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02:39 rangi right back after meetings and moving my desk back upstairs
02:39 wizzyrea meetings, oy
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03:10 jenkins_koha Starting build 480 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6970 - logout not redirecting to login page <[…]4898d57f678acf9f4>
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03:24 Amit_Gupta heya gm
03:24 Amit_Gupta heya chris
03:30 phlunk3 have a great weekend everyone, gonna be busy helping clean up the beaches myself :/ seeyas
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03:57 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #480: SUCCESS in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/480/
03:57 jenkins_koha oleonard: Fix for Bug 6970 - logout not redirecting to login page
03:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6970 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , logout not redirecting to login page
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05:08 cait good morning #koha
05:09 Oak good morning cait \o
05:10 cait hi Oak :)
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05:12 rangi eveninvg
05:12 rangi -v
05:13 trea o/ morning cait
05:13 cait hi trea and evening rangi
05:13 Oak good evening rangi
05:13 rangi holy crap trea
05:13 cait yes, why are you awake?
05:14 rangi I just finished beer o'clock and on the bus home
05:15 trea looking at tickets
05:15 rangi ahh
05:15 * wizzyrea is awake too
05:15 wizzyrea making teh opac secksee time.
05:15 cait hi wizzyrea :)
05:15 rangi youre a good man charlie brown
05:16 cait tickets like air plane tickets or problem tickets?
05:16 rangi id like to just note it
05:17 rangi and this isn't the kilkenny talking
05:17 rangi the rea's are cool as hell
05:17 wizzyrea aww
05:17 cait aw
05:17 cait :)
05:17 wizzyrea <3
05:17 wizzyrea speaking of cool as hell
05:17 wizzyrea
05:19 cait squeee :)
05:19 rangi wooo
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05:19 wizzyrea it was so cool she left
05:19 rangi it was too cool
05:19 wizzyrea oh good she's back!
05:19 cait couldn't type
05:19 rangi snap!
05:19 cait unhappy pidgin
05:19 cait :)
05:19 trea aw shucks rangi
05:19 rangi stop drinking then
05:21 wizzyrea you should bean that pidgin
05:22 rangi did you know
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05:22 Oak yes
05:22 rangi in philadelphia
05:22 rangi they sell pigeons
05:23 wizzyrea for eating?
05:23 trea ^^snarktastic
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05:24 wizzyrea that's right, I went there.
05:24 rangi yes
05:24 rangi eatig
05:24 rangi but I had cheesesteak instead
05:24 wizzyrea you are wise.
05:24 wizzyrea cheesepigeon
05:26 cait eew
05:26 cait I didn't even had breakfast yet and you talk about eating pidgeons
05:26 rangi ill have a cheese with
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05:26 rangi I could live on those things
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05:26 * wizzyrea suggests a healthy pop tart
05:27 cait sorry, pop tarts are not available in your country...
05:28 wizzyrea WUT
05:28 rangi hmm can u get them in canadia
05:28 rangi ?
05:28 rangi u can't get them here
05:28 wizzyrea (I don't actually really like pop tarts)
05:28 rangi I should bring hokme some for lauel
05:28 wizzyrea (I don't buy them anyway)
05:28 rangi and learn o type
05:29 wizzyrea look at that user account page... fabissimo: margin: 0 5px 5px 0 ;
05:29 wizzyrea no!
05:29 wizzyrea stupid jing.
05:29 wizzyrea
05:29 wizzyrea there we go
05:30 cait very nice :)
05:30 rangi css3 is ur biatch
05:30 cait fabissimo? :)
05:30 wizzyrea word.
05:31 wizzyrea i lubs it
05:34 rangi @wunder wellington nz
05:34 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (6:00 PM NZDT on October 14, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
05:35 rangi lies
05:35 rangi its pouring rain
05:35 wizzyrea hmm
05:36 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:36 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 7.7�C (7:34 AM CEST on October 14, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028.0 hPa (Steady).
05:36 cait oh
05:36 cait 7.7
05:36 rangi @wunder vancouver bc
05:36 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Vancouver, British Columbia is 10.0�C (10:00 PM PDT on October 13, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
05:36 rangi I can live with 10
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05:37 kmkale Namaskar #koha
05:37 rangi hi kmkale
05:38 kmkale heya chris
05:38 rangi how's the hand?
05:39 cait hi kmkale :)
05:39 kmkale hi cait
05:40 kmkale rangi: the cast comes off on monday. will know about further treatement ( if required ) then
05:40 * rangi hopes not
05:40 kmkale me too :)
05:41 Oak typing with one hand?
05:41 kmkale yup the wrong one
05:41 rangi my stop bbiab
05:41 Oak uh oh
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05:55 wizzyrea trea says goodnight
05:55 wizzyrea :)
06:10 ropuch hdl: Morning #koha
06:10 ropuch uh
06:10 ropuch Must h-tabbed hdl ;>
06:13 alex_a hi
06:16 ropuch Hello alex_a
06:19 cait hi all :)
06:21 ropuch Guten morgen kf ;-)
06:23 alex_a ropuch, cait \o
06:24 BobB_ kmkale about?
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06:47 reiveune bonjour
06:49 cait hi reiveune :)
06:50 reiveune hi cait, magnuse
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06:50 magnuse guten morgen reiveune and #koha
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07:19 clrh hello
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07:21 magnuse bonjour clrh
07:21 francharb hi all
07:21 francharb hi magnuse
07:21 magnuse bonjour francharb
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07:22 francharb goddag (?) magnuse
07:22 francharb ;)
07:22 magnuse francharb: two words: god dag ;-)
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07:24 francharb thanks magnuse ( ;)
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07:27 kf hi again #koha
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07:28 magnuse guten morgen kf and paul_p
07:28 kf bonjour paul_p
07:28 kf god morgen magnuse
07:29 paul_p bonjour magnuse & kf & everybody
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07:35 kf hi asaurat :)
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07:46 asaurat hi kf! wie geht es dir ? :)
07:46 kf gut, danke. und dir?
07:46 asaurat sehr gut, danke!
07:49 asaurat one of my flatmates is leaving for Berlin next month (he'll stay there until April or something), I will have to prepare a survival guide for him, explaining, among other things, how to obtain the dreaded FREIZÃœGIGKEITSBESCHEINIGUNG !!
07:49 asaurat (even Mary Poppins would have a hard time with this one)
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07:50 kf oh
07:50 kf is this a german thing you need to work here?
07:51 kf sounds evil
07:51 magnuse sounds painful
07:51 asaurat yeah, this testifies that you can move in and work in germany :p
07:52 kf terrible paperwork?
07:52 asaurat but I've been redirected to the wrong office several times...
07:52 kf ah, yes, that sounds very painful
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09:44 kf thx slef
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11:07 magnuse @arewethereyet
11:07 huginn magnuse: Not yet - wait 8 days
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11:27 kf ?
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12:50 magnuse kia ora americans
12:53 kf kia ora
12:53 jwagner hi magnuse and kf
13:00 magnuse hiya jwagner
13:02 gmcharlt kf: @arewethereyet is counting down the days until release
13:06 kf gmcharlt: thx :)
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13:11 dschust1 druthb
13:16 hdl nengard: kf where are the notices refactoring notes ?
13:16 hdl is there a due date ?
13:17 kf hdl: sorry, can you explain?
13:17 kf ah
13:17 kf the notes
13:17 oleonard nengard: Bug 7030 = Bug 4045?
13:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7030 enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , maximum number of holds
13:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
13:17 kf it's on the wiki
13:17 kf let me find it for you
13:17 kf notification overhaul?
13:18 kf notifications overhaul is[…]aging_rewrite_RFC
13:19 hdl when should it be done ?
13:19 nengard oleonard oh yeah - we have a sys pref for that
13:19 nengard k
13:19 oleonard Not really--it doesn't work.
13:20 oleonard Hence Bug 4045 :(
13:20 oleonard ...and it should be in the circ rules interface anyway
13:20 kf oleonard: nengard: evil bug :( having somehting configurable tht does not work :(
13:20 nengard i think i'd rather see it on the circ martix page so it can be done on a branch by branch basis
13:20 kf hdl: I th ink we talked about having another meeting after release
13:21 nengard but i marked it as a dup for now
13:21 kf hdl: because at the moment we are all a bit busy
13:21 kf hdl: and then identify chunks of work and make some plan
13:22 hdl ok
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13:28 hdl kf when should the next meeting take place ?
13:28 hdl kf is there any schedule ?
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13:28 kf hdl: oyu might want to ask on the mailing list or libsysguy - I think we have not decided on a date
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13:30 nengard did we decide not to email signed off patches?  Or is that still being discussed? I just emailed one and then thought maybe I shouldn't have
13:30 oleonard nengard: I wonder if that's on the agenda for the holds rewrite (speak of the devil)
13:30 nengard it might be
13:31 nengard that was before i started writing the specs :) so I don't know for sure
13:31 hdl oleonard: nengard good news is that we have some patches for 4045.
13:31 nengard woooo hooooo
13:32 magnuse bug 4045
13:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4045 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , No check for maximum number of allowed holds.
13:32 hdl[…]imoges/bug/MT7053
13:32 hdl Maybe someone can take that on...
13:33 hdl bad news is that it is still H::T::Pro.
13:35 sekjal hdl:  is the BZ number on the commit?
13:36 hdl sekjal: I was not even aware that it was referenced on bugzilla ?
13:37 sekjal hdl:  just trying to find the right bit of code on that branch that applies to 4045
13:41 hdl begins at this patch
13:41 hdl 60c5d5ca838b94d9db9b9b8489c8603581ed6df6
13:41 hdl all those are related to that bug.
13:41 hdl It has been done with xercode.
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13:43 hdl sekjal: just hopes that helps.
13:44 sekjal awesome, thanks hdl
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14:21 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:21 magnuse hiya jcamins
14:24 kf hi jcamins :)
14:24 kf hi sekjal
14:24 kf and thx nengard :)
14:24 kf nengard++
14:24 nengard np
14:25 sekjal morning, kf!
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14:44 kf jcamins: around?
14:44 jcamins kf: I am.
14:45 trea is now known as trea-away
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14:58 jcamins kf: did you have a question?
14:58 hdl sekjal: is there a "share with/share on" delicious / twitter / and so on feature planned somwhere ?
14:59 sekjal hdl:  that is possible from either SearchForTitleIn or OPACMySummaryHTML
14:59 sekjal since they can process the BIBLIONUMBER token
15:00 sekjal just wrap whatever service's API code in there, and provide the link back to the material you want to share
15:00 jcamins But do consider the privacy implications of that decision.
15:01 magnuse here's an example:[…]OPACMySummaryHTML
15:01 hdl[…]OPACMySummaryHTML
15:01 jcamins (the decision to include a share feature... apparently the Facebook button notifies Facebook every page you look at, even if you don't click it)
15:02 magnuse and there is http://manual.koha-community.o[…]OPACMySummaryHTML
15:02 aarkerio hi! in which table MARC info is saved?
15:02 magnuse jcamins: but this should be pretty safe: <a href="[…].pl?biblionumber={BIBLIONUMBER}">Share on Facebook</a>
15:03 magnuse aarkerio: several...
15:03 jcamins magnuse: yep.
15:03 reiveune bye
15:03 magnuse aarkerio: marc_subfield_structure  and marc_tag_structure are the main suspects
15:03 reiveune left #koha
15:04 aarkerio I am saving an info in  tab 6  -> SUBJECT ADDED ENTRY--PERSONAL NAME + −  -> Numeration
15:04 hdl thanks folks
15:04 magnuse aarkerio: there is also biblio_framework, which is just the names of frameworks
15:04 aarkerio and I am making an SQL report and I like to add it
15:04 magnuse aarkerio: see for a pretty view of the gory details
15:05 aarkerio is this the current scheme?
15:05 aarkerio[…]Kohastructure.png
15:05 jcamins aarkerio: see the following:
15:05 jcamins sql reports library?
15:05 wahanui well, sql reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
15:05 jcamins ^^ that
15:05 aarkerio thanx!
15:06 magnuse aarkerio:[…]Kohastructure.png says 2010-05-10 and "This is just the first 54 of 116 tables in kohastructure.sql"
15:08 nengard and that was over a year ago too
15:08 nengard things have changed a little
15:08 magnuse 3.4 had more than a 100 db changes, i seem to recall?
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15:12 magnuse Oak
15:12 Oak magnuse
15:12 Oak :)
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15:18 Oak kf,
15:19 rhcl Oak!
15:19 Oak rhcl :]
15:22 chris_n wow, rolling back from the package maintainer's version of a pm to the cpan version can be a real chore :P
15:25 rhcl wheels of progress rolling backwards?
15:26 chris_n actually the package maintainer is a couple of years behind
15:31 matts is now known as matts_away
15:32 chris_n it was worth the trouble, though.... fixed a bugger of a bug
15:34 * magnuse is slightly curious about what the pm was...
15:35 magnuse is now known as magnus_afk
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15:43 chris_n magnuse_afk: Catalyst
15:44 chris_n the bug had to do with quoting mysql field names when using dotted notation
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15:54 oleonard Of interest?
15:55 wizzyrea oh
15:55 wizzyrea that 'git feature blah' thing looks pretty hawt
15:56 * oleonard couldn't get it to work, himself
15:56 wizzyrea well i'm not sure it works with repos other than github
15:56 oleonard But I are not smrt.
15:56 wizzyrea it seems to be designed for work with github
15:57 wizzyrea i'm sure one of our leet haxxors could mod it to work with our git tho :P
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16:02 oleonard Ah, I guess I didn't read that far :P
16:03 * oleonard being a Drupal user should be accustomed by now to things which don't explain what they do
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16:05 libsysguy sekjal?
16:05 wahanui it has been said that sekjal is someone's favorite propeller-head.
16:05 sekjal hey, libsysguy
16:05 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck
16:06 libsysguy heh that never gets old
16:06 sekjal wahanui?
16:06 wahanui yes, sekjal?
16:06 wizzyrea hehe
16:06 libsysguy anyway I saw where you changed hourly…just wondering what I should do to get it in
16:06 libsysguy or if I even can do anything
16:06 sekjal libsysguy:  feel like fixing the merge conflicts with current master?
16:07 libsysguy well I've done it 3 times already so I've gotten pretty good at it
16:08 libsysguy every time I merge I get a conflict with kohaversion and updatedatabase
16:08 libsysguy but when I merged the first time I had to resolve those
16:08 libsysguy it took about 20 mins
16:09 libsysguy the majority of the tt ones are changes to the [% ( var ) %] style
16:09 sekjal ah, okay
16:10 sekjal I only looked at one conflict, then decided I should just report it, rather than try to slog through fixing each
16:12 libsysguy yeah they weren't bad…some whitespace conflicts
16:12 * wizzyrea wants the ability to add a parameter to koha-disable instancename -note"ETA to return: X hours"
16:12 wizzyrea and have the note show on the maintenance page
16:12 jcamins wizzyrea: brilliant!
16:12 libsysguy but I can set up a master based install and merge hourly if that will help
16:12 jcamins wizzyrea: I'll sign off over the weekend. :)
16:13 libsysguy wizzyrea:  can we make it a function of the maintainers average typing speen
16:13 libsysguy speed**
16:13 wizzyrea lol
16:13 ropuch wizzyrea: I was looking for such feture 10 minutes ago ;>
16:13 ropuch *feature
16:13 wizzyrea how funny
16:14 wizzyrea well in that case your note would be "ETA to return X hours from XX:XX"
16:14 ropuch Is there any on/off switch for opac? Even without eta?
16:14 wizzyrea yea, in the sysprefs
16:14 wizzyrea opacmaintenance or somethin
16:14 sekjal libsysguy:  any rebasing work you can do is greatly appreciated
16:14 wizzyrea I always search for "maintenance" in the sysprefs.
16:14 sekjal wizzyrea:  what if we make OpacMaintenance syspref text, instead of YesNo?
16:15 wizzyrea or an additional "maintenance text" syspref
16:15 wizzyrea so, turn it on/off, and give your custom text
16:15 wizzyrea that goes with the existing message
16:15 libsysguy sekjal ok, how would i go about submitting it?  Would i just merge and then make a patch to push on that bug?
16:15 wizzyrea we also need a staff maintenance mode
16:16 wizzyrea where it locks out everyone but superlibrarians
16:17 ropuch wizzyrea: Oh, I misread this syspref, I was sure it defines the Koha behavior IF there is a maintenance, not actually switching it ;>
16:17 wizzyrea :)
16:18 sekjal libsysguy:  hmmm, not sure the best way to handle that.
16:19 libsysguy if only this patch wasn't so massive
16:19 sekjal there has got to be a way to encapsulate the merge conflict fixes in a patch, so it can just be added as a followup to the topic branch
16:19 jcamins sekjal: libsysguy: I had to ask rangi to do it for me for the analytic code.
16:20 libsysguy well i guess you could do a git add <conflict files> after merging
16:20 libsysguy then when you commit it would just add those files to the patch
16:20 libsysguy i think
16:21 sekjal libsysguy:  that makes sense... do the merge, fix the problems, then format the merge commit as a patch
16:21 sekjal but it's probably not so simple
16:22 libsysguy it never is :-\
16:23 jcamins libsysguy: what about rebasing and squashing? Then you'd be left with just one commit.
16:24 libsysguy so checkout hourly…merge with master then commit?
16:24 libsysguy I'm surprised this hasn't come up before
16:24 sophie_m left #koha
16:26 jcamins No.
16:26 jcamins Checkout hourly, rebase -i onto Master, then commit.
16:26 jcamins The issue is the merging. Usually it's rebase.
16:27 libsysguy hmm I have never done that before
16:27 libsysguy but i can try it
16:29 jcamins libsysguy: it's something like:
16:29 jcamins git checkout -b bug_whatever ${HOURLYBRANCH}
16:30 libsysguy following...
16:30 jcamins git rebase -i origin/master
16:30 jcamins It should pop up with a long list of commits in a text file.
16:30 libsysguy ok
16:31 jcamins Set the first one to pick, and change the rest to squash.
16:31 jcamins Save and close.
16:31 jcamins It will complain about errors.
16:31 jcamins (merge errors)
16:31 jcamins Fix them.
16:31 jcamins git add the commits that conflicted.
16:31 jcamins git commit.
16:31 libsysguy interesting
16:31 wahanui interesting is good
16:31 jcamins git-bz attach ${HOURLYBUG} HEAD
16:32 jcamins Disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure that will do anything like what I think it will.
16:33 libsysguy haha
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16:36 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
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16:37 jcamins Let me know if my instructions work, by the way.
16:39 trea-away is now known as trea
16:40 aarkerio so I guess when I save a new MARC row the fields and values are created "on the fly",  right?
16:41 libsysguy jcamins I will…I just have to finish up this indexing engine for class
16:41 jcamins aarkerio: yes.
16:42 hdl left #koha
16:42 aarkerio but I can't find the table, is not marc_matchers table
16:44 jcamins aarkerio: the data is stored in biblioitems.
16:44 jcamins sql reports library?
16:44 wahanui sql reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
16:44 jcamins ^^ see that page for examples of how to extract MARC data.
16:44 jcamins I think it's the first section.
16:45 aarkerio I'll check, thanks!
16:51 * oleonard looks forward to seeing Bug 7031 happen
16:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7031 enhancement, P5, ---, ian.walls, NEW , More options for AdvancedSearchTypes
16:52 sekjal oleonard:  I have the patch; I'll put it up on the bug report, along with some screenshots
16:53 ropuch Is there a painless way to bulk update marc records in Koha?
16:56 oleonard there will be ropuch: Bug 5725
16:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5725 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Batch modifications for Biblios
16:59 sekjal oleonard:  how's that one progressing?  I see Paul did an updated patch, and you provided a followup.
16:59 ropuch Hm, sounds nice
17:00 oleonard Hmmm... I guess I didn't answer paul's question in the bug, about how the solve the 000 problem
17:00 * oleonard thinks we're going to have to remove 000 from the options since it doesn't seem to work
17:03 sekjal bulk edits to 000.... how desirable is that?
17:03 miguelxercode joined #koha
17:04 trea left #koha
17:04 trea joined #koha
17:06 oleonard sekjal: We have an ongoing project of hand-correcting 1000s of records with inaccurate 000 data
17:06 trea left #koha
17:06 sekjal ...ew
17:06 sekjal okay, so bulk editing is definitely a desirable thing
17:07 sekjal so this patch needs to fix that, somehow
17:07 cait joined #koha
17:07 trea joined #koha
17:07 oleonard But, as I just commented on the bug, not a blocker for acceptance of the patch
17:07 oleonard Better to have it mostly working and exclude the option of editing 000
17:08 sekjal is it working in all other regards?
17:09 oleonard Oh wait, there was another outstanding issue...
17:09 cait hi all :)
17:09 oleonard Damn, I guess I didn't put that on the bug report either.
17:10 * oleonard goes to dig through the IRC log
17:16 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:16 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
17:20 aarkerio can I:
17:20 aarkerio SELECT ExtractValue(marcxml,'//datafield[@tag="600"]/*'),, biblio.title, biblioitems.isbn, items.barcode FROM biblio, biblioitems, items WHERE biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber AND biblio.biblionumber=items.biblionumber ORDER BY biblio.biblionumber;
17:20 aarkerio ?
17:22 cait what are you trying to do?
17:22 cait this looks a bit overly complicated
17:22 cait hm, or perhaps it isn't
17:22 cait reading it again
17:22 cait does it work?
17:25 sekjal aarkerio:  all the values in all the subfields of the 600 will be squished into a single cell in the return; you won't get separate lines for each 600 in a biblio, or separate lines for different subfields
17:26 aarkerio I want all the records in the catalog and also de 600-b field
17:28 jcamins aarkerio: there's an example that does almost exactly that on the reports wiki. Look through the table of contents.
17:35 kmkale joined #koha
17:35 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
17:42 aarkerio this works:
17:42 aarkerio SELECT ExtractValue(marcxml,'//datafield[​@tag="600"]/subfield[@code="b"]'),, biblio.title, biblioitems.isbn, items.barcode FROM biblio, biblioitems, items WHERE biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber AND biblio.biblionumber=items.biblionumber ORDER BY biblio.biblionumber
17:42 aarkerio but I don't know why ;-)
17:43 aarkerio Is funny actually!!
17:45 sekjal aarkerio:  looks like a good query.  only suggestion I'd make is to as an "as marc600" after the Extract Value, so the return headers are a little nicer to look at
17:46 aarkerio yea, right! I will fix that
18:00 Oak how is the hand kmkale ?
18:01 Oak cait
18:01 cait hi Oak
18:01 Oak :)
18:01 Oak what are you doing?
18:02 jcamins Oak: it's not that late in Germany yet.
18:02 Oak so, working then
18:02 Oak oh i did not mean to tell you go to bed
18:02 Oak was just wondering
18:03 jcamins Oak: just commenting. ;)
18:03 kmkale left #koha
18:04 Oak uh oh. :) okay
18:04 miguelxercode left #koha
18:04 cait lol
18:04 cait not working, not time for bed :)
18:04 Oak good times!
18:07 cait hehe yes
18:08 * Oak listening to in low volume
18:08 Oak good
18:09 Oak cait try that song for at least till 1.5 minute... you might like it
18:11 cait it's nice
18:11 Oak :)
18:23 bryce joined #koha
18:24 bryce left #koha
18:24 bryceh joined #koha
18:25 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
18:26 oleonard sekjal: I added another comment to 5725 with a question for paul_p
18:26 sekjal oleonard:  just read... good question
18:28 bryceh anyone here using to create a db for offline circulation?
18:30 sekjal bryceh:  yes, I've done that a few times
18:31 jcamins The packages need to have an option for creating koc databases.
18:31 bryceh how did you deal with getting the files onto the library machine from the server? i know it's probably more of a sys admin question.
18:34 bryceh i have the files creating fine and they work. i'm just wondering if anyone has come up with an easy way to pull them onto a windows xp machine nightly. i'm looking at setting up an ftp server and possible a dos batch file, but thought i would ask if someone had a better solution first.
18:39 sekjal bryceh: putting them in a password-protected, web-accessible directory on the Koha server allows the library to pull them down at their leisure (but that's still a manual process)
18:39 sekjal something like Dropbox would work; it has a Linux command-line interface that can work with a little persistence
18:39 sekjal druthb would be able to address that more thoroughly than I, as she has set it up before
18:40 sekjal you may also consider something like rsync (though I don't know how compatible that is with Windows)
18:41 bryceh I was actually wondering about Dropbox. I just wasn't sure about Dropbox and Linux. Maybe I will investigate that a bit.
18:42 ropuch Dropbox is really cool
18:42 Oak so is Wuala
18:43 bryceh Have you used Dropbox with Linux?
18:43 ropuch Don;t know Wuala, but any software working like user friendly rsync is cool [;
18:43 Oak
18:43 ropuch bryceh: yup
18:44 rangi ubuntuone
18:44 wizzyrea do the package backup routines only save a certain number?
18:44 ropuch I have my Projects/Documents folders symlinked to Dropbox folder
18:44 rangi anything you put in dropbox you should encrypt
18:44 rangi with strong encryption
18:44 rangi the same with ubuntuone etc
18:44 rangi except dropbox has a history of crappy security
18:45 sekjal yes, this db will contain patron information, so security must be considered
18:45 adminacct joined #koha
18:45 adminacct left #koha
18:45 adminacct joined #koha
18:45 ropuch I use db only for some non-personal data
18:45 rangi yeah for stuff you dont mind others getting, its fine
18:46 rangi same with googledocs etc
18:46 rangi stuff you'd stick up on a noticeboard at the grocery store :-)
18:46 bryceh so maybe rsync and keep it internal.
18:46 rangi ropuch: the other thing to consider for nzers
18:46 cait rangi++
18:46 rangi is your jurisdiction privacy laws no longer apply
18:47 rangi anything you put up there, can get turned over to the fbi, without your consent etc, or a nz police warrant
18:47 rangi things to remember about the 'cloud'
18:47 ropuch Yup
18:47 bryceh thanks rangi, good advice
18:48 jcamins rangi: libsysguy needs advice on how to share the merge conflict-resolved hourly loans branch.
18:48 jcamins I thought you'd use rebase -i, but you'd know better.
18:48 rangi hmm
18:48 rangi id do the merge
18:48 rangi fix the conflict
18:48 rangi and push that fixed branch, to gitorious
18:49 rangi and do a pull request
18:49 ropuch I remeber a guy uisng some version control system to have some directory synced
18:49 jcamins libsysguy: rangi says to push the branch to gitorious after you've merged it.
18:49 rangi hehe
18:49 rangi or any public git repo is fine
18:49 rangi ropuch: yeah there is sparkleshare
18:49 jcamins libsysguy: this is much easier than my suggestion.
18:50 * jcamins hopes that libsysguy has a highlight window.
18:50 rangi
18:50 ropuch I remeber trying bazaar in pre-dropbox era to sync my conf files on multiple linux boxes
18:51 wizzyrea soo looking at the script for koha-dump- it will keep infinite backups?
18:51 rangi it will
18:51 rangi bu you dont run it by itself
18:51 rangi you run it by
18:51 rangi koha-run-backups
18:51 wizzyrea hm interesting i don't think that one's on the wiki
18:52 rangi which takes --days as a conf option
18:52 rangi 2 by default
18:52 wizzyrea oic!
18:52 * jcamins needs to send a patch in for koha-run-backups
18:52 wizzyrea ok ty, and that one isn't documented in the wiki
18:53 rangi it has inline help
18:53 rangi maybe cutting and paste that into the wiki
18:53 wizzyrea check.
18:53 rangi ropuch: for plain backups of stuff, obnam is cool too
18:53 ropuch Huh, I'm trying tu bulk update marc records - my idea is to fetch marc blog from biblioitems, do some perl-fu on it usuing MARC::Record/Batch and then isnert it back. Problem is I get "Unrecognized character \xE2 in column" when trying to manipulate the record.
18:53 rangi
18:53 jcamins Right now koha-run-backups always runs all of the backups.
18:54 rangi well all the enabled ones
18:54 rangi for name in $(koha-list --enabled
18:54 jcamins Right.
18:54 jcamins Except for demo.
18:54 rangi yep
18:54 jcamins Well, I want to have the option to A) backup demo, and B) backup different sets at different times.
18:55 rangi yep, as long as you didnt change the default behaviour
18:55 rangi but did that with switches
18:55 jcamins 12am EST != night in other places.
18:55 jcamins Yeah, it's koha-run-backups --instances="name,name2,name3"
18:55 rangi right, and without it does all
18:56 rangi yeah that'd get accepted id imagine
18:56 jcamins Yeah, except for demo. So I can include --instances="demo" and have it work.
18:57 clrh joined #koha
18:57 wizzyrea oo, that script should also look for an existing backup with the same date in /var/spool
18:57 wizzyrea and tack a postfix on it if it finds one.
19:16 oleonard left #koha
19:20 slef boom
19:22 clrh left #koha
19:29 rhcl boomerang
19:30 Oak left #koha
19:41 Callender left #koha
19:45 jwagner left #koha
19:46 Callender joined #koha
19:50 clrh joined #koha
19:51 rhcl got an error when trying to upgrade from v3.04.05 to v3.05.0x. git wants me to commit or stash changes--how can I just force and overwrite without bothering with stash? it doesn't want to overwrite
19:52 rangi why not just run git stash
19:52 rangi moves them out fo the way for you
19:53 rhcl oh, allright
19:53 clrh left #koha
20:14 aarkerio left #koha
20:21 sekjal hey, everyone, LDAP authentication is broken
20:21 * sekjal facepalms
20:22 wizzyrea O.o
20:22 libsysguy left #koha
20:22 rangi hmm in master? cos it works in 3.4
20:22 sekjal rangi:  since bug 5995 was patched
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5995 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, matthias.meusburger, ASSIGNED , Glitch with checkauth
20:22 rangi ahh
20:23 rangi ill revert
20:23 sekjal wait
20:23 sekjal I can patch
20:23 sekjal I know the problem
20:23 rangi hmm ok
20:23 rangi :)
20:23 sekjal basically, checkpw_ldap returns cardnumber
20:23 cait sekjal++ :) and don't worry about it
20:23 nengard left #koha
20:24 * rangi gets revert happy near release
20:24 rangi but a patch works just as well
20:24 sekjal but which is passed back through checkpw as cardnumber
20:24 sekjal but checkpw's return value is used as USERID
20:24 rangi ahhh
20:24 rangi that;d do it
20:24 sekjal so unless the two are equal, fail
20:24 rangi yeah
20:24 rangi i wonder how i didnt catch that
20:24 sekjal or, if you have a password in the database different than the LDAP password
20:24 sekjal and you login with that
20:25 rangi ahh yeah
20:25 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_away
20:25 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzyrea
20:25 rangi that might be whats happening, since we have clients running 3.4.5
20:25 rangi and LDAP
20:26 rangi its been in their sinice 3.4.1 apparently
20:28 rangi there
20:28 wizzyrea they're
20:28 rangi theaaaaeeezzzzre
20:28 * wizzyrea is being funny, not snarky
20:29 rangi ill be the judge of that!
20:29 wizzyrea O.O
20:29 rangi hehe
20:29 sekjal okay, so I'm modifying checkpw_ldap to return cardnumber AND userid
20:29 sekjal either the existing local id if it's found, or the userid provided if not
20:29 rangi cool
20:30 sekjal then modifying checkpw to make use of that, and pass it along (in the same form CAS is using)
20:30 sekjal then modifying the call to checkpw to set the userid off the returned userid, instead of the cardnumber.
20:31 rangi that sounds perfect to me
20:32 rhcl @seen joann
20:32 huginn rhcl: joann was last seen in #koha 23 weeks, 1 day, 15 hours, 22 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <joann> night all
20:32 dschust1 left #koha
20:33 cait rchl: try jransom
20:33 cait @seen jransom
20:33 huginn cait: jransom was last seen in #koha 2 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <jransom> ethian: my visa took weeks to get
20:33 sekjal okay, so I think this will universally return the same three values for LDAP, CAS, and DB authentication: 1 (for 'authenticated'), cardnumber and userid
20:34 rangi cool
20:34 sekjal argh, no, it's bigger than taht
20:34 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7033] Make all strings translatable in <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7033>
20:34 sekjal i"ve got to get EVERY instance of checkpw to make use of the proper return values
20:34 rhcl rangi: do I remember seeing a NZ site built on Kete but with a lot of audio (verbal recollections of history???)
20:34 sekjal there are such in installer/ and opac/sco/
20:35 rangi hmmm
20:35 adminacct guys... i tried to pull in the 3.4.5 .deb packages from the koha debian repo... onto a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 install... 'apt-get install koha'.. but failed that it depends on koha-common ... any clue what could have gone wrong?
20:35 rangi a grep should find all instances sekjal
20:35 rangi id just install koha-common anyway not the main koha
20:36 rangi did you read the instructions on the wiki?
20:36 wizzyrea[…]ing_Koha_packages
20:36 rangi just the main one is better wizzyrea
20:36 NateC left #koha
20:36 wizzyrea not if you're using ubuntu :P
20:36 wizzyrea I just did it this week.
20:36 rangi yeah but thats lucid
20:36 rangi 10.10 has all but one in the multiverse
20:37 wizzyrea ok fair enough
20:37 jcamins adminacct said he was on 10.04.
20:37 rangi ah yeah sorry didnt read right
20:37 rangi then that link will be good
20:37 rangi but short story is, dont use the koha package just use the koha-common one
20:38 sekjal no, I'm okay
20:38 sekjal the existing calls to checkpw call for cardnumber first
20:38 rangi rhcl: nope cant recall one
20:38 sekjal so the returned userid value will just fall off
20:38 sekjal no modification needed
20:39 adminacct is now known as indradg
20:40 indradg rangi, koha-common complains about the 5 or 6 perl deps that prolly miss their candidate numbers or something
20:41 jcamins indradg: that's why you have to follow the instructions on that wiki page.
20:41 wizzyrea ^^
20:41 wizzyrea i swear, it works
20:41 rangi or use a real os like debian :-)
20:41 wizzyrea i did it 2 days ago, 0 issues.
20:41 jcamins It does, I did it a few weeks ago.
20:41 rangi there is a ppa for natty too
20:42 rangi ill make one for onematapeah or whatever 11.10 is too at some point
20:42 jcamins rangi: 10.04 is the most recent LTS still, I think.
20:42 indradg blimey!!!!!
20:42 wizzyrea oneiric ocelot
20:42 rhcl rangi: tnx
20:42 jcamins Wait, no, came out yesterday.
20:42 wizzyrea or something
20:43 JesseM left #koha
20:43 jcamins Actually, 11.10 isn't an LTS after all.
20:43 sekjal rangi:  patch written and sent
20:43 rangi thanks sekjal
20:43 indradg jcamins, rangi wizzyrea .... mea culpa!!! I was trying something else... and forgot that I had missed a crucial step :P
20:43 wizzyrea :) all ok
20:43 rangi will try to get it pushed before i fly to vancouver
20:43 indradg figured it and fixed it! thanks guys!
20:44 jcamins I was looking forward to a new LTS.
20:44 jcamins One which didn't require special cases for installing Koha.
20:44 jcamins Oh well.
20:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5995] Glitch with checkauth <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5995>
20:45 Soupermanito joined #koha
20:49 rangi jcamins: i could do a ppa for lucid
20:49 rangi if enough ppl asked
20:49 rangi or if one asked and bribed me
20:49 rangi :)
20:49 jcamins rangi: hmmm... you take chocolate?
20:50 rangi i do :)
20:50 wizzyrea jcamins: there's prolly still time to ship it to canada ^.^
20:50 jcamins I was just thinking that. ;)
20:50 bg swiss miss chocolate
20:50 rangi hehe
20:50 rangi bg remembers
20:51 jcamins Swiss Miss... as in the hot chocolate mix?
20:51 rangi thats right
20:52 rangi with marshmallows
20:52 rangi for laurel
20:52 rangi one of the things she misses from the US
20:52 bg of course with marshmallows
20:52 rhcl The sugar-free version I tried several times was too weak and flavorless.
20:52 * jcamins takes a note.
20:53 rangi sugar free???
20:53 rangi what the hell is the point?
20:53 wahanui it has been said that the point is not that the koha-community write a page about there software and the PTFS people write a page about there's. the point is that we have useful, informative content about the software and it's history and that anything controversial is closely referenced
20:53 rangi :)
20:53 jcamins rhcl: "let's have sweets, minus the sweetness"?
20:53 rangi lol
20:53 rangi wahanui++
20:53 bg lol
20:53 bg heh
20:53 wizzyrea and goldfish crackers
20:54 cait what is  swiss midd with marshmellows?
20:54 cait I get it's sweet :)
20:54 rangi its a hot chocolate mix
20:54 rangi for drinking
20:54 cait oh
20:54 rangi you add milk (or hot water)
20:54 cait what happens to the marshmellows
20:54 cait ?
20:54 wizzyrea they melt
20:56 cait ooh
20:56 jcamins rangi++
20:56 rangi its good!
20:56 rangi you'd like it i think cait
20:56 cait sure sounds like it :)
20:57 * jcamins makes his hot chocolate from cocoa powder, sugar, marshmallows, cardamom, vanilla, and occasionally some other variety of alcohol, too.
20:58 jcamins It's a lot more work.
21:00 wizzyrea i like to make the mix with dry milk
21:00 wizzyrea adding cardamom is a nice flair tho
21:00 sekjal have a good weekend, all!  I'm out
21:00 jcamins wizzyrea: a mix is an _excellent_ idea.
21:00 sekjal left #koha
21:01 jcamins I should make some some time.
21:01 wizzyrea i use the alton brown recipe
21:01 wizzyrea it's always yummy
21:01 wizzyrea you could even do something like
21:01 wizzyrea make the mix
21:01 wizzyrea and instead of putting vanilla in it
21:01 wizzyrea tuck a vanilla bean in with the mix
21:02 jcamins Ooooh.
21:02 jcamins This is a good idea!
21:02 jcamins I even have a couple of vanilla beans begging me to find a use for them.
21:02 wizzyrea hehe
21:02 rangi ok
21:02 rangi i vote we spend some time at kohacon
21:03 rangi with a foodie/drinkie session
21:03 jcamins (can anyone else tell I'm feeling the Fridayness?)
21:03 rangi at LCA
21:03 rangi they did a a big shared meal one night
21:03 rangi was a cool idea, but you need a hostel that has a nice big kitchen
21:04 liw I see rangi has been pushing all sorts of vices: hot chocolate, marshmellows, obnam... :)
21:04 cait :)
21:04 cait rangi: i think it's a great idea
21:04 rangi hehe
21:05 rangi ahh liw, for whom sugar free hot chocolate actually makes sense
21:05 rangi if liw comes to kohacon he can show us some nice places to eat i bet
21:07 liw Holyrood 9A (great hamburgers). David Bann (great, if pricey vegetarian). I'll mention those now, next year I'll have forgotten. Make notes.
21:07 * liw is not a foodie, alas
21:07 wizzyrea it's totally logged.
21:07 * jcamins never went to either of those places.
21:07 * jcamins didn't eat out all that much, though.
21:09 rangi liw: are you still in canada?
21:10 liw rangi, nah, came back on Wednesday, and moved to Manchester today (Friday)
21:10 bg heya liw
21:10 liw greetings, bg
21:11 rangi bummer i go to canada tomorrow
21:11 rangi other side admittedly
21:11 rangi ohh cool, in manchester now
21:15 jcamins sql report library?
21:15 wahanui sql report library is probably at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:15 jcamins (faster than Google)
21:15 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
21:15 wahanui :)
21:21 trea left #koha
21:21 trea joined #koha
21:22 * jcamins calls it a day a bit early.
21:23 Soupermanito left #koha
21:23 rangi cya jcamins
21:24 jcamins Wish us luck with the landlord.
21:24 wizzyrea good luck
21:24 rangi good luck
21:24 jcamins Thanks.
21:24 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
21:37 trea left #koha
21:41 miguelxercode joined #koha
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21:42 talljoy left #koha
21:42 magnus_afk is now known as magnuse
21:42 NateC joined #koha
21:42 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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21:44 NateC joined #koha
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22:38 Soupermanito joined #koha
22:39 bryceh_ joined #koha
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22:40 bryceh_ is now known as bryceh
22:50 adnc joined #koha
23:01 rangi @wunder vancouver bc
23:01 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Vancouver, British Columbia is 12.0�C (3:00 PM PDT on October 14, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1017 hPa (Falling).
23:01 chobbs joined #koha
23:07 chobbs Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why my koha database is getting hammered by "admin commands"? I restarted the server 20 minutes ago and so far it's seen over 400k commands :/
23:07 Soupermanito left #koha
23:08 chobbs Right now mysqladmin status shows over 300 queries/second
23:08 rangi what are the actual commands?
23:08 rangi and what are the apache logs telling you
23:08 chobbs I'm nopt sure how to identify them :(
23:09 rangi well id check the apache logs first
23:09 chobbs I am doing an update of patrons right now, but there are only 13,000 of them.
23:09 rangi see if something is hammering the opac or intranet
23:09 chobbs the apache logs are only showing my import job
23:09 rangi well yeah that makes sense
23:09 rangi that does a lot of different queries
23:09 rangi 300 queries/sec is not bad
23:10 chobbs 100/patron? Because that's about where it's at this point.
23:10 rangi Uptime: 26088390  Threads: 2  Questions: 2778051423  Slow queries: 878  Opens: 81352  Flush tables: 1  Open tables: 300  Queries per second avg: 106.486
23:10 chobbs Hmmmm. OK, maybe I won;t panic about that :)
23:10 rangi yeah i wouldnt worry
23:11 chobbs I've been trying to figure out freezes all week, and this is the firt chance I've had to really start getting into it.
23:11 rangi if something was hiting apache
23:11 rangi then id suspect that
23:11 rangi but if you are running a bulk import its probably just it
23:11 rangi log
23:11 rangi open a mysql promp
23:12 rangi mysql -uusername -p databasename
23:12 rangi run
23:12 chobbs OK. in that case, where might I be looking for the cause of regular 10 minute freeszes?
23:12 rangi show processlist
23:12 rangi 10 min freezes?
23:12 rangi id suspect oom
23:12 rangi or broken disk
23:12 chobbs Yup. Everything locks up, and 10 minutes later everything is happy.
23:12 Soupermanito joined #koha
23:12 chobbs avg load on server shoots up to 100+
23:12 rangi sounds like you are going OOM
23:13 rangi and hitting swap
23:13 chobbs you'd think, but I don't see evidence of it.
23:13 Soupermanito left #koha
23:13 rangi you know what load is eh?
23:13 chobbs even now I'm only using 12% of 9G
23:13 Soupermanito joined #koha
23:13 rangi the average number of jobs queued
23:13 rangi so if its not ram
23:13 rangi IO is the next suspect
23:14 rangi what does the cpu do?
23:14 rangi is the cpu(s) running at 100%
23:14 chobbs apache and mysqld fight to see who gets to hit 100% next :)
23:14 rangi its not someone running a bunch of broken reports?
23:15 rangi theres a lot it could be, but i would check the processlist
23:15 rangi in mysql
23:15 chobbs I doubt it. We've pretty unsophisticated users - they don't use much on reports. I suppose I could do more work on parsing the apache logs before a break and see what's being called up.
23:15 rangi see if its some queries locking the tables
23:15 rangi also maybe turn on mysql slow logging
23:16 chobbs i'll try that. show processlist
23:16 rangi thats the one
23:16 rangi show full processlist too
23:16 chobbs I actually have slow queries being logged.
23:17 rangi right, you could check if there are some dodgy ones in there
23:17 chobbs SHOW COLUMNS FROM borrowers; that's one I wouldn't expect to be slow
23:18 chobbs not sure why that one was even logged -  Query_time: 0.000049
23:19 rangi it might have got jammed behine one
23:19 rangi that was locking tables
23:20 chobbs I was overcommitting my ram, so I've lowered the number of max_connections to avoid that as a possibility.
23:20 chobbs and max_user_connections
23:20 rangi right
23:20 rangi maybe install iotop too
23:20 rangi and see if its getting io bound
23:20 rangi trick is finding the pattern
23:21 chobbs only pattern so far has been a consistent time of day, ~8:15am
23:21 rangi hmmm
23:21 rangi interesting
23:21 wahanui interesting is sometimes bad or sometimes good
23:21 chobbs lol
23:21 rangi cronjob run then?
23:22 chobbs nope, checked that
23:22 rangi thats really oddd
23:22 rangi does it happen everyday?
23:22 chobbs that might point to a user casued problem.
23:22 chobbs 4/5 days this week
23:22 rangi even weekends?
23:22 rangi hmmm
23:22 chobbs no, weekdays only
23:22 rangi ahhh
23:22 rangi that is feeling tlike a report
23:22 chobbs to my knowledge (no one compains on weekend)
23:22 rangi maybe its something they do as part of morning routine
23:23 rangi check all overdues or something?
23:23 chobbs yeah, I think you might be right.
23:23 chobbs I need to figure out how to filter my apache logs to find it
23:24 chobbs I get a 10 minute break in my apache logs whenever this happens.
23:25 rangi ahh yeah
23:25 rangi system jams
23:25 rangi and it wont get logged until it completes
23:25 chobbs so should I be looking after the break then?
23:25 rangi if its something they wait for at the broweser
23:25 rangi id look before and after
23:25 chobbs because I've been looking prior to the break
23:25 rangi yeah id check after too
23:25 druthb joined #koha
23:26 rangi because the access log logs things when they finish or timeout or whatever
23:26 druthb o/
23:26 rangi heya druthb
23:26 druthb hi, rangi.
23:26 chobbs any idea what "internal dummy connection" means?
23:26 cait hi druthb
23:26 druthb hi, cait! :D
23:26 rangi hmmm
23:26 rangi nope
23:26 rangi not ringing a bell
23:27 chobbs[…]alDummyConnection
23:27 chobbs goog le to the rescue :)
23:27 rangi :)
23:28 adnc left #koha
23:30 chobbs hmm. I'm seeing nothing but sco,, and before and after the break :(
23:33 chobbs actually, I'm seeing some 504s several minutes before the break on
23:33 melia left #koha
23:33 chobbs that seems to be the start of the cascade
23:34 rangi hmm
23:34 rangi its an odd one
23:35 rangi 504 is gateway timeout
23:35 rangi are you proxying somewhere?
23:37 chobbs no, there's no proxy involved here
23:37 rangi i wonder where the 504's are coming from
23:37 rangi weird
23:37 chobbs they're coming from apache on the koha server. is it proxying for itself?
23:37 rangi maybe ask, 'what do you do round 8.15 each morning'
23:37 rangi no
23:43 indradg left #koha
23:43 chobbs well, I guess I'll see if the changes I made today help on monday.
23:43 chobbs rangi, thanks for talking it through with me!
23:44 rangi no problem
23:44 rangi how you figure it out
23:44 rangi hope even
23:50 cait left #koha

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