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00:05 Brooke joined #koha
00:06 Brooke back
00:07 rangi wb Brooke
00:07 Brooke :)
00:12 Space_Librarian 'lo
00:14 rangi heya Irma
00:14 Irma Hi rangi Welcome back downunder :-)
00:15 Irma not too jet lagged?
00:15 rangi thanks, just a bit
00:15 rangi you guys are presenting today eh?
00:15 Irma yep and tomorrow
00:15 Irma 10 presentations in all
00:15 rangi busy busy
00:16 Irma some solo and some shared with eythian
00:16 Irma nice hosts
00:16 Irma I just found the hotel library
00:16 Irma a multicultural and lingual collection
00:16 Irma of 30 books ... and a manual register for circ.
00:17 Irma I am drawn to libraries like Pooh Bear to honey!
00:18 rangi :-)
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00:18 Irma better go and get last preps under way and fetch Robin from the pool side ... just kidding about the pool side
00:18 Space_Librarian just watch out for the heffalumps and woozles!
00:18 Brooke 0/
00:18 Brooke brb
00:19 Irma will do and talk soon ;)
00:19 Irma Ciao!
00:19 jransom hi all
00:19 Space_Librarian hey jo!
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00:20 Brooke back
00:21 jransom its bloody cold here today.glad to be curled on couch at home with fire roaring
00:21 * Brooke flexes her lumberjack muscles.
00:22 jransom just as well we got all that wood chopped last time you were here
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01:11 jo connor:
01:11 jo type this: /join #brooke
01:11 connor joined #koha
01:11 jo connor: type this:
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01:44 rangi good to see prosentient getting involved in koha development :)
01:44 jo heya chris
01:45 rangi heya jo
01:49 Brooke just thought that rangi
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02:14 Brooke 0/
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04:09 druthb o/
04:10 Oak \o
04:11 * druthb hugs Oak.
04:13 Oak :)
04:16 Oak i'm not at home. and when i'm home i'm not at home
04:17 * Oak listening to Clint Mansell & Peter Broderick - Not At Home
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04:25 rangi oh man i missed wizzy
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04:30 cait morning #koha
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04:36 danmc morning cait.
04:36 danmc night #koha ;)
04:36 cait night danmc
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04:44 Judit hi
04:44 cait hi Judit
04:45 rangi hi cait and Judit
04:46 cait hi rangi
04:46 cait how was monday?
04:46 rangi still got 15 mins of work left, but pretty good
04:47 Judit i have a quick yuestion: in OPAC you have theoption to view the details of a book in NOrmal, MARC, and ISBD- how do you remove the mARC View
04:47 cait hm
04:47 cait might be there is a pref for that
04:47 cait if not you can use css
04:47 rangi or jquery
04:48 Judit you i was trying the sysref, just cannot figure it out whoch one
04:48 rangi css is probably easier
04:48 Judit thanks
04:49 cait yep
04:49 cait something like
04:49 cait #MARCview {      display: none;      }
04:50 Irma joined #koha
04:50 cait into opacusercss
04:51 cait hi Irma
04:51 cait how is the workshop? have you started?
04:51 Judit hi Irma
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05:21 Judit i still cannot find the syspref to hide the MARC view in OPAC, but i have checked a Koha 3.5 - the MARC and ISBD view is no longer there
05:28 cait hm
05:28 cait they should, marc view looks a bit different but I think isbd view should still showup
05:29 Judit i have ckecked 2 3.2 and 2 3.5Kohas
05:30 Judit 3.2- was there, 3.5 not there
05:30 cait they don't show in opac and you have not switched them off?
05:30 Judit no, cean install
05:30 cait I see them both in my test installation
05:30 Judit hm
05:30 cait using master
05:30 Judit me no happy :)
05:32 Judit i try to compare the sysprefs of 3.2 and 3.5, but no luck so far
05:33 Judit to find the setting and turn it of
05:35 cait viewLabeledMARC and viewMARC should work for intranet
05:36 Judit staff to view records
05:37 cait you can use the css I posted earlier
05:37 cait I can't find a syspref too - was not sure about it
05:37 Judit thank you cait- it is just so annoying
05:38 cait the views?
05:38 Judit not finding the syspref
05:38 cait ah, there is none I think
05:39 cait I was not sure if it was added after 3.2.x
05:39 Judit but then how come it is not there in 3.5
05:39 cait there are only prefs for intranet, not for opac it seems
05:39 cait it's moved
05:39 cait to the top -perhaps this is confusing ou?
05:39 cait it's above the title now, nto below
05:41 Judit :d wow i am blind too, it is above the title indeed
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06:12 francharb hello all
06:12 Judit hi
06:12 wahanui salut, Judit
06:23 cait hi francharb
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06:24 alex_a bonjour #koha
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06:51 reiveune hello
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06:52 clrh hi
06:52 wahanui bonjour, clrh
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07:10 kf morning #koha
07:11 alex_a hi kf :)
07:11 kf bonjour alex_a :)
07:12 alex_a it's the first time i greet kf before cait :)
07:12 Judit :D
07:13 kf cait was here before - so you were probably late at work today? ;)
07:15 kf lots of koha things on twitter - the workshop in malaysia has started apparently :)
07:16 alex_a great
07:17 Judit do you have a link kf?
07:18 kf Judit: check #koha and #kohails
07:18 Judit i have never used twitter
07:19 Judit all good
07:19 sophie_m joined #koha
07:20 kf!/search/kohails
07:21 kf!/search/%23koha
07:21 kf it's not a lot of tweets
07:29 magnuse kia ora #koha
07:29 kf mornign magnuse
07:29 magnuse guten tag kf
07:30 magnuse last day of work before 4 weeks holiday (if all goes well)
07:31 kf yay :)
07:32 magnuse this week in koha:
07:32 magnuse wednesday:[…]ting,_6_July_2011
07:33 magnuse friday: global bug squashing day - globsquad
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07:35 magnuse kia ora paul_p!
07:35 paul_p hello #koha
07:36 paul_p good monday !
07:36 magnuse paul_p: your bug squashing day is still on friday, right?
07:36 paul_p magnuse, yep. I wanted to remind it to you, to see if we announce something on koha-devel
07:37 magnuse that might be a good idea
07:37 magnuse do you want to do it, or should i?
07:39 kf hope I will have set up my new laptop in time
07:40 kf it's supposed to arrive on thursday now :(
07:40 magnuse :-(
07:40 paul_p you can do it, as you've started GSOD. With something like "this time, and hopefully for next GSODs as well, BibLibre will join us. A lot of work should be done !"
07:40 magnuse yay! ;-)
07:41 magnuse any thoughts on renaming it "global bug squashing day" or something?
07:41 magnuse to encourage other activities than signing off,
07:41 magnuse like e.g. closing bugs
07:43 miguel joined #koha
07:43 kf and general testing
07:43 kf writing a testing plan would be cool too
07:48 paul_p magnuse, just one thought = it's a good idea ;-)
07:48 paul_p "bug squashing day" is a good idea probably, although a native english speaker could/should confirm it.
07:57 magnuse yeah - is it "bugsquashing" or "bug squashing"?
07:57 kf hm
07:57 kf I think slef used bug squashing - but not sure
07:58 magnuse google is in favour of "bug squashing"
07:58 magnuse i'll do a wiki page, then an email
07:59 kf magnuse++
07:59 magnuse email just to the devel list or just to the general list? or both? not a fan of cross posting of course, but one goal might be to encourage people who do not see themselves as developers to take part in stuff like clsoing bugs...
08:00 magnuse debian calls it Bug Squashing Parties - good enough for me... ;-)
08:00 kf hm
08:00 kf I tend to include both
08:00 kf although most devs might also be on koha general
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08:44 kkrec we are conducting a workshop on koha i need to knw whether we can go ahead and add 3.4.2 in livecd or continue with 3.2.*
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09:00 na tell me how to install koha in ubuntu 11.04
09:01 kf hi na
09:01 kf there are manuals for installation on different os both on the wiki and delivered with koha
09:02 kf na:[…]gory:Installation
09:04 kf or files named INSTALL. from your koha folder
09:04 kf[…]p=koha.git;a=tree
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09:07 na any prerequisities is there
09:14 magnuse na: yes, if you follow INSTALL.ubuntu it will explain how to install all the prerequisites
09:14 kf it's all in the files
09:15 na how to integrate vufind with koha opac
09:17 kf you have to write a connector
09:18 na bye
09:19 magnuse[…]bug_squashing_day
09:19 na left #koha
09:20 Koha joined #koha
09:20 Koha hai
09:20 Koha all
09:20 Koha nice to know about koha
09:21 Koha where all the member
09:22 Koha hummpphhh
09:22 Koha feel sleepy already
09:22 Koha want to sleep
09:22 Koha zzzzZZzzzz
09:22 kf hi Koha
09:23 Koha hi
09:23 Koha where are u from
09:23 Koha i'm just want toasking about joha
09:23 kf I am from Germany
09:24 Koha owh far from my country
09:24 Koha i'm from malaysia
09:24 kf ah, you are at the workshop?
09:26 Koha yes
09:26 Koha you to?
09:26 kf no
09:26 kf I am stil in Germany
09:27 Koha owh i tought u also in this workshop
09:28 kf this is the general #koha chat - here are people from all over the world :)
09:28 Koha ok thanks :)
09:29 Koha i must install irc first?
09:30 Koha left #koha
09:31 eythian joined #koha
09:31 eythian Say hi to MOSC people, Koha people!
09:31 kf hi MOSC people :)
09:32 rangi hi MOSC people
09:33 magnuse hi MOSC people!
09:34 chrisdothall MOSC?
09:34 eythian chrisdothall: Malaysian Open Source Conference
09:34 rangi
09:34 chrisdothall awesome! hello MOSC people :)
09:34 eythian They all say: Thanks from Malaysia
09:35 eythian apa khabar!
09:35 magnuse yay!
09:35 eythian ?
09:35 kf :)
09:35 eythian (bye from me now :)
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09:42 kf magnuse++
09:42 magnuse thanks
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09:54 magnuse o/
09:54 druthb Hi, Magnus!
09:55 kf hi druthb :)
09:55 magnuse hi druthb
09:55 druthb hi, kf! :D
09:56 kkrec hi can someone guide me for deciding on which version of koha to be used for workshop wether 3.2.10 or 3.4.2
09:57 magnuse i'd say 3.4.2 - it has more goodies, and 3.2.10 will not be maintained any longer
09:57 druthb 3.4.2 would be my recommendation..  (latest_and_greatest++)
10:01 kf i agree
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10:06 vfernandes hi Koha community :)
10:06 magnuse hi vfernandes
10:07 hdl hi all
10:07 magnuse kia ora hdl
10:07 vfernandes can somebody help me with two things relative to koha searches?
10:08 vfernandes first: my ordering by callnumber isn't working
10:09 vfernandes what it can be?
10:13 magnuse vfernandes: not sure, what version of koha are you using? is it in the opac or staff client?
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11:25 vfernandes i'm having problems with zebra indexation
11:26 vfernandes first the is the problem with order by callnumber second the search by acqdate is seraching in others fields of item (like last seen date)
11:28 vfernandes what could be wrong? i'm using UNIMARC maybe can be some configuration in record.abs
11:29 kf vfernandes: not sure about unimarc :(
11:30 kf call number sorting could be influenced by your chosen filing rules and classification source in items
11:30 vfernandes i don't have filling rules
11:31 vfernandes the search by acqdate is retrieving all record that have acqdate or lastseen equal to the date inserted
11:32 vfernandes but acqdate in the record.abs is mapped to 995^5
11:34 vfernandes something is not right... :/
11:35 vfernandes it should only search on 995^5 and not in other subfields
11:37 vfernandes i'll ask his on the Koha mailing list...
11:37 vfernandes *this
11:38 Oak joined #koha
11:44 magnuse Oak
11:44 Oak magnuse
11:44 * druthb hugs Oak.
11:45 Oak :) heya druthb ...
11:49 kf vfernandes: we are using marc21 - so not sure what the mappings should be
11:49 kf hi Oak
11:49 Oak hi kf
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13:37 kf oleonard: around?
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14:22 tcohen hi kf
14:23 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
14:23 kf hi tcohen
14:24 * tcohen is setting up
14:25 tcohen anyone with spanish sample records is welcome
14:37 kf are you creating a demo installation too?
14:45 tcohen yes
14:46 samerrill joined #koha
14:52 slef hi
14:52 wahanui salut, slef
14:52 kf tcohen :)
14:52 kf hi slef
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15:03 tcohen has anyone set koha to run in a sub-directory in the url path?
15:03 tcohen is it painfull to setup?
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15:20 druthb joined #koha
15:20 druthb o/
15:27 slef tcohen: it used to be near-impossible but I can't check/try why now.
15:29 tcohen i'll let you know
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15:30 reiveune bye
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15:47 * Oak waves
15:47 druthb hi, Oak. :D
15:47 Oak hello druthb :) you look happy
15:47 oakivil hi Oak
15:47 Oak hello second oak
15:47 oakivil damn
15:48 oakivil I just cant figure out how to make a set
15:49 Oak playing magic squares again
15:50 * druthb is pretty happy, yes.
15:54 Oak share with us if it's okay
15:56 kf oakivil: did the example records help that I sent you?
15:56 oakivil just impored them
15:57 kf it's a one letter thing in one of the coded fields
15:57 kf that will make the link and icon appear
15:57 kf if you open one of the sets and look at plugins in cataloging you shoudl see it
15:57 oakivil i already customized a new framework where field 773/w is visible and I imported some biblios from LOC and added reference to master record there
15:58 oakivil but i cant find those biblios via the OPAC
15:58 oakivil after running Zebra indexer is can find those in catalog
15:58 kf yeah
15:58 oakivil but i cant find the items
15:58 kf you need to add zebra indexer as a cronjob with -z
15:58 kf so newly added records get indexe
15:58 kf d
15:58 oakivil i did that
15:58 druthb Oak:  it's a holiday here in the US, and I'm managing to get a lot of stuff done this weekend, in preparation for my move.
15:58 kf ok
15:58 oakivil and now i see them in Admin -> Cataloguing
15:58 Oak ah, good druthb :)
15:58 druthb Getting stuff done makes me a happy gal.
15:59 oakivil but not via OPAC even if i have items out of those biblios
15:59 kf hm, even after running it?
15:59 oakivil yes
15:59 kf not finding them clicking on the link or not finding them at all, using keyword search?
15:59 oakivil keyword search ends up as empty
16:00 kf weird
16:00 oakivil "10 more rock super hits" is found via the Home -> Cataloging, but not via the OPAC when i search with keyword 10
16:00 kf hm do you find it in the reservoir in cataloging or in the normal opac part of the result display?
16:00 oakivil in reservoir
16:01 oakivil it says no results found but in reservoir i ind items
16:01 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
16:01 oakivil database has rows for items i added via the aquisitions module
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16:06 kf oakivil: ok, reservoir is not in catalog
16:06 kf you can't find them anywhere else
16:06 oakivil figures
16:06 oakivil maybe zebra doesnt work as it should
16:06 kf no
16:06 oakivil it gave no errors
16:06 kf reservoir is only a pool for cataloging
16:07 kf it's not really in your database
16:07 kf and not in the normal tables
16:07 kf if you open one of the records in the reservoir and save it, add an item - it shoudl get indexed correctly
16:08 oakivil I already have here in my biblio table "10 more rock super hits"
16:08 oakivil and in biblioitmes
16:08 oakivil well let me try
16:09 kf gn
16:09 kf hm
16:09 kf ok, that doesn't make much sense, shoudl get indexed
16:09 kf what indexing command do you use in your cronjobs?
16:10 oakivil perl ./ -z -b -a
16:10 oakivil gives no feedback
16:10 oakivil it just runs for a while and terminates silently
16:11 kf hm
16:11 ttk joined #koha
16:11 miguel joined #koha
16:12 kf if you run it on command line - does it work?
16:12 oakivil I just added "10 country greats" from reservoir to catalog, then added two items. Then I manually ran the zebra indexer with that command. Now i cant find that biblio in catalog
16:12 kf and try -v
16:12 kf ok
16:12 kf try -v to see what's going wrong here
16:13 oakivil lots
16:13 ttk i am working on 3.4.2 and realised that child fulnds are not working properly. if some budget is added for books and under books if child budget is added it adds up both child and main budget
16:14 kf are there any fatal rows?
16:14 oakivil
16:14 oakivil no fatal flaws
16:14 oakivil just no imprtas
16:14 ttk both budgets books and main budgets gets addede up together
16:14 oakivil *imports*
16:14 kf ok
16:14 kf z willt ake only the lines with done 0 from zebraqueue table
16:14 kf do you have a lot of records in there?
16:15 kf I would try a full reindex
16:15 kf -a -b -v
16:15 oakivil ok
16:15 oakivil now its rocking some stuff
16:15 kf good
16:15 kf perhaps something is wrong with the cronjob - hope we can figure it out
16:16 kf for every record you add or edit a line is added to the zebra_queue table - there is 0 for not indexed and 1 for indexed.
16:17 oakivil
16:17 sophie_m left #koha
16:17 kf yep, tht looks good
16:18 kf only [log], not [fatal] and Records: 26 i/u/d 0/26/0
16:18 kf says 26 records were updated
16:18 kf you should be abel to search everything now
16:18 oakivil nope
16:18 kf ok
16:18 oakivil No results match your search for “kw,wrdl: 10 ” in Catalog.
16:19 kf next zebrasrv running?
16:19 oakivil what was the unix command?
16:19 kf not totally sure
16:19 oakivil ill google
16:20 oakivil ps aux
16:20 kf sorry, I have it documented somewhere
16:21 kf I think you have to make it a deamon or something
16:22 kf is it running?
16:22 oakivil hmm
16:22 kf search faq?
16:22 wahanui i guess search faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
16:23 kf perhaps this helps, more hints about serach
16:23 oakivil yeah
16:24 kf zebra is a bit hard sometims
16:24 kf but once you have figured it out it will be ok
16:24 oakivil zebrasrv is not runniong
16:24 kf ok
16:24 Oak left #koha
16:24 kf so that's the reason
16:24 kf search will not work at all when it's not running
16:25 kf we ran into this a lot in the beginning
16:25 oakivil yeah
16:26 oakivil damn
16:26 oakivil importing all our marc data is so complex beacuse of the component parts
16:26 oakivil but ill daemonize zeba
16:26 kf ok
16:26 oakivil ra
16:26 oakivil im sure it will help
16:26 kf yep it should fix your problem with search
16:26 kf and after that you can take a closer look at the sets
16:27 kf have to leave now - hope it works out
16:27 kf bye #koha
16:27 kf left #koha
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16:37 Brooke kia ora
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16:42 Brooke 0/
16:44 druthb o/
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19:43 rangi morning
19:46 davi night
19:49 rangi bshum: it was neat to catch up with some of your colleagues, maybe next time we can meet up :)
19:49 bshum rangi: Cool, cool.  Glad to hear!  And definitely.
19:51 rangi the lita OSS IG might be doing a programme and/or a pre conf next ala, that would be sweet
19:51 rangi and happy 4th of july :)
20:07 cait morning rangi
20:07 rangi heya cait :)
20:08 cait and evening #koha
20:08 rangi bbiab
20:18 bigbrovar joined #koha
20:21 rangi back
20:24 cait :)
20:25 * cait is evacuating all data from old windows laptop
20:26 rangi :)
20:31 cait :)
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20:35 * ibeardslee wonders if he should just glare at rangi
20:35 rangi heh
20:35 bshum-oftc is now known as bshum
20:37 cait what has he done?
20:37 rangi[…]nnovating-company  <-- very cool
20:41 ibeardslee cait: sent a email to all staff in māori
20:41 cait sounds like him
20:41 rangi well it is māori language week :)
20:42 ibeardslee true .. I do get a little pissed that each time I've tried to learn I've ended up with some asswipe of an activist type
20:52 druthb joined #koha
20:52 druthb o/
20:54 cait hi druthb#
20:56 rangi heya druthb
20:56 druthb hi, cait and rangi.  :)
21:00 juan_sieira joined #koha
21:00 rangi hi juan_sieira
21:01 miguel left #koha
21:01 druthb left #koha
21:02 juan_sieira_ left #koha
21:03 Space_Librarian morena #koha
21:05 rangi heya Space_Librarian
21:05 wahanui Space_Librarian is a Koha poet or the sweetest lil lady you'll ever know
21:05 Space_Librarian morning rangi
21:05 ibeardslee awwww
21:05 Space_Librarian ibeardslee: ignore wahanui
21:06 Space_Librarian well, not the Koha poet part, because that happened
21:07 Space_Librarian left #koha
21:08 davi left #koha
21:08 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:08 ibeardslee so just lies then?
21:09 Space_Librarian all lies and slander.
21:10 miguel joined #koha
21:15 cait getting late - bye #koha
21:15 cait left #koha
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22:58 bugg joined #koha
23:12 Judit joined #koha
23:12 Judit good morning
23:13 rangi hi Judit
23:13 Judit i love winter in sydney
23:18 jenkins_koha Starting build 313 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6470 - Unable to filter out log entries for kohaadmin (user 0) <[…]2df67cccda6f1c1a4> / Bug 6492 - Deleted biblios cause rebuild_zebra to fail <[…]0e75f4a1384bfc5b7> / Bug 5379 - fails with db insert/update errors <http://git.koha-comm
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