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00:00 pianohacker From what I can tell looking at the source, it did exactly what it was supposed to
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00:00 pianohacker does everything look alright in your catalog?
00:01 adnc i did some random check, that looks great
00:01 adnc pianohacker, thank you very much!
00:01 pianohacker No problem. Let us know if we can help you with anything else
00:02 adnc pianohacker, do you know if amazon is the only source for book covers?
00:02 adnc is it possible to upload covers?
00:02 pianohacker There's actually a few you can use in Koha at the moment, though unfortunately you can not upload your own, as far as I know
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00:05 pianohacker adnc: More specifically, Google is another free option, and you can use Syndetics and Baker & Taylor, though you probably have to pay for them
00:05 adnc pianohacker, is it possible to force koha to send notification email out to see if that works with the mailserver?
00:06 pianohacker The only reliable way I know of to test notifications is to trigger them yourself. That's not too hard, though; you can change the due date of a checkout in the issues table, then run the overdue items notification script, for example
00:07 adnc 02:10:02-12/05 zebraidx(17930) [warn] isamb: Inconsistent register (2)
00:07 adnc zebraidx: isamb.c:1102: insert_leaf: Assertion `*lookahead_mode' failed.
00:07 adnc 02:10:02-12/05 zebraidx(17932) [warn] previous transaction didn't reach commit
00:07 adnc thats new
00:09 pianohacker That is... bizarre
00:09 pianohacker Only suggestion I have for that bit of zebra weirdness is to reindex your catalog
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00:09 adnc i did execute that command manually
00:10 adnc koha-rebuild-zebra $(koha-list --enabled)
00:10 adnc the warning does not come again
00:10 adnc pianohacker, how does reindexing work?
00:10 pianohacker How do you mean?
00:11 adnc you said: Only suggestion I have for that bit of zebra weirdness is to reindex yo
00:11 adnc r catalog
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00:20 pianohacker Well, rebuild-zebra will update zebra's catalog
00:21 pianohacker You can also do a full reindex, which will delete the search index (not losing any of your data), then rebuild it from scratch
00:21 pianohacker Often a solution to zebra problems
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00:22 pianohacker adnc: You do it using koha-rebuild-zebra -f $(koha-list --enabled)
00:24 adnc thnks
00:24 pianohacker np
00:25 druthb pianohacker++
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00:28 pianohacker all right, dinner time, bbl
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01:08 rangi afternoon
01:09 druthb hi, rangi!
01:10 rangi heya druthb
01:11 bg heya rangi and druthb
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01:13 rangi bg ;)
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01:38 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6330 - Change hold language from 'until' to 'since' <[…]f68ba9ad531cc86e7>
01:43 jenkins_koha Starting build 246 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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02:19 Brooke kia ora
02:20 rangi hey bg
02:20 rangi doh tab completion fail
02:20 rangi hi Brooke
02:20 Brooke dyac!
02:20 Brooke Hi :D
02:21 Brooke one of mah fencing buddies mentioned haka and he didn't say THE haka.
02:21 rangi ohh edumucated
02:21 Brooke inorite
02:21 Brooke I thought, aww, if only the cockles of Chris' heart were here to be warmed
02:22 bg hey
02:22 Brooke howdy bg
02:22 * Brooke cannot help but think of Love Shack.
02:23 Brooke though that's the b52s
02:23 Brooke methinks it covers the trauma of stayin' alive.
02:24 rangi :)
02:25 bg :)
02:26 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #246: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/246/
02:26 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: Bug 6330 - Change hold language from 'until' to 'since'
02:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6330 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED , holds saying on hold 'until' instead of 'since'
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02:51 * Brooke waves to Bob
02:52 Space_Librarian thanks Brooke. I now have love shack stuck in my head...
02:53 Brooke Glove slap, I don't take crap!
02:53 * Brooke dances.
02:53 Space_Librarian :)
02:54 ibeardslee maybe the wrong time to poke my head back into this channel
02:58 rangi heh
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03:13 Brooke \/\/00+ drunk pally tank. Good times, good times.
03:14 wizzyrea I hope you've got your hipwaders on, it's gonna get thick in there
03:14 Brooke yeah I better stop alt tabbing when the raid gets goin' in earnets
03:14 Brooke though this is my shammy healer
03:14 Brooke so it's like healing rain zzzzzzz
03:15 wizzyrea hehe
03:15 wizzyrea i haven't played wow in a while now
03:15 Brooke join mah guild if ye do :P
03:16 wizzyrea that was part of the problem, nobody to do stuff with :)
03:16 wizzyrea it'd be a server transfer/faction... well except I have a worgen druid now I guess :)
03:17 wizzyrea last thing I did before I stopped playing
03:17 wizzyrea get a worgen druid
03:17 Brooke yeah me aussie server is a worgen druid
03:17 Brooke but their guild is wee.
03:17 Brooke whole lotta fun though
03:17 Brooke they have a lecture comin up on the 19th ish
03:18 Brooke think it's school Library gaming
03:18 wizzyrea ooo
03:19 Brooke
03:20 Brooke off I go!
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03:54 Oak \o
03:54 rangi hi Oak
03:55 Oak hello Mr. rangi. how do you do.
03:55 rangi tired, and how about you?
03:55 Oak just woke up
03:55 Oak :)
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05:28 Space_Librarian toodle pip all. Have a good day.
05:29 * chris_n rubs his eyes and looks around the room
05:34 scl chris_n, hi
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05:53 scl f3ew, pm?
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06:32 alex_a bonjour #koha
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06:35 Susan good day everyone
06:35 rangi bonjour alex_a, ca va?
06:35 Susan Hope someone is awake and knows SIP 2 + 3M SelfCheck System
06:36 Susan I have already configured SIP 2 Server on port 8041 + configured the 3M SelfCheck system to have all the valid information
06:37 Susan however, I keep on getting [Circulation System Operation Failure - uinspecified error]
06:37 Susan and the weird thing is I have already attempted to TELNET from the 3M SelfCheck - Windows command line and that works perfectly fine
06:37 Susan in communicating with my SIP server.
06:38 Susan I have even modified my 3M configurations to match[…]o-work-with-koha/
06:38 Susan but no use :) any help, would be highly appreciated :)
06:38 alex_a rangi: ca va trés bien !
06:38 alex_a thanks
06:39 rangi Susan: unfortunately the people who know about it are all asleep
06:39 rangi wizzyrea has 3M machines working with Koha
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06:41 Susan I see...
06:46 rangi bout 5 or 6 hour until they all start waking up
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06:46 Susan by then, I will be at home :) but thats ok, I hope I can go on and ask them
06:47 rangi hopefully they will see your email
06:48 clrh hi
06:49 rangi hi clrh
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06:51 Susan I hope so :)
06:51 Susan thanks rangi
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06:55 Oak wiiiiild wiiiiild horses
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06:59 scl rangi, hi
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07:08 paul_p hello #koha
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07:25 hdl hi
07:25 wahanui privet, hdl
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07:26 kf good morning #koha
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08:07 snail Susan: we have 3M self check machines working with a different catalog and all the issues we have seem to relate to networking. try with IP address rather than machine name (our 3m machines seem to die horridly if dns goes away)
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08:26 druthb o/
08:27 * Oak hugs druthb
08:27 druthb :)  thanx!  What'd I do to earn that?
08:37 Oak :)
08:38 druthb (not that I'm complaining.  Nice to wake up to hugs.)
08:39 Oak hehe
08:41 * druthb is wondering...Oak, are you planning to go to KohaCon this fall?
08:42 Oak in India... nope.
08:42 druthb Rats.
08:43 Oak nah
08:43 Oak no money
08:43 * druthb nods.
08:43 druthb If my employer wasn't sending me, I wouldn't be going, it's likely.  But when bg asked me if I wanted to go...well, yeah, boss, I do....  :P
08:44 * druthb is looking forward to meeting folks from that side of the Earth.
08:45 Oak hmm, I don't work in a library (yet)... doing my MLIS. but someday I hope I'll be able to attend. And meet the nice people from this channel.
08:46 druthb :)  I hope to meet you some day, too.
08:46 Oak cool :)
08:47 * druthb has thought about going back to school for an MLS/MLIS, but at this point, it doesn't make much sense to do so.
08:49 * Oak read Careers for Bookworms and decided to do MLIS :)
08:50 druthb :)
08:51 Oak although I work as a web developer, working in Joomla, CSS ... little PHP
08:51 Oak and want to learn Perl so I can help someday with Koha... but don't find time
08:52 druthb If you speak PHP, Perl won't be too hard to pick up.
08:52 adnc which barcode format can koha handle?
08:53 druthb adnc: Whatever your scanner will handle.  The way things are set up, to Koha--and to your PC--it looks like another keyboard, is all.  The magic-of-the-barcode part is all handled by your scaner.
08:53 druthb Code39 is commonest, at least in my part of the world, but there's nothing holy about that.
08:53 adnc yes, but i think i saw some code39 stuff
08:53 adnc right
08:54 druthb :)
08:54 adnc druthb, thanks
08:55 druthb you bet. :)
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09:11 NurAhammad Hi everybody
09:14 druthb Hello, NurAhammad.
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09:32 druthb @quote random
09:32 huginn druthb: Quote #92: "<schuster> Why even learn when there is a genius in the room..." (added by jwagner at 01:43 PM, August 27, 2010)
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10:56 * druthb hugs kf
10:57 kf hi :)
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11:45 conan good morning all
11:48 jwagner good morning, conan
11:56 nengard i'm looking for a bug that i know is out there.  checking in using the checkboxes doesn't trigger a hold ... bug number??
11:57 nengard ooo bug 3514
11:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3514 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, ASSIGNED , Returning items through patron Details tab doesn't activate all circulation functions
11:57 nengard found it :)
11:57 kf hehe
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11:58 Ropuch Hello #koha!
11:59 kf hi Ropuch - long time no see!
11:59 kf how are you?
11:59 Ropuch Yup [;
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12:01 Ropuch Have some more free time now, so I'm back to tampering with koha
12:01 Ropuch Setting up git atm ;)
12:01 kf cool!
12:01 kf happy to hear that :)
12:02 kf testing out the new 3.4?
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12:04 Ropuch I'd like to, looking for repo adres ;>
12:05 kf
12:05 kf look at the example line
12:05 kf git?
12:05 wahanui hmmm... git is found at
12:07 Ropuch Working from fresh linux machine - I'll get my prefs, bookmarks and files in few minutes ;>
12:10 Ropuch v3.04.00 is tag for the new koha?
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12:13 gmcharlt correct
12:15 kf hi gmcharlt :)
12:15 gmcharlt hi kf
12:17 Ropuch Hi gmcharlt [;
12:17 gmcharlt howdy Ropuch
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12:23 kf hi oleonard
12:25 oleonard Hi
12:25 wahanui bonjour, oleonard
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12:50 oleonard I noticed that too, thanks for bug 6332 nengard
12:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6332 trivial, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , missing 'clear date' link
12:51 nengard :)
12:51 nengard thanks in advance for fixing it :) hehe
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12:55 Ropuch Hi oleonard, nengard
12:55 nengard howdy
12:56 tajoli hi to all
12:57 tajoli about QA and sign-off
12:58 tajoli What do you think about create A-developers and B-developers ?
12:58 tajoli A-developers = you can auto-sign_off
12:58 nengard Why? Why have different rules? No one is special - like I said. Also you should reply on list so that the thread isn't broken
12:59 tajoli B-developer:  a person of an other firm need to sign_off your patch
12:59 oleonard I agree with nengard. No one's work is free from errors.
12:59 druthb Find me an A-developer that never, ever makes an error, tajoli.  That's what it'd take for your plan to *not* harm Koha.
13:00 nengard We're all human, we all make mistakes, we all mis semi-colons - no one should have the ability to bypass the quality assurance steps in place
13:00 druthb Might not hurt anything this week, or next.  But some night when some guru has gotten real tired---they could break things *horribly.*
13:02 tajoli Ok, i write to mailing list
13:06 druthb The other problem, tajoli, with such a scheme is "who decides?"  We don't really have a Pope, or some other central authority--so who decides who is an A and who is B?  And how do you prevent someone from being greatly pissed when they get turned down for "A" status?  Down that way leads heartaches and much, much drama that this community does not need, IMO.
13:07 hdl druthb: this 'community' is not just about developers.
13:07 hdl It is about libraries.
13:07 druthb I personally would *decline* "A" status.  I know too well that I am not perfect, and I *want* a second set of eyeballs on my work.
13:07 hdl And some libraris which have had some code in production for years.
13:07 druthb sure it is, hdl; but are libraries served well by letting my late-night bad ideas into the code?
13:07 tajoli The Relese manager si the prson that give A/B status
13:07 hdl Which could not make its way to trunk
13:08 tajoli Also I.
13:08 tajoli I don't see myself as  A developer
13:08 tajoli In fact A-developer are in fact vice QA
13:09 tajoli I see this organization on BSD
13:09 tajoli develper with commit bit, developers without commit bit
13:12 hdl druthb: it is not only late night ideas. It is code delivered.... And libraries who wanted the code to be contributed... And late changes in the workflow.
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13:13 hdl I donot want to argue. I want to put the libraries concerns in the center of the place.
13:15 druthb My concern for the libraries is also strong, hdl--specifically, I do not ever, ever want to risk giving them severely busted code and having Koha looking bad for it.  To me, that means paying gobs more attention to the backend than we were doing prior to 3.4.  I don't see this change as "late".  I see it as *essential* to the long-term health of Koha.
13:16 * sekjal goes to read the IRC logs...
13:17 druthb Even the *slightest* risk of that is, to me, unacceptable, having worked in a library whose vendor routinely put out seriously-broken releases.
13:17 paul_p well, to jump in the discussion: BibLibre patches/features are not written by a developper, but by a company, validated by someone internally and by the customer itself. It's not "paul" that is A-dev, it's "BibLibre workflow"
13:18 hdl ok. about all the bugs in holds and circulation and research, i think that they will exist untill someone devote time and hard work on that.
13:19 hdl We devoted time, and hard work on that. And proposed that as a contribution, if no one wants that... Then ok.
13:19 druthb Sure, paul, and ByWater signs off internally, as well.  But it still comes down to a person at a keyboard.  ByWater, Inc doesn't write patches.  sekjal, nengard, druthb, bg,  An internal process can help catch those flubs--but it's *never* perfect.
13:19 hdl We donot use internal sign off.
13:19 hdl We use branches.
13:19 hdl And merges.
13:20 hdl And this is why we are not 'signing off' our own patches.
13:20 sekjal hdl: but multiple eyes in within BibLibre are confirming that the code works as intended?
13:20 hdl And I would think quite wrong to autosign off...
13:20 hdl Yep.
13:20 druthb hdl:  so, you're telling me that before the code is released, it doesn't have a second set of eyes on it, to test it?
13:20 hdl devloper, project manager, library
13:20 * druthb is perhaps confused.
13:21 hdl that makes at least 3 persons.
13:21 sekjal okay, so if someone is confirming that it works, then that's essentially a signoff.  it just needs the -s flag on format-patch (at technicality)
13:21 hdl .... ask librarians to use the command line client to use git....
13:22 paul_p sekjal++ (except our project manager or customers will never use git)
13:22 oleonard But the question is are they seeing the effect of one patch, or a lot of patches working together?
13:22 hdl It is easier to have bugzilla or our mantis solved.
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13:22 hdl some patches working together..
13:22 paul_p (sorry, keyboard mistake)
13:23 hdl many times, you need more than a single patch to get exactly what is required.
13:23 sekjal hdl:  could you have a git user act as a proxy for the project manager?  project manager says "yup, that's good, sign off for me" and someone types the right thing on the keyboard?
13:23 paul_p oleonard, it depends. If you speak of solR, for example, they  test a full branch.
13:24 paul_p when speaking of a feature, usually, they test master+FT1+FT2+FT3 merged in a branch called customer
13:24 hdl sekjal: we are using merge workflow. and rebasing is breaking the commit ids.
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13:25 oleonard paul_p: So the question is can FT1 be tested properly just on its own? Is it feature-specific enough that it *can* be tested properly?
13:25 hdl I donot claim we have the better workflow. But it works. And we could have that for the comunity as well... With instances ppl could just go and test on
13:25 paul_p oleonard, I think we can say yes.
13:25 paul_p koha-sandbox++ !!!
13:26 oleonard It sounds to me like koha-sandbox is just going to mix together a bunch of stuff in such a way that no one knows what is being tested.
13:27 hdl not if you create one vhost by bug... and with one branch.
13:27 sekjal each bug/feature needs to be on it's own branch, and testable independently.  if it takes multiple commits to write it, fine, we can squash, but mixing two features into a single testing branch is not scientific enough for my tastes
13:27 paul_p hdl, that may be hard to have 1 sandbox for each patch/branch !
13:28 hdl could be done with a mutt client i think
13:28 tajoli In fact i' will organize a koha-sandbox with my two skilled users
13:28 oleonard paul_p: That's the only way anyone can properly test a patch! One bug/feature per branch, as sekjal says
13:28 paul_p my proposal is not to have one branch per feature, it's to have some developers that can say: "OK, I say it works, I merge, everyone test and confirm. If any problem, then i'll fix quickly"
13:29 hdl oleonard: you would also have to test the merge.
13:29 paul_p (it's roughtly zeno & bob proposal)
13:29 nengard @later tell wizzyrea did you try that skype replacement we downloaded? I'm no sure how to set it up, so if you did tips would be welcome
13:29 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
13:29 tajoli In fact, yes it is
13:29 oleonard hdl: Of course, that's part of the process. But if you're doing it one patch at a time you can tackle each one carefully.
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13:30 oleonard If I have one patch to test, I'm testing the merge as soon as I apply it.
13:30 paul_p oleonard, for new features, you can't have one patch. Or it's a *big* one that affect 20 files
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13:30 oleonard Yes, you can have one patch. Squash em. As long as it is *feature-specific* and testable.
13:31 paul_p oleonard, look just at[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6328 and the patch. Just for a "small" fix
13:31 huginn Bug 6328: major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
13:31 paul_p (for a feature that is supposed to have passed QA and made his way into 3.4 !)
13:32 paul_p I'm ready to bet that it won't make his way easily into Koha, as most of you don't care, and if someone cares, i'm sure i'l have to rebase because it touches so many files...
13:33 paul_p ( s/i'm ready/i'm willing/ probably )
13:33 paul_p most of you don't care = it's a features 90% of french libraries want, and 0% of US ones afaik
13:33 oleonard Of course you'll have to rebase! We all have to rebase, all the time!
13:34 sekjal paul_p:  looks like that bug report is pretty good; has a way to reproduce the issue, so that's a starting place for testing
13:34 sekjal so getting a signoff shouldn't be too hard: it's easy enough to tell if the problem goes away after application
13:34 paul_p oleonard, and are you happy with[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3652 ?
13:34 huginn Bug 3652: critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , XSS vulnerabilities
13:35 paul_p phone ring
13:35 sekjal the trickier part, of course, will be checking the integration with other parts of the code, but I will do that as part of QA (others are welcome to do so, too, but I'm obligated)
13:36 oleonard paul_p: No, of course not. But that's an example of the kind of fix we have to try to avoid.
13:36 paul_p (on phone)
13:36 oleonard This was a special case, where the complete fix touched a *lot* of files. I don't know if it could have been handled better, but I understand why it got left behind.
13:37 paul_p oleonard, you get it ! many of the new features touches a * lot* of files. And it can't be handled better.
13:38 paul_p (and I understand why it got left behind with the current workflow, that why I say it's defective !)
13:38 oleonard There's a difference between a feature which touches a lot of files and a huge template revision like 3652 that *can't* be tested except all at once.
13:39 sekjal and I think we're getting down to a core part of the issues:  big features require big testing, and it's not always easy to get that from outside the immediate development team
13:39 oleonard But there are a lot of ways to make it easier.
13:40 paul_p oleonard, if a feature stays untested by anyone for a few weeks, I promize there's no difference : the patch won't apply anymore will have to be rebased, with side effect, maybe features merged before this new feature that couldn't make his path,...
13:40 paul_p that's exactly what we faced with circ improvements !
13:40 oleonard Like I said paul_p, there are ways to make it easier.
13:40 oleonard Patches have to be made more focused.
13:41 oleonard People need to be able to test specific features or fixes.
13:42 druthb oleonard++  #Ask me to test "fix the <blah> so it <foo>s instead of <bar>" and you'll get somewhere quicker than "circ improvements."
13:43 oleonard If I'm looking at the list of bugs needing signoff, I'm looking for something I understand and feel I know how to test
13:43 oleonard If the problem isn't clearly stated in the bug report I'll skip it
13:44 paul_p (on phone again)
13:44 sekjal clear bug reports, describing exactly what the problem is, or what the feature should do, are essential.  the clearer, the easier it will be for folks (any folks) to test
13:44 tajoli Ok, I need to leave
13:45 tajoli left #koha
13:46 oleonard I *like* testing and signing off on patches, so I'm happy to see stuff I can test
13:46 nengard left #koha
13:48 sekjal okay, so back to the idea of test instances per feature
13:48 sekjal how could we build a librarian-friendly system for testing and signoff?
13:48 sekjal something all GUI-based
13:49 sekjal you check out the feature you want to test, then comment on the results, and either signoff, or report a problem
13:49 sekjal have that action be something we can translate down to Git automagically
13:50 sekjal I imagine the checkout process could be awfully slow, especially if it's a large feature, but surely there is a way to make it managable
13:51 nengard joined #koha
13:52 sekjal further refinement to the idea:  make this whole thing a VM image that can be downloaded, so we don't have to have a centralized test server
13:53 sekjal anyone in the world could set one up, with a limited number of concurrent users based on the number of resources they have available to donate
13:53 druthb sekjal++  #so clever
13:55 oleonard Having a downloadable VM image would be tricky as the images diverge from master
13:55 sekjal the VM would need a synchronization mechanism
13:56 sekjal so when you fire it up, it pulls the code from, and highlights all the branches that need testing
13:57 sekjal we'd need to make sure that each branch needing testing was available, and that once testing was complete, it was merged, but that's doable
13:58 hdl sekjal: it also could be done with a kind of my koha on the jenkins host.
14:01 sekjal So, we'd need an admin page where the user can a) sync to git, b) review bugs that need testing (pulling in the conversation from Bugzilla), c) select a bug, d) comment (and have those return to Bugzilla) and e) either signoff or note that it didn't pass testing
14:01 sekjal would probably also need a registration layer, so the user's name and email could get into both Bugzilla (for commenting) and git (for signoffs)
14:02 sekjal idea: provide f) a mechanism for reporting new bugs?
14:03 sekjal f) would require them to be on a recently synced version of the master branch, but could include provisions to include links and screenshots
14:03 paul_p sekjal: saying "git pull" already has make 99% of the libraries leaving. We need a mechanism where a librarian can say "hey, i've tested this cool feature on, added last week, it's cool and working well !"
14:03 sekjal paul_p:  agreed.  this proposed VM tool would be entirely GUI based, and do all the git stuff invisibly on the backend
14:04 druthb Automate a), and go straight to b) on login, sekjal?
14:04 sekjal druthb: the initial set up should sync automatically, but I think having some kind of "confirm" for syncing thereafter may be good
14:05 sekjal perhaps with an option to save the confirm and autosync
14:05 hdl sekjal: I think it could be done statically and not on demand... which would be quite demanding in terms od devs.
14:06 hdl If we had branches on a repository, a cronscript could go through the "proposed" branches and do all the clones and checkouts to branches and install the vhosts.
14:06 hdl But I might be missing something in the reason why you want it dynamic
14:07 sekjal hdl:  that makes sense, especially in a multi-user server environment
14:07 sekjal you set up X Vhosts, and populate them with X branches to test
14:07 sekjal the user can pick from those pre-populated options
14:07 sekjal but not checkout new ones
14:07 sekjal for a local VM where the user is the only person connecting to the machine, we could allow for a more dynamic approach
14:08 hdl but more demanding.
14:08 sekjal hdl:  true; the local user would need to expend the time to set the machine up
14:09 sekjal if someone set up a server of this, they'd do the initial set up, and the tester would just be able to connect and test
14:09 sekjal I say we design the tool to work both ways
14:09 sekjal so users who aren't comfortable with VMs, or don't have time to set up the testing environment themselves, can connect to a server that provides all this
14:10 sekjal I'm pretty sure I could convince ByWater to put up a server of this with a few slots for testing various branches
14:10 sekjal BibLibre is already doing something like this, so perhaps once this tool is complete, it would provide an easier method of maintaining the service you already provide
14:13 sekjal oooh, and we could give this to library schools, both as a quick, easy demo of the system, as well as a way to distribute testing
14:13 sekjal professors could offer extra credit for testing a new feature
14:14 sekjal and if we wrote the whole thing generically enough, perhaps it could be applied to other git-based open source projects, as well
14:14 druthb open_source_tools_for_test​ing_open_source_software++
14:15 sekjal gtg; must relocate.  back in 30 min or so
14:15 sekjal left #koha
14:21 oleonard Anyone else feel like there should be a delete button on
14:22 Guillaume left #koha
14:24 druthb left #koha
14:29 oleonard If I'm looking at the "Notices" tab of a patron in the staff client, why might I see "failed" in the status column?
14:36 * oleonard thinks everyone must be busy building the git-vm supercomputer
14:38 jwagner oleonard, I think "failed" means the patron didn't have an email address so Koha couldn't send the notice.
14:38 oleonard That doesn't appear to be the case with this particular patron
14:41 hdl oleonard: I thought of a kind of mykoha not on vms but on a machine. But with different versions.
14:44 jwagner Or maybe that Koha couldn't talk to the mailserver at that point?
14:48 clrh left #koha
14:50 sekjal joined #koha
14:51 clrh joined #koha
14:59 Ropuch I'm looking through 3.4 pl-PL*.po files and I can see lot's of non english terms in source fields
14:59 Ropuch Like Billedbøker for barn i alderen til og med 5 år;
15:00 nhusd joined #koha
15:01 kf Ropuch: That is norwegian
15:01 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6291] Cart printing truncated in Firefox <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6291>
15:01 Ropuch Suppose it's some norwegian dialect, but afair .po files were generated from english
15:01 kf Rocpuch: If you don't plan to use NORMARC you can just copy it over
15:01 Ropuch Oh
15:01 kf it's from the NORMARC xslt files
15:01 kf those have no english translation at the moment
15:01 Ropuch That's a relief
15:02 Ropuch I don't mind learning norwegian, but not at the moment ;>
15:02 sekjal oleonard: jwagner's right, the 'failed' status comes when the intended email address couldn't be used (either there was no value for that field, or the email was somehow invalid)
15:03 oleonard sekjal: Do you know by what mechanism it comes to that conclusion?
15:03 sekjal oleonard:  I do not... would have to look it up
15:04 hdl sekjal: oleonard testing sendmail result iirc.
15:08 sekjal oleonard: I believe the test is just on the existence of $to_address.  so anything not null, 0 or empty string should work.
15:14 Susan left #koha
15:19 skushner joined #koha
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15:22 julian left #koha
15:29 matts is now known as matts_away
15:30 wizzyrea hello friends
15:31 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
15:31 SteveJ joined #koha
15:37 oleonard Steve J...obs?
15:38 paul_p lol
15:38 paul_p hi wizzyrea
15:38 SteveJ obs?
15:39 oleonard SteveJ + obs = SteveJobs
15:39 SteveJ I wish.
15:39 Ropuch ;>
15:39 Ropuch Hi wizzyrea
15:42 kf nengard++
15:43 nengard for what? what did I do this time? :)
15:43 kf for asking about the pattern and for fighting for us librarians :)
15:44 paul_p nengard & kf: maybe a misunderstanding with "can". When I said "can't" I was not meaning they won't be able (well, most of them won't be able), I was meaning they won't care, so I can't ask them.
15:44 kf left #koha
15:46 bg_ joined #koha
15:46 bg_ left #koha
15:53 smeagol joined #koha
15:56 smeagol hi everyone
15:59 oleonard Hi smeagol
16:00 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:04 oleonard Mmmm.... lunch.
16:06 SteveJ left #koha
16:06 smeagol mmm nice fish...
16:09 sekjal_mobile joined #koha
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16:16 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
16:19 cait joined #koha
16:19 cait back
16:26 cait hah, now it started raining
16:26 cait left just in time
16:39 larryb is now known as larryb_lunch
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17:32 larryb_lunch is now known as larryb
17:41 fredericd I'm taking a look at bug 6328
17:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6328 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
17:42 fredericd Does it mean something in English: Lift Debarment
17:44 sekjal my only understanding of the words are how they relate to Koha; in this case, to remove the 'debar' flag from a patron so they can checkout again
17:45 fredericd Thanks. So there isn't any better English wording?
17:48 sekjal I think that would be the right way to say it in Koha-English.  anything else could just cause confusion
17:49 gmcharlt yeah, other systems might call it a patron block or something like that
17:49 gmcharlt but if we were to change it, would want to do so across the board
17:50 * gmcharlt suddenly wonders what law firm libraries make of that terminology :)
17:50 gmcharlt I guess it would kinda be the ultimate stick to get lawyers to return their books on time ... do it or be debarred!
17:51 hankbank joined #koha
17:51 sekjal gmcharlt:  we've got a law school library going live soon... we'll ask about the reaction they get
17:52 fredericd That's where I'm lost. I'm totaly unable to 'feel' how sound such a formulation... or even if it's just correct.
17:55 gmcharlt fredericd: an alternative wording that might work without having to go so far as to drop "debar" might be "Restore Privileges"
17:58 hdl maybe "Un - Trap" but this would also be somehow clumsy
18:00 nengard debar is one of my pet peeves in koha ... means nothing to most of us
18:00 nengard should say 'restrict' and 'lift restriction' i think
18:01 tcohen left #koha
18:01 gmcharlt that works
18:01 nengard if i get one more vote on that i'll fix it!! :) hehe
18:02 sekjal as I recall, it's also being used differently now (to indicate the patron cannot borrower) that it was originally intended in Koha 1.0 (to indicate this person is banned from the library!)
18:02 nengard i've hated that forever and ever
18:02 * oleonard votes "restrict"
18:02 nengard checking for an existing bug report ... if one isnt there i'm reporting and fixing it NOW
18:02 nengard :) hehe
18:02 sekjal I'd like to see the three flags, debarred, gonenoaddress and lostcard, removed in favour of something more robust and locally configurable
18:03 * gmcharlt smells new patron attributes
18:03 nengard bug 5268 ... reported by ... ME!! :)
18:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5268 minor, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Language Issue: Debarred
18:03 nengard sekjal, that's above my skillset, i'll change labels for now :) hehe
18:03 fredericd nengard: Yes, do it. I leave 'Lift Debarment' wording in Paul bug 6328 patch, not beeing able to choose an alternative...
18:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6328 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
18:03 gmcharlt and a "banned from the library" flag would work as a attribute as well, partcularly since it is presumably only ever done manually
18:03 cait fredericd: do you know if the new feature will change how debarment by notice triggers work?
18:04 fredericd cait: no modification in this area I can see. What do you mean exactly?
18:04 cait ah cool
18:05 cait no, I only wondered because I thought the api was changed
18:06 sekjal going over the top, we could have several User Permissions:  CanCheckout, CanPlaceHold, CanRenew etc, each being able to be shut off for a user-configurable reason
18:08 gmcharlt sekjal: what would be the advantage of doing it as per-patron permissions as opposed to policies set per patron group or by the circ matrix?
18:09 sekjal there defaults defined by patron category and branchcode, yes
18:09 sekjal s/there/there should be/
18:10 sekjal but once a patron has too many fines, too many overdues, or does some kind of unruly behaviour, they would individually be changed to a different permission set, selecting from the reasons configured in Auth Values
18:10 gmcharlt sekjal: ah, I see
18:11 gmcharlt but I think that would be better done parallel to user permissions, not overloading the permissions mechanism
18:12 sekjal it would be a strain to base this all on the current permissions set up, but it would also provide a very integrated approach to things
18:12 sekjal I could see some confusion in future development if we had two permissions systems
18:12 sekjal it's already confusing enough with the borrowers.flags and then the granular permissions tables in addition to that
18:12 gmcharlt well, it wouldn't be two permissions systems
18:12 gmcharlt it woudl be one permissions system, and one circ block system
18:13 sekjal ah, okay
18:13 sekjal that makes sense
18:19 cait hm, perhaps fines could also be a trigger to cause a circ block
18:20 cait get  those can not renew, can not checkout, can not issue fine related sys prefs into a new more flexible block system
18:23 SteveJ joined #koha
18:25 hdl left #koha
18:33 indradg joined #koha
18:58 cait fredericd: still around?
19:07 oleonard @wunder 45701
19:07 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 29.4�C (3:10 PM EDT on May 12, 2011). Conditions: Light Thunderstorms and Rain. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Steady). Severe Thunderstorm Watch 290 in effect until 7 PM EDT this evening...
19:08 coryj joined #koha
19:11 Guillaume joined #koha
19:13 rhcl_away @wunder 64507
19:13 huginn rhcl_away: The current temperature in Wyatt Park, St Joseph, Missouri is 26.4�C (2:10 PM CDT on May 12, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Falling).
19:29 indradg @wunder kolkata
19:29 huginn indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 28.0�C (12:20 AM IST on May 13, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
19:35 indradg hi.. is there a way within Koha (3.2.x) by which we can search from_accession_no - to_accession_no, or from barcode to barcode (assuming these are something in some sequence)?
19:39 Guillaume left #koha
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19:41 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
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19:45 Guillaume joined #koha
19:45 rangi morning
19:47 sekjal morning, rangi
19:48 jwagner left #koha
19:49 Guillaume left #koha
19:50 Guillaume joined #koha
19:54 cait morning rangi
19:54 rangi heya sekjal
19:55 rangi hey cait
19:55 rangi tgif
19:56 cait hehe, here it's still thursday
19:56 sekjal rangi: oh, right, you're in the Future
19:57 rangi yes with my flying car
19:57 sekjal a guy from my home town actually invented the AeroCar
19:57 sekjal Molt Taylor
19:58 sekjal the little airport on the edge of town is named for him now
19:58 sekjal
19:59 rangi wow cool
20:03 sekjal and with that fun little bit of trivia, I must depart
20:03 rangi cya
20:03 sekjal goodnight <localtime>, #koha!
20:03 nengard left #koha
20:03 cait bye sekjal and nengard
20:03 sekjal left #koha
20:03 rangi I plan to sign off a couple of things today
20:03 rangi making more work for sekjal
20:04 cait I think he can deal with that :)
20:04 rangi :)
20:05 rangi bus stop brb
20:07 smeagol They promised us hovercrafts...
20:11 wizzyrea a proper future would have zeppelins
20:12 ibeardslee led ones?
20:13 wizzyrea ^.^
20:13 wizzyrea yea, covered in em. ;)
20:13 rangi back
20:14 ibeardslee I suppose LED ones as well
20:14 wizzyrea ooh, shiny
20:15 wizzyrea in case you are wondering, this really works :D
20:16 rangi :)
20:16 Brooke joined #koha
20:16 rangi morning Brooke
20:17 Brooke osi
20:17 cait hi Brooke :)
20:17 Brooke howday
20:23 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6334] Using OAI with the OPACBaseURL syspref <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6334>
20:23 * rangi is looking at that one now
20:23 rangi for 3.4 at least
20:24 indradg chris_n, around?
20:24 indradg i'm looking for some help on the label creator
20:24 oleonard left #koha
20:26 coryj left #koha
20:42 wizzyrea "Some of the most successful products don't take much time to learn, but take much time to master."
20:45 hdl joined #koha
20:45 * Brooke waves to hdl
20:46 * Brooke takes the pebble from wizzyrea's palm and books for it!
20:46 larryb left #koha
20:46 wizzyrea :)
20:46 wizzyrea this seems germane to the topics of the day:[…]s-the-best-answer
20:47 rhcl_away[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6334 <- "create an immersive experience". What kind of experiences would that be exactly?
20:47 huginn Bug 6334: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Using OAI with the OPACBaseURL syspref
20:48 rhcl_away disregard previous
20:48 rhcl_away  <- "create an immersive experience". What kind of experiences would that be exactly?
20:48 wizzyrea did you look at the pic?
20:49 wizzyrea you can basically create a wall of LCD tv's and control the lot of them from one computer, stand in the middle, and be in the middle of it
20:49 wizzyrea so anything you can do with google earth
20:49 wizzyrea you can be "in it
20:49 wizzyrea "
20:50 rangi i was in the earth once
20:50 rangi theres a bunch of worms down there
20:51 wizzyrea :)
20:51 Brooke wizzy
20:51 wizzyrea yes brooke?
20:51 wahanui brooke is so 'leet or so sweet
20:51 wizzyrea too right
20:51 Brooke that was eerily similar to a digital tree idea I gave to Jo a while back
20:51 Brooke but me digital tree was cooler
20:51 wizzyrea :)
20:51 Brooke that could easily be the inside of its trunk though
20:51 Brooke oh know you di'int waha
20:52 Brooke wahanui forget brooke
20:52 wahanui Brooke: I forgot brooke
20:52 wizzyrea I sent that to jo
20:52 Brooke yeah I saw the tweet
20:52 * Brooke needs every tool she can to keep pace with Jo.
20:52 wizzyrea hee
20:52 rhcl_away I guess I'm looking for a good, solid step towards a real Star Treck holodeck.
20:53 wizzyrea not quite there
20:53 wizzyrea but
20:53 Brooke well
20:53 Brooke donate to Horowhenua
20:53 wizzyrea you could concievably hack this thing together with a kinect
20:53 hdl Hi Brooke
20:53 Brooke and they'll prolly get right on it ;)
20:53 rhcl_away I don't doubt that we are making small, baby steps, but I wanna see some real strides
20:53 Brooke *notintendedasafactualstatement.
20:54 rangi And Japan is on.....$599 return, yes that's right $599 return. Stop Yakitori time!
20:54 cait ?
20:54 * Brooke does a wee dance.
20:54 wizzyrea are you going to japan
20:55 wizzyrea ?
20:55 rangi grabaseat, cheap flights to japan
20:55 rangi wasnt planning to, but damn thats cheap
20:55 wizzyrea trying to get that engine of tourism going again?
20:55 rangi and yakitori!!
20:55 * Brooke is savin all her dough for India.
20:55 cait yakitory are great (if I am thinking about the right thing - food?)
20:55 Brooke food glorious food cait
20:56 * Brooke will shortly be eating Japanese, actually >:)
20:56 indradg Brooke, ++
20:57 rangi[…]P_and_3M_machines
20:57 rangi cait: you are
20:57 cait yum
20:57 Guillaume left #koha
20:57 Brooke damn it!
20:57 Brooke you beat me!
20:57 cait we will probably need this page very soon
20:58 wizzyrea ...
20:58 * wizzyrea facepalms
20:58 wizzyrea I thought that was documented somewhere already
20:58 * Brooke wishes that a wee one would follow Chris with a stick and beat the back of his knees when he does a chore that I could do.
20:59 wizzyrea < sadly, has intimate knowledge of the process, and longstanding at that.
21:00 * wizzyrea is ashamed
21:00 rangi Brooke: dont give them any ideas
21:00 Brooke Makiawisuq
21:00 Brooke can't remember what you guys call em
21:01 Brooke but you guys have em too
21:09 joynelson joined #koha
21:09 Brooke 0/
21:10 rangi heya joynelson :) hows that debian treating ya?
21:14 cait good night all
21:15 cait left #koha
21:16 Brooke left #koha
21:21 joynelson Quick (hopefully) install question.  I am installing Koha 3.4 on Debian Squeeze.  When I run 'install_misc/'  I get the error E: Unable to locate package libyaz3
21:21 joynelson Should I install libyaz4?
21:21 joynelson I can't find libyaz3 anywhere
21:22 rangi you want a quick way of getting all the dependencies installed joynelson ?
21:22 joynelson yes please.
21:22 rangi
21:22 joynelson I did that.  (or so I thought)
21:22 rangi add the squeeze-dev repo
21:22 joynelson aaah
21:22 joynelson ok.  will try again!!  thx
21:23 rangi apt-get install koha-common
21:23 rangi that will pull in all the dependencies
21:23 rangi then you can get the tarball
21:23 rangi run the perl Makefile.PL and go from there
21:23 joynelson sounds easy enough.
21:23 rangi it pretty much is :)
21:28 druthb joined #koha
21:28 druthb o/
21:29 rangi arent you sposta be at dinner?
21:29 smeagol left #koha
21:29 rangi oh crap
21:29 druthb shortly.  We catch the train in about an hour.
21:29 rangi my ring!!!
21:29 * druthb looks at the spot where smeagol sat, curiously.
21:30 druthb @seen Brooke
21:30 huginn druthb: Brooke was last seen in #koha 20 minutes and 35 seconds ago: <Brooke> 0/
21:30 druthb uh-huh.  not surprised.
21:30 bg heya druthb
21:31 indradg left #koha
21:33 wizzyrea hehe
21:34 bg whois smeagol  errr...  whatis smeagol
21:34 bg heh
21:35 rhcl_away logaems
21:35 druthb wahanui: Brooke?
21:35 wahanui it has been said that Brooke is sweet, even though she tells us she's not.
21:35 druthb correct.
21:36 druthb wahanui: druthb?
21:36 wahanui you are our resident data mangle^h^h migration specialist, and also a hot lil number in a skirt.
21:36 * druthb gives wahanui an ebil eye.
21:36 druthb you've been talking to Brooke again, haven't you, wahanui?
21:36 wahanui druthb: what?
21:37 bg wizzyrea?
21:37 wahanui i heard wizzyrea was a wonderful mother, colleague, and friend. or a koha poet
21:37 bg wizzyrea++
21:37 bg rhcl?
21:37 wahanui rhcl is gonna beat up on an ibot, if it's not careful.
21:37 bg heh rhcl++
21:37 wizzyrea haha
21:37 bg rangi?
21:37 wahanui rangi is a proud Māori whose sense of humour matches his prowess in coding.
21:37 bg noice rangi++
21:37 bg bg?
21:37 wahanui somebody said bg was awesome! or the BEST BOSS EVAR!
21:38 * bg see druthb has been messing with you again
21:38 bg forget bg
21:38 wahanui bg: I forgot bg
21:38 rangi heh
21:38 * druthb loox innocent.
21:39 rhcl_away but ain't?
21:39 rhcl_away gee, you'd think it was Friday from the irc chat
21:40 rangi it is :)
21:40 rhcl_away two hours into beer friday in NZ, at that
21:40 wizzyrea everybody's talked out on the list I think
21:40 * druthb is innocent!  Asks anyone!  We sweaaaahs it!
21:42 rangi still 6 hours til beer oclock rhcl_away :)
21:42 ibeardslee :(
21:42 rhcl_away yea, I though about replying to Chris' email with my vote for him to be RM for all of the Koha 5.x and Koha 6.x series.
21:43 druthb rhcl++  #rangi for King!
21:43 wizzyrea noooo
21:43 wizzyrea well, he could be king :P
21:43 rangi oh sweet baby jebus
21:43 wizzyrea but maybe not RM
21:43 rangi no !
21:43 rangi court jester maybe
21:44 druthb heh
21:44 bg :)
21:44 druthb as I said here this morning--we don't have a Koha Pope, who rules ex cathedra from on high.  Maybe we can chain rangi to the Throne for that job.
21:45 rangi we do have the pontifical university in rome tho
21:45 bg awesome
21:45 rangi The Library of the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce -Pontifical University of the Holy Cross,
21:45 rangi +Rome- is proud to announce the migration to Koha 3.2.7
21:45 nhusd left #koha
21:45 bg sweet
21:46 * bg was hoping that someone in fuji would sign with us and want onsite training - :)
21:46 * rangi is quite happy to take less responsibility not more
21:46 bg I'd speak up and take that one
21:46 bg @karma
21:46 huginn bg: Highest karma: "rangi" (319), "oleonard" (262), and "gmcharlt" (253).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-105), "failed" (-54), and "-" (-36).  You (bg) are ranked 100 out of 1457.
21:46 * wizzyrea thinks it's time for someone else to have a turn, and doesn't volunteer
21:47 rhcl_away is koha not well represented in the Far East-Taiwan, Korea, China?
21:47 rangi Taiwan yes
21:47 rangi china and korea no
21:47 bg sorry rangi - the most karma = most responsibility :)
21:47 druthb naah, I'm betting I could kiss up to our Director of Open Source Education and she'd make me go to Fiji...
21:47 SteveJ I should go ahead and request on-site training here in toasty AZ in July
21:47 rangi i know of one public library in mainland china
21:47 rangi lots of libraries in taiwan
21:47 rangi dont know of any in korea
21:47 rangi there are some in japan
21:48 bg yeah AZ is awesome though -- good green chilis yummy
21:48 rhcl_away I should go convert Korea. I lived there for 12+ years
21:48 bg rhcl_away cool
21:48 rangi rhcl_away: you so should
21:48 rangi they are pretty wed to IE and activeX
21:49 rangi you'll do the world a favour moving them off that ;-)
21:49 bg does china allow google?
21:49 rhcl_away Well, I'd need a job to go with the evangelism.  :)
21:49 rangi yup
21:49 rhcl_away All the MS is pirated...
21:49 rangi where in korea were you?
21:50 bg rangi - you going to thane (kohacon)?
21:50 rhcl_away Oh, a place called Osan for, idonno, 6 years, and then Seoul for about 6 or so.
21:50 joynelson is now known as tall_joy
21:50 bg rhcl_away - what where you doing?
21:50 bg hiya tall_joy
21:50 rangi bg: probably not, i will be speaking in vancouver and then back to nz for Lianza
21:50 rhcl_away air force
21:50 rangi they both overlap with kohacon dates
21:51 rhcl_away korean linguist - translating and all
21:51 tall_joy true identity is hidden now.  :-D
21:51 bg ahh  air_force  makes sense
21:51 rangi rhcl_away: ohh translating ...
21:51 rangi i have a job for you
21:51 rangi
21:51 bg whoops
21:51 rhcl_away huh....huh....huh
21:51 rangi ask fredericd to add korean here
21:51 rangi and go for your life ;-)
21:52 * druthb toddles off, to go get pretty for dinner with her daughter and Brooke shortly.
21:52 bg cya druthb
21:52 rangi have fun druthb
21:52 bg druthb++
21:52 * druthb waves.
21:52 druthb bg++ #BEST BOSS EVAR!
21:52 rhcl_away thing is, I don't know the library terminology. Yea, I could make up something for "circulation" but it might not be what the Koreans use.
21:52 druthb rangi++ #Super-RM!
21:52 bg rangi++
21:52 druthb left #koha
21:52 bg druthb gets her shots in and then runs :)
21:53 rangi rhcl_away: yeah thats the trick i stumbled into with maori also
21:53 rangi but i think mostly right is better than nothing at all
21:53 rangi someoen might install it, and fix it then ;)
21:54 rhcl_away If I had access to a Korean Sirsi system that would be a snap.
21:55 rhcl_away google says "순환 = circulation", but I'll bet that means like water circulating, and I don't have my dictionaries here with me.
21:56 rangi ahh yeah
21:56 rangi well if you ever do want to have a crack, fredericd is the man to ask to get korean .po files added to the translate site
21:57 wizzyrea ta ta for now
21:57 rhcl_away bye bye
21:57 rangi cya wizzyrea
21:58 bg time to check the weather
21:58 bg @wunder 93109
21:58 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 20.9�C (3:00 PM PDT on May 12, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Steady).
21:58 rangi @wunder wellington nz
21:58 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (9:00 AM NZST on May 13, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
21:58 rhcl_away I'm hungry, maybe I'll bug out now too.
21:58 * bg gets the win now
21:58 rangi cya rhcl_away
21:58 bg cya rhcl_away
21:59 bg but I have a feeling rangi will pull ahead once the clouds burn off and it gets to be later in the day
21:59 SteveJ left #koha
21:59 rangi not sure
22:00 rangi we are heading into winter
22:00 bg ah right
22:00 bg one last day :)
22:00 rangi :)
22:02 * gmcharlt will get to pill a cat for the first time ever today
22:02 * gmcharlt calls emergency services in advance
22:02 ibeardslee remember they try and cheat
22:03 rangi a cat never cheats
22:03 rangi he/she just bends the world to their will
22:04 gmcharlt a will that never includes consumption of a pill
22:04 rangi :)
22:04 rangi unless it is a pill you really really really dont want them to eat
22:04 ibeardslee don't be tempted to use your finger to shove it all the way down
22:05 ibeardslee unless you want to explain it to the vet AND your surgeon
22:05 rangi hehe
22:05 gmcharlt ibeardslee: why not?  I hear cats like to have meaty treats after they swallow a pill ;)
22:07 Johnindy joined #koha
22:13 SteveJ joined #koha
22:14 Johnindy_ left #koha
22:28 rangi adalid++
22:32 tall_joy left #koha
22:44 bg I just ate some bacon and my dog loves the smell of my breath
22:44 rangi heh
22:49 bg what's adalid?
22:49 rangi someones name :)
22:50 bg ahhh now I see it
22:50 SteveJ left #koha
22:52 bg filtering_email++  dumb_user_who_can't_switch_folders_fast_enough--
22:57 chris_n` joined #koha
22:57 chris_n is now known as Guest695
22:57 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
23:00 bg hey chris_n
23:00 bg we've still got a Guest695 as ops :)
23:01 bg at least here we do
23:01 pianohacker joined #koha
23:01 pianohacker good afternoon
23:01 rangi heya college boy
23:01 rangi summer break now? going to cancun?
23:01 * rangi plays into stereotypes
23:02 bg ah summer break = skiing in chile
23:02 rangi is spring break cancun?
23:02 bg yeah spring break cancun
23:02 rangi right, so skiing in chile then?
23:02 rangi :)
23:03 pianohacker Haha, nah
23:03 pianohacker Just hanging out at the parents house
23:03 rangi i bet thats code for something
23:04 Guest695 left #koha
23:04 * rangi isnt done with the youngsters slang
23:04 rangi done=down
23:04 pianohacker I wish! Only interesting thing I'm doing is replacing parts of the wallet I lost
23:04 pianohacker Driver's license, insurance card, debit card
23:04 pianohacker great fun
23:04 bg oh man pianohacker that's not too good
23:05 rangi ahh my brother in law had that happen
23:05 rangi in cancun!
23:05 pianohacker nah. I lost it at a friend's house, so it won't be misused, but still a pain
23:05 pianohacker oh, ouch
23:05 pianohacker anything bad happen?
23:05 rangi naw, cancelled everything in time
23:05 rangi but put a downer on the trip
23:05 pianohacker definitely
23:06 pianohacker much more of a pain when you're away from home
23:06 rangi yep
23:07 rangi i lost mine in vienna
23:07 rangi at the UN
23:07 pianohacker Oh wow
23:07 rangi it got handed in
23:07 pianohacker That's nice luck. With everything still in it?
23:07 rangi but that was after i had panicked and cancelled my visa
23:07 rangi yep
23:07 rangi lucky it had cash in it
23:07 rangi so i was ok for hte rest of the trip
23:08 chris_n` joined #koha
23:08 chris_n is now known as Guest697
23:08 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
23:08 rangi and i hadnt cancelled all the other cards, so that was much better than it could have been
23:09 pianohacker Yup
23:09 bg yeah ouch rangi
23:09 rangi i learnt my lesson
23:09 rangi i empty my wallet when i travel overseas
23:09 pianohacker Were you okay getting home?
23:10 rangi i dont need to have my wellington library card in there
23:10 rangi :)
23:10 rangi yeah, my passport was in the hotel safe
23:10 pianohacker You _always_ need your library card, what's wrong with you?
23:10 rangi hehe
23:10 rangi i have a boston library card
23:10 eythian when I travelled for a while, I had two cards that accessed the one account, one lived in my wallet, one in my pack.
23:10 rangi thats a good idea eythian
23:10 chris_n` joined #koha
23:10 chris_n is now known as Guest698
23:10 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
23:10 rangi differnt cards, eftpos and visa ?
23:11 rangi so you can cancel one?
23:11 eythian No, these were travelex cards.
23:11 pianohacker [0.0000] waiting for chris_n's to stabilize
23:11 rangi ahh even better idea
23:11 eythian I think that that it was possible to cancel one, but also it's safer as you pre-load them with money
23:11 rangi *nod*
23:12 AndroUser joined #koha
23:12 eythian (and when you run out, you can email the travel agent and get them to put more on)
23:12 AndroUser is now known as SpaceLib
23:12 rangi heya SpaceLib
23:12 rangi at an airport?
23:12 SpaceLib Hey! Yep. Auckland.
23:13 SpaceLib Flight delayed due to bad weather.
23:13 chris_n` joined #koha
23:13 chris_n is now known as Guest699
23:13 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
23:14 rangi typical
23:14 Guest697 left #koha
23:15 SpaceLib Heavy rain at home. going to be interesting to fly into.
23:16 SpaceLib I see we have one of the vatican libraries on koha. Brilliant.
23:16 rangi pretty cool eh
23:16 Guest698 left #koha
23:17 SpaceLib As a librarian, that's more of a coup than the uk national archives!
23:20 Guest699 left #koha
23:20 pianohacker Just make sure tom hanks doesn't help out with that migration
23:21 rangi heh
23:21 SpaceLib Lol!
23:26 AndroUser2 joined #koha
23:26 SpaceLib left #koha
23:26 AndroUser joined #koha
23:27 AndroUser is now known as SpaceLib
23:30 SpaceLib left #koha
23:30 AndroUser2 left #koha
23:38 NateC left #koha
23:39 hdl left #koha
23:45 yhager left #koha

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