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06:17 rangi[…]monsense-prevails
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08:00 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
08:01 cait hi kmkale
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09:47 cait rangi++
09:47 rangi doesnt work without the bot
09:47 cait oh no!
09:47 cait perhaps we should drop gmcharlt a note? asking nicely to bring back huginn?
09:48 rangi go right ahead
09:48 cait heh
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09:54 magnuse kia ora #koha
09:55 rangi heya magnuse
09:55 wahanui somebody said magnuse was afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
09:55 magnuse hehe
09:55 magnuse hiya rangi
09:56 cait hi magnuse :)
09:56 cait you have good timing
09:56 cait :)
09:56 magnuse guten morgen cait!
09:56 magnuse good timing?
09:57 cait yep, you can take over for rangi :)
09:57 magnuse as your moral support?
09:57 cait exactly :)
09:58 magnuse hehe
09:59 magnuse i should head out in about 30 minutes
09:59 magnuse catch what little light i can
09:59 magnuse and hey, it's not raining!
10:01 cait ooh
10:01 cait ok, I will go and vote then
10:02 magnuse you're having an election too?
10:03 cait about a big building project
10:03 cait stuttgart 21
10:03 magnuse ah
10:03 cait a new underground main station for stuttgart
10:04 magnuse and you get to vote?
10:04 cait after a lot of protests about the project
10:04 cait it made evening news for weeks
10:04 cait it will still cost a lot of money to stop it now, because they already started
10:05 * magnuse looks at the map
10:05 magnuse heh, do rottweilers come from Rottweil?
10:06 cait I have no idea
10:09 cait stuttgart is the state capital of baden-württemberg
10:09 magnuse ah, guess it makes sense then
10:09 cait
10:11 magnuse yeah, that does sound ambitious...
10:11 cait = expensive?
10:11 magnuse probably
10:12 cait yah
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11:09 * cait nick cait_afk
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13:34 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
13:50 * jcamins_away considers reprising the William Jennings Bryan speech, "You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of paper."
13:52 cait hm?
13:52 cait hi jcamins_away :)
13:56 jcamins_away Good morning, cait.
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13:56 jcamins Our co-op application weighs in at a hair under 1kg.
13:58 cait wow
13:58 cait but it#s done now?
13:58 jcamins Shari's putting the last finishing touches in.
13:58 cait bug 7269 drives me crazy :(
14:00 jcamins :(
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14:05 francharb hi all!
14:07 jcamins Looks like not everyone who should be reads koha-devel.
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14:13 kmkale hi cait :)
14:36 cait hi kmkale :)
14:36 * jcamins waves, too.
14:39 cait hi francharb :)
14:39 francharb hi cait
14:39 cait nice new bug awaiting sign-off!
14:39 cait 5974
14:39 kmkale hi jcamins
14:39 kmkale hi francharb
14:39 cait oh I so miss huginn
14:39 francharb hi kmkale
14:39 jcamins Hi kmkale.
14:40 kmkale so how's sunday coming along?
14:40 * jcamins too
14:40 jcamins kmkale: we're almost done with our co-op application.
14:40 jcamins More than 200 pages.
14:40 kmkale mine's almost over. Just finished dinner
14:41 kmkale jcamins: co-op like slef's?
14:41 jcamins We'll be having breakfast shortly.
14:41 jcamins kmkale: no, it's a co-op building.
14:41 jcamins It's a New York thing. Instead of just buying apartments outright, you have to join the co-op that controls the building.
14:41 kmkale jcamins: residence or library?
14:41 jcamins Residence.
14:42 jcamins It's a really nice building, but the application process is a bit painful.
14:42 kmkale aahh. Good for you then :) new house
14:42 jcamins Yup.
14:43 kmkale dont the estate agents handle that sorta thingi?
14:43 jcamins Not really.
14:44 jcamins We're meeting with the broker today to go over the application, so hopefully he'll help a bit, but mostly he just gave us the 45-page form and said "fill this out."
14:44 kmkale Here they prepare everything. We just have to go to the registrar's office and sign
14:44 kmkale and pay of sourse ;)
14:45 jcamins Of course.
14:45 francharb jcamins, but then, you will be part of the co-op right?
14:45 jcamins francharb: if we're approved, yes.
14:46 francharb jcamins, you're bying your apartment or you rent one which part of a co-op?
14:47 jcamins We're buying.
14:47 jcamins Time for breakfast! Be back in a few minutes.
14:49 kmkale bye all. see ya tomorrow..
14:52 francharb bye kmkale !
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14:57 magnuse 45 pages!
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15:00 * jcamins returns, having breakfasted.
15:00 cait heh :)
15:01 * cait advertises her bug again ... 5974 :)
15:01 cait or a nice typo fix
15:01 jcamins rangi's follow-up for 6629 doesn't fix the problem.
15:01 cait jcamins: hm did for me
15:01 cait I ran into the problem you described
15:01 cait with the update for fines in day
15:01 cait s
15:02 cait another easy one (before I forget the number again): 7143
15:02 jcamins Oh, maybe I applied the wrong patch?
15:02 jcamins Which patch?
15:02 wahanui Which patch are we talking about?
15:02 jcamins Oh, it's already signed off.
15:02 jcamins Never mind.
15:02 cait yeah, i did this morning
15:02 cait but I see he did more
15:03 jcamins Right, but I need to apply the signed-off patch first.
15:04 * jcamins was just confused.
15:05 cait hm
15:05 cait what to reply to joel?
15:05 jcamins "Be patient."
15:06 jcamins And "subscribe to koha-devel if you're using git."
15:06 jcamins I sent out a warning message yesterday.
15:06 cait yep, I saw it
15:07 jcamins How do I attach something using git-bz?
15:07 cait git bz attach -e bugnumber HEAD
15:08 cait the -e brings up the eidor
15:08 cait editor
15:08 cait you have to be fast
15:08 cait but you can obsolete apatch this way, uncommenting it
15:10 jcamins Thanks.
15:21 jcamins That's pretty cool, incidentally.
15:21 cait :)
15:21 cait could you help me with something?
15:22 jcamins I can try.
15:22 jcamins What's up?
15:22 cait 6894
15:23 cait paul failed it but it works for me - could you double check?
15:23 jcamins Grr. huginn! We miss you!
15:23 jcamins huginn huginn huginn
15:23 cait I wrote gmcharlt
15:23 cait an email
15:23 cait asking to bring back huginn :)
15:24 jcamins :)
15:24 jcamins Let me respond to Joel, then I'll see if I can test it.
15:25 cait thank you!
15:37 jcamins E-mailed.
15:40 cait jcamins++
15:41 jcamins cait: I don't have much experience with acquisitions, and I can't figure this out.
15:41 jcamins Sorry.
15:41 jcamins :(
15:42 cait ah, it's really quite easy
15:42 cait but it's ok
15:42 cait perhaps the comment will work :(
15:42 cait in fact you would only have to add a suggestion form opac and then open that suggestoin in the suggestion module
15:43 cait and check the pull down for currency at the bottom
15:43 jcamins Ohh.
15:43 jcamins From the *OPAC*.
15:43 jcamins Let me try again.
15:43 cait you can also add one from staff  - the result sould be the same, offering usd, not ca
15:43 cait d
15:44 jcamins I can confirm the bug.
15:44 jcamins I'll test the fix.
15:44 cait thx :)
15:44 jcamins Works for me.
15:45 cait yay :)
15:45 jcamins When I created a suggestion in the staff client, it didn't have this problem.
15:45 jcamins Maybe you can't fill in the price?
15:46 * jcamins reads through the rest of the bug.
15:46 jcamins Actually, I can confirm the bug in both places.
15:47 jcamins It's *creating* a new suggestion in the staff client, but *editing* a suggestion created in the OPAC.
15:47 cait hm?
15:47 jcamins I thought after I created a suggestion in the staff client, when I went back to edit it the currency would be wrong.
15:48 cait hm no it should be empt
15:48 cait y
15:48 cait until you open it in the suggestoin module
15:48 cait and there it preselected the wrong currency
15:48 cait so when you didn't pay attention, you would get strange currencies in there
15:51 jcamins Yup.
15:51 * jcamins attached the signed off patch.
15:51 jcamins Right.
15:51 magnuse jcamins++
15:51 magnuse cait++
15:53 cait jcamins++
15:56 jcamins Shari is reading through the entire application.
15:57 cait Shari++ :)
15:57 jcamins If she manages to do that in one sitting, I can only say she has the patience of a saint.
15:57 magnuse i just gotta say: wow!
16:00 jcamins Oh, that too. :)
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17:34 sandeepbhavsar Hi all
17:34 sandeepbhavsar I would like to integrate  EBSCO, Open access databases, through pazpar2 in Koha. Kindly guide me for the documentation. Step by step screenshots or video of the process in lecture form will be preferred.
17:36 cait sandeepbhavsar: I am not aware this has been done before
17:37 cait so it's unlikely there is documentation abou tit
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17:37 cait you might have to figure it out on your own
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17:51 jcamins_away Am I the only one who finds that request very off-putting?
17:52 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
17:54 cait nope
17:54 cait it's been on the mailing list before too, now the second time
18:08 jcamins Yeah, and I found it off-putting there, too.
18:08 magnuse i'm with you jcamins
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18:46 rangi morning
18:46 rangi and yes
18:47 rangi very demanding in tone
18:49 magnuse kia ora rangi
18:49 cait morning rangi :)
18:49 magnuse how's monday morning? ;-)
18:49 rangi so far so good
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18:49 magnuse yay
18:49 ibeardslee sure .. please provide the necessary software to interact with, the video gear and $150 per hour
18:50 rangi heh
18:50 cait lol
18:50 druthb joined #koha
18:51 druthb kia ora.
18:51 magnuse i wonder if it's just a language thing - if it's meant different from how it sounds
18:51 magnuse o/
18:51 rangi quite possible magnuse
18:51 rangi hey druthb :)
18:52 jcamins Yeah, I know it's probably a language thing, but it's still irritating.
18:53 magnuse it is!
18:53 jcamins The cookie bars are in the oven, though, and that's what matters.
18:54 * magnuse has pizza in the oven (again!)
18:54 cait cooooookies...
18:54 jcamins magnuse: pizza _Sunday_?
18:54 * druthb joins cait in the chant.  "coooooookies"
18:54 jcamins pizza_sundy++
18:54 cait coooookies!
18:55 jcamins pizza_sunday++
18:55 * jcamins seriously considers throwing together some pizza dough.
18:55 magnuse yay
18:55 * druthb seriously considers kidnapping jcamins
18:55 magnuse every day is pizza day
18:55 magnuse (or can be)
18:55 jcamins And should be!
18:58 magnuse yay! that's the spirit!
19:00 * magnuse wanders off to eat pizza and watch "Machete" - and realises that might not be a clever combo
19:00 magnuse see ya!
19:00 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
19:00 rangi Hehe
19:00 rangi he killed the bad guys, he got the women, machete
19:02 indradg looks like i missed some fun
19:02 indradg jcamins, its primarily is a language thing... but not entirely that
19:03 * jcamins does his best to be understanding.
19:04 jcamins Some days with more success than others.
19:04 indradg yeah
19:05 indradg but sandeep must have been needing it bad... wont have been on IRC otherwise :P
19:06 rangi wow its a lot windier here than in island bay
19:06 indradg @wunder kolkata
19:06 jcamins indradg: huginn's down.
19:06 indradg awww :(
19:06 jcamins We're all suffering quite a lot from that. ;)
19:07 jcamins What baffles me about the message is that he resends the exact same message even when it doesn't get any response.
19:08 indradg jcamins, its whats Torvalds said about india and FOSS... most peeps into using FOSS sees it like a bottomless pit and the devels are people who can be badgered into helping
19:09 jcamins I'd think that would slow down FOSS adoption.
19:09 jcamins With people expecting help that they'll never get.
19:09 rangi bbiab
19:09 rangi off to meetings
19:09 jcamins (and then being angry about how FOSS has "failed" them)
19:09 indradg writing or tinkering with code just because it is fun and rewarding in itself is now a concept shared by many in india
19:11 indradg jcamins, guess what.. recently I encountered fantastic M$FT driven FUD in the government segment here - top officials commenting in meeting - "you know Free Software is not really free, you have to buy subscriptions to the community, only then the community helps"
19:11 indradg s/now/not
19:12 jcamins indradg: that's what I mean- the idea that FOSS developers should be available to solve everything would make FUD like that much easier to disseminate.
19:13 indradg yeah\
19:16 jcamins Ah well. I'm not going to solve the problems of the world via IRC. ;)
19:16 indradg :D
19:17 jcamins Until I'm made dictator of the world, of course.
19:17 jcamins Then I will make all my decrees via IRC. ;)
19:17 druthb as long as it involves "cookies for all!" then I'm backin' you, jcamins.
19:18 jcamins Cookies *and* fudge for all.
19:18 druthb wahoo!
19:21 * druthb pokes at Pandora to give Cat Stevens yet another thumbs-down.  I thought after you nixed someone a few times, you'd never hear 'em again.
19:22 * druthb envisions the programmers saying, "oh, yes, but *everyone* likes Cat Stevens, so we'll ignore that for him," and thinks evil, evil thoughts.
19:23 indradg lol
19:24 jcamins LOL
19:24 druthb I've managed to game it a little.  I have a station where I only thumbs-up about four artists...Everyone else gets ignored or thumbs-down.  Those four artists get played a *lot*, and they're all pretty prolific, so plenty for it to choose from.
19:25 jcamins Whoops. Didn't mean caps, though I did actually laugh out loud.
19:25 indradg hehe
19:30 cait :)
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21:29 eythian[…]ages-trademarked/ <-- rangi
21:30 cait huh?
21:30 eythian what's huh?
21:31 cait I was wondering what rangi had to do with it :)
21:31 cait and hi eythian :)
21:31 eythian I thought it might be amusing
21:31 eythian hello :)
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21:36 cait hi kathryn
21:36 kathryn Hello cait hows things?
21:36 cait good, still a bit time before monday :)
21:37 kathryn oh true! enjoy
21:37 cait thx :)
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21:55 mtj morning all
21:56 * mtj waves to the herd
21:56 cait hi mtj
21:56 rangi been reading slashdot?
21:56 * rangi pops in for a minute before next meeting
21:56 mtj hmm, nope
21:56 * cait waves
21:57 rangi ahh someone called us herdish there
21:58 mtj ah, yeah - def. read *that* slashdot story
22:00 cait night all :)
22:01 mtj hi and bye cait :)
22:04 eythian bye cait
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22:17 Brooke o/
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23:19 Brooke don't all talk at once :P
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23:22 druthb hi, BobB and Irma. :D
23:28 Brooke hooray
23:38 Brooke Eagles. So. Bad.

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