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07:32 Brooke kia ora
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07:33 Brooke 0/
08:05 rangi hi Brooke
08:06 Brooke ello ello
08:06 * Brooke must not forget to wish her Da a Happy Father's Day...
08:07 Brooke Do we know anyone at EIFL, or did they write that were one of the most successful FOSS tools *before* we warped their fragile little minds? ;)
08:09 rangi i know some, but nope thats their own doing, (bess sadler helps out with eifl)
08:09 rangi in the scheme of things it is a pretty successful project
08:09 rangi and they even link to the right site
08:11 Brooke outstanding
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08:14 Brooke 0/
09:07 Brooke @later tell kmkale Is accurate?
09:07 huginn Brooke: The operation succeeded.
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09:58 cait hi #koha
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12:18 jcamins Live from New York, I don't know when it is!
12:18 sekjal jcamins:  the time is now
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12:21 cait1 huh?
12:21 cait1 hi jcamins :)
12:21 cait1 hi sekjal
12:22 jcamins cait1: hello.
12:22 jcamins cait1: we weren't far from you, briefly.
12:22 jcamins On the way home, we ended up flying through Munich, though.
12:23 jcamins I thought of you with all the German announcements on the plane. ;)
12:24 sekjal hi, cait1
12:27 cait1 :)
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12:27 cait jcamins: missed you on irc - hope you had a great vacation
12:27 jcamins Yeah, it was very nice.
12:27 jcamins Sorry to be back.
12:30 cait was budapest like you remembered it?
12:31 jcamins Yes, it was wonderful. :D
12:32 cait :)
12:37 jcamins The great thing about honeymoons is that they remind you what is really important. And what isn't.
12:38 cait :)
13:23 Agent_Dani I try to treat every vacation in that way.
13:25 jcamins Agent_Dani: wait, you mean you take vacations more than once in a lifetime? :P
13:26 jcamins I should try that.
13:27 cait yeah, you should
13:37 Agent_Dani My current employer strongly disapproves of it, but yes, yes I do.
13:37 * Agent_Dani did four days in the Outer Banks last month and will be vacationing along the Blue Ridge Parkway next month.
13:38 jcamins Ooh, Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful.
13:38 jcamins My wife is from the Roanoke area, so I got to see a little bit.
13:40 Agent_Dani Nice! We saw a bit when we vacationed a good bit south of it last summer - decided to go up there on Labor Day rather than Tail of the Dragon.
13:41 Agent_Dani Decided to stay at a place a bit further north in North Carolina this time.
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14:55 Oak \o
14:56 cait hi Oak :)
14:56 Oak o hello cait :)
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15:45 clrh hello
15:48 cait hi clrh :)
15:48 clrh hi cait
15:49 cait here on a sunday?
15:50 * jcamins waves weakly.
15:52 clrh yep cait :)
15:52 clrh and you too ;)
15:53 cait ah, I am on vacation, only lurking :)
15:55 clrh I have an auto join on #koha chan - everyday I told me I will read the chan and everyday I do everything except that...
15:57 cait probablymeans you are very busy
15:57 clrh I think it is a good explanation ;)
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18:43 rickx Hi!!
18:44 rickx I want to show the label 110 in the normal view of the opac. how I do this?
18:44 rickx I tried with <! - TMPL_VAR NAME = "corporateauthor"> in opac-detail.tmpl, but I'm not sure which is the name of that field. I can see a list of all field names for tmpl_var name?
18:58 cait rickx: try activating the xslt views and change the xslt file
18:58 cait and perhaps the field already shows there
18:59 cait doingit with the 'normal view' template is much more complicated
19:04 rickx tks cait, but where is the xslt file?
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19:15 bencahill hey guys, I suddenly started to get nothing after login this morning (connection cut off)
19:15 bencahill looking in the apache logs, it says
19:16 bencahill [Sun Jun 12 14:20:49 2011] [notice] child pid 2410 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
19:16 wizzyrea have you tried restarting/starting apache?
19:16 bencahill wizzyrea: yes...doesn't affect the issue
19:16 bencahill wizzyrea: when I run from the command line, it says C4/ not found in @INC
19:17 bencahill wizzyrea: and if I run perl with -I /usr/share/koha/lib it works
19:17 bencahill wizzyrea: but this should be set from the koha httpd conf file...
19:17 bencahill SetEnv PERL5LIB "/usr/share/koha/lib"
19:18 bencahill and it's odd, because I didn't update, restart, or do anything to it recently (i.e. between the 'working' and 'non-working' times
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19:21 bencahill so, any ideas?
19:21 wizzyrea what *have* you tried
19:24 jcamins wizzyrea!
19:24 jcamins Hello!
19:24 wizzyrea ji!
19:24 wizzyrea hi
19:24 wizzyrea even
19:24 wizzyrea :)
19:24 wizzyrea how are you?
19:25 jcamins Jetlagged.
19:25 wizzyrea oof
19:25 wizzyrea ah the trip hangover
19:25 * wizzyrea is all too familiar
19:26 jcamins But Budapest was wonderful. :)
19:26 wizzyrea \o/ yay!
19:30 cait :)
19:31 bencahill wizzyrea: restarting apache and mysqld
19:31 wizzyrea disks are ok? they're not full?
19:31 bencahill wizzyrea: yep, they're fine...
19:32 wizzyrea personally, i'd probably take a quick backup and restart the server, but that's just me
19:32 bencahill wizzyrea: well, I don't know about 'ok', I just learned it had a hard shutdown this morning
19:32 bencahill :-(
19:33 wizzyrea ah
19:33 wizzyrea then probably take a backup, and fsck the disk
19:33 bencahill although it was non-working (same state as now) before the hard reboot
19:34 wizzyrea sounds like you have a fsck in your future either way
19:34 jcamins wizzyrea++ # for sparing me a lot of e-mail reading with the executive summary!
19:34 wizzyrea lol :D
19:35 bencahill is it fine to run fsck over ssh? (I've never had to do it manually...)
19:36 * wizzyrea doesn't want to be responsible for what happens, refrains from giving advice on that topic
19:36 bencahill hehe
19:36 * jcamins doesn't know, either.
19:37 bencahill but that shouldn't be the problem, becuase it was not working before the hard shutdown...
19:37 wizzyrea right, but take a backup
19:37 wizzyrea please, please, please
19:37 wizzyrea take a backup
19:37 bencahill wizzyrea: backups are every night...and nothing changed this morning
19:37 wizzyrea ok good
19:37 bencahill :-)
19:37 * wizzyrea would take another, because she's anal like that
19:37 * jcamins would take another, anyway.
19:37 bencahill okay, okay
19:37 * bencahill takes backup
19:38 * jcamins also believes in checksumming all backups.
19:38 wizzyrea ^^
19:38 * wizzyrea would take a backup of the running code, too
19:38 wizzyrea and the apache configs
19:39 jcamins Yes, definitely a backup of both of those.
19:39 wizzyrea and the mysql configs, if you've changed it
19:39 jcamins Heck, while you're at it, back up all of /etc.
19:39 wizzyrea ^^
19:39 * wizzyrea doesn't like the sound of apache segfaulting
19:40 bencahill wizzyrea: what do you mean by 'the running code'?
19:40 wizzyrea the folder where you have koha installed
19:40 bencahill oh right
19:40 wizzyrea in case you have local changes
19:40 bencahill nope
19:41 bencahill at least not manually made
19:41 bencahill ok, all the above done :P
19:42 bencahill and copied off-site
19:43 bencahill of course, was it apache segfaulting? httpd was still said a child process (not that I know much about these things)
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20:02 bencahill is there any way I can find out why it's segfaulting? perl logs?
20:02 wizzyrea i'd probably look in /var/log/messages too
20:02 wizzyrea and /var/log/daemon
20:04 bencahill do you know what -- MARK -- in /var/log/messages.log means?
20:04 bencahill it appears to be there every time it happened
20:05 * jcamins gives up. I've been up for eleventy-zillion hours today, and read eleventy-billion-zillion e-mail messages, so I hereby declare today officially over in the Camins household.
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20:06 clrh a+
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20:08 bencahill :-( wow, this is ridiculous. are there perl logs somewhere?
20:08 bencahill it only happens when post-ing the login data...which means one can never log in
20:09 bencahill i.e. pulling the login screen up works fine, and then after posting, it instantly drops the connection (instantly...firefox reports 60-200ms)
20:09 bencahill and the segfault shows up in the log, wtf?
20:09 bencahill I guess I'll fsck and restart, I don't know what else to do :(
20:10 bencahill or just restart for now...
20:14 bencahill restarted, and now mysql won't start *grrr*
20:18 rangi sounds like you have much bigger problems than Koha
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20:19 bencahill rangi: uh, yeah: myself
20:21 bencahill I'm trying to remember what hdd we're using in there...and where it came from
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20:58 bencahill well, I updated the system, and it works now :-/
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21:49 bgallagher @MARC 000
21:49 huginn bgallagher: unknown tag 000
21:50 bgallagher @MARC leader
21:50 huginn bgallagher: unknown tag leader
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23:44 rangi !jenkins status
23:44 jenkins_koha status of all projects:
23:44 jenkins_koha Koha_3.2.x: last build: 29 (1 j 3 h ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/29/
23:44 jenkins_koha Koha_3.4.x: last build: 5 (9 j 4 h ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]job/Koha_3.4.x/5/
23:44 jenkins_koha Koha_master: last build: 294 (2 j 19 h ago): SUCCESS: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/294/
23:47 bgallagher heya rangi
23:48 rangi heya bgallagher
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23:54 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bumping database number <[…]2d9776755657528c9> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_5860' into kcmaster <[…]c26d6e5a7f3dc69fd> / 5860 Fixing stocknumber index <[…]01aee9d2c89ffe6dc
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23:56 druthb o/
23:57 rangi heya druthb
23:57 jenkins_koha Starting build 295 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:57 druthb hi, rangi
23:59 rangi hows the weekend going?

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