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00:00 eythian squeeze is officially supported :)
00:00 larryb Ah. If you want to write up what you did and share it with me, I'll add it my internal documentation.
00:00 eythian (well, assuming I'm an official :)
00:01 library_systems_guy here you go larryb:[…]pendencyBasedBoot
00:02 larryb Got it. Thanks.
00:02 library_systems_guy np, anything i can do to help :)
00:02 larryb Still, I may miss the good ol days of making sure you rc.* links were properly numbered in the right order.
00:02 larryb :)
00:07 library_systems_guy so larryb how often do you guys update Koha on the server you host?
00:08 larryb Well, I've only been with the company for about 2 months, and it's not been done since I've been here.
00:08 library_systems_guy haha touche` btw...i missed that previous comment...silly scroll bar
00:08 larryb However, I think that was more due to the imminent release of 3.4.
00:08 library_systems_guy oh wow...nengard made it sound like it was an everyday thing
00:09 library_systems_guy i guess you all have a lot of clients hosted to update that often
00:09 larryb I believe we've done as needed, as upgrades come out that fix broken code.
00:09 library_systems_guy fair enough
00:09 larryb We've gotten big enough now that trying to do them all at once is a major scheduling challenge.
00:10 bg :)
00:10 library_systems_guy do you guys use a database cluster?
00:10 library_systems_guy that would be super cool
00:11 larryb To quote Doctor Who: Spoilers.
00:11 bg heh
00:11 library_systems_guy i think i missed that one...
00:12 library_systems_guy actually i have no idea who do who is :'(
00:12 library_systems_guy i was a sheltered chile
00:12 library_systems_guy child*
00:12 larryb plonk.
00:12 library_systems_guy o_0
00:12 eythian killfiling someone because they don't know dr who? I guess it's fair enough, if a little harsh ;)
00:13 larryb Sorry, didn't mean to killfile 'him.
00:13 larryb That was more of an expression of surprise. Mea culpa.
00:13 library_systems_guy lol ahhh...i got killfiled?
00:14 larryb No, not really.
00:14 library_systems_guy is that like kill -9
00:14 library_systems_guy lol
00:14 eythian <-- larryb
00:14 larryb Ahmuck, but then we're not in usenet, are we.
00:15 library_systems_guy i feel like a newb
00:15 larryb And I was unaware of that meaning. As I said, mea culpa.
00:15 eythian ;D
00:18 Ahmuck larryb: ?
00:18 larryb Yeah.
00:19 library_systems_guy bg do you know of anyone who has done some particularly cool customization with their opac?
00:21 bg check out HLT - the first koha library
00:21 bg IRC
00:22 bg doh
00:23 eythian <-- I also like this one
00:23 library_systems_guy oh yeah thats the one that cait showed me the other day
00:23 library_systems_guy that one is pretty cool
00:23 Space_Librarian is a research library
00:23 bg owen's is pretty good and he blogs about it
00:23 bg
00:24 library_systems_guy ahh i guess owen does the UI stuff for standard koha
00:24 bg this is pretty good -
00:25 library_systems_guy yeah of all the ones i've seen that one is my favorite
00:25 bg[…]sort_by=relevance
00:25 bg I like this one - and how they've created a bookplate for the no image found results
00:26 bg (one of our first)
00:26 library_systems_guy that is nice...much better than the stock we've got nothing response
00:26 Space_Librarian I like that one... and the bookplate.
00:27 bg yeah the bookplate is really easy..  IRC it's all css
00:27 library_systems_guy if you promise not to do a search you can look at this one...i just started it today and the search results are all kinds of messed up
00:28 Brooke joined #koha
00:28 Brooke did someone say ui?
00:28 library_systems_guy haha maybeee
00:28 bg
00:28 bg {
00:28 bg background-image: url([…]kplate_tiny.GIF);
00:28 bg width: 55px;
00:28 bg height: 75px;
00:28 bg }
00:29 bg library_systems_guy: taking a bit to load :)
00:29 library_systems_guy uh its not going to go through
00:29 library_systems_guy or the page is too big?
00:29 Brooke loaded for me
00:29 bg yeah doesn't look to be loading
00:29 Brooke we woodcut
00:29 Brooke wee even
00:29 Brooke marlboro library logo?
00:30 bg no not the logo - but hiya Brooke
00:30 Brooke 0/
00:30 library_systems_guy probably a firewall issue...ill have to talk to our ISO
00:30 library_systems_guy that was supposed to be open...grr
00:30 bg ;)
00:32 bg ah I got something - but it's like an ADA catalog
00:32 library_systems_guy ada catalog?
00:33 bg american disabilities act
00:33 bg for the blind - so all text
00:33 bg just took a long time
00:33 library_systems_guy i guess i should throw out there that i am definitely not a librarian or claim to have any knowledge therein
00:33 library_systems_guy lol
00:33 library_systems_guy whats the link?
00:33 bg heh no worries
00:33 bg
00:34 Brooke that's okay
00:34 library_systems_guy lol the link to my site?
00:34 Brooke we're like a seventh grade dance
00:34 Brooke there are developers on one side
00:34 Brooke and Librarians on the other
00:34 library_systems_guy hahaha
00:34 Brooke we titter and look at each other from time to time ;)
00:34 library_systems_guy that is so true
00:34 bg I'm stuck in the middle :)
00:34 Brooke but seriously
00:35 Brooke feel free to email me with stuff you'd rather not ask publicly for shame
00:35 Brooke abesottedphoenix@
00:35 library_systems_guy aww thanks :)
00:35 Brooke np
00:35 Brooke mind you I'm not guaranteeing the right answer ;)
00:35 library_systems_guy most of the time i just ask and claim ignorance lol
00:36 library_systems_guy and the librarians here usually do give me some...giref
00:36 Brooke well then they're naughty and ought be spanked
00:36 library_systems_guy and haha thats ok i get something wrong at least...once a day :p
00:36 Brooke or are possibly academic Librarians
00:36 library_systems_guy yeah you can ask nengard about their attitude
00:36 library_systems_guy yeah they are
00:36 Brooke LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:36 library_systems_guy im in an academic
00:37 Brooke the ivory tower's too high to let my lot in ;)
00:37 Space_Librarian oi. nothing wrong with academic librarians! ;)
00:37 library_systems_guy except the ones here
00:37 * Space_Librarian spent most of her career as an academic librarians.
00:37 Brooke I agree, Space_Librarian. If you can get past the moat with the crocs, they're just fine ;)
00:38 Space_Librarian Of course.
00:38 library_systems_guy *agrees with Brooke
00:38 library_systems_guy oops
00:38 Space_Librarian Being an Engl lit person helps. hehehe
00:38 library_systems_guy haha I don't think being from texas helps at all
00:38 Space_Librarian But we're not *all* balrogs.
00:38 Space_Librarian :)
00:39 library_systems_guy lol
00:39 Brooke did you try telling them not to mess with Tejas?
00:40 library_systems_guy they are in texas holds no gravity
00:41 Brooke harrrrumph!!!
00:41 library_systems_guy i know...i can't win for losing
00:41 library_systems_guy lol
00:41 Brooke mebbe you can secede and cite the gubnah!
00:43 library_systems_guy we tried that once...apparently it didn't work out so well for the south
00:43 Brooke why I do declah!
00:44 * Brooke has a knack of finding important African American stuff down here.
00:44 Brooke I'm tempted to give tours.
00:45 library_systems_guy where is down here?
00:45 Brooke the Other Great Commonwealth of Vahginiah
00:46 library_systems_guy ahhh i see i see
00:47 Brooke my da's in Tejas now, though, with mah smart sister.
00:50 library_systems_guy its a  bad place to be in the summer
00:50 library_systems_guy its so hot
00:50 Brooke ooof
00:50 Brooke everything's so very over air conditioned though as to render that not terribly a factor.
00:54 library_systems_guy thats true...i guess an inside job isn't horrible
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01:51 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6350 : Updating history docs <[…]795dfc8cb4af80c9a>
01:57 jenkins_koha Starting build 255 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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02:19 eythian ronald: hiya, I hear you're in Thailand
02:20 ronald yes
02:21 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6361] Packages need support for the 3.4 upgrade <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6361>
02:40 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #255: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/255/
02:40 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 6350 : Updating history docs
02:40 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6350 trivial, P5, ---, nengard, NEW , Bug for tracking updates to the history file
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03:13 jenkins_koha Starting build 3 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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03:35 rangi chris_n++
03:37 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.1 and 3.2.9 are now available | Next IRC meeting 14 June 2011 1800 UTC+0 | | This channel is logged | Pastes at
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03:39 chris_n happy Tuesday, #koha :)
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03:53 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #3: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]job/Koha_3.4.x/3/
03:53 jenkins_koha * Frédéric Demians: Update translation 3.4.1
03:53 jenkins_koha * Chris Nighswonger: Release Notes for
03:53 jenkins_koha * Chris Nighswonger: Updating Version Number to
04:07 eythian chris_n: all those URLs in the email are 404
04:07 rangi i think he is asleep
04:07 rangi lemme check it out
04:08 rangi
04:08 rangi .1 not .01
04:08 * rangi mvs them
04:08 rangi easier than a new email :)
04:08 eythian yeah, definitely
04:10 rangi hows that?
04:11 eythian HTTP-verzoek is verzonden; wachten op antwoord... 200 OK
04:11 eythian much better :)
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05:05 cait good morning #koha
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05:28 rangi hi cait
05:28 cait hi rangi
05:28 cait nice stats
05:28 rangi :)
05:29 rangi u would have noticed too that most work on their stuff was done by ppl not at ll
05:29 Nur Good morning to all
05:30 cait yeah
05:30 cait cherry picks?
05:31 rangi im guessing
05:31 rangi some was done by ppl who since have quit too
05:31 cait hm, if the time frame is right there are not many other options
05:31 rangi ie the top contributor
05:32 rangi the time frame might be out, im going from the version number but it wouldn't be far out
05:33 rangi I think jesses work was under contract for them
05:34 rangi I think it illustrates the point nicely though
05:37 cait yes, the stats are good
05:37 pianohacker joined #koha
05:37 cait hi pianohacker :)
05:37 rangi hi pianohacker
05:37 Oak joined #koha
05:38 pianohacker Hi guys
06:13 alex_a bonjour #koha
06:16 clrh joined #koha
06:16 clrh hi
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06:31 cait hi alex_a and clrh
06:31 cait :)
06:31 clrh hello cait
06:32 alex_a hi cait :)
06:32 cait :)
06:32 alex_a how are you cait ?
06:32 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:32 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 16.9�C (8:35 AM CEST on May 24, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1022.6 hPa (Steady).
06:32 alex_a @wunder marseille
06:32 huginn` alex_a: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 23.0�C (8:30 AM CEST on May 24, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
06:32 alex_a \o/
06:32 cait alex_a: I am pretty good :)
06:33 alex_a 23
06:33 cait and you?
06:33 alex_a very well cait
06:33 cait good to hear that :)
06:34 cait time to leave for work - bbl
06:34 alex_a 23 °C at 8:30 am, this afternoon will be hot
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06:35 clrh alex_a: tomorrow will be more too ;)
06:39 alex_a clrh: may be it will be better to work on the beach tomorrow ;)
06:39 clrh tsss
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06:54 matts_away is now known as matts
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06:56 julian hello #koha!
06:57 ronald hello Julian
06:58 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:06 glernil critical bug found
07:07 glernil availability of items won't change to unavailable in the OPAC even the item was checked out to a patron
07:11 glernil koha version 3.04
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07:12 Brooke kia ora miguel
07:12 paul_p hello world
07:12 Brooke bonjour paul
07:15 glernil reaffirmed Bug 2708 - Checked out items saying available affected version koha 3.4 & 3.4.1
07:16 mtj glernil: you prolly need to run -r ?
07:17 mtj Koha pulls availability info from the zebra-db, as a speed tweak
07:18 mtj mod yr item's status, rebuild zebra, then test again
07:19 sophie_m joined #koha
07:19 glernil i'll try to do rebuild
07:20 mtj unavailable in , or ?
07:21 mtj fyi: pulls status from mysql 'items' table
07:21 Brooke ah! Last two bloody shows![…]011/iphigenie.asp
07:21 Brooke where'd may go?
07:21 mtj pulls from zebra-db
07:21 glernil in both.. opac-detail and opac-search
07:22 mtj upgrade to 3.2, at least
07:23 francharb joined #koha
07:23 Brooke 0/
07:24 mtj i think... if there was a bug in 3.0.4, its fixed in 3.2.x
07:24 francharb hello #koha
07:24 glernil i'm talking to ver 3.4 not 3.04
07:25 glernil oops.. i mean 3.4 not 3.0.4
07:25 glernil i rebuilt the index then it went right.. the status changed in the opac search..
07:25 mtj ah, my mistake
07:26 mtj glernil: thats good... and
07:29 mtj glernil: fyi if you dont remember to rebuild/sync your zebra-db  when testing - you *will* get confusing results ;)
07:30 mtj but, its a common mistake :)
07:30 * Brooke was happy to see bywater's demo at 3.4 now :D
07:30 mtj heya Brooke
07:30 Brooke aloha
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07:31 glernil the status in the opac details is still available after rebuilt
07:32 glernil syncing?
07:33 glernil i always rebuild my index after any upgrade
07:34 rangi and you have the cron job set up to run at regular intervals ?
07:35 hdl hi
07:35 rangi hiya hdl
07:40 mtj glernil: you need to rebuild your index after *every* bib or items change
07:41 mtj ... not just after an upgrade
07:41 mtj hence rangi's cron-job suggestion, etc...
07:42 glernil yes.. definitely.. how frequent should i set that?
07:42 glernil wat parameter should i add?
07:43 rangi als when you upgraded to 3.4.0 did you run the remove_items_from_bibs script?
07:43 rangi als=also
07:43 mtj  -z
07:44 mtj -z is incremental, -r is reset
07:44 mtj -h is help ;)
07:45 ronald left #koha
07:59 glernil i ran the last to steps after the upgrade
08:00 glernil but in my cron job i don't have the rebuild zebra
08:00 glernil how should i set that? and how frequent?
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08:19 Brooke "Citizen-centric disruptive and enabling technologies"
08:19 Brooke street translation
08:19 Brooke twitter revolution, bebe
08:20 Brooke whoever wrote that in the cfp should seriously consider a jorb at NACO
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08:41 Brooke 0/
08:43 Oak \o/ hiya Brooke :)
08:43 Brooke how's it?
08:43 Oak it's good
08:44 Oak :]
08:44 Brooke hooray
08:45 Oak let's drink water to that
08:46 Brooke bah, as long as I pour out the first drop, I can be a good Kyrgish Muslim ;)
08:47 Oak hehe
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09:39 rangi hi magnuse
09:39 magnuse kia ora rangi
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09:56 magnuse c ya
09:56 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
10:00 alex_a hi magnus_away
10:00 alex_a :(
10:00 alex_a too late
10:15 matts is now known as matts_away
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10:18 druthb o/
10:22 rangi hi druthb
10:24 druthb hi, rangi.
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10:56 kf rangi++
10:56 kf thx for signing off :)
10:57 rangi no worries
10:57 rangi i ran out of brain power to test more
10:59 kf I will try to spend some of my brain power on them tonight
10:59 kf but there are a lot of things in the queue now waiting for soemthing else to be pushed or very difficult to test
11:00 kf or perhaps not dificult, but where I have no idea how to do it
11:00 kf ok, break is over
11:00 rangi yep, if you dont know
11:00 kf is now known as kf_away
11:00 rangi feel free to update the wr and ask for a test plan
11:07 rangi and by wr i mean bug :)
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11:15 conan good morning all
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11:32 mtj @wunder mordor
11:32 huginn` mtj: Error: No such location could be found.
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11:37 matts_away is now known as matts
11:39 conan mtj: I think you can find it by being more specific
11:42 jwagner @wunder barad-dur
11:42 huginn` jwagner: Error: No such location could be found.
11:42 jwagner Nope....
11:56 conan ah
11:56 conan jeje
11:56 conan frenchs should be up already, are they?
11:56 conan paul_p: you around?
11:56 paul_p conan, at a meeting, but around
11:57 conan paul_p: do I need to go all the way from bug 6328 to the other bugs it's blocking to get fine in days?
11:57 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6328 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
11:57 conan or is it enough to apply 6328 patches?
11:58 conan for example, 6328 blocks 5872, will I need the stuff related to 5872 too?
11:58 conan or just applying 6328 patches will I be set?
11:58 conan on a 3.4 install
11:59 paul_p conan, nope. 6328 blocks 5872, it means you must have 6328 to fix 5872, but not the opposite
12:00 conan thanks
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12:16 NateC joined #koha
12:16 oleonard Hi #koha
12:17 NateC morning #koha!
12:23 conan hi oleonard
12:23 conan an NateC
12:23 conan *and
12:23 * conan just broke his git repo:(
12:24 conan I applied some patches, then I realized my "git checkout -b blabla <from>" was missing the <from> part
12:24 conan so I started again
12:25 conan removed the branch completely and created a new one, properly based on v3.4 tag, but the new one I called the same as the one I just removed
12:25 conan now when I try to apply the patch, git says:
12:26 conan previous rebase directory /home/koha/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.
12:26 conan and I see there's some stuff related to the patch in .git/rebase-apply directory
12:31 conan found it! -> git am --abort
12:31 conan kohalogs++
12:45 conan bah... new problem
12:46 conan I applied the patch, realized I was in the wrong branch, removed branch, created new one but now the same patch gives errors (!?)
12:46 conan it says:
12:46 conan warning: squelched 1 whitespace error
12:46 conan warning: 6 lines add whitespace errors.
12:46 conan Falling back to patching base and 3-way merge...
12:47 oleonard Is that the end of the messages?
12:47 oleonard Because that's just a warning
12:47 oleonard The patch applied okay
12:52 conan oleonard: no, there was a mismatch with kohaversion.pkl file
12:52 conan I already resolved
12:52 conan but found this
12:52 conan this patch applies cleanly to master
12:52 conan that's why I haven't any problems the first time
12:52 conan but it doesn't apply cleanly to 3.4
12:52 conan should I modify bug 6328 to state that?
12:52 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6328 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
12:53 conan it says it's 3.4 related at the beginning
12:56 oleonard You could post a comment on the bug which says so, but you shouldn't mark it as  'does not apply'
12:57 paul_p mmm... it applied a few days ago. conan, are you sure your repo is clean ?
12:57 paul_p (good morning oleonard )
12:57 oleonard paul_p: It applies to master but not 3.4 apparently
12:58 paul_p oups, OK, missed that.
12:58 * oleonard confirms the patches apply to master
12:58 paul_p it applied to master, yes.
12:58 paul_p s/applied/applies/
12:58 conan I just added the comment, there's also a bug in
12:59 conan paul_p: What do you mean clean? I did a 'git checkout -b test6328 v3.04.00'
12:59 conan paul_p: is that enough cleanlyness?
13:00 paul_p conan, I haven't tested vs 3.4, so it's possible it does not apply. Forget my question ;-)
13:00 conan paul_p: what I was asking about is if we should change 'version'
13:01 conan because it says 3.4 now, and someone, like myself, could think this applies cleanly to 3.4
13:03 rangi that is old 3.4.x
13:03 rangi doing that checkout checks out 3.4.0 .. if you want to test it properly against 3.4.x
13:03 rangi checkout a branch based on 3.4.x
13:03 * druthb wonders what rangi is doing awake!
13:03 * oleonard too
13:03 conan yes, I want to try this on a 3.4 based branch
13:04 rangi then checkout 3.4.x
13:04 conan ahhhhhh
13:04 rangi not the tag of when 3.4.0 was released
13:04 rangi thats a month old now
13:04 conan ah, ok, how do I do that? there's no 3.4.x tag
13:05 * conan feels like a complete newbie now
13:05 rangi you checkout the branch, not the tag
13:05 rangi a tag points to a commit
13:05 rangi there is a 3.4.x branch
13:05 conan rangi: thanks, found it now
13:05 rangi git checkout -b my3.4.x origin/3.4.x
13:05 kf_away rangi: go to bed ;)
13:08 kf_away break over, will be back
13:08 conan meh.... same merging problem with: git checkout -b v3.04.x.with.6328 origin/3.4.x
13:08 conan will test if it also fails the update... gimme a minute
13:13 sekjal joined #koha
13:14 oleonard Good morning sekjal
13:14 sekjal morning, oleonard!
13:22 newa joined #koha
13:24 newa hello everyong
13:24 sekjal hi, newa
13:25 newa did anyone go solution for Report and Label creation on v3.4
13:25 newa it tried 3.4.1 and i got same problem still
13:26 wizzyrea which problem?
13:26 newa batch export during Label Creationg
13:26 newa creation*
13:28 conan paul_p: I see that 6328 doesn't change table accountlines to properly show the suspension as a day period, and not as a $$$ fine, like it's now
13:28 conan I mean, you're using the column planed for $ to store days, am I correct?
13:28 paul_p conan, nope
13:29 paul_p the fine is stored in borrowers.debarred, that is now a date.
13:29 paul_p (the date of the end of the fine)
13:31 newa wizzyrea : ??
13:33 sekjal left #koha
13:34 newa left #koha
13:35 newa joined #koha
13:36 newa ?
13:36 newa seems nooone here
13:37 conan paul_p: hum... no
13:37 wizzyrea if this is the problem you are referring to: bug 6343, then it looks like there was a patch for it very late last week
13:37 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6343 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED , Label Creator not working , Current Branch: NULL
13:38 conan paul_p: select debarred from borrowers where debarred is not null; gives empty
13:38 conan and I have a suspended user
13:38 conan also accountlines is saving an ammount of 5 while I haven't set any ammount in the only circulation rule
13:39 conan the suspension isn't stored anywhere in the database
13:39 conan you're doing the calculation on the fly based on data from old_issues
13:39 paul_p conan, the debarment is calculated when you check-in the book
13:39 conan paul_p: yes, but it's not saved anywhere
13:40 paul_p if you want to debar immediatly when the user is 1 day late, then it's somewhere else
13:40 paul_p (before he check-in)
13:40 paul_p tools > overdues notification
13:40 paul_p check the box "debar" if when you want to debar a patron
13:42 conan yes, that's correct, it serves to suspend even if the book is still not checked in
13:43 conan borrowers.debarred didn't get any value
13:44 conan remaining suspension days is calculated on the fly from old_issues
13:44 conan so one cannot administer that, because there's no value to touch
13:44 conan what if I need to un-suspend someone?
13:48 conan anyway, I think we could use it like it is for now. I'm focusing in unimportant details. What really trigger some alarms for me is that I defined only one rule with no $$$ settings at all and I ended up with no data in borrowers.debarred and a 5 bucks fine in accountlines
13:48 newa left #koha
13:49 conan I was expecting to have the date until users was debarred in borrowers.debarred, and absolutely nothing in accountlines, since set my rule with no $$
13:52 * oleonard suspects something has changed in the way Koha calculates due date around holidays
13:52 wizzyrea oleonard: how so? (I think we see that too)
13:53 oleonard I'm still trying to pin it down. What we noticed this week was that our due dates seemed to be offset ahead by one day because of memorial day being set as a holiday
13:53 wizzyrea Yes!
13:53 wizzyrea We've seen that too!
13:53 oleonard But my test system seems to do even more messing up than our production system
13:53 wizzyrea o dear
13:55 oleonard I have a holiday set in my test system on May 30. No other holidays set.
13:56 oleonard Loan period of 14 days (default library, default patron)
13:56 oleonard Checking out a book puts the due date on June 15th
13:56 oleonard 3 weeks and one day?
13:58 jwagner oleonard, what is your useDaysMode syspref set to?
13:59 wizzyrea mine does the same, and it's set to "the calendar to skip all days the library is closed
14:00 oleonard My test system was set to that. But there was only one day to skip. Why the extra week?
14:00 oleonard and pushing the due date to the next open day should only happen if the due date falls on the holiday, not for all due dates
14:02 oleonard switching my test system to "push the due date to the next open day" results in a due date of June 7th
14:02 oleonard Hmmm... Is it calculating the due date based on the holding branch of the item?
14:03 jwagner I don't know what the newer syspref descriptions match up to.  I have found that having that set to Calendar (the old description) meant that the loan period was extended by a day if a holiday was found anywhere in the loan period (not just the due date).  I don't know why that would add an extra week on, though.
14:04 conan paul_p: the way I see the patches are working is: accountlines.amount gets issuingrules.finedays (saving days into a money oriented field), also the suspension is calculated on the fly from old_issues date fields if you try to loan a book to a suspended user
14:04 conan paul_p: so we are getting info from two places
14:05 oleonard The extra week must have been because CircControl was set to "the library the item is from"
14:05 oleonard ...which was different from what our production system has
14:06 conan paul_p: for example, if I delete the info from accountlines, the user doesn't show a fine anymore (which shouldn't have had in the first place, because we fine in days) but you still cannot loan items to the user
14:07 oleonard Why do we have CircControl  and HomeOrHoldingBranch ?
14:07 conan we need to have the loan-blocking information in only one place
14:07 oleonard Don't they do the same thing?
14:11 wizzyrea heh, no
14:11 wizzyrea there was a thread about that on the mailing list about a week or so ago
14:11 conan oleonard: nopes
14:11 * oleonard thought it sounded familiar
14:12 oleonard Too bad they have the exact same description
14:12 wizzyrea I know!
14:13 conan oleonard: if circontrol is PickupLibrary one thing happens, if it's PatronLibrary  another, and if it's  ItemHomeLibrary then enters the battlefield  HomeOrHoldingBranch
14:14 conan oleonard: however, depending on your settings you can have only two possible cases between those 4
14:15 conan in our case HomeOrHoldingBranch doesn't make a difference, the item has both fields with the same information
14:16 conan also we don't allow an item from libraryA to be picked up  in library B
14:16 conan so in our case we only have to decide between PAtronLibrary and PickupLibrary
14:25 oleonard Okay so now my test system matches my production system in the outcome: The due date is pushed forward by one day even though it doesn't fall on the holiday
14:30 NateC left #koha
14:33 NateC joined #koha
14:33 druthb is now known as druthb_away
14:39 oleonard wizzyrea: Bug 6398
14:39 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6398 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW , Holidays cause date due to be improperly calculated
14:45 sophie_m1 left #koha
14:49 sophie_m joined #koha
14:52 wizzyrea *nod* thanks
14:54 oleonard wizzyrea: Do you guys use OverDrive?
14:54 wizzyrea the state has/had a contract with them
14:54 wizzyrea so yes, indirectly
14:55 oleonard But it isn't tied to your Koha system?
14:55 wizzyrea no sir
14:55 oleonard Do you think the service works well?
14:57 wizzyrea Overdrive? I think it's confusing, too platform specific, requires too much from people regarding authentication (they ahve to have a state library card, AND an adobe ID), is difficult to learn, and isn't very open.
14:57 wizzyrea and it won't afaict work on any linux system.
14:58 wizzyrea do they have stuff that people want? Yea, sure.
14:59 wizzyrea will people use it? Yea, probably. Will they like it? Maybe not. Will they swear at the library? Possibly.
14:59 wizzyrea and then go buy a kindle and say screw you? most likely.
14:59 oleonard Oh boy, lots to look forward to!
14:59 gmcharlt and, for all it's faults, DRM, and clunky software, it along with a service by Ingram are the only big games in town for library ebook lending at the moment
15:00 wizzyrea ^^ that too
15:00 wizzyrea it's a bad deal all around imo.
15:00 wizzyrea the whole libraries + ebook thing
15:06 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
15:06 druthb_away is now known as druthb
15:07 hdl left #koha
15:07 hdl joined #koha
15:09 rhcl And Overdrive doesn't work with Linux because they use stupid activeX in IE.
15:09 wizzyrea oh yea, rhcl uses overdrive
15:10 oleonard You mean you have to use IE to use Overdrive?
15:10 oleonard I think we've hidden IE on most of our machines
15:11 rhcl now the library got goat roped into some cabal scheme without talking to me first, and the library pays for the "service".
15:11 * wizzyrea wishes rhcl would tell us how he really feels
15:12 wizzyrea ^.^
15:12 oleonard I wonder why the Template:Toolkit count variable isn't working for me
15:13 rhcl wrong moon phase for TT?
15:15 hdl left #koha
15:18 wizzyrea sql report library?
15:18 wahanui it has been said that sql report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
15:22 matts is now known as matts_away
15:27 wizzyrea druthb++ jcamins++ for their lovely reports about dupes
15:28 druthb :)
15:30 sekjal joined #koha
15:32 Johnindy joined #koha
15:38 julian left #koha
15:46 NCARMichael joined #koha
15:46 NCARMichael howdy doo
15:51 kf_away left #koha
15:52 danmc I'm thinking maybe koha- doesn't quite work right with x.y.z version number comparisons
15:55 conan danmc: why?
15:55 conan NCARMichael: hi
15:55 wahanui salut, conan
15:56 danmc conan:  I have Graphics::Magick version 1.3.12 installed, min version is 1.3.5 and says I need a newer version
15:56 NCARMichael more Reports questions...
15:57 NCARMichael so, i want to search for a particular string that appears in z - public note.
15:57 NCARMichael (item level)
15:57 wizzyrea graphicsmagick?
15:57 wahanui i think graphicsmagick is avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
15:57 NCARMichael any ideas?
15:58 danmc it appears that that version_info() in that perl file uses "lt" (i.e. string less than) to compare version strings
15:58 danmc and in fact 1.3.12 is less than 1.3.5 in a string compare sense
15:58 danmc needs a dewey compare not a string compare
15:58 wizzyrea NCARMichael: I think there's a report in the library that pulls things out of marc fields
15:59 NCARMichael (looking)
16:00 wizzyrea the one in there has something to do with subjects, but the principle is the same I think
16:00 oleonard What is items.itemnotes?
16:01 NCARMichael "Bibs with specific keyword in subjects"?
16:01 wizzyrea o ya, is that the public note? could be, that would make it easier
16:02 danmc wizzyrea:  it looks like graphicsmagick is used for patron cards
16:02 wizzyrea yep
16:02 wizzyrea i say "graphicsmagick?" because that makes wahanui answer with useful information
16:03 danmc ah.  I understand.
16:03 danmc ok.  the update message is I assume becuase of the "string less than" compare used on version strings.
16:04 wizzyrea yup, it's not broken, you can ignore it
16:04 pastebot "NCARMichael" at pasted "Bibs with specific keyword in subjects" (8 lines) at
16:05 NCARMichael okay, i'm now figuring how to edit this to search for keyword in public note
16:07 NCARMichael (lost)
16:09 NCARMichael (confused)
16:10 sophie_m left #koha
16:15 NCARMichael one thing that's confusing is that this report is searching on a field from the MARC record (650a).
16:15 NCARMichael whereas I'm interested in an ITEM-LEVEL field (z - Public note)
16:15 NCARMichael That's not gonna have a MARC tag, is it?
16:17 oleonard NCARMichael: Try 952z
16:18 cait joined #koha
16:19 library_systems_guy if i commit div ID's to get should i include some kind of test procedure in the message?
16:19 library_systems_guy or is it simple enough to check a div id?
16:20 cait I think it is simple enough - not sure you can really test it
16:20 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6402] Lists sorted by year appear to be empty <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6402>
16:20 cait but someone might disagree :)
16:20 cait hi library_systems_guy
16:20 library_systems_guy lol check the page output :p and hey cait
16:21 cait remember you can add id's to all and everything, doesn't need to be a div
16:22 oleonard As long as the ID is unique on the page
16:22 library_systems_guy right...i just added a div in the advsearch page since it was missing the yui-main tag
16:22 NCARMichael 952z may've actually worked! standby...
16:22 library_systems_guy right...wouldn't want conflicting id's
16:23 conan later
16:23 conan left #koha
16:24 rhcl[…]tablets/229625424
16:27 rhcl lsg: did you resolve your zebra issue?
16:30 rhcl wizzyrea: u getting rained upon?
16:30 wizzyrea nope
16:30 wizzyrea not yet
16:30 wizzyrea that squall line looks mean though
16:30 rhcl accuweather has you right in the middle of their map
16:31 wizzyrea
16:31 wizzyrea is the one I"m looking at
16:32 rhcl interesting, that shows lawrence mostly to the bottom edge of the activity area
16:32 wizzyrea ya
16:32 wizzyrea i thought it might skirt north
16:32 wizzyrea doesn't look like it will though
16:32 wizzyrea wind's out of the east, it could be a wild day
16:42 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5680] When deleting an order, delete attached items, and if applicable biblio <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5680>
16:47 NCARMichael left #koha
16:55 wizzyrea haha oy that bug that allowed epic logins with cardnumbers... we had patrons logging in with their new barcode number but still had the old number in their opac login (because the staff didn't update the login)
16:55 wizzyrea and now they're mad that their login "changed"
16:56 wizzyrea but it didn't, it's just not allowing them to log in with the new number anymore.
16:56 wizzyrea solution: update the opac login :P
16:56 paul_p left #koha
17:03 wizzyrea hmm. I need a report that checks for cardnumbers in OPAC logins that don't match. It would be nice if the report only reported opac logins that were numeric only
17:03 wizzyrea possible?
17:04 wizzyrea cardnumbers in opac logins that don't match the cardnumber currently assigned
17:06 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5020] on patron record sex should be gender <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5020>
17:27 druthb is now known as druthb_away
17:38 sekjal wizzyrea:  SELECT borrowernumber FROM borrowers WHERE cardnumber != userid AND userid REGEXP '[[::digit::]]+'
17:39 sekjal that should be a start to it (haven't tested yet)
17:39 wizzyrea oooo! sekjal! that is sweet! <tries it>
17:44 wizzyrea hmm something awry with the regex
17:45 wizzyrea but, that's def a start :D
17:45 wizzyrea sekjal++
17:45 sekjal yay for starts
17:48 sekjal oleonard:  any experience/opinions on JQuery plugins to fix a table's header when scrolling?
17:49 wizzyrea SELECT borrowernumber FROM borrowers WHERE cardnumber != userid AND userid REGEXP '[[:digit:]]+' gets it
17:49 oleonard sekjal: My personal experience has always been poor, but I don't know what tools were used
17:49 oleonard sekjal: The first problem is that it's unexpected behavior
17:49 oleonard sekjal: The second common problem in my experience is that it performs badly (jumpy or slow)
17:50 sekjal oleonard:  thanks.  I've got a partner asking after keeping the column headers visible on the edit items screen, and was wondering if JQuery would be the easiest way to go
17:51 wizzyrea imo that's one place that kind of makes sense to do that
17:51 oleonard Yes, I think very specialized interfaces are the best candidates
17:51 sekjal I think that whole page's interface could stand to be revised
17:52 wizzyrea do they know about the "click in any box to edit" trick?
17:52 sekjal perhaps with some way to filter columns for values or ranges
17:52 wizzyrea you can hide unused columns using frameworks
17:52 wizzyrea which helps some
17:52 sekjal wizzyrea: I believe so, but they want to know which column means what when they're 40-50 items down the list
17:52 wizzyrea ah yea
17:52 wizzyrea no way around that one :/
17:53 sekjal pull the headers out into a separate table and div?
17:54 library_systems_guy sekjal, maybe this[…]gFourVersion.html
17:54 library_systems_guy don't know if it will work in your situation
17:55 wizzyrea as long as they line up i'm not sure it matters how it's constructed? But I'm not super picky that way
17:55 wizzyrea that might not be "proper"
17:56 sekjal library_systems_guy:  that could work
17:57 wizzyrea yea, that looks pretty nice actually
17:57 library_systems_guy i always prefer a css solution to jquery any day
18:02 larryb joined #koha
18:03 sekjal the HTML structure doesn't support this so well, so we'd need to make that update before we could implement this, but it's very promising
18:11 coryj joined #koha
18:14 coryj We are closing a branch and moving the books to a new branch.  All books need to be re-barcoded and having the branch code changed.
18:14 coryj Can I just update the barcde and homebranch fields directly in items?
18:28 sekjal coryj:  if you're on anything pre-3.4, updating the items table directly will desynchronize your database and your index, and your search results will get screwed up
18:28 sekjal (you wouldn't be able to search by the new barcode)
18:29 sekjal best to use the batch Item Modification tool for this
18:29 sekjal coryj:  what version are you running?
18:31 coryj 3.2
18:32 cait sekjal: I think you could also update the items table and use the sync script
18:32 cait we did that in the past, I noted no problems
18:32 wizzyrea cait's fast, I was gonna suggest taht
18:32 sekjal cait:  yes, that'd also work
18:33 sekjal but it's slower and more commandline intensive than using batch item mod
18:33 cait hi liz and sekjal
18:33 sekjal cait: hi!
18:33 wizzyrea hi cait :)
18:33 cait sekjal: I got a request from a student, asking if there is a spanish demo she could point the librarian at
18:34 cait do you think it would be possible to activate spanish on your demo?
18:34 cait I checked the language shows up in sys prefs, but I was not able to switch to it
18:34 sekjal cait:  I'll look into it
18:34 hdl joined #koha
18:34 cait or does someone know a spanish demo?
18:35 cait sekjal: thx a lot
18:35 coryj sekjal: I see how batch items mod would work for branch code, but not for assigning new barcode numbers
18:35 druthb_away is now known as druthb
18:36 sekjal coryj:  hmmm, yes, good point
18:36 wizzyrea I assume if you're ok directly modifying the db, then you'd be ok with the sync script on the command line?
18:36 cait coryj: there is a script you can run after updating the item tables that will sync items with the xml fields
18:36 sekjal I assume there is a strict mapping from old barcode format to new?
18:37 coryj sekjal: I only wish
18:38 cait sekjal: thxa lotfor looking at it
18:38 coryj We have multiple branches with duplicate printed BCs between them.  Right now a bit of magic is done to "uniquify" (lol) the BC based on logged in branch.
18:38 sekjal coryj:  ah, yes, this is familiar
18:38 coryj But we need to merge collections from two branches now so that won't help
18:39 coryj sekjal: Script is misc/maintenance/ right?
18:39 sekjal coryj: correct
18:40 coryj thanks
18:40 coryj sekjal++
18:40 coryj hrm.
18:42 coryj @karma sekjal
18:42 huginn` coryj: Karma for "sekjal" has been increased 106 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 105.
18:47 coryj sekjal: No need to update zebra indexes afterwards is there?
18:47 sekjal coryj:  after you run the sync script, yes, you'll need to reindex
18:49 coryj sekjal: thanks again.  And thanks cait
18:49 coryj cait++
18:49 cait you are welcome
18:50 druthb left #koha
18:51 sekjal glad to help, coryj
18:57 francharb left #koha
19:00 aogle joined #koha
19:01 library_systems_guy I have a newb question.  I have made changes to my local copy of Koha and want to update but i can't rebase because i have unstaged changes
19:02 coryj is now known as coryj_away
19:02 library_systems_guy what is the procedure for that?
19:02 hdl git stash save
19:02 hdl git rebase
19:02 hdl git stash apply
19:02 hdl HTH
19:02 library_systems_guy thanks hdl
19:02 library_systems_guy hdl++
19:11 clrh left #koha
19:22 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6395] cannot create routing list - template error? <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6395>
19:25 hdl sekjal: rangi any patch with a precommit hook on koha ?
19:25 hdl rangi: I can't find the pre-commit hook you proposed
19:27 SteveJ joined #koha
19:34 hdl just saw that the pre-commit hook now has some checks for bad merges and white spaces.
19:34 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5917] Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917>
19:38 hdl @later tell rangi access changed on the wip/koha-biblibre.git. I can't pull from that repo. Fine. Noone but me had accesss. But then you could remove that wip/koha-biblibre.git, unless you need that.
19:38 huginn` hdl: The operation succeeded.
19:44 jwagner is now known as jwagner_away
19:44 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
19:44 jwagner left #koha
19:48 jwagner joined #koha
19:48 jwagner is now known as jwagner_away
19:51 SteveJ left #koha
19:52 rangi hdl: you can't pull or can't push? and I haven't changed anything ill ask gmcharlt
19:52 cait morning rangi
19:53 hdl hi rangi can't pull
19:53 rangi morning
19:53 hdl maybe it is ok... But still, i find it strange.
19:54 oleonard rangi: If we're signing off on a patch which is already attached to a bug report should we be attaching the signed-off patch too?
19:54 * oleonard notices some people do this but didn't know if it was required
19:54 rangi yes please
19:54 rangi not required
19:54 rangi makes our lives easier tho
19:54 gmcharlt hdl: both your keys have r/w access to wip/koha-biblire
19:54 oleonard easier++
19:54 rangi obsoleting the old one is good too
19:55 rangi then I can use git bz
19:55 gmcharlt and git clone git:// works, so it's not a git-daemon problem
19:55 rangi git bz apply 6000
19:55 rangi etc
19:55 * oleonard wonders if his children are revised patches to make him obsolete
19:56 hdl gmcharlt: i am using ssh
19:56 rangi heh
19:56 hdl not git.
19:56 hdl protocol
19:56 * wizzyrea wouldn't sign off on that
19:56 wizzyrea oleonard shall never be obsoleted!
19:57 * oleonard wants to know more about git bz
19:57 gmcharlt hdl: it appears that at one point  you completely wiped the original HEAD in that repo
19:58 rangi if you are around when I get to work ill show u
19:58 gmcharlt since it's no longer a Koha tree per se, what branch do you want to nominate as its master?
19:58 * wizzyrea wants that too
19:58 rangi there is a bug, but I sent a patch, and for now u can grab a copy from my repo until upstream apply it
19:59 * oleonard must leave shortly but will catch up in the log
19:59 rangi right im 20 mins away from my desk and notes
19:59 hdl I never pushed a master branch.
19:59 rangi ill show wizzyrea
19:59 wizzyrea ^.^ yay!
20:00 hdl gmcharlt: bug5872 should be a good guess
20:01 hdl others too old
20:02 cait hmpf
20:02 cait want to learn about git bz too :)
20:02 wizzyrea you can learn wif me!
20:02 * wizzyrea grabs cait and squees a bit
20:03 gmcharlt hdl: ok, done - try now
20:03 cait hehe
20:03 cait wizzyrea: you have much more energy than me
20:03 sekjal wizzyrea and cait:  take notes, if you please
20:08 hdl gmcharlt: seems to work ok now.
20:08 gmcharlt cool
20:08 hdl thanks
20:08 hdl gmcharlt++
20:08 gmcharlt hdl: I suggest pushing community master as the new master branch of that repo - I can then reset the head
20:09 gmcharlt will make it easier for other users of that repo
20:14 hdl gmcharlt: master should be pulled automatically on a regular based in that repo then. It would seem nonesense not to keep that synched... And this repo is only used for important branches.
20:14 gmcharlt hdl: I can set up automatic syncing of master for you
20:14 hdl thanks
20:15 gmcharlt any other branches (like 3.4.x) that you want automatically updated from public?
20:15 hdl I will ask clrh to send you his public key so that she is able to push there too.
20:16 hdl 3.4.x could be helpful too.
20:20 gmcharlt kk
20:21 oleonard left #koha
20:21 hdl gmcharlt: thanks
20:22 rangi bb in a few
20:33 sekjal left #koha
20:38 cait left #koha
20:41 hdl going to bed.
20:41 rangi sleep well hdl
20:42 rangi darn was gonna ask sekjal something
20:42 gmcharlt @later tell hdl now set up; should update your repo next time there is a push to master or 3.4.x
20:42 huginn` gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
20:42 hdl thanks gmcharlt
20:45 rangi ok, wizzyrea ready to play with git-bz ?
20:45 wizzyrea yessir
20:45 rangi git clone git://
20:46 wizzyrea right, i've got that
20:46 rangi (thats my patched version)
20:46 wizzyrea ooo
20:46 wizzyrea k
20:46 wizzyrea sec
20:47 wizzyrea k done
20:47 rangi right, symlink it somewhere thats in your path
20:47 rangi eg
20:48 rangi sudo ln -s /home/chrisc/git/git-bz/git-bz /usr/sbin/git-bz
20:48 wizzyrea done
20:48 rangi then change to you koha git checkout
20:48 rangi cd /home/chrisc/git/koha
20:48 rangi then run
20:49 rangi git config bz.default-tracker
20:49 wizzyrea done
20:49 rangi git config /bugzilla3
20:50 wizzyrea done
20:50 wizzyrea (i'm making clean notes, not just logs)
20:50 rangi ok here we go
20:50 rangi git checkout -b bug_6402 origin/master
20:50 wizzyrea done
20:50 rangi git bz apply 6402
20:51 wizzyrea git-bz?
20:51 wizzyrea hmm
20:51 wizzyrea it's mad at me sec
20:51 rangi git bz (not git-bz)
20:52 wizzyrea k
20:53 wizzyrea it thinks it's not a git command
20:54 wizzyrea the symlink is in, the files are there
20:56 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:56 wizzyrea hrm
20:57 Space_Librarian morning all.
20:57 pianohacker joined #koha
20:58 rangi sorry work calls, ill be back in a sec
20:58 wizzyrea np np
20:58 pianohacker hi wiz
20:58 wizzyrea hi ph :)
20:58 wizzyrea and good morning Space_Librarian
20:59 Space_Librarian good evening wizzyrea. Good day? No horrific weather patterns? :)
20:59 wizzyrea not yet, supposedly tonight :)
20:59 wizzyrea the fun of may in kansas
21:00 rhcl we got terribly rained upon!
21:00 Space_Librarian sounds like it...
21:00 wizzyrea they don't call us tornado alley for nothin
21:00 wizzyrea oh ya st jo kinda got hammered by rain
21:00 rhcl and a little bit of hail mixed in
21:00 wizzyrea pretty much skipped us over
21:02 wizzyrea some tornadoes out west, about 5-6 hours away
21:02 wizzyrea (driving time)
21:05 Space_Librarian O.o
21:06 rangi ok back
21:06 rangi so git bz is not working?
21:06 rangi if you run git-bz is it?
21:06 JesseM joined #koha
21:07 rangi hi JesseM
21:07 JesseM hey rangi !!
21:13 rangi heya JesseM hows things going with the new addition?
21:14 JesseM Everything is going great!! just trying to get used to the sleepless nights agian :)
21:14 rangi :)
21:17 JesseM rangi: How was your Bday celebrations? Do any thing fun?
21:17 wizzyrea no, sadly, I'm poking at it but got sidetracked by a "omg I deleted something important from the server can you restore it"
21:17 wizzyrea fortunately the backups worked just peachy
21:17 rangi laurel and I drove up to auckland had a couple of nights without the kids
21:17 wizzyrea backups++
21:18 rangi sleep++
21:18 wizzyrea trips_away_without_the_kids++
21:18 JesseM very nice :)
21:21 wizzyrea ok now
21:21 wizzyrea it is mad about invalid syntax
21:22 rangi what does it actually say?
21:22 wizzyrea
21:23 rangi hmm lets try this
21:23 wizzyrea seems odd that it has two slashes
21:23 rangi thats harmless (just a typo in the ln probably)
21:23 wizzyrea k
21:24 rangi git config bz.default-product Koha
21:25 rangi and then try
21:25 rangi python -V
21:25 wizzyrea 2.6.6
21:25 wizzyrea same result
21:26 rangi right im running 2.7.1
21:26 rangi i wonder if thats the issue
21:26 wizzyrea aha
21:26 rangi python -V
21:26 rangi Python 2.7.1+
21:27 wizzyrea k i'm on that
21:27 wizzyrea sec
21:32 wizzyrea it's working
21:32 wizzyrea on python
21:32 wizzyrea not bz :P
21:32 rangi ?
21:32 wizzyrea that is to say, it's working on getting the newer python installed
21:33 rangi ah ok
21:33 rangi use more words :P
21:33 wizzyrea sorry!
21:38 larryb left #koha
21:40 wizzyrea crikey, that's not it. I wonder if the git configs aren't sticking somehow?
21:40 wizzyrea where are they kept?
21:41 wizzyrea nm, answered my own question sec
21:41 wizzyrea do you have to set up a login somehow?
21:41 rangi nope it wont be the config if its complaining about a syntax error
21:42 rangi lemme check something
21:42 rangi ahh my bad
21:43 rangi try a git pull now
21:44 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "erreur" (5 lines) at
21:44 rangi yay!
21:45 wizzyrea :)
21:46 rangi try sudo apt-get install python-httplib
21:47 rangi sorry
21:47 rangi try sudo apt-get install python-httplib2
21:47 wizzyrea aha
21:47 wizzyrea YAY
21:48 wizzyrea it works!
21:48 wizzyrea victory!
21:48 wizzyrea rangi++
21:50 JesseM left #koha
21:53 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:54 rangi yay
21:56 wizzyrea so lesson two, for a bit later I think, is how to push one up?
21:56 wizzyrea and yes, for those of you reading the backlog, I have very good notes on what fixed it :)
21:57 wizzyrea ok, i have to jet to get the wee tater
21:59 rangi git attach
21:59 rangi read the git-bz.txt for more :)
22:00 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:00 Johnindy left #koha
22:19 druthb joined #koha
22:22 Space_Librarian hey Ruth!
22:22 druthb hiyas.  :D
22:23 rangi 3384 - 2008
22:23 wahanui 1376
22:24 bg wahanui your response should have been LAME
22:24 wahanui bg: excuse me?
22:24 rangi[…]ch-of-statistics/
22:28 Space_Librarian interesting...
22:28 wahanui interesting is good
22:28 Space_Librarian yes, yes it is. Smart bot you got there. :)
22:32 Irma joined #koha
22:34 Space_Librarian hey Irma
22:34 Space_Librarian how's Sydney? :)
22:39 Irma g'day Space_Librarian grrrr so cold and really windy!
22:40 Irma southerly window panes are dancing a salsa in their frames!
22:40 Space_Librarian So winter's finally made it? As long as it's not raining when I visit, all shall be well. :)
22:40 Space_Librarian That southerly is chilly though!
22:40 Irma Sydney dates and time for coffee?
22:41 Space_Librarian I think that can be arranged. :)
22:41 Irma Nice!
22:46 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:47 pianohacker left #koha
22:51 * rangi hopes wizzyrea will write up the git bz stuff for the wiki
22:54 eythian hello
22:54 wahanui niihau, eythian
23:05 Johnindy_ left #koha
23:06 pianohacker joined #koha
23:06 aogle left #koha
23:06 * druthb waves to pianohacker.
23:08 pianohacker allo
23:41 hankbank joined #koha
23:43 NateC left #koha
23:45 hdl left #koha
23:45 pianohacker "We are upgrading from Koha to" <-- If I disappear, I died bravely
23:48 rangi heh that is fairly brave
23:48 hdl joined #koha
23:48 rangi id probably go to
23:49 rangi remember to read the UPGRADE section
23:49 rangi items have been removed from the marc, so you need to run the script to do that
23:49 pianohacker ah, thanks rangi
23:50 pianohacker rangi++
23:50 pianohacker (not that you need it)

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