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03:17 AmitG heya chris, bag Happy New Year
03:17 bag hey AmitG happy new year
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04:38 cait good morning #koha
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04:57 bag hey cait
04:58 bag happy new year
05:00 Oak kia ora #koha
05:00 Oak Guten Morgen cait :)
05:01 cait happy new year bag and Oak :)
05:01 Oak hmm
05:01 bag :)
05:02 Oak Happy New Year!
05:02 bag you too Oak
05:02 Oak :)
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06:46 AmitG heya cait Happy New Year :)
06:46 cait Hi Amit :)
06:46 cait happy new year
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07:27 magnuse happy 2012, #koha!!
07:34 cait happy new year magnuse!
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07:58 julian_m hi #koha
07:59 alex_a hello #koha
07:59 alex_a and happy new year
08:01 magnuse happy new year, cait AmitG julian_m alex_a
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08:04 julian_m happy new year magnuse
08:04 kf good morning #koha
08:05 asaurat hi all !
08:05 asaurat and happy new year =)
08:05 kf happy new year #koha, julian_m and asaurat :)
08:05 magnuse good morning and happy new year kf
08:07 asaurat gut gerutscht in neues Jahr, kf ? :D
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08:10 kf ja, alles gut :)
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08:46 clrh hello all, back from holidays, happy new year :)
08:47 magnuse happy new year clrh
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09:07 francharb hi
09:07 wahanui hey, francharb
09:09 kf happy new year francharb and clrh :)
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09:15 Oak @wunder moon
09:15 francharb kf, best wishes!
09:15 huginn Oak: Error: No such location could be found.
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09:17 magnuse ooh, hot!
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09:22 Oak magnuse
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09:24 magnuse Oak
09:24 magnuse next gbsd?
09:24 wahanui next gbsd is[…]bug_squashing_day
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09:34 kf oh on friday! nice!
09:34 magnuse yup
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10:04 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6132] System preferences are case sensitive <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6132>
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10:33 kf *sighs*
10:33 kf availability information of result list on opac detail page? :(
10:39 magnuse ?
10:40 magnuse hoping for some magig help from wahanui?
10:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5358] keep track of cancelled orders <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5358>
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11:28 kf magnuse:
11:28 kf no hoping someone says he has a patch for it :(
11:28 magnuse hehe
11:28 magnuse didn't quite catch what the problem was, though?
11:28 magnuse availability info on result lists?
11:28 kf no
11:28 kf on detail page
11:29 kf like it shows on result list - colorful link in middle of my bilbiographic record display
11:29 * kf is confused
11:32 kf oh interesting
11:32 wahanui somebody said interesting was good
11:32 kf turning off the 865 as image pref made it disappear
11:34 kf hm now it reappeared
11:34 kf this is weird
11:36 magnuse sorry - you get the colorful link and don't want it, or the other way around?
11:36 kf I get it
11:36 kf where it should not appear
11:36 kf on the detail page
11:36 magnuse oh, never seen that
11:36 magnuse current master?
11:36 kf yeah
11:36 kf I am quite surprised too
11:36 kf 3.6.2
11:41 magnuse weird
11:42 kf very weird
11:42 kf it shows right under publisher
11:52 kf I think I know what it is
11:52 kf or not
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12:00 dpavlin we had quote a few wiki pages link spammed by user Zoe23. I can't seem to find option to revert to previous version of page. Am I missing something?
12:01 kf hi dpavlin - happy new year
12:01 kf magnuse will probably know
12:01 magnuse you need to have special privileges, i think
12:01 magnuse i have blocked the user
12:01 dpavlin Happy new year everyone :-)
12:03 dpavlin On un-related note, I'm ugrading our production to latest master, and I have need for value_builder to call perl code on save instead on page generation.
12:04 dpavlin Would it make sense to try to somehow introduce value_builder callback on optional http request param
12:04 dpavlin as opposed to cludge which is one-line change inside ./cataloguing/
12:05 magnuse think i rolled back all the changes by Zoe23 now, thanks for alerting dpavlin
12:05 dpavlin Use case is multiple callnumbers sequences (implemented in table) which should trigger increment on save to prevent gaps in ranges
12:06 dpavlin We have similar problem now for barcodes (which fail on save if somebody allready reserved this one), but current unique constraint can't be applied to multiple sequences in one field
12:07 dpavlin I should probably brain-dump this to koha-dev also ;-)
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12:28 kf hm, so the problem is that callnumbersr should be incrmented
12:28 kf but we can not use the same solution as for barcodes
12:28 kf because callnumbers are no unique fields
12:29 kf dpavlin: that right?
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12:37 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6751] Link in to export a barcode file <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6751>
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12:43 dpavlin kf: in my case, they have to be unique within same prefix (and without gaps).
12:44 dpavlin another example is inventory book we have to keep for each item which is again a number,
12:44 dpavlin this time with year as first part, and 1... numbers for each item in that year.
12:46 kf dpavlin: for the inventory number there is a new field now - stocknumber
12:46 kf and there is also a plugin for that
12:46 kf but not sure how it works
12:47 kf or it is not really new now :)
12:47 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7162] Factorize code for order cancellation <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7162>
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12:47 kf but perhaps you might want to look at those
12:47 kf happy new year sekjal
12:47 sekjal happy new year, kf!
12:48 jcamins_away Happy new year, sekjal!
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12:48 sekjal happy new year, jcamins!
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13:08 dpavlin kf: thanks. from looking in the code of cataloguing/value_builder/stocknumber* it doesn't seem to have any check for duplicate values (which we had with similar code in first iteration of our changes)
13:08 kf stocknumber was a unique field at first... but that was changed later
13:08 kf so perhaps it didn't need to check at first, but now should
13:09 dpavlin main problem is that two open browsers will allocate same next stocknumber, and when one of them saves item, another will get error and will have to re-do save.
13:10 dpavlin This doesn't seem to be a problem, but when there are 2 people doing this at same time, collisions do occur.
13:11 dpavlin From time to time, we also get student help, which makes this problem even worse.
13:12 kf I understand
13:12 kf I am not sure how other systems do that
13:12 kf seems like a common problem
13:12 kf but if you "reserve" the number
13:13 kf and the item is not cataloged, cancelled and someone else has used the next higher number... you will end up with a gap
13:13 dpavlin my approach is to assign number at save time (so librarians will see it in current page reload) instead at page generation time.
13:13 kf sekjal: still around?
13:13 sekjal kf:  yes
13:14 sekjal just trying to catch up after over a week off :/
13:14 kf can I show you something weird to see if you have an idea about it? :)
13:14 sekjal sure
13:14 kf it's a 3.6.2 install
13:14 kf and my title is a link with the biblionumber and it shows availability information on the detail page
13:15 kf of course... there are only a few records in the database where this happens why most of them look completely normla
13:16 sekjal normal or XSLT view?
13:17 kf xslt
13:18 sekjal I forget, marc21 or unimarc?
13:18 kf marc21
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13:18 kf hi paul_p
13:18 kf and a happy new year :)
13:18 paul_p happy new year everobody !!!
13:22 magnuse happy new year folks!
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13:22 sekjal kf:  that's really weird... any abnormalities in the MARC?
13:24 kf no, a very simple record
13:24 kf I compared with one that works... I don't see it
13:24 sekjal is there anything in the Summary field of the particular item type?
13:24 kf judging from the xslt it should not be possible to display like that
13:24 sekjal and are the Framework codes standard?
13:25 kf no and yes
13:29 jcamins "Zebra would hate you forever."
13:29 jcamins Heh. Very true.
13:30 paul_p happy new year jcamins & sekjal & magnus_afk !
13:30 sekjal kf: I can't see why the XSLT would process the availability template...
13:30 sekjal happy new year, paul_p
13:31 jcamins Happy new year, paul_p.
13:31 kf sekjal: me neither
13:31 kf it's driving me crazy
13:31 kf the only idea I have is that it's using the result xslt
13:31 kf instead of the detail xslt
13:32 kf but why would it do that? and why only for some records?
13:33 sekjal can you reproduce this reliably, or does it seem to happen at random?
13:33 kf I had the case where suddenly the record would display normally
13:33 kf it seems to happen when I get it from the result page
13:34 jcamins Hey, fun fact: with DOM indexing there is not actually a reason why one couldn't support UNIMARC and MARC21 in the same installation. Other than the fact that doing so would be absurd.
13:34 kf jcamins: ;)
13:35 kf wonder why robin was awake!
13:35 sekjal kf:  do you mean when you click a results link, or when there is a single result, and Koha auto-forwards?
13:35 kf results link
13:35 sekjal memcached enabled?
13:36 kf nope
13:36 kf and
13:36 kf I am looking at the same record now
13:36 kf in 2 different tabs
13:36 kf one I searched for directly - auto-forward, that displays right
13:36 kf one I went to from the result list, using the new back/forward buttons
13:36 kf and that is wrong
13:36 kf it really seems to use the wrong xslt
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13:39 sekjal only occurring when using the back/forward dev, or also straight from a search results list (
13:40 kf from result list too
13:40 kf hm sometimes
13:43 kf oh
13:43 kf I found a pattern
13:43 kf sekjal: it's always the last record from a result list that's broken it seems
13:43 kf or from a result page
13:43 kf yes
13:43 kf I can reproduce
13:44 kf search for anything, more than 20 hits, open last record on the page
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13:45 jcamins Whoah!
13:45 jcamins That's crazy!
13:46 jcamins sekjal: you should try it. It's incredible. :)
13:46 jcamins And clearly a bug.
13:46 sekjal had to adjust my sysprefs... testing
13:46 sekjal confirmed
13:47 sekjal only happens if OPACXSLTResultsDisplay is on
13:47 kf what a reliev
13:47 kf relief
13:47 kf I started to feel crazy
13:47 sekjal OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay must be on, too
13:47 sekjal of course
13:48 kf and it explains why the same record would work sometimes
13:48 sekjal okay, great, bug confirmed... now how the heck is is happening?
13:48 kf you 2 tested on master?
13:48 kf I have a 3.6.2
13:48 kf I can file a bug... perhaps someone wants to search for a solution? ;)
13:49 sekjal two week old master for me
13:49 * jcamins is on latest master, with a few additional patches.
13:49 jcamins Nothing that would impact display, though.
13:52 * paul_p discussing with other BibLibre developers of C4=>Koha namespace, preparing our next IRC meeting...
13:52 jcamins paul_p++
13:53 jcamins paul_p: who would be a good person to talk to about authorities in UNIMARC?
13:54 paul_p jcamins, mmm... technical or functionnal question ?
13:54 jcamins paul_p: technical, but pretty basic.
13:55 jcamins paul_p: I'm looking at authority linking.
13:55 paul_p jcamins, throw your question, I should be able to answer. Or give you the right person nickname ;-)
13:55 jcamins paul_p: sounds good.
13:55 paul_p francharb, you would be helpfull here probably !
13:56 sekjal kf: use of the Details display is hardcoded into the code... there is just one line to fetch the XSLT displayed info, and it passed "Display" as a string
13:56 jcamins paul_p: if I want to create a heading in a bib record so that it matches an authority record, what field should I look at in the authority record, and should I be changing the tag or indicators at all in the heading for the bib record?
13:56 sekjal so it must be getting superceded by something... some kind of caching
13:57 paul_p jcamins, I don't understand
13:58 kf sekjal: I asked my coworker - no caching here. and it's been reproducable in 2 different installations now
13:58 kf it's weird!
13:58 kf working on the bug report
13:59 sekjal it's got to be the new next/previous links
13:59 sekjal that code is pretty complex
13:59 kf it wasn't in my tests
13:59 kf I did a new search
13:59 kf and selected the last link
13:59 kf not using the new feature at all
13:59 jcamins paul_p: in MARC21, if I have an authority record and want to create a heading that will match that authority record, I look for a 1xx field in the authority record, and change (for example) '100' to '600'.
14:00 sekjal sorry, I didn't mean the links themselves, I meant the new code in opac/ that creates them
14:00 sekjal it must have side-effects
14:00 paul_p jcamins, OK, got it. It depends on the authority type. it's a 2XX field.
14:01 sekjal I should have been harder-nosed about wrapping it all in a syspref.  using JS/CSS to hide it seemed like enough...
14:01 paul_p jcamins,[…]/uniafull.htm#2--
14:01 paul_p 200 Heading - Personal Name
14:01 paul_p 210 Heading - Corporate Body Name
14:01 paul_p 215 Heading - Territorial or Geographical Name
14:01 paul_p 220 Heading - Family Name
14:01 paul_p 230 Heading - Uniform Title
14:01 paul_p 235 Heading - Collective Uniform Title
14:01 paul_p 240 Heading - Name/Title
14:01 paul_p 245 Heading - Name/Collective Uniform Title
14:01 paul_p 250 Heading - Topical Subject
14:01 francharb paul_p, ?
14:02 jcamins paul_p: hm, now how do I add those headings to a bib record?
14:02 paul_p francharb, jcamins has a question about authorities, but it seems I can answer myself. feel free to add anything !
14:02 sekjal brb
14:02 kf bug 7394
14:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7394 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Broken detail page for last link from result page
14:03 paul_p jcamins, the | auth_tag_to_report into auth_types table.
14:04 jcamins paul_p: but that's for the authority record and not the bib record, right?
14:04 francharb jcamins, 2XX is the tag for authorities heading. Then, in the biblios, you can use those heading in the 5XX, 6XX or 7XX
14:04 paul_p if you say biblio field 700 is linked to authorities "topical subject" and say for authorities "Topical subject" have 250 field reported to biblio, then, 250$* will be copied into 700$* when you select an authority
14:05 francharb jcamins, except that 7XX is for personnal/corporate name. For topical subject, you should use 6XX in the biblios
14:06 paul_p oups, francharb is right !
14:06 paul_p wrong example...
14:07 * jcamins thinks maybe he will provide the test for MARC21, and then send an e-mail begging UNIMARC experts to help with the UNIMARC tests.
14:08 jcamins francharb: wait, 6xx is for UNIMARC, too?
14:08 francharb jcamins, yes
14:08 jcamins francharb: okay, I think maybe I'm understanding this after all.
14:08 jcamins francharb: can you have personal name subjects?
14:09 francharb jcamins, yes
14:09 francharb for example
14:09 francharb you can have
14:10 francharb auth heading : 200 $a Hugo $b Victor
14:10 jcamins Perfect!
14:10 francharb and use it
14:10 jcamins Exactly what I need!
14:10 francharb for a 600 $$a Hugo $b Victor (if the book is about Victor Hugo)
14:11 francharb or
14:11 francharb for a 700 $a Hugo $b Victor (if its a book by Victor Hugo)
14:12 jcamins francharb: thanks.
14:12 jcamins francharb++
14:14 francharb jcamins, if you need more examples, just ask me! ;)
14:14 jcamins francharb: thanks. I'll need a UNIMARC sign-off when I'm done with this, so now I know who to pester. :)
14:15 francharb hehe
14:15 francharb on friday, i will be working on signing off patches the whole day ;)
14:15 * jcamins won't have this done by Friday.
14:16 francharb next time then! ;)
14:16 kf francharb: friday is a holiday here :)
14:16 kf but will still be there signing off and testing
14:16 francharb just let me know when it's done jcamins
14:16 francharb kf++
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14:20 jcamins Does anyone know if this will work: $bibfield->update(tag => $bibfield->tag() =~ s/^./6/);
14:29 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
14:29 jcamins_away (it won't, tag() doesn't work... I'll have to ask gmcharlt later)
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15:32 greenmang0 hi friends, i just downloaded latest koha source code ... 3.06.02 .. when executing "perl Makefile.PL" the very first line says "unable to locate koha-conf.xml in src/koha-3.06.02/C4/ line 308"  ... will there be any problem while installing?
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16:04 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6374] Use "size" as names/hash keys leads to an unexpected results when using Template::Toolkit (name of a virtual method there) <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6374>
16:07 magnus_afk greenmang0: nope, that line always shows up i think... not sure why
16:14 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7396] Debarred message not displayed over SIP2 <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7396>
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16:43 cait hi again #koha
16:45 gaetan_B bye !
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16:49 jcamins_away Ah, BibTeX export. How I do loathe thee.
16:53 cait yeah
16:53 cait I figured out yesterday that our marcxml export for more than one record is not really looking right
16:54 cait it's doing single exports all over and over and sticking them together
16:54 cait so no root element around them all and repeated definitions of <? xml
16:56 jcamins_away cait: yeah.
16:56 jcamins_away cait: that's a serious problem for indexing.
16:59 cait hm?
16:59 cait not sure it's a problem for indexing
16:59 cait it's only ugly as an export format
17:00 cait where export = toold / eport bibliographic records and exports from cart and shelf :)
17:00 cait toold = tools... can't type
17:02 greenmang0 magnus_afk, thanks ... i installed koha and everything worked as expected :)
17:07 jcamins_away cait: no, it's a big problem for indexing.
17:07 jcamins_away cait: take a look at, and ask yourself "why?"
17:08 jcamins_away cait: actually, don't do that.
17:08 jcamins_away cait: it's depressing.
17:08 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
17:08 cait ok
17:08 cait so why do we do it that way?
17:08 jcamins ;)
17:08 jcamins cait: you asked! No! It's too depressing!
17:09 cait hm ok
17:09 cait will not do it then
17:09 jcamins :)
17:09 jcamins cait: 5xx in authorities is see *also* from.
17:09 cait ok?
17:09 fredericd hello to all and happy new year
17:10 jcamins cait: you asked me earlier.
17:10 cait yes
17:10 cait but that much I knew
17:10 cait I only wondered where the difference is between see also from an see from :)
17:10 jcamins Ah.
17:10 jcamins "See from" means "don't use this term, use this other one."
17:11 jcamins "See also from" means "you can use this term, but here's something else you might be interested in."
17:11 cait ah
17:11 cait so
17:11 cait see also froms have probably their own auth records?
17:14 jcamins Right.
17:20 cait ok thx!
17:21 jcamins You're welcome.
17:50 greenmang0 friends, i want to add Author Name but 100a tag is locked ...
17:51 greenmang0 how can I add author name?
17:53 cait authortities faq?
17:53 cait hmm
17:53 cait it wants you to add an authority
17:53 cait you have to decideif you want to use authorities or not
17:54 cait authorities faq is[…]/faq/authorities/
17:56 greenmang0 cait, *click*
18:00 greenmang0 cait, thanks
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18:01 cait was teaching wahanui too
18:01 cait authorities faq?
18:01 wahanui authorities faq is[…]/faq/authorities/
18:01 cait :)
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18:48 libsysguy o/
18:48 cait hi libsysguy - and a happy new year :)
18:48 libsysguy hi cait...happy new year to you too :)
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18:49 libsysguy seen nengard
18:49 wahanui nengard was last seen on #koha 3 days, 37 minutes and 0 seconds ago, saying: wow - warmed up here [Fri Dec 30 18:11:47 2011]
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18:50 bag @wunder 93109
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18:52 libsysguy yo bag any word on bug 5549
18:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5549 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , Hourly Loans
18:52 bag we're testing it
18:52 bag and I think it's almost ready for a sign-off
18:52 bag I'm pushing too libsysguy
18:53 libsysguy w00t
18:53 libsysguy nengard said that she was doing some testing
18:54 * libsysguy is afraid of merge conflicts in production after holiday updates
18:54 bag heh
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19:41 schuster I was looking at the bugs database today and came across Bug 6582 - it seems to be working with the latest koha can this be closed?
19:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6582 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Can't upload patron images
19:50 cait 3.2.9 is EOL - I thiink I would close it WONTFIX and comment it's working in master
19:54 schuster cait thanks will do.  I am looking at some of the older logs that I had even put in and seeing which ones we now have resolved etc...  bumping up against others that I just scratch my head on!
19:55 cait logs?
19:55 wahanui logs are at
19:55 cait not you wahanui :)
19:58 schuster sorry bugs.
20:02 cait ah :)
20:02 cait cool!
20:02 cait we have gbsd on friday, perhaps you might want to join the fun :)
20:03 cait we can really use more hands on the bugs
20:04 schuster Yes I hope to be able to do more in the near future...  I had some help getting my "dev" environment setup and am working toward being part of the community again.
20:06 cait :)
20:06 cait oh
20:06 cait and happy new year!
20:09 schuster same to you!  It is looking to be a great year!!!  Lots of hope and opportunity!
20:25 cait :)
20:37 schuster left #koha
20:55 Guillaume1 joined #koha
20:56 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
20:56 jcamins sekjal: consider yourself nudged about QAing bug 1633. :)
20:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1633 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kmkale, ASSIGNED , Add ability to take book cover images from local img db
20:57 * jcamins checks an item off his to-do list.
20:57 cait heh
20:58 jcamins Myshkin checks an item off his to-do list: prevent Jared using the keyboard.
20:58 * cait pats myshkin
20:58 jcamins He liked that.
20:58 jcamins He's purring loudly.
20:59 cait :)
21:01 jcamins (he has a hard life... no one ever pays any attention to him, so any attention is much-appreciated)
21:02 cait poor myshkin
21:02 cait ;)
21:02 jcamins Also, his bowl is always overflowing with food. That's not nearly enough.
21:03 cait this cat has a hard life
21:21 cait left #koha
21:22 trea joined #koha
21:26 jcamins Happy new year, trea.
21:26 * jcamins hopes you like fudge. :)
21:27 trea thanks jcamins, it is fantastic
21:27 trea both the year, and the fudge
21:28 jcamins trea: good. I know that everyone else is a fan of fudge, but you'd never mentioned an abiding love for individually wrapped fudges. :)
21:29 trea i'm not usually. i do appreciate a well made confection, however. and they are quite good
21:29 jcamins :)
21:29 jcamins I will forgive the blasphemy, since you have made an exception.
21:30 trea ha
21:36 magnus_afk is now known as magnus_away
21:38 Guillaume1 left #koha
22:03 alex_away left #koha
22:03 alex_away joined #koha
22:22 jcamins gmcharlt: around?
22:24 sekjal left #koha
22:42 jcamins gmcharlt: never mind.
23:18 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:18 * wizzyrea waves
23:18 * jcamins waves back.
23:19 trea left #koha
23:25 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5786] Move AllowOnShelfHolds system preference to the Circulation Matrix <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5786>
23:27 jcamins wizzyrea: well-done on the last sign off of the year.
23:29 wizzyrea oh hi thanks!
23:41 wizzyrea how is everyone today
23:42 * jcamins is good.

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