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05:17 Oak hello my hearties
05:18 Oak kia ora #koha
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05:52 * cait waves
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06:05 Oak back home cait ? :)
06:05 cait yes :)
06:09 Oak good
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06:14 cait Oak: yep
06:14 cait Oak: how is your project?
06:15 Oak wait 5 minutes cait... on Skype with boss
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06:44 reiveune hello
06:49 cait hi stephane :)
06:51 Joubu hello
06:52 cait hi jonathan
06:52 cait bbiab
06:52 alex_a hello
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07:00 paul_p good morning #koha
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07:02 sophie_m hello
07:03 sam1975 hello, it's the first time i came to the irc of koha
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07:03 asaurat hi
07:05 julian_m hello
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07:28 magnuse kia ora #koha!
07:28 gaetan_B hello #koha!
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08:18 kf hi #koha :)
08:18 asaurat hi kf!
08:18 magnuse guten morgen kf
08:18 kf :)
08:18 * kf waves at asaurat and magnuse
08:19 asaurat I've got a german friend at home this week + a german intern hosted in our flat who will stay for a month =) germany week !!
08:20 kf ah, that's good
08:20 kf so you won't miss me so much ;)
08:21 kf only joking :)
08:21 asaurat would still be fun to work together more often =)
08:21 kf :)
08:23 slef hi all
08:23 kf hi slef .)
08:23 kf :)
08:23 asaurat hi!
08:24 * magnuse has a library asking about "Using Koha as a Content Management System"
08:24 magnuse http://manual.koha-community.o[…]6/en/kohacms.html
08:24 magnuse
08:24 magnuse no plan on implementing that hack - feels like it should either be part of koha or removed from the manual?
08:25 Oak hello kf :)
08:25 Oak magnuse
08:25 Oak kia ora #koha
08:26 kf magnuse: I guess perhaps implementing the hack as a real featurew would be nice
08:26 kf I have had some problems with editing localuse prefernces :( there is a bug
08:26 kf on bugzilla for that
08:26 kf magnuse: perhaps it could be an enhancement to work similar to the news?
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08:30 slef we've used koha as a CMS before. Not sure if it was that hack or an earlier one. Basically: don't. Use a CMS.
08:31 kf slef: I agree, but an option to add a few pages is nice
08:31 magnuse slef: that's what i'm thinking too
08:31 kf slef: not full cms functionality, but perhaps things like a help age
08:31 kf help page
08:32 magnuse and it made me think of a wordpress theme to match the default look of koha...
08:33 slef anyone like to open a bug suggesting dropping Appendix E from the manual, or integrate it properly, using extending news instead of using sysprefs?
08:37 magnuse i can do that
08:37 kf yay :)
08:37 kf magnuse++
08:38 magnuse kf, slef: mind if i copy our little conversation into the bug?
08:41 kf hm
08:41 kf can you fix the typos? :P
08:41 slef magnus_away: go for it
08:41 * slef looks at his IRC client
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08:41 magnuse kf: yup :-)
08:43 magnuse bug 7840
08:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7840 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nengard, NEW , Koha as a CMS
08:46 slef no verb in subject line
08:46 magnuse feel free to fix it :-)
08:46 * slef fixes
08:47 magnuse slef++
08:48 slef bug 7840
08:48 slef oi huginn
08:48 slef huginn: ?
08:48 huginn slef: downloading the Perl source
08:48 slef huginn: bug 7840
08:48 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7840 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nengard, NEW , Remove from manual Koha as a CMS (or add it to master)
08:49 slef bah, grammar fail, but moo
08:49 magnuse hm, is that good syntax? ;-)
08:49 slef erm, hello moo
08:49 magnuse hehe
08:49 slef didn't see you there
08:49 slef SMIDSY
08:50 magnuse wow, you learn something new every day...
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09:11 rangi evening
09:12 rangi[…]ld-in-our-office/
09:13 magnuse yay :-)
09:17 rangi magnuse: there are quite a few maori in norway at the moment
09:17 rangi at
09:17 magnuse yay
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09:18 magnuse @wunder kautokeino
09:18 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Kautokeino, Norway is 1.0°C (8:00 AM CEST on March 28, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Falling).
09:19 magnuse nice location
09:19 magnuse and lucky with the weather
09:19 magnuse coud be -30 there now
09:20 magnuse[…]3/statistics.html
09:21 rangi ohh yeah
09:21 rangi lucky
09:21 magnuse they had -39.7 on february 7th
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09:25 Oak the documentation on Acquisitions is rather short, no?
09:25 Oak http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/en/acqadmin.html
09:26 macphisto hi! i need help. I've the following error "Can't locate C4/ in @INC". What does it mean? (i try the sudoc loader, maybe frenchies on this chat may have an idea)
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09:28 Lea IDENTIFY
09:33 rangi macphisto: sounds like you have exported PERL5LIB
09:34 rangi s/have/havent/
09:34 macphisto ok
09:35 macphisto i think  i  should do export PERL5LIB=<koha-root>, something like that?
09:35 rangi yep
09:35 rangi you probably need to do export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/koha-conf.xml
09:35 rangi as well
09:42 Oak should I be working on Acquisitions module first, before doing cataloging for my MLIS project? What things we can do in Acquisition?
09:46 Oak that's why I always ask stupid questions to cait
09:46 Oak :)
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10:34 Oak do many libraries use the Koha'a Acquisition module?
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12:11 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "report help needed: this report should show items with a status of on order or processing (both are negative numbers) with holds on them." (13 lines) at
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12:25 jwagner nengard, in your report, why are you joining to authorized values? Doesn't seem necessary.
12:25 nengard they want to see the status
12:25 nengard and seeing a code is not helpful
12:25 nengard it would show -1 or -2
12:26 nengard they want to see "on order' or 'in processing'
12:31 jwagner Are you limiting to item-level holds? It's joining from reserves to biblio, then to items, and if you have multiple items that may account for the inflation in the count
12:31 oleonard Hi 3koha
12:31 oleonard I mean #koha
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12:41 nengard jwagner, yes that's what i think is happening - i'm counting bib level holds since there are very few item level holds ? i'm thinking the answer is that an accurate count isn't possible
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12:44 clrh hello
12:44 wahanui bonjour, clrh
12:47 jwagner nengard, I think you're right.  On the other hand, if these are on-order items, maybe you could start from the other direction?
12:47 jwagner Select from items only those with the statuses, then count how many holds are on the biblionumber?
12:48 jwagner That might get a closer count
12:53 nengard nope, same count if i only look at items and join on reserves
12:53 jwagner Well, darn.  I'm out of ideas :-(
12:54 nengard heh
12:57 magnuse i have a library asking about authorities - in their current system they can mark authorities as "candidate", "authorized" etc - is that possible in koha?
12:58 kf magnuse: I don't think it is
12:58 gmcharlt magnuse: agree with kf
12:58 kf magnuse: perhaps they coudl use an 9xx field - and jcamins will know
12:58 kf hi gmcharlt :)
12:58 kf hope to get a look at dom indexing tonight
12:58 magnuse thanks kf, gmcharlt
12:59 gmcharlt magnuse: MARC21 defines the 008/33 as level of establishment
12:59 magnuse yeah, i just saw that, but i guess that info is not displayed anywhere useful?
12:59 gmcharlt in principle Koha could use that to treat provisional and preliminary authorites as special
12:59 kf @marc 008 33
12:59 huginn kf: unknown field/subfield combination (008/33)
13:00 magnuse gah, where's jcamins_away when you need him ;-)
13:00 kf gmcharlt++ :)
13:01 gmcharlt magnuse: did your contact say if candidate authorities behave differently in their current ILS?
13:01 magnuse nope, i'm gonna ask them!
13:01 gmcharlt or does it just display somewhere but not affect indexing?
13:01 magnuse that's my guess, but i will check with them
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13:17 slef @marc 008
13:17 huginn slef: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
13:17 slef magnuse: marc21?
13:17 wahanui hmmm... marc21 is at[…]hic/ecbdlist.html ,
13:17 magnuse slef: yup
13:18 slef magnuse: see wahanui's links for a field list. Not sure if 008/33 is displayed.
13:19 magnuse well, i couldn't see it when i searched for an authority, at least
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13:40 slef probably won't be displayed directly, might be used elsewhere (zebra or icons or so on) as I think I've found 008 in bibliographic records being used that way
13:58 paul_p gmcharlt are you about ?
13:58 paul_p gmcharlt => any news about our problem to push into[…]bal.git;a=summary ?
14:00 * jcamins_away is here.
14:02 jcamins magnuse: 008/33
14:02 jcamins Koha doesn't do anything with that, though.
14:05 wizzyrea /me waves
14:05 * wizzyrea waves, too
14:06 jcamins Hi there, wizzyrea.
14:07 * kf waves
14:07 kf hi jcamins :)
14:07 kf hi wizzyrea :)
14:07 wizzyrea hi kf :)
14:07 jcamins Hi kf. :)
14:07 wizzyrea and hello everybody
14:09 kf oleonard++ for his great blog
14:09 oleonard Sorely neglected :(
14:09 kf oleonard: I am writing instructions about how to customize the opac and it's a great help
14:09 kf oleonard: you don't happen to have a followup for the new css gradient in the header? :)
14:09 * oleonard has two or three half-finished posts, not to mention my imaginary hackfest-wrapup
14:09 oleonard kf: ?
14:10 kf oleonard: and the wiki page :)
14:10 kf oleonard: my next chapter is about changing the background color of the header - but it's ok :) I will figure it out
14:10 oleonard Oh you mean a follow-up describing how to use the new CSS features for customization?
14:11 kf yep :)
14:11 oleonard How did I manage to spend a week working on nothing but Koha and come back with more work than ever? :)
14:13 kf I dunno
14:13 asaurat joined #koha
14:13 kf but I know the problem
14:13 kf but don't you feel inspired and motivated to do all those things at the same time?
14:18 clrh I am investigating a koha/mysql architecture performance problem: if I put mysql on koha source server, an opac-search take 2 times less than if I separate mysql server and koha sources - do you know thinks about this? did you work or remember works from others?
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14:20 jcamins clrh: that's odd. My experience was that there was a huge speed-up when the MySQL server was moved to a separate system.
14:20 clrh huge speed Oo ?
14:21 jcamins clrh: could it be that the MySQL configuration on the new server is different?
14:22 clrh same configuration in both cases
14:22 jcamins Hm.
14:22 jcamins That's very odd, and I have no idea what it could be.
14:25 jcamins Time to test bug 7818!
14:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
14:26 hdl jcamins: on the same physical machine or two different ones ?
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14:28 Morthland How can I turn off tag-clouds and advanced search
14:28 jcamins hdl: two different ones.
14:28 jcamins hdl: even with VMs, though, I found it was an improvement.
14:29 hdl well. On two differnent vms, same physical server, improvement can come.
14:29 oleonard Morthland: You want to turn off advanced search?
14:29 Morthland yes
14:30 hdl But on two different physical machines, it just cut performances by 0.6
14:30 jcamins hdl: hmm.
14:30 hdl unless you have some magic.
14:30 jcamins Oh, I bet I know what it was!
14:30 jcamins I had the MySQL server on a much more powerful system.
14:31 oleonard Morthland: You could hide the link, but I don't think you could prevent users from accidentally finding the page (without custom Apache configuration or something)
14:31 Morthland So,
14:31 Morthland you mean,
14:31 Morthland just comment it out
14:31 Morthland ?
14:32 hdl even on a much more powerful system, you have to tune mysql so that it manages much more connections. and initiate tcp connexions very fast.
14:32 oleonard Morthland: I don't recommend editing the templates since that creates problems during upgrade
14:32 Morthland Should I do it in CSS?
14:32 oleonard Morthland: You can turn off the tags link by turning off the "TagsEnabled" system preference
14:32 Morthland just match the colors
14:32 Morthland ?
14:32 Morthland We are just trying to simplify the interface as much as possible
14:34 clrh hdl jcamins so did it do sense to just begin a new koha-devel discussion on this archi: 2 diffrents servers one mysql and one koha, just to know more about this?
14:34 clrh hm berk - "does it make sense"
14:35 hdl clrh: could do.
14:36 jcamins clrh: that might be a good idea, yeah. Others would know much more about it than me.
14:36 Morthland Thanks a lot!
14:36 jcamins Morthland: I don't think hiding the advanced search button is going to simplify...
14:36 jcamins never mind.
14:44 jcamins oleonard: does "simplifying" the OPAC by hiding the advanced search link make sense to you?
14:44 oleonard I don't believe users need to have advanced options hidden from them if the simple options are emphasized
14:45 jcamins I feel like it's more detrimental to have users randomly ending up at a screen that they can't get to otherwise, than it would be to have an "Advanced search" link.
14:46 oleonard I agree
14:48 jcamins Okay, just wondering if I was nuts. ;)
14:48 jenkins_koha Starting build #685 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
14:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7829 - reports/ remove all exit(1) for plack <[…]9e6bf78b7a295b6e7> / Bug 7823: [SIGNED-OFF] Ergonomy improvements: Rename button to "New patron" <[…]4fe3a0a04a24bc471> / Bug 7695 - Change boolean operator from "and" to "AND" <http://git.koha-community.or
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15:07 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7090] Add "AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout" syspref to allow issue to the patron regardless of hold status <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7090>
15:09 wizzyrea hm that's not what I intended
15:12 slef wizzyrea: that happens to me often!
15:12 wizzyrea no, actually that's right, but the status isn't "needs signoff" weird.
15:17 reiveune bye
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15:18 jcamins Hrm. I'm having some issues getting my brain to work on the whole "testing bug 7818" thing.
15:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
15:18 gmcharlt jcamins: sock it to me
15:18 kf jcamins: you start without me!
15:19 kf jcamins: means you have to help me set up my test environment later :P
15:19 jcamins kf: with the speed my brain is working today, I'll be lucky if I've managed to figure out how to set it up by then.
15:19 gmcharlt not yet - I'll squeeze it in today
15:19 gmcharlt wrong window
15:19 jcamins kf: it took me almost a half hour to remember how to set up a git remote.
15:20 kf hm
15:20 kf I would need less tiem, but only when I can access my dokuwiki :P
15:20 jcamins lol
15:20 kf hey, I am a librarian - I only have to know where to look it up!
15:20 slef sounds like a professor
15:21 slef they know everything as long as they have time to look it up
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15:34 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #685: SUCCESS in 46 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/685/
15:35 jenkins_koha * Bug 7786 Adding More Lists-option to the Add-to combo of staff search results
15:35 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 5354: Partial duplication of a subscription
15:35 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 5354: Followup. Change separator
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7786 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Adding More Lists to the Add-to combo of staff search results
15:35 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: bug 5354 follow-up DBRev number
15:35 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 5354 follow-up : dealing with a wrong regexp
15:35 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 7727 - NORMARC XSLT OPAC detail view shows double tabs
15:35 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 7837 - nb-NO z3950servers.sql misses column names
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5354 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Partial duplication of a subscription
15:35 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 7695 - Change boolean operator from "and" to "AND"
15:35 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 7823: [SIGNED-OFF] Ergonomy improvements: Rename button to "New patron"
15:35 jenkins_koha * dpavlin: Bug 7829 - reports/ remove all exit(1) for plack
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7727 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Master , NORMARC XSLT OPAC detail view shows double tabs
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7837 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to Master , nb-NO z3950servers.sql misses column names
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7695 normal, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Pushed to Master , Boolean operator AND in XSLT gets translated
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Master , "New" should be "New patron"
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7829 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, Pushed to Master , reports/ remove all exit(1) for plack
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15:44 Joubu goodbye
15:46 ago43 Hi, I'm looking into a possible bug regarding Record Matching Rules and OCLC Numbers.  Does anyone have a working Matching Rule for OCLC using 035?
15:46 jcamins ago43: not off the top of my head, but the matching rule used by WashU worked.
15:48 ago43 thanks, jcamins.  I'll check that.
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16:01 jcamins Hm. rhcl isn't around, is he?
16:03 oleonard @seen rhcl
16:03 huginn oleonard: rhcl was last seen in #koha 9 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours, 22 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <rhcl> I guess I'm not very territorial, and don't see a problem with occasional collaboration or comparison between projects.
16:03 oleonard Long time ago.
16:04 sekjal I believe he's been working a lot with Evergreen recently
16:04 wizzyrea I suspect his system may be going to evergreen in a MO state consortium.
16:04 wizzyrea jinx :P
16:04 melia joined #koha
16:04 sekjal :)
16:06 jcamins Yeah, I know. I just got an e-mail about it.
16:06 wizzyrea !
16:06 jcamins Not about RHCL specifically.
16:06 wizzyrea about the missouri thing?
16:07 jcamins Looks to be a bit larger than just MO?
16:07 wizzyrea maybe, I don't know much about it.
16:08 * jcamins either.
16:08 jcamins That's why I was glancing around for rhcl. :)
16:08 wizzyrea try #evergreen maybe?
16:08 jcamins Ah, good idea.
16:09 wizzyrea hm, not there either.
16:09 wizzyrea (it's on freenode)
16:09 jcamins It's not that important.
16:09 wizzyrea and hasn't been there for even longer than he's been missing from #koha
16:09 wizzyrea double the time, actually
16:10 wizzyrea hope he's ok :/
16:12 jcamins Hmmm... Zebra appears to be running...
16:12 libsysguy left #koha
16:13 jcamins Wrong...
16:14 luisb joined #koha
16:14 jcamins Well, this might be an issue.
16:14 jcamins gmcharlt: you get search results when DOM indexing is enabled, yes?
16:15 jcamins I mean, I have lots of results, but they're all blank.
16:16 paul_p pushed some patches today, but now i'm tired. leaving, see you tomorrow morning for more QA & push...
16:16 gmcharlt jcamins: yes, I do
16:16 gmcharlt could you paste your koha-conf.xml ?
16:16 oleonard Thanks paul_p
16:21 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "gmcharlt: my koha-conf.xml" (181 lines) at
16:30 pastebot "gmcharlt" at pasted "jcamins: looks like you're missing the include of retrieval-info-bib-dom.xml" (13 lines) at
16:31 jcamins Hmmm... I think I just used the default koha-conf.xml.
16:32 gmcharlt jcamins: right, it can't just be dropped in unmodified
16:33 jenkins_koha Starting build #686 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:33 gmcharlt so something like perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log foo
16:33 gmcharlt make
16:33 gmcharlt make test
16:33 gmcharlt make update_zebra_conf
16:33 gmcharlt that is, of course, if you're using an existing database
16:33 jcamins Oh, I didn't realize that.
16:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: bug 6858 follow-up indenting with spaces <[…]4311524de2c24b963> / Bug 6858: Adds for static fines processing <[…]074f55da22395c560> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_6199' <[…]oha.git;a=commitd
16:34 jcamins I just ran perl Makefile.PL && make && make install
16:34 jcamins We should make it so that update_zebra_conf is run as part of the make install step.
16:35 gmcharlt ah, well it is, if you're installing from scratch
16:35 gmcharlt so to clarify, are you installing a new DB or working in an existing one?
16:36 jcamins New koha-dev, copy of an existing SQL database.
16:36 jcamins It's possible there were stale files in the koha-dev, though.
16:37 jcamins I'll try again.
16:37 gmcharlt jcamins: rm -Rf blib, perhaps
16:37 jcamins Yeah, I bet that's what the problem was.
16:38 gmcharlt if it still doesn't work, I'll be curious to see what your blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml looks like
16:38 hdl joined #koha
16:39 jcamins Running make now.
16:39 jcamins I always forget to clear out blib.
16:42 jcamins That line is still missing.
16:43 jcamins It's not in kohaclone/etc/koha-conf.xml either.
16:43 jcamins Missing a commit, maybe?
16:44 gmcharlt evidently
16:44 gmcharlt one sec
16:48 gmcharlt jcamins: ok, I've pushed a fix - please pull and try again
16:48 cait joined #koha
16:51 jcamins Okay, my father should be arriving with my cat shortly, so I will report back later.
16:51 gmcharlt jcamins: the cat is welcome to test too! ;)
16:52 cait now I missed all the testing?
16:52 cait :(
16:52 cait ;)
16:53 cait just got home, now dinner and house chores... and dom indexing later
16:55 oleonard OPAC URLs broken in the new share via email feature.
16:56 jcamins Share via e-mail?
16:56 oleonard jcamins: new SocialNetworks pref
16:56 oleonard Doesn't look like the feature attempts to build a full URL, so presumably all share options are broken
16:57 jcamins Ah.
16:57 jcamins Didn't look at it.
16:58 jcamins (looks like I have a few more minutes)
17:00 jcamins Hm. Got an unknown register type error.
17:00 jcamins It doesn't say what type.
17:01 gmcharlt jcamins: saw that too; though at moment just appears to be noise
17:01 jcamins Okay, now the cat is here.
17:01 jcamins Back later.
17:02 cait myshkin!!
17:02 wahanui myshkin is more than articulate enough without me performing his interior monologue.
17:17 * sekjal wishes wahanui would do feline interior monologues
17:18 gmcharlt wahanui: tuna?
17:18 wahanui gmcharlt: i don't know
17:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #686: SUCCESS in 46 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/686/
17:19 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 6199 - allow to remove duplicate barcodes
17:19 jenkins_koha * matthias.meusburger: Bug 6858: Adds for static fines processing
17:19 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: bug 6858 follow-up indenting with spaces
17:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6199 enhancement, P3, ---, robin, Pushed to Master , Allow bulkmarcimport to blank duplicate barcodes rather than skipping items
17:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6858 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Pushed to Master , Adds for static fines processing
17:23 cait hi sekjal :)
17:23 Guillaume joined #koha
17:23 sekjal hi, cait!
17:46 nengard user configurable slips documentation question - if you set up overdue notices at each branch will they all show on the notice triggers? or will only the notices for your branch show?
17:49 thd joined #koha
17:50 NateC joined #koha
17:54 oleonard-away New jQueryUI 1.9 milestone (7 months after the last one!)[…]tone-7-accordion/
17:56 cait oh
17:56 cait that's good, right?
17:57 oleonard-away Progress is good
18:01 cait hm only a short note about menu
18:03 cait oooh
18:03 cait a new blog post!
18:03 cait oleonard++
18:04 oleonard It's a start.
18:07 * oleonard wonders why everything is running so slow off of this new VM
18:07 cait hm
18:07 cait slower virtual hardware?
18:08 cait don't listen to me
18:08 oleonard It's all the same as far as I know
18:08 cait I am only trying to avoid taking care of dishes and laundry right now
18:12 gmcharlt oleonard: the VM host is now overcommitted
18:12 oleonard ah, dishes and laundry. That's why no one ever sees me during my evenings ;)
18:12 * gmcharlt finds straws, grasps
18:12 gmcharlt also, to add to my first comment - ?
18:13 oleonard It's Virtualbox running on my machine, but it's a new VM because I somehow nuked my old one
18:13 oleonard (really no idea how I managed to do that)
18:18 jcamins_away My cat has returned!
18:18 jcamins oleonard: do you have a Mac?
18:19 oleonard I'm on my PC at work
18:19 jcamins oleonard: then I don't know.
18:19 gmcharlt jcamins: we can haz new pics?
18:19 jcamins gmcharlt: not quite yet. It looks like a hurricane.
18:19 oleonard jcamins: Some kind of Mac-specific performance issue you know of?
18:20 jcamins oleonard: yes.
18:20 jcamins It was a 32-bit/64-bit incompatibility thing to do with using the wrong kind of kernel.
18:20 jcamins nengard ran into it.
18:20 oleonard Sounds scary
18:21 jcamins gmcharlt: still some issues on display.
18:21 jcamins Like... nothing displays at all.
18:21 jcamins Don't suppose that's familiar at all?
18:21 jcamins Taking a screencap now.
18:22 jcamins
18:26 gmcharlt jcamins: hmm - let me see your koha-conf.xml again
18:28 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "gmcharlt: bib configuration" (79 lines) at
18:32 gmcharlt jcamins: ok, so I'm not losing my mind (yet) -[…]
18:33 jcamins Hm. That clearly worked.
18:33 gmcharlt jcamins: could you point yaz-client at it?
18:33 jcamins I'll try killing Zebra and restarting.
18:34 jcamins Okay, there was the problem.
18:34 jcamins Working now.
18:34 jcamins Wait.
18:34 jcamins No.
18:35 oleonard For a dev install is it recommended or not to run zebra under its own user?
18:35 jcamins Not.
18:35 oleonard If not, what should the ownership of koha-dev be?
18:35 jcamins oleonard:oleonard
18:35 jcamins Oh boy.
18:36 jcamins So, I have a bit of an issue...
18:36 jcamins The items are all missing.
18:36 jcamins Not due to Zebra.
18:37 jcamins They're just gone.
18:37 jcamins They show up in the database, but not in Koha.
18:38 gmcharlt wow
18:38 jcamins Has anyone had this problem before recently?
18:39 cait jcamins: pat myshkin from me please?
18:40 cait jcamins: empty items table?
18:40 jcamins I will.
18:40 cait or from marcxml too?
18:40 cait um
18:40 jcamins cait: no, there are 50k records in the items table.
18:40 cait I mean from search
18:40 cait oh
18:40 cait that's good
18:40 cait so only missing form the index somehow?
18:40 jcamins No, they don't show up anywhere.
18:41 cait hmm
18:41 jcamins Not in detail view either.
18:41 jcamins Not even on master.
18:41 cait hmmm
18:41 cait might be a bug?
18:41 cait does it work without the dom?
18:41 cait indexing?
18:41 wahanui somebody said indexing was done by Zebra.
18:41 gmcharlt presumably not because the ebook revolution has overtaken us
18:41 cait owen had a problem like this during the hackfest I think
18:41 cait I am not sure what it was
18:42 jcamins cait: no, it happens even when I'm on master using GRS-1.
18:42 jcamins oleonard: did all your items disappear during the hackfest? How did you get them back?
18:42 gmcharlt do you have a question in to B&T?
18:42 gmcharlt *sigh*
18:42 jcamins Me?
18:42 wahanui you are an outstanding cook. or well-traveled and brilliant. or trying to think of a solution or awesome fixing broken email notifications or the wizard that forges queries in the deep fires of zebra or against all things wine.
18:42 jcamins lol
18:43 oleonard I was testing something that made my items disappear from the detail view, but I can't remember what it was...
18:43 jcamins oleonard: any hints where I might look?
18:44 cait oleonard: me neither :(
18:44 cait oleonard: wasn't it something with updatedatabase gone wrong?
18:44 jcamins Like, was it a syspref-y thing?
18:44 jcamins I'll run updatedatabase manually.
18:44 cait perhaps if you go back to 35
18:44 cait I remember that we did that
18:45 cait and run from there again
18:45 aarkerio joined #koha
18:45 jcamins Okay, that's weird.
18:45 jcamins Version = 3.0799032
18:46 sekjal jcamins:  ah, right, there were a couple days where a DB update set it to
18:46 sekjal instead of
18:46 jcamins Okay.
18:46 oleonard jcamins: How did you get back from the future and how was it?
18:46 jcamins Yay! I have items again!
18:47 jcamins oleonard: item-less.
18:47 * oleonard sings "Imagine there's no items..."
18:48 oleonard "Records exported: 5496" where are my search results?
18:48 jcamins oleonard: is Zebra running?
18:49 oleonard Oh probably not
18:49 * oleonard never gets it right the first time
18:50 bag heh
18:51 rangi Morning
18:51 wizzyrea mornin
18:52 jcamins Morning.
18:52 wahanui it has been said that morning is a state of mind.
18:52 cait morning rangi
18:52 jcamins bag: how's your testing of the DOM indexing going?
18:52 * jcamins has finally gotten it up and running.
18:53 bag haven't pulled yet… actually I'll do it now..  let's see
18:53 slef wahanui: a state of mind?
18:53 wahanui a state of mind is a beautiful thing to waste OH YEAH YEAH
18:54 slef wahanui: are you insane?
18:54 wahanui slef: i haven't a clue
18:54 slef wahanui: figures
18:54 wahanui I like *your* figure
18:56 bag what's the ref spec again jcaimins?
18:56 bag whoops jcamins
18:56 jcamins bag: bug 7818?
18:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7818 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , support DOM mode for Zebra indexing of bibliographic records
18:56 bag right isn't that in a branch ?
18:57 bag got it thanks
18:57 jcamins Oh, you meant refspec. I thought you meant "reference specification." ;)
18:57 jcamins Gotcha.
18:57 jcamins Remember, I only moved two days ago.
18:57 oleonard Whoa, slef did wahanui just hit on you?
19:01 gmcharlt must have been a very *good* botsnack
19:02 cait lol
19:06 oleonard This must be what my VM is running on:[…]st-linux-pc-ever/
19:06 rangi Heh
19:07 jcamins gmcharlt: did you adjust the CCL weightings as part of your patch?
19:08 jcamins (not saying the new weightings are a problem, just wondering)
19:08 gmcharlt jcamins: no, I left them alone
19:08 jcamins gmcharlt: really
19:08 jcamins *?
19:08 jcamins Huh.
19:08 rangi sekjal++
19:09 * jcamins consults the configuration files to see which option is doing what it's supposed to.
19:11 cait sekjal++
19:12 jcamins sekjal++
19:12 jcamins What are we giving him karma for?
19:12 slef oleonard: yeah, wahanui doesn't know I've been poisoning it
19:12 cait check wiki :)
19:12 cait slef!
19:12 slef wahanui: have a poisoned botsnack
19:12 wahanui thanks slef :)
19:12 cait rofl
19:13 rangi my stop back soon
19:13 jcamins Ah.
19:13 jcamins Yay!
19:13 slef wahanui: the VM host?
19:13 wahanui the vm host is now overcommitted
19:13 slef wahanui: progress?
19:13 wahanui hmmm... progress is good
19:13 slef wahanui: the cat?
19:13 wahanui the cat is
19:14 jcamins gmcharlt: there are some issues with relevance ranking.
19:14 slef wahanui: kf's next chapter?
19:14 wahanui kf's next chapter is about changing the background color of the header - but it's ok :) I will figure it out
19:15 slef wahanui: !stats
19:15 wahanui slef: i'm not following you...
19:15 cait lol
19:15 gmcharlt jcamins: ok, let me know the details -- if you can send me your bibset, that will also lallow for direct comparison
19:15 cait slef: you get worse than robin
19:15 cait slef: and that's not easy
19:16 cait germs?
19:16 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
19:17 slef fines on return?
19:17 wahanui rumour has it fines on return is a local modification
19:17 slef wahanui: :)
19:17 wahanui slef: huh?
19:17 slef :)?
19:17 wahanui :) is ok
19:17 mtj LLEK?
19:17 wahanui LLEK is being released just as soon as RDA is ready
19:17 jcamins gmcharlt: I'm still trying to track down exactly what the problem is.
19:17 wizzyrea oleonard++
19:17 slef wahanui: the koha community?
19:17 wahanui the koha community is an amazing thing
19:17 wizzyrea lol.
19:18 wizzyrea mtj, that's quite funny
19:19 alaquerre joined #koha
19:19 rangi back
19:21 alaquerre Hi everyone.  Technical question.  Linked with the new release of Koha 3.8.  We have some patchs we would like to submit but they are not ready yet.  Question : When we will release them do we need to re-write them in 3.8 even if we are still using 3.6.X ?
19:21 cait alaquerre: I am not sure I understand your question
19:21 cait but 3.8 is near feature freeze
19:22 cait or it already is in freeze actually
19:22 rangi if you want them in koha, you should always base your patches off master
19:22 rangi and the release maintainers can cherry-pick them back into 3.6.x or 3.8.x
19:22 rangi if they are suitable
19:22 wizzyrea so, the answer to your question is "yes"
19:23 wizzyrea except substitute "master" for 3.8
19:23 alaquerre ok.
19:23 rangi just before the release of 3.8.0 paul will branch 3.8.x and master will keep on going, but always base them on master
19:23 slef cherry-pick is different to cherry coke
19:23 sjeffery joined #koha
19:24 * slef fills wahanui with cherry-picks
19:24 jcamins gmcharlt: figured it out.
19:24 jcamins It's 245$c.
19:25 slef @marc 245 c
19:25 huginn slef: Statement of responsibility, etc.
19:25 jcamins That's getting included in the Title index, and it shouldn't.
19:25 jcamins Or, rather, it should, but it shouldn't be treated as r3.
19:25 alaquerre So if I understand correctly, what's happening right now is if a patch in 3.4.8.  The patch is interresting, someone from the community will take it and make it work on 3.8
19:26 rangi nope
19:26 rangi that might happen
19:26 wizzyrea but to guarantee it you'd have to port it forward
19:26 jcamins alaquerre: most likely that will not happen.
19:26 alaquerre ok got it.
19:26 rangi but there should never ever be a patch in 3.4.x that isnt in master
19:26 wizzyrea ^^
19:26 rangi it goes the other way
19:26 wizzyrea "always develop on master"
19:26 alaquerre Understand now...
19:27 jcamins If you do your development on 3.4.x, or even 3.6.x, it'll probably be a dead end.
19:27 rangi cool
19:27 rangi makes upgrading way less of a nightmare :)
19:29 oleonard anyone have any ideas why connections to my VM (running locally on my machine) would be so slow?
19:29 jcamins oleonard: lack of RAM?
19:29 * oleonard can't think what he might have done differently this time
19:29 oleonard I didn't think I gave it less RAM than before, but I could be wrong
19:30 jcamins oleonard: I was thinking maybe you had the old VM running prior to this one, and you ended up with this one in swap or something.
19:30 jcamins You're on Windows, right? :P
19:31 alaquerre The problem I am facing right now is that I dont have time/ressource to put those patch out.  You guy will be on 3.8 but we will still be on 3.6.  So to send out our changes, we will need to port them on 3.8 even if we wont be on 3.8.  I'm sure everyone is facing this at least once...Now my turn .. :-)
19:31 jcamins alaquerre: you need to port your patches to master, not 3.8.
19:31 wizzyrea yes, don't confuse the two
19:32 jcamins alaquerre: then, if they're well-written and won't break anything, they'll make it into 3.10. If they're for fixing bugs, they'll also make it into 3.8.
19:32 wizzyrea always develop on master. Once 3.8 is released (it's 3.7 right now), you'll develop on 3.9
19:32 * wizzyrea has seen people get hung up on version numbers before.
19:32 jcamins And from there, it'll be easier to take the patch you submitted, and put it onto 3.8 when you upgrade.
19:33 jcamins Going in the other direction, developing first for 3.6, then 3.8, then master, is almost guaranteed to be too painful for you to complete.
19:33 cait less painful to develop for master from the beginning
19:33 wizzyrea ^^^^
19:33 cait and wait a little longer
19:33 alaquerre I am not the programmer here that's why I need a bit of presision :-)  but I understand the flow know.  Bottom line : Dont wait too much or i'll have hard time coming back.
19:33 jcamins (because probably that'd actually look more like "write the code for 3.6," "rewrite the code for 3.8," "rewrite the code for 3.10," "finally be able to provide a patch against master, to go into 3.12(!)"
19:34 rangi alaquerre: thats the salient point
19:34 rangi alaquerre: commit soon commmit often :-)
19:34 oleonard alaquerre: And I hope your programmer is using git!
19:34 jcamins gmcharlt: sadly, I don't have a solution to the relevancy ranking issue.
19:35 jcamins Wait, yes I do.
19:35 jcamins I'll post it on the bug.
19:35 jcamins (P.S. You might want a stiff drink before reading the suggestion)
19:35 alaquerre I have "political" rules here and I need to take couple of month before releasing stuff. ( our programmers are people from libeo and they do use git)
19:35 rangi ahh they know how to rebase on master too, they have been doing that
19:36 rangi so thats good
19:36 alaquerre Again thanks for all answers you should see stuff comming out from us (CCSR/Libeo) pretty soon.
19:36 oleonard alaquerre: Are there bug reports for the contributions you plan to make?
19:37 oleonard alaquerre: There should be. That gives everyone knowledge about what you're working on and prevents duplication of efforts
19:37 oleonard alaquerre: You might also get volunteers for rebasing patches if people know they want the feature
19:37 wizzyrea[…]nt-patch_Workflow
19:38 alaquerre Not yet... too much patch right now.  We did a big migration last year and we need to act fast because we were in production with tons of problems.
19:38 jcamins gmcharlt: actually, my suggestion is problematic.
19:38 * oleonard is looking for this VM's face so he can punch it
19:38 alaquerre I am trying to straight everything up now.
19:38 wizzyrea alaquerre: that link was for you
19:38 alaquerre Thanks wizzerea!
19:38 cait oleonard: try chocolate?
19:38 * wizzyrea agrees
19:38 wizzyrea try chocolate.
19:38 wizzyrea also, reboot.
19:39 jcamins Chocolate. Yes.
19:39 wizzyrea :P
19:39 jcamins I need chocolate.
19:39 jcamins Ooh.
19:39 jcamins We have a pound of delicious dark chocolate.
19:39 rangi alaquerre: <-- is good too
19:40 kathryn joined #koha
19:40 jcamins BTW, Title-cover is the stupidest index for 245$a ever.
19:41 jcamins Other than, say, "Title-color," which refers to the color of the text.
19:43 aarkerio hi! I am trying to set up an Acquisition Order for first time but I am no getting the process:  need a contract in order to add  a basket? BTW, what is the basket "definition"?
19:43 jcamins lol
19:44 cait baskets are orders
19:44 cait you don't need a contract
19:44 cait you create a vendor
19:44 cait and then create a basket for the vendor
19:44 cait and then add order lines to the basket
19:47 aarkerio order lines are the physicall materials? id est, the books?
19:47 cait yes
19:47 cait but one order line can be a lot of books - if oyu order more than one for a title
19:48 jcamins aarkerio++ # for using "id est"
19:49 aarkerio ok, so contracts and basket are not related?
19:51 cait no
19:51 cait contracts don#t do much I think
19:51 cait i am not sure totally sure how they work actually
19:51 cait we don't use them
19:51 rangi[…]es-and-community/
19:52 aarkerio ok, I think I get it now, thanks pals!
19:53 wizzyrea oooh
19:54 Irma joined #koha
19:54 rangi aarkerio: you are in quebec?
19:54 aarkerio nope, Mexico City!!
19:55 jcamins Hey, fun fact... did anyone ever notice before that r3 doesn't do what we want it to?
19:55 rangi ahhhh thats right i remember now
19:55 rangi aarkerio: ok then .. kohacon13 in mexico city? :-)
19:55 jcamins It's ti,phr,r3:keyword.
19:56 aarkerio rangi: would be cool!
19:56 jcamins Which translates into ti,wrdl,r3:keyword
19:56 jcamins Which is wrong when you have "two keywords"
19:56 jcamins ccl--
19:56 jcamins @karma ccl
19:56 huginn jcamins: Karma for "ccl" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
19:56 jcamins That's it?
19:56 jcamins I'm the only person who has ever been annoyed with CCL?
19:56 gmcharlt jcamins: but I want that red book! ;)
19:57 cait oleonard++
19:57 rangi it was alaquerre in quebec i bet
19:57 jcamins gmcharlt: then maybe we should've used Title-color!
19:57 jcamins rangi: yep.
19:57 rangi aarkerio: you just need to suggest it :)
19:57 cait r3?
19:58 jcamins Relevancy.
20:01 rangi aarkerio:  :)
20:01 aarkerio ok, I will!!
20:01 rangi yay!
20:02 jcamins Hey...
20:02 jcamins I could fix relevancy.
20:02 rangi oh?
20:02 rangi i have librarians who would love that!
20:03 jcamins rangi: Yeah, it should be user-configurable.
20:03 * wizzyrea would love that too
20:04 rangi sekjal: nice whakatauki on your email :)
20:04 oleonard Did we have specific module-maintainers last time around?
20:04 jcamins Even just allowing someone to choose an order for commonly-ranked indexes would be nice.
20:04 rangi yes it would
20:04 jcamins And we could make r3 not-broken.
20:04 rangi oleonard: not really no
20:06 sekjal rangi:  thanks, it seemed relevant to the thread :)
20:06 jcamins Brooke says relevancy ranking was better in 3.0, but I don't see how.
20:07 rangi it wasnt
20:07 rangi same code
20:07 * wizzyrea wants to see popularity fixed
20:08 sekjal two levels of keyword:  keyword in important fields, and keywords in 'junk' fields
20:08 sekjal so, perhaps 'keyword' and 'full record'
20:08 jcamins rangi: yeah... this relevancy stuff has been unchanged for half a decade.
20:09 rangi exactly
20:09 jcamins sekjal: that's a start, but you still wouldn't find "It."
20:09 jcamins If relevancy was better, it's because the database was smaller.
20:09 gmcharlt a relatively easy thing to start would be to make the query expression for "relevance searching" a syspref
20:10 jcamins gmcharlt: yup.
20:10 gmcharlt just to double-check, you'll be updating 7818 with your findings re relvance and DOM?
20:10 jcamins gmcharlt: yup.
20:11 sekjal jcamins:  exact title would get really, really high relevancy.  so would exact author or exact subject
20:11 jcamins Actually the whole "I could fix it" was only tangentially related.
20:11 jcamins sekjal: right.
20:11 sekjal 'starts-with' would get slightly less, but also pretty high, ranking
20:11 gmcharlt as should adjacency
20:11 jcamins sekjal: even better, let the user decide the order for those.
20:11 sekjal jcamins:  absolutely yes
20:11 cait I am all for fixing features we advertise that don't actually work
20:12 cait or finally kill them and don't prevent it works
20:12 sekjal but provide that order by default, since it will probably work best for the most folks
20:12 jcamins sekjal: yes, that's what I'd like.
20:12 cait hm pretend
20:12 * jcamins sings songs from Fiddler on the Roof.
20:13 sekjal hmmm, can you define your relevancy algorithm in Solr?  I bet you can
20:13 jcamins sekjal: that's one of the things I'd want to know.
20:14 cait gmcharlt: hm I think I saw relevancy ranking discussed on the evergreen mailing list
20:14 gmcharlt cait: indeed
20:14 cait gmcharlt: have people come up with a definition how it hsould work?
20:15 gmcharlt cait: in the global sense? not really
20:15 cait thought so
20:15 cait it's hard
20:15 gmcharlt there are lots of examples of what people want in specific cases, of course
20:15 cait and probably differnet for different collections
20:15 jcamins cait: I suspect they've come to the conclusion that they don't agree on anything. ;)
20:16 jcamins This is why it should be user-configurable.
20:16 gmcharlt IMO, it's also something that libraries have to be prepared to tweak on an ongoing basis
20:16 * jcamins ponders what an interface to relevancy ranking would look like.
20:16 gmcharlt as well as shake their heads at authors like Stephen King
20:16 gmcharlt 11/22/63 is *not* a nice thing to name a book
20:17 jcamins lol
20:17 gmcharlt jes' saying
20:17 jcamins That's kind of awesome, in a catalog-crushing way.
20:18 rangi my autobiography is going to be
20:18 oleonard joined #koha
20:18 wizzyrea "I'm kind of awesome, in a catalog-crushing kind of way"
20:18 wizzyrea ?
20:18 jcamins wizzyrea: I think that was a space.
20:19 rangi 'The And A'
20:19 jcamins Oh. That's pretty good, too.
20:19 wizzyrea rofl.
20:19 jcamins gmcharlt: does that comment make sense?
20:19 wizzyrea that's awesome.
20:20 maximep well the book's title could be the isbn of another book
20:20 maximep that would be cool
20:20 wizzyrea you
20:20 wizzyrea ------------------- < theline
20:20 jcamins lol
20:20 rangi heh
20:20 wizzyrea j/k, that was funny
20:20 wizzyrea :)
20:21 wizzyrea or
20:21 wizzyrea you jump
20:21 wizzyrea the shark
20:21 maximep haha
20:22 oleonard Bye #koha
20:22 wizzyrea bye
20:22 rangi cya oleonard
20:23 jcamins Hehe. This search works with DOM indexing: au:3495.
20:25 * jcamins thinks he might be the only person who finds that charming.
20:25 jcamins Ooh, what about "1986" as a key word?
20:26 jcamins It does, cool.
20:26 sekjal time for me to go.  have a good night, #koha!
20:26 jcamins What about 1564-1616?
20:26 rangi maximep:!/BibLibr[…]85001273228132354  <-- translation please :)
20:28 maximep they chose koha and biblibre =)
20:28 rangi cool
20:28 maximep heh, missed that jcamins already translated =)
20:29 jcamins maximep: your translation was correct.
20:29 jcamins Mine only made sense to devotees of the Name of the Rose.
20:29 wizzyrea is "set user permissions" permission new to koha 3.6?
20:29 wizzyrea or was it there before and I just didn't notice it
20:30 jcamins Well, and people who studied the Middle Ages.
20:30 jcamins wizzyrea: I think it's been there since at least 3.4.
20:30 jcamins wizzyrea: could be wrong, though.
20:30 wizzyrea no no, that's fine I just hadn't noticed it
20:30 wizzyrea "been there a while" is a good enough explanation
20:30 maximep jcamins: I just totally ignored your translation because I don't understand it :p
20:31 jcamins maximep: good move. ;)
20:33 jcamins gmcharlt: did you fix XML-mode indexing with DOM?
20:33 gmcharlt jcamins: to that extent that it works equivalent during my initial testing
20:34 jcamins Okay, I'll give that a whirl, then.
20:36 JesseM left #koha
20:37 wizzyrea do we restrict non superlibrarians from creating superlibrarian accounts?
20:37 wizzyrea with "modify user permissions"
20:37 jcamins wizzyrea: no, someone reported that.
20:37 jcamins I think.
20:37 jcamins Maybe.
20:37 rangi yeah nengard did
20:38 rangi and i said, dont give them modify user permissions
20:38 rangi if they cant be trusted
20:38 nengard and i said that's not how it works :)
20:38 gmcharlt no cape for you!
20:38 cait hehe
20:38 nengard LOL
20:38 wizzyrea right
20:38 wizzyrea cool, that clears up my dilemma. :)
20:38 cait I think someone who can give acq and other permissions
20:38 nengard for example a circ librarian might need to give students rights
20:38 cait is probably someone with all permissions
20:38 nengard but we don't want them touching admin pages
20:38 cait and that ismostly what a superlibrairan is
20:39 wizzyrea right
20:39 cait nengard: but that's even more complicated
20:39 wizzyrea only superlibrarians should be able to create superlibrarians
20:39 nengard right
20:39 rangi right
20:39 cait nengard: so a circ librian who can't go into acq or serials could give that right to a new student user he/she created
20:39 rangi so how many permissions can you change
20:39 rangi what if i go turn them all on
20:39 rangi except superlibrarian
20:39 cait yep
20:39 rangi oh wait .. same thing
20:40 rangi which exact permissions shouldnt someone be allowed
20:40 cait I think it's ok as it works now
20:40 nengard cait i guess not - they would only be able to create more circ librarians
20:40 nengard and that gets complicated
20:40 cait nengard: I think then you are looking for a total rewirte of our permission system
20:40 cait nengard: and I really don't think it's worth the trouble
20:40 rangi create a crazy unmantainable tech solution to a human problem
20:40 nengard well not me ;) a library
20:41 rangi staff that are not trustworthy
20:41 wizzyrea I think it's ok to have to ask a superlibrarian to create an account.
20:41 wizzyrea and give perms
20:41 nengard rangi i'm on your side on this - but it's something that comes up a lot and i do say if you can't trust them fire them - but they don't like that answer
20:41 nengard this is why i can't be a public servies librarian or a director :)
20:42 rangi wizzyrea: so delete the user permissions permission?
20:42 nengard i would agree with wizzy though that only super librarians can make other superlibrarians
20:42 rangi its not that easy
20:42 rangi like i said, they could just tick all the other permissions
20:42 wizzyrea naw, because you can just tick all of the boxes
20:42 rangi exactly
20:42 rangi you have to pick exactly what permissions someone isnt allowed to set
20:43 rangi and then every library will want different
20:43 nengard yep
20:43 rangi and then ill go insane
20:43 nengard LOL
20:43 wizzyrea we can't have that
20:43 wizzyrea no I think it's ok
20:43 rangi and go on a rampage
20:43 wizzyrea my dilemma, the thing that brought it up
20:43 rangi maybe being able to disable the set user permissions
20:43 rangi as a syspref
20:43 wizzyrea was "do we give our tech accounts set user permission ... permission"
20:43 rangi would mean only superlibrarians could set permissions
20:44 wizzyrea i might be for that
20:44 rangi or you could just not tick the box :)
20:44 gmcharlt doesn't scale well, though
20:44 rangi nope
20:44 wizzyrea I'm not sure it needs a solution. we were just going to untick the box.
20:44 wizzyrea :P
20:45 wizzyrea now a "batch edit these account permissions tool"
20:45 wizzyrea that might be a worthy development.
20:45 wizzyrea :P
20:45 wizzyrea but, not really
20:45 wizzyrea because again
20:46 wizzyrea you can just untick the box.
20:46 mbalmer joined #koha
20:47 rangi :)
20:47 mbalmer goog evening
20:51 rangi meeting time
20:51 wahanui rumour has it meeting time is always going to favour one section of the globe
20:51 rangi bbl
20:52 cait and time to sleep here
20:52 cait bye #koha
20:56 cait left #koha
21:10 nengard left #koha
21:27 Soupermanito joined #koha
21:33 sophie_m left #koha
21:40 maximep left #koha
21:48 mtj has anyone else been having problems when upgrading their db on master, lately?
21:48 jcamins mtj: is your Version set to 30799032?
21:49 jcamins If so, change it to 30700032.
21:49 jcamins Then updatedatabase will work and you'll have items again.
21:49 jcamins :)
21:49 mtj i get a 'db do failed: Duplicate column name 'patronreason' at ...' error
21:49 jcamins mtj: ah. That's because it's something you already had. Ignore it.
21:49 * jcamins goes to eat dinner.
21:49 jcamins Good night, #koha.
21:50 wizzyrea mtj that one can be safely ignored.
21:50 mtj yep... that error type is not usually a big deal...
21:50 wizzyrea :)
21:50 wizzyrea but of course you knew tht
21:50 wizzyrea that*
21:51 mtj but this time it seems to be causing my upgrade to loop endlessly
21:51 wizzyrea hmm
21:52 mtj ... and, if i simply comment that 'patronreason'  block from, then the upgarde succeeds
21:53 wizzyrea is the number wrong on it?
21:53 wizzyrea or a missing something?
21:53 mtj which kinda indicates that that harmless error, is causing my upgrade to loop?
21:53 wizzyrea yea, weird.
21:54 mtj its hung on this update -> 'We are upgrading from Koha to'
21:58 mtj i have bumped into this behaviour on my dev koha, a few time in the last week
21:58 mtj its really got me puzzled
21:59 mtj basically, any type of db error causes the upgrade to loop on that specific failed update step
22:00 mtj and, as you both stated, previously those errors caused a warning during the upgrade, but the upgrade didnt fail
22:01 mtj and loop, as its doing now
22:02 mtj yet, other folk dont seem to be experiencing the same problem
22:02 mtj and even weirder... ive tested the bug on a fresh 3.6.4 db
22:03 mtj ie: loaded a clean 3.6.4 db into a master repo, been prompted for an upgrade...
22:03 mtj 'We are upgrading from Koha to', etc......
22:04 mtj ... only to have it fail and loop on update $DBversion = "";
22:04 mtj ALTER TABLE  `suggestions` ADD  `patronreason`
22:05 mbalmer no.
22:05 mbalmer no backquotes.
22:05 mbalmer thanks.
22:08 mtj mbalmer: yep, sure thing
22:08 mbalmer heh, thanks! ;=
22:08 mtj actually the 3.6.4 db upgrade on master barfs on $DBversion = '';
22:09 mtj Duplicate entry '545' for key 'PRIMARY' at /home/mason/git/head/installer​/data/mysql/ line 4614.
22:10 mtj then the web-upgrade just keeps looping back to 'We are upgrading from Koha to, you must update your database'
22:11 mtj i can replicate this bug every time, on my setup?!
22:12 mtj i'm completely stump as to whats causing it
22:16 mtj and yet... if i run the script from the shell, the upgrade works
22:17 mbalmer left #koha
22:24 ronald joined #koha
22:28 ronald Hi :)
22:31 rangi hi ronald :)
22:34 ronald Hey hi rangi :D
22:35 mtj heya ronald (mason here)
22:35 talljoy1 joined #koha
22:37 ronald Heya Mason :)
22:40 rangi ronald: you are not at SICHE anymore?
22:45 mtj wow, even more weirdness with my updatedb problem
22:46 rangi if there is a weird issue, mtj will find it .. guaranteed :)
22:47 mtj wrapping the problem update block in an eval seems to stop the from dying
22:47 mtj ... and the script gets to the end, and success , yay!
22:48 rangi yep if its throwing a full on perl error not just a dbh one, then the perl will be dying before i does the SetVersion
22:48 rangi lemme just eyeball the code
22:49 rangi oh and
22:49 jcamins 3.7.008?
22:49 mtj yeah, thats seems to be whats happening, its dying just before the SetVersion gets set
22:49 mtj yep
22:49 rangi git checkout -
22:49 rangi is COOL AS HELL
22:49 rangi try it
22:49 mtj $DBversion = '';
22:50 jcamins git checkout -?
22:50 rangi yeah without the ?
22:50 rangi checks out the branch you checked out before
22:50 rangi so use case
22:51 rangi im working in hlt-packaging
22:51 rangi i want to check this thing of mason
22:51 rangi git checkout kc/master
22:51 rangi gets me a detached head checkout of the upstream master
22:51 rangi i look
22:51 mtj aah, yep - got it :)
22:51 rangi then i type
22:51 rangi git checkout -
22:51 jcamins Oh, wow.
22:51 jcamins Nice!
22:51 rangi and im back where i was
22:52 rangi mtj: do you have dbh set to die on errors?
22:53 mtj hmm, i have recently moved my dev mysql-server to a different xen... i wonder if thats causing the new weird updatedb behaviuor!?
22:53 rangi yeah that might be it
22:53 rangi $db_user, $db_passwd, {'RaiseError' => $ENV{DEBUG}?1:0 }) or die $DBI::errstr;
22:53 rangi i bet you have debug on
22:53 rangi if you have debug
22:53 rangi it will die on error
22:54 mtj aaah, i bet i do tooo!
22:54 mtj jebus, good spotting!
22:54 rangi try toggling that and see if that makes it go away
22:55 ronald rangi: I'm still at SICHE but moved to another division.
22:55 rangi ahhh
22:56 mtj rangi:  FIXED! :)
22:58 mtj ok, well im very happy i got to the bottom of that stupidness :/
22:58 rangi handy tho
22:58 mtj i was feeling a bit nutty back there :p
22:58 jcamins mtj: don't worry, I was feeling that about you too, so it's not all in your head. :P
22:59 rangi cos running it makes it easier to spot db errors
23:01 * mtj pours rangi a beer, hands jcamins some nutzzZ
23:01 mtj mtj?
23:01 wahanui DeM KraZy NutZ!!
23:01 rangi rangi?
23:02 mtj ok, back to it peeps...
23:15 ronald joined #koha
23:23 Irma joined #koha
23:52 Soupermanito left #koha

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