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00:52 druthb o/
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00:55 druthb hi, libsysguy!
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01:01 Danielle \o
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05:12 cait hi #koha
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13:25 druthb o/
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13:35 cait hi #koha
13:35 druthb hi, cait! :)
13:36 cait hi  druthb :)
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14:11 jcamins_away Hi cait.
14:14 cait hi jared :)
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15:38 libsysguy morning #koha
15:38 libsysguy druthb are you around?
15:38 druthb more or less, libsysguy.
15:38 libsysguy hehe
15:38 druthb whazzup?
15:39 libsysguy i just saw were i missed a message from you last night and wanted to apologize
15:39 druthb no worries! :)
15:39 libsysguy got any cool migrations going on this week?
15:41 druthb Working on pulling data out of an uncooperative Dynix Classic box, but I think I've got that sucker cracked wide open.
15:41 libsysguy did you have to bust a perl script on its box
15:41 libsysguy …man that sounded cooler in my head
15:42 libsysguy nerd gangster just isn't my thing :'(
15:42 druthb lol
15:42 druthb no, had to learn a little bit of IBM UniVerse database scripting to make it cough up the data, then writing some wicked Perl to manipulate it.
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15:43 libsysguy perl magic…I have a friend that works on those dinosaur IMB machines…he says its hell
15:44 libsysguy idk if bg is around and he is probably the person to ask but I'm going to ask you anyway…do you guys get to work from wherever you want?
15:45 rangi morning
15:45 jcamins_away !!
15:45 druthb yep.  I am a nomad, by choice.  See the map on the top right of my blog?  That's where I've been since the first of August.
15:45 druthb hi, rangi! :D
15:45 jcamins_away How bizarre! Rangi said "morning" in the morning!
15:45 rangi heh
15:45 libsysguy yeah that is strange
15:45 rangi so who can do me a favour?
15:46 druthb If it's something I can do, rangi, I'd be happy to.
15:46 rangi does that unpack ok for you?
15:46 druthb lemme pull it in.
15:46 rangi if so, im ready to release i think
15:46 libsysguy uuu exciting
15:47 druthb estimate 4 minutes to download...we'll know in a bit.
15:49 rangi :)
15:53 druthb unpacked, and looks good, rangi.  healthy archive!
15:53 druthb rangi++
15:54 rangi sweet :)
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16:34 rangi here we go then
16:35 rangi done
16:35 rangi
16:36 druthb rangi++
16:36 libysysguy yayy
16:37 jcamins_away Woohoo!
16:40 rangi yay, now its no longer my problem!
16:41 libysysguy so master is now on 3.6?
16:42 rangi yup
16:42 rangi sometime soon, paul_p will branch a 3.6.x and dev will continue on master
16:43 libysysguy cool…is that when we can try merging hourly into master?
16:44 rangi that will be up to paul_p .. not my problem anymore :)
16:44 libysysguy ohh you're not the rm anymore
16:44 rangi nope
16:45 * jcamins_away virtually sends rangi a celebratory glass of champagne.
16:46 * libysysguy messed up on an update
16:46 libysysguy can I just remove the .po files and remerge?
16:47 rangi hmm maybe
16:48 libysysguy there were several that were in conflict
16:52 libysysguy hmm that definitely didn't work
16:54 slef Anyone got an idea on Message-Id: <> Subject: [Koha-devel] Authority data import fail (UTF-8) ?
16:54 slef
16:54 slef I'm tempted to ask for his locale but am I barking up the wrong tree?
16:55 rangi hmm
16:56 rangi i didnt even see that message
16:56 rangi ill go look
16:56 slef ok ta
16:56 rangi nope i dont have that message
16:57 rangi lemme read in the archives
16:57 rangi aahh scrubbed hehe
16:59 slef heh
16:59 slef want me to find it?
16:59 rangi yes please
16:59 slef[…]s.koha.devel/6827
17:00 rangi ta
17:00 rangi yeah locale is a good thing to ask
17:02 libysysguy got the .po files fixed
17:04 rangi sweet
17:04 libysysguy indeed…so rangi are you going to disney world now that you're done being RM
17:05 rangi hehe, just gonna sleep
17:05 rangi after the conf is finished
17:05 rangi well actually i ave another conf, then another one, then another one
17:06 libysysguy geez its like the post RM aftershock
17:06 rangi but then in november i can sleep :)
17:06 libysysguy haha
17:14 Oak joined #koha
17:14 * Oak waves
17:16 druthb hi, Oak! :)
17:16 Oak somebody change the channel topic. 3.6.0 released
17:17 Oak hello druthb :]
17:19 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.6.0 is now avaliable ; Next General IRC Meeting 16 November 2011 at 02:00 UTC+0
17:20 Oak yay
17:28 slef Anyone know why there's a CanBookBeReserved in ILSDI/ ?
17:29 jcamins_away slef: no, but wasn't there a bug to remove that?
17:29 slef @query CanBookBeReserved
17:29 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7016 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, NEW , CanBookBeReserved uses GetItemsInfo unnecessarily
17:29 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4488 normal, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , OPAC reports incorrect hold limit in warning.
17:29 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6142 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, stephane.delaune, ASSIGNED , CanBookBeReserved function is redefined in C4/ILSDI/
17:29 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6650 enhancement, P5, ---, ian.walls, REOPENED , no holds message is not always clear
17:29 slef there it is
17:29 slef thanks jcamins_away
17:30 jcamins_away You're welcome.
17:30 slef hrmph, someone at biblibre posting and then not answering oleonard's question
17:30 slef I'll sift and sign
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17:41 slef done
17:41 slef bug 6142 awaits QA
17:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6142 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, stephane.delaune, ASSIGNED , CanBookBeReserved function is redefined in C4/ILSDI/
17:55 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
17:58 druthb hi, magnuse! :D
18:03 magnuse hiya druthb
18:03 magnuse @arewethereyet
18:03 huginn magnuse: YES!
18:03 magnuse woohoo ;-)
18:03 magnuse rangi++
18:03 druthb hee hee
18:08 rangi :)
18:08 magnuse congratulations and thanks, rangi!
18:09 rangi thank you
18:09 magnuse now hurry home to nz and enjoy spring with the wife and kids!
18:10 magnuse ;-)
18:10 rangi :)
18:12 magnuse 1 year ago today the roadtrip left auckland for wellington - happy times!
18:12 rangi wow that went fast
18:12 magnuse sure did
18:14 magnuse 1 year ago yesterday since i met kf, joann, hdl, slef, Brooke et al for the first time
18:14 slef :-S
18:16 magnuse yay!
18:16 magnuse time to make dinner at the cottage - see you!
18:16 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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18:49 slef heh, someone asking about koha-3.4.5 on liblimekohadiscussion
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18:54 rangi heh
18:54 rangi did they get an answer?
18:55 jenkins_koha joined #koha
18:58 jenkins_koha Starting build 507 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 3 j 16 h ago)
19:04 slef rangi: No. I just directly pointed them at the koha-community lists
19:05 rangi cool
19:10 Danielle o/
19:15 libsysguy joined #koha
19:36 fredericd rangi++ thanks
19:47 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #507: STILL UNSTABLE in 49 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/507/
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