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00:24 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6636] a syspref to display 'powered by Koha' text to OPAC footer <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6636>
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01:36 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6537] Simplified sysprefs for the web installer <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6537>
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03:09 BrookeenTauride kia ora
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03:16 Oak \o
03:17 BrookeenTauride hey there!
03:17 Oak Hello BrookeenTauride :)
04:19 BrookeenTauride Double duty free jewelry allocation ftw! 20k Rupee allowance = doable.
04:34 Oak we have very nice jewelry in India and Pakistan :) you'll love it.
04:34 BrookeenTauride yoink!
04:35 BrookeenTauride you guys dig gold way more than me, though
04:35 BrookeenTauride admittedly, I am after your rubies >.> <.<
04:35 Oak oh well, mostly parents buy gold jewelry for their daughters
04:36 Oak because it's like a security bond... things get tough, sell the jewelry (after marriage I mean)
04:36 * BrookeenTauride nods
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05:54 bg hola
05:54 wahanui hola, bg
05:54 bg heya wahanui
05:55 bg druthb?
05:55 wahanui druthb is currently convincing the amish that they need to web 2.0
05:56 Agent_Dani I...I'd pay to see that, actually.
06:04 bg heya Agent_Dani
06:04 bg remind of where you are?
06:06 Agent_Dani North Carolina.
06:06 Oak heya bg and Agent_Dani
06:06 bg ah
06:06 bg heya Oak
06:07 bg do we have an
06:07 bg Oak?
06:07 wahanui well, Oak is Arslan. I am a student doing masters in Library Science (2nd semester). I am a web developer and work in Joomla.
06:07 bg :)
06:07 Agent_Dani Hey Oak
06:07 Oak :)
06:07 * Agent_Dani was up watching a movie with her wife and should be off to bed soon.
06:07 Oak well now I am in 4th semester :)
06:07 Oak which movie which movie
06:08 Oak tell tell
06:10 Agent_Dani Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
06:10 Agent_Dani Oak: I'm about to be a part-time student (again.)
06:10 Oak oh good Agent_Dani :)
06:11 Oak what will you do?
06:11 Agent_Dani Tentatively CS but...I'm evaluating.
06:11 Agent_Dani I'm more after the piece of paper and do need to consider what will work with my existing credits - I got 54 credit hours to transfer this time.
06:12 Oak ah
06:13 Agent_Dani I have an associate degree and a bunch of credits beyond.
06:15 Agent_Dani But, a lot has changed in the 17 years that have passed since I earned that degree.
06:19 Agent_Dani Anyhow, it's my bedtime. Nini
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07:44 cait good morning #koha
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12:33 druthb o/
12:34 jcamins_away Hi, druthb!
12:44 druthb hi, jcamins_away!
12:59 cait hi all :)
13:05 druthb :)
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16:08 bg morning
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17:58 wizzyrea hi thar
18:03 jcamins_away Hello.
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18:34 druthb o/
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20:37 libsysguy hey #Koha
20:37 libsysguy has anybody messed with the import_borrowers script?
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20:49 druthb o/
20:52 libsysguy hi druthb
20:53 libsysguy what are you up to today?
20:53 druthb This and that around the camp.  Went into lancaster for supplies earlier
20:54 libsysguy out of the good ol' tp and MRE's
20:54 libsysguy :D
20:54 druthb Listening to the rain right now
20:55 libsysguy sounds like nap time to me
20:56 druthb Went to a little mennonite farm stand earlier for veggies and baked stuff
20:56 libsysguy get anything good?
20:56 libsysguy do you pay with cash?
20:57 druthb Fresh picked sweet corn...bell peppers, small pack of chocolate chip cookies
20:57 druthb only
20:58 * libsysguy loves cookies
20:58 * libsysguy is a fat kid at heart
20:58 druthb These are very tasty
20:59 libsysguy homemade cookies are even i can imagine that those are super good
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21:01 druthb This is an interesting place.  You cannot avoid interacting with the amish and mennonite folk here.  They are a quiet, serious folk, but very friendly and sincere.  Smile, and they smile back.
21:02 libsysguy so better than the city where everybody gives you that "i'll shank you smile"
21:02 druthb Their way of life would seem strange to most modern people, but it has much to recommend it.  Low stress, slow pace...
21:03 libsysguy i take it most of them like it
21:03 libsysguy i mean if they leave they are shunned right?
21:04 druthb They lose a few as they grow up, is not for everyone.
21:04 libsysguy fair enough
21:05 druthb Their faith is quite foreign to me, but their lifestyle resonates with this buddhist
21:07 druthb I try not to upse
21:07 druthb Upset their horses when I pass them on the roadways
21:08 druthb :)
21:08 libsysguy do you drive fast druthb
21:09 druthb Nope.   I am very laid back behind the wheel, and rarely in any hurry
21:10 libsysguy you might have a heart attack riding with me then
21:10 * libsysguy drives pretty aggressively on his motorcycle
21:11 druthb Heh
21:12 druthb I used to have a motorcycle.
21:15 libsysguy really? what kind?
21:15 druthb 1980 Suzuki Gs850gl.
21:16 druthb Big heavy shafty.
21:16 libsysguy yeah i see that
21:16 libsysguy this is mine[…]_01_1920x1200.jpg
21:17 druthb Ooooo.
21:17 libsysguy yeah its a lot of fun :)
21:18 druthb If I was to get another bike, I would go for a shadow or a vstar
21:18 libsysguy i had a shadow before i had this one
21:18 libsysguy it was a little small for my taste
21:18 libsysguy but it was still fun...and nice to have a windshield
21:19 druthb :)  my gs was a nice commuter cycle
21:19 druthb Decent on the highway too
21:20 libsysguy yeah the gas mileage is super nice
21:21 druthb Yep.  My current ride gets a dismal 14.  Big pickups are like that
21:21 libsysguy yeah that is what my dad says about his f250
21:21 libsysguy my little honda car gets about 27-29
21:21 druthb Mine is the chevy equivalent...K2500
21:22 libsysguy 4x4?
21:23 druthb Nope.  Big service body.  Used to be owned by a water utility.
21:23 libsysguy ohh gotcha
21:23 druthb All the storage is nice.  ;)
21:23 libsysguy are you pulling a camper with it?
21:23 druthb Not yet
21:23 libsysguy :p
21:23 libsysguy have you bought one yet?
21:24 druthb Not yet
21:24 druthb <
21:24 * druthb is a tenting nomad
21:25 libsysguy lindsey camping out with you?
21:25 druthb Yep.  We have a wizard tent.  She has her room and I have mine...
21:26 libsysguy and cookies...don't forget those lol
21:26 druthb 3 room cabin tent...  :)
21:28 libsysguy complete with fireplace?
21:28 druthb Not this model.
21:30 libsysguy aww
21:30 libsysguy Anna says Hi!
21:30 druthb Hi Anna!
21:31 libsysguy she is sad there haven't been any new blog updates :'(
21:32 druthb I am gonna write a long one tonight or tomorrow
21:32 libsysguy uuu ok I'll tell her
21:33 druthb Pics of campsite and of me after makeover
21:33 libsysguy exciting!!
21:34 druthb :)
21:35 libsysguy so im trying to rewrite the import borrowers script to work in the shell
21:36 druthb That would be handy for migrations
21:38 libsysguy i is also going to be handy for me since we will be updating valid patrons everynight
21:39 druthb :)
21:39 libsysguy penny is super strick about who can check out books
21:40 libsysguy apparently its a big deal
21:40 druthb Sheesh
21:41 wizzyrea so you have to add *and* delete every night?
21:41 libsysguy yeah so we can only checkout to students who are "currently registered" if they drop then they lose their privileges
21:41 libsysguy and yes...but im thinking about adding or blocking
21:41 wizzyrea oh boy.
21:41 libsysguy instead of deleting
21:41 druthb Hi wizzyrea
21:41 libsysguy i know....its a scripting nightmare
21:41 wizzyrea well you could set the expiration date on the patrons
21:41 wizzyrea that wouldn't be too hadr
21:41 wizzyrea hard
21:41 wizzyrea to be the day before today
21:42 wizzyrea so they'd be expired, but still existent (and subsequently easy to reinstate)
21:42 libsysguy thats true...but the hard part is finding the ones that are no longer in the "feed" i get
21:42 wizzyrea oo yea
21:42 wizzyrea what do you get?
21:42 libsysguy oh...and not touching the courtesy patrons
21:42 wizzyrea a list of names?
21:43 wizzyrea student ID numbers?
21:43 libsysguy cardnumbers
21:43 libsysguy yeah
21:43 libsysguy studentid's
21:43 libsysguy and emails
21:43 wizzyrea student ID = cardnumber?
21:43 libsysguy yes ma'am
21:44 wizzyrea how many in each file?
21:44 libsysguy about 6500
21:44 wizzyrea ouch.
21:44 libsysguy yeah...ouch
21:44 libsysguy major performance killer
21:44 wizzyrea hm
21:45 libsysguy still trying to figure out the logistics of how its going to all fit together
21:45 libsysguy ill probably write a separate disable script
21:45 wizzyrea it would be a handy script to be able to update any patron attribute from a list of cardnumbers
21:45 druthb Load all the koha card numbers into a hash then remove the ones from the incoming file..expire what is left
21:46 wizzyrea ^^
21:46 wizzyrea druthb is quite brilliant
21:46 libsysguy druthb++ seriously
21:46 libsysguy you should have a slogan
21:46 * druthb is insane.  But it helps
21:46 libsysguy druthb - simply amazing
21:46 wizzyrea druthb is also quite brilliant
21:46 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
21:47 wizzyrea druthb?
21:47 wahanui druthb is probably currently convincing the amish that they need to web 2.0 or quite brilliant
21:47 druthb :P
21:47 wizzyrea :)
21:47 wizzyrea ok gotta get out for a few
21:47 libsysguy ok laterz wizzyrea
21:48 druthb Let me switch to full size keyboard to flesh out idea.. Brb
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21:51 druthb :)  better
21:52 druthb here's my thinkin', libsysguy:  grab all the valid non-expired students, and put their cardnumbers in a hash.    $patron{$cardnumber} = 1;  Then spool thru your file...
21:52 druthb if exists $patron{$incoming_cardnumber}, then update the borrower, and set $patron{$incoming_cardnumber} = undef;
21:52 libsysguy right...setting all the matching hash vals to 0
21:53 druthb if !exists, then it's a new one; add the patron.
21:53 libsysguy so you were thinking this should go in the import patrons script?
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21:55 * druthb glares at her cell modem
21:55 libsysguy hehe
21:55 libsysguy which one do you have?
21:55 druthb sprint u600
21:56 libsysguy ahh
21:57 druthb works pretty well.  camp wifi is okay, but busy.
21:57 libsysguy as expected i suppose
21:58 druthb yep
22:00 libsysguy what kind of laptop do you have druthb
22:01 druthb gateway n214.  runs great!
22:02 libsysguy i didn't know if you were like nengard
22:02 libsysguy with the mac
22:03 druthb most of bywater is a mac shop...a couple are running ubuntu, and talljoy and I are running windows.
22:04 * libsysguy dualboots ubuntu and windows
22:04 druthb bg will pretty much get us what we want.  (and, natch, my hardware costs a *third
22:04 libsysguy but since the new unity plugin in ubuntu i've used it less
22:04 druthb of what a mac does.
22:05 libsysguy I've been thinking about getting a macbook air
22:05 druthb I've got a virtualbox running debian in here, for koha workin'.
22:05 libsysguy mmm vbox goodness
22:05 druthb :)
22:08 druthb well, I'm gonna boogie, and go cook up some dinner.  may reheat some leftovers before they go bad on us.
22:08 druthb be well, libsysguy...good to talk to ya.  :)
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23:51 druthb o/
23:52 * druthb is about to completely lose her Zen and freakin' go OFF.
23:54 * Agent_Dani offers druthb a hug before that.
23:55 druthb thanks, Agent_Dani
23:56 druthb my daughter has a mantra that seems to be helping her-- "I will never procreate...I promise never to procreate...."
23:56 jcamins_away :)
23:58 druthb It is not rational behavior for four adults to bring four spoiled preschoolers camping.  Can we get them committed to an institution for their foolishness?
23:59 druthb foster the children away somewhere outside Pennsylvania, so I won't have to listen to their shrieking....

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