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07:10 cait good morning #koha
08:35 rangi hi cait
08:37 cait evening rangi :)
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14:15 jcamins_away o/
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14:15 cait heya jcamins :)
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18:17 druthb o/
18:18 cait hi druthb :)
18:18 druthb :)
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18:58 magnuse o/
18:59 druthb god dag, magnuse! :)
18:59 magnuse howdy druthb!
19:01 cait hi magnuse :)
19:01 magnuse guten abend cait
19:04 jcamins How are you enjoying pizza Sunday, magnuse?
19:05 magnuse pizza sunday? never heard of it ;-)
19:06 cait mmh pizza
19:06 magnuse pizza friday on the other hand was nice... ;-)
19:06 jcamins magnuse: it's the day two days after pizza Friday.
19:06 * druthb sends the Minion out to Arby's.
19:07 magnuse jcamins: it sure is
19:07 magnuse had some leftovers yesterday, though
19:07 jcamins magnuse: I mean, pizza Sunday is the day two days after pizza Friday.
19:08 magnuse ah!
19:08 * druthb had some bacon and cream cheese pizza yesterday.
19:08 druthb blame wizzyrea.  :)
19:08 cait you are all so mean
19:08 magnuse bacon and cream cheese? hm...
19:08 druthb it was teh yummy, magnuse.  srsly.
19:09 magnuse i trust you druthb ;-)
19:09 druthb wizzyrea++  #introduction to bacon n cream cheese pizza
19:11 jcamins Bacon and cream cheese pizza?
19:11 jcamins TIRTMI.
19:11 cait ?
19:11 druthb ?
19:12 jcamins This Is Relevant To My Interests.
19:12 druthb :D
19:12 magnuse hehe
19:12 druthb It's super-yum, jcamins.
19:12 druthb sinful.
19:12 magnuse timtowtdi
19:12 cait I know that one:)
19:13 magnuse applies to pizza too
19:13 jcamins Very true.
19:13 wahanui I know. That's why I said it.
19:17 * magnuse wanders off again
19:17 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
19:20 * druthb pokes wahanui
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20:14 fredericd jcamins: a question about your linker?
20:14 jcamins fredericd: yes?
20:17 fredericd are you able to distinguish multi-terms?
20:17 jcamins Multi-terms?
20:17 jcamins You mean when there's more than one subfield?
20:17 jcamins Yes, that's the entire reason behind the work.
20:17 fredericd Let's suppose you have 3 authotities: Physic, Physic quantic and Physic nuclear
20:18 fredericd If you have in your biblio record 'Physic', when you do a Zebra search, do you get just 'Physic' or the 3 terms?
20:18 jcamins In MARC21, it will only return the proper authority.
20:19 fredericd In UNIMARC, it doesn't
20:19 jcamins In UNIMARC, since the indexing is... not so good... I have no idea.
20:19 fredericd @attr 6=1 doesn't seem to work...
20:19 huginn fredericd: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:19 jcamins Unfortunately, there's no way to fix that with UNIMARC indexing being in GRS-1.
20:19 fredericd I agree
20:20 jcamins fredericd: yes, that's correct. With GRS-1, @attr 6=1 is essentially a no-op.
20:20 fredericd Do you have a public MARC21 z3950 server?
20:20 fredericd I would like to do some tests
20:20 jcamins fredericd: PM.
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20:22 druthb cd
20:22 druthb hrm....
20:23 jcamins druthb: don't think that'll do much in this window. :P
20:23 druthb probably not.
20:31 * druthb puts in a requisition for a new Silly Hat.
20:31 cait ?
20:32 druthb The Silly  Hat is awarded when someone does something really silly that causes an error in a script.  talljoy and I have been swapping it back and forth a lot lately, so I'm thinking we just oughta both get one.
20:33 cait I would say it happens
20:33 cait and vote for a smart hat for finding the mistakes :)
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20:35 druthb but I wouldn't get to wear it very often, cait.
20:35 * druthb isn't terribly smart lately
20:35 * cait disagrees
20:39 * druthb is gonna duck off for a bit, maybe take a nap or a long soak in the tub.
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21:26 jcamins fredericd: so will I be able to persuade you to sign off?
21:27 jcamins :)
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22:13 BobB good morning all
22:15 jcamins Hi BobB.
22:15 jcamins (not quite morning here;)
22:31 BobB hi jcamins
22:31 BobB Its not quite summer where you are either.
22:32 BobB We're back to work after our summer break.  (:  It always seems a week too short.
22:33 magnus_away welcome back BobB
22:33 BobB thx magnus_away
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23:12 Judit joined #koha
23:12 Judit hi
23:13 Judit happy new year :)
23:17 BobB /quit
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23:41 schuster Well this day has gotten away from me!
23:41 schuster If I wanted to pull a patch from a remote private git repository how do I do that?  do I need to clone the whole thing into my current git or how does that work?
23:42 jcamins schuster: which git repository?
23:42 jcamins I mean, how's it hosted?
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23:43 schuster hang on, it's some work we had ptfs do so it is in the liblime repository.
23:44 jcamins schuster: oh boy.
23:44 schuster github
23:44 jcamins schuster: bad news.
23:44 wahanui somebody said bad news was that it is still H::T::Pro.
23:44 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:44 jcamins Heh. That's part of the bad news.
23:44 wizzyrea O.o
23:44 jcamins schuster: you're on Koha, but want to use some LL code?
23:44 schuster Yes I know, but there are a few "patches" that they did that are not template related.
23:45 jcamins Almost none will apply, I suspect.
23:45 schuster Actually I'm on LL code right now wanting to move some of the patches they have done for me to community.
23:45 Irma Happy New (@work) Year #Koha
23:45 jcamins However, I'll go over the process.
23:45 schuster Thank you jcamins
23:45 jcamins And you'll find out whether it applyes or not.
23:45 jcamins *applies
23:45 schuster Same to you Irma
23:46 * wizzyrea waves at Irma
23:46 Irma Looking forward to working the Koha Community again after a few weeks of R&R
23:46 Irma waves back to schuster and wissyrea
23:47 jcamins schuster: bad news.
23:47 wahanui it has been said that bad news is that it is still H::T::Pro.
23:47 jcamins There are no branches.
23:47 jcamins You'll have to cherry-pick *everything*.
23:47 wizzyrea forget bad news
23:47 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot bad news
23:47 schuster There are only about 5 items that I want to cherry pick.
23:48 schuster to play with locally to see if I can get them over.
23:48 jcamins schuster: are you using master for your work?
23:48 schuster yes master
23:48 jcamins Okay.
23:49 schuster = what I am looking at is a change in sco and there is some "new code" from circ/courses
23:49 schuster opac/sco/...
23:49 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "schuster: getting LL code" (6 lines) at
23:49 schuster I'm starting small with the sco to see how bad the headache is going to be over the next...
23:50 jransom joined #koha
23:51 jransom ROBIN
23:51 jransom oh sorry
23:51 schuster Then those commands will copy the commit i'm interested in over to my master branch for testing?
23:51 jransom caps lock dodgy ..
23:51 jcamins They'll copy them over into a new branch called llcherrypick
23:52 jcamins Don't do work on Master.
23:52 schuster actually it creates a llcherrypick branch right.
23:52 jcamins If you do that, life will be bad.
23:52 schuster yes I don't want to do things in Master I understand that...  I played once with a submission, but that was awhile ago.
23:52 schuster Thanks jcamins we'll see how this goes.
23:53 jcamins In order to identify the commits you want, you may need to check out github-ll and do a git blame ${whatever file you're interested in}
23:53 schuster Yes I have done some of that...  Just couldn't figure out how to get to the cherry pick yet.
23:54 schuster to update my current "clone" is it better to do git pull or git fetch?
23:54 jcamins schuster: BTW, you were asking about bug 7284.
23:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7284 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED , Authority matching algorithm improvements
23:54 schuster Oh yes jcamins how was that moving along?
23:54 jcamins I always to `git fetch origin` followed by `git pull`
23:54 jcamins schuster: very well.
23:55 jcamins Preliminary patches attached.
23:55 schuster and when is the rebase used in this whole process
23:56 jcamins I also created bugs for some of the other enhancements I'd like to see, but don't have funding for.
23:56 jcamins Never!
23:56 jcamins I mean, later you might want to.
23:56 schuster OK I just see people talk about that all the time so just wasn't sure...
23:56 jcamins If master changes, you might want to rebase your new llcherrypick branch.
23:56 jcamins But, with what you're doing, if you try to rebase LL commits...
23:56 jcamins it will be bad.
23:57 schuster I won't do anything until I get recommendations on my next step from my friends here!
23:57 jcamins :)
23:57 jcamins Good luck.
23:58 * jcamins goes to eat some dinner, and do something that doesn't require any brain cells.
23:59 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
23:59 schuster Schuster is about to follow jcamins to see what he is going to eat...  I think we're doing leftovers...  better wander to the kitchen myself.
23:59 schuster before my 2 natives get restless.

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