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00:57 gmcharlt @quote random
00:57 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
00:57 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
01:07 rangi well thats stupid of them
01:08 space_librarian yes.
01:08 rangi gmcharlt: check this out
01:08 rangi Three vendors have been selected to work with Kōtui to develop a shared library system operated by
01:08 rangi +the National Library of New Zealand for subscribing public libraries. The vendors are SirsiDynix,
01:08 rangi +EBSCO Publishing, and Computer Concepts Ltd.
01:09 brendan_ yup that's stupid
01:10 rangi cant change their minds now either
01:10 rangi or SD will sue them
01:10 brendan_ ouch
01:10 rangi its their thing!
01:10 rangi you saw that lawsuit last week eh?
01:10 brendan_ nope
01:10 brendan_ this still the queens one?
01:11 rangi no
01:11 rangi they sued a library
01:11 rangi lemme find it
01:11 rangi for changing their mind
01:11 rangi http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
01:12 gmcharlt EBSCO?
01:12 gmcharlt EBSCO?!?
01:12 rangi rest of the world runs from SD
01:12 rangi our natlib installs it
01:12 rangi crazy heads
01:12 * space_librarian hangs her head at the bullheaded stupidity
01:12 rangi gmcharlt: yeah that was my reaction too
01:12 rangi what even is their discovery layer?
01:13 rangi EBSCO
01:13 rangi +Publishing providing EBSCO Discovery Service, the service that allows combined discovery of both
01:13 rangi +physical and electronic items held by the library,
01:14 gmcharlt rangi: the discovery piece isn't necessarily completely out of line; what I don't get is EBSCO proposing to write a system to handle the backend functionality
01:14 gmcharlt what about Computer Concepts?  know anything about them?
01:14 rangi brendan_:[…]___north.html.csp
01:14 rangi nope, im guessing htey are some general it shop, ill look em up
01:15 brendan_ do others get csp errors from LJ - I usually have to refresh everytime I go there
01:15 rangi
01:15 rangi bottom left
01:15 rangi says it all
01:16 rangi ms reseller
01:16 rangi thats what they are
01:16 rangi brendan_: yes i do
01:16 brendan_ ok thanks - that's annoying - but not just me ;)
01:17 brendan_ ah suing for switching to WMS
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01:33 rangi eythian: what was the bug you wanted a sign off on?
01:33 eythian Bug 5509
01:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5509 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED, Packaging scripts get upset when there's an LDAP configuration in the koha_conf.xml
01:33 rangi ah cool
01:33 eythian I thought I needed it for something else, but it actually turned out I didn't after all.
01:33 eythian It's still a good one to put in though
01:33 rangi heh
01:33 rangi yup
01:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6033 : Template changes <[…]7653653721efe4006> / Bug 6033 : wr77488 : report selection filter <[…]1aea8b04ad99d00c1>
01:34 rangi ill add it to master, and if its ok there, chris_n could cherry-pick it to 3.4.x
01:35 eythian ok
01:35 * rangi will just build a package here with it first to test
01:39 rangi building now, then ill do an install, koha-create, add some ldap stuff and try a koha-dump
01:40 eythian yep, that'll do it
01:40 rangi cool
01:40 eythian try with LDAP stuff above and below where the database password is, as that's what was causing the issue: it would find the (first|last) one in the file, I forget which.
01:40 rangi ahh righto will do
01:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 234 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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01:55 druthb o/
01:55 rangi heya druthb
01:56 rangi tornado miss you?
01:56 druthb no problems here.
01:56 rangi cool
01:57 rangi good to hear
02:00 * rangi didnt actually need ops, was just seeing if i could remember how to do it :)
02:03 rangi oh wow, that looks a lot better
02:03 rangi http://kudos.koha-community.or[…]nference-program/
02:03 rangi wizzyrea++
02:03 rangi brooke++
02:03 rangi nora++
02:15 rangi eythian: all good
02:15 rangi ill push that up in a bit
02:15 eythian sweet ta
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02:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #234: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/234/
02:24 jenkins_koha * Srdjan Jankovic: Bug 6033 : wr77488 : report selection filter
02:24 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6033 : Template changes
02:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6033 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED, Add Filters to SQL Saved Reports
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02:27 rangi restarting a screen gmcharlt ?
02:36 bg restarting ice-cream :)
02:36 * bg was trying to ryme
02:37 rangi heh
02:38 * space_librarian looks at Kudoscon program and is really envious...
02:38 bg oh good - I'm going and I wasn't totally envious
02:39 rangi hehe
02:39 bg that encourages me
02:39 bg :)
02:39 rangi its got a lot better bg
02:39 bg let's hope this is awesome - kudos needs it big time
02:40 space_librarian I would be really interested to hear the majority of the talks...
02:40 space_librarian which I think is a good thing...
02:44 space_librarian will the talks be posted online afterwards?
02:46 eythian I hope so. I'd like to see druthb's one.
02:47 tcohen joined #koha
02:48 rangi yeah, that will be a good one
02:53 bg yeah I think druthb maybe talking with lori?
02:55 rangi i think that might have changed
02:55 rangi http://kudos.koha-community.or[…]nference-program/
02:55 rangi the old programme had that, but its just ruth on the new one
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02:55 gmcharlt rangi: bouncy hotel wifi
02:55 rangi gmcharlt: ah that'd do it
02:59 jenkins_koha Starting build 235 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
02:59 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5509 - use an XML parser to get values from config <[…]b9456be72648ce0f4>
03:09 bg hiya gmcharlt
03:09 bg gmcharlt++
03:09 bg just because you're awesome :)
03:10 gmcharlt hi bg
03:10 gmcharlt ?
03:10 bg gmcharlt sonja and I had some nice grilled elk tonight and we talked about you
03:10 bg we need to grill some elk sometime soon for you
03:10 cait joined #koha
03:11 rangi what the hell
03:11 rangi go to sleep cait !
03:11 bg heh go to sleep cait !
03:11 bg that sounds like an echo
03:12 gmcharlt aww, thanks
03:12 gmcharlt bg: I'd look forward to that
03:12 gmcharlt cait: good morning (?)
03:12 * space_librarian gives cait a cookie and some tea
03:13 mtj sheeh, i  just read the Kōtui news in the scrollback
03:13 space_librarian yep
03:16 * gmcharlt heading to bed, g'night
03:17 mtj cya galen
03:17 rangi night gmcharlt
03:17 space_librarian ciao
03:17 bg heya mtj
03:18 * bg preferred the nick mason :)
03:18 bg alright night all - time to walk the pups
03:19 mtj yeah, me too - but it was snaffled already
03:19 rangi cya bg
03:19 bg bummer
03:19 bg later rangi
03:19 * bg preferred a nice simple brendan - instead of bg
03:20 mtj yeah... but hey - think of the bytes we are saving!
03:21 eythian peak bytes is years away
03:21 rangi not the way the bytecaps are melting
03:22 mtj rumor is, the yanks are hording bytes
03:23 mtj ... vast underground bunkers of the stuff, its crazy
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03:24 AmitG heya chris
03:24 AmitG heya ll
03:24 rangi hi AmitG
03:24 cait morning #koha
03:25 * mtj waves at amit and cait
03:25 cait and can't go back to bad - have to catch a train :)
03:25 cait s/bad/bed
03:32 mtj you go girl!
03:38 AmitG heya mtj
03:39 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #235: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/235/
03:39 jenkins_koha Robin Sheat: Bug 5509 - use an XML parser to get values from config
03:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5509 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED, Packaging scripts get upset when there's an LDAP configuration in the koha_conf.xml
03:46 cait 1+172+5+10+1+3
03:46 wahanui 192
03:46 cait 1+3+51+2+2+1+9+27+34+8+12
03:46 wahanui 150
03:48 cait rangi: where did the 222 come from yesterday?
03:50 rangi hmm i forget
03:50 rangi lemme look
03:51 cait I summed the numbers all koha and evergreen form the turnover report
03:52 rangi ah typo
03:52 rangi i did 72 not 27
03:53 cait ok :)
03:53 cait still great numbers compared to everything else in the list
03:53 rangi http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
03:53 rangi was big too
03:54 kmkale joined #koha
03:55 kmkale Namaskar #koha
04:00 cait 2011 will be great too
04:00 rangi yep
04:02 space_librarian namaste kmkale
04:03 cait hi kmkale :)
04:03 kmkale hi cait
04:03 kmkale hi space_librarian
04:03 kmkale hi rangi
04:03 * space_librarian waves
04:03 kmkale :)
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04:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6275] Automated backups of data and config <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6275>
04:50 cait bye :)
04:51 rangi cya cait
04:51 space_librarian bye!
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04:56 Brooke_ joined #koha
04:56 Brooke_ kia ora!
04:56 rangi heya Brooke_
04:56 testing joined #koha
04:57 space_librarian hey Brooke_
04:58 testing left #koha
04:59 space_librarian right. I'll be back... a little later.
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05:01 Brooke joined #koha
05:01 Brooke pain getting rid of that _
05:05 AmitG joined #koha
05:05 Brooke 0/
05:11 brendan_ hiya Brooke
05:11 brendan_ hey AmitG
05:12 AmitG heya brendan_
05:12 wahanui brendan_ is a big fan of koha or the best boss evar!
05:18 AmitG heya Brookee
05:20 Brooke wahanui botsnack m&ms
05:20 wahanui :)
05:27 AmitG heya wahanui
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05:29 pianohacker joined #koha
05:29 pianohacker Hey, that's what shutting the lid on my laptop does
05:30 brendan_ HA
05:34 * rangi waves from the bus
05:34 Oak oh rangi where are you going?
05:34 rangi home
05:35 Oak see ya soon
05:35 rangi I ride the bus to and from work each week day
05:35 Oak good. green planet. and such.
05:35 rangi 25 min ride, but I can irc from it, so I dont mind
05:36 rangi yeah, of the 100 or so of us at work, I think about 6 drive
05:36 brendan_ catalyst++
05:36 rangi lots bike, the rest of us train or bus
05:37 brendan_ green_companies++
05:38 rangi not_enough_parking++
05:38 brendan_ the best I can say is that no one in my company has to drive to work
05:38 rangi :)
05:38 brendan_ but you maybe afraid to see us in our work clothes
05:39 Brooke heh
05:39 rangi heh
05:39 Oak why whats your dress code?
05:40 brendan_ it's all virtual
05:40 Oak ahh
05:40 Oak are there job openings?
05:40 brendan_ always
05:40 * Brooke wore a tux for a few weeks straight at Albany Public HeLl over their dumb arse dress code.
05:41 * Oak imagines Brooke in a tux
05:41 Brooke used to be a regular occurrence :P
05:42 Oak :)
05:44 rangi ppl make fun of me if I wear a collared shirt to work
05:44 rangi that gives u an idea of our dresscode
05:44 Brooke I <3 those sechsy red and black shirts.
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05:59 * Brooke is pining for the next First Monday to be out.
06:00 pianohacker Brooke++ # I hadn't heard of this before
06:00 Brooke oh yeah
06:00 * Brooke was a ghetto Librarian too long to not know some of the non fenced in journals.
06:01 pianohacker Bleh, journals are such a racket
06:03 * Brooke grins.
06:05 kmkale_ joined #koha
06:06 AmitG heya pianohacker, kmkale
06:06 pianohacker Hello, master of the delayed response ;)
06:07 brendan_ HA
06:07 brendan_ painohacker++
06:07 brendan_ damnit
06:07 brendan_ pianohacker++
06:07 brendan_ YAY
06:07 pianohacker Hahahahaha
06:07 brendan_ so how many times have I done that one
06:07 pianohacker Don't know what I did to you, but man
06:07 brendan_ I'd say maybe 60 time
06:07 brendan_ s
06:08 brendan_ maybe because it's all the Xen pain that you left me
06:09 pianohacker You mean Xen _beauty_
06:09 pianohacker Only what, 8 domains?
06:09 brendan_ shit I was counting three
06:10 brendan_ guess zabbix wasn't as important
06:10 * Brooke chuckles
06:10 * Brooke points out that no one stands a chance at knowing Pianohacker's mind, so ye might as well just let him do his thang.
06:10 * brendan_ was a little surprised that you didn't have a nagios domain
06:11 pianohacker ...tried nagios, preferred zabbix
06:11 pianohacker nagios configuration is a little opaque
06:11 pianohacker Brooke: WATCH YE, FOR HERE BE DRAGONS
06:11 Brooke :D
06:11 kmkale left #koha
06:12 kmkale_ is now known as kmkale
06:12 brendan_ pianohacker - how many coding languages do you know
06:13 pianohacker Umm. Perl, Python, Bash, JavaScript and now C/C++
06:13 * Brooke likes that "coding" was specified.
06:14 pianohacker hehe
06:14 Brooke else, it's a longer list.
06:14 pianohacker slightly longer :) Japanese and Spanish are very occasional hobbies at this point
06:14 brendan_ ok *whew* I've heard of those
06:14 pianohacker LibertyBASIC? Very first one I learned, proprietary windows-specific
06:15 brendan_ nope
06:15 pianohacker you're not missing much
06:15 brendan_ my first IRC was visualbasic
06:15 pianohacker Need to learn Java, actually, seems like half the companies on the planet use the blasted verbose monstrosity
06:15 Brooke my first IRC was on a Vax undercover cause Uni didn't like chat.
06:16 Brooke and it was mostly italian.
06:16 pianohacker ...wait, what?
06:16 pianohacker brendan_: nice language to start on
06:17 brendan_ heh - that's what my teacher keep saying
06:17 * Oak wants to learn Perl and Python. Wanted to start with Perl (because of Koha)... then decided to go with Python because of this article:
06:17 hdl joined #koha
06:18 * Brooke waves to hdl.
06:18 brendan_ heya hdl
06:18 brendan_ hdl++
06:18 Brooke @karma hdl
06:18 huginn Brooke: Karma for "hdl" has been increased 39 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 39.
06:18 Brooke what what what?!
06:18 Brooke only 39?
06:19 brendan_ 39 is a good number -- 3 goes into 9
06:19 * Brooke suspects that hdl is blending in with the wallpaper again.
06:19 pianohacker Oak: Heh, esr's a force of nature. Yeah, Perl gets wonky, especially when you get to projects the size of, say, Koha
06:19 cait joined #koha
06:19 hdl hi brendan_ what happened that made you ++
06:19 * Brooke waves to Cait
06:19 * cait waves to Brooke :)
06:19 hdl hi Brooke my karma must be stuck in
06:19 Oak pianohacker, :)
06:20 hdl But who cares ?
06:20 brendan_ just because - you've got a lot of great code sitting out there.... plus good ideas
06:20 hdl hi pianohacker
06:20 Brooke d'accord
06:20 hdl welcome here.
06:20 hdl brendan_: thanks for your regard.
06:20 cait Brooke: what happened to your _?
06:21 brendan_ and hdl I haven't been around alot lately
06:21 * Brooke gave it an ultimatum.
06:21 pianohacker Hi hdl
06:21 hdl saw that... quite logical
06:22 Brooke Koha isn't necessarily about what one does lately, but rather what one does for life.
06:22 pianohacker yup
06:25 Oak Brooke, what do you mean
06:25 Brooke I mean
06:25 Brooke that it's long termy
06:25 Brooke rather than short termy
06:25 Brooke though short termy helps
06:26 pianohacker It's also got one of the best open-source communities I've seen
06:27 Oak okie doky
06:28 * Oak did not get to what context it was said - does for life thing
06:28 cait community++ :)
06:31 matts_away is now known as matts
06:32 alex_a hi #koha
06:33 Brooke bug 5158
06:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5158 enhancement, P5, ---, camins, ASSIGNED, Koha needs its own cookie, ice cream, and fudge flavors
06:34 Brooke pfft not closed yet.
06:37 adnc joined #koha
06:38 Brooke cat's chewing me out for not being asleep
06:38 Brooke better do what socks says or my toes will suffer a clawin.
06:38 Brooke left #koha
06:39 cait hi alex_a
06:42 cait internet connection is not the best from this train :(
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06:51 julian joined #koha
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07:02 francharb joined #koha
07:02 francharb hello all
07:03 cait hi francharb
07:03 francharb hi cait
07:04 cait @wunder stuttgart
07:04 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
07:04 cait @wunder Stuttgart, Germany
07:04 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
07:05 cait hmpf
07:06 alex_a @wunder marseille, france
07:06 huginn alex_a: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 15.0�C (9:00 AM CEST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
07:06 alex_a \o/
07:10 kmkale joined #koha
07:13 cait @wunder Reutlingen
07:13 huginn cait: The current temperature in Reutlingen, Germany is 9.5�C (9:15 AM CEST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 28.64 in 969.8 hPa (Steady).
07:13 cait brrr
07:14 francharb left #koha
07:16 alex_a cait: brrr too
07:16 alex_a ;)
07:17 cait but still warmer!
07:17 francharb joined #koha
07:17 cait we had about 20 degrees the last few days
07:17 cait missing it already
07:19 Oak 35 here
07:19 pianohacker Jesus you can hear thunder underground in minecraft I just almost had a heart attack
07:19 pianohacker speaking of weather
07:22 AmitG left #koha
07:26 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
07:34 magnuse @wunder boo
07:34 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0�C (9:20 AM CEST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
07:35 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:35 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 8.8�C (9:35 AM CEST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Steady).
07:36 cait @wunder STR
07:36 huginn cait: The current temperature in 2 mi s of EDDS, Filderstadt, Germany is 8.1�C (9:38 AM CEST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.84 in 1010.4 hPa (Steady).
07:39 AmitG joined #koha
07:40 cait probably the wrong code
07:45 magnuse "You cannot access this page because the extension 'Voting' is disabled."[…]w_bug&bug_id=3644
07:45 magnuse is that done on purpose, or is it a bug?
07:46 matts is now known as matts_away
07:47 cait hm yes I missed it too
07:47 cait perhaps ask rangi about it later
07:49 sophie_m joined #koha
07:52 AmitG heya cait
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08:31 matts_away is now known as matts
08:32 magnuse bonjour biblibre
08:35 alex_a bonjour magnuse
08:38 Oak left #koha
08:46 slef rangi: magnuse: yeah, I've a symbian nokia. Least open FOSS OS I've ever met.
08:46 magnuse hm, too bad
08:46 slef morning all
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08:57 adnc what do I need to do in order to get marc records that are not visible, like 880?
08:58 Guillaume left #koha
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09:08 chris_n is now known as Guest3478
09:08 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
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09:28 slef adnc: you mean MARC tags? I saw stuff about 880 in the xslt so I'd try searching in koha admin for system preferences about display
09:28 adnc slef, yes
09:28 adnc ok
09:28 slef there's something wrong with your email when my summariser decides that your disclaimer is the most interesting part of the message...
09:29 slef adnc: the other thing is to switch displays to XSLT if you haven't already done so (or ISBD if you prefer but I don't really get on with that)
09:30 slef everyone, why is Normal view the default?
09:46 magnuse because its... normal? ;-)
09:53 pianohacker left #koha
09:55 SpaceLibrarian_home joined #koha
09:56 slef magnuse: yeah, but what norm?
09:56 magnuse hehe
09:56 magnuse is there anything else you would rather have as the default
09:56 magnuse ?
09:58 magnuse detailed marc view?
10:23 matts is now known as matts_away
10:28 adnc magnuse, do you know how to get 880 marc tag displayed for editing?
10:32 magnuse adnc: go to Home � Administration � MARC Frameworks
10:33 magnuse click on "MARC structure" for the framework you want to change
10:33 magnuse find 880, for example by searching for it
10:33 magnuse click on Subfields
10:34 rangi wow
10:34 magnuse click on Edit for the subfield you want to make visible
10:34 rangi[…]/25/koha-seminar/
10:35 magnuse adnc: click on "display more constraints"
10:35 magnuse adnc: choose another value for "hidden"
10:36 magnuse adnc: click on the ? in the upper right corner to see what values mean what for that field
10:36 magnuse rangi: heh, that should be interesting...
10:37 rangi the blurb at the bottom is pretty impressive, i dont think there is a single line that is true :)
10:37 adnc the value hier is -6 in "hidden"
10:37 magnuse yeah...
10:38 adnc i'm on 3.2 and i cant see a ? mark
10:38 adnc ahh i see
10:38 magnuse adnc: it should be right at the top, to the right of where your name is displayed
10:38 adnc yes thanks
10:39 magnuse it is context sensitivt help - pretty neat!
10:40 alex_a left #koha
10:40 adnc what would be a good value for hidden for 880 mark. i only have one item where i would need it
10:40 magnuse i think zero is sort of the default...
10:41 magnuse rangi: do you know if the votes in bugzilla are turned off by accident or on purpose?
10:42 rangi accident, but no one ever really used them in the old bugzilla anyway
10:42 rangi i can turn them back on
10:43 mib_p2l259 joined #koha
10:43 mib_p2l259 hi there :)
10:48 mib_p2l259 can anybody help me?
10:49 mib_p2l259 i have some circulation rules that if the user doesn't check in the item pay 0.50€ for each overdue day
10:50 mib_p2l259 with fines the user is blocked to renewal and place holds in items in the OPAC.. (which is the same of being suspend)
10:51 mib_p2l259 after 16 days of fines i need to suspend the user for 30 days no matter how many items he has overdue. How I can set this?
11:04 rangi magnuse: i think voting is broken[…]#v40_feat_vot_ext
11:05 rangi i followed that, and it threw an internal server error
11:07 sekjal joined #koha
11:07 magnuse rangi: i followed one of the "vote" links on a rfc on the wiki and got this:[…]w_bug&bug_id=3644
11:08 mib_p2l259 no one knows how to suspend a user for 30days after 15 days overdue?
11:08 magnuse im not too fond of how that voting worked, so if we do not plan to use it i will remove the link from the rfc template
11:09 rangi yeah, good idea
11:10 rangi mib_p2l259: what version of koha?
11:10 mib_p2l259 3.2.6
11:11 rangi you can do fines or suspension in circulation rules, you can't do both
11:11 mib_p2l259 sorry 3.2.7
11:11 rangi so if wanted to you, you would set grace period of 15 days, and suspension of 30
11:12 mib_p2l259 the user has to pay the 15 days...
11:12 magnuse is now known as magnus_lunch
11:12 rangi right, like i said, you can do one or the other, not both
11:13 rangi you cant acrue fines for 15 days, then suspend
11:13 mib_p2l259 i know that with the overdue alerts i can debarred (suspend) a user after 15 days...
11:13 rangi you can debar them yes
11:14 rangi but thats not for 30 days, thats forever, until you un debar them
11:14 mib_p2l259 that's a problem... :S
11:14 rangi the code to do what you want doesnt exist in koha at present, you would have to write it, or get someone to write it for you
11:14 rangi like everything in koha was at one point :)
11:16 mib_p2l259 do you know in which table of koha database the suspension are saved?
11:17 mib_p2l259 or which part of the code i have to change?
11:18 mib_p2l259 perl is not a problem so i can do a script to only debar a patron for 30 days
11:18 mib_p2l259 (lift the debar suspension after 30 days)
11:20 mib_p2l259 it will be hard but i have to do it...
11:21 sekjal mib_p2l259:  as I recall, the suspension for any given patron isn't stored in the database, but calculated based on the number of days overdue the material is, and the 'suspension in days' value in your circ rules
11:22 rangi yep
11:22 rangi suspension is different to debarred
11:22 rangi and its calculated
11:22 rangi debarred is a flag set, in the borrowers table
11:23 mib_p2l259 ok i will have to do a script that looks at issues and old_issues tables and lift the debar after 30 days
11:24 mib_p2l259 it's not a easy script but not impossible...
11:24 rangi setting a suspension rule in circ rules, will not trigger the debarring
11:24 rangi you will need to do that in the overdue triggers area
11:24 tcohen joined #koha
11:25 rangi i dont htink checking the issues and old_issues table will work
11:25 mib_p2l259 yes i know... i already set that... after 16 days the user is blocked...
11:25 rangi you would need to store when you debarred them
11:26 jwagner joined #koha
11:27 mib_p2l259 an user is debar only when the details of him are changed by someone on staff client
11:28 mib_p2l259 i already have a script to debar users that the expiration date as expired...
11:28 rangi if they are expired, they already cant issue
11:29 mib_p2l259 but the first option never append... so if the user is debar the expiration date is expired of has had item in overdue
11:29 mib_p2l259 can't issue but can renew and place hold in the OPAC...
11:30 nengard joined #koha
11:32 rangi what if a staff member renews an item to a person who is debarred, now the date due is different, and instead of 30 days, they are debarred for longer, thats why i say you cant use the issues table
11:33 rangi or you could just hope that that never happens :)
11:34 jwagner rangi, hi, but what are you doing awake at this hour??? :-)
11:34 rangi its only 11.30
11:34 mib_p2l259 i will create a new table with two fields... the borrowernumber and date debarred...
11:35 jwagner Thought it was later than that.  Can't keep my timezones straight any more....
11:35 rangi mib_p2l259: yep, that would be more robust
11:36 mib_p2l259 i have to change the overdue notice which I think is the script to create overdue notices and debar patron, to insert the data into that table
11:36 mib_p2l259 then i'll create the script which after 30 days of the date inserted debarred the user
11:37 rangi if you made it flexible
11:37 mib_p2l259 undebarred...
11:37 rangi so the time could be set
11:37 rangi then it could go into koha
11:40 mib_p2l259 i have to discover where the flag debarred is set to 1
11:40 mib_p2l259 in the overdue notices script
11:41 mib_p2l259 if ( $overdue_rules->{"debarred$i"} ) {                      #action taken is debarring                     C4::Members::DebarMember($borrowernumber);                     $verbose and warn "debarring $borrowernumber $firstname $lastname\n";                 }
11:41 SpaceLibrarian_home left #koha
11:41 mib_p2l259 this is the piece of code that i have to change... or maybe i can change the function DebarMember
11:42 conan joined #koha
11:43 conan good morning everyone (or at least the ones who just wake up)
11:43 AmitG heya conan
11:45 AmitG left #koha
11:47 rangi night conan
11:47 * rangi heads off to sleep
11:48 conan bye rangi
11:50 conan We got a working koha 3.1 for one library here, which was here before I came, now we're preparing to implement koha 3.4 but for a set of libraries, that lead to rework several stuff, which includes at first a re-definition of frameworks
11:50 conan So now I got this test implementation with the new frameworks defined which I can dump
11:51 conan I'm wondering
11:51 conan how should I make the move?
11:51 conan I cannot just load the tables into the working implementation
11:51 francharb1 joined #koha
11:52 JesseM joined #koha
11:52 conan should I start with a clean installation and import table by table from the working one?
11:54 francharb left #koha
11:55 matts_away is now known as matts
11:57 hdl conan: create a new db and inject your old 3.1 then import your frameworks, and do upgrade
12:02 conan hum... that will leave the old frameworks hanging around, right? What about the ones that changed names and definition? (new marc stuff, or old stuff now ignored)
12:08 hdl often when you use mysqldump table the table export DROP TABLE CREATE TABLE,
12:08 alex_a joined #koha
12:08 hdl so any previous data is dropped :P
12:15 NateC joined #koha
12:15 NateC Morning #koha!
12:22 conan hdl: I'm making the new frameworks dump with the option --no-create-info
12:23 conan maybe I didn't make myself clear, I'll try to explain better
12:23 conan we have a set of old and new frameworks
12:24 marcelr joined #koha
12:24 conan we have some new frameworks which don't exist on the old ones, we have old frameworks which will be dropped from new ones, and finally, we got old frameworks that exists on new ones, but have changed its definition
12:25 conan the last ones are the complicated ones
12:25 marcelr hi all: anyone know if koha-translate ml does not respond?
12:26 adnc left #koha
12:27 oleonard joined #koha
12:29 magnus_lunch is now known as magnuse
12:30 slef marcelr: I've seen emails from it but I forget when. Have you checked the web archive?
12:30 slef NateC: hello!
12:30 marcelr slef: did not see my mail from few mins ago
12:30 slef marcelr: few mins? give it an hour. Email has no quality of service guarantee.
12:31 marcelr we'll see
12:31 slef hrm, web archive Last message date: Mon Apr 18 08:49:35 CEST 2011
12:32 slef marcelr: can you see what your mailserver logged when trying to send?
12:32 oleonard Hi #koha
12:32 marcelr slef: no cannot check that server
12:32 slef Hi doctor oleonard!
12:33 slef marcelr: I'd give it an hour or two, then pester hdl or paul_p to check logs on
12:34 jwagner The manual says the syspref itemcallnumber can take multiple fields, but how are they entered? comma separated? For example 082ab,099a
12:35 chris_n @wunder 28334
12:35 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in Newton Grove, North Carolina is 24.9�C (8:37 AM EDT on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Steady). High Wind Warning in effect until 11 am EDT this morning...
12:44 oleonard You don't need any more of that eh chris_n?
12:47 hdl marcelr: koha-translate should work.
12:47 hdl marcelr: it is not much active though
12:48 chris_n oleonard: its the circular high winds in particular that I watch out for
12:48 cait joined #koha
12:48 chris_n heya cait
12:48 cait hi chris_n, hi #koha
12:52 oleonard slef: did you see the message to the Koha list about connecting to Copac? I wondered if you knew anything about that
12:53 slef oleonard: not yet. I don't remember but it sounds familiar so I've probably some notes.
12:53 slef biab
12:55 marcelr hdl: sent a message one hour ago; do not see it; and password reminder didn't seem to work too
12:57 hdl Post by non-member to a members-only list
12:57 marcelr hdl: should be a member
12:57 hdl mmmm apparently it is not  ;)
12:58 marcelr ok i will try to new subscribe
12:58 hdl maybe the adress used is not the one you used to subscribe
12:59 marcelr hdl: that responded immediately; maybe became deactivated for bouncing or so?
13:01 hdl could be
13:02 hdl I will send your mail
13:02 hdl thanks for your report
13:03 hdl sent
13:04 ether left #koha
13:07 sekjal is now known as Guest3505
13:07 Guest3505 left #koha
13:07 sekjal joined #koha
13:13 alex_a left #koha
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13:13 alex_a joined #koha
13:18 cait left #koha
13:52 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6280] Invalid SQL being passed in circulation checkout <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6280>
13:53 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
13:58 chris_n` joined #koha
13:58 chris_n is now known as Guest3515
13:58 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
14:00 wizzyrea hmm
14:00 wizzyrea describe koha 3.4 in a tweet
14:01 wizzyrea haiku also acceptable :P
14:01 brendan_ respectful
14:03 Guest3515 was kicked by chris_n: Guest3515
14:03 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4951] print page doesn't close after print <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4951>
14:13 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:20 rhcl tree to fore
14:20 rhcl koha soars
14:21 rhcl is chris_n gonna kick me?
14:21 wizzyrea :) no, he was kicking himself ;)
14:22 wizzyrea the release proverb is really quite good: This feat is not the feat of one, it is the feat of many
14:22 wizzyrea but it's not specific to this particular release
14:23 rhcl thirty four and out the door
14:23 wizzyrea three four, out the door
14:23 wizzyrea faster, better, more to love
14:24 wizzyrea the feat of many
14:24 * wizzyrea sighs
14:24 rhcl I'm keeping my eye on those green dot nicks...gotta be carefull
14:24 wizzyrea i'm so bad at haiku
14:25 rhcl Hey you
14:25 rhcl bad kaiku
14:25 rhcl k three four
14:25 rhcl what a roar
14:27 * chris_n is just kicking around today ;-)
14:30 rhcl kick today
14:30 rhcl that I pray
14:30 rhcl friday comes
14:30 rhcl much more sun
14:31 sekjal faster and smarter / Koha's latest release shines / thanks to all of us
14:31 wizzyrea sekjal++ that's a good one!
14:32 sekjal free no matter what / can't stop the revolution / Koha's here to stay
14:33 wizzyrea :D
14:33 wizzyrea that one actually does TWO things
14:33 wizzyrea that I'm looking for
14:33 wizzyrea 1. introduces a villain, and fits in a tweet D:
14:33 wizzyrea :D
14:34 wizzyrea this is why I ask you guys :)
14:35 sekjal as much as I wish / can't spend all day writing verse / back to bugfixes
14:35 wizzyrea :D
14:36 wizzyrea thanks for your time though :)
14:41 wizzyrea Only one Koha / Accept no substitutions / open and free always
14:42 sekjal :)
14:52 kmkale left #koha
15:05 marcelr left #koha
15:12 Oak joined #koha
15:17 wizzyrea now that we have import/exportable frameworks
15:17 wizzyrea do we need a "library" for them on the wiki?
15:17 wizzyrea or how would that work?
15:18 wizzyrea they export as files, so they'd need to be added as downloads to the wiki?
15:21 paul_p left #koha
15:27 sekjal wizzyrea:  yeah, we'd need them to be downloads
15:27 sekjal or, we need a separate tool for storing shared Koha files
15:27 sekjal I'd like to see a library for Matching Rules, as well
15:28 sekjal and user-generated XSLT once that's available
15:29 sekjal if we had a centralized Koha warehouse for things like this, we could add in a fetch link in the appropriate spots in the staff client, and download directly
15:30 sekjal (once all those perky security measures were put in place, of course)
15:30 wizzyrea :)
15:32 sekjal ooh, and once we had a fetch link, we could also look at a 'share' link to push directly from your Koha install to the warehouse
15:33 wizzyrea ooo
15:33 sekjal and (Koha 4.0 stuff here) with the widgetized staff interface, we could essentially build a Koha "App Store"
15:34 sekjal browse for shared widgets, click "download", then go into admin and enable them
15:34 wizzyrea *nod*
15:35 * wizzyrea gets a bit swoony about the possibilities of that
15:35 matts is now known as matts_away
15:36 sekjal if we chose our warehouse software so that it could handle e-commerce, we could even let some developers charge for their widgets/plugins.
15:36 sekjal they'd have to compete with all of us doing free and open source work
15:36 joetho joined #koha
15:37 sekjal but perhaps it'd make some third-party companies more apt to create an integration tool
15:37 wizzyrea definitely
15:44 julian left #koha
15:48 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6282] HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn syspref missing from *.pref file <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6282>
16:04 sekjal okay, team, I've got to run some last minute errands for the house-buying.  Back in time for my Support Desk shift
16:04 sekjal is now known as sekjal_away
16:08 conan left #koha
16:22 sophie_m left #koha
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16:34 Guest3537 was kicked by chris_n: Guest3537
16:34 * chris_n has it in for guests today
16:37 slef ???
16:39 chris_n` joined #koha
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16:39 Guest3539 was kicked by chris_n: Guest3539
16:40 JesseM @roulette
16:40 huginn JesseM: *click*
16:40 chris_n slef: dodging tornadoes and other assorted nasty weather phenomena today... hence multiple bounces
16:43 slef chris_n: oh yeah I saw 100+ dead :(
16:43 joetho 202
16:43 chris_n slef: 200+ now :-(
16:44 chris_n slef:[…]story?id=13474955
16:44 chris_n 4th video on left of page
16:44 nengard left #koha
16:44 slef I'll believe you. bet it's some awkward-to-play flash video though
16:44 slef @wunder Weston-super-Mare SOMERSET
16:44 huginn slef: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 18.7�C (5:46 PM BST on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1020.9 hPa (Steady).
16:45 slef is it wrong to say it's looking good for the wedding picnics tomorrow?
16:45 chris_n @wunder 28334
16:46 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 20.0�C (12:35 PM EDT on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Heavy Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1011 hPa (Rising). High Wind Warning in effect until 2 PM EDT this afternoon...
16:46 chris_n its supposed to be nice here tomorrow too
16:47 nengard joined #koha
16:47 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:49 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
16:49 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 17.7�C (11:51 AM CDT on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Falling).
16:49 wizzyrea oh hey
16:49 wahanui hola, wizzyrea
16:49 wizzyrea it's nice out
16:49 wizzyrea hi wahanui ;)
16:50 wizzyrea :( so sad about the tornadoes :( :( :(
16:50 wizzyrea we've had an easy spring so far here
16:54 wizzyrea (i'm not complaining, mind you)
16:54 wizzyrea oy vey, how will libraries support *this* kind of thing:[…]s-push-pop-press/
16:57 hdl left #koha
16:58 chris_n` joined #koha
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17:20 Brooke joined #koha
17:21 Brooke kia ora
17:27 chris_n` joined #koha
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17:27 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
17:28 chris_n and we're back
17:29 Brooke wb
17:30 Guest3546 left #koha
17:32 oleonard_ joined #koha
17:32 Brooke 0/
17:33 oleonard left #koha
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17:34 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
17:38 sekjal_away is now known as sekjal
17:40 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
17:44 Brooke hooray everyone's back
17:47 sekjal_ joined #koha
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17:48 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
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18:03 nengard @later tell kf i was unable to do the video for ordering from a staged file because i came across bug 6283
18:03 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
18:04 Guest3551 left #koha
18:05 * Brooke grumbles at the wiki still being horked.
18:05 nengard Brooke, what's wrong with the wiki?
18:05 wizzyrea categories I think
18:05 Brooke the categories are only coming up with special types
18:05 Brooke and I would think that I still can't upload junk
18:06 wizzyrea I just do [[Category:the_category]]
18:06 Guest3548 left #koha
18:06 magnuse but sometimes it would be nice to be able to remove a category too...
18:06 wizzyrea indeed
18:09 Brooke comes up on a keyword, which shall have to serve as good enough for gummint woik ftm
18:23 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
18:23 * oleonard brb
18:23 Brooke wb
18:23 oleonard left #koha
18:33 oleonard joined #koha
18:35 Brooke hmm
18:36 Brooke that paper that shoved us over for #koha appears to not be there.
18:37 rangi
18:37 Brooke mm hmm, but they haven't tweeted in dayses
18:38 rangi
18:38 rangi they had the name before we did
18:39 Brooke we gots more people, and hence can sit on them.
18:39 rangi so im happy to let them use the hashtag
18:39 rangi yeah, i think thats lame
18:39 Brooke You're booting about early, even for ye
18:39 rangi after the shit kosovo went through, ill let them take whatever hashtag they want
18:39 rangi naw, its 6.35am
18:39 rangi not that early
18:40 magnuse and the early bird gets the worm...
18:41 Brooke "Good things happen early in the morning"
18:45 * Brooke juggles flaming servers for everyone's amusement.
18:46 rangi my koha haiku
18:46 rangi the code is not sold
18:46 rangi it is a gift of freedom
18:46 rangi you can not own us
18:47 wizzyrea rangi++ sekjal++
18:48 sekjal rangi++
18:48 Brooke @karma rangi
18:48 huginn Brooke: Karma for "rangi" has been increased 65 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 65.
18:48 Brooke rangi++
18:49 wizzyrea
18:49 Brooke ooh sechsy
18:50 rangi :)
18:50 pianohacker joined #koha
18:51 sekjal hey, pianohacker!
18:51 wahanui hmmm... pianohacker is working on a command-line tool for setting system preferences
18:52 rangi better not be
18:52 rangi cos thats already in 3.4.0
18:52 rangi :)
18:53 wizzyrea anyone else for a koha haiku?
18:53 * Brooke can't bullshite under pressure!
18:53 wizzyrea no pressure mate
18:53 wizzyrea just be honest :)
18:55 oleonard Little purple blob / Never understood that guy / Need a new mascot
18:55 wizzyrea rofl
18:55 * oleonard doesn't really think you should use that one
18:57 magnuse perl poetry, anyone? ;-)
19:00 Brooke live unfurling frond
19:00 Brooke world's open gift evolving
19:00 Brooke leave more than you take
19:00 Brooke oleonard's is better.
19:01 oleonard It's insincere, though, I don't actually think we need a mascot.
19:03 sekjal SIP emulator / why must you be such a pain / can't we get along?
19:04 wizzyrea lol
19:04 wizzyrea brooke that's actually very good
19:04 * Brooke has the market on hot air cornered.
19:04 wizzyrea ^.^
19:05 wizzyrea nothing wrong with that
19:07 oleonard Drupal content load / Why won't you import data? / Done this twenty times
19:07 pianohacker left #koha
19:07 oleonard Whoops, wrong subject.
19:09 rangi bbiab
19:13 nengard left #koha
19:14 Brooke left #koha
19:14 joetho left #koha
19:15 wizzyrea hmm... maybe I"ll skip the bit about what is expected for 3.6
19:17 sekjal why won't my SIP server answer me?!  yargh
19:17 wizzyrea is it on?
19:17 wizzyrea >.>
19:17 chris_n rangi: http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
19:18 sekjal wizzyrea:  ps aux | grep SIP shows three instances
19:19 chris_n only 3 tornadoes this time
19:19 wizzyrea obvious question: you can't telnet directly to it?
19:22 sekjal hmm, don't seem to be getting very far in that regard, no
19:26 francharb1 left #koha
19:29 magnuse koha started in nz so it can't be any good, right?
19:29 oleonard left #koha
19:37 pianohacker joined #koha
19:43 Ahmuck joined #koha
19:45 rangi yeah saw that chris_n
19:46 rangi amazingly shortsighted of the natlib
19:46 rangi but means more libraries asking us about koha
19:46 pianohacker left #koha
19:47 Ahmuck-Sr left #koha
19:57 jwagner left #koha
20:07 * chris_n heads home
20:09 wizzyrea ok so, get this
20:09 wizzyrea koha has 61 contributing developers this year alone
20:09 wizzyrea in the last year, WordPress, that behemoth
20:09 wizzyrea only had 16
20:09 wizzyrea at least according to ohloh
20:10 wizzyrea so in Ohloh, we actually beat them in size of dev community
20:10 wizzyrea we are in top 2%
20:10 wizzyrea they in top 10%
20:18 cait joined #koha
20:21 wizzyrea can anyone tell me if in the label creator, if scanning barcodes with a scanner with a carriage return function submits the form?
20:21 wizzyrea I don't have a scanner handy
20:22 * cait waves
20:22 rangi hi cait
20:22 wizzyrea hi cait :D
20:30 Guillaume joined #koha
20:33 cait jcamins: around?
20:34 cait wizzyrea: hi and me neither
20:34 wizzyrea nuts.
20:39 cait bug 5959
20:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5959 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED, Add search link for analytics to serial records
20:43 sekjal cait: jcamins usually works Saturday - Thursday, though he does have this habit of showing up in chat even on his off hours
20:46 hdl joined #koha
20:50 cait left #koha
21:03 JesseM left #koha
21:04 Irma joined #koha
21:07 rangi sekjal: you about?
21:08 sekjal rangi:  yes
21:09 Guillaume left #koha
21:09 rangi since you are officially QA manager now, we should have a chat sometime about how you want that to work
21:10 sekjal ah, yes, the term has begun!
21:11 sekjal I need to pull in some of the canned searches in BZ
21:11 rangi
21:11 rangi top three links there
21:11 sekjal wonderful
21:11 rangi for 3.4 i tracked the patches signed off
21:12 rangi im wondering if you want to take over that
21:12 rangi and we'll make a new patch status, Passed QA
21:12 rangi so it goes
21:12 rangi needs signoff, signed off, passed qa, patch pushed
21:12 rangi ?
21:13 rangi so i watch the passed qa queue, you watch signed off
21:13 sekjal that sounds like the right workflow
21:13 rangi the bug wranglers watch needs signoff and patch pushed
21:13 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow  <-- we could edit this too
21:13 jenkins_koha Starting build 236 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:14 sekjal once 'signed off' is clear, or otherwise stable, I'll probably take a swing at 'needs signoff' as well, to bring more things into the queue
21:14 rangi awesome
21:14 rangi that would be perfect
21:14 rangi there are only 3 in the signed off queue at the moment
21:15 rangi Passed QA has now been added as a patch status
21:15 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6265: Authority search in OPAC not exact <[…]552a656a59e085f4f> / Bug 6001 : doesn't crash anymore when GetMarcBiblio fails... <[…]f9616685042a8dff5> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_6143' into kcmaster <http://git.koha-co
21:16 sekjal is there a day of the week that works best, from your perspective, for me to process 'signed off' into 'passed qa'?
21:16 rangi any day is fine
21:16 sekjal not that I'm planning on only looking at this once a week for the entire release cycle, but during very hectic times, it may get that low
21:17 rangi yep thats fair enough
21:17 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow
21:17 rangi updated
21:18 rangi if the signed off queue backs up, i can always help you clearing it too
21:18 sekjal at this point, I'm more concerned with NEEDS_SIGNOFF getting clogged
21:18 rangi yep
21:18 sekjal over 100 right now
21:19 rangi it was over 160
21:19 rangi its moving in the right direction
21:19 sekjal but, since SIGNED_OFF is pretty short, it should be easy to process
21:19 rangi yep
21:19 sekjal I should advance bug 5605, actually
21:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5605 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, Add Support for SIP Fee Paid Message
21:19 rangi i think what we might like to do
21:19 rangi is do an email once a week
21:19 rangi highlighting bugs we would really like someone to signoff on
21:21 sekjal yes, sounds good
21:22 sekjal get awesome features moving forward, as well as patches for major/critical/blocker types
21:22 rangi *nod*
21:22 sekjal also, enhancements/bugfixes that block other reports
21:23 rangi yeah good idea
21:26 wizzyrea is there a reason that on additem you can't tab at all to the submit buttons?
21:27 wizzyrea I see the comment in there re: the phony submit
21:27 rangi im sure there is a reason
21:27 wizzyrea @quote get 123
21:27 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
21:27 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
21:27 rangi yeah that :)
21:27 wizzyrea that's probably why
21:27 wizzyrea :)
21:27 wizzyrea apparently it drives my catalogers quite nuts
21:28 sekjal alrighty, I've got to get going; final walkthrough of the house before we sign the papers tomorrow!
21:28 wizzyrea if they accidentally tab too far, on a bib with lots of items it takes them all the way to the top
21:28 wizzyrea later sekjal
21:28 wizzyrea and lord they have to scroll aallllll the way to the bottom
21:28 rangi cya sekjal
21:28 rangi oh noes
21:28 wizzyrea i kno rite
21:28 sekjal g'night, wizzyrea and rangi!
21:28 sekjal goodnight, #koha
21:28 wizzyrea gl with the house :)
21:29 sekjal left #koha
21:46 wizzyrea graphics magick?
21:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_6033' into kcmaster <[…]dde237aff024e15a9> / Bug 6033 : Follow up fix for bug that crept in with conversion to template toolkit <[…]3aabe53ed1bdd7951>
21:46 wizzyrea graphicsMagick?
21:46 wahanui somebody said graphicsMagick was avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
21:47 wizzyrea that's what I thought.
21:47 magnuse now that's helpful :-)
21:48 wizzyrea i try to keep the things people ask over and over in wahanui :P
21:48 magnuse good plan!
21:48 wizzyrea documentation?
21:48 wahanui documentation is at
21:48 wizzyrea searching?
21:48 wizzyrea searching faq?
21:48 wahanui searching faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
21:48 wizzyrea version control using git?
21:48 wahanui i think version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
21:48 wizzyrea sign off on patches?
21:48 wizzyrea ah I should add that one :)
21:49 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow that one too
21:49 wizzyrea sign off on patches is at[…]gn_off_on_patches
21:49 wizzyrea patch workflow is at[…]nt-patch_Workflow
21:49 wizzyrea sign off on patches?
21:49 wahanui sign off on patches is at[…]gn_off_on_patches
21:49 wizzyrea patch workflow?
21:49 wahanui well, patch workflow is at[…]nt-patch_Workflow
21:49 wizzyrea jquery library?
21:49 wahanui rumour has it jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
21:49 wizzyrea report library?
21:50 wizzyrea report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:50 wizzyrea report library?
21:50 wahanui well, report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:50 wizzyrea Backing up koha is at[…]i/Backing_up_Koha
21:50 wizzyrea mysqldump library is at[…]i/Backing_up_Koha
21:51 wizzyrea backing up koha?
21:51 wahanui backing up koha is at[…]i/Backing_up_Koha
21:55 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #236: SUCCESS in 41 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/236/
21:55 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: Follow Up for Bug 6143: New numSearchRSSResults preferences
21:55 jenkins_koha * Matthias Meusburger: Bug 6001 : doesn't crash anymore when GetMarcBiblio fails. Unprocessed biblionumbers are displayed at the end of the execution instead.
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6143 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, New feature: capability to limit the RSS results
21:55 jenkins_koha * Katrin Fischer: Bug 6265: Authority search in OPAC not exact
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6001 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, matthias.meusburger, ASSIGNED, crashes when GetMarcBiblio fails.
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6265 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED, Search for records linked to an authority not exact in OPAC
21:55 jenkins_koha Starting build 237 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:58 tcohen left #koha
22:14 NateC left #koha
22:36 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #237: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/237/
22:36 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 6033 : Follow up fix for bug that crept in with conversion to template toolkit
22:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6033 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED, Add Filters to SQL Saved Reports
23:18 druthb joined #koha
23:18 druthb o/
23:18 rangi hi druthb
23:19 druthb hiya, rangi.  :)
23:21 magnuse \o/
23:22 druthb hi, magnus! :D
23:22 magnuse hiya druthb
23:25 * magnuse had better try and forget about that circ simulation script for a while and get some sleep...
23:25 magnuse good night or other time of the day, #koha!
23:25 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
23:26 brendan_ @wunder 93109
23:26 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 26.9�C (4:28 PM PDT on April 28, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Steady). Wind Advisory in effect from 3 PM this afternoon to 5 am PDT Saturday...
23:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 238 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:44 tcohen joined #koha
23:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fixing a template error <[…]6650b2c43ed6b9e8b> / Rewriting the valid templates test to test template toolkit <[…]8ccb598929428f2cd>
23:50 druthb left #koha

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