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00:44 * chris_n2 keeps plugging away
00:55 jcamins_away chris_n2: working on getting Koha running under Windows?
00:55 jcamins_away Your patience is saintly.
00:58 chris_n2 lol
00:58 chris_n2 its actually a whole heap easier now than a couple of years ago when I first started working on it
00:58 chris_n2 only a few minor hiccups
00:59 chris_n2 but building all deps off of cpan does take awhile :-P
01:06 jcamins_away It's easier?
01:07 jcamins_away Huh. I thought it was surely harder, since people are running 2.2 on Windows rather than upgrade.
01:11 chris_n2 well, as far as I know I'm the only one who has had anything later than 2.2 running on windows
01:12 jcamins_away You should post instructions, along with the disclaimer that it's probably a bad idea. ;)
01:12 jcamins_away Why are you running Koha in Windows anyway?
01:12 chris_n2 there's a wiki page describing my journey
01:12 chris_n2 my only real motive is just to be able to say I've done it ;-)
01:13 chris_n2 but there are a number who would like to see a fairly straightforward win32 install using open source components
01:13 jcamins_away I think that would be awesome.
01:13 chris_n2 gmcharlt worked with me on making the installer win32 compatible several years ago
01:14 chris_n2 the maintainer of Strawberry rolled in some core modules several releases ago at my request to help support Koha's deps
01:15 chris_n2 but basically I plink at it when I get the itch in my "spare" time
01:16 chris_n2 and a fresh install of windows begs for it :-)
01:18 jcamins_away Huh. I always thought a fresh install of Windows was begging to be replaced. :P
01:19 chris_n2 sadly that is not always possible
01:19 chris_n2 :'(
01:19 jcamins_away I know. :(
01:20 chris_n2 so for those poor souls who are bound to that ball and chain, maybe one day Koha on win32 will be a reality
01:21 jcamins_away That would be pretty awesome.
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02:09 chris_n2 here's the raw install log thus far for any interested peps:
02:16 jcamins_away Bother. Anyone know how to deal with a "Wide character in print" error when outputting to STDOUT.
02:16 jcamins_away s/\.$/?/
02:23 chris_n2 is your terminal configured for utf8 encoding?
02:24 jcamins_away I'm piping directly into a file.
02:25 jcamins_away I'm not sure what encoding is configured in the terminal.
02:25 jcamins_away It's set to TERM=xterm-color.
02:25 chris_n2 hmm
02:26 jcamins_away I'm not sure yet that the warnings are actually a problem. I'll load the records, and see if there are any errors.
02:26 chris_n2 there's usually a way to setup encoding in the cli terminal, but I'm not sure if that would affect the piped stream
02:27 * chris_n2 notes that UARS will have several good shots at him this week
02:27 chris_n2[…]son&alt=61&tz=EST
02:45 jcamins_away Good news. The records imported fine, warning notwithstanding.
02:53 chris_n2 ahh.. good news indeed
02:56 jcamins_away Alas, I was mistaken.
02:56 jcamins_away One character did not survive.
02:57 jcamins_away Bother.
02:57 jcamins_away I guess I need to figure out why.
02:57 chris_n2 is that the one upon which the entire operation hinges? :-)
02:57 jcamins_away You mean the first one to show up in any search?
02:57 jcamins_away Yep, that's the one.
02:58 chris_n2 lol
02:58 * chris_n2 offers jcamins_away a cup of lemongrass tea
02:58 jcamins_away Thanks.
03:04 jcamins_away Apparently the problem is umlauts.
03:05 jcamins_away It's in the file correctly.
03:12 jcamins_away All fixed.
03:15 chris_n2 last koha dep installed on win32
03:15 chris_n2 ok, time for shuteye
03:15 jcamins_away Hooray!
03:16 jcamins_away Good night.
03:16 * chris_n2 can only stand so much fun in one evening
03:16 chris_n2 g'night
03:16 jcamins_away :)
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09:59 rangi hi cait
09:59 cait hi rangi :D
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19:39 rangi morning
19:39 cait morning rangi :)
20:10 hdl1 hi
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20:16 rangi right time to shutdown to move my desk
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20:16 cait :)
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20:34 druthb o/
20:46 cait eythian: around?
20:46 cait or moving your desk?
21:07 rangi he doesnt usually get to work for another hour or 2
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21:11 rangi hi trea
21:11 cait ah ok
21:11 cait I wrote a comment
21:11 trea hi rangi
21:11 druthb hi, trea
21:11 cait but had hoped to argue with him on irc :)
21:12 rangi hi druthb
21:12 cait hi trea :)
21:12 druthb hiya, rangi
21:12 trea hi cait
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21:12 Brooke kia ora
21:13 druthb hi, Brooke.
21:13 Brooke hihihi
21:13 rangi hi Brooke
21:13 Brooke :)
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21:36 Brooke @later tell Irma I was kickin' about but it's lookin' like time to cook a wee bit more.
21:36 huginn Brooke: The operation succeeded.
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21:36 cait night all
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21:43 Brooke oh man
21:43 Brooke Vince Wilfork puttin' it up for people that wear 7s. <3
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23:25 sijobl that's restricted to just the catalyst number
23:25 * sijobl bahs
23:25 rangi heh
23:26 * sijobl has a sprained thumb, a sunburnt nose, and the SSD in my laptop crapped out this weekend
23:26 sijobl but I still got to ski with the lad
23:26 sijobl so it's all good
23:27 rangi :)
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23:39 Irma Hi rangi From this page[…]ords=treasure&n=1
23:40 Irma I can't see what is a good translation for "treasure" ... like in the sentence "Koha ILS is a treasure we share"
23:40 rangi taonga
23:40 Irma Any suggestion pls?
23:40 Irma No hurry :-)
23:43 rangi scroll up a bit, i already answered you :)
23:58 Irma Thanks :)

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