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00:19 rangi patch sent
00:22 rangi and of course i discover a bug with it right away
00:39 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6292] Overdue notices have a bug when multiple overdues exist <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6292>
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01:17 Mike6 If I make modifications to koha, what am I required to do to comply with GPL
01:19 Mike6 do I have to publish the source, or just include it if I didtribute it?
01:19 Mike6 *distribute
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01:30 Mike6 does anyone know?
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01:33 Space_Librarian Mike6: they're all at a conference presently, so if you hang on, somebody will tell you.
01:33 Space_Librarian dagnabit
01:34 * sijobl is not a lawyer, but I'll give it a shot anyway
01:34 sijobl if you make mods to Koha, you're not obliged to do anything with them, if they're for your own use
01:34 Space_Librarian it's on the koha-community page...
01:34 sijobl if you give that copy of Koha to  somebody else, then you are obliged to provide the source with it
01:35 sijobl that's the traditional reading of GPL v2
01:35 sijobl since some of Koha is under GPL v3 now, I'm not sure what applies
01:36 sijobl I think the main difference there is that if you're offiner up your modifications to Koha for others to use and it's still on your server, you have to make the code available
01:36 sijobl s/offiner/offering
01:36 * Space_Librarian thinks sijobl may be right... Will check the documentation.
01:37 sijobl ie if you're running some kind of hosted koha, under the gpl v3 you need to make the code for that available to the users
01:37 sijobl WRT to the gpl v2, it's all a bit sematic wrt to intepreted languages, as there's no real way to give anybody a copy of koha, modded or not, without giving them the source
01:38 sijobl as the source *is* the running language
01:38 Space_Librarian[…]Coding_Guidelines
01:40 sijobl[…]copyright_license
01:42 Space_Librarian sijobl :)
01:43 * sijobl all roads on the decision of which license to use stopped at kohacon10
01:43 sijobl I wonder what they decided
01:46 sijobl but essentially the gist of both versions of the GPL is that if you distribute object code (ie compiled binaries), modified or not, free or charged, you must make the source to your modifications available as well
01:47 sijobl if you don't distribute your version, you don't have to make the source for your version available.  So if you're just developing in house, you aren't obliged to send changes upstream
01:48 sijobl course, then you're probably just making a long term maintenance problem for yourself
01:48 sijobl in general you should send your changes upstream
01:48 sijobl if they're non specific
01:48 Space_Librarian Mike6 disappeared a while ago, unfortunately.
01:48 sijobl that's ok
01:49 * sijobl needed the typing practice :-0
01:49 Space_Librarian :)
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03:20 AmitG heya chris
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04:00 Brooke_ kia ora!
04:00 SpaceLibrarian_home kia ora
04:00 Brooke_ :D
04:01 SpaceLibrarian_home hey! How's things?
04:01 Brooke_ good enough for gummint woik
04:01 Brooke_ stuff is starting to sink into my thick skull fencing wise, too.
04:01 SpaceLibrarian_home joyful then.
04:01 Brooke_ indeed
04:02 SpaceLibrarian_home And yay for fencing (still)
04:02 Brooke_ I knew once I was wittier in conversation the movement wouldn't be far behind
04:02 Brooke_ were I not a hulking behemoth, I'd consider dance.
04:02 Brooke_ err
04:02 Brooke_ western dance, that is
04:02 SpaceLibrarian_home and by western dance you mean?
04:02 Brooke_ ballroom dancing
04:03 SpaceLibrarian_home flamenco? salsa?
04:03 Brooke_ it's useful for the distance and reaction for fencing
04:03 SpaceLibrarian_home the fun dancing?
04:03 Brooke_ nope
04:03 Brooke_ boring ballroom
04:03 Brooke_ waltz
04:03 Brooke_ but I doubt I'd do it
04:03 Brooke_ it's too bloody boring and I'd rather fence me way there
04:04 Brooke_ I suppose tango'd work
04:04 Brooke_ enyway
04:04 Brooke_ how are you?
04:06 SpaceLibrarian_home shmeh seems to be my word of the day. I've an irritating headache I can't get rid of and is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.  So I'm working with pencil and paper. Old school fun. :)
04:07 Brooke_ clearly you need a personal masseuse.
04:07 Brooke_ have you had enough liquid?
04:08 SpaceLibrarian_home yes and I, and no I haven't. Although I'm trying to rectify the latter, and I'm investigating a decent sports massage in the former....
04:09 Brooke_ go drink lots of plain water and see what happens.
04:09 Brooke_ or green tea. That'd do.
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04:09 * SpaceLibrarian_home dutifully drains her cup of green tea
04:09 Brooke_ :)
04:09 * Brooke_ had someone call her mother once.
04:10 * SpaceLibrarian_home thought it only happened to her..
04:11 SpaceLibrarian_home now I need more tea...
04:11 * Brooke_ fetches some.
04:12 Brooke_ if Open Library has an artist in residence, surely Catalyst could afford a toady in residence.
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04:13 SpaceLibrarian_home :p
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04:18 Oak \o
04:18 Brooke_ 0/
04:18 Oak \o/
04:18 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
04:19 Brooke_ dude
04:19 Brooke_ I think some suckers rss fed mah blog
04:19 Brooke_ I just published this bloody post and it's got 11 reads.
04:19 Oak i want to be one of those suckers
04:20 Oak what's the address?
04:20 wahanui well, the address is fne
04:20 Brooke_ I don't write too often
04:20 Brooke_ and I was _supposed_ to have help
04:20 Brooke_
04:20 Brooke_ it's very ranty.
04:20 SpaceLibrarian_home oooh!
04:20 * SpaceLibrarian_home goes to looks
04:21 SpaceLibrarian_home looksy. dammit
04:21 Oak hm, why the light blue font mam?
04:22 Brooke_ blue on white is easier on the eyes
04:23 Brooke_ oh sechsy
04:23 Brooke_ first monday is all spyey this month
04:23 Brooke_ open source hardware :D
04:23 Brooke_ and digital music
04:24 * Brooke_ suspects the editors of peeking at diaries.
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04:26 * SpaceLibrarian_home enjoyed the post.
04:27 * Brooke blushes.
04:27 * Brooke passes some chocolate discreetly under the table with a wink.
04:27 * SpaceLibrarian_home toasts Brooke with her freshly brewed green tea
04:28 Brooke :D
04:28 Brooke dunno if you can find it in eNZed, but I enjoy ito en once in a long while.
04:28 Brooke hardcore tea.
04:28 SpaceLibrarian_home ito en? eh?
04:29 AmitG heya Brokke
04:29 Brooke
04:29 AmitG Brooke
04:29 Brooke hi amit
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04:29 SpaceLibrarian_home must see if I can find it. Currently drinkin Ti Kuan Yin... yum
04:30 SpaceLibrarian_home Brooke:
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04:31 Brooke if one must drink to a Goddess, that's a good pick
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04:32 Brooke oooh the cursor zhous are cool
04:32 ibeardslee oh cute cursor trails
04:32 SpaceLibrarian_home Brooke: yes. to both.
04:33 * Brooke suspects by the look of the teapots they know a good sand clay pot for soup
04:33 SpaceLibrarian_home that they do.
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05:27 * Brooke suspects her interwebs connection had one too many green chiles.
05:31 Brooke Male domination is also common: all of the respondents were male in the OSH community (comparable to 96 percent in the OSS communities).
05:31 Brooke[…]le/view/3357/2951
05:31 Brooke Koha: Buckin' the trend. :D
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05:57 cait morning
05:58 cait rang: bug 6292 - always thought it's supposed to be like that - but happy if that can be changed :)
05:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6292 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , Overdue notices have a bug when multiple overdues exist
06:09 SpaceLibrarian_home morning cait!
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06:09 bg @wunder 93109
06:09 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 17.8�C (11:12 PM PDT on May 02, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1017.8 hPa (Steady).
06:10 magnuse @wunder boo
06:10 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo Vi, Norway is 3.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Falling).
06:13 magnuse kia ora #koha
06:14 bg @wunder SBA
06:14 huginn bg: The current temperature in Santa Barbara, California is 17.0�C (10:53 PM PDT on May 02, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
06:14 bg sweet
06:23 magnuse hrmpf :-)
06:23 cait hrmpf? :)
06:23 cait morning SpaceLibrarian_home, magnuse and bg
06:23 magnuse hiya cait
06:24 magnuse just a minor comment on the temperature i nmy neck of the woods...
06:24 bg hiya cait
06:24 bg magnuse - what's up in NORMARC :)
06:24 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:24 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 7.2�C (8:25 AM CEST on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Rising).
06:24 magnuse bg: not  lot i think...
06:24 bg :)
06:24 bg alright night all
06:25 magnuse sleep tight bg
06:25 cait good night bg
06:26 * rangi wanders in for a little bit
06:27 rangi slept off the worst of my headache
06:27 magnuse yay
06:27 magnuse headaches--
06:27 rangi cait: and yeah i think the way the overdues work now is fundamentally flawed if you have 1 item that is long overdue, you will never get any overdue notices
06:28 rangi even if you have 1000 other items that just went overdue
06:28 rangi the one that was due a long time ago would keep getting picked, and it wont match a trigger
06:28 rangi and even without -t
06:29 rangi it still wont get an overdue
06:29 rangi so i think the patch is an improvement, since it now checks all overdues, not just the oldest
06:29 rangi it still needs a total rewrite but i dont have the time :(
06:30 cait it's a improvement
06:30 rangi but at least now, ppl will get overdues
06:30 cait yes
06:30 magnuse sounds like an improvement to me!
06:30 cait our library was complaining about that (amongst other things)
06:30 rangi *nod*
06:30 rangi if someone has time to sign off that would be great
06:30 cait and they expected that more than one notice can go out
06:31 rangi it will do that, unless you have digest chosen
06:31 rangi (now)
06:31 cait I can try, but notices testing takes a little time
06:31 cait or more than a little time, it takes time to create the cases
06:32 cait rangi: digest?
06:32 cait the list-all option?
06:33 rangi the type of notice i think
06:33 rangi 2 secs lemme check
06:33 cait there are no digests for overdue notices in koha - there is a command line option to list all overdues in each notice
06:34 cait in koha - in the gui
06:35 rangi ahh right, in that case, it will send one per trigger
06:35 rangi so if you have 5, 15, 30 day triggers
06:35 rangi and someone has 1 item at 5, 1 at 30
06:35 rangi they will get 2
06:36 cait ok
06:36 rangi id like to have it be a syspref
06:36 cait yes
06:36 rangi but kaizen :)
06:36 cait so it's the list-all switch or it will always do that now?
06:37 rangi i think it will always do that now
06:37 cait ok
06:37 cait need to know before testing :)
06:37 cait have to go - ttyl :)
06:37 rangi but will need testing, ill try to do some
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06:37 rangi basically i tried not to change the functionality, just fix the broken query for selecting overdues
06:38 rangi bbiab story time
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06:52 magnuse kia ora paul_p and Irma
06:52 paul_p kia ora guys (& women)
06:52 * magnuse walks over to the other computer
06:53 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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06:57 Susan Good Day everyone,
06:58 Susan I have just setup SIPServer and tested it, however I want to know, do I have to put this startup script in the crontab
06:58 Susan or if I start it once, it will always start up [even if I shutdown the prod machine] which happens
06:59 Susan perl -I /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/C4 /var/www/koha-2010-08-04/C4/SIP/ "/var/www/koha-2010-08-04/C4/SIP/SIPServer.xml" >/home/mistuser/koha-dev/var/log/sip_log.out 2>/home/mistuser/koha-dev/var/log/sip_log.err &
06:59 Susan is the script
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07:10 magnuse hi Susan! not sure there is anyone around at the moment who can answer your question...
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07:12 Susan hehe its ok :)
07:13 Susan thanks I will wait I guess
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07:38 kf good morning #koha
07:38 magnuse guten morgen kf
07:41 rangi Susan: you do need to put it in the crontab, with an @reboot
07:42 rangi or make an init.d script
07:42 rangi eg
07:42 rangi @reboot /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/SIP/  /path/to/SIPconfig.xml sip_out.log sip_err.log >/dev/null
07:43 huginn rangi: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
07:43 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
07:45 snail pleasantly surprised at how many academic libraries are listed on[…]a_Users_Worldwide
07:45 rangi thats way old and under reported
07:45 rangi most people seem to just list on libwebcats now
07:46 rangi which is a bit of a shame
07:46 magnuse perhaps there could have been more in the wiki if it was easier to add them? adding things to that huge page can seem daunting, i think
07:47 rangi well even libwebcats is way under reported  too
07:47 magnuse yup
07:47 rangi so while i agree making it easier to list would be good, i still think we would still only get a fraction
07:48 magnuse it would be cool to have a "campaign" to get more koha libraries registered
07:48 magnuse yeah, we'll never get every single one
07:48 rangi the problem with libwebcats its very american centric
07:49 magnuse yup
07:49 rangi i know that biblibre has problems getting its libraries to list, because it is all in english
07:49 paul_p in France, we (BibLibre) registered our libraries, only 2 of them registered themselves. and don't think a second anyone will file the wiki !
07:50 snail does anyone know of any academic libraries that have documented their decision to move to koha?
07:50 rangi funnily enough alsmot all the wiki ones were done by libraries themselves
07:50 paul_p (in the yearly survey, we translated the form, send a mail to all our customer, and ... only 3 of them filed the survey :( )
07:50 rangi yeah
07:50 rangi snail: NYU health sciences libary did
07:51 rangi try to catch sekjal sometime about it
07:51 rangi back in about 1.2 days
07:51 rangi as part of the makefile
07:51 magnuse i think they wrote an article?
07:51 rangi we had an option to 'register'
07:51 magnuse i might be confusing them with someone else
07:51 snail rang[…]10150112534118209
07:52 rangi thats them
07:52 rangi magnuse/paul_p: maybe a button in the about page, register with the koha community ?
07:52 rangi it could submit the about info, that way we could get info about versions too
07:52 magnuse rangi: yes! that would be cool!
07:53 rangi would just need a webservice listening that it could post too
07:53 rangi maybe on
07:53 rangi and totally voluntary
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07:53 magnuse +1
07:54 snail does the generated HTML advertise the version? we could check automagically for updates / statuses
07:54 rangi snail: yeah if they were out on the web, lots of special/corporate libraries live on intranets
07:54 magnuse it's in the generator meta tag
07:54 magnuse <meta name="generator" content="Koha 3.0500001" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->
07:55 snail dspace is switching to advertising versions in the generator tag too
07:55 rangi i think a button where we can encourage ppl to click on
07:55 rangi is a good first step
07:55 magnuse yup
07:55 rangi then we could extend it to periodically check
07:55 magnuse and if we had the URLs of a lot of OPACs it would be trivial to write a spider to check versions
07:56 rangi yup
07:56 magnuse oh my, that would be so cool!
07:56 rangi maybe a checkbox
07:56 magnuse for?
07:57 rangi some way to opt back out again
07:57 kf +1
07:57 rangi ie to turn our checking off
07:57 kf cool idea!
07:58 kf I registered our libraries on lib-web-cats and the wiki - but I agree with paul_p - none of my libraries would do that themselves
07:58 rangi it could be a checkbox/syspref that just adds 'dont check' to the html, and then they have to resubmit
07:58 magnuse yeah, but if it's out in the open anyway there shouldn't be a big problem with a havibg a little bot visiting the front page once in a blue moon, i think...
07:58 rangi sure, but nice to give people the option
07:58 magnuse sure!
07:58 rangi i wish i had the time to do it
07:58 magnuse s/bot/spider/
07:58 magnuse yeah, that's the next question... ;-)
07:59 rangi maybe in a month or 2
08:00 magnuse i guess we could survive that, we have managed without for a long time... :-)
08:00 rangi we need a student, its a perfect little project for a student, build a db, an a script to populate it
08:01 rangi then add the button to koha
08:01 magnuse hm, i could edit this conversation down a bit and make a bug for it?
08:01 rangi you dont even need to know oha to do it
08:01 rangi koha
08:01 magnuse yup
08:01 rangi sure
08:01 kf bug++ :)
08:03 magnuse anyone have a good title for it?
08:03 rangi not me
08:07 magnuse "Add a button for registering with the Koha community"?
08:07 rangi snail:[…]-i-mourn-the-loss
08:07 rangi magnuse: works for me
08:08 snail rangi: thanks. unretweeted.
08:10 rangi snail: i did like the 'as lincoln said "on the internet no one knows you arent quoting MLK"' :)
08:10 snail woof! woof!
08:11 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
08:11 kf rangi: have a sec?
08:11 kf bug 5173
08:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5173 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , Allow the discount to be editable
08:11 rangi yes?
08:12 kf why did you add needs sign-off?
08:12 kf I had tested it and found problems - but this was before we added our new status :)
08:13 kf and I think it will not apply any longer now - to heavy changes in acq since robin did it
08:13 rangi cos it had no status
08:14 rangi so was being missed by every report
08:14 rangi and by changing it, you noticed it
08:14 rangi so my work here is done :)
08:14 rangi you can set it to does not apply
08:14 kf hehe ok
08:14 rangi i just dont like any ones that have patch sent
08:14 rangi but no patch status
08:15 rangi because then they dont show up anywhere
08:15 kf done
08:15 kf I thought I perhaps had missed something
08:16 rangi nope, i changed a whole bunch i found that had no status
08:16 magnuse bug 6293
08:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6293 enhancement, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , Add a button to the intranet for registering with the Koha community
08:16 rangi cool magnuse
08:18 rangi kf:[…]0-machines-ubuntu
08:20 kf :)
08:20 magnuse yay!
08:21 SpaceLibrarian_home awesome!
08:21 magnuse and why souldn't they? i finally replaced OS X with Ubuntu on my Mac Mini the other day and it's just sweet as!
08:21 snail if i were supporting 10000 machines, I'd want them to be linux too...
08:22 snail or more accurately, anything but windows...
08:22 rangi snail: yes, with FAI and puppet
08:22 * snail gone (walking the dog)
08:23 magnuse ?
08:23 rangi snail: i like the the repository url idea too
08:23 rangi magnuse: thats the one
08:24 magnuse sounds nice
08:24 SpaceLibrarian_home looks good, really good.
08:43 Susan Thank you rangi, I just read your comment with the @reboot
08:43 Susan I shall do that now :)
08:43 Susan yay
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08:59 snail seems very slow, or is it just me?
09:01 rangi not too bad for me
09:02 magnuse not for me either
09:18 SpaceLibrarian_home still waiting on my confirmation email from the wiki. It's been over 24 hours now, and not in my junk mail. Is there a problem with the sending?
09:20 rangi quite likely, i think people were trying to spam through it
09:23 rangi[…]
09:24 SpaceLibrarian_home thanks rangi, I'll follow it up in the morning.
09:24 rangi cool
09:42 snail SpaceLibrarian_home: I'm waiting for confirmation too
09:42 SpaceLibrarian_home whew. not just me then. :)
09:44 magnuse if someone could do something about the broken listing of categories on the edit page too, it would be great! ;-)
09:55 rangi yay got my new fsf membership card
09:56 SpaceLibrarian_home aweosme!
09:56 SpaceLibrarian_home awesome*
09:56 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
09:56 magnuse yay
09:58 rangi comes with trisequel on it very cool
09:58 magnuse huh?
09:59 magnuse ahh
09:59 rangi yep, only free software (of course :))
09:59 magnuse it's on the membership card?
09:59 magnuse yeah, wouldn't expect anything less ;-)
09:59 rangi yep the membership card is a usb drive :)
10:00 magnuse nice
10:00 rangi
10:00 SpaceLibrarian_home that's what I call a useful membership card
10:04 rangi for a measly $10 (of course continuing to pay $10 a month is nothing too) it can be yours :)
10:04 snail useful maybe, but I'm not sure I'd trust a card like that with my data. particularly after some of the stuff i've been reading about ssd's recently
10:06 snail as per[…]-drive-scale.html
10:06 rangi its a bootable drive
10:06 rangi theres no space for any data on it
10:07 magnuse "And yet there's still over 750MB of writable space you can use for storage." but that page might not be up to date...
10:08 rangi theres not much on this
10:08 snail it's avaliable after you boot, maybe?
10:09 rangi but yeah thinking that using a usb stick to store the only copy of your data ...
10:09 rangi thats never a good idea
10:09 magnuse left #koha
10:10 magnuse joined #koha
10:10 rangi ditto with storing it on one hd, or one cdrom ...
10:10 magnuse or one cloud...
10:10 magnuse ;-)
10:10 rangi course ill be using obnam
10:11 magnuse ooh, that looks handy!
10:11 slef who's koha's nabble liaison and can they get the spam removed from http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]136.html#a4364446 for us, please?
10:11 slef hi all :)
10:11 magnuse how do you do, slef
10:12 rangi do we even have such a person?
10:12 rangi mtj might be the closest we have, he was working on getting the links fixed
10:14 snail left #koha
10:14 mtj i didnt get a response yet, from the nabble admins about my Q to add folk to the koha lists :/
10:15 mtj ive been meaning to ask again...
10:15 mtj the koha-dev list on nabble is still dead, switch the switch
10:15 mtj oops, since the switch
10:16 mtj so, we might just have to live with it for a bit, or cancel the nabble-user from the koha list
10:28 matts is now known as matts_away
10:35 slef :(
10:35 slef mtj: can you ask again please?
10:48 rangi slef: dunno how much we can talk about it but of course we responded to the kotui rfi (we got long listed, and then it became 3 rfp)
10:48 rangi and its not just sirsidynix they went with
10:49 rangi http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
10:50 rangi south taranaki and hauraki district were originally interested in kotui, they are now happy koha users instead, im confident they wont be the last
10:51 rangi it was the standard rfi/rfp process
10:51 rangi with the cost of answering crazy high, literally weeks of work for 3 people
10:51 slef NZ has standards for LMS RFI/RFP?
10:52 slef oic, just general public procurement standards
10:52 rangi yep
10:52 rangi the stupid wasteful inefficient and usually useless way of doing it
10:52 slef did they say why you didn't get through to RFP?
10:52 rangi no
10:52 rangi we did get through rfp
10:53 slef oh... I thought only those 3 did :-/
10:53 rangi no
10:53 rangi those are the 3 chosen
10:53 slef you are in a maze of twisty procurements, all different
10:53 slef so catalyst gambled, in other words?
10:53 rangi thats what answering rfp's are
10:54 slef well, thanks to its leaders for doing so, but it's a shame it's needed
10:54 rangi but there is no way we could not at least try
10:54 rangi and our responses were solid
10:55 slef yes, there is. You can send the "you're being a tit" response I've sent to an RFP more than once :)
10:55 slef erm, twit, not tit!
10:55 rangi sure id do that if it wasnt the national library of nz
10:55 slef it's in that national interest to tell them when they're being a twit! ;-)
10:56 rangi but for something where librarians are pleading for you to do it seriously
10:56 rangi you can tell them that afterward
10:56 slef I'd do that, explain why to the librarians, then account for it as social work.
10:56 slef nah, just looks like sour grapes afterwards
10:56 slef too easy for Sirsi PR dept to handle
10:56 rangi yeah but telling them they are a twit before
10:57 rangi gives you absolutely zero chance of kotui being koha
10:57 slef There's already absolutely zero chance.
10:57 rangi bullshit
10:57 rangi there might be now the process is ended
10:57 slef if the playing field is 89 degree tilt against you, why play?
10:58 rangi im not buying that
10:58 rangi you can complain its flawed process and still have a go at it
10:59 rangi we've won rfp in the past
10:59 slef so you think there was a reasonable chance Koha could have won that rfp?
10:59 rangi yes
10:59 rangi not a high one, but worth us responding
10:59 rangi do you vote in your general election?
11:00 rangi cos that process is deeply fucked :)
11:00 slef sometimes. Our voting system is screwed.
11:00 kf mj: retagging 5365 again - it's not only 3.0 - at least 3.2
11:00 kf new acq problem
11:00 slef which reminds me to call
11:00 rangi sometimes its worth voting anyway, even tho the process is screwed
11:00 kf slef... blame the new keyboard
11:00 slef kf: ok, so what F said is not accurate?
11:01 slef rangi: only sometimes.
11:01 kf n
11:01 kf yes, that's the problem
11:01 kf but it's not 3.0 - it's in 3.2/3.4
11:01 rangi slef: yes, so your blanket call them a twit is only sometimes valid also
11:01 kf it's a usability problem I think
11:01 kf you only see the buttion to reopen a basket when it's not attached to a basket group
11:02 slef rangi: was catalyst told why its RFP was unsuccessful?
11:02 kf so you have to ungroup it first, which is not what people expect
11:02 rangi slef: now its announced we should be getting a debrief, we'll see
11:02 slef kf: so it should be retagged master?
11:02 kf hm
11:02 kf probably
11:02 rangi slef: it was 3 rfp
11:03 rangi 1 for ils, 1 for discovery layer, 1 for hosting
11:03 slef rangi: oic. "watch this space". Do you think the RFP had any of the attributes I suggested?
11:03 rangi what attributes?
11:04 slef did it favour all-in-one black box LMS?
11:04 slef did it use a spec?
11:04 rangi used a spec
11:05 slef who drafted the spec?
11:05 slef had they ever used koha?
11:05 rangi dunno and dunno
11:05 slef did it take into account the exit cost of migrating away at any end of a licence period?
11:06 rangi it did actually
11:06 slef did it require suppliers to take a particular legal form?
11:06 rangi jesus
11:06 rangi im sorry i mentioned it :)
11:06 slef sorry, I'm just listing the attributes I suggested
11:06 rangi we responded 8 months ago, i cant remember all 400 pages of it
11:06 slef some of the nasties I've seen from RFPs here
11:07 slef the legal form one deffo comes under "I can't believe it's legal to require that"
11:07 rangi im pretty sure no particular legal form
11:07 kf 400!
11:07 rangi had to demonstrate financial viability
11:07 slef kf: yeah, pretty short one
11:08 rangi slef: that was just the answer :) the actual amount to read was longer than that
11:08 rangi but it was 3 like i say
11:08 slef 8 month lag :-/
11:08 rangi each one of a pretty average size
11:08 rangi yes, but they did have 2 major earthquakes
11:08 slef oh yeah
11:08 slef easy to forget from here
11:08 rangi and the national librarian resigned
11:09 rangi and they got merged into dept of internal affairs
11:09 slef erm because that makes sense :-/
11:09 rangi national govt .. its what they do
11:09 rangi cut and merge, cut and merge
11:09 rangi and then sell
11:10 rangi unfortunately the leader of the labour party is as appealing as cold vomit
11:10 rangi so we probably have another 3 years of them
11:11 rangi i scheme of things, its probably doomed to fail anyway
11:12 slef irritating though
11:12 rangi yup
11:12 rangi and will waste a lot of money
11:12 slef right, now I'm really off to call
11:12 slef bbl
11:12 rangi :)
11:22 gmcharlt 'ello 'ello
11:26 SpaceLibrarian_home left #koha
11:27 rangi morning gmcharlt
11:29 kf hi gmcharlt :)
11:40 conan joined #koha
11:40 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
11:40 jcamins Good morning, #koha
11:40 * jcamins hums about chocolate bread
11:47 nengard joined #koha
11:48 JesseM joined #koha
11:50 jcamins Good morning, coworkers.
11:50 conan jcamins: good morning, and hello everybody
11:51 AmitG left #koha
11:52 kf jcamins: I think I have dreamt about chocolate bread
11:55 jcamins kf: It's going to be delicious.
11:55 jcamins I hope.
11:56 NateC joined #koha
11:57 kf :)
11:58 jcamins It's rising now.
11:58 jcamins I should probably write down the recipe I made up while I still remember it.
12:01 matts_away is now known as matts
12:04 bg left #koha
12:04 bg joined #koha
12:07 AmitG joined #koha
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12:18 adnc left #koha
12:32 kf jcamins: documentation is important :)
12:40 conan how do you use the bot that tells stuff later to someone not logged in?
12:41 jcamins @later tell conan Stuff
12:41 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
12:41 jcamins Like that.
12:41 nengard kf++
12:41 nengard :)
12:42 conan @later tell tcohen - bug 5166, can't sign off, explodes, check your mail
12:42 huginn conan: The operation succeeded.
12:42 conan cool
12:42 conan thanks
12:43 conan I hope I get the nick alright
12:44 bg_ joined #koha
12:44 bg left #koha
12:44 bg_ is now known as bg
12:51 kf conan: perhaps send him a mail or add to the bug
12:56 Irma left #koha
12:56 conan kf: I already sent him a mail, but I don't wanna add to the bug until I know I'm doing the steps correctly, maybe it's me the one failing and not his patch
12:56 tcohen joined #koha
12:57 kf I would add what you tried to make it work to the bug :) but here he is
13:00 conan tcohen: good morning, check your mail please
13:00 tcohen hi conan
13:00 conan kf: it's something that seems unrelated to his patch, something broken with C4/
13:00 conan kf: it's too far from me now
13:02 tcohen conan, I don't see that error you see
13:02 bg left #koha
13:02 conan crap
13:02 tcohen maybe something wrong with your dev setup?
13:02 conan possibly
13:03 tcohen have you cjecked your sax parser setup?
13:03 tcohen less /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
13:05 conan wouldn't know what to look for in there
13:07 conan it seems fine
13:07 tcohen run
13:07 tcohen misc/
13:07 pastebot "conan" at pasted "/etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini" (16 lines) at
13:07 kf ugh
13:07 tcohen you shouldn't be using Expat, LibXML instead
13:07 kf ok, I have items marked as (rcvd) in acq - but the library says no deliverey / receive was done
13:07 conan crap, I didn't mind this error before because everything were working fine
13:07 tcohen move the [XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser] section to the bottom
13:07 tcohen so it is the default
13:07 tcohen at least its pretty easy to solve :-D
13:11 conan I was doing the other way around
13:16 conan tcohen: check this:
13:16 conan Tue May  3 10:15:37 2011 2 authority record(s) exported for update
13:16 conan 10:15:37-03/05 zebraidx(8464) [fatal] Could not select database authorities errCode=109
13:16 conan tcohen: are the steps I show you in my mail ok?
13:16 kf paul_p: around?
13:16 conan that's from zebraqueue btw
13:17 paul_p kf, yep !
13:18 kf oh
13:18 kf or ah
13:18 tcohen conan, looks like you don't have zebra database initializaed
13:18 tcohen let me see
13:18 kf I have an acq problem and hoped you might have an idea about it
13:18 paul_p or ih, or uh, as you want ;-)
13:19 paul_p ok, throw your pb, we'll see what we can do
13:19 kf my library reports baskets with items marked as rcvd that were not received
13:19 kf and I see it
13:19 kf they have no delivery date, but I see that the quantity is set to null - which I think shouldn't be possible
13:19 paul_p items or orders ?
13:19 kf and I can't reproduce it
13:19 kf orders
13:19 paul_p quantity or quantity recieved ?
13:20 paul_p if it's qty, then it means someone/something has cancelled the order
13:20 kf quantitiy received is 0 - which makes sense, quantity is null
13:20 kf there are cancelled orders in this basket - but that's not the lines with the problem
13:21 kf the lines that show received have no cancellation date
13:21 coryj joined #koha
13:24 bg joined #koha
13:24 coryj left #koha
13:25 tcohen conan: its a permissions problem
13:25 tcohen have you run zebrasrv with sudo?
13:26 tcohen try running both with sudo ( and zebrasrv -f koha-conf.xml)
13:26 Jane_Wagner joined #koha
13:27 NateC left #koha
13:27 NateC joined #koha
13:29 mariew joined #koha
13:30 conan tcohen: beautiful :)
13:30 conan tcohen: now I can't choose the found authority, but that has nothing to do with your patch
13:30 tcohen sweet
13:31 tcohen thats because new/enh/bug_5166 its far behind master
13:31 conan it opens a blank page with this url:
13:31 conan[…]l?authid=4&index=
13:31 conan tcohen: do you think?
13:32 tcohen i mean, you do find the authority, but the javascript that pulls it into the record fails?
13:32 rhcl_kudos joined #koha
13:33 conan tcohen: exactly, and daemon log shows everything's fine
13:33 conan so it's not you, it's js
13:33 conan tcohen: can I re-ammend the ammend?
13:33 conan I forgot to add the string [sign off]
13:33 conan :|
13:33 jcamins conan: yes you can.
13:33 jcamins git commit --amend
13:34 conan should I shorten title to not exceed agreed characters?
13:35 jcamins It doesn't matter, because the [SIGNED-OFF] bit will be removed when chris pushes it.
13:37 conan hum... I forgot to pull this morning, will that be an issue?
13:40 druthb joined #koha
13:40 druthb Good morning, #koha.
13:41 rhcl_kudos hihi
13:42 jcamins kf: if you decide to make chocolate bread, use more than 7.5% cocoa powder.
13:43 jcamins And use Dutch-processed cocoa.
13:44 bg left #koha
13:44 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
13:44 LBA joined #koha
13:44 tcohen conan: not in that branch
13:45 margo joined #koha
13:45 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
13:45 kf paul_p: I had hoped you have a patch or bug report for that ;)
13:46 mib_zwzx2j_hal joined #koha
13:46 kf jcamins: Dutch-processed cocoa??
13:47 paul_p kf, nope, sorry, never heard of this problem (sorry, was on phone)
13:47 jcamins kf: I don't know the term in German.
13:48 conan tcohen: done, should I put something on bugzilla?
13:48 kf paul_p: I can't reproduce it - but setting the quantity to 1 seems to fix it. but it would be good to know how those lines happened :(
13:48 kf jcamins: what's different to normal?
13:48 tcohen conan, change it to signed-off
13:48 skushner joined #koha
13:48 conan tcohen: the signoff splitted in 6 individual patches, I sent them all, I hope I did ok
13:48 paul_p kf maybe you can keep it in you mind and if the problem arise again, then file a bug
13:49 jcamins kf:[…]cess-cocoa-041045
13:49 bg joined #koha
13:49 tcohen i think the last one needed sign-off
13:49 kf jcamins: google says normal cocoa for baking
13:49 tcohen but its ok if those patches have more than one sign-off
13:49 kf jcamins: or the explanation I found in a German baking forum :)
13:50 kf paul_p: they have 6 baskets witht his problem - I will certainly here about it if it happens again
13:50 jcamins kf: according to Wikipedia, the German term is "Dutching".
13:57 Jane_Wagner left #koha
13:59 Jane_Wagner joined #koha
14:08 kf jcamins: does still sound english ;)
14:09 jcamins kf: yes it does.
14:09 kf jcamins: I think cocoa for baking should work
14:09 jcamins kf: what color is baking cocoa?
14:10 mari_marvel joined #koha
14:10 liw brown?
14:10 Talljoy joined #koha
14:10 margo yes, baking cocoa is brown
14:10 margo like brownies
14:10 kf dark brown
14:11 jcamins kf: is it at all reddish?
14:11 kf um
14:11 * druthb waves over her shoulder to Talljoy and mari_marvel.
14:12 kf jcamins: perhaps a little - and it has no sugar
14:13 jcamins kf: ah, here's the way to tell what kind of chocolate. Do you use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or baking powder to make brownies rise?
14:13 kf ugh
14:14 mari_marvel hi druthb!
14:14 nengard hiya margo
14:14 jcamins kf: it doesn't really matter. :)
14:14 margo good morning nengard :)
14:14 jcamins kf: I'm just curious.
14:14 kf jcamins: I believe backing powder - but not sure I use it at all for the brownie recipe I hav
14:14 kf e
14:14 jcamins Okay, then you probably use Dutch-processed cocoa.
14:15 jcamins So you just need regular baking cocoa for chocolate bread. :)
14:15 kf ok :)
14:15 slef I've got a suspicion that baking cocoa is not all cocoa
14:16 slef some strange USian concoction
14:16 jcamins slef: we don't have baking cocoa.
14:16 kf it's not really called like that
14:16 kf it's also used for hot chocolat
14:16 kf e
14:16 kf no sugar in it
14:16 jcamins We have "cocoa drink powder," which is useless, and -- if you look hard enough -- real cocoa.
14:16 mari_marvel mmm...chocolate
14:16 coryj joined #koha
14:17 Talljoy Hi druthb. Did you enjoy lurking through my pix?  I saw you.  LOL
14:17 kf I think it's probably the second, drink powder has lots of sugar but not enough flavour
14:17 slef jcamins: I think your cocoa drink powder is what is called powdered hot chocolate here.
14:17 druthb :)
14:18 slef kf: really? I think ours has powdered milk but no sugar.
14:18 jcamins slef: yes, I was very happy when I was in the UK that cocoa was just cocoa.
14:18 slef jcamins: aha! Well probably same food labelling rules apply to UK and Germany on this one.
14:19 slef (there have been many European arguments about chocolate and cocoa labelling, but I don't remember any recent major ones)
14:19 kf lol
14:19 slef (the Belgians do not like the Brits putting so much butter in our chocolate)
14:19 kf you know, people at kudos will think we never talk about koha here - but only about cookies and chocolate
14:20 slef I'm farting around with admin at the moment. Too little koha hacking :/
14:20 jcamins kf: people not at Kudos might think that, too. :P
14:20 coryj People do talk about koha here?
14:20 gmcharlt kf: time for the Cookie Monster to become the next Koha mascot? :)
14:21 wizzyrea_ :)
14:21 kf not a bad idea gmcharlt :)
14:21 margo i love cookies
14:21 mari_marvel left #koha
14:22 kf jcamins: have you seen my acq problem a bit earlier?
14:22 jcamins margo: you'll probably like bug 5158, then.
14:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5158 enhancement, P5, ---, camins, ASSIGNED , Koha needs its own cookie, ice cream, and fudge flavors
14:22 kf have you come across soething like that? missing quantity in oders?
14:22 larryb joined #koha
14:22 jcamins kf: I saw it, but I don't know much about acquisitions. Sorry.
14:23 kf np
14:23 margo jcamins: i'm going to get right on that (in my spare time, i mean)
14:25 SB_01 joined #koha
14:27 SB_01 left #koha
14:28 mari_marvel joined #koha
14:28 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5166] Refactor into a library <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166>
14:32 jcamins tcohen++ # I hadn't noticed the fix for bug 5724
14:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5724 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Sometimes deletes aren't processed correctly by rebuild zebra
14:33 coryj left #koha
14:37 coryj joined #koha
14:37 mari_marvel left #koha
14:38 tcohen jcamins, its paul_p's patch
14:44 LBA left #koha
14:47 matts is now known as matts_away
14:50 matts_away is now known as matts
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15:01 Jane_Wagner_ is now known as Jane_Wagner
15:04 Talljoy joined #koha
15:05 wizzyrea_ oleonard++
15:05 sekjal joined #koha
15:05 henryb joined #koha
15:05 wizzyrea_ big ups for oleonard at kudoscon :)
15:05 sekjal oleonard++
15:05 kf hmpf
15:05 * kf wished she was there
15:06 rhcl_kudos kudos wishes you were here too. :) are you following the tweets?
15:07 kf of course!
15:07 kf keep tweeting!
15:07 kf :)
15:08 * druthb wishes kf was here, in a big way.
15:10 kf running home to follow the tweets from there
15:10 kf will be back
15:10 kf left #koha
15:11 bg to bad we are getting a demo on koha 3.0 right now
15:12 bg RHCL++
15:12 bg rhcl_kudos++
15:12 mari_marvel joined #koha
15:13 druthb @karma mari_marvel
15:13 huginn druthb: mari_marvel has neutral karma.
15:13 druthb =-O
15:14 druthb mari_marvel++
15:16 wizzyrea_ bg: word, we have lots more and better ways to customize
15:17 mari_marvel left #koha
15:18 druthb I keep waiting for a PTFS-only feature to pop up in her preso.
15:19 wizzyrea_ jcamins++
15:20 jcamins wizzyrea_: what did I do?
15:20 wizzyrea_ fixed that stupid problem we had with suggestions :)
15:20 gmcharlt jcamins++ # guess ;)
15:20 * gmcharlt teases
15:20 Talljoy Druthb was thinking the same thing. :)
15:20 jcamins wizzyrea_: ah, right.
15:21 rhcl_kudos can he fix the problem with stupid suggestions?
15:21 jcamins rhcl_kudos: sadly no. Just stupid problems with suggestions. ;)
15:23 * druthb winks at Talljoy.
15:23 Talljoy Here we go
15:25 bg man I can't see many of the slides?  anyone else
15:25 bg rhcl_kudos I think you need to pass those bins around
15:25 wizzyrea_ it's pretty small
15:25 jcamins bg: you think _you_ can't see the slides?
15:25 bg jcamins i_know_i_can't
15:26 rhcl_kudos bg: u want my binoculars?
15:26 bg not yet
15:26 Jane_Wagner left #koha
15:27 bg yup I could see the screen great with the binoculars
15:27 bg nice and clear and easy to read
15:27 coryj Maybe the type could be bigger without the header bar atop the slides. ;-)
15:27 rhcl_kudos these are great binoculars--Pentax, lightweight, very very clear optics
15:27 bg coryj++
15:28 bg yeah the Linkcat one looks nice
15:28 wizzyrea_ *nod* it's purty
15:29 Jane_Wagner joined #koha
15:31 LBA joined #koha
15:36 druthb image_resizing_without_maintaining_aspect_ratio--
15:37 matts is now known as matts_away
15:38 julian left #koha
15:42 Oak joined #koha
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15:46 Talljoy joined #koha
15:46 cait joined #koha
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15:47 Guillaume left #koha
15:47 cait back
15:48 henryb word
15:54 sophie_m left #koha
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16:04 mari_marvel joined #koha
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16:07 coryj iPad != koha devel tool.
16:08 druthb left #koha
16:08 druthb joined #koha
16:10 nengard what's with all the logging in and out?
16:10 nengard bad wifi there?
16:11 joetho_SDuser "the godfather of opac customization"   < LUV DAT
16:11 Talljoy I keep getting dropped myself. Might be my machine or the wifi...
16:12 rhcl_kudos mibbit seems to be keeping a good lock for me
16:13 coryj I think it is a UW thing. Friend who works here loses ssh connections to remote servers after a period of inactivity
16:13 coryj If client doesn't do any keep-alive you get disconnected it appears.
16:16 sekjal left #koha
16:18 wizzyrea_ plus it's a conf, and not everybody has something like bip to manae their IRC
16:18 wizzyrea_ so, close your lappy, get logged out
16:19 conan left #koha
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16:21 sekjal joined #koha
16:26 Jane_Wagner is now known as jwagner
16:29 conan joined #koha
16:30 jwagner To answer comments I saw here and on the twitter feed, everything I showed is available in current head with the sole exception of allowing the apache stylesheet setting to use a remote URL instead of storing that on the Koha server.
16:30 jwagner I raised that as a possibility on the IRC a while back & was told that we would probably be the only ones interested in that option
16:32 jcamins @quote get 102
16:32 huginn jcamins: Quote #102: "<druthb> harrrumph!" (added by gmcharlt at 07:42 PM, November 11, 2010)
16:32 jcamins That wasn't it.
16:32 nengard heh
16:32 jcamins What's rangi's quote on librarians and crazy ideas?
16:32 jcamins bg is questioning RDA. ;)
16:33 jcamins @quote search thingsihavelearnt
16:33 huginn jcamins: 1 found: #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad..."
16:33 cait 123
16:33 jcamins @quote get 123
16:33 huginn jcamins: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
16:33 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
16:33 jcamins bg: see above, re: RDA. ;)
16:33 cait ah, now I was too slow :)
16:33 bg yeah RDA seems like it's never going to be coming
16:33 jcamins Though, 102 also applies to RDA.
16:33 bg I feel like I've been hearing about it coming for so long...
16:35 wizzyrea_ @quote get 102
16:35 huginn wizzyrea_: Quote #102: "<druthb> harrrumph!" (added by gmcharlt at 07:42 PM, November 11, 2010)
16:35 wizzyrea_ ha
16:36 jcamins wizzyrea++ # actual catalogers talking about Koha's cataloging features
16:37 wizzyrea_ this sounds like the beginning of a joke: a cataloger walks into the office and turns on the computer and...
16:37 jcamins Heh.
16:40 rhcl_kudos do marc records change so much that version control has value, or is VC more for sharing?
16:40 henryb left #koha
16:40 jcamins rhcl_kudos: according to OCLC? VC is unnecessary.
16:40 rhcl_kudos <a non-cataloguer asks>
16:40 druthb gmcharlt++ #version control on bibliographic metadata
16:40 wizzyrea_ I would think that having the record with the most correct, most complete data, that a merge function might be really handy for that
16:41 jcamins But then, OCLC killed RLIN, and I still gnash my teeth at them for that, so obviously I disagree.
16:41 wizzyrea_ not just version control, but other git-ish functions too
16:41 wizzyrea_ (I could be totally misunderstanding what he's saying)
16:42 sekjal with a distributed version control for cataloging records, we could have a core record, then branches for the metadata customizations that different types of libraries need
16:42 wizzyrea_ ^^ this
16:42 druthb sekjal++
16:42 sekjal public libraries probably don't need the MeSH headings for a record
16:42 druthb sekjal will have that whole thing coded up by nightfall, clever fellow that he is...
16:44 rhcl_kudos as a sysadmin, it seems to me that librarians took a perfectly simple concept....
16:44 * sekjal is deep in thought, but very hungry...
16:44 rhcl_kudos a database contains records, records have fields.  Simple stuff
16:45 wizzyrea_ heh
16:45 wizzyrea_ that is the gist of the very first conversation I had with rangi
16:45 rhcl_kudos then they created something crazy and complicated like a marc record
16:45 wizzyrea_ @quote get 123
16:45 huginn wizzyrea_: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
16:45 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
16:47 jcamins I wonder if we could get huginn to repeat that quote every time someone said the word "crazy"
16:47 wizzyrea_ crazy is if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder
16:48 wizzyrea_ crazy?
16:48 wahanui crazy is if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder
16:48 coryj left #koha
16:48 rhcl_kudos kudos goes to lunch
16:48 druthb left #koha
16:48 Talljoy Nom nom nom
16:48 larryb left #koha
16:48 cait enjoy :)
16:48 conan left #koha
16:49 sekjal cognito ergo NOM
16:49 margo left #koha
16:50 cait hehe
16:51 Talljoy left #koha
16:52 joetho_SDuser FOOD FIGHT
16:54 hdl left #koha
16:54 mib_zwzx2j_hal left #koha
16:55 paul_p left #koha
16:55 skushner left #koha
16:56 jwagner left #koha
16:57 sekjal left #koha
16:59 conan joined #koha
17:01 oleonard joined #koha
17:02 Oak night crazy minions
17:02 Oak left #koha
17:02 oleonard Who you callin' a minion?
17:13 adnc joined #koha
17:15 * oleonard checks the KudosCon schedule
17:15 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "Coming soon to theatres near you" (10 lines) at
17:15 oleonard Oh, everyone is at lunch
17:16 jcamins wizzyrea_: that paste was for you. :)
17:18 conan left #koha
17:23 adnc left #koha
17:26 mariew left #koha
17:33 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:41 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
17:41 cait jcamins++ :)
18:01 Talljoy joined #koha
18:02 wizzyrea_ left #koha
18:03 oleonard Hi Talljoy
18:04 oleonard You must be the talljoy I saw retweeted today
18:04 jwagner joined #koha
18:05 oleonard Hi jwagner, thanks for the shout-outs today. :)
18:05 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:05 jwagner oleonard, you earned it :-)
18:05 Talljoy That's me. At the kudos conference
18:05 joetho_SDuser it's Owen, the Godfather of SOUL!!!
18:06 jwagner Godfather has a friendlier ring than Capo ...
18:06 mib_zwzx2j_hal joined #koha
18:06 oleonard joetho_SDuser: You've met me, I'm the opposite of the godfather of soul
18:06 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
18:08 wizzyrea_ jcamins: HA!
18:08 sekjal joined #koha
18:11 Talljoy left #koha
18:12 margo joined #koha
18:13 oleonard Hi margo
18:13 Talljoy joined #koha
18:13 margo hello oleonard!
18:14 larryb joined #koha
18:16 paul_p joined #koha
18:17 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
18:19 jcamins wizzyrea_: I thought you'd appreciate that.
18:19 wizzyrea_ :))
18:19 mariew joined #koha
18:20 coryj joined #koha
18:26 rhcl_kudos my bus is getting ready to leave. bye kudos....
18:26 rhcl_kudos left #koha
18:31 conan joined #koha
18:31 wizzyrea_ bye rhcl
18:31 jwagner left #koha
18:34 jwagner joined #koha
18:35 buzzyb joined #koha
18:36 bg RFPs--
18:36 gmcharlt RFPS++ # shredded, they make great insulation!
18:37 nengard :)
18:37 gmcharlt RFPS-- # now restoring balance
18:37 bg and fire starters too
18:37 wizzyrea_ LOOOL
18:37 bg or even birds nests
18:38 Talljoy left #koha
18:39 joetho_SDuser my girlfriend has issued an RFP
18:39 wizzyrea_ for what... boyfriends?
18:39 wizzyrea_ oh oh
18:39 wizzyrea_ sneaky
18:39 joetho_SDuser spell it out.
18:40 joetho_SDuser what is the P in rfp.
18:40 wizzyrea_ you gonna respond in triplicate?
18:40 joetho_SDuser I am working on the eula
18:40 cait proposal?
18:40 joetho_SDuser <---I am the ultimate beta version
18:41 coryj_ joined #koha
18:42 wizzyrea_ heh
18:44 mari_marvel joined #koha
18:47 coryj left #koha
18:47 coryj_ is now known as coryj
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18:53 francharb joined #koha
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19:00 wizzyrea_ cait: druthb just said that half a million bibs = ~7 hrs for indexing
19:01 cait :)
19:02 bg how long for 17 million records?
19:02 wizzyrea_ maths, i has not a brain for it.
19:02 cait too tired
19:02 bg heh
19:03 margo =34*7
19:03 bg @calc 34*7
19:03 huginn bg: Error: The command "calc" is available in the Google and Math plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "calc".
19:03 cait 3*7
19:03 wizzyrea_ @google calc 35*7
19:03 huginn wizzyrea_: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
19:03 bg @math calc 34*7
19:03 huginn bg: 238
19:03 wizzyrea_ HA
19:03 margo 10 days?!
19:04 bg @google 238 hours in days?
19:04 huginn bg: 238 days and 13 hours ago, I had a conversation that changed my ...: <>; L4P Reviewâ„¢ JLC Reverso Grande Date - 238 hours of power reserve ...: <[…]ower-reserve.html>; Detective Conan Episode 238 | Watch Detective Conan Anime Online: < (2 more messages)
19:04 Talljoy joined #koha
19:04 bg @math calc 238 hours in days?
19:04 huginn bg: Error: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
19:04 bg @google calc 238 hours in days?
19:04 huginn bg: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
19:05 bg @math calc 238/24
19:05 huginn bg: 9.91666666667
19:05 jcamins margo: no, you have two hours cushion.
19:05 cait 238/24
19:05 margo jcamins: I always pad my time estimates
19:05 bg noice
19:05 cait wahanui: 2+3
19:05 wahanui 5
19:06 cait hm
19:06 wizzyrea_ oo
19:06 cait wahanui: 238/24
19:06 wahanui 9.91666666666667
19:06 bg hmmm...  I wonder how often the Nat lib of Venezuela - reindexes their system
19:06 bg IRC they are on zebra
19:07 joetho_SDuser you all get an F in math class today
19:07 wizzyrea_ at least we're not sirsi users
19:07 wizzyrea_ :P
19:08 jcamins joetho_SDuser: I managed to do it in my head.
19:08 jcamins :P
19:08 wizzyrea_ jcamins is awesome like that
19:08 joetho_SDuser Yay!! I knew you could do it!
19:08 jcamins Hey, running screen with -x on my phone and laptop is pretty cool.
19:08 bg ah math was easy - getting the damn bots to respond is what was killing me
19:08 jcamins I'm watching myself type.
19:08 bg yeah screen is fun like that
19:08 joetho_SDuser indexing can be slow
19:10 bg yeah but less than 10 days :)
19:10 cait being_far_away--
19:15 cait 3 wizzyreas?
19:15 coryj joined #koha
19:15 bg three wizzyrea's are better than two
19:16 cait hmtrue
19:16 oleonard I always thought you shouldn't have three because two would gang up on the other one.
19:16 oleonard Oh no, that's cats.
19:17 bg heh
19:18 coryj Lo
19:18 wizzyrea_ oy
19:19 wizzyrea_ you can kick the other two if you want :P
19:19 wizzyrea_ actually... hm, not sure why exactly there are *three*
19:19 wizzyrea_ that does seem odd
19:19 * oleonard wonders why his VM is so slow today
19:28 mib_zwzx2j_hal left #koha
19:28 coryj left #koha
19:29 coryj joined #koha
19:31 druthb joined #koha
19:32 Talljoy left #koha
19:33 oleonard Hi druthb, the Twitterverse liked your presentation
19:33 phxmars joined #koha
19:33 bg druthb++
19:33 druthb So I see.  @loriayre practically quoted the whole thing.
19:34 oleonard then I don't have to buy the book? :)
19:34 cait druthb++
19:34 coryj druthb++
19:35 Talljoy joined #koha
19:36 joetho_SDuser wish I was there
19:36 druthb heh.
19:36 druthb thanks, folks..
19:37 bg @wunder 93109
19:37 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 27.7�C (12:39 PM PDT on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 15%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Steady).
19:37 bg wow wishing I was there :)
19:37 bg @wunder madison, wi
19:37 huginn bg: The current temperature in Middleton, Wisconsin is 7.0�C (2:15 PM CDT on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
19:37 bg that is so cold
19:37 wizzyrea_ pansy californian. :)
19:37 bg :p
19:38 paul_p left #koha
19:38 oleonard @wunder bodo, norway
19:38 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0�C (9:20 PM CEST on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:38 oleonard See, could be worse. But not that much worse ;)
19:38 bg @wunder boo
19:38 huginn bg: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0�C (9:20 PM CEST on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:39 cait I love boo
19:39 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:39 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 10.8�C (8:45 PM CEST on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).
19:40 bg @wunder jfk
19:40 huginn bg: The current temperature in New York JFK, New York is 18.0�C (2:51 PM EDT on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Falling).
19:40 coryj @wunder 54476
19:40 huginn coryj: The current temperature in Hawthorn Hills Elementary School, Wausau, Wisconsin is 5.6�C (2:42 PM CDT on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.23 in 1023.6 hPa (Steady).
19:40 cait that's the best name for an airport ever
19:40 margo @wunder 75773
19:40 huginn margo: The current temperature in Mineola, Texas is 20.0�C (2:35 PM CDT on May 03, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.37 in 1028 hPa (Steady).
19:41 druthb my slides, by the by, are available *now* on my blog at, and I will slideshare them, lest nengard come and pinch me.
19:41 cait wizzyrea++ for tweeting
19:41 cait gmcharlt++
19:41 wizzyrea_ lba is tweeting too
19:41 cait and wizzyrea++ again - so thankful
19:41 wizzyrea_ lba++
19:42 cait right, lba++
19:42 oleonard druthb++ # for posting files
19:42 oleonard slideshare-- # for requiring flash
19:43 tcohen left #koha
19:43 rangi back
19:44 nengard druthb, you got that right :) hehe
19:44 * druthb puts on her pinch-proof armor.
19:45 skushner joined #koha
19:45 bg wb rangi
19:45 cait wb rangi
19:45 rangi who's up next?
19:45 cait sekjal
19:45 cait or after?
19:45 SpaceLibrarian_home joined #koha
19:45 rangi anyone asked scls what version of koha they are running yet?
19:46 bg after sekjal I think it's unconference
19:46 gmcharlt right
19:46 bg then it's the end :(
19:46 rangi unconferences++
19:47 skushner what's unconference?
19:47 bg something that's not planned
19:47 mari_marvel joined #koha
19:47 margo so the unconference planning is a little ironic
19:48 wizzyrea_ minimal planning.
19:48 margo or oxymoronic
19:48 rangi not preplanned
19:48 skushner like spontaneous karaoke..or something?
19:48 rangi its planned by the ppl actually there
19:48 rangi so topics of actual interest can be discussed
19:49 rangi and no presentations
19:49 gmcharlt bg: when are you heading home?
19:49 rangi skushner: heard of foocamp?
19:49 bg gmcharlt - wednesday morning
19:49 rangi that kinda started it
19:50 * bg has one more night in the doubletree
19:50 wizzyrea_ one mre night with the badgers?
19:50 rangi now there are lots of unconferences
19:50 bg no stinking badgers
19:50 skushner no
19:50 rangi the idea is you get a bunch of interesting ppl together
19:51 rangi then you all plan the sessions for the next day or so
19:51 rangi and they are discussions not presentations
19:52 Talljoy I thought it was going to be a debriefing. I may need one. :-/
19:52 mari_marvel left #koha
19:53 rangi some of the best 'conferences' I have been to have been unconfs
19:53 * bg was thinking that maybe a small group that wants to learn about bugzilla -- would be a good one for someone to offer
19:53 wizzyrea_ propose that plz
19:53 wizzyrea_ dev cycle too
19:53 * bg offers up nengard to teach us :)
19:54 * druthb is always willing to chatter about/show-and-tell my scripts in advance of the general release of 'em.
19:54 nengard teach what? huh?
19:54 bg teach us bugzilla
19:54 nengard bugzilla? I have a tutorial video for that
19:54 nengard :)
19:54 nengard it's not the newest version of bugzilla, but still
19:55 rangi show the lifecycle page for bugs
19:56 bg got a link handy rangi?
19:56 * bg feels like there is going to be snow outside later...  it just felt like that out there
19:57 gmcharlt bg: there were rumours of a couple snowflakes being sighted earlier today
19:57 bg it smelled like snow
19:57 rangi not on my phone
19:57 rangi the bot knows it
19:57 gmcharlt lifecycle?
19:57 bg yo bot - you got the link?
19:57 gmcharlt lifecycle page?
19:57 rangi wizzyrea added it
19:58 bg bugs?
19:58 rangi can't member under what
19:58 gmcharlt[…]ml/lifecycle.html ?
19:58 rangi bugzilla?
19:58 wahanui it has been said that bugzilla is found at
19:58 gmcharlt that's the generic one
19:58 rangi no on the wiki
19:59 rangi try search for bug/enhancemnt
19:59 rangi wizzyrea: help!
19:59 rangi :)
19:59 gmcharlt[…]nt-patch_Workflow
19:59 rangi thats it
20:00 bg ahhh   it would be nice for someone to give a tour of the wiki :)  like SQL reports and JQuery libraries...  etc
20:00 rangi might be nice for ppl to learn how to get code into koha
20:00 bg RFC's
20:00 rangi and then they can yell at their vendor to do it
20:01 mari_marvel joined #koha
20:01 rangi and say look its easy
20:01 rangi :)
20:01 cait rangi++
20:01 nengard rangi++
20:01 * bg proposes "who wants to look at pictures of pretty cars?"
20:02 nengard left #koha
20:04 Talljoy No, iz want mur catz
20:04 druthb i can haz cheezburgers?
20:06 phxmars left #koha
20:07 mari_marvel left #koha
20:08 * oleonard posted a screenshot of a suggested bug fix three years ago and has forgotten how he did it
20:09 bg heh
20:09 oleonard This is why one must maintain good git branches
20:09 cait and not accidently delete one hmpf.
20:10 * oleonard pictures some kind of gitpocalypse in his past
20:14 rangi cait: do you have a gitorious account?
20:14 cait no, only github so far
20:14 rangi ahh well even that is good, just get in the habit of pushing there
20:14 cait but was thinking about getting one
20:15 rangi then if you delete a local branch, theres at least a copy somewhere else
20:15 cait rangi: goodpoint
20:15 cait I was deleting all those branches from marseille and my 3.4 patching frenzy and deleted my work on the granular permissions for list thing :(
20:15 cait really annoying
20:15 rangi cait: its most likely still there
20:16 rangi in the bowels of git
20:16 rangi 2 secs
20:16 * cait looks at rangi with new hope
20:16 rangi git reflog
20:16 gmcharlt cait: and whatever you do, don't run git gc
20:16 rangi[…]-using-git-reflog
20:16 cait like never?
20:17 rangi try that out
20:17 gmcharlt cait: that is, not while you're trying to recover your commits
20:17 cait makes snese
20:17 cait trying to get the syntax mm
20:17 rangi just try git reflog in your checkout
20:18 cait did - searching for the right line now
20:18 rangi yay :)
20:18 cait rangi: did you have time to look at the stocknumberidx thing?
20:18 rangi the who?
20:19 cait hehe
20:19 cait the updatedatabase problem with the differently named indexes for the stocknumber field
20:19 rangi oh
20:19 cait I sent you a patch for that - when I got stuck
20:19 cait had no time to work more on it... which makes me feel guilty
20:19 rangi ah no, can you attach it to the bug
20:19 cait it's not working :(
20:20 rangi yeah just note that
20:20 rangi dont put it to needs signoff, just attach it and say, chris please look at this
20:20 rangi ill never find it in all my email :)
20:21 cait ok, once I found that branch, will do that
20:21 rangi cool
20:21 cait I know it must be in there,... but it's still hiding from me
20:25 cait hmpf
20:25 cait can't find it :(
20:25 bg try searching in german :)
20:25 cait ?
20:25 bg was kidding
20:26 cait hmpf :)
20:26 bg and not searching in english
20:26 rangi some new signed off patches waiting for our new qa to check :)
20:26 cait oh, feature freeze was before marseille, right? have to go farther back
20:26 rangi yes
20:27 bg cool new QA is still talking
20:27 cait about awesome things I see on twitter
20:27 rangi heckle him
20:27 cait especially notices
20:27 rangi 'oi, you need to check some patches!'
20:27 joetho_SDuser btw, koha-community is easier to find stuff on than it used to be.
20:27 rangi and this is why i dont get invited to conferences
20:27 rangi :)
20:27 bg heh will do
20:27 joetho_SDuser yes, by all means, heckle
20:28 Brooke joined #koha
20:28 Brooke kia ora
20:28 cait hah, found it!
20:29 Talljoy left #koha
20:29 cait hi Brooke
20:29 cait rangi: do that git merge from a new branch?
20:29 * Brooke bows to Cait.
20:29 rangi yeah i would cait
20:29 * cait is irritated
20:29 cait ;)
20:29 bencahill joined #koha
20:29 Brooke Clear out the Queen is irritated!!!
20:30 * Brooke defenestrates.
20:30 bencahill hey guys, any idea why there is ' :' or ' /' at the end of many marc records' title fields (z39.50 from loc)?
20:30 * oleonard has never heard that verb used reflexively
20:31 Brooke Ben
20:31 cait hm nothing happened
20:31 Brooke that's a dumb cataloguing punctuation thinger
20:31 jcamins bencahill: yes, that's the rule.
20:31 Brooke ^
20:31 jcamins If you mean, "is there a good reason?"
20:31 rangi and if you dont like it
20:31 jcamins No.
20:31 rangi cataloguers will kill yuo
20:31 cait bencahill: isbd punctuation - belongs to the marc21 standard.
20:31 rangi its been known to happen
20:31 rangi dont question the iron rules
20:32 Brooke rangi sit down before I spank you :P
20:32 cait Germany had decided not to do them, but not all displays in Koha look good without
20:32 Brooke but seriously, you can delete that and will only be naughty in the eyes of the anal retentive.
20:33 cait rangi: why did the merge tell me already up to date? :(
20:33 oleonard Whoever decided that that kind of punctuation should be part of the standard was even more crazy than the rest of the crazies that came up with MARC
20:33 rangi what is the commit you are trying to merge?
20:33 cait 9e3dbea
20:33 Talljoy joined #koha
20:34 rangi and that is the last commit, on the branch you deleted?
20:34 cait hm
20:34 cait looks not right, right
20:34 cait did a git show and got something strange
20:34 oleonard Uh oh, I'm unintentionally working late!
20:34 oleonard left #koha
20:34 cait it was the only line I found with git reflog
20:34 cait checking again
20:35 rangi ull be looking for a commit not a checkout line
20:36 cait right
20:36 cait searching
20:37 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
20:38 * Brooke salutes magnuse
20:38 * magnuse must just say that making isbd punctuation part of the data in marc is evil - #marcmustdie
20:38 * magnuse waves to Brooke
20:38 cait rangi: there seems to be no commit line
20:38 cait I guess that's not good
20:39 Brooke it's not evil so much as charmingly deprecated, just like me.
20:39 magnuse it's deprecated?
20:39 rangi hmm no commit lines at all
20:39 rangi or just not one for the one you want?
20:39 * SpaceLibrarian_home agrees with magnuse and runs from Brooke
20:39 cait no commits
20:40 cait I know I finished all the system preferences files
20:40 cait and was working on the templates
20:42 cait it's not in the git stash list
20:42 cait hmpf.
20:45 * magnuse wishes cait good luck with her hunt!
20:45 * Brooke sighs at how much trouble boys truly are.
20:45 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
20:45 cait magnuse: probably lost it
20:45 bg rangi - gave the oi, you've got QA patches to do
20:46 rangi :)
20:46 rangi heckling_by_proxy++
20:46 Brooke any heckling is good heckling ;)
20:46 bg half the crowd looked at me and said - you're mean...  cracking the whip...
20:46 bg slave driving
20:46 Brooke brendan?
20:46 wahanui brendan is with his family
20:46 Brooke boo wahanui, boo.
20:47 cait bg: only half the crowd? what did the other half do?
20:47 jcamins cait: cheered?
20:47 cait hehe
20:47 * jcamins isn't there, either, but that seems like the only other sensible response.
20:47 cait I want my bug 5901 back:(
20:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5901 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Make virtualshelves permissions more granular
20:48 cait rangi: killed that branch with the patch too - have to dig it out too...
20:48 cait deleting branches on bulk was a really bad  idea
20:49 rangi i just pretty much never delete anything ever
20:49 * cait has learned her lesson
20:49 rangi means yuo have to work out a good system
20:49 rangi and i still lose things
20:49 rangi :)
20:51 rangi if you cant find it, just note it and ill try to find the time to write it
20:51 * Brooke suspects Rangi needs a tardis to find more time.
20:51 cait I think a lot of people would want to move into the tardis with him
20:52 Brooke tis bigger on the inside.
20:52 Talljoy left #koha
20:52 * Brooke at least knows where the handbrake is.
20:52 JesseM left #koha
20:52 coryj left #koha
20:53 larryb left #koha
20:55 cait rangi: will try to find the copy of the mail tomorrow - perhaps I am lucky and it's still on the other laptop
20:55 rangi k
20:55 cait but better go to bed now before I found out about more lost things
20:56 mariew left #koha
20:57 cait frustrating :(
20:58 cait bye all and save travels home for the kudos attendees
20:59 gmcharlt cait: good night
20:59 cait left #koha
21:00 * Brooke pines ever missing virtual farewells.
21:08 bg man it looks like the unconference is not happening
21:09 Brooke orlly?
21:09 bg wait was that planned?
21:09 * Brooke advises you to crack the whip.
21:15 gmcharlt bg: looks like un-unconference mode
21:15 gmcharlt but people are tired, it was a busy conference
21:15 bg ;)
21:16 druthb left #koha
21:16 * Brooke calls bs on druthb.
21:25 jcamins censuses++
21:25 margo left #koha
21:31 bencahill left #koha
21:32 skushner left #koha
21:35 bg release_notes?
21:35 bg notes?
21:36 joetho_SDuser left #koha
21:42 tcohen joined #koha
21:42 wizzyrea_ left #koha
21:43 rangi bg: for what version? 3.4 ?
21:48 bg yeah 3.4
21:48 bg INSTALL?
21:48 rangi in git there are in
21:49 rangi misc/release_notes
21:49 bg yeah was hoping the bot was smart ;)
21:49 rangi or there
21:49 jcamins wahanui: release notes are in misc/release_notes
21:49 wahanui OK, jcamins.
21:49 rangi 3.4.0 release notes are
21:49 bg thanks rangi...  :)
21:49 rangi 3.4.0 release notes?
21:49 wahanui 3.4.0 release notes are
21:51 mari_marvel joined #koha
21:51 Guillaume joined #koha
21:51 Guillaume left #koha
21:56 mari_marvel left #koha
21:56 sekjal rangi:  will get on QA shortly... brain is tired after 2 days of KUDOSing
21:56 rangi i didnt really mean it
21:56 rangi just wanted to heckle ;)
21:57 sekjal :)
21:57 sekjal today went well, I think.  useful, engaging presentations before mine
21:58 rangi cool
21:59 Space_Librarian was there good crowd at KUDOS, sekjal?
22:00 sekjal Space_Librarian:  around 50-60 at the peak, I think
22:00 Space_Librarian cozy then
22:00 sekjal all one room, single track
22:00 sekjal almost everyone on a first name basis by the end
22:05 bg left #koha
22:05 Space_Librarian that's really nice then. :)
22:06 sekjal left #koha
22:17 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:18 NateC left #koha
22:20 tcohen left #koha
22:21 tcohen joined #koha
22:22 jcamins_away What is the name of the database (formerly print publication) which contains information about where serials are idnexed?
22:22 jcamins_away s/idnexed/indexed
22:22 jcamins_away It's on the tip of my tongue, but all that comes to mind is "Bowker's," and that's something else... the series that was right next to it on the shelf at the ANS.
22:23 jcamins_away Ulrich's.
22:23 jcamins_away Thanks.
22:23 jcamins_away Bye again.
22:24 rangi heh
22:32 Brooke volunteers' meeting for KohaCon tomorrow at 14.00 UTC. Be there or be []
22:34 * rangi opts for []
22:34 Irma joined #koha
22:34 rangi or more truthfully sleeping
22:34 Brooke Ciao Irma.
22:35 mari_marvel joined #koha
22:37 Brooke 0/
22:38 tcohen left #koha
22:43 Brooke right, wow time.
22:43 Brooke left #koha
22:46 sekjal joined #koha
22:47 mari_marvel left #koha
22:47 rangi bug 6296
22:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6296 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Allow authentication to Koha via PKI / x.509 certificates
23:23 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5684] Z search on OCLC pulls in 952s <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5684>
23:34 conan left #koha
23:42 sekjal is now known as Guest4090
23:42 Guest4090 left #koha
23:42 sekjal joined #koha
23:49 sekjal is now known as Guest4093
23:49 Guest4093 left #koha
23:49 sekjal joined #koha
23:49 sekjal left #koha

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