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00:26 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #238: UNSTABLE in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/238/
00:26 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Rewriting the valid templates test to test template toolkit
00:26 jenkins_koha Starting build 239 for job Koha_master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #237 2 h 30 mn ago)
01:08 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
01:08 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #239: FIXED in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/239/
01:08 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Fixing a template error
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01:33 gmcharlt @quote random
01:33 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #105: "* wizzyrea would like to note that you do *not* have to add good morning to all of your patches." (added by gmcharlt at 04:11 PM, November 24, 2010)
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01:44 Brooke kia ora
01:44 wizzyrea_away hi brooke
01:45 wizzyrea_away :D
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01:45 Brooke howdy, m'am
01:45 druthb hi, wizzy_home! :D
01:45 wizzy_home hey ruth!
01:45 wizzy_home how are you my fine friends?
01:46 druthb Much refreshed...first day off in a while.
01:46 wizzy_home glorious :)
01:48 gmcharlt druthb++
01:48 wizzy_home gmcharlt!
01:48 wahanui gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
01:49 wizzy_home too true
01:49 druthb hi, gmcharlt!   wha'd I do for the ++?
01:49 Brooke tee hee
01:49 Brooke botsnack wahanui cupcake truck cupcake
01:49 wizzy_home if not an expert, then at least clever enough to have a thoughtful opinion
01:49 wizzy_home :)
01:49 gmcharlt druthb: you remembered that all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl ;)
01:49 Brooke oh he's expert
01:49 Brooke Hey!
01:50 Brooke That woman had steak in her not a couple o nights back
01:50 Brooke so don't you go feelin' sorry.
01:50 wizzy_home but yea, in all cases I've experienced so far, expert.
01:50 gmcharlt wizzy_home: well, soon to be dashed
01:50 gmcharlt one of the consequences of moving to Atlanta is that I'll have to show my ping-pong skills at the office
01:51 gmcharlt that could be ... interesting
01:51 * druthb *is* a dull girl.  She plays at boring things, when she plays.
01:51 gmcharlt and possibly slightly dangerous to passers-by ;)
01:51 wizzy_home LOL!
01:51 wizzy_home i love ping pon
01:51 wizzy_home ping pong.
01:51 Brooke go play in the Airport then
01:51 Brooke oooh zing!
01:52 * wizzy_home sniffs
01:52 Brooke not you, gmcharlt
01:52 Brooke only thing it Hotlanta
01:52 gmcharlt heh
01:53 * druthb had the Most Amazing steak EVAR on Tuesday.  And had wonderful, beautiful company, too, while chomping it.
01:53 Brooke Charlie Cook is factually too old for Bieber hair.
01:53 wizzy_home i am so looking forward to seeing you guys at kudoscon.
01:53 wizzy_home really really really looking forward to it
01:54 wizzy_home and gals :)
01:54 * druthb is looking forward to seeing everyone, too.  :)  Got a new outfit today, to wear one of the two days.
01:54 * Brooke has a rotten tag line for the Koha Chicks t
01:54 Brooke Koha Chicks, we're open to anything :P
01:54 * druthb rolls her eyes at Brooke.
01:54 wizzy_home erm, lol
01:54 * Brooke sees this as a bowling t.
01:55 Brooke Koha Chicks, Free as in Beer?
01:58 * Brooke wonders how badly one would have to behave before having a legitimate asylum claim...
01:59 Brooke Koha Goddesses, you may feel free to worship us?
01:59 druthb that's more like it.
01:59 druthb +1
02:00 wizzy_home +1 to that
02:00 wizzy_home though I don't really require worship
02:00 Brooke hmm
02:00 Brooke worship is an option under parametres?
02:00 wizzy_home I have one of those personalities where a pat on the head and a "good job, thanks" is about all the warm fuzzy I need.
02:01 druthb wizzy_home:  you *get* worship, though.  You've been a heroine of mine for a long time.
02:01 gmcharlt looking forward to see all of you at KUDOScon too
02:01 Brooke Oi!
02:01 Brooke It's Hero ffs.
02:01 eythian *heroin?
02:01 Brooke HERO
02:01 * druthb cackles.
02:01 Brooke
02:01 gmcharlt not to be confused with Hiro Protagonist
02:01 Brooke feminising the feminine
02:01 * Brooke mutters.
02:02 wizzy_home I loved that book.
02:02 rangi
02:02 druthb
02:02 Brooke Wrong!
02:03 Brooke Incidentally I have that Galahad in black and white.
02:08 eythian rangi: apparently there's a cheap deal going for a year long grooveshark subscription at the moment.
02:09 rangi orly?
02:09 wizzy_home oooo
02:09 eythian <-- on the subject of songs related to drugs... :)
02:10 * Brooke thinks on the green fairy...
02:12 eythian "Right now there is not a Grooveshark application for iPhones through Apple's iPhone App Store. Unfortunately at this time, Apple is unwilling to work with Grooveshark to approve our application." <-- ha ha.
02:12 * eythian downloads the android app
02:13 rangi apple and sony, in a race to be the dumbest
02:13 Brooke d'oh
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03:02 * druthb waves, and heads to bed.
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03:02 wizzy_home gnite :)
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03:21 AmitG heya all
03:22 AmitG heya chris
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03:51 kmkale Namaskar #koha
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04:44 Oak \o
04:44 wizzy_home o/
04:45 Oak \o/
04:46 wizzy_home \o>
04:46 wizzy_home now it's turning into cheerleading
04:46 wizzy_home <o/
04:46 wizzy_home or aerobics
04:47 Oak \o/
04:47 Oak \o\
04:47 mtj oooooh, a wave-off
04:47 Oak let's not kill it... will do tomorrow again
04:47 wizzy_home :)
04:48 wizzy_home /o\ duck!
04:50 Oak __8__ titanic!
04:51 * wizzy_home seriously has a case of the giggles now
04:51 Oak :)
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07:37 Cybermon hi all
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07:39 Cybermon i have this error for when update  users information update via OPAC: Undefined subroutine &Mail::Sendmail::encode called at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/ line 308.
07:39 Cybermon i just added:  $mail{'Message'} = encode_qp(encode("UTF-8", $mail{'Message'})); for /usr/share/perl5/Mail/
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07:52 magnuse hm, this seems sort of weird: when i search for "ny tid" (without the "s) the item with that exact title shows up as hit number 17, and neither of the words in the title are highlighted[…]
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07:57 hdl Cybermon: strange...
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08:43 Cybermon sure. how can i fix it
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09:13 slef hi all
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09:30 magnuse hiya slef
09:31 magnuse oh my "call number" has been translated as if it was "telephone number"... :-)
09:37 slef hehehe
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10:13 druthb o/
10:14 magnuse \o
10:17 hdl :x :P
10:17 slef /O\
10:18 slef nice to hear the olde english getting an outing
10:18 slef confuse the world, make them think we still say giveth and ye
10:19 druthb tee hee
10:19 magnuse you don't?
10:19 magnuse |-o-|
10:20 hdl Thou shall not Kill
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10:36 gmcharlt @quote random
10:36 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #118: "wizzyrea: lavamind is erupting patches all over us!" (added by druthb at 09:39 PM, January 25, 2011)
10:40 kmkale woohoo!! We have one more presentation proposal for Kohacon11. This time from Nigeria :)
10:41 druthb awesome, kmkale!
10:42 * druthb makes a note to herself to submit one soon.
10:45 kmkale :)
10:45 * kmkale is looking forward to it
10:46 * druthb will see how her presentation goes on Tuesday, before deciding on doing the same one at KohaCon.
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11:13 kmkale Recycled material at Kohacon? Sacrilege ;)
11:18 druthb heh.
11:18 druthb Hopefully, between now and the fall, I'll learn another thing or two about how to do this stuff.
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11:26 kmkale :)
11:31 * Brooke waves to kmkale
11:33 kmkale heya Brooke
11:34 * Brooke salutes kmkale.
11:35 magnuse o/
11:35 kmkale Salaam Brooke :)
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11:37 Brooke rt @killermousmml Were thinking the stylings of!/search?q=%23Beatrice and!/search?q=%23Eugenie is a cross between Hyacinth Bucket and Lady Gaga!/search?q=%23rw2011
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11:38 * Brooke salutes jransom
11:38 magnuse kia ora jransom!
11:38 jransom kia ora all
11:38 druthb hi, jransom! :)
11:38 jransom I was thinking of you today Magnus - Kapiti Island looked gorgeous
11:39 jransom hey Ruth
11:39 magnuse ooh, happy times jransom!
11:39 jransom Your photos were stunning - its clearly a trip I need to do
11:40 Brooke clearly!
11:40 wahanui it has been said that clearly is not a task for 3.4 (april 2010)
11:40 Brooke that and India.
11:40 * Brooke bats her eyelashes innocently.
11:40 magnuse definitely! it's easy to take ok pictures when nature is that stunning - all those birds!
11:41 Brooke aye magnus, I agree.
11:41 * Brooke misses her digital camera, though it means no mortals are inflicted with her "photography".
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11:42 * Brooke waves to tcohen
11:42 jransom NZ was quite the bird nation
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11:42 conan hello all
11:42 tcohen hi Brooke
11:42 jransom heya Conan
11:42 magnuse jransom: and it's not like it's a long trip for you either... ;-)
11:42 jransom I know - so no excuse really
11:42 jransom kids have all been
11:43 jransom Magnus: i think you should post the link to your photos
11:43 * Brooke greets conan
11:43 Brooke jo aren't they linked from the wiki already?
11:44 jransom probably ...i could go look
11:44 magnuse these are the birds[…]2157625465384630/
11:44 * Brooke gasps
11:44 Brooke oversight!
11:44 Brooke Clearly an oversight on me part.
11:45 magnuse and these are the ones from kapiti[…]ags/kapitiisland/ (lots of overlap with the first link)
11:45 jransom ive had a great night: been to a great party with live band and dancing to ACDC and Deep Purple and Black Sabbath
11:45 magnuse 2 out of three, not bad!
11:45 jransom and just in time to watch those silly hats atthe wedding
11:46 jransom breathtaking photos
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11:48 magnuse breathtaking nature
11:48 Brooke I agree Magnus
11:50 Brooke the colours were so saturated
11:50 magnuse yeah
11:50 jransom i'm working through those photos still
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12:00 * Brooke says 4th May a bit to remember the Volunteer meeting.
12:02 jransom I want to come toi India
12:03 Brooke make it so!
12:03 Brooke Chris is abandoning us
12:03 Brooke and Ms. Blake QSM is presumably not going
12:03 Brooke which leaves the duty to ye.
12:04 jransom no - and George is not coming
12:04 AmitG happy weekend to all
12:04 jransom heya Amit
12:05 AmitG heya jransom
12:05 Brooke same to ye Amit
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12:06 * Brooke still has to ring Turkish air and wrangle an extended stopover
12:06 * Brooke wants to see Aphrodisias and Troy summat fierce.
12:06 * tcohen doesn't like Unity
12:07 magnuse tcohen: me neither! luckily it's easy to get rid of it
12:07 tcohen i've always used kde, and like the work done to make gnome cute in ubuntu
12:08 tcohen i also like the mac concept of desktop env
12:08 tcohen but unity...
12:09 magnuse might work on tablets or netbooks or something?
12:09 Brooke 13 minutes until The Snog
12:09 tcohen sure, it is obviously targetting those use cases
12:09 tcohen it's still buggy
12:10 tcohen i'll get better soon i guess
12:10 magnuse but why they would make it default in the main distro is a mystery
12:10 tcohen they are trying to push changes fast
12:10 * Brooke raids the fridge for a cupcake.
12:11 tcohen (besides there is an ego battle between gnome and canonical ceo)
12:11 magnuse ah
12:12 tcohen they wouldnt accept inside gnome some libraries canonical developed for having those
12:12 tcohen mac-ish buttons unity has
12:12 tcohen and the war begun
12:27 Brooke 2 Snogs > 1.
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12:36 * Brooke waves at Nate
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12:37 * Brooke velcros Nate to Druthb
12:40 druthb there are worse fates; I like NateC just fine.
12:41 * druthb hangs on to NateC so he doesn't run away again.
12:41 NateC :)
12:41 magnuse so why does a search with idx=su in the intranet search dewey-numbers from 082$a? (as well as subjects) where is that mapping done?
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12:59 Brooke time to see if I can get away with fencing in the gym without someone ringing the rozzers.
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13:14 * magnuse takes the dogs for a walk
13:14 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
13:44 wizzyrea oleonard: about?
13:50 tcohen one question: who worked on the implementation of zebra indexing in koha?
13:51 tcohen paul_p?
13:51 wahanui paul_p is the bot
13:51 tcohen no he isn't
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13:57 oleonard Trying to git fetch, geting "fatal: unable to connect a socket"
13:58 oleonard Problem with Debian? I haven't worked from this laptop in about a month
13:58 paul_p hi tcohen
13:58 paul_p (hi NateC & oleonard & wizzyrea &all !)
13:58 tcohen hi, i wanted to ask a question on zebra
13:58 oleonard I couldn't connect to IRC either (now on mibbit)
13:58 NateC Hi paule_p
13:58 tcohen and asked who worked on that implementation
13:59 paul_p tcohen, it's partially a guy from Cyprus and partially Joshua ferraro & previous LibLime team
13:59 paul_p (none of them still active afaik -it was before galen was hired by LL)
14:00 tcohen i was trying to understand recordID usage inside zebra to better understand a problem that arised on the list
14:01 tcohen thanks paul_p
14:04 jwagner oleonard, are you going to the KUDOS meeting?
14:05 oleonard No, I blew my travel budget for the year already
14:06 jwagner Oh, well, you'll have to get the bouquets second-hand then :-)  Giving you lots of love in my OPAC customization presentation
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14:07 wizzyrea ok, this isn't directly koha related, but the discussion of the problem I have may help others with koha
14:07 wizzyrea I've done something kind of dumb and made changes on files before I put them in git
14:08 wizzyrea my thought was to redownload the originals, but how can I merge in my changes?
14:09 wizzyrea (the reason this might be aplicable is our many friends who insist on making local changes before they know to use git to manage them)
14:09 jwagner wizzyrea, I've used the brute force approach before -- copy or ftp my changed files, revert the originals, create my branch, then put the changes back
14:09 wizzyrea hmm
14:09 wizzyrea that's similar to what I envisioned
14:10 wizzyrea any other advice?
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14:16 wizzyrea brute force it is :)
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14:16 hdl jwagner: when is the KUDOS meeting ?
14:16 wizzyrea May 2-3
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14:21 jwagner next week
14:21 * jwagner mutters about ghastly early morning flights -- I'm going to have to get up about 3:30 Monday morning to make it
14:23 wizzyrea ew
14:23 jwagner Bring some toothpicks, for propping open eyelids....
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14:30 rhcl coffee, dark roast
14:37 gmcharlt KUZDOS ... Koha Users, Zombies, and ...
14:38 wizzyrea other stuff?
14:38 wahanui i heard other stuff was cool too
14:42 jwagner ...and DOS programmers?  er, maybe not...
14:43 * jwagner has fond memories of some nice functional DOS shell scripts....
14:48 druthb Hm.  Need a bit of jquery wizardry, perhaps.  In the "Contents" notes on opac item detail, there is a -- field separator; the library wants to put a line break there instead.  Ideas?  That's in <span class="results_summary contents">.
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15:04 wizzyrea hm
15:05 wizzyrea isn't there a preference for the field separator
15:05 wizzyrea ?
15:05 * wizzyrea doesn't know how you'd convince it to use a <p> (or somesuch) but it might be a place to start
15:05 druthb there is, but that'd be everywhere.
15:05 wizzyrea ah it's only this one place
15:05 druthb they *only* want this to happen in that contents note.
15:06 druthb yep.
15:10 * wizzyrea is dealing with her ticket system, but will look at that in just a few
15:12 Oak \o
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15:24 wizzyrea o/
15:29 matts is now known as matts_away
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15:35 Oak no wizzyrea we'll do that tomorrow, remember!
15:35 wizzyrea o right, your today is my tomorrow ;)
15:36 conan does anybody else noticed the '?' links to are missing?
15:36 Oak that does not sound right. but ok :)
15:36 conan or it's my install acting funny?
15:36 wizzyrea last night when you said "tomorrow" it was still yesterday here :)
15:37 conan there's no bug filled about it
15:37 Oak ahh
15:37 Oak funny :D
15:38 wizzyrea :D very
15:38 wizzyrea where are you?
15:38 wizzyrea < Kansas USA
15:38 Oak Pakistan
15:38 wahanui Pakistan is Nepal now, unless I missed something. Yes?
15:38 wizzyrea wahanui!
15:38 wahanui i am a bot
15:38 Oak :) Islamabad
15:38 hdl druthb: sure you could search and replace ... But what if a string contains --
15:40 druthb hdl:  according to the library, if the 505 contains a --, then they indend for it to be that way.  This isn't the automatically inserted field separator,'s actually *in* the 505.
15:40 wizzyrea wahanui: forget pakistan
15:40 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot pakistan
15:40 gmcharlt conan: there's a syspref, IIRC
15:40 wizzyrea silly bot
15:40 Oak seas apart
15:40 hdl
15:40 paul_p should we add a topic for next meeting to remove the silly bot ? ;-)
15:40 hdl I would have a look at that
15:41 wizzyrea no, I like wahanui for the most part
15:41 wizzyrea sometimes he just picks up silly things
15:41 conan gmcharlt: do you recall something that help find which one?
15:41 * druthb fears to discover what Brooke has told wahanui about her...
15:42 druthb wahanui: druthb?
15:42 wahanui wish i knew, druthb
15:42 druthb oooo...
15:42 gmcharlt that's node replacement, so you'd need to use the string class' replace to munge the string itself
15:42 gmcharlt
15:44 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick?
15:44 wahanui GraphicsMagick is avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
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15:45 druthb I've tried replace(), but it doesn't seem to get a grip on what I want to replace *in*, for some reason.  I'm trying it on the .content_set, too, and it doesn't work there, either.
15:46 gmcharlt conan: no, not syspref, looks like an option on the editor itself - the Show MARC tag documentation links box on the editor
15:49 druthb WOO HOO.  Got it to replace the *first* to get it to repeat for the whole string?
15:50 wizzyrea :)
15:50 druthb bingo.  'g' flag on replace();
15:51 druthb $("#descriptions .content_set").html($("#descriptions .content_set").html().replace('--','<br />','g'));
15:51 magnuse something for the wiki?
15:51 * druthb does a little happy dance, and puts that one on the wiki.
15:51 wizzyrea ah yea that'd be helpful I think
15:51 wizzyrea jquery library?
15:51 wahanui well, jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
15:52 magnuse yay!
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15:53 adnc hello koha
15:57 magnuse guten abend adnc
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16:11 conan gmcharlt: no, no, that checkbox I got it checked, the '?' are there, but they only show the html title attribute, they aren't actually links
16:11 conan I tried to look into the html source but it hangs my browser
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16:13 conan gmcharlt: are you watching a 3.04.0 installation?
16:13 conan Home › Cataloging › Add MARC Record
16:15 conan I'm seeing now a 3.2 install, which doesn't have the checkbox, the links are there
16:15 conan if someone could confirm this, I'll file the bug report
16:16 rhcl KUDOS needs a web site.
16:16 wizzyrea ... you're kidding right
16:17 wizzyrea ?
16:18 rhcl huh, well, why yes, I was kidding. I knew that of course.
16:18 wizzyrea ;)
16:20 magnuse conan: i have a current 3.4 here that looks normal, i think:[…]uing/ (logon demo/demo)
16:21 magnuse on the other all the fields are expanded, which is weird...
16:23 druthb jquery doesn't work right in IE.
16:24 wizzyrea urg
16:24 druthb IE--
16:24 magnuse ie--
16:24 druthb ...but I did find the answer.
16:24 druthb $("#descriptions .content_set").html($("#descriptions .content_set").html().replace(/--/g,'<br />'));
16:24 * druthb goes to update her jquery library entry.
16:25 magnuse druthb++
16:25 * druthb curtseys.
16:25 * druthb blushes.
16:25 druthb thanx, magnuse.
16:26 magnuse no, thank you for adding stuff to the wiki, and updating it too! ;-)
16:29 conan magnuse: yours works, mine not :(
16:29 magnuse weirdness!
16:30 wizzyrea conan: local changes?
16:30 conan wizzyrea: nope
16:30 conan just tried from another machine to discard browser and stuff, same
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16:37 * conan is bewitched
16:37 magnuse oh noes?!?
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16:44 hdl congrats sekjal
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16:48 wizzyrea chris_n: I thought we decided that G::M 1.1.11 would work
16:48 wizzyrea with koha
16:48 wizzyrea but for whatever reason we didn't want to fall back to that as required version
16:48 wizzyrea unless you changed something?
16:49 wizzyrea (this conversation happened I think near the 3.2 release)
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16:50 magnuse guten abend cait
16:50 cait hi magnuse
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16:58 magnuse gmcharlt++ # for helping me change perspective in the search for Dewey-numbers in the su index
16:58 bg @wunder 93109
16:58 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 20.0�C (10:00 AM PDT on April 29, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Steady). Wind Advisory in effect until 5 am PDT Saturday...
17:00 magnuse @wunder boo
17:00 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 6.0�C (6:50 PM CEST on April 29, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
17:03 conan @wunder Mendoza
17:03 huginn conan: Error: No such location could be found.
17:03 conan :(
17:03 magnuse conan: try adding the country
17:04 conan how?
17:04 conan no help from huggin
17:05 magnuse @wunder mendoza, argentina
17:05 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Mendoza, Argentina is 12.0�C (1:00 PM ART on April 29, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
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17:07 * druthb gets out the extra-plus size roll of Velcro.
17:09 conan magnuse: ah! I didn't interpreted your message, I thought I got to configure huggin before
17:10 magnuse :-)
17:10 magnuse sometimes things are easier than one is able to imagine
17:12 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
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17:33 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6285] overdues csv columns <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6285>
17:48 oleonard joined #koha
17:49 oleonard Do git operations happen over a non-standard port?
17:51 * oleonard is working at a different library today and can't seem to connect to anything
18:05 magnuse have fun, #koha!
18:05 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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18:27 chris_n wizzyrea: rings a bell, but I don't remember the particulars
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19:12 hdl oleonard: 9418 is the usual git port.
19:18 oleonard Thanks hdl, I think someone at this library has blocked non http web traffic
19:18 oleonard No irc (except mibbit) no git
19:18 oleonard Luckily I've been able to keep busy
19:19 wizzyrea oleonard: oi!
19:19 oleonard wizzyrea: Yeah, I'm not sure whose idea that was. Certainly not standard procedure.
19:20 wizzyrea i'm not a fan of overly restricting library networks, as long as the library has a policy that dictates illegal usage isn't acceptable. Because you never know what patrons are going to need to do
19:21 wizzyrea maybe you were a business traveler with a need to clone your git repo, who am I to tell you that you can't do that?
19:21 oleonard On the other hand, we've gotten threatening letters from the MPAA about patrons downloading movies :|
19:22 wizzyrea if you have a policy (and at least in our libraries, they can't prove a thing because of deepfreeze) what the patrons do is their repsonsibility, not yours
19:22 oleonard Heck, they probably ripped the library's DVD and uploaded it straight away
19:23 oleonard I've seen people take stacks of music CDs to a table with their laptop and systematically rip all of them
19:24 oleonard We don't even get a circ out of that! :P
19:28 wizzyrea ewww
19:29 wizzyrea lol, that is definitely beyond anything I've heard of in any of my libraries. No doubt they do it, but I haven't heard about it
19:30 brendan_ left #koha
19:33 cait joined #koha
19:33 wizzyrea I had a library once that called me for tech support on installing limewire on the computers. I wouldn't help.
19:34 wizzyrea the kids can figure it out on their own.
19:34 * wizzyrea mutters about the kids getting off of her lawn
19:34 pianohacker left #koha
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19:37 pianohacker linksys--
19:38 pianohacker also hi
19:38 pianohacker and yes, I made the 3.4.0 commandline syspref tool
19:38 oleonard Hi pianohacker
19:38 bg heya pianohacker
19:38 wahanui somebody said pianohacker was working on a command-line tool for setting system preferences
19:38 cait left #koha
19:39 pianohacker Yeah, did that a while back
19:39 oleonard wahanui: forget pianohacker
19:39 wahanui oleonard: I forgot pianohacker
19:39 pianohacker Ohh
19:39 pianohacker itsa bot
19:39 pianohacker I lose track of them
19:41 brendan_ joined #koha
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19:44 slef pianohacker loses track of bots
19:44 pianohacker irony++
19:44 brendan_ left #koha
19:44 slef sabotage++
19:45 pianohacker how's it going, slef?
19:46 slef dozily. It's a public holiday here today because two people got married and closed down a chunk of our capital city.
19:47 pianohacker oh, right, that
19:47 wahanui right, that is OK because I need to re import anyway from the start
19:47 pianohacker seriously?
19:48 brendan_ joined #koha
19:48 oleonard wahanui: forget right, that
19:48 wahanui oleonard: I forgot right, that
19:48 nengard left #koha
19:48 jwagner left #koha
19:49 pianohacker also, hi oleonard
19:49 oleonard wahanui's memory seems to be for entertainment purposes only
19:49 pianohacker wahanui: what is koha?
19:49 wahanui koha is a free software ils see for more info
19:49 pianohacker wahanui: what is perl?
19:49 wahanui perl is right associative, I think.
19:49 wizzyrea forget perl
19:49 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot perl
19:49 wizzyrea sigh
19:49 wizzyrea it does handy stuff tho
19:49 wizzyrea jquery library?
19:49 wahanui jquery library is, like, found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
19:49 wizzyrea sql library?
19:49 wizzyrea sql report library?
19:49 wahanui i think sql report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
19:50 pianohacker I would have said "an abomination upon us all" for perl, but to each his own
19:50 wizzyrea perl is an abomination upon us all
19:50 wizzyrea perl?
19:50 wahanui perl is an abomination upon us all
19:50 pianohacker wizzyrea++
19:50 wizzyrea there you ahve it
19:50 wizzyrea :)
19:50 pianohacker how are you, liz?
19:50 wizzyrea I am very well, how's school going?
19:51 pianohacker very busy, but my last final is next tuesday
19:51 wizzyrea :D
19:51 wizzyrea finals--
19:51 pianohacker Then I'm done with the semester, and moving out of the dorms into a house with a bunch of techies, so life will improve noticeably
19:51 pianohacker finals--
19:51 wizzyrea ooh, moving_out_of_the_dorms++
19:52 oleonard nerd_house++
19:52 pianohacker moving_out_of_the_dorms+=10
19:52 wizzyrea nerd_house++
19:52 pianohacker 5 compsci people in one place, it'll be interesting
19:52 slef pianohacker?
19:52 wizzyrea i expect you to come up with the next facebook ;)
19:52 pianohacker No cable, 25mbps internet connection
19:52 slef nah wahanui doesn't listen to me
19:52 slef zzz
19:52 pianohacker smart wahanui
19:52 wizzyrea pianohacker is our favorite boy genius
19:53 wizzyrea pianohacker?
19:53 wahanui pianohacker is our favorite boy genius
19:53 pianohacker lol
19:53 wizzyrea :)
19:53 wizzyrea slef: at least you get a day off right?
19:54 wizzyrea (due to the festivities)
19:54 slef wizzyrea: sort of
19:54 slef I'm on call today. and now I'm off for a few minutes. sorry :)
19:55 wizzyrea don't apologize, gotta do what you gotta do :)
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20:14 Guillaume joined #koha
20:30 oleonard Good weekend, all
20:30 oleonard left #koha
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23:01 rangi srsly, recommending cpan over packages ... not good advice at all
23:02 rangi jcamins_away: you should the memcached session out sometime, install it, and switch the syspref
23:02 rangi and your mysql will work a lot less, and koha will be faster
23:02 rangi but you are right it is optional
23:04 pianohacker left #koha
23:12 rangi and i meant miszt not you with the advice thing jcamins_away
23:29 adnc left #koha
23:52 rangi sheesh

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