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00:28 * chris_n2 announces 3.4.x string freeze for 3.4.5
00:29 chris_n2 and wonders if its been a month already
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00:59 bencahill hey guys, I changed a patron to be in a category with the Staff type, but still can't log in to the staff there something else I need to do?
01:04 mtj bencahill, user permissions
01:08 bencahill mtj: awesome, thanks :)
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01:09 bencahill mtj: does being in a category with the Staff type matter, or is it just user permissions that determines whether a patron can log in to the staff client or not?
01:10 mtj just user perms , afaik
01:10 bencahill coolio
01:11 mtj patron type is simply for general classification
01:11 bencahill mtj: was confused by this:[…]?ch=x4453#patcats
01:11 bencahill mtj: "Patrons within the staff category will have access to the staff client."
01:12 bencahill or is that, "will have access to the staff client, if they have sufficient permissions." ?
01:12 bencahill s/is that/should that be/
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02:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_4877' into kcmaster <[…]afcab3e38ce36d9e0> / Bug 4877 [ENH] [SIGNED-OFF] install generated man pages with build process <[…]6cfb1adec58d46f82> / Bug 4877 [ENH] Use DocBook for koha-common manual pages <http://git.k
02:15 bencahill can I submit a request for a change in the docs? I don't use git...
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02:49 eythian bencahill: you can ask someone if they're around, but it'd be easier to use git
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03:46 ted Hi, in my installation sometimes searches fail with 'utf8 "\xC3" does not map to Unicode' (koha n00b)
03:47 ted I guess this is because my MARC records are in MARC-8 instead of UTF-8?
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04:34 phlunk3 Hi everyone, I feel stupid having to ask this sorry, but how on earth do I change an admin accounts password in the system?
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04:47 phlunk3 thanks anyways, going to run out so I can get home early and drink before watching the rugby :) have a good weekend everyone.
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05:54 cait morning #koha
05:56 eythian cait: it's beer o'clock. Everyone is doing their duty respecting that.
05:57 cait eq in wellington today?
05:57 * eythian goes back to it after seeing if an email had arrived.
05:57 eythian yeah, apparently
05:57 eythian I didn't feel it
05:57 eythian but some people here did
05:57 cait ok
05:57 cait so it was not that bad I guess
05:57 cait have fun
05:57 eythian[…]-jolts-Wellington
05:57 eythian only a 4.3
06:05 rangi man town is busy tonight
06:05 cait morning rangi
06:06 rangi heya, how much sleep?
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06:11 kmkale hi rangi cait eythian :)
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06:15 cait hi kmkale
06:15 cait how is your arm?
06:15 alex_a bonjour !
06:16 kmkale huge cast. comes off on 26th to be replaced by a smaller cast which will allow me to move about.
06:17 cait :(
06:17 cait hope it heals well
06:18 cait bonjour alex_a
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06:55 francharb hello all
06:55 magnuse bonjour francharb and #koha
06:56 magnuse is this community half day at biblibre?
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07:08 magnuse 51 kohacon12 votes so far - keep'em coming![…]dex.php?sid=63529
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07:30 reiveune hello
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08:23 magnuse nz 12 jp 0. oops
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08:28 kf morning #koha :)
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08:38 magnuse guten morgen kf
08:40 kf god morgen magnuse )
08:40 kf lots of new entries in your blog!
08:40 magnuse yup, hacking away...
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09:13 magnuse 52-0?!?
09:27 kf rugby?
09:35 magnuse yup
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09:50 magnuse kia ora paul_p - how's the conference(?) going?
10:02 paul_p magnuse, hi. The conference is going smoothly, thanks. Strange to have a booth at a conference : you have a lot of time where ppl are listening speech, and suddenly, 200 person arrive, and they have 20mn to discuss before the next speech
10:04 paul_p in fact, this kind of conference is the place where we *must* be, otherwise ppl are wondering "why are they not here, does it mean they are no more interested by us ?" and, OTH, it's not the place where you do real business, you just have lot of contacts...
10:05 magnuse yeah, i have done it twice (first time was with nicomo), and that description sounds very familiar ;-)
10:06 magnuse it's weird to be "on show", but good to get your name and the koha logo "out there"
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10:48 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6025] Script to recreate entries in the statistics table from the issues and oldissues table <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6025>
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10:58 kf i think at bigger conferences it gets a bit better - people make appoitnments to talk about things when speeches are running or plan for free slots to visit the booths
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11:08 magnuse wow, did y'all know nicomo is an author?[…]1316068787&sr=8-1
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11:12 libsysguy So my webserver came under attack yesterday from a botnet which consequently took it down
11:12 libsysguy it looks like they didn't get it but had been trying to bruteforce their way through root literally all day
11:13 libsysguy and I'm wondering if there are any known apache venerabilities that they could have used
11:13 libsysguy because apache was going crazy on that box but when I put up my backup it was fine
11:14 paul_p magnuse, yep, he wanted to write novels since a long time, and has found time ... only after leaving BibLibre ;-)
11:14 magnuse hehe
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11:15 kf koha can keep you pretty busy...
11:15 libsysguy ^^
11:16 libsysguy heck yes it can...I have started neglecting my job to develop for it...which is acceptable for the librarians mind you
11:18 magnuse in pootle - is there a way to see just the suggestions others have made, so i can accept them?
11:18 kf yeah
11:18 kf check the review tab
11:19 kf there is a link
11:19 kf or links
11:19 kf for each file
11:19 kf found it?
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11:19 magnuse hm, no
11:20 magnuse is it in the long list that starts "acronyms" etc
11:20 magnuse ?
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11:23 magnuse nope, can't see it
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11:41 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6874] File upload in MARC <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874>
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11:42 kf magnuse: I made a screenshot for you
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12:12 magnuse kf: thanks a lot. i stil don't see those links, but maybe it's because i have reviewed all the suggestions...
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12:15 magnuse and let me just say it's awesome that there are suggestions for norwegian translations! a side effect of my "gratis" offer... ;-)
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12:32 kf magnuse: that or you are missing the permission
12:32 kf side_effects++ :)
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12:44 oleonard I like the "word-diff" option included here:
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13:44 * slef checks in, peels off the cycling gear and goes to get lunch. Hi all.
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14:06 Danielle o/
14:11 kf hi slef
14:20 magnuse my, it's been quiet here today ;-)
14:20 Danielle I'm at work but my mind is on vacation, specifically, here:
14:21 magnuse nice
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14:47 rhcl cool pic
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14:54 Danielle rhcl: Thanks.
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15:28 slef Danielle: nice pic. Wheresit?
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15:35 Danielle slef: Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
15:36 kf have a nice weekend all!
15:37 Danielle You too, kf!
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15:43 reiveune bye
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16:12 libsysguy its so quiet in here today
16:13 jcamins_away Fridays often are.
16:13 * jcamins_away looks through the scrollback.
16:13 jcamins_away Sure has been quiet.
16:13 libsysguy I was afraid I missed something
16:14 libsysguy but I most certainly did not
16:14 oleonard We're all at a party you weren't invited to :P
16:14 libsysguy aww
16:14 oleonard In the /secret/ channel
16:14 jcamins_away Maybe this is so that you won't keep on neglecting your job. :P
16:14 * libsysguy is now sad
16:15 * oleonard is always sad when #koha is quiet
16:15 oleonard It's as if my office-mates didn't show up to work.
16:16 libsysguy guys are the only ones I talk to all day
16:16 * jcamins_away is currently trying to determine how many pages are in this book.
16:17 libsysguy there are generally numbers located at the top/bottom for that jcamins_away
16:17 jcamins_away libsysguy: not on books like this.
16:17 libsysguy ohh yeah you do really old books right
16:17 jcamins_away Enea Vico's Omnium Caesarum... 1554.
16:18 libsysguy geez...I hope you are in a clean room with a book that old
16:18 * bencahill thinks jcamins_away's nick is deceptively deceptive :-P
16:19 jcamins_away bencahill: I'm liable to disappear suddenly, so I'm not changing my nick.
16:19 bencahill hehe
16:19 oleonard We all talk to him no matter what, being away doesn't do him any good.
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16:22 jcamins_away I count 83 plates in this copy.
16:22 * jcamins_away pulls out the other copy.
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16:26 jcamins_away 84 plates?
16:26 jcamins_away Bah. Better count again.
16:28 jcamins_away 85 plates in this copy. So the first copy is missing two.
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16:59 cait hi #koha
17:00 rhcl hi cait
17:00 cait hi rhcl
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17:12 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6321] Add a 1/4 month frequency <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6321>
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17:34 libsysguy_lunchage So I am trying to call CalcFine from the circulation module...i added use Overdues; but I still get an error that it is an undef subroutine
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17:37 jcamins_away libsysguy_lunchage: I know you've been waiting with bated breath to hear about the number of pages in this book, so here's the conclusion: they're two different books.
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17:38 libsysguy OMG!
17:38 libsysguy what a twist
17:38 * oleonard-away does a spit-take all over his monitor!!1
17:39 libsysguy what is the difference between a plate and a page
17:41 sekjal libsysguy:  are you invoking it as CalcFine(), or C4::Overdues::CalcFine()
17:41 jcamins_away Plates are printed off of a single metal plate, and I'm using page as an abbreviation for "pages of letterpress printed text."
17:41 libsysguy CalcFine()
17:42 sekjal libsysguy:  then you need "use C4::Overdues qw(CalcFine);" instead of just "use C4::Overdues;"
17:42 libsysguy ohh gotcha
17:42 jcamins_away oleonard-away: I know! And that's not even the most shocking discovery!
17:42 libsysguy oh yeah becuase I could do qw(:all)
17:43 libsysguy but that is not recommended
17:43 jcamins_away The text was re-set line-for-line.
17:43 sekjal libsysguy:  that would bring all the subroutines in C4/Overdues into C4/Circulation.... probably okay, but not worth the CPU cycles
17:48 jcamins_away And, for those of you questioning my conclusions, I checked, and the text does not match that of the 1553 edition.
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17:54 libsysguy that fixed it sekjal++
18:07 sekjal libsysguy:  yay!
18:08 libsysguy too bad my fix didn't work like it was supposed to :'(
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18:09 jcamins_away I think someone in the printing house sat there laughing gleefully as he came up with ways to stump future bibliographers.
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18:56 libsysguy hey sekjal is there a different function for check in if you do the checkbox from the patrons account?
18:57 oleonard Bug 3514
18:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3514 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, ASSIGNED , Returning items through patron Details tab doesn't activate all circulation functions
18:57 sekjal libsysguy:  not sure; I just know that it doesn't handle holds properly
18:57 sekjal probably because of a lack of message processing, rather than a different subroutine
18:58 libsysguy ohh...hmm
18:58 libsysguy interesting
18:58 wahanui well, interesting is sometimes bad or sometimes good
18:58 libsysguy wahanui: this time bad
18:58 wahanui libsysguy: huh?
18:59 cait hm holds without trnasports seems to work nice
18:59 cait I was doing that a lot lately
18:59 cait returning from there and holds got picked up
18:59 cait perhaps transports are a problem?
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19:28 * cait puts a bowl of cookies in the middle of #koha
19:28 cait so silent for a friday
19:28 jcamins_away Mmm.
19:29 * libsysguy takes a cookie
19:29 libsysguy wahanui can you tell us a story?
19:29 wahanui libsysguy: i don't know
19:30 jcamins_away I would love to bake tonight, but unfortunately I have to read the other half of this book on the sons of parish priests in late Imperial Russia.
19:31 cait sounds....
19:31 cait very academic
19:32 jcamins_away It's pretty fast, thankfully.
19:38 rhcl jcamins_away: are you reading it in old church slavonic?
19:38 rangi morning
19:38 rhcl afternoon
19:39 libsysguy afternoon indeed
19:39 cait morning rangi
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19:40 jcamins_away rhcl: nope. Thankfully it's in English.
19:40 rhcl can you read ocs?
19:40 jcamins_away Otherwise finishing the 220 page book between yesterday and today would have been problematic, in light of the fact that I'm out pretty much all day both days.
19:40 jcamins_away Nope.
19:41 cait why are you reading it?
19:41 rhcl[…]qsCFcsBQAodE2yG7w
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19:42 jcamins_away For class.
19:42 andersonbd1 I'm up and running having just installed.  I have no data or anything, but I wanted to see how koha acts as an oai-pmh repository because our project (eXtensible catalog) needs to be able to harvest from koha.
19:42 andersonbd1 I enabled oai-pmh here:http://ubuntu:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…]?tab=web_services
19:43 andersonbd1 and then attempted this query: http://ubuntu:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…].pl?verb=Identify
19:43 jcamins_away rhcl: perhaps one day I'll take a speed reading course. I'm a pretty fast reader already.
19:43 andersonbd1 but I get a 404
19:44 jcamins_away That doesn't seem right to me.
19:44 andersonbd1 am I using the right url for oai-pmh?  do I need to configure it somehow?
19:44 jcamins_away I think it should just be http://ubuntu/...
19:44 jcamins_away I'm not 100% sure, but that just seems wrong, that OAI would be on the staff interface.
19:45 andersonbd1 aha - thanks
19:47 andersonbd1 ok - so now I go to http://ubuntu/cgi-bin/koha/oai[…]stMetadataFormats and get
19:48 andersonbd1 what's up with "<metadataNamespace> standards/marcxml/schema/MAR​C21slim</metadataNamespace>" ?
19:49 jcamins_away I don't know anything about OAI, but that sounds like the MARC21slim XML schema namespace?
19:50 jcamins_away (as opposed to the other MARC21 XML schema, I mean)
19:50 andersonbd1 I would expect it to be <metadataNamespace> standards/marcxml/schema/MAR​C21slim</metadataNamespace>
19:50 andersonbd1 whoops - that last copy was wrong
19:51 andersonbd1 I would expect it to be <metadataNamespace></metadataNamespace>
19:51 jcamins_away Ah.
19:51 jcamins_away Report a bug?
19:51 andersonbd1 ok - will do
19:51 jcamins_away If it is one, and I presume it is since you're finding it problematic.
19:51 andersonbd1 and if it's not - someone will explain why it's not there?
19:52 jcamins_away Right.
19:56 jcamins_away Ugh. This MARC editor.
19:57 jcamins_away I hit Alt-Space (I think), and it followed a link, erasing all my changes.
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20:05 jcamins_away One day I will have time to finish my simple cataloging interface, and it will be glorious.
20:05 cait hehe
20:05 jcamins_away Or we'll have DOM indexing so that I don't need to worry about authorities, and I'll start using pianohacker's direct MARC interface.
20:06 jcamins_away That would be glorious, too.
20:07 cait :)
20:09 jcamins_away Has that been committed yet?
20:09 oleonard No
20:10 oleonard I did a quick test, but nothing which could justify a signoff
20:10 * oleonard thinks the ball is in jcamins_away's court ;)
20:11 * jcamins_away thinks chances are not good for it getting into 3.6, then.
20:11 oleonard Besides needing the basic functionality tested, we still need a good way to offer both alternatives to the user
20:11 jcamins_away The only way I could justify the time to test it would be if I could actually use the feature for actual cataloging.
20:12 jcamins_away (and due to the authorities issue, I couldn't)
20:13 jcamins_away Ah, yeah, definitely need to offer an alternative.
20:15 jcamins_away That's right, there was a redirect to access the direct MARC entry page in the first version.
20:19 oleonard Happy weekend #koha
20:19 oleonard left #koha
20:20 jcamins_away He sure does sign out quickly.
20:20 cait yep
20:21 jcamins_away Not that I blame him.
20:21 jcamins_away If I got weekends, I'd probably go rushing off to enjoy them too.
20:21 cait aw
20:21 cait you don't enjoy spending time with us?
20:21 jcamins_away No, I do. :)
20:22 jcamins_away But if I had weekends I'd do things like leave the city.
20:24 cait hm
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