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00:04 lastnode doh
00:05 lastnode i had to hit the sack in the middle of the meeting
00:05 lastnode are there logs?
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00:05 eythian what was not the right button
00:05 eythian wahanui: logs?
00:05 wahanui logs are at
00:05 eythian ^-- there
00:05 melia log for today's meeting is here, starting at 18:00:[…]11-09-07#i_758460
00:06 eythian lastnode: melia is also an infobot ;)
00:06 melia I already answered that question for someone else once today :)
00:06 eythian heh
00:06 lastnode there must be some way ou tof here, said teh joker to the theif
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00:08 lastnode eythian: im going to look into them man pages this weekend
00:09 eythian awesome :)
00:10 lastnode i mean im noob at man paegs so i won tpromise anything, but ill certainly have a look
00:10 lastnode aer you going to be at kohaconf, eythian?
00:11 eythian lastnode: I learnt from a book.
00:11 eythian Will look up what it is
00:11 lastnode sorry
00:11 lastnode kohacon, eythian!
00:11 lastnode my bad
00:11 eythian[…]sicshellscripting <-- I bought this, it has a chapter on man pages
00:11 eythian I am going to kohacon
00:12 eythian but not immediately, first I'm going to lunch
00:12 lastnode haha
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01:33 rangi hi Irma
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01:38 glernil good day!
01:38 rangi hi glernil
01:38 glernil anyone know what is "INTRAPORT" portion in the koha-sites.conf for?
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01:39 rangi you running the packages?
01:39 glernil yup
01:39 rangi the port you want to run the staff side on
01:39 rangi we usually do 80 for both, cos do name based virtualhosting, but if you cant/dont want to, you can put whatever port you want in there
01:41 glernil ahm. i see... so if i will not broadcast my installation publicly is it just ok to leave the domain name blank and intraport to 80?
01:42 glernil or 8080?
01:42 glernil when you say virtual hosting it is something about the configuration file of apache right?
01:43 rangi yes
01:44 glernil what about the intraprefix and intrasuffix?
01:44 rangi pick one and set it
01:44 rangi its so you can have
01:44 rangi koha-admin
01:44 rangi or admin-koha
01:45 rangi or whatever you desire for your staff side
01:47 glernil so if i added intraprefix koha-admin, when i want to login in the staff interface the address will be
01:47 glernil domain_name:koha-admin8080?
01:47 rangi no
01:48 rangi it would be koha-admin.sitename.domainname:8080
01:48 rangi so if when you do koha-create you do
01:48 rangi koha-create foo
01:48 rangi it would be
01:48 rangi
01:49 glernil Got it. Thank you.
01:49 rangi or somethign similair
01:52 jenkins_koha Starting build 406 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #385 20 j ago)
01:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6687 - allow people to be moved in the holds queue <[…]3797bdc31cca226d8> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_6256' into kcmaster <[…]5b1631e8b6ddd9a35> / 6256 Follow up fixing typo <[…];a=commitdiff;h=f
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02:36 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #406: STILL UNSTABLE in 43 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/406/
02:36 jenkins_koha * 6256 Follow up fixing typo
02:36 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 6687 - allow people to be moved in the holds queue
02:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6687 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , cannot move people in the holds queue
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04:09 eythian the 'Patrons with the most Checkouts' code is the most confusing thing I've ever read.
04:39 mtj eythian: what file in the repo ?
04:39 * mtj curious
04:40 mtj jeez, ive hit a stupid situation handling tricky chars in a $tring, in jscript...
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04:41 * Oak waves
04:41 mtj .. the only way around my problem was to find a web-tool to escape my string
04:41 mtj
04:42 mtj and then assign that escaped string to a var
04:42 mtj basically, theres no JS equiv of perl's...
04:43 mtj my str = qq | <>''s'ad'sad'sa''''ee'3e'3'r'''!'''><<>|;
04:44 eythian mtj: reports/
04:44 mtj so i couldnt even assign my unescaped string to a var -  without manually escaping every special char?!?
04:46 eythian you're inserting a string into the JS via a template?
04:48 mtj no, a simple s/r via some jquery
04:49 mtj like this...
04:50 mtj var s = "Don't have a password yet? Contact the librarian by email<a href=""></a> to arrange one to be set up";
04:50 mtj $("#opac-auth p").html('s');
04:51 mtj js explodes trying to assign that string to $s :/
04:51 eythian that would be fine, however you should either use ' ' for the href, or put a \" there
04:52 mtj ah, ok i missed those " chars in that example
04:53 eythian if it's the < upsetting things, then the javascript should be wrapped in a CDATA block
04:54 mtj what i really wanted was a 'qq'
04:54 mtj var s = qq|Don't have a password yet Contact the librarian by email<a href=""></a> to arrange one to be set up|;
04:54 mtj ok , thanks for the CDATA tip, i never understood it
04:56 mtj it still seems the most fail-safe way to handle tricky strings is to transform them via a web-tool :/
04:56 mtj like this one?
04:56 mtj
04:57 eythian No, I'd say a CDATA block
04:57 eythian it's because there's multiple levels of parsing going on
04:57 eythian i.e. you're upsetting the HTML parsing.
04:58 mtj ok, i gotta read up on that
04:58 eythian the only thing that'll mess up CDATA processing is having ]]> in your string.
05:00 mtj ah, looks like you are spot-on again :)
05:00 mtj cdata is what i'm looking for
05:00 eythian really, I think Koha should take care of wrapping it in a CDATA
05:00 mtj
05:04 mtj Koha does seem to be doing that correctly in the doc-head block, i was testing my code just after that block, directly in the template
05:04 mtj so - my bad...  but i learned something for next time :)
05:04 eythian ah right :)
05:11 mtj hey, i recall bumping into the script too, years ago
05:12 mtj it blew my mind!
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05:21 eythian yeah, it's pretty mad
05:22 eythian It may need a rewrite at some stage, it appears to be providing incorrect results.
05:22 cait morning #koha
05:22 eythian hi cait
05:22 cait what is mad?
05:22 eythian reports/
05:22 cait ah
05:23 cait those reports are all a bit weird :(
05:23 cait I fixed one but don't trust them really
05:23 eythian yeah.
05:28 eythian So, the latest version of schemaSpy is pretty darn good and we should start making use of it.
05:28 eythian It gives you an interactive view of the database structure.
05:28 eythian Especially useful for people making reports.
05:33 rangi hello from the bus
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06:12 magnuse kia ora #koha
06:15 magnuse @wunder valletta
06:15 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Luqa, Malta is 23.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on September 08, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Rising).
06:15 magnuse @wunder boo
06:15 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo Vi, Norway is 11.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on September 08, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.25 in 990 hPa (Rising).
06:15 rangi hi magnuse
06:16 magnuse hiya rangi!
06:19 cait hi magnuse!
06:19 magnuse guten morgen cait
06:19 cait how was your vacation? :)
06:19 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:19 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 15.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on September 08, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
06:19 magnuse very nice!
06:19 magnuse and very, very hot
06:19 magnuse ~32C - too hot to do much else than lie by the pool... ;-)
06:21 eythian how terrible :)
06:21 magnuse aye!
06:22 magnuse we did do what we went there to do: see two paintings by Caravaggio, but not a lot else (apartfrom eating very good food!)
06:27 alex_a1 hello
06:27 rangi heya alex_a1
06:27 alex_a1 is now known as alex_a
06:28 alex_a hi rangi
06:28 magnuse bonjour alex_a
06:28 alex_a bonjour magnuse :)
06:32 lastnode hi friends
06:37 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6488] opachiddenitems not working in master <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6488>
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06:39 * cait waves
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06:44 reiveune hello
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06:57 magnuse kia ora paul_p
06:57 paul_p hello magnuse & all
06:59 * magnuse is happy to see the simplified sysprefs making it into koha!
07:01 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6857] Show a warning if placing a reserve will incur a cost <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6857>
07:01 rangi yep nice work magnuse
07:02 rangi i paul_p and lastnode and reiveune
07:02 magnuse thanks rangi
07:02 reiveune hi rangi
07:02 magnuse hopefully it will save us some time and frustration in the long run...
07:03 paul_p hello rangi. All blacks are ready ? Are you ready for the WRC too ? Beers in the fridge, cookies in the oven,... ?
07:03 rangi heh yep
07:03 rangi 24 hours to go
07:05 paul_p yes. and 48 for frenchies. The match will be at 8AM for us.
07:05 rangi thats pretty good time
07:06 paul_p yep. Also note our 1st son (16) has decided to play ... rugby this year. So he will wake up (with his best friend, that also play rugby and will be at our home this we) at 7:30 to watch the match !
07:06 paul_p incredible for a 16 teenager : saturday and wake up at 7:30 !
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07:08 rangi hehe that is pretty incredible :)
07:08 rangi kahu has played a couple of games of ripper rugby this year
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07:09 rangi[…]-rugby-rules.html
07:13 magnuse rumour has it koha deployment in ethiopia is one of the case studies in this phd dissertation: Nigussie Tadesse Mengesha: �Revisiting Networking of Actions and Knowledge Transfer:An Outline of Practice and Community Based Distributed Approach For Open Source Information Systems Implementation in Developing Countries. Cases from Ethiopia�[…]011/nigussie.html
07:14 rangi oh interesting
07:14 wahanui interesting is good
07:14 rangi you'll have to read it and tell me :)
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07:15 magnuse rangi: i'll see what i can do ;-)
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07:17 rangi hi hdl
07:18 magnuse thanks to this project: koha has also been present in South Sudan from (before) day 1! (i really should ask someone to write a tiny piece about that for the newsletter...)
07:19 rangi definitely !
07:19 magnuse there's a long writeup of the project here:
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07:25 zipporah Do we have 3.4.4 in Livecd?
07:26 hdl hi rangi
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07:33 rangi zipporah: not that i know of
07:33 rangi hi sophie_m
07:33 sophie_m hi rangi
07:47 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6807] Add ISBN filter to advanced order search <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6807> / [Bug 6811] Send renewal notice <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6811> / [Bug 6783] Circulation restrictions dont work when other withdrawn reasons are used <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6783>
07:49 lastnode rangi: when koha installs on debian koha-start-zebra is not  executed
07:49 lastnode is that intentional?
07:49 rangi yes
07:49 lastnode ok
07:50 eythian lastnode: there's nothing to start on a fresh install
07:50 eythian so it starts it after running koha-create
07:50 lastnode after koha-create though
07:50 lastnode and long after we started entering darta yesterday
07:50 lastnode *data
07:50 lastnode it was not being indexed, so i went back adn executed koha-start-zebra
07:51 lastnode did i foobar, or is that intended behaviour?
07:51 eythian I've seen that happen once or twice, but never been able to reproduce it.
07:51 eythian basically, it should kick it going after koha-create
07:51 eythian are you on ubuntu or debian?
07:51 lastnode debian4life
07:52 eythian cool, there's a bug on ubuntu (and debian unstable) that I can't remember if it's been fixed yet
07:52 eythian but you're not seeing that if you're on squeeze
07:52 lastnode ok
07:52 * eythian -> home
07:52 lastnode yeah imon squeeze. was just wondering if koha-start-zebra has to be added to[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
07:52 lastnode but i guessnot
07:53 zipporah May I also find out how to include Zebra after leaving it out in the initial installation of Koha 3.2 using livecd?
07:56 zipporah I am new to Koha. Is there too much to loose without  zebra component in running Koha 3.2 effectively?
07:57 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6761] Longer userid field <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6761>
07:59 magnuse zipporah: zebra is recommended and the NoZebra option will probably be removed some time in the future
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08:21 lastnode zebras are cool
08:22 magnuse they sure are
08:28 kf joined #koha
08:28 kf hi #koha
08:29 magnuse guten tag kf
08:31 kf god dag magnuse
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08:38 zipporah magnuse, so how do I get zebra into koha now?
08:39 kf is now known as kf_away
08:39 magnuse zipporah: i have never done it, but at least you need to change the NoZebra setting, then run the script
08:40 lastnode zipporah: im not an expert, but pricely because of that, whatid do is export my db, reinstall and impor tit
08:41 * lastnode doesnt know if magnuse will approve
08:42 zipporah magnuse: I need to research more on this then as  I need a step-by-step approach to achieve this.
08:42 rangi lastnode: that wont actually achieve turning zebra on
08:42 rangi what magnuse said is the way to do it
08:43 rangi switch the sys pref
08:43 rangi do a with -r
08:43 rangi then set up the cron job
08:44 magnuse zipporah: if you are on debian you need to look at "chapter" 6 of INSTALL.debian:[…]LL.debian;hb=HEAD
08:46 zipporah Friends send an email  like in a tutorial form so that I can even print it off and study it carefully before starting the process. I am on Kind regards.
08:47 zipporah I used Livecd Koha 3.2. I think it comes with Ubuntu 10.10.
08:48 kf_away zipporah: rangi told you what needs to be done
08:48 kf_away writing up a tutorial takes time and I am sure this has also been discussed on the mailnig list
08:51 lastnode rangi: what i meant was, reinsatll from packages then just isntall with zebra and do koha-start-zebra
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08:51 lastnode sorry if i wasnt clear!
08:52 rangi ah yeah, packages ftw :)
08:52 zipporah rangi or magnuse: how do I change NoZebra stting?  Which parameter to touch?
08:52 kf_away it's a system preference under adminsitration
08:53 zipporah kt_away: thanks. I'll get at it now.
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09:28 lastnode rangi: kf_away do you guys think a FAQish guide for getting a server ready for a koha install wouldbe useful? i kind of did it by patchingthings together fromhere and there these days, and with lots of help fromthis channel of course. but from stuff like setting up mysql to configuring iptables, do you think a guide of this nature would be useful for new users?
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09:34 rangi i suspect there are probably a lot of guides for preparing a server to be a web application server, maybe finding one and linking to it is good
09:34 magnuse lastnode: more documentation is always welcome, i'd say. feel like writing it? putting it on the wiki might be a good start...
09:35 magnuse rangi++
09:35 lastnode yeah, i dont want to reinvent the wheel or anything. there were just a couple of koha specific things i did that werent in the guides i follwed
09:36 lastnode let me look at it again and come back with a better pitch!
09:36 rangi i think the only specific thing would be to do with zebra
09:36 rangi mysql, apache etc are all pretty stock standard
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09:38 * lastnode nods
09:38 lastnode i was thinking more like, setting up cron to koha-dump
09:39 lastnode rsyncing for backup
09:39 lastnode stuff like that
09:39 lastnode stuff that a good sysadmin woudl obviously do anyway, but stuff that ive just learnt over the past few weeks.
09:39 lastnode do i get points for 3 "stuff" in a row?
09:40 magnuse sure! ;-)
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10:39 axknax hallo! :-D
10:39 kf_away say hi all to my coworker :)
10:40 magnuse guten tag axknax!
10:40 magnuse and welcome to the family ;-)
10:41 kf_away :)
10:41 axknax I'm a collegue of katrin here in Constance
10:41 magnuse axknax: lucky you! ;-)
10:42 magnuse working on koha?
10:42 axknax @wunder konstanz
10:42 huginn axknax: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 18.4�C (12:38 PM CEST on September 08, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Falling).
10:42 magnuse @wunder boo
10:42 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 13.0�C (12:20 PM CEST on September 08, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.36 in 994 hPa (Steady).
10:44 * jcamins_away yawns, and waves.
10:44 axknax I try to assist her
10:44 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
10:44 magnuse good morning jcamins
10:45 magnuse axknax: lucky kf ;-)
10:46 rangi hi axknax
10:47 magnuse axknax: been working with kf long?
10:48 axknax since 2007, but with Koha since two years
10:48 magnuse cool
10:51 kf_away and a lot longer with horizon :)
10:51 magnuse but that's no fun, right? ;-)
10:54 kf_away it's different
10:54 axknax it has been a hard job with horizon, fortunately we have now only 20 horizon installations, it is nice to work with koha, easy to use and most times it does the thing we expect from it
10:55 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
10:56 magnuse yay, that's great to hear axknax
10:56 magnuse would you mind telling it to the librarians in norway too? ;-)
11:00 kf_away hehe
11:00 magnuse hope we will be seeing you around axknax - i'm off to find some lunch, bbl
11:00 kf_away once we are done with germany we can continue in norway ;)
11:02 axknax it is a long story - we have a specific german version of horizon, with special german features, but these functions causes several problems and the german functions were never integrated into the main developement - the concept of the open source developement philosophy is much better because of the wider community and transparecy
11:07 kf_away and before he runs out axknax++
11:13 magnuse axknax++
11:13 magnuse @karma axknax
11:13 huginn magnuse: Karma for "axknax" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
11:13 magnuse yay!
11:20 hdl kf_away: what have you been up to with RFID  and 3M ?
11:21 kf_away is now known as kf
11:21 kf hdl: because of the bugs?
11:27 kf hdl?
11:27 wahanui i guess hdl is sure that Croswalking records in zebra is also ram demanding.
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11:36 Brooke howdy y'all
11:38 magnuse kia ora Brooke
11:39 Brooke :)
11:39 hdl wahanui: forget hdl
11:39 wahanui hdl: I forgot hdl
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11:53 nengard joined #koha
11:54 Brooke hey hey nengard
11:54 nengard Hi Hi Brooke
11:54 * Brooke tries to look like Beau.
11:54 Brooke Are you going to do the survey?
11:55 Brooke and if you aren't, can I have the keys to the car so that I can do it?
11:57 nengard I'm confused
11:57 nengard what survey?
11:57 Brooke KohaCon2012 vote.
11:57 Irma left #koha
11:57 nengard oh
11:57 Brooke should basically say
11:57 nengard yeah sure i can do that
11:57 Brooke Yo!
11:57 Brooke Homie!
11:57 Brooke You want this in the UK?
11:57 Brooke No?
11:58 Brooke How bout Reno?
11:58 Brooke ta da
11:58 Brooke hooray!
11:58 Brooke thanks babe
11:58 Brooke nengard++
11:58 Agent_Dani Morning!
11:58 nengard when do we need that by?
11:58 Brooke Mornin' sug
11:58 Brooke uhhh
11:58 nengard I should do it today since Monday I'm out of commission
11:58 * Brooke looks innocent.
11:58 Brooke woot
11:58 Brooke I like that answer :D
11:58 Brooke not the out of commission part
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12:13 Brooke hey oleonard and irms
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12:13 kf is now known as kf_away
12:14 Topic for #koha is now 3.4.4 is now available; Next General IRC Meeting 5 October 2011 at 10:00 UTC
12:15 Brooke ta owen
12:20 francharb joined #koha
12:22 Brooke freggin' dc. I am caught between jorbs that require 40 years of experience in interface design, or unpaid internships.
12:23 oleonard At the moment I'm agreeing with Marcel that Solr integration is the definition of 4.0, but I'm concerned that that doesn't market well. Do we need to worry about marketing well?
12:23 * Brooke sighs.
12:23 Brooke I think
12:23 Brooke that we need to be very careful to separate emotions from objectives
12:24 Brooke and I also think that in doing so, we need to be touchy feely and sort out causes for emotions.
12:24 Brooke there shouldn't be any reason that we can't have both solR and zebra
12:24 magnuse *nods*
12:25 oleonard Is anyone arguing that we should have to choose? I'm not.
12:26 oleonard But I am arguing that we should limit what's on our plate for a 4.0 release.
12:28 Brooke normally I'd agree with the last part
12:28 Brooke but I think for the first release in a series
12:28 Brooke it should be what we dream
12:28 Brooke we haven't done a real dreamy release in a while
12:28 oleonard So you do believe we should worry about marketing well.
12:32 Brooke yessir
12:33 Brooke I am quite concerned that we don't give a fig in that department, and that it might cost us
12:33 Brooke that said marketing should never be more than the fruits of the labour
12:33 Brooke and we didn't get into this boat to lie; we'd be proprietary
12:34 Brooke but for lack of a better phrase
12:34 Brooke being nice won't kill us
12:34 Brooke nor will planning things out
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12:38 drakmor hey, I'm running koha, and I'm getting a bug where the patron card number field doesn't automatically fill in even though I have autoMemberNum  set to "do". Any fix for this?
12:42 talljoy joined #koha
12:45 kf_away drakmor: I am not aware of a bug ith this feature - perhaps check bugzilla for a bug report
12:50 kf_away jcamins_away: around?
12:51 drakmor @kf_away no bugs on the tracker :/
12:51 huginn drakmor: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
12:51 drakmor RDA?
12:51 wahanui RDA is a room in a twisty maze of standards
12:51 kf_away wahanui is our chatbot, he reacted to your use of @
12:51 kf_away bugzilla?
12:51 wahanui i heard bugzilla was found at
12:51 drakmor ah
12:51 lds joined #koha
12:51 drakmor yeah, thats the one I checked
12:51 lds left #koha
12:51 drakmor nothing there when I searched "autoMemberNum"
12:51 kf_away you can try the mailing list next or file a bug report
12:52 drakmor okay
12:52 drakmor hopefully the next update fixed this....
12:52 drakmor that and the fact the patron import tool makes duplicate entries when I tell it to merge....
12:52 kf_away oh
12:52 kf_away it shouldn't do that
12:52 drakmor I might have done it wrong
12:52 kf_away on what are you matching?
12:53 drakmor let me check
12:53 drakmor I'm pretty new to this so it's probably me
12:53 drakmor the only field it lets me match is cardnumber
12:53 drakmor can I use name or something else?
12:53 * kf_away nods
12:53 kf_away no, you can't use name
12:53 kf_away what you can do is use extended attributes that are marked as unique
12:54 kf_away administration > extended patron attributes
12:54 drakmor thanks
12:54 kf_away it's a way to configure more fields
12:54 drakmor okay, I'll take a look
12:54 kf_away I use it to add student id and use that for matching
12:54 drakmor thats exactly what I need
12:54 kf_away once you have the field defined as unique it will show up in the patron import
12:54 kf_away for matching
12:54 drakmor okay
12:55 kf_away we use 3.2.2 right now and the matchign works there
12:55 kf_away but I haven't tested it on our 3.4.4 installation yet - I made a note to do so
12:55 drakmor yeah, thats the issue then
12:55 drakmor I didn't notice that thing and didn't enter any card number on the patrons that already had numbers
12:55 kf_away ah
12:55 lds joined #koha
12:55 kf_away ok
12:56 drakmor yup
12:56 kf_away better than a bug :)
12:57 drakmor haha, that's for sure
12:57 drakmor another thing I'm probably doing something stupid with is the barcode printer
12:58 drakmor whenever I make one of the pdf's, the barcodes are shifted to one side....
12:58 drakmor does that work for you?
12:58 kf_away sorry, we don't use that feature
12:58 drakmor okay, thanks
12:59 lds left #koha
13:00 drakmor there's a few other bugs about autoMemberNum  not working, but they're all from 3 or 4 years ago. Can I make a new one?
13:00 Brooke barcodes are cheap
13:00 Brooke very
13:00 Brooke very
13:00 Brooke cheap
13:01 drakmor yeah, we're just buying them at this point. I was just wondering
13:02 kf_away drakmor: you have to register first, but all it needs is an email address - after that you can file bugs. Make sure you give your version and how to reproduce
13:02 oleonard drakmor: You can always file a new bug if your issue doesn't seem to match existing ones.
13:02 kf_away drakmor: you can upload screenshots or write down your settings
13:02 drakmor okay
13:03 drakmor should I upload all my settings? I have no idea what might be causing this, since there's only this one setting that should affect it afaik
13:04 kf_away drakmor: I think mention that you have set automembernum
13:04 drakmor okay
13:05 miguel left #koha
13:05 clrh_ joined #koha
13:05 talljoy is now known as talljoy_away
13:05 clrh_ left #koha
13:06 drakmor okay, bug submitted. hopefully I did it right...
13:07 clrh left #koha
13:07 drakmor thanks for the help!
13:07 drakmor left #koha
13:08 clrh joined #koha
13:14 miguel joined #koha
13:15 tcohen joined #koha
13:20 maximep joined #koha
13:22 Brooke[…]ource-communities
13:22 chris_n wizzyrea++
13:24 skushner joined #koha
13:25 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
13:34 sekjal joined #koha
13:34 Brooke 0/
13:35 rhcl oi
13:37 rhcl "Researchers and community members have proposed reasons that keep women out of open source, but overlooked are social reasons"
13:38 kf_away hm?
13:38 Brooke can't wait til she properly publishes
13:38 Brooke just hope it's not behind a wall at like emerald or summat
13:39 kf_away I thin it's already published in a repository
13:39 kf_away or what do you mean by properly?
13:39 kf_away if we are talking about the same thing :)
13:39 Brooke I mean to my knowledge she was doing 2 things
13:40 Brooke a project for school
13:40 Brooke that needed doin asap
13:40 kf_away oh, I missed the link, ignore me
13:40 Brooke and a better study type thing that she'd take her time on and put out later
13:40 kf_away was thinking about something else
13:41 rhcl Brooke: with the topic, do you mean, of women in open source?
13:42 Brooke can a brotha get a rephrase?
13:42 Brooke if you mean the topic of the study type thing then yes
13:43 rhcl "and a better study type thing that she'd take her time on and put out later" <-> do you mean, of women in open source?
13:43 Brooke I should prolly shuddup before I misconstrue what she's doin
13:43 Brooke but um I think that what she's doing is cool and will be important
13:43 Brooke yes
13:43 Brooke yes rhcl definitely
13:43 rhcl ic
13:44 Brooke but her call for interviewees came like right after I did my initial draft for the same area of a survey I'm trying to block out right now
13:44 Brooke and I was like "Dude!"
13:44 Brooke then I was like "Hey! Can I help, cause we're doing something similarish."
13:45 Brooke then I was like "Well fine, if I do my crap anyway, are you gonna get touchy?"
13:46 * Agent_Dani finds Sarah to be an interesting person but, obviously, had different interactions.
13:47 wizzyrea rhcl that's definitely interesting
13:49 rhcl yea, secretly I'm trying to formulate some grand unifying theory (a la Einstein) about the differences I've observed in M-F gender differences in all things computer tech.
13:52 Brooke why be secret about it :P
13:52 Brooke that's the sort of plotting that is best out in the open :)
13:53 rhcl To avoid persecution.
13:55 wizzyrea heh
13:55 Brooke yes
13:55 Brooke it would be terrible to be surrounded by angry, beautiful, intelligent women
13:55 Brooke fate worse than death I tells ye
13:56 Agent_Dani Not the comfy chair!
13:57 Brooke agent_dani++
14:00 trea dun dun DUNNNN!
14:00 * kf_away hides
14:00 kf_away oh nice, bug 6831
14:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6831 enhancement, P5, ---, colin.campbell, REOPENED , Enhanced Workflow for adding analytical records
14:00 kf_away I was talking about that to eythian yesterday
14:00 kf_away and now it's there
14:04 wizzyrea jeje
14:04 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6831] Enhanced Workflow for adding analytical records <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6831>
14:04 kf_away wizzyrea: ?
14:05 wizzyrea um... i'm behind, I was giggling at the varying responses to being surrounded by angry beautiful women
14:05 Brooke don't forget the intelligent part
14:05 Brooke it's a dependency
14:05 wizzyrea yes sorry, angry intelligent beautiful women
14:06 wizzyrea keke
14:08 * Agent_Dani knows where wizzyrea's mind is. Good choice.
14:09 Irma joined #koha
14:09 wizzyrea hi irma :)
14:09 lastnode is tehre an easy log of when a book was added
14:10 lastnode a record/item was added i mean
14:10 Irma Hi wizzyrea ... it's late for me ... thought I was going off to sleep but remembered I needed to send an email to MJ
14:10 Irma How are you?
14:10 wizzyrea i'm well, and you?
14:11 Irma so looking forward to KohaCon but for the moment run off my feet as there is much happening
14:12 Irma and I have a broken arm :-(
14:12 Irma cast is hopefully coming off in 3 weeks
14:12 wizzyrea oy!
14:13 wizzyrea sorry to hear about your arm, that is never fun
14:13 Irma left #koha
14:13 wizzyrea lastnode: you can look at the acquisition date in the record, or look at the modification log
14:13 wizzyrea for the bib
14:14 wizzyrea acq date is going to be under the items tab
14:14 wizzyrea as "accession date"
14:14 lastnode thanks wizzyrea
14:14 lastnode #koha, why you use awesome?
14:14 lastnode wizzyrea++
14:15 wizzyrea I made an assumption, that you wanted to know when the *item* was added, as when you added the bib is (usually) less important. :)
14:15 wizzyrea aw
14:15 wizzyrea just helping :)
14:18 rhcl wizzyrea: is you guys thinking at all about purchasing a ".xxx" domain? Some here in Missouri are suggesting it should be considered. Like you might buy "" or we might buy to prevent those from being registered.
14:19 wizzyrea truthfully I hadn't considered it
14:19 * wizzyrea tries to imagine what nekls .xxx content would look like... shudders
14:19 lastnode haha
14:19 lastnode way to go ICANNN
14:20 lastnode wizzyrea: is theresomeway i can see which user account added a certain item/record?
14:21 wizzyrea if you have logging on, you can see the borrowernumber of the person who added an item, yes
14:21 Brooke left #koha
14:21 wizzyrea by twiddling knobs under the modification log tab
14:21 oleonard left #koha
14:22 lastnode logging on?
14:23 lastnode but yeahm found it
14:23 trea logging enabled
14:24 lastnode tehre is a column called librarian which shows who added it
14:24 lastnode the number of the user. thanks!
14:25 wizzyrea mhm, it should be clickable :)
14:26 trea anybody on that feels like looking at a sql query
14:27 kf_away :)
14:27 kf_away trea: yep
14:27 trea
14:28 kf_away this looks familiar
14:28 wizzyrea *nod* we're working on similar things
14:28 trea trying to figure out why it's not finishing
14:28 kf_away hm
14:28 kf_away test database
14:28 wizzyrea (mine never finished either)
14:29 wizzyrea we really need some test data with fines. Hrmph.
14:30 trea i've imported a local db with fines; it just ran literally all night and never completed.
14:32 kf_away hm it finishes for me
14:32 kf_away 0 results though
14:32 wizzyrea well you probably don't have those particular category codes
14:33 wizzyrea or fines over 60 days old?
14:34 kf_away wizzyrea: you are so right
14:34 kf_away it still finishes, but I don't meet the other criteria
14:34 kf_away a bit scared to try a  real database
14:35 trea understandable. is why i was running it against a local copy
14:36 kf_away hm
14:37 kf_away it's fast on my other database
14:37 kf_away but I doubt it's right
14:37 kf_away reporting 44.00  euro due for every user
14:37 trea hmmm
14:38 trea that is definitely over $24.99
14:38 trea :D
14:38 kf_away your format sum
14:38 kf_away I think it's summing up the whole table
14:38 kf_away not the entry for the borrower
14:39 aarkerio joined #koha
14:40 kf_away hm
14:40 kf_away also I wonder
14:40 kf_away you don#t linke the accountlines and borrowers table together?
14:41 wizzyrea something like from borrowers join accountlines using(borrowernumber(
14:41 wizzyrea with correct parens of course
14:43 aarkerio hi! I the search options what means "Call number" ?
14:43 miguel left #koha
14:44 wizzyrea call number
14:44 wizzyrea n.
14:44 wahanui it has been said that call number is in the location
14:44 wizzyrea A number used in libraries to classify a book and indicate its location on the shelves.
14:44 wizzyrea so if you happen to know what a call number for a book is
14:44 wizzyrea you can search on that
14:47 kf_away wizzyrea: I think you need to ads someting link borrower.borrowernumber = accountlines.borrowernumber
14:48 kf_away when you use the syntax like it is now
14:48 libsysguy joined #koha
14:49 lds joined #koha
14:50 aarkerio mmm, great, thx!
14:51 wizzyrea ah
14:52 Guillaume left #koha
14:53 miguel joined #koha
15:07 julian_ joined #koha
15:07 wizzyrea hi miguel and julian_
15:08 julian_ hi wizzyrea
15:08 miguel hi
15:10 matchew left #koha
15:10 matchew joined #koha
15:13 julian left #koha
15:17 melia joined #koha
15:18 wizzyrea kf++ I think you're onto something
15:22 libsysguy left #koha
15:22 * chris_n gives his zebra its bi-monthly whack
15:23 talljoy_away is now known as talljoy
15:23 wizzyrea hee
15:23 julian_ left #koha
15:23 chris_n for the record: the only fully functioning native win32 installation of Koha succumbed to a motherboard failure last week
15:24 * wizzyrea plays the dirge
15:24 chris_n well, I should say of the master branch of the main git repo
15:24 * chris_n thinks he hears rangi saying "good riddance" ;-)
15:24 wizzyrea to paraphrase mark twain - i've never wished a system dead, but I've read many post-mortems with glee
15:25 chris_n LOL
15:25 wizzyrea :)
15:26 chris_n however, strawberry perl should pretty much fully support such an install with only a few minor caveats
15:26 wizzyrea hey that's cool
15:27 trea hehe
15:27 chris_n yeah, the folks that maintain strawberry and vanilla included the remaining critical modules a release or so ago just for us
15:28 wizzyrea oh wow!
15:33 kf_away left #koha
15:35 * talljoy likes code named after food.  mmmmmm
15:36 talljoy makes crunching data even tastier.
15:40 gmcharlt chris_n++ # persistance is paying off for you
15:41 matchew Hi, I had asked a question yesterday evening. It was a bit slow in here at the time. So, now that I am working on the problem again I thought I would ask my question once again
15:41 wizzyrea gopher it
15:41 wizzyrea as in, go for it.
15:41 wizzyrea :)
15:42 matchew at the end of the installion on centOS 5.6  I receive this error on localhost:80 or :8080
15:42 paul_p_ joined #koha
15:43 wizzyrea hm
15:44 matchew I do recieve a similar issue when trying to start my =>
15:44 matchew now, that issue of course is different
15:44 matchew the interesting thing about the 2nd issue is that was the error returned from make test
15:45 matts is now known as matts_away
15:45 matchew and I ignored it, after google turned up the logs from this channel =>[…]10-05-06#i_435450
15:46 matchew I'm sort of stumped. Using CentOS it was pretty hard to get this far, and I'd like to figure this one out.
15:48 * chris_n looks down the interstate to see if he can see gmcharlt
15:49 * wizzyrea thinks about this
15:49 paul_p left #koha
15:50 matchew no problem, take your time.
15:50 matchew I'll likely be thinking about this all day
15:51 gmcharlt chris_n: heh, we're practically neighbors nowadays
15:53 chris_n matchew: what perl version are you using?
15:54 chris_n matchew: also note that the zebraqueue daemon is best left unused ATM
15:54 wizzyrea yea, the only thing i'm seeing
15:55 wizzyrea is that it has to do with perl 5.8.8
15:55 wizzyrea and when kmkale solved it, he updated to 5.10.0
15:55 chris_n we currently require 5.10
15:55 wizzyrea there you have it
15:56 magnuse is now known as magnus_afk
15:56 zipporah left #koha
15:59 wizzyrea either way, matchew, you can find out with perl -v
16:00 reiveune bye
16:00 matchew oh right
16:00 reiveune left #koha
16:00 matchew so 5.8.8
16:00 wizzyrea you are running 5.8.8?
16:00 wizzyrea we require 5.10
16:00 wizzyrea that's five point ten
16:00 matchew right,
16:00 matchew okay
16:01 matchew that helps me a lot
16:01 wizzyrea let us know how it works out :)
16:01 matchew certainly
16:06 cait joined #koha
16:06 cait hi #koha
16:06 chris_n hi cait
16:07 chris_n lets go get some lunch
16:07 cait hi chris_n :)
16:08 wizzyrea woot cait's back
16:08 cait hehe
16:16 rhcl The new turkey sandwich @hardees is pretty good, and only 460cal.
16:16 melia_ joined #koha
16:16 melia left #koha
16:16 melia_ is now known as melia
16:18 nengard report help needed (I'm working with trea on this) - we have this:  but we need to add to it a check to see that the account hasn't had any payments in 60 days - and the check that's in there will find fines and payments so any ideas on how to add that limit would be great
16:18 nengard i feel like this bit " > DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 60 DAY)"  needs it's own WHERE statement to say where accounttype='PAY' or accounttype='C'
16:19 nengard but I don't know how to make that happen
16:20 trea this gives output, but i may be off
16:21 libsysguy joined #koha
16:21 libsysguy can anybody tell me how issues gets populated
16:21 cait ah
16:21 cait so my version didn't work?
16:22 cait libsysguy: when you checkout something?
16:22 * wizzyrea needs something along these lines as well
16:23 cait nengard: i see the problem hm
16:23 libsysguy yeah I am getting a message about an item being overdue when its clearly not
16:24 nengard issues should only be populated when an item is checked out or renewed
16:24 nengard cait any ideas? :)
16:24 cait nengard: check this:
16:25 cait and change the subquery to use statistics and payments?
16:25 wahanui cait: that doesn't look right
16:25 wahanui left #koha
16:25 wahanui joined #koha
16:25 jwagner Anyone know anything about the issue in Bug 6854?  I think it's the same problem that I'm seeing in multiple places including current head.
16:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6854 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED , : Double password encryption on member update if there is no password in the csv and no default password value.
16:25 nengard cait that might work, updating now
16:26 laurence left #koha
16:27 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "collections report" (13 lines) at
16:27 nengard trea does that work?
16:27 cait
16:27 cait like this perhaps
16:28 nengard cait there is no 'type' in accountlines
16:28 cait no, I was using statistics
16:28 nengard oh ...
16:28 cait didn's ee that there is an accounttype pay in accountlines
16:28 cait should be the same :)
16:28 maximep jwagner coworker did that patch
16:28 maximep *my
16:28 nengard that might work too
16:28 nengard trea you can use either cait's or mine and see if they work
16:29 nengard if they do then we should share on the wiki
16:29 wizzyrea yes, yes you should
16:29 nengard :)
16:29 jwagner maximep, I'm adding a comment to that bug report now -- want to see if it's the same issue -- can you have your coworker take a look in a couple of minutes?
16:29 maximep jwagner: sure
16:30 jwagner I'm pretty sure it is the same problem, but want to verify.
16:30 wizzyrea mine is chomping away
16:30 libsysguy eek mysql's time is not the same as my system time
16:31 paul_p_ left #koha
16:31 cait libsysguy: that sounds strange
16:32 libsysguy well I did change the timezone we were in from UTC time to CDT last night
16:32 libsysguy and i think it is still on UTC time
16:33 maximep jwagner: ok hes looking at it and will answer soon =)
16:33 maximep in short : yes :p
16:33 wizzyrea cait, nengard, trea: taht definitely got results!
16:33 cait yay :)
16:33 nengard WOO HOO
16:33 trea which one?
16:33 wahanui somebody said which one was it
16:34 nengard wizzyrea which one? I'll put it on the wiki with the proper credits
16:34 cait check the sum and such things... that it#s right
16:34 wizzyrea yea, that's my next step
16:34 wizzyrea :)
16:34 cait I had only a very minimalistic data set to test with
16:34 nengard yeah me too
16:35 * wizzyrea is reviewing the criteria
16:36 wizzyrea still gotta get the patron categories in there
16:36 wizzyrea but
16:36 wizzyrea ez enuf I think
16:37 miguel left #koha
16:37 wizzyrea so newest date is the most recent any activity in accountlines?
16:39 jwagner maximep, thanks, and thank him for doing the bugzilla report/patch -- I was just about to create one because I hadn't found one when I searched the other day.  Looks like he did his yesterday :-)
16:41 cait wizzyrea: yes, was not sure what is needed
16:41 nengard wizzyrea which rport worked?
16:42 nengard so i can add the patron data back in
16:42 nengard cait's?
16:42 wizzyrea cait's last
16:42 nengard thanks
16:42 nengard will update
16:42 cait wizzyrea: and didn#t have the right patron categories :)
16:46 miguel joined #koha
16:48 libsysguy ok so I'm still getting that an item is overdue as soon as it it checked out (hourly)
16:50 cait hm
16:50 cait oh
16:50 cait does it have fines?
16:51 cait or only hsow up as overdue (red)
16:51 libsysguy no fines
16:51 cait perhaps some check is not ok?
16:51 libsysguy that is what I am wondering
16:51 cait is the due date calculated correctly?
16:51 cait and due time?
16:51 libsysguy although the circ librarian is now telling me that she changed something -_-
16:51 libsysguy and the due time is correct
16:52 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:57 cait hm
16:57 libsysguy so apparently they changed the shelving location...but they just changed it back and its still giving an overdue notice
16:57 cait no idea :(
16:57 libsysguy me either
16:58 trea is now known as trea_lunch
16:59 libsysguy cait do you know if there is a function for overdues to check to see if an item is overdue
16:59 cait hm I think there is something used by the overdues script
16:59 cait but something else might be used to indicate it's overdue (mark it red) in patron's account
16:59 cait not sure
17:00 cait and not sure what's been changed for hourly loans
17:00 libsysguy im not even running that script
17:18 francharb left #koha
17:18 sophie_m left #koha
17:23 hdl left #koha
17:24 cait libsysguy: you don#t hve to - things will show up overdue (red) when the date calculation says they are
17:27 skushner left #koha
17:27 skushner joined #koha
17:36 libsysguy so it is the circulation module that i need to be looking at?
17:47 cait I would start lookin gat the perl skript for the template where you see the overdue thing
17:49 cait left #koha
17:49 cait joined #koha
18:01 libsysguy sekjal, cait are do you guys want to talk about notices?
18:01 cait i am here
18:01 cait almost forgot abou tthe meeting
18:01 libsysguy oh no!
18:02 libsysguy i wonder if sekjal forgot?
18:02 libsysguy im excited about doing it
18:03 sekjal I'm here
18:03 sekjal sorry, working on an urgent set of patches
18:03 libsysguy we need to wait?
18:03 sekjal no, I'm good
18:03 libsysguy ok cool
18:03 libsysguy so where do we start?
18:03 cait good question
18:04 cait let me open the wiki page
18:04 libsysguy i say with the delete button
18:04 cait delete?
18:04 cait first i would like to talk about the area
18:04 libsysguy yeah toss out notices...bad joke...
18:04 cait does cover notificatons fines too?
18:05 cait in your opinion?
18:05 libsysguy i think they will have to be touched
18:05 cait because I would love to see them tied closely together, or being able to sync overdue notices and overdue fines
18:05 sekjal I'd like to see a unified message system for all outgoing emails, printed pages, SMS and RSS
18:05 libsysguy ^^
18:06 sekjal and for overdues, a more robust set of triggers
18:06 cait I think we could build on the existing structures for that
18:06 sekjal more than just 3
18:06 cait but we should have print as an option
18:06 sekjal with fines included, along with debarring and such
18:06 cait sounds good to me
18:06 sekjal so, that's two large areas of change
18:06 cait notificatons = all messages we can send or only overdues?
18:06 libsysguy sounds good to me too
18:06 libsysguy all messages
18:06 libsysguy imo
18:06 cait ok
18:07 sekjal mine as well.  overdue messages are just one type
18:07 cait ok
18:07 cait so this is going to be big
18:07 sekjal okay, so we've got several areas to cover:
18:07 sekjal message creation and editing
18:07 sekjal message triggering
18:07 wizzyrea messages for print
18:07 cait delivery types
18:08 cait print, email, sms
18:08 cait i would like to see that configurable
18:08 sekjal delivery methods:  print, email, sms, rss
18:08 cait not only falling back to print with no email
18:08 cait but being able to send a third or forth notice as print
18:08 sekjal formatting types:  plaintext, HTML, short-message (140 char limit)
18:08 cait ok
18:08 cait i think we should write that on the wiki page
18:08 cait or perhaps a google document?
18:08 libsysguy i agree
18:09 libsysguy can we log this chat?
18:09 sekjal yes, we need a work space to write down all these ideas
18:09 sekjal libsysguy:  chat is logged
18:09 cait in google we could all write
18:09 wizzyrea chat is always logged ;)
18:09 libsysguy ok so who wants to set up that log
18:09 wizzyrea it's already logged
18:09 libsysguy wahanui is always watching
18:09 wizzyrea irc log?
18:09 cait the log is hard to read, i think we should do some structuring in a document while we are discussing
18:09 cait logs?
18:09 wahanui logs are at
18:10 sekjal cait: agreed
18:10 cait ok, what can we use?
18:10 libsysguy im all for google docs
18:10 cait for marseille we had a google docs document, that was fun :)
18:10 sekjal works for me
18:10 cait but I don't have access to that i think, not sure how to open a new document
18:12 libsysguy sekjal doesn't bywater use google docs
18:12 sekjal libsysguy:  we do
18:12 sekjal send me your preferred invite emails, and I'll add you to the doc
18:13 libsysguy
18:13 rangi yo
18:13 rangi
18:14 cait oh
18:14 cait evening rangi
18:14 rangi free software ftw
18:14 rangi and morning cait :)
18:14 cait :)
18:15 francharb joined #koha
18:15 sekjal creating
18:15 wizzyrea (data entry sucks. That is all.)
18:15 francharb left #koha
18:15 cait wizzyrea: in what?
18:16 wizzyrea library thing for libraries/LibraryAnywhere
18:16 sekjal[…]20sept%208%202011
18:16 libsysguy P->V or V->V
18:16 wizzyrea I should be more specific: populating the address/phone/hours data for 39 libraries = not how I would like to spend my afternoon.
18:16 rangi if we like etherpad, we can set up too
18:16 libsysguy sweet
18:17 sekjal it's working!
18:17 libsysguy excellent
18:17 libsysguy ok so what do we need to add
18:17 sekjal everyone else in channel is of course welcome to join this pad if you would like to contribute to this discussion at this time
18:17 libsysguy ^^
18:17 miguel left #koha
18:18 cait i got kicked out and all my changes are lost :(
18:18 cait and disconnected again
18:18 libsysguy noo...actually I did too
18:18 sekjal and I
18:18 sekjal booo
18:18 cait booo
18:19 rangi not me
18:19 cait so you are alone now rangi :P
18:19 libsysguy rangi stop kicking us out
18:19 cait yeah, don't be so rude
18:19 rangi nope someone else is typing too
18:19 sekjal I'm back in
18:19 sekjal and now
18:19 sekjal out
18:19 libsysguy grr
18:19 rangi i suspect if you want to do it for real, you should pick one of the public sites
18:19 rangi not the demo/beta
18:20 cait grr
18:20 cait yeah
18:20 cait can't even copy my text although I still see it :(
18:21 rangi
18:21 rangi try that
18:22 cait yay
18:23 cait who is violet?
18:23 libsysguy looks like sekjal
18:23 wizzyrea looks like sekjal
18:23 wizzyrea jinx
18:23 sekjal yes
18:23 * libsysguy wishes somebody pinch me so i can speak
18:23 rangi aww
18:23 * wizzyrea pinches libsysguy
18:23 rangi i liked my name better
18:24 libsysguy phew
18:24 rangi maybe to hit the save revisions link every so often
18:24 rangi maybe=member
18:24 rangi and if you guys dont hate this, let me know ill set up one on my linode server for the project to use
18:25 libsysguy i think it's ok...better than the other one
18:26 cait :)
18:26 cait I don't hate it right now
18:31 sekjal this is pretty neat
18:32 wizzyrea re: address change, you know currently patrons can't update their own addresses (and that's probably right)
18:32 cait notice to librarian - address change required
18:32 cait the mail is not understandable
18:32 wizzyrea AH
18:32 cait and not translatable (which is worse)
18:32 wizzyrea ok, I thought you meant outgoing to patron "your address has been changed"
18:32 cait that would be a neat feature too :)
18:33 cait ´but needs some work on the address change - sending an email is not the best way to do it
18:33 cait should give you the informaton to compare in the patron account with options to accept / reject
18:33 wizzyrea re: the fast add notification, doesn't the fast add set a temp category code?
18:33 * wizzyrea may be dreaming about that
18:33 cait ?
18:33 libsysguy i think sekjal has been thinking about this longer than I have
18:33 libsysguy lol
18:33 cait fast add wat?
18:33 wizzyrea under cataloging
18:34 sekjal wizzyrea:  you can set a temporary item type in the Framework as default, sure
18:37 trea_lunch is now known as trea
18:39 melia left #koha
18:39 melia joined #koha
18:43 aogle joined #koha
19:00 tcohen left #koha
19:09 aarkerio hi! I am having problems when a user wants send "Your cart" email to himself. I can send emails from command line
19:09 aarkerio any idea where can I look?
19:09 aarkerio or localize the error message?
19:10 rangi check the apache error logs to start with
19:11 rangi also check you mta logs
19:11 rangi see if its reaching the mta at least
19:15 aarkerio I apache log I am getting:
19:16 aarkerio Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /var/www/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/admin/ line 224.
19:17 aarkerio in /cgi-bin/koha/admin/preference​
19:17 aarkerio I am getting:
19:17 aarkerio "No system preferences matched your search for MTA. You can try a different search or return to where you were before."
19:19 aarkerio 224 line is:
19:19 aarkerio if ( $piece->{'pref'} =~ /^$searchfield$/i ) {
19:19 rangi no, your mail transport agent
19:19 rangi postfix, or exim4 or whatever :)
19:20 aarkerio oh yea!
19:21 melia_ joined #koha
19:21 melia left #koha
19:21 melia_ is now known as melia
19:22 rangi koha uses Mail::Sendmail which by default will try to connect to localhost port 25 to send mail, telnet localhost 25
19:22 rangi you can use to check if its listening
19:22 rangi ok time to go catch my bus, bbl
19:26 aarkerio ok thanks again!
19:27 aogle left #koha
19:27 aogle joined #koha
19:35 wizzyrea sekjal
19:35 wizzyrea question
19:35 sekjal wizzyrea:  shoot
19:35 wizzyrea i'm looking at the patch from colin on bug 3498
19:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3498 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED , Allow partial fine payments
19:35 wizzyrea see the NB:
19:35 rangi got the old bus today im pretty sure its older than me
19:35 wizzyrea does that affect what we were talking about a few days ago on patron search
19:35 wizzyrea er no
19:36 wizzyrea patrons with large numbers of checkouts?
19:36 sekjal wizzyrea:  NB?
19:37 sekjal ah, I see it
19:37 wizzyrea NB: Adds a version of the include as
19:37 wizzyrea this has the same functionality as the old include but does not
19:37 wizzyrea require all the borrowers attributes to be passed as global
19:37 wizzyrea scoped variables
19:37 sekjal in commit message
19:37 wizzyrea right
19:37 libsysguy rangi made me think of your last comment
19:37 wizzyrea !
19:37 wizzyrea sorry, that might be a rabbit
19:37 wizzyrea (chasing rabbits, etc)
19:38 rangi heh thats a fail sign
19:38 libsysguy exactly lol
19:39 sekjal wizzyrea: it may help reduce required processing...would have to pass it through NYTProf
19:39 Brooke joined #koha
19:39 Brooke 0/
19:39 wizzyrea but the partial fines payment looks good to me, though I noted one small anomaly with the error messages - sometimes in the error messages it computes out to like 10 decimal places. but not always? will test more.
19:42 jwagner wizzyrea, that is probably due to Bug 3166
19:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3166 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED , Fines are summing off by 1 penny due to rounding issue when summing.
19:42 jwagner Or maybe not....
19:44 aogle left #koha
19:44 wizzyrea oh that could be
19:45 * wizzyrea tries her best to break partial fines >:)
19:45 maximep are you thinking of merging partial fines for 3.6 ?
19:45 * wizzyrea doesn't think to merge anything
19:45 * wizzyrea is only testing the available patch
19:45 maximep heh
19:46 sekjal maximep:  I'd like to see that happen, assuming the testing goes well
19:46 maximep all I can tell is that were using it in production
19:46 rangi if it passes qa, it'll get merged
19:46 sekjal if it can get a signoff and through QA before the feature freeze date, then it's in
19:46 wizzyrea please tell me you don't hate it and that it works ok :)
19:46 maximep but that doesnt help :p
19:47 rangi that implementation of it maximep ?
19:47 maximep well I had to mess with it today
19:47 maximep rangi: we have some changes, but pretty much, yeah
19:47 rangi noting on the bug that u are using it helps
19:47 maximep most of our patches were sent
19:47 maximep by fcapo
19:47 rangi k
19:47 maximep hard for me to say what is different on our side :/
19:48 rangi linking them together with depends etc would help a lot too
19:48 Guillaume joined #koha
19:48 wizzyrea maximep: what version are you running?
19:51 maximep well
19:52 maximep in theory it could be called a fork... but 3.2.3
19:52 wizzyrea ah cool
19:52 maximep rebasing everything on 3.6 in the next months
19:52 wizzyrea cool beans :)
19:52 maximep hundreds of hours of fun
19:52 wizzyrea whee!
19:52 jwagner left #koha
20:01 wizzyrea anybody out there have selenium installed?
20:01 wizzyrea I have a test case with the patch for 3498, i wonder if you'd care to see if my test case works for you
20:02 maximep I wish I had time to help :/
20:03 maximep I guess I could take a few minutes to run it with selenium ide
20:05 cait wizzyrea: ask me again on  thursday?
20:05 cait I am postponing all that is fun until then
20:06 wizzyrea k
20:06 * chris_n has had all of the DBIx fun he can stand for one day
20:06 chris_n off in search of food
20:06 wizzyrea gl
20:06 libsysguy good luck
20:07 cait rangi: we love it :)
20:08 rangi cool
20:09 rangi ill see about setting about a dedicated one
20:10 libsysguy anybody know anything about the circulation module that is supposed to be in 3.6?
20:11 rangi what circulation module?
20:11 rhcl funny
20:12 libsysguy I thought I read something about a rewrite of circulation was coming in 3.6?
20:12 cait if you mean circ enhancments that#s not so likely right now
20:13 cait the big bug
20:13 libsysguy yes yes...circ "enhancements"
20:13 libsysguy I was jw if there was a place I could check it out and poke around with it
20:13 cait the problem is it' s really big
20:14 cait and it clashes with a lot of other stuff that could go in 3.6
20:14 wizzyrea bug 3498
20:14 wahanui rumour has it bug 3498 is a fairly old implementation that colin updated. It just popped up because I added 'needs signoff'
20:14 cait like allowonshelfholds in circ matrix or hourly loans
20:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3498 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED , Allow partial fine payments
20:14 wizzyrea if ppl want to play with selenium, I attached a couple of tests. I don' tknow if they'll work though?
20:15 rangi selenium is sometimes persnickety
20:15 libsysguy yeah hourly loans
20:15 libsysguy thats the one i really need lol
20:15 rangi if i get a chance ill have a go
20:15 wizzyrea well they run for me ^.^
20:15 wizzyrea no errors
20:16 rangi cool
20:19 maximep wizzyrea: looking at them. Probably not a good idea to put a selenium.base in your test
20:20 wizzyrea ok, i am new to this, so I"m not sure what you mean
20:20 wizzyrea oic
20:20 wizzyrea i hink
20:21 wizzyrea think
20:21 maximep well when I open them in selenium ise it puts it as the base url
20:21 maximep
20:21 wizzyrea I see
20:21 wizzyrea how do you make it portable
20:21 wizzyrea ?
20:22 maximep good question
20:22 wizzyrea i mean, you could just go in, edit it to your base
20:22 maximep not sure... maybe just put nothing and the user will add it
20:22 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
20:22 wizzyrea just text right?
20:24 wizzyrea OH
20:24 wizzyrea oh oh
20:24 wizzyrea set your base URL
20:24 wizzyrea at the top
20:24 wizzyrea open it, and set your base URL
20:24 maximep I know
20:24 maximep just telling you that u might not want to share yours
20:24 wizzyrea oh, idc
20:25 wizzyrea thank you for your concern. :)
20:25 maximep well there's no way your test to create a patron will work on my bd, but that's because of local changes -_-
20:25 wizzyrea the hazards I guess ;)
20:26 wizzyrea but thank you for looking it over
20:27 wizzyrea but yes, that is very good to know... I wiill try to remember to add the help that you may need to change your base url to run the test
20:29 Brooke left #koha
20:30 maximep wizzyrea: anyway, sorry, but my install is way too far from 4.4 to help you run the entire test
20:30 wizzyrea all good :)
20:31 wizzyrea the add patron one is on current master, and the fines add/pay one is master + the patch
20:32 rangi oh and
20:32 rangi
20:34 rangi oh look my house
20:34 wizzyrea rly?
20:34 rangi (Not really :))
20:34 wizzyrea cheeky.
20:37 trea heh
20:39 rangi
20:39 rangi you'll be sick of me after 45 days of this :)
20:39 wizzyrea unlikely
20:42 cait :)
20:47 ibeardslee /ignore rangi  ?
20:48 rangi heh
20:48 rangi i had to do /ignore whingers who cant ignore things themselves the other day :)
20:49 aarkerio hi where can I see how many books already are in the database?
20:50 wizzyrea select count(*) from items;
20:50 wizzyrea in your saved reports
20:50 wizzyrea or created from sql reports
20:50 wizzyrea you'll probably have to add it
20:51 aarkerio There is not a report page in admin section?
20:53 wizzyrea aarkerio:
20:53 wizzyrea v
20:53 wizzyrea
20:54 aarkerio wizzyrea, great!  thanks a lot!
20:54 wizzyrea yw
20:57 wizzyrea you know it would be cool to have a saved report that gave you that snapshot count
20:57 wizzyrea bibs/patrons/items right now
20:57 wizzyrea total owed in fines
20:59 cait I think the dashboard could do that
20:59 wizzyrea you mean put that count on the home page?
20:59 cait perhaps
20:59 cait or have a new built in report
20:59 wizzyrea that's what I was thinking
20:59 wizzyrea a new builtin
21:00 cait hm
21:00 wizzyrea or on the catalogue statistics page
21:02 rangi yeah the dashboard would be good to do that
21:02 rangi id like it show things like
21:02 rangi in the last hour 141422 items were issued
21:02 rangi too
21:02 wizzyrea oo
21:04 sekjal user.  configurable.  widgets.
21:05 * wizzyrea squees
21:05 magnus_afk yay!
21:05 rangi the trick is make the report engine hand out json
21:05 rangi and then add caching
21:05 rangi and we have a webservice
21:05 rangi then you can just add widgets that format that json nicely
21:05 rangi done
21:06 cait sounds so easy when you talk abou tit :)
21:10 magnus_afk we need to find a way to make rangi do it, for example to prove how easy it would be... ;-)
21:11 cait hehe
21:11 rangi ask me again after october 22
21:11 ibeardslee or earlier if the ABs choke?
21:12 * magnus_afk makes a note to do that ;-)
21:12 rangi naw, thats when im no longer RM
21:12 * wizzyrea is off to make mac and cheese for the kiddo's family pot luck at school tonight
21:12 wizzyrea wish me luck :)
21:12 aogle joined #koha
21:12 cait good luck?
21:12 magnus_afk good luck wizzyrea
21:14 magnus_afk g'night #koha
21:14 rangi cya magnus_afk
21:15 magnus_afk is now known as magnus_away
21:17 Guillaume left #koha
21:31 cait good night all :)
21:32 cait left #koha
21:35 skushner left #koha
21:46 sekjal good night, #koha!
21:46 sekjal left #koha
21:49 trea is now known as trea-away
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22:52 rangi
22:53 eythian oh, useful
22:54 eythian although, it's got its own domain, I'd run it on :80
22:54 rangi yeah i tried doing that
22:54 rangi its not happy about it
22:55 rangi its not apache its a big java stack, and the mod_proxy was wigging out like mental
22:55 rangi figured i wouldnt kill bugs.kc playing with it ;)
22:56 eythian heh OK
22:57 BobB joined #koha
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