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01:23 libsysguy1 anybody around that can maybe give me a brief rundown of the accountlines table?
01:23 rangi theres a website for that
01:24 jcamins It's evil.
01:24 libsysguy1 well it is less about the structure
01:24 rangi http://schema.koha-community.o[…]accountlines.html
01:24 libsysguy1 cursed schema page :p
01:24 libsysguy1 the breakdown of charges is in that table right?
01:25 libsysguy1 so if I have two overdue books there would be two tuples?
01:27 rangi yes
01:28 libsysguy1 ok thanks rangi++
01:29 libsysguy1 seen slef
01:29 wahanui slef was last seen on #koha 1 days, 6 hours, 55 minutes and 53 seconds ago, saying: biab [Mon Oct 10 18:32:02 2011]
01:29 libsysguy1 so who knows if slef is a play on words for $self
01:29 rangi its a typo of self
01:29 rangi that stuck
01:29 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
01:29 libsysguy1 i knew it!!
01:29 rangi :)
01:30 libsysguy1 i keep making that typo when i am writing my OOPerl stuff
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03:27 Amit_Gupta heya all
03:27 Amit_Gupta heya chris gm
03:27 rangi hi Amit_Gupta
03:47 jransom heya Amit
03:58 Amit_Gupta heya jransom
03:58 Amit_Gupta on which date r u coming to india?
03:59 eythian Apparently my visa will be arriving tomorrow.
04:15 jransom I got my travel documents today
04:15 jransom I get there on the 22nd October
04:15 jransom and leave on the 12th
04:16 jransom ethian: my visa took weeks to get
04:17 eythian I sent mine on the 26th, they put it in the post today.
04:17 eythian so, a bit over 2 weeks.
04:31 Amit_Gupta hmm
04:31 Amit_Gupta heya eythian
04:32 eythian hello
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05:08 cait morning #koha
05:08 Oak Guten Tag cait
05:08 cait hi Oak
05:08 Oak kia ora #koha
05:09 eythian cait: you're up late.
05:09 cait lol
05:09 cait I can never make you happy, can I?
05:10 eythian nope :D
05:10 cait thought so hehe
05:10 * wizzyrea readies the slapping trout
05:10 cait ?
05:11 wizzyrea never mind
05:12 rangi hi cait and wizzyrea
05:12 rangi and oak
05:12 * wizzyrea waves
05:12 Oak oh hello rangi
05:12 rangi late night wizzyrea ?
05:12 wizzyrea yes and no - it's by choice
05:12 wizzyrea stupid glitch.
05:12 cait lol
05:12 cait stupid glitch
05:13 cait and hi rangi
05:14 Amit_Gupta heya cait
05:14 cait hi Amit_Gupta
05:15 Oak cait,
05:15 cait lol
05:16 Oak :)
05:16 Oak now you know
05:16 Oak next time wizzyrea readies the slapping trout, get your helmet!
05:16 cait I think it was not for me
05:16 cait wizzyrea?
05:16 wahanui I LIKE BAO or all about the resluts
05:17 wizzyrea nope
05:17 wizzyrea resluts.
05:17 cait :)
05:17 wizzyrea mhm
05:17 Oak oh well
05:27 rangi hmm
05:27 cait eythian: 6199?
05:32 eythian cait: yep
05:32 cait glad you finally believed me :P
05:33 eythian it was working for me the whole time, but I think maybe there'd been a change somewhere that upset it, and you were on a newer version (or something like that.)
05:34 cait but you found the problem?
05:35 eythian yeah
05:35 cait cool :)
05:36 eythian someone had added stuff that modified the record (stripping the item details) when it needed them later when it attempted to readd them.
05:39 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6199] Allow bulkmarcimport to blank duplicate barcodes rather than skipping items <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6199> / [Bug 7008] Sometimes zebra needs a tmp directory that it doesn't create itself <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7008>
05:42 eythian sweet, first draft of a soon-to-be-Koha-library migration from Liberty completed in about 3 days.
05:42 cait :)
05:42 eythian (most of which was dealing with crazy character set issues.)
05:42 cait sounds pretty normal
05:42 eythian yep
05:43 eythian the data had ligatures in it, defined by control characters.
05:43 eythian which is super-crazy.
05:43 eythian they weren't normal ligatures like � either
05:44 eythian but ones you use typesetting, like making 'fi' one character.
05:48 cait ok?
05:48 cait that sounds a bit weird
05:50 eythian it is a lot weird.
05:50 eythian My assumption is that they copy-pasted content from a PDF, which does that sort of thing.
05:50 cait hm
05:50 cait perhaps
05:51 eythian I hate our internal DNS management tool, I very nearly deleted an entire company domain when I intended to just delete a subdomain.
05:52 Oak hm, detective cait and detective eythian working on a case. cool :)
05:52 cait lol
05:52 Oak :^)
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06:07 Amit_Gupta heya laurence
06:07 laurence hi Amit_Gupta
06:11 cait hmpf
06:11 cait Can't use string ("1") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/katrin/kohaclone/acqui/ line 118.
06:11 cait it doesn't like the change ian suggests
06:12 cait $loggedinuser->{'flags'} & 1
06:14 cait ok, I see it
06:14 cait never mind
06:17 eythian happy to help.
06:19 cait eythian:
06:19 cait you still can help
06:19 cait because it's still not working
06:19 cait got past the perl error
06:19 cait but it's still not showing me all baskets when I am a superlibraian
06:20 eythian what's the bug number?
06:20 cait 6390
06:20 cait I changed the superlibrarian line ot
06:20 cait if ($userenv->{'flags'} & '1' ||
06:21 eythian what line number/file?
06:21 Amit_Gupta hdl around
06:21 Amit_Gupta ??
06:22 ropuch Morning #koha
06:23 Amit_Gupta heya ropuch
06:23 eythian cait: also, no need for '' around the 1 (although it shouldn't hurt, but it might)
06:23 eythian cait: and I'd bracket defensively there
06:24 eythian so, if (($userenv->{'flags'} & 1) ||
06:26 cait ah
06:26 cait the '' are not there, sorry
06:26 cait eythian:
06:26 cait patch attached to bug
06:27 cait defensively?
06:27 ropuch cait: still strugling with superlibrarian check?
06:27 cait yep
06:27 eythian cait: there are two patches on that bug, and neither touches
06:27 ropuch Any success?
06:30 cait oh yes
06:30 cait
06:30 cait sorry
06:30 cait running around, getting ready for work
06:30 cait and the second patch
06:31 eythian I would expect & 1 to return true if the flag indicates the person is a superlibrarian
06:32 cait but it doesn't :(
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06:32 cait I have set the sys pref to 'only baskets created by this user'
06:32 cait and the user has superlibrarian rights
06:32 cait but still not all baskets show up
06:32 cait only the user's
06:32 reiveune hello
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06:33 eythian cait: perhaps throw 'warn's in where you expect the code to go, and see where it's going and what values it has
06:33 cait
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06:34 Oak magnuse
06:34 eythian that's some terrible code really
06:34 Oak hello reiveune
06:35 eythian a 5-line if condition is never going to be debuggable.
06:35 cait I know
06:35 rangi id do a warn $userenv->{'flags'};
06:35 rangi before the if
06:36 eythian yeah, it's a good place to start
06:36 eythian I'd be inclined to split that if into multiple parts.
06:36 cait eythian: feel free to improve it
06:36 magnuse Oak
06:36 eythian cait: feel free to write my kohacon talk ;)
06:36 cait :P
06:37 magnuse kia ora #koha
06:38 reiveune hi Oak, cait, magnuse, everybody
06:38 cait hi reiveune and magnuse
06:39 magnuse bonjour reiveune and cait et al
06:42 cait eythian: thx for looking at it :)
06:43 cait eythian: and I know it's ugly - but only saying it's ugly is not helpful :)
06:43 eythian well, if you split it into parts, then you debug each part of it separately.
06:43 eythian which is helpful :)
06:44 cait eythian: I can do that
06:44 cait but the other parts work
06:44 cait it's really only the superlibrarian part that's broken
06:44 cait the sysprefs overwrite it, because it's never 0
06:44 cait um 1
06:45 eythian you're not testing if it's one, you testing if it's an odd number.
06:45 eythian which means that the superlibrarian bit is set
06:46 eythian which is what & 1 does, it just gives you bit number 1, and if its set it's true
06:46 eythian that explanation was a little too sbstract perhaps
06:46 rangi :)
06:46 rangi in summary, it tests for odd number
06:46 alex_a hello
06:47 eythian but, I'd start by printing out the flags.
06:47 rangi yeah it was even
06:47 rangi 261886
06:47 eythian oh right
06:47 eythian yeah, so not a superlibrarian
06:47 eythian no cape.
06:47 rangi which i think is caused if you have more than superlibrarian set
06:47 eythian noo, shouldn't be
06:47 rangi hmm
06:48 * eythian isn't testing this right now, so take it with a grain of salt
06:48 rangi yep its easy to test
06:48 eythian but, if superlib is set, it should always be odd.
06:48 rangi warn it
06:48 eythian I think
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06:48 eythian Unless bit 1 isn't superlib, in which case the whole & 1 thing is wrong anyway
06:48 eythian I think haspermissions should understand superlibrarians.
06:49 eythian It's silly for every bit of code to have to check
06:49 rangi yeah
06:49 Amit_Gupta any body try koha with solr
06:50 Oak i hv nt Amit_Gupta
06:51 Amit_Gupta hi Oak
06:51 Oak :) hi
06:52 * eythian mosies along
06:53 julian_m hello!
06:53 cait eythian: I think it did once, there is code like that, only it does not work
06:55 cait permission_system--
06:55 cait grrr
06:55 cait will be back
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07:07 Amit_Gupta hi hdl
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07:09 francharb hello all
07:10 rangi hi hdl and francharb
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07:15 kf hi #koha
07:15 hdl joined #koha
07:15 kf hi hdl
07:16 asaurat1 hi
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07:18 Amit_Gupta heya kf ;)
07:18 hdl hi all
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07:20 kf hi Amit_Gupta ;)
07:21 rangi hi adrien_s
07:21 kf hi adrien_s :)
07:21 adrien_s guten morgen :D
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08:16 clrh hello
08:17 kf hi claire
08:33 rangi paul_p:[…]hts-to-All-Blacks
08:34 paul_p rangi: OK, we let you the black shirt, you let us the cup. Sounds a reasonable deal ? :D
08:34 rangi hehe
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08:34 rangi gotta get past wales first
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08:35 rangi :)
08:35 paul_p yep. And you will have to get past your aussies friends
08:35 rangi im glad they won
08:35 rangi easier to beat them than south africa
08:35 rangi quade cooper cant tackle
08:35 rangi they only have 14 defenders :)
08:36 paul_p how to register a quote ?
08:36 paul_p I want to register "i'm glad Australia won" !!!!
08:36 rangi hehe
08:36 rangi well out of australia and south africa
08:36 rangi or australia and england
08:36 rangi i will choose australia
08:36 rangi in rugby
08:37 rangi in cricket, i will choose sa, and england
08:37 paul_p too late, you said "i'm glad australia won". I heard it! ;-)
08:37 rangi yep, cos they are easier to beat :)
08:39 adrien_s England is easy to beat in cricket games ?! they must be sad about it :)
08:40 adrien_s India won the last commonwealth games if I remember well, but I didn't notice how England got out of this
08:40 rangi no they are actually playing well
08:40 rangi in cricket
08:40 rangi australia are easier for nz to beat in rugby, than sa are
08:41 rangi both are hard to beat in cricket
08:41 rangi[…]/page/211271.html
08:41 mtj hiya pholks
08:42 mtj paul_p:  we are staying in vihang-inn too
08:42 paul_p KohaCon attendies will fill vihang-inn... (only 32 rooms)
08:43 paul_p (hi mtj)
08:43 mtj looks like their wifi may get a little 'stress-testing'... :p
08:43 mtj ... and then we get stress-tested too
08:44 adrien_s will you guys learn a few hindi words ? ;P
08:45 paul_p adrien_s: you want to give us some lessons ?
08:45 paul_p (did adrien_s introduce himself here ? He's the new support guy at BibLibre)
08:46 adrien_s we talked a little bit about Germany =)
08:48 adrien_s First and last hindi lesson :
08:48 adrien_s I'm thirsty = mujhe pyaas lagi hai
08:48 adrien_s I'm hungry = mujhe bhook lagi hai
08:48 adrien_s I guess it's impossible to pronounce correctly for us, so you may die before getting a glass of water
08:50 Oak staff in hotel will understand English I think :)
08:51 mtj hi adrien :)
08:51 Oak water = pani
08:52 Oak thirst = pyaas
08:52 Oak thirsty = pyasaa
08:54 Oak Thank you = Shookriya
08:54 Oak :)
08:54 Oak i'll stop now
09:04 * paul_p switches to "QAing bugzilla patches" mode...
09:05 kf @later tell wizzyrea: the layout on the paid for support page for Busara Core Solutions is a bit broken, can you take a look? :)
09:05 huginn kf: The operation succeeded.
09:06 kf paul_p: have a second?
09:06 paul_p kf: yep
09:06 kf I sigend off on 6292 but there is a follow up from sophie I have no test plan for
09:06 kf and not sure what it's supposed to fix
09:06 kf could you perhaps take a look?
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09:08 Amit_Gupta hdl there
09:08 Amit_Gupta hdl around?
09:22 paul_p kf: sophie_m is around, the best would be to ask here... Isn't the comment 13 enough ? (the test plan could be "have different overdues that would trigger different level of notice. Before the patch you get more than one letter, after the patch you just get a letter of the longest odue level, with all odues listed"
09:23 rangi hmm but thats not what comment 13 says
09:23 rangi Several letters where generated if a borrower had overdues with different
09:23 rangi due_date triggering the same level
09:24 rangi it says the same level of notice, not a different one
09:24 kf paul_p: I tested it for that- for me it worked without the follow-up
09:24 kf I am not sure which case the follow-up covers that didn't came up by testing
09:25 kf and triggering the same level with different due_dates is mathematically not possible - not as long as the overdues don't care about holidays
09:25 hdl Amit_Gupta:  ?
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09:48 kf sophie_m?
09:48 wahanui sophie_m is around, the best would be to ask here... Isn't the comment 13 enough ? (the test plan could be "have different overdues that would trigger different level of notice. Before the patch you get more than one letter, after the patch you just get a letter of the longest odue level, with all odues listed"
09:48 kf forget sophie_m wahanui
09:48 kf wahanui: forget sophie_m
09:48 wahanui kf: I forgot sophie_m
09:49 sophie_m kf ?
09:49 wahanui kf is, like, cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss
09:49 kf paul_p said to ask you about bug 6292
09:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6292 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , Overdue notices have a bug when multiple overdues exist
09:49 kf I was not able to find a test case for your follow-up
09:49 kf I would really like to see this go into 3.6
09:50 kf it's a great improvement
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10:17 sophie_m kf : the test case if :
10:17 sophie_m you trigger level 1 after 10 days, leverl 2 after 20 and level 3 after 30
10:19 sophie_m if a borrower has 2 books with overdue , one with 11 days and one with 15 for example
10:19 sophie_m without the followup, two level1 letters where générated 1 for the first document and one for the second
10:20 kf hm
10:20 kf I don't understand that I think
10:20 sophie_m with the patch, only one letter is generated, listing both documents
10:20 kf because I think no notice shoul be generated at all
10:20 kf in this case
10:20 kf perhaps I am using the overdues differently?
10:21 kf are you using the overdues script with -t?
10:22 sophie_m arghh, this is when -t parameter is not used
10:23 kf ok
10:23 kf can you give me an example to use without -t on the bug?
10:23 kf how to specify the 10, 20 and 30 days limits?
10:27 kf hm I think I understand now
10:27 kf I will test it
10:28 sophie_m Admin>Tools>Overdue notice/status triggers
10:29 kf I didn't know it would still use the triggers without -t
10:29 kf I misunderstood the documentation
10:29 kf I will try it
10:29 sophie_m Should this followup be part of another bug then ?
10:30 kf I think it's ok, I will test it as soon as I can
10:30 kf does teh problem exist without the follow up too?
10:30 kf in that case we could ask paul to qa on the first and the second can go in a little later
10:31 kf I am leaving for lunch - will be back a little later
10:35 Amit_Gupta heya kf
10:35 Amit_Gupta hdl around?
10:36 matts is now known as matts_away
10:36 adrien_s "Today's fish is trout à la creme !" ... Bon appetit !
11:01 kf back
11:18 hdl Amit_Gupta: ?
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11:18 kf adrien_s: was Cordon Bleu - but I doubt it was really french cuisine
11:23 magnuse see ya later #koha
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11:40 sophie_m kf : the followup fixes a problem that cannot occur with -t parameter
11:41 oakivil Hello #Koha. It looks like I need to modify the to include my custom Authorities type INDEX_TERM, copying auth field 653. I am getting a
11:41 oakivil Field 653 must have indicators (use ' ' for empty indicators) at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/File/ line 92
11:41 oakivil -error even if I define indicators as ind1="" ind2="" to Marc21XML file, even with indicator values as 1, it gives the very same error.
11:43 collum joined #koha
11:46 oakivil I fixed the problem by adding a subfield I forgot to add
11:47 oakivil Still unsure where the will put my authorities with only a leader field and field 653$a defined.
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11:52 kf oakivil: still around?
11:52 oakivil yes
11:52 kf thre is a line you will want to add to the import program
11:52 oakivil ok
11:52 kf hm I wonder
11:52 oakivil I think I can figure it out
11:52 kf have you tried bulkmarcimport with -a switch?
11:52 oakivil already took a peek at it and thats why I ask. To not use false workflows
11:52 oakivil nope
11:53 oakivil where should the authorities go in the database?
11:53 kf I think the table is auth_header
11:53 kf or something like that
11:53 wahanui i heard something like that was sticking in nengard's mind
11:53 kf forget something like that
11:53 wahanui kf: I forgot something like that
11:53 oakivil ;)
11:54 kf ok
11:54 kf at the moment
11:54 kf I think there are 2 scripts you can use to import authorities
11:54 kf bulkmarcimport with -a and bulkauthimport
11:54 kf the options both scripts provide are different
11:54 kf when i had looked at custom auth frameworks
11:55 kf I thought that adding a line to abulkauthimport for the new 1xx field should be enough
11:55 kf to make it work
11:55 kf see here:
11:55 kf[…]eb14d427d;hb=HEAD
11:55 kf line 118ff
11:55 kf the script finds out which framework to use by looking at the main heading in 1xx
11:56 oakivil well I want to add Subject words to field 653
11:56 kf yep
11:56 oakivil like general descriptive words
11:56 kf I know
11:56 nengard is anyone here able to tell me how to get email working on my VM? I'd like to test owen's patron update email, but my system doesn't send email cause i never set it up
11:56 kf but why 653 and using authlrities?
11:56 kf 653 is uncontrolled
11:56 kf that means no authority linking intended
11:57 oakivil well because it seems like the easiest step to display Koha authorities functionality
11:57 kf nengard: I can't tell you how :( but my coworker fixed it for me - can offer to try testing this tonight
11:57 oakivil and because I couldnt find a generic enough field from 1xx
11:57 kf oakivil: I would use another 6xx field
11:57 kf than 653
11:57 kf what kind of subjects do you want to put in there?
11:58 oakivil every kind of subjects
11:58 kf hm
11:58 oakivil I have a 29000 word large vocabulary
11:58 oakivil unsorted by anything
11:58 kf a 69x field would be better perhaps
11:58 kf if you want to link to authorieis
11:59 kf you can use the 653 - but I would leave that open for real uncontrolled subjects
11:59 jcamins_away I would use 650.
11:59 kf or that
11:59 kf jcamins_away: the problem is, he has authorities for those
11:59 jcamins_away kf: that's a good thing.
11:59 kf if you want to keep them searate
11:59 oakivil Marc21 fields re different when i look at the authorities documentation than in the bibliographic documentation
11:59 kf you will want to use another field
11:59 kf oakivil: that's right
11:59 jcamins_away @marc 650 2
11:59 huginn jcamins_away: Source of heading or term Code from: MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions
11:59 jcamins_away ^^ use 650$2
11:59 kf jcamins_away: perhaps you are right
12:00 kf yep
12:00 kf to specify the source
12:00 oakivil but in koha i should have the authorities fields the same as in bibliographics?
12:00 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
12:00 jcamins oakivil: the last two digits should be the same.
12:00 kf the question is - does koha copy $2 over using the plugin?
12:00 jcamins kf: that's a good question!
12:00 kf oakivil: different frameworks :)
12:00 kf the main heading from 1xx in the authority fiel will be copied to 6xx in the bibliographic file
12:00 nengard thanks kf, testing is good, but i do want to get email working so I'll wait for a few more people to wake up over here and ask again :)
12:01 kf nengard: :) I understand you, that's why I made one of my coworkers sit down with me last week
12:01 kf so happy it works now
12:01 oakivil yes the import script does the matching
12:01 jcamins Hrm. I can't find the code for the plugin.
12:01 kf hm not the matching
12:01 kf actually
12:01 wahanui actually is relevant to perl, that's a definite thing going for it, too.
12:01 kf forget actually
12:01 wahanui kf: I forgot actually
12:01 kf the import script puts the authorities into a table in your database
12:02 kf totally separate from bibliographic records
12:02 oakivil so what if I just added a clause to the import script to put these field 653's to the custom Authorities framework
12:02 kf and you can link them together
12:02 oakivil and forget about any marc hassle
12:02 oakivil what is the most proper field etc. I am just lookign  for a quick hack anyway :D demo is on friday
12:02 kf that should work I think
12:02 kf i think I would use a 69x
12:02 kf but basically it should work like you want it to work
12:03 kf you only have to know it willo not establish the links
12:03 kf between your records
12:03 oakivil yeah
12:03 kf that it will only do if the pk of your auth-header table and $9 in the records match
12:03 kf and the script will not do that
12:03 kf you should ask jared about linking authorities to bibs...
12:03 oakivil I need to dig into the xml parsing module anyway because the xml variant uses different names for authorities frameworks
12:03 kf but he might explode or something
12:03 jcamins It's not really possible, sorry.
12:03 kf no
12:04 kf but if you give it the right data to begin with, it works
12:04 jcamins By all means, try running (or whatever the script is), but don't expect it to work terribly well.
12:04 oakivil hmm
12:04 kf oakivil: one working way is
12:05 kf oakivil: have ids for your authorities in 001 in authority, and the matching number in 6xx $9
12:05 kf then it will establish the link
12:05 kf without running any scripts
12:05 kf because all information is there
12:05 kf that it needs
12:05 matts_away is now known as matts
12:05 kf if you can't provide those fields, there is a script, but as jcamins says there are some problems wtih it
12:06 oakivil you mean in the biblios 6xx $9?
12:06 kf yep
12:06 kf if that matches the 001 and auth_header pk thing it will link
12:07 jcamins kf's plan is good. :)
12:07 Callender left #koha
12:08 oakivil but if i just add these authorities, then modify by hand the Books marc framework to use my custom authority list for field 653$a.
12:08 oakivil Then I modify existing biblios by adding 653-fields to them.
12:09 oakivil do i still need to define the authorities 001 field?
12:09 kf if you do it all by hand it will work too
12:09 oakivil great
12:09 kf the auth plugin ill take care
12:09 kf the other things we talked about are migration problems mostly
12:09 kf cataloging from scratch should be ok
12:09 oakivil but now I also know how to import authorities together with the biblios
12:10 oakivil and how to define the linking. ATM the authorities are embedded to the marcdata
12:10 jcamins oakivil: if you just add the text in the 653, your authorities won't actually be linked.
12:10 kf no
12:11 kf you have to go into marc bibiographic frameworks
12:11 kf and link it to your auth framework, the $a field I think
12:11 kf hope that works without more work
12:11 oakivil thats my plan
12:11 oakivil well thanks a lot guys again
12:11 kf :)
12:11 oakivil or galls
12:11 oakivil you never know...
12:11 * kf crosses fingers
12:11 kf hehe
12:11 * kf is katrin
12:15 oleonard joined #koha
12:16 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.5 is now available; Next General IRC Meeting 16 November 2011 at 02:00 UTC+0
12:21 Callender joined #koha
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12:26 JesseM joined #koha
12:34 gboisson joined #koha
12:36 gboisson hi all
12:36 gboisson i'm having a problem on koha 3.6, with tabs in Administration  Set Library Checkin and Transfer Policy
12:37 gboisson i've reproduced the bug in a couple instances here
12:37 gboisson but not in the demos on the koha community portal
12:37 oleonard ?
12:37 clrh_ joined #koha
12:37 gboisson i would like to know if anyone else has experienced that problem before
12:37 gboisson yes
12:38 gboisson tabs are not functionnal
12:38 gboisson and generate a javascript error when clicked
12:38 oleonard gboisson: I submitted a fix for something on that page recently, I wonder if you have it
12:39 gboisson i see, that could be the reason
12:39 kf I think it has been pushed, but not sure
12:39 gboisson oleonard: where can i check this fix ?
12:39 clrh left #koha
12:39 kf I had tested oleonard's patch
12:39 oleonard Bug 6842
12:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6842 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Branch transfer limits broken
12:40 oleonard It has been pushed, commit 377f174b0674b009945036c3ac3724378e12e9c5
12:40 gboisson hmm i saw this one but my problem is different
12:42 * oleonard doesn't have any problem with the version in master
12:43 kf gboisson: are you looking at the english templates?
12:43 gboisson i have the problem in both english and french
12:44 reiveune left #koha
12:45 gboisson for instance if i have two ccodes books and cds, instead of having one table for books showing up, and the other accessible through tabs
12:45 gboisson all the tables show up
12:46 gboisson and tabs are non functionnal
12:46 oleonard What's the JS error?
12:47 gboisson $("#DEPtable").tablesorter({wodgets:["zebra"], sortList: [[0, 0]],headers: {1: {sorter: flase}}}).tablesorterPager is not a function
12:48 gboisson on line 401
12:49 gmcharlt joined #koha
12:49 oleonard gboisson: That suggests to me that the version you're looking at is different from master
12:50 oleonard gboisson: The tables are now sorted by class, not ID: $(".sorted").tablesorter
12:51 gboisson ok i'll have a look in this direction then
12:51 gboisson thanks!
12:55 Amit_Gupta left #koha
12:58 paul_p gboisson: & oleonard & kf : the sandbox gaetan is working on is not uptodate (2 weeks old ?)
12:59 kf that can be the reason I think
12:59 paul_p (has gboisson introduced himself ? It's our new project manager, like Francois Charbonnier & Stéphane Delaye)
12:59 kf it's not that long since it was fixed
12:59 kf welcome gboisson then :)
13:01 gboisson true, i spoke with kf last week but didn't really introduce myself here...
13:01 gboisson i have started working for biblibre just one week ago !
13:01 gboisson :)
13:02 kf :)
13:03 kf gboisson: don't be afraid to ask questions :) we will try to help
13:03 kf @marc 260
13:03 huginn kf: Information relating to the publication, printing, distribution, issue, release, or production of a work. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,3,6,8]
13:03 kf @marc260$a
13:03 huginn kf: I suck
13:03 kf @marc 260 a
13:03 huginn kf: Place of publication, distribution, etc. May contain the abbreviation [S.l.] when the place is unknown. (Repeatable)
13:04 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6996] Encoding problem in opac-showmarc <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6996>
13:13 matts is now known as matts_away
13:15 laurence left #koha
13:15 jcamins Does bug 7010 make sense to people?
13:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7010 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , Select all records from search
13:15 jcamins I mean, the language, not the feature.
13:16 oleonard Makes sense, but if you try to add too many items to a cart things will go wrong. Cookie size limit I think.
13:16 * oleonard should file a bug for that
13:16 jcamins Okay, I didn't *really* care about the cart anyway. Just lists.
13:16 jcamins :)
13:17 jcamins Good thing, I guess.
13:17 oleonard You'll have to figure out how to limit the option to just the lists then, since the controls are linked
13:17 jcamins Yeah.
13:17 jcamins How many items can you have in the cart?
13:18 jcamins I'm thinking if it's too many, have the OPAC alert the user.
13:18 oleonard I'll have to test again... it probably depends on the length of the biblionumbers rather than the number of items
13:18 matts_away is now known as matts
13:18 oleonard ...if it really is a cookie size limit.
13:19 jcamins 4000 characters.
13:19 jcamins Probably is.
13:19 oleonard jcamins: In fact I discovered the bug when I was doing a task which could have used your suggested feature!
13:19 oleonard I wanted to add all the results of my search to a list :)
13:20 oleonard I was doing it via the cart because adding to the cart is faster
13:20 jcamins Oh, eep!
13:20 jcamins That's not 4000 bytes per cookie, that's 4000 bytes per domain.
13:21 oleonard[…]kie-restrictions/
13:22 sekjal joined #koha
13:23 jcamins I admit I didn't really expect anyone else was ever going to want bug 7010. Kind of cool that you could've used it. ;)
13:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7010 enhancement, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , Select all records from search
13:23 talljoy joined #koha
13:28 jcamins Do we use YUI's cookie handling stuff?
13:31 jcamins How do I print data to the console?
13:34 oleonard console.log( foo );
13:34 jcamins Thanks.
13:34 oleonard jcamins: We use a jquery plugin for cookie handling in some places. In some (older) places we do it manually
13:35 jcamins If you report the cart length limit bug, I'll fix it.
13:35 oleonard Oh yeah, what do you have in mind?
13:35 jcamins "You have tried to add too many items to your cart."
13:35 jcamins So, I guess it's not quite fixing it, more preventing it completely breaking your session.
13:36 oleonard It's the best we can do since it's a browser limitation
13:37 jcamins Exactly.
13:37 sekjal does anyone else have an opinion on bug 5459, before I mark it?
13:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5459 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , merging records loses holds from one
13:38 oleonard sekjal: Only that it's seems obvious to me why a patron would have holds placed on both books: There's a waiting list on both and they don't know which will arrive first!
13:39 jcamins Gee... it sure takes a while to get your cookie up to the maximum length.
13:39 oleonard jcamins: Yeah, I've been editing them directly just now using a dump of biblionumbers from my database
13:40 jcamins Good idea.
13:40 * oleonard uses Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar for this
13:42 oleonard Bug 7011
13:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7011 normal, P5, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED , Warn the user that they have reached the limit of how many items they can have in their cart
13:43 jcamins Thanks.
13:43 maximep joined #koha
13:44 oleonard Display of the cart is a tad slow when it has 1000+ titles in it :)
13:46 reiveune joined #koha
13:47 * oleonard roots for Bug 5898
13:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5898 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , search to hold feature not clearing
13:49 trea joined #koha
13:53 jcamins Okay... why is it displaying the wrong message?
13:53 sekjal oleonard:  5898 passed
13:54 jcamins It keeps on reporting "No item was added to your cart (already in your cart)!" when it should be using my new message.
13:56 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
13:57 oleonard jcamins: Did you stroke its hair gently and whisper in its ear?
13:57 rhcl uhhh, I'm in the wrong place
13:57 rhcl is now known as ketchup
13:58 kf lol
14:02 jcamins val.length is undefined.
14:03 * jcamins gives up.
14:03 jcamins Well, it seemed like something I could easily fix.
14:04 jcamins Oh, I bet I know what I have to do.
14:05 jcamins I have to turn an integer into a string.
14:05 jcamins Weakly_typed_languages--
14:05 oleonard That has tripped me up before
14:06 jcamins Okay, now it works.
14:10 jcamins For me, anyway.
14:10 maximep paul_p: replied to bug 6879. If I attach the patch to 6414, will it have to be signed off again ?
14:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6879 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, pelletiermaxime, ASSIGNED , Actual price should show correctly on order line and basket summary
14:10 jcamins Adding records is boring.
14:11 kf maximep: I hope not :)
14:11 paul_p hi maximep. Not necessarily. it depends on the nature of the change. In this case no
14:12 paul_p if the QA request just a few changes, a few doc,... usually, it's not needed. Sometimes the QA or RM request a new signoff, but not the most common case
14:13 maximep do I attach the signed off patch or my original?
14:14 paul_p maximep: the signed-off please
14:15 paul_p (but you'll have to amend it to update the 1st description line with the correct patch number)
14:16 * chris_n wishes he had a nickel for every time FF told him how embarrassed it was for having crashed :-(
14:17 kf hehe
14:17 wizzyrea you'd have at least dinner at a fancy restaurant?
14:20 oleonard On my Mac it's, "What did you do to make Firefox crash? Oh, you tried to quit Firefox? Why would you do that?"
14:21 gboisson oleonard:kf: i have an explanation for the problem i encountered: autorized values cannot contain spaces (or accents, or unusual characters)
14:21 maximep FF hasn't crashed for me in at least 6 months =)
14:22 oleonard gboisson: We need to add server-and client-side validation for that
14:23 gboisson yes that would be good :)
14:23 gboisson i'll file a bug for this
14:23 gboisson or is there already one?
14:23 jcamins Nope, doesn't work, after all.
14:24 jcamins It insists on giving an error that the record was already added.
14:24 paul_p sekjal: I see you're QAing. How do you choose what you QA, as i'm QAing too, and that would be bad to QA the same patches.
14:25 paul_p me = sorted by Sev, and going from worst to lowest.[…]getlastlist=13133
14:25 sekjal paul_p: QAing what comes to my attention first, either by email update or by request in channel
14:25 alex_a oleonard: why both server and client validation ?
14:26 paul_p sekjal: OK, then I'll announce here what i'm working on & pls do the same to avoid duplicate effort. OK ?
14:26 * paul_p QAing 6253
14:26 oleonard alex_a: Client-side for speed (don't wait for the page to reload) and server-side as a fallback.
14:27 jcamins Ohhh.
14:28 jcamins Nope, no idea.
14:28 alex_a oleonard: ok
14:28 jcamins Well, that's more time than I should've spent on this.
14:28 jcamins oleonard: would you like me to e-mail you the patch I have that works randomly?
14:29 oleonard Randomly? :)
14:29 * oleonard would be happy to test
14:29 jcamins Yeah. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
14:29 jcamins Clearly it's buggy, but I haven't the foggiest where.
14:32 jcamins What's particularly baffling is the way that it does work occasionally.
14:43 chris_n wizzyrea: yeah, probably a five-star restaurant at that
14:43 thd-away` joined #koha
14:43 ketchup is now known as rhcl
14:45 thd-away left #koha
14:52 paul_p sekjal: could you validate 6278 pls (should require just a minute)
14:52 * paul_p QAing 6885 (sekjal)
14:53 jcamins sekjal: when you get a chance, could you take a look at bug 5528
14:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5528 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tajoli, ASSIGNED , Analytical records support
14:53 oleonard jcamins: Strange, I'm getting an "already in your cart" error when I know it's not
14:54 oleonard No idea if it's related...
14:54 jcamins oleonard: yes, that's the problem.
14:54 sekjal jcamins and paul_p: will look at all those reports, yes
14:54 jcamins Once you fill up the cookie, that's the error you get.
14:54 oleonard Oh, okay
14:54 * oleonard missed that part
14:54 jcamins Except every so often, you get the right error.
15:00 sekjal oleonard: do you have any tips on how I could get the "more searches" menu on the OPAC to break out of the dropdown and back into a plain, always-visible menu block?
15:00 fcapo joined #koha
15:04 Guillaume left #koha
15:05 oakivil Hello #Koha again! I was able to import Marc21XML-Authorities to a custom Authorities type INDEX_TERM on field 653. Trouble is that I cannot find my authorities from the authorities module.
15:05 oakivil Zebra is running and I can see it trying to look with the keywords I type to Authorities module. Zebra is also indexed after some fuss which required me to delete the locks in koha-dev/var/zebra -folder.
15:05 oakivil Do i need to modify Zebra indexing rules to index field 653?
15:05 oleonard sekjal: $("#furtherm").attr("class","").attr("style","");
15:06 jcamins oakivil: you can't import MARCXML authorities. Only in binary MARC format, as far as I know.
15:06 kf can someone help me with regex?
15:06 kf I want to remove ,[] from a string
15:06 kf in perl
15:06 sekjal thanks, oleonard!
15:07 oakivil well the script said 29000 authorities imported just fine, and i can see them in the database
15:07 oakivil koha.auth_header -table
15:08 jcamins oakivil: oh, interesting. Then I have no idea what's wrong.
15:08 oakivil jcamins: It will be a lot of trouble to convert XML to binary
15:08 alex_a kf: s/(\[|\])//g;
15:09 alex_a $your_string =~ s/(\[|\])//g;
15:10 jcamins oakivil: well, if it imported successfully, clearly I was mistaken.
15:10 kf great, thx!
15:11 oakivil jcamins: I have no idea whether or not the Zebra indexed properly
15:12 oakivil no errors thrown
15:12 kf alex_a++
15:12 kf works :)
15:12 kf oakivil: only searching is the problem?
15:13 kf oakivil: have you zebra indexing with -a ?
15:13 melia joined #koha
15:13 sophie_m left #koha
15:13 kf oakivil: ah, in which field is your main heading in the authorities?
15:14 kf perhaps this is not indexed
15:14 kf hm, although I think it should be, it might be not
15:14 alex_a kf: :)
15:17 adrien_s left #koha
15:18 kf alex_a: I need to remove trailing spaces and ; too... can you give me another hint?
15:18 kf I have this now, removes , too s/(\[|\],)//g;
15:21 alex_a kf: ; at the end of a line ?
15:21 sekjal paul_p: 6278 passed
15:21 reiveune bye
15:21 reiveune left #koha
15:22 jcamins kf: you need to put a vertical bar before the , and then add |; after the comma.
15:24 alex_a kf: try s/(;|\s{+})$//g
15:24 alex_a and s/(\[|\]|,)//g;
15:24 jcamins Oh, oops, missed the end of line bit.
15:25 nengard left #koha
15:26 oakivil kf: zebra indexed with -a.
15:26 oakivil what is a main heading? This is the format of the imported data:
15:26 oakivil <record format="FINMARC" type="Bibliographic">
15:26 oakivil <leader>     nz  a22     o  4500</leader>
15:26 oakivil <datafield tag="653" ind1="" ind2="">
15:26 oakivil <subfield code="a">suometsät</subfield>
15:26 oakivil </datafield>
15:26 oakivil </record>
15:26 oakivil Sorry for the pastebin.
15:26 matts is now known as matts_away
15:27 oakivil format is wrong
15:33 oleonard jcamins: If I output the contents of the array created by valCookie.split("/") it outputs "undefined" for items above index 1021
15:33 kf oakivil: hm should be in 100 in your authority
15:33 kf not 6xx
15:33 oleonard ...but I don't know what it means.
15:33 kf ah, that's the bibliographic - ignoreme
15:33 oakivil damn no its authority
15:33 jcamins oleonard: oh, tht's weird.
15:34 oakivil damn i didnt change those types or formats
15:34 jcamins oleonard: I ran into problems long before that, too.
15:34 kf alex_a: it doesn't like that much
15:34 jcamins I guess you have short-ish biblionumbers?
15:34 oleonard The list I'm using starts at 1
15:34 oakivil kf: bot in the database it made no difference
15:35 kf alex_a++ now it works :)
15:35 kf thx a lot :)
15:37 oakivil kf: authority field 100 is imported into the Personal Name Authority type
15:38 oakivil i modified the import script to put 653 to the custom INDEX_TERM Authority type using field 653
15:38 kf yeah
15:38 kf but that's not what it should do
15:38 kf 1xx for authority, 6xx for bibliographic
15:38 jcamins oleonard: I have no idea what to make of the problem with split, but I guess that's the problem.
15:38 oakivil ok
15:38 oakivil but it wont fix the zebra issue or will it?
15:38 jcamins oakivil: it will help the Zebra issue.
15:38 oakivil ok
15:39 oakivil so any 1xx field will do?
15:39 kf I have to leave - will be back later as cait
15:39 jcamins However, I have no idea whether you'll have to rewrite the Zebra configuration.
15:39 jcamins oakivil: no, it *must* be the 1xx field that matches the 6xx field you're using.
15:39 oakivil I think I'll take a look in the Zebra config
15:39 jcamins So, 153.
15:39 oakivil ah ok
15:39 jcamins I'm not sure that's valid, though.
15:39 oakivil now i got it
15:39 jcamins I would definitely still strongly recommend that you consider using 650/150.
15:40 oakivil Topical Term?
15:40 kf yeah
15:40 oakivil what is that?
15:40 oakivil I can do that tho
15:40 oakivil for testing sake
15:40 kf ep
15:40 kf yep
15:40 kf in authority the main heading goes into 150 then, in your bibliographic files it will end up in 650
15:40 kf now I am leaving :)
15:40 kf bye all
15:40 oakivil ok
15:40 kf left #koha
15:41 jcamins oakivil: topical term is a general subject.
15:41 sekjal oakivil:  are you still aiming to create a new Authority Type?
15:41 jcamins oakivil: it's not that you can't do things with 653, but if you don't understand MARC (and I'm guessing you don't really understand it), you're probably better off using something that's already configured.
15:42 oakivil I am not a Marc-pro thats for sure
15:42 oakivil No idea
15:42 oakivil Actually no one in our library knows marc21 that well
15:42 jcamins Yeah, you'll probably be happier using 650.
15:43 oakivil but i dont know the FinMARC we are using either
15:43 jcamins It won't make any practical difference, other than you won't have to rewrite everything.
15:43 oakivil ok
15:43 jcamins oakivil: You're using FINMARC?
15:44 oakivil yes
15:44 jcamins I have some... not-so-good news, if the data you're using is FINMARC.
15:44 jcamins Ignore everything we said, FINMARC is quite different from MARC21.
15:44 oakivil I mean in our library we use FinMarc
15:44 * jcamins just looked it up.
15:44 jcamins You'll need to do an entire new framework, with different indexing configurations, etc.
15:44 oakivil but the Authority stuff is just made up from a RDF/XML type national vocabulary
15:45 oakivil we are converting FinMarc to Marc21
15:45 jcamins Oh, that's good.
15:45 jcamins In that case, I still recommend 650.
15:45 oakivil actually I already did that according to a national committees established conversion rules using the USEMARCON-program
15:45 oakivil yup, importing, indexing
15:46 jcamins Okay, carry on. Use 650, because it'll be less painful. :)
15:46 oakivil for sure I will take the least painfull path
15:46 oakivil but it is nice that I am finally starting to understand this Koha system
15:49 oakivil Can you tell me how can I add a new sms service provider?
15:49 oakivil I have their interface specs and it is such a simple interface, no brainer.
15:50 oakivil Is there any documentation about the sms:ing module?
15:50 sekjal jcamins & paul_p:  QAing bug 5528
15:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5528 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tajoli, ASSIGNED , Analytical records support
15:50 jcamins Woohoo!
15:50 jcamins sekjal++
15:50 paul_p sekjal: & jcamins QAing 6912
15:51 oakivil +1
15:51 paul_p (should be quickly done)
15:51 jcamins oakivil: I have no idea, sorry.
15:52 jcamins bug 6912
15:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6912 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED , OPAC display crashes for analytical biblio without 008 field
15:52 oakivil ok got Zebra working
15:52 oakivil thanks a million again
15:54 oleonard jcamins: Not a breakthrough, but a head-smacking step forward: We were checking valCookie.length instead of arrayRecords.length when looping over arrayRecords!
15:54 jcamins Ah.
15:54 jcamins At least that wasn't my fault. ;)
15:56 sekjal 5528 passed (wehoo!)
15:58 wizzyrea did I hear someone say there were ubuntu packages?
15:58 jcamins wizzyrea: I've been using the packages at, but there are also "launchpad" packages.
15:59 jcamins (I've been using the Debian packages on Ubuntu)
15:59 wizzyrea oh i SEE
15:59 wizzyrea those work ok?
15:59 jcamins I don't know what launchpad packages are.
15:59 jcamins No problems yet. :)
15:59 wizzyrea the debian ones on ubuntu I mean
15:59 jcamins Right.
15:59 jcamins The Debian ones work fine.
15:59 wizzyrea dependencies are installed and all that jazz
15:59 jcamins Unless you're on Ubuntu 10.04.
15:59 jcamins Bit of manual work then.
15:59 wizzyrea ah
16:00 * wizzyrea is
16:00 jcamins Speaking of which, aren't we due for a new LTS release?
16:00 wizzyrea I don't mind manual work
16:00 jcamins There's a wiki page which is accurate.
16:00 wizzyrea koha on lucid using koha packages?
16:00 jcamins Though my Puppet configuration is somewhat superior.
16:00 jcamins Yup.
16:00 wizzyrea kool
16:00 wizzyrea I was just looking at that
16:00 jcamins Lemme pastebin my Puppet config.
16:01 wizzyrea oo
16:01 wizzyrea yes, plz
16:02 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "wizzyrea: Puppet config for Koha (note that it requires other modules)" (165 lines) at
16:03 NateC left #koha
16:03 wizzyrea aha
16:04 wizzyrea ty
16:04 julian_m left #koha
16:04 jcamins you're welcome.
16:08 gboisson left #koha
16:08 paul_p WAing 6942 (sekjal)
16:10 NateC joined #koha
16:11 cait joined #koha
16:11 clrh_ bybye
16:12 sekjal lunch then appointment; back in a bit
16:12 cait hi again #koha
16:16 Oak joined #koha
16:17 oleonard jcamins: It works on the detail page because the function for adding a single record can complete with your error message
16:18 oleonard jcamins: It fails on the search results page because the function for adding multiple records only knows one error--the duplicate item error.
16:18 jcamins oleonard: oh, I guess I'm too distracted to notice that there are obvious patterns for when it works and when it doesn't.
16:25 talljoy is now known as talljoy_lunch
16:25 oleonard jcamins: I'll look at it again tomorrow if you haven't gotten inspired before then.
16:25 jcamins oleonard: it's unlikely. Thanks for looking.
16:25 * oleonard is leaving early
16:26 oleonard left #koha
16:32 wizzyrea jcamins++ thanks for the help
16:32 jcamins wizzyrea: you're very welcome.
16:42 paul_p it's time to go back home for me. See you tomorrow #koha !
16:43 cait bye paul_p
16:43 cait have a nice evening
16:48 francharb1 joined #koha
16:50 wizzyrea lulz
16:50 wizzyrea wish me luck
16:50 wizzyrea We are upgrading from Koha to, you must update your database
16:50 wizzyrea ya think?
16:52 francharb left #koha
16:52 paul_p left #koha
16:53 jcamins Yikes!
16:54 wizzyrea :) but it worked
16:55 Oak good luck
17:01 wizzyrea should I be worried about a ton of
17:01 wizzyrea Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2841.
17:01 wizzyrea when running the 3.4 update?
17:03 wizzyrea i haven't seen this particular thing before
17:05 hdl left #koha
17:05 nengard joined #koha
17:06 trea is now known as trea-lunch
17:11 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:26 jcamins There are about fifty gazillion mysql modules for puppet. Does anyone know which I should use?
17:29 fcapo left #koha
17:34 talljoy_lunch is now known as talljoy
17:43 rhcl left #koha
17:45 NateC left #koha
17:45 NateC joined #koha
17:56 nengard_lunch left #koha
17:57 bg trea http://ticket.bywatersolutions[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505
17:57 huginn Bug 2505: major, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
17:57 bg whoops wrong window :)
17:58 * bg feels silly :P
18:01 * collum has a tendency to type in VI commands into irc.  It hasn't worked, yet.
18:03 * jcamins occasionally writes "/me" in e-mails.
18:04 wizzyrea bg: at least it wasn't the password
18:04 bg oh you want the password
18:04 bg it's gmcharlt
18:04 wizzyrea keke
18:04 rangi trea can fix bug 2505 while he is at it
18:04 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
18:04 rangi :)
18:05 bg yeah I'm always using vi commands in email or anything we're I need to type into  ( :wq ) !!!  heh
18:05 rangi i do
18:06 rangi but thats because i use mutt with vim as its editor to write emails
18:06 gmcharlt it's bg!
18:06 rangi :)
18:06 wizzyrea it's gmcharlt!
18:06 wizzyrea speaking of gmcharlt
18:06 wizzyrea should I be worried about this
18:06 wizzyrea Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2841.
18:06 gmcharlt wizzyrea: master?
18:06 wahanui master is probably for 3.6
18:06 wizzyrea when running the 3.4 remove items from biblioitems
18:07 wizzyrea it's the dev packages
18:07 * gmcharlt takes a look
18:07 wizzyrea it seems to happen on every bib
18:08 wizzyrea I did koha-upgrade-to-3.4
18:08 gmcharlt wizzyrea: you should be very, very, very worried
18:08 wizzyrea oh dear
18:08 gmcharlt since it means you have NoZebra turned on
18:08 wizzyrea hah
18:08 wizzyrea ok
18:08 * wizzyrea can fix that
18:09 wizzyrea i forgot that I was moving this from a nozebra to a zebra
18:09 wizzyrea ty >.<
18:09 bg such a cute face there wizzyrea
18:09 wizzyrea oh hey
18:09 wizzyrea that works a lot better >.>
18:10 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
18:11 wizzyrea someone buy eythian and liw lunch or something, packages = the bomb diggle.
18:13 trea-lunch is now known as trea
18:16 rangi ok gotta go make breakfast for the kids
18:16 rangi bbiab
18:16 jcamins Bomb diggle... that sounds like a mole that uses explosives. :)
18:19 wizzyrea hee
18:19 wizzyrea wow, this library has more items than I thought
18:20 * wizzyrea is glad I didn't make them recatalog them all
18:20 jcamins Was that option on the table? Yikes! You're scary!
18:21 wizzyrea not really
18:21 wizzyrea lesson kids: almost anything is surmountable if you have good and proven backups.
18:21 wizzyrea the worst part of this was finding a dang machine to put it on
18:22 jcamins proven_backups++ # nothing worse than relying on a backup you've never tested. 99.95% chance it'll be corrupted.
18:27 Oak me go now. good night \o
18:27 Oak left #koha
18:40 libsysguy joined #koha
18:41 libsysguy hey #Koha
18:46 libsysguy sekjal you around
18:47 libsysguy @later tell sekjal I'd like to talk about notices when you get some time
18:47 huginn libsysguy: The operation succeeded.
18:51 rhcl joined #koha
18:56 rangi back
18:57 * cait waves
18:58 bg hi back
18:59 rangi :)
19:03 sekjal back, as well
19:03 jcamins Huh.
19:04 jcamins I stand corrected.
19:04 jcamins chris_n++
19:05 chris_n hmm...
19:05 chris_n the proof of the pudding is in the crust as they say
19:05 chris_n I'm not sure alt will work in the present state of things
19:06 chris_n but I "think" that is what was intended back in days of yore when the code was first created
19:08 chris_n I think the problem may come with the template code which assumes all columns on a sheet of labels are the same dimension
19:08 francharb1 left #koha
19:10 * chris_n examines the lsl04 template
19:10 rangi ok my stop
19:11 cait lsl04?
19:11 cait edi?
19:11 wahanui edi is something weve been wanting too
19:11 cait forget edi
19:11 wahanui cait: I forgot edi
19:11 chris_n ed?
19:11 chris_n ops
19:11 cait seems all I do today is making wahanui forget things
19:11 chris_n man, can't spell today :P
19:11 cait ah, there is a vendor called lsl
19:11 chris_n gaylord labels
19:12 cait makes sense
19:12 cait chris_n = talking about labels :)
19:14 chris_n yup, just as I suspected
19:14 chris_n the template code will need modification to allow variations in the size of columns
19:15 * chris_n encounters a buffer overrun error while attempting to assign time to his schedule for such a modification
19:18 rangi back
19:19 chris_n wb rangi
19:20 rangi thanks
19:21 chris_n hmm... using an xml description of the template specs would allow for a lot greater flexibility in accommodating varieties of templates
19:26 bg is now known as honey_badger
19:26 honey_badger is now known as bg
19:29 * chris_n opens bug 7015 to keep track of this idea
19:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7015 enhancement, P5, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , Fixup Template Code to Accommodate More Variety of Label Styles
19:32 jcamins Ooh, I should congratulate Melissa Hofmann.
19:33 rangi oh?
19:33 jcamins Yeah, she just got a publication![…]tal/29/3/yang.pdf
19:33 rangi oh thats an old one
19:33 rangi 2010
19:33 * jcamins hasn't read it yet.
19:33 jcamins Wait.
19:34 rangi at least im pretty sure it is
19:34 jcamins This does seem a bit familiar.
19:34 rangi yeah i think its the quite badly done one im afraid :(
19:34 rangi if its the voyager compared one im thinking og
19:34 rangi f
19:35 jcamins Oh, ouch.
19:35 jcamins Not a single Koha catalog represented.
19:36 rangi yeah exactly
19:37 rangi In Koha’s and Evergreen’s advanced search,
19:37 rangi however, the terms are ANDed only, a fact that is not at
19:37 rangi all obvious to the user. In the demo OPACs examined,
19:37 rangi there is no option to choose OR or NOT between rows,
19:37 rangi nor is there any indication that the search is ANDed
19:37 rangi not true for either Koha or evergreen
19:37 rangi i remember dan scott pointed out a lot of the flaws for evergreen in a blog post
19:38 rangi evergreen also has rss feeds
19:38 rangi etc
19:38 jcamins Yeah... if you look at the dates of the study, it becomes clear... their data was three years old.
19:39 rangi *nod*
19:39 rhcl whois melissa hofmann
19:39 rangi[…]nd-Libraries.html
19:39 jcamins She was one of the catalogers at my undergrad institution.
19:39 rangi oh look i commented on that blog too
19:41 libsysguy hard would it be to push the url variables from a current search into the advanced search if a user navigated there?
19:41 huginn libsysguy: I suck
19:41 wizzyrea
19:41 libsysguy huginn replies to @random?
19:41 huginn libsysguy: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
19:41 jcamins libsysguy: what do you mean?
19:41 cait hm
19:41 cait remembering the last search
19:41 cait I would like that
19:41 libsysguy basically pre-populate the advanced search form
19:41 jcamins You mean, populating the advanced search boxes?
19:42 libsysguy yeah like what cait said
19:42 libsysguy just a random thought
19:42 jcamins It'd be easy.
19:42 libsysguy I thought it would be
19:42 jcamins libsysguy++ # for volunteering to have Koha remember searches.
19:42 cait my automatic translation program does a good job, eh? ;)
19:42 libsysguy hehe cait
19:43 libsysguy well we could either stash searches in the session or in the url
19:43 libsysguy either way would be easy
19:43 libsysguy i've done it using catalyst but im sure it wouldn't be too much different with the Koha base
19:44 * jcamins is inclined to say that session is preferable.
19:44 libsysguy tis...that way it keeps the url clean
19:46 jwagner left #koha
19:46 chris_n 10 days and counting
19:46 chris_n the topic bar needs a count-down timer to release day
19:49 slef so add one
19:49 libsysguy ^^
19:49 chris_n well... that would be one other thing to keep up with
19:49 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7016] CanBookBeReserved uses GetItemsInfo unnecessarily <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7016>
19:50 chris_n I was rather thinking of an automated one
20:06 mle joined #koha
20:06 mle : )
20:09 libsysguy left #koha
20:09 rangi hi mle
20:10 mle hey rangi
20:10 mle how are you?
20:11 rangi good thanks, frantically trying to finish a presentation, and deal with a release in 9ish days
20:11 rangi hows you?
20:11 mle tired, but happy. on the train. dealing with the loud people talking ON THE PHONE. ;)
20:11 rangi jcamins: 5528 passed qa
20:11 jcamins Woohoo!
20:11 rangi im doing checks on it this morning
20:12 rangi barring any suprises
20:12 jcamins Yippee!
20:12 jcamins rangi++
20:12 rangi it will get pushed sometime today
20:12 jcamins Very good news.
20:19 collum left #koha
20:20 gmcharlt @arewethereyet
20:20 huginn gmcharlt: YES!
20:20 gmcharlt liar
20:20 wizzyrea woohoo!
20:20 rangi better not be
20:21 wizzyrea oh.
20:21 rangi i still havent finished my presentation
20:21 gmcharlt let's try this again
20:21 gmcharlt @arewethereyet
20:21 huginn gmcharlt: Not yet - wait 10 days
20:21 rangi :)
20:21 wizzyrea haha
20:21 rangi oh bug 6390
20:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6390 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ef, ASSIGNED , Basket only visible for librarian who created it
20:21 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6390] Basket only visible for librarian who created it <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6390>
20:21 rangi who wants to sign off on that
20:21 cait there, something nice and shiny to sign off :)
20:22 rangi c'mon you know you all want to!
20:22 rangi :)
20:25 JesseM left #koha
20:34 trea can you use jquery to add an input field to a form? ie, adding "sort1" to
20:36 cait hm not sure that will work
20:36 gmcharlt trea: yeah, you can use jquery to do enough DOM manipulation to create an input field
20:37 maximep the problem is probably saving the field
20:37 cait yeah
20:37 gmcharlt but it can't, in and of itself, populate that 'sort1' field for you with existing data unless it's already being passwd back in the template
20:37 cait depends what the software does with it
20:37 gmcharlt and, yes, adding a field doesn't mean that would automatically know what to do it with it
20:38 rangi if you figure out how to do that with js
20:38 rangi we are all dead
20:38 rangi dead i say
20:39 trea bum bum BUMMMMMMMM
20:39 wizzyrea hehe
20:39 wizzyrea
20:40 rangi heh
20:40 wizzyrea you are welcome
20:40 trea that's what i hear in my head
20:41 wizzyrea ! is
20:41 wizzyrea !
20:41 wizzyrea drat.
20:41 wizzyrea I was hoping
20:41 rangi!/wowser/[…]24133829572169728
20:42 wizzyrea lol
20:42 cait hehe
20:42 wizzyrea ok right. backups.
20:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5459 - Holds not being shifted when merging biblios <[…]40aa5d95e0bd43b73>
20:50 wizzyrea so excited about that one
20:51 rangi :)
20:54 jenkins_koha Starting build 471 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:01 adnc joined #koha
21:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bumping db version <[…]9b841eafac7b239b1> / Bug 5528: Analytic records support <[…]512735f37fbfaf8a6>
21:37 sekjal left #koha
21:38 maximep left #koha
21:43 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #471: SUCCESS in 48 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/471/
21:43 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 5459 - Holds not being shifted when merging biblios
21:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5459 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , merging records loses holds from one
21:43 jenkins_koha Starting build 472 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:45 * eythian has his passport back with an Indian visa in it.
21:45 cait whoohoo
21:45 rangi awesome
21:45 cait you are really going :)
21:45 rangi i probably should check
21:46 rangi but i just assumed i dont need one for canada
21:46 rangi bit screwed if thats not the case ;)
21:46 rangi phew
21:46 rangi i dont
21:47 eythian I doubt you'd need one for there, unless you're going via the US in which case you'll have to use there "I promise I won't take over the plane" system
21:47 rangi i knew i didnt last time, but who knows
21:47 rangi yeah, its still valid from ALA
21:47 rangi but no direct akl to van
21:47 eythian ah cool
21:47 cait esta?
21:47 rangi thats it
21:47 eythian cait: yeah
21:47 rangi not landing in the US
21:49 eythian
21:49 rangi heh
21:49 trea is now known as trea-away
21:50 ibeardslee classy
21:55 JoeLib001 joined #koha
21:56 JoeLib001 I am unable to delete a Z39.50 Server entry. I think it is because I put a + in the title .
21:56 bg @wunder 93109
21:56 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 34.9�C (2:55 PM PDT on October 12, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007.0 hPa (Steady).
21:56 bg holy shit that's a high!
21:56 bg I think that's the highest that I've seen
21:56 bg @wunder 06516
21:56 huginn bg: The current temperature in Third Avenue Park, West Haven, Connecticut is 15.3�C (5:50 PM EDT on October 12, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1018.8 hPa (Falling).
21:57 bg eat that NateC
21:57 NateC yeah rub it in
21:57 JoeLib001 @wunder 76031
21:57 huginn JoeLib001: The current temperature in WWater Treatment, Cleburne, Texas is 26.1�C (4:51 PM CDT on October 12, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 28.97 in 980.9 hPa (Falling).
21:57 bg NateC?
21:57 wahanui I LIKE SPACE AND MY WIFE
21:57 bg love it
21:57 NateC at least im not worried about falling into the ocean though
21:57 JoeLib001 :-)
21:58 bg JoeLib001: you can most likely just remove it from the database instead of using the GUI
21:58 JoeLib001 Anyone know what would happen, if I just delete the Z39.50 Server entry from the z3950 table?
21:58 JoeLib001 Ah.
21:58 bg it wouldn't be there anymore ;)  heh
21:58 JoeLib001 Hehe. :-)
22:00 JoeLib001 Is there a place where I could enter the problem as a bug?
22:00 JoeLib001 'cause I wouldn't call that a feature. :-)
22:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5630, follow-up <[…]40a9c5f190515d9c3> / Bug 5630 Followup: checkpw_ldap not imported <[…]36c5ffe2f9b188744> / Bug 5630 CAS improvements <[…]976c9c22826e04b8b>
22:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6977 : Adds support for repeatable subfields when importing authorities. <[…]8049acaac2f95a3ed>
22:21 adnc left #koha
22:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5898 - search to hold feature not clearing <[…]7e8c72d69aaa8e433>
22:31 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #472: SUCCESS in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/472/
22:31 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 5528: Analytic records support
22:31 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bumping db version
22:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5528 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tajoli, ASSIGNED , Analytical records support
22:31 jenkins_koha Starting build 473 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:33 cait left #koha
22:36 mle left #koha
22:48 JoeLib001 left #koha
23:14 Judit joined #koha
23:14 Judit hi
23:14 Irma joined #koha
23:16 Judit if you dont install the default notices during the initial webinstall- you dont have the option to set the Default messaging preferences for the patron categories
23:16 Judit even if you create new notices with the same name, subject and code
23:16 Judit it this correct?
23:16 Judit 3.4.5
23:16 Judit and 3.2.9
23:17 Judit and how bad the situation is with the oil spill?
23:17 slef I'm checking 3.5 / master
23:18 slef and I think I read the boat's captain is in court
23:18 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #473: SUCCESS in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/473/
23:18 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5630 CAS improvements
23:18 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 5630 Followup: checkpw_ldap not imported
23:18 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 5630, follow-up
23:18 jenkins_koha * frederick.capovilla: Bug 6977 : Adds support for repeatable subfields when importing authorities.
23:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5630 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , CAS improvements
23:18 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 5898 - search to hold feature not clearing
23:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6977 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED , Support for repeated subfields when importing an authority into a biblio record field.
23:18 slef but sample_notices really seem to be in optional when they are almost required
23:18 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5898 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , search to hold feature not clearing
23:19 Judit was it his fault or he just takes the blame?
23:19 slef depends on your point of view
23:19 Judit and for my first question, if i am right: is that a bug or a feature?
23:19 slef hrm, sample_notices is in mandatory... sort of the wrong name
23:20 slef sample_notices_message_attributes and sample_notices_message_transports are in optional in 3.5
23:20 slef when you wrote "default notices", you meant the sample_notices, right?
23:21 Judit yes, like the item due, and advanced notice, item checkout, item check-in, hold filled
23:22 slef I think if you can install koha and not install a database part that's in the mandatory collection, that seems like a bug to me.
23:22 slef Let me check if it looks possible
23:23 Judit i have installed a koha-3.4.5- without the sample messages with no problem
23:23 slef was it labelled something like "you really should install this"?
23:24 Judit but then could not set the default messaging preferences in patron category
23:24 Judit you know the box was missing al together
23:24 Judit i dont remember to be honest
23:25 slef I'll check but not until the morning.
23:25 Judit and i have created new notices - copied and pasted over the subject, name, code, from an other koha
23:25 Judit but i still had no box in the patron category
23:25 slef It looks to me like the checkbox for sample_notices is ticked, but you can untick it if you want
23:25 Judit yes, i did:)
23:26 slef yeah, I think you're basically right: either we need a way that you can get all the functions with you unticked that; or you shouldn't be able to untick that.
23:27 slef I don't think the current situation makes sense, but maybe someone knows why it is this way.
23:27 slef do you have the URL for the page where you set the default messaging categories handy?
23:28 slef the bit from /cgi-bin/ onwards is fine
23:28 slef (I'd avoid linking your admin interface in this chat because it ends up on a public website)
23:30 Judit koha/admin/
23:30 slef liw: yeah, we've the usual fun with other events that can outbid us. We'll nail it down and be very very noisy as soon as we can.
23:30 slef magnus_away: thanks for saying my name ;-)
23:31 slef Judit: ok, I'm looking that up... excuse my mumbling for a moment
23:31 slef C4::Form::MessagingPreferences::set_form_values({ categorycode => $categorycode } , $template);
23:32 slef C4::Members::Messaging::GetMessagingOptions
23:33 slef oooh yuck :)
23:33 Judit does that mean good or bad?
23:33 Judit :)
23:33 slef borrower_message_transport_preferen​ces.borrower_message_preference_id = borrower_message_preferences.b​orrower_message_preference_id / message_attributes.message_attribute_id = borrower_message_preferences.message_attribute_id / message_transports.message_attribute_id = message_attributes.message_attribute_id AND    message_transports.message_transport_type = borrower_message_transport_pref​erences.message_transport_type WHERE
23:33 slef message_attributes.message_name = ?
23:33 slef it means I've something to think about :)
23:34 Judit ehm
23:35 slef ok, that's irrelevant actually
23:35 Judit :D
23:35 slef or is it
23:35 slef ok, I'm confused :)
23:35 Judit so i am not the only one- good!
23:35 slef I don't actually understand how this bit works at all.
23:36 slef This could be because a) it doesn't in the version I'm looking at OR b) it's 00:35 and I've just done a 16h day :)
23:36 slef Like I don't mean why it doesn't work in your case... I mean why it ever works.
23:37 slef there's this bit:
23:37 slef # walk through the options and update them with these borrower_preferences
23:37 slef my $messaging_options = C4::Members::Messaging::GetMessagingOptions();
23:37 slef PREF: foreach my $option ( @$messaging_options ) {
23:37 slef
23:37 slef arrrrrrrrrrgh
23:37 slef I was looking at GetMessagingPreferences
23:38 slef that says GetMessagingOptions
23:38 slef bloody stupid naming
23:38 Judit :)
23:38 Judit maybe it is the 61h day, you know
23:38 Judit 16!!
23:38 Judit not 61
23:38 slef it's not just me, is it? those names are a bit close
23:39 slef mmm 61h days... I need some of those
23:39 slef I've often asked for 36h days but hey, where's my ambition
23:39 slef ok, so what I actually need to ponder is message_attributes.message_attribute_id = message_transports.message_attribute_id
23:40 slef ah... did you load sample_notices_message_attributes?
23:41 Judit it was 6am- yesterday when i did it, i dont remember
23:41 Judit sorry
23:41 slef it looks like you need to define some message_attributes to get the box to appear on the page you were looking at
23:41 slef and I've just broke my terminal :)
23:41 NateC left #koha
23:42 slef aha, got it back
23:42 Judit so it depends on the messgae attributes not on the sample notices?
23:43 slef yeah... I'm trying to look up where you define them now
23:44 slef I probably should just log into Koha. Maybe that'd be quicker
23:51 slef I'm a bit puzzled. At least in 3.2.9, it looks like there's no interface to it except using a mysql client... now checking 3.5
23:53 slef can't find it in 3.5... this is strange. I think it would be worth asking the how one edits the message_attributes, if it's not in the manual. Would you mind?
23:54 Judit OH
23:54 Judit sorry
23:54 slef hi caps lock :)
23:54 Judit :)
23:54 slef no worries... I'm surprised no-one else is talking here
23:54 slef I'm probably getting this horribly wrong :)
23:54 Judit scary question
23:55 slef I didn't find it in
23:57 slef I'd just like to mutter "bah, this code says LibLime all over it". I think I've earned that ;)
23:58 BobB_ joined #koha
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