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01:32 bag hi there
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01:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5911] Transport Cost Matrix of transporting an item between branches <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5911>
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03:35 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7420] Add max fines to circulation matrix <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7420>
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03:42 AmitG heya bag
03:42 AmitG BobB around?
03:42 BobB hi AmitG
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04:26 eythian @later tell larryb the packages have been updated to 3.6.2 now.
04:26 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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04:46 Oak Joke:
04:47 Oak Archie and Finnegan were discussing kissing: Archie: "Ain't it unsanitary?" Finnegan: "Maybe it is. But I can't think of a nicer way to meet a germ." ~ Duffy's Tavern, NBC
04:47 Oak Guten Morgen cait :)
04:47 Oak kia ora #koha
04:47 cait hi Oak :)
04:48 cait one joke each day? :)
04:49 Oak maybe two... :)
04:49 Oak I have another one typed, just need to copy paste.
05:46 AmitG heya Oak, cait :D
05:47 Oak Heya AmitG
05:54 cait hi AmitG
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07:10 * magnus_away magnuse
07:10 magnus_away kia ora #koha!
07:10 cait morning :)
07:10 magnus_away guten morgen!
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07:30 AmitG heya magnus
07:33 magnus_away namaste AmitG
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07:43 reiveune hello
07:43 wahanui hey, reiveune
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08:01 julian_m hello
08:01 wahanui hello, julian_m
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08:04 asaurat hi
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08:21 francharb morning
08:21 magnus_away bonjour france!
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08:21 kf hi #koha
08:22 Oak @later tell cait listen to this:[…]e=player_embedded
08:22 huginn Oak: The operation succeeded.
08:23 Oak hello kf :)
08:23 kf wb Oak :)
08:23 Oak danke :)
08:23 kf cait will listen later
08:23 kf :)
08:23 kf fredericd: around?
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08:26 Oak yep, i did that on purpose... used cait i mean.
08:26 kf :)
08:30 sophie_m hi #koha
08:30 kf hi sophie_m :)
08:31 asaurat hi kf
08:32 kf hi asaurat :)
08:32 asaurat what do you mean for the bug 7434 ?
08:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7434 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, adrien.saurat, ASSIGNED , Display of issue number for serials in overdues
08:32 asaurat I was thinking about modifying
08:33 asaurat can a koha staff member use strings like <item><<items.enumchron>></item> somewhere ?
08:33 kf ah
08:33 kf I thought you meant the letters?
08:33 kf so I might have misunderstood
08:34 kf I was talking about the overdue noties
08:34 kf so what were you talking about? :)
08:34 asaurat ok I see, maybe I should make a better description
08:34 kf and I think for the overdues reports it's a great idea
08:35 asaurat ok, fine :)
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09:25 magnuse ooh, shiny:[…]elflife/about.php (demo does not seem to work, but the tutorial video is interesting)
09:47 Oak magnuse
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09:56 magnuse Oak
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10:09 kf magnuse: you scared Oak away!
10:10 * magnuse didn't mean to...
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10:51 vfernandes hi guys
10:51 magnuse hiya vfernandes
10:51 vfernandes magnuse can you help with one thing related to Koha reserves?
10:52 magnuse probably not, but just ask anyway, maybe someone else can :-)
10:52 vfernandes example: one record with all items available
10:54 vfernandes it's done a reserve for the first available item of the record
10:54 vfernandes the reserve has priority 1
10:55 vfernandes question: as the items are all available shouldn't be the reserve waiting to be pull?
10:56 vfernandes if i check the holds queue in the circulation tab the reserve is there, but if i check the holds waiting there isn't nothing there
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10:57 magnuse i'm not sure about this, but there might be a cron job that needs to be run?
10:59 vfernandes the cronjobs for holds are runing: build_holds_queue and cancel_expired_holds
10:59 kf vfernandes: I think one of the reports is broken - but not sure which it is
10:59 kf wizzyrea would probably know
11:00 vfernandes holds queue looks fines... all reserves done are there
11:00 kf yeah, I think it is what most libraries use
11:01 kf hm there are some bug reports about hold to pull
11:01 kf but nothing says it isn't working at all
11:07 vfernandes but that's a problem :/
11:08 vfernandes if you do a reserve on a record with items available the reserve should be automatically waiting to pull
11:09 kf could you use the other report for now?
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11:09 kf hi alex_a
11:10 kf vfernandes: could you try changing the date filter?
11:10 vfernandes kf the problem is that the client needs that
11:10 kf and submitting the page again?
11:10 kf vfernandes: I think he could use the other report to pull them for now
11:10 alex_a hello kf
11:11 kf the holds queue one - perhaps
11:11 alex_a and all
11:11 kf vfernandes: can you try using the filters and check if it shows when you resubmit the page with those filters?
11:13 vfernandes i didn't understand kf :/
11:14 kf if you open the holds to pull report
11:14 kf there are filters on the side
11:14 kf I wondered if it made a difference for you
11:14 kf if you click on submit there
11:14 kf after opening the page
11:15 vfernandes the reserves to pull are there
11:15 vfernandes the problem is with reserves waiting
11:16 kf oh
11:16 kf I misunderstoot then
11:16 vfernandes holds waiting pickup
11:16 kf ok
11:16 kf have they been checked in?
11:16 vfernandes the items are available so there is nothing to check in
11:16 kf after the item is pulled you should do a check in and the item status should change to be on the shelf waiting for pickup
11:16 kf ah
11:16 kf it's working correctly then
11:17 kf holds to pickup means it's in a separate area of the library
11:17 kf someone has gone to get it
11:17 kf and put it there
11:17 kf so the patron picks it up
11:17 kf holds to pull - librarian checks and pulls them, does a return on the circulation desk
11:18 kf then the items show in awaiting pickup
11:18 kf make sense?
11:18 vfernandes damn i'm confused now.... lol
11:18 kf ok so - no it doesn't
11:18 kf make sense I mean :)
11:18 kf the trick is that you check in the available items
11:18 kf so the system can trigger the hold
11:19 kf until that happens the item on the shelf can still be checked out by someone else, even if there is a hold on the record or item
11:19 kf because the hold has not been triggered
11:20 vfernandes kf wait.... i'm not understanding (maybe becaus english isn't my best language)
11:20 kf ok
11:20 vfernandes when i go to the hold tab in the record am make a hold
11:20 kf :) I will try to start at the beginning
11:20 kf yes
11:21 kf and the item is checked out - the hold will be triggered, when the item is returne
11:21 kf d
11:21 kf ok?
11:21 vfernandes ok that's correct... bu if all items are available?
11:21 kf yes
11:22 kf then the librarian is supposed to look at the *holds to pull* report
11:22 kf and go to the shelf
11:22 kf and get the items
11:22 kf then the librarian does a return - and the hold will be triggered, like when it was checked out before
11:23 vfernandes can.'t this be automatic?
11:23 kf hm
11:23 kf I don'tthink so
11:23 kf but you might want to ask again a bit later
11:24 kf one of the things is, that someone with the book walking around the library
11:24 kf and someon places a hold on it
11:24 kf and then the person goes to the circulation desk and can not check out the book
11:24 kf which is a bit mean
11:25 vfernandes yes... i can the librarian do a return on a available item?
11:25 vfernandes *how can
11:25 kf do it
11:25 kf scan the book for a return
11:25 kf koha will report it was not checked out and the hold screen will pop up
11:25 kf and you can print the hold slip
11:26 vfernandes hummm i've tried and works like you said :)
11:27 kf hm maybe the system preference ReservesNeedReturns  influences the behaviour here - but I woudl test that thoroughly first. I have never used it
11:28 vfernandes kf i've already understand how the holds works :)
11:28 vfernandes thank you so much... now it's time to explain to the client
11:28 kf hope it works for the client :)
11:31 kf is now known as kf_lunch
11:31 magnuse kf++ for being awesome
11:32 kf_lunch hmpf
11:32 vfernandes kf++ for being patiente :P
11:32 kf_lunch lunch time :)
11:32 vfernandes bonne apettite...
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11:39 alex_a bon appétit
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12:48 m84cmx Hi all, im trying to set up ldap in Koha however when i try and log a valid LDAP (active directory) user in to the OPAC i get a 500 error and Add_Delta_Days(): not a valid date in the logs. Any idea? TIA
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14:28 * wizzyrea waves
14:30 * oleonard waves back
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14:31 hdl hi all
14:31 kf hi hdl
14:33 magnus_afk is now known as magnuse
14:33 * magnuse waves
14:33 oleonard[…]8&oldid=470201642
14:34 oleonard Developer changed from Katipo Communications Ltd. to LibLime
14:35 oleonard Added: " In 2007, LibLime acquired the Koha brand, Website and source code rights from Katipo Communications, Ltd."
14:35 oleonard Source code rights?!
14:37 magnuse "3.6.2 which contains over 2,000 reported bugs"
14:38 kf it contains bugs?
14:38 oleonard PTFS is in rare form today.
14:39 wizzyrea they bought the liblime copyrights that are littered throughout the code, if I understand correctly
14:40 kf yes
14:40 kf hi wizzyrea
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14:41 * oleonard reverts the edit
14:42 wizzyrea we could ask for a lock
14:48 kf oh nice
14:48 kf one of my libraries found a link in opac that kills firefox
14:48 magnuse ouch?
14:50 magnuse hm, worked for me, but it took a long time and i got a "a sxript on this page has stopped working" warning
14:50 magnuse *script
14:50 kf hmmm
14:50 kf does it tell you which script?
14:51 magnuse that's ff 9.0.1 on ubuntu 11.04
14:51 magnuse yeah, let me check
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14:52 wizzyrea it works ok for me, i suspect it's because the query is cached now
14:52 wizzyrea oh nm I got the "wait" too
14:52 hdl same for me.
14:53 wizzyrea same version as magnuse
14:53 kf I think I might have deactivated something in firefox
14:53 kf so it does never stop
14:53 kf or warn
14:53 wizzyrea or you upped the script timeout
14:54 kf hm
14:54 kf probably have to find out what I did before I strt debugging this
14:54 wizzyrea oh I've seen that highlight script do this before
14:54 oleonard the link looks weird
14:55 oleonard Why  "; ...." at the end?
14:55 kf catalogers?
14:55 kf I don't know actually
14:55 kf so it works without?
14:56 kf the link you posted works
14:56 kf yep
14:56 kf seems it's the ;...
14:56 * oleonard wouldn't be surprised to see "; ..." causing problems for the highlight script
14:57 hdl ... is also causing problems at search
14:57 kf ok
14:57 kf so perhaps we can fix that in cataloging
14:57 kf or in building the link
14:57 kf it should now use the ; ... for the link anyway, perhaps cataloging error
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15:06 kf ok, if anyone is interested - it's valid but should be in $v so perhaps we can fix it :)
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15:12 magnuse kf: yay!
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15:20 m84cmx Hi all, im trying to set up ldap in Koha however when i try and log a valid LDAP (active directory) user in to the OPAC i get a 500 error and Add_Delta_Days(): not a valid date in the logs. Any idea? TIA
15:27 kf m84cmx: perhaps try asking your question on the mailing list, also give the version of koha you are using and what you did to configure ldap
15:28 m84cmx yeah i will, although, i think i probably need a good config example, there a bit difficult to find it would seem
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15:32 wizzyrea[…]id-sip2-ldap.html
15:32 wizzyrea might help
15:32 wizzyrea also this:
15:33 wizzyrea those were fore m84cmx
15:33 wizzyrea for*
15:38 m84cmx kl thanks
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15:44 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
15:45 kf hi jcamins
15:45 wizzyrea hi jcamins
15:47 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7435] An inactive fund is selected a default in <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7435>
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15:52 * jcamins waves to schuster
15:52 jcamins How goes the test installation installation?
15:54 oleonard Juding from nengard's Flickr photos ByWater has a strict beards-required policy for men.
15:55 schuster pretty good, I've bumped into a couple issues that I need to resolve with my equipment, but moving along slowly.
15:55 magnuse bywater++ ;-)
15:55 jcamins oleonard: so it would seem!
15:56 schuster The testing I need to do as noted when I asked about the git pieces were very true some of the problems that were fixed by PTFS I need to see if they are still problems in community or if I will need to somehow "refactor" them to include them into community.
15:56 wizzyrea lol seriously
15:57 schuster One item that I thought was just a code change I believe is actually a template change so again more testing needed.
15:57 schuster jcamins - I saw your note about hosting and testing the linker - that was you right?  what is involved?
15:57 jcamins schuster: yup, that was me.
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15:59 schuster joined #koha
15:59 jcamins I need a MARC dump of your bibliographic and authority records (we can transfer via SFTP, FTP, dropbox, or carrier pidgeon, if you prefer), then I run the linker against them, send you the report, and give you a login to a catalog with the results. You poke around, see if things are behaving the way you expect, and give me any feedback you have.
16:00 schuster oops - closed the wrong tab!
16:00 jcamins I figured.
16:00 jcamins I waited until you came back to give you instructions.
16:00 jcamins ;)
16:01 schuster when you say dump are you saying mysql or marc extraction or?  Since there isn't a marc extractor for authority?
16:02 jcamins You need to get it from the command line: run mysql -u koha -p koha -e "SELECT marc FROM auth_header;" > ~/authorities.mrc ; gzip authorities.mrc
16:02 kf photos?
16:03 jcamins The easiest way to get the MARC for the biblios is to replace auth_header with biblioitems and authorities with biblios.
16:05 schuster OK - I'll keep the command and see if I can work my way around that.  FYI - I have about 250,000 bibs and 1.3 million items.  My auth_header came in with a count of 329137
16:06 schuster Still interested in playing with my data?
16:06 jcamins schuster: you bet.
16:06 magnuse jcamins++
16:07 * oleonard bets schuster is smooth with the ladies too
16:07 jcamins I don't need items (that command won't export them), and 250k bibs isn't that many.
16:07 schuster LOL... not so much that's why I was 32 before I got married!  better with the computer!
16:08 jcamins "What's a computer like you doing in an IRC channel like this?" ;)
16:11 magnuse lol
16:11 wizzyrea man where's the supybot bash plugin when you need it
16:11 trea left #koha
16:12 jcamins wizzyrea: lol
16:12 wizzyrea prepare to 1. laugh and 2. lose part of your day
16:12 jcamins wizzyrea: I know better than to follow that link.
16:13 kf me too, sorry wizzyrea
16:13 kf I have to figure out some xslt problems here
16:13 jcamins I also know your password is hunter2. :P
16:14 wizzyrea lolwut
16:14 jcamins You don't know that oen?
16:14 reiveune bye
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16:14 trea joined #koha
16:15 jcamins *one
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16:20 wizzyrea no, heh
16:20 * wizzyrea will have to consult "know your meme"
16:21 wizzyrea oh ok yea
16:21 wizzyrea I had seen that one lol
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16:23 nengard joined #koha
16:24 * jcamins waves to trea, talljoy, and nengard.
16:24 jcamins nengard: you'll be glad to know that the weather is actually nice here today. :P
16:24 talljoy hi jcamins!
16:24 trea hi jcamins
16:24 schuster @wunder 75074
16:24 huginn schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 9.1�C (10:21 AM CST on January 11, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.06 in 984.0 hPa (Falling).
16:24 magnuse @wunder boo
16:24 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0�C (4:50 PM CET on January 11, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.18 in 988 hPa (Steady).
16:25 jcamins @wunder 11375
16:25 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is 6.7�C (11:03 AM EST on January 11, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa.
16:25 jcamins @wunder sba
16:25 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in Santa Barbara, California is 4.0�C (7:53 AM PST on January 11, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
16:25 oleonard @wunder 45701
16:25 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 3.0�C (11:20 AM EST on January 11, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.58 in 1001.6 hPa (Steady).
16:25 magnuse got 15cm of snow today - there's 5 cm of snow clinging to every branch of every tree in the forest - rather purdy...
16:26 jcamins magnuse: it's nice and warm here today. Warmer than in Santa Barbara.
16:26 oleonard Yeah, what's up with that?
16:26 jcamins oleonard: nengard, NateC, and JesseM brought winter to Santa Barbara.
16:26 nengard jcamins not as nice as here!!!
16:27 talljoy hmpf....still haven't seen SBA by the light of day.
16:27 * magnuse would have guessed santa barbara was a place with summer all year round, but doesn't know what he is talking about
16:27 jcamins talljoy: I didn't either.
16:28 jcamins Shari said it's pretty nice, though a little short on yarn stores.
16:28 nengard druthb and i went for a walk on the beach
16:28 nengard very nice!
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16:39 * jcamins thinks he may have scared everyone with his message about bug 7430.
16:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7430 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, NEW , ModZebra should not be in C4::Biblio
16:39 talljoy left #koha
16:40 julian_m left #koha
16:44 Mkman joined #koha
16:44 Mkman Hey!
16:45 matts is now known as matts_away
16:45 jcamins Mkman: how goes the install on Gentoo?
16:46 Mkman jcamins: well the apache is configured ok. so my conclusion is that i miss something in my configuration
16:46 wizzyrea @quote random
16:46 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #176: "rangi: buy people a glass of  zomg there's actually real things to care about" juice?"" (added by jcamins at 06:02 PM, January 06, 2012)
16:46 wizzyrea hehe
16:46 wizzyrea @quote random
16:46 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt" (added by jdavidb at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
16:49 jcamins Mine too.
17:03 maximep it doesn't take much perl to make my brain hurt :/
17:04 jcamins maximep: only one line of C4::Search should do it. :P
17:05 maximep looking at it... yeah... pretty much any line is enough
17:09 maximep left #koha
17:16 schuster oleonard still around?
17:17 oleonard Yes
17:17 jcamins Run!
17:17 schuster does the jquery for the self checkout login still work or does it have to be tweaked with the TT?  I'm not seeing that link on the login page when I've upgraded to 3.6
17:18 schuster jcamins - not development just checking existing functionality!
17:18 jcamins schuster: just being silly.
17:18 * oleonard doesn't know what you mean about "the jquery for the self checkout login"
17:19 schuster in the manual it talks about putting a link to the sco files on the staff login page - selfcheckout.html
17:19 schuster Can I put that link here or not to direct you?
17:20 schuster I have that "jquery" code in my current system, but the link is not showing up now on the login page - maybe because the login page doesn't have the location anymore?
17:20 oleonard Paste the jquery code at
17:21 pastebot "schuster" at pasted "jquery for sco login on login page" (4 lines) at
17:22 talljoy joined #koha
17:23 trea joined #koha
17:23 oleonard schuster: That code works for me if I delete the line breaks
17:24 schuster hmmm ok I'll try that interesting...  Have you seen that with other jq stuff with 3.6?
17:25 oleonard schuster: I'm not saying something has changed which caused that to breka
17:25 oleonard break
17:26 schuster OK I was just wondering if I needed to take a closer look then at all the JQ stuff I have in place.  Thanks
17:27 Mkman It's still doesnt work
17:27 oleonard Mkman: What?
17:30 Mkman i think i mess something up on the configuration because it work loading the app correctly
17:30 JoeLib001 joined #koha
17:33 talljoy left #koha
17:33 JesseM joined #koha
17:33 JesseM left #koha
17:34 jcamins Mkman: maybe it's the wrong MPM. The default configuration uses itk.
17:36 Mkman jcamins: Yeh i will have to figure out how to set up that
17:37 JoeLib001 When I do an authority search I get a duplicate authority. The only difference is that it's authority record #38, instead of authority record #36. Is there a way I can delete the duplicate? I see a Delete column, but there is nothing it.
17:38 trea1 joined #koha
17:40 trea2 joined #koha
17:41 jcamins JoeLib001: that means you have something linked to the authority record.
17:41 jcamins You will have to manually change which record those bibs are linked to, then delete the authority record.
17:42 JoeLib001 The Authority Records point to the same bib record.
17:42 trea3 joined #koha
17:42 jcamins JoeLib001: that's odd.
17:43 trea1 left #koha
17:43 jcamins JoeLib001: possibly an indexing issue, where you need to wait until rebuild_zebra to run.
17:43 jcamins *for
17:44 trea left #koha
17:44 JoeLib001 sudo perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -a -b -w -r
17:44 JoeLib001 Should that work?
17:45 Mkman yeh i am of ideias meh
17:46 trea joined #koha
17:46 JoeLib001 The -a is for authority records and the -b is for bib records. I forget exactly what the -b and -r are for, but those options make the bib records sync correctly.
17:46 JoeLib001 I mean the -w and -r
17:47 jcamins Don't use -w.
17:47 jcamins -r is rebuild.
17:47 jcamins -w is dangerous (don't know what it stands for, exactly, but I know it's dangerous)
17:47 JoeLib001 Ahh...
17:49 trea2 left #koha
17:51 oleonard I'm curious if I'm approaching this query the best way
17:51 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Counting circulation of a specific collection code" (1 line) at
17:51 JoeLib001 Can I manually delete one of the authority records? Would it cause problems?
17:51 oleonard any opinions?
17:51 jcamins JoeLib001: you could, but I wouldn't recommend it.
17:51 jcamins I'd just live with having a duplicate record.
17:52 jcamins oleonard: I'd do a UNION.
17:52 trea3 left #koha
17:52 JoeLib001 What is the worst that could happen, if I delete one of them?
17:54 oleonard jcamins: Can you explain?
17:55 jcamins oleonard: one moment.
17:55 Mkman left #koha
17:56 jcamins oleonard: wait, I see what you're doing.
17:56 jcamins Lemme think.
17:57 jcamins Actually, I think that may be the best way.
17:57 jcamins Carry on.
17:57 oleonard Thanks for looking jcamins
17:57 jcamins JoeLib001: you'll have a broken link, and the system will just create a new authority record again anyway.
17:58 jcamins JoeLib001: nothing dire.
17:58 jcamins JoeLib001: but then, there is no dire effect from having two.
17:58 kf wizzyrea: not sure I explained the overdue thing right - the cool thing about it is that you can have different letters for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and for each patron category
17:59 wizzyrea nope I understood
17:59 wizzyrea what I'm on about
17:59 wizzyrea is that for the slips
17:59 wizzyrea if you get the code/component combo wrong
17:59 wizzyrea the slip doesn't work
17:59 kf yeah
17:59 kf that's true for most things
18:00 kf and most of the time it makes not much sense
18:00 wizzyrea and not only that, but the new codes aren't (yet) documented
18:00 kf ah ok
18:00 kf hm
18:00 wizzyrea issueslip and issueqslip, for example
18:00 kf ah, so branchcode + lettercode are the key but they have to be in the right module too?
18:01 wizzyrea afaict
18:01 kf cool :)
18:01 kf looking forward to see that in 3.8 :)
18:01 wizzyrea i should probably go back and check that again
18:01 kf I started testing on allowonshelfholds
18:01 kf so far nothing blew up
18:01 wizzyrea nice!
18:01 kf but still doing quite basic tests
18:01 kf still nice :)
18:05 wizzyrea well I'm glad it's going well
18:06 kf will need help later I think
18:06 * kf is not a holds expert
18:06 kf for multiple branches
18:06 kf I have not touched that part yet
18:06 wizzyrea k
18:07 jcamins kf is also a holds expert.
18:07 wahanui okay, jcamins.
18:07 jcamins kf ?
18:07 wahanui kf is, like, cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert
18:07 jcamins :)
18:07 kf not sure it works that way
18:07 jcamins kf: looks like it does.
18:07 kf hmpf
18:08 wizzyrea kf: your dinner is calling you
18:08 jcamins kf: so it is.
18:08 * jcamins hears it.
18:08 * jcamins thinks it might be a frittata.
18:08 wizzyrea kkkkkkk  fffffffffff - eeeeaaattttt mmmmeeeeee
18:08 wizzyrea plus, your couch misses you
18:08 wizzyrea it told me so
18:08 wizzyrea (go home)
18:08 wizzyrea :)
18:09 jcamins Chester the blue cat agrees.
18:10 kf lol
18:10 kf thx :)
18:11 kf I am only committing my changes and updating the todo list
18:11 kf then I will go
18:15 talljoy joined #koha
18:18 kf meh
18:18 kf po files will not update
18:20 kf ok, now they do :)
18:20 JoeLib001 Yay! I deleted the duplicate. Re-indexed and it did not come back.
18:21 JoeLib001 I am guessing, because the bib record already had a correct authority record associated with it?
18:22 jcamins JoeLib001: reindexing would not recreate the authority record.
18:22 JoeLib001 What would?
18:22 jcamins The question is whether the link that you now have will work, and whether next time you try to add a record with that subject, Koha creates a new authority record despite your best efforts.
18:23 JoeLib001 Aahh..., true.
18:24 talljoy1 joined #koha
18:26 maximep joined #koha
18:28 talljoy2 joined #koha
18:28 * jcamins passes talljoy the duct tape.
18:31 talljoy left #koha
18:34 talljoy1 left #koha
18:35 JoeLib001 The Link works and it did not create a duplicate for that bib record, but it did put in another record when I edited/saved a different bib record. Now I have 3 Nursing Periodicals Authority Records for 3 different journals.
18:36 jcamins JoeLib001: yeah, that sounds about par for the course.
18:36 jcamins You'll be very glad to know that I'm making progress on bug 7284.
18:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED , Authority matching algorithm improvements
18:38 JesseM joined #koha
18:40 JesseM left #koha
18:40 jcamins JoeLib001: (with the patches for bug 7284, Koha won't do that)
18:41 JoeLib001 Hmm...., how do I get the patches?
18:41 jcamins JoeLib001: I'd recommend waiting until they're tested and make it into Koha proper.
18:41 hdl left #koha
18:41 JoeLib001 Gotcha.
18:41 jcamins There are preliminary patches attached to the bug, which, if you're a developer-type person, you could try out and sign off on.
18:41 jcamins If you're not a developer-type person, I recommend against that route.
18:42 JoeLib001 Hmm...., should I have a version of koha other than 3.04.05?
18:43 talljoy joined #koha
18:43 JesseM joined #koha
18:43 jcamins JoeLib001: I'd encourage you to use 3.6.2 because that's the most recent stable version (or at least 3.4.7), but the work isn't available in any stable version yet.
18:43 JesseM left #koha
18:43 JoeLib001 I started migration our Journal Collection from an old program to Koha and am still getting up to speed on what I need to be doing.
18:44 jcamins JoeLib001: I'd encourage you to update to 3.6.2, then.
18:45 JoeLib001 Currently I have two installs pointing to the same db. Our Local IT guru says that's at least a smidge crazy. I tend to agree, but I haven't had time to setup a "real" server yet.
18:45 jcamins If you're just starting out, better to be using the latest stable version than to start out with an old version (with old bugs!).
18:45 jcamins That's a very bad idea.
18:45 jcamins Don't do it.
18:45 JoeLib001 Yeah, it is. :-)
18:45 hdl1 left #koha
18:45 jcamins Just stick with one "fake" server.
18:47 talljoy2 left #koha
18:51 JoeLib001 jcamins: Do you have a "tutorial" for setting up 3.6.2 that you would recommend?
18:52 JoeLib001 I have been using Ubuntu, but I am not adverse to using plain Debian.
18:52 jcamins No reason not to keep using Debian.
18:52 jcamins Just install using the packages, and it'll be super easy.
18:53 jcamins[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
18:53 jcamins Those instructions work for Ubuntu, too.
18:53 JoeLib001 Awesome.
18:53 JoeLib001 I will have to work on that. Thanks for the help.
18:53 jcamins And see
18:54 jcamins That has something to do with Ubuntu.
18:54 trea left #koha
18:54 JoeLib001 How stable are development versions?
18:54 jcamins Ehhh...
18:55 jcamins It varies, but I wouldn't use them in production.
18:55 JoeLib001 This is a ppa for ubuntu packages for development versions of Koha, they are based on the packages at
18:55 JoeLib001 That's what it says.
18:55 jcamins There are stable versions too.
18:55 talljoy left #koha
18:55 jcamins Here:
18:55 JoeLib001 Ahh.
18:55 jcamins Hm, that doesn't have 3.6.2 yet.
18:55 sophie_m left #koha
18:55 jcamins Well, I always just use anyway.
18:56 * jcamins goes to eat some lunch.
18:56 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
18:57 JoeLib001 Thanks a bunch. :-) I will look at getting us updated.
19:04 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
19:10 kf bye all :)
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20:26 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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20:38 hdl joined #koha
20:44 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Counting circulation of a specific collection code" (7 lines) at
20:45 oleonard That query is really painfully slow
20:45 jcamins oleonard: it has to create a temporary table with *all* your statistics for ALB.
20:46 cait what are you trying to do?
20:46 hdl left #koha
20:47 oleonard Get counts of circulations for each collection code per branch for a certain month
20:47 cait hm
20:48 jcamins oleonard: unfortunately, a UNION will be very slow too.
20:49 cait hm subqueries?
20:50 jcamins cait: worth a try.
20:52 cait ah
20:52 cait rangi said doing the dates like this is slow
20:52 cait better compare to a date
20:52 cait instead of using the functions
20:53 * jcamins didn't know that.
20:53 cait not sure - I remember it like that
20:54 cait oleonard, jcamins: perhaps liek this?
20:54 cait I didn#t change the dates
20:55 jcamins Worth a try.
20:55 cait I think you would have to use between ... and... here and I always forget if it's inclusive or not
20:55 jcamins It seems to me that might be faster.
20:57 cait oleonard is probably gone to get coffee - waiting for the query to finish
20:58 oleonard Yeah, pretty much :(
20:59 jcamins Hm. I think it's about time to call it a day.
21:00 cait so it's slower?
21:01 jcamins If you use EXPLAIN it tell you what it's going to do.
21:01 francharb left #koha
21:01 jcamins Without needing to run the query.
21:02 skushner joined #koha
21:03 jcamins Yeah, time to call it a day.
21:03 jcamins Good night, #koha.
21:03 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
21:04 cait jcamins_away: I was looking at explain, but not seeing much difference
21:04 cait not sure what to look for...
21:04 cait calling a day sounds good
21:04 cait good night all
21:04 collum left #koha
21:05 cait left #koha
21:13 * oleonard too calls it a day
21:13 oleonard left #koha
21:26 schuster off to a meeting and then home... see ya!
21:27 schuster left #koha
21:33 hdl joined #koha
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21:51 skushner Hi...anyone seen this before? Getting this error on GIT (DEV) install on Debian using Install.Debian by Magnus Enger..thx.(13)Permission denied: /root/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable
21:55 Guillaume1 joined #koha
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