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00:00 druthb eh?   wha'd I do now?
00:00 SteveJ You had to be all nice and set up the test environment which is causing me to have to do work!
00:01 * druthb cackles.
00:01 druthb You're not the only one i've torqued in that fashion this weekend--it's been a busy, productive one.
00:01 druthb Everything look okay, so far?
00:03 SteveJ Yep. A few minor tweaks needed but nothing major. Will let you know by Tuesday.
00:03 druthb awesomeness.  Any changes we need to make to the mapping, just shout; easy enough to do, then re-run the scripts and reload.  That many bibs, takes an hour or so to do.
00:04 druthb pretty_clean_data_to_start_with++
00:06 SteveJ That is certainly a nice way of saying that since we were only using about six fields in our old system that there is not much work to be done.
00:07 druthb A certain other site i'm coping with is much larger, and has their bib data in a non-standard XML format.  It's clearly *supposed* to be MARC, but none of the conventional translators can touch it.  I'm having to write a crosswalk to get it to something I *can* work with.  Very messy.
00:08 SteveJ By the way, are you going to be at SLA?
00:08 druthb SteveJ: Handing me items in a 952 with only one field out of place, and a half-dozen little mapping tweaks, was a pleasant relief from some of the "build MARC from this nasty spreadsheet" garbage I've dealt with lately.
00:09 druthb I had not planned on it.  I am going to be at KUDOS in May (presenting--twice), and there was talk of ALA, but that's all I know of at this time.
00:11 jcamins_away universities_that_don't_make_their_​dissertations_available_anywhere--
00:12 SteveJ ^Where did that come from?
00:13 jcamins_away @karma universities_that_don't_make_their​_dissertations_available_anywhere
00:13 huginn jcamins_away: Karma for "universities_that_don't_make_their​_dissertations_available_anywhere" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
00:13 jcamins_away Prior to my decrementation, those universities had neutral karma.
00:13 jcamins_away I have fixed this. ;)
00:13 druthb doing some research, jcamins?
00:14 druthb (or, trying to?)
00:14 jcamins_away Yep.
00:14 jcamins_away There's a fantastic-sounding dissertation from Hebrew University.
00:15 jcamins_away The one in Jerusalem, not the one in Cincinatti.
00:17 SteveJ I like the universities that insist theirs are available through proquest's service, except they are often unusuable in my field because images don't exactly come across well when microfilmed.
00:18 jcamins_away Oh, yeah, those are fun too.
00:18 jcamins_away The best part, for me, is that the dissertation was written in Russian, but the author of the dissertation cites it in English.
00:18 SteveJ lol
00:19 jcamins_away ... also the fact that the Russian title and the English title are completely different.
00:20 jcamins_away Eventually I catch on to these things.
00:20 SteveJ We ordered several conference proceedings from the publisher in Chile. All the descriptions and such were in English, but when we received them found that all the papers were in Spanish. There was a bit of cursing involved when we got them in three months and $500 later.
00:21 jcamins_away Heh. We did that once.
00:25 jcamins_away Okay, I'm not getting my hands on this dissertation. Back to reading.
00:40 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #191: UNSTABLE in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/191/
00:40 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5917 : More tweaks to the translation
00:40 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5917 : Trimming leading spaces - Please test it seems to work ok
00:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
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01:53 chris_n2 more tornado video:
01:53 chris_n2 that gas station is ~3 miles from my house and shows both tornados
01:57 chris_n2 same tornado tossing large fiberglass swimming pools into the air like toys:
01:59 space_librarian Wow...
01:59 druthb chris_n2: I'm glad you and yours are okay!   That's fierce!
02:01 space_librarian that's... wow
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02:24 rangi back
02:44 bg @wunder 93109
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02:51 space_librarian @wunder wellington, nz
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02:54 druthb @wunder 20852
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03:25 AmitG heya all
03:25 AmitG heya chris
03:29 druthb space_librarian++
03:29 * space_librarian waves
03:29 * druthb stumbles off to bed.
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03:33 AmitG heya space_librarian
03:33 wahanui space_librarian is probably a Koha poet
03:33 space_librarian Hey Amit!
03:34 rangi gmcharlt: around?
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05:01 Oak hi, can someone point me to a link that explains difference b/w Liblime and community releases of Koha.
05:01 Oak or explain here if possible.
05:02 space_librarian that's a long story
05:02 rangi heh
05:02 * eythian hands Oak a can labelled 'worms'
05:02 * space_librarian wonders how to put it
05:02 eythian open it. you know you wanna!
05:03 Oak I want to know about this :)
05:03 space_librarian Liblime isn't exactly *open*
05:03 rangi Oak: there is Koha, which has elected release officials, like release managers release maintainers etc
05:03 rangi which does official releases
05:03 rangi liblime maintain a couple of forks
05:04 rangi one of which they do releases for
05:04 Oak i see
05:04 rangi its not a Koha release, the code hasnt been through the sign off, qa etc process that Koha goes through
05:04 rangi the other fork is nearly 3 years old, and has never had a release
05:05 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow
05:05 Oak hm
05:05 rangi thats how code makes it into Koha
05:05 rangi who knows how code makes it into Liblime stuff
05:05 rangi presumably they take stuff from the Koha repo, and commit their own as well
05:05 mtj liblime's unreleased fork is called 'liblime enterprise koha' aka llek
05:06 Oak ah
05:06 mtj liblime's 'released' fork is called harley
05:06 rangi
05:06 rangi is a good read
05:07 Oak oh thanks
05:08 Oak I am an MLIS student and need to give presentation on Koha... on Wednesday. 'Introduction to Koha and why we should consider it as an alternative to propriety software'.
05:08 mtj harley was last updated 1 year ago, so its around 3000? commits behind Koha stable
05:08 rangi something like htat
05:09 mtj
05:09 rangi[…]-you-want-to-see/
05:09 rangi is another 3rd party write up
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05:10 Oak_ sorry, got dc
05:10 rangi basically if you are talking about Koha, then because liblime/ptfs dont do koha, you dont really need to mention them imho :)
05:11 rangi could just mention the 37 or so other support companies that actually do instead
05:11 Oak_ hm, that's a good point. And to download Koha, the link is not but
05:12 rangi yeah
05:12 rangi did you see this link
05:12 Oak_ ok good, that sounds good
05:12 rangi[…]-you-want-to-see/
05:12 Oak_ yes I got this link[…]-you-want-to-see/ before dc
05:12 rangi, wiki.koha-community, download. www. etc
05:13 rangi id just recommend ignoring
05:13 Oak_ yes :) ok.
05:16 rangi ok time to catch my bus
05:17 rangi Oak_: i recommend[…]program/day1.html
05:17 rangi and the other 2 days
05:17 rangi the presentations are recorded, so there are links to the video
05:18 rangi might be some ones that give you ideas for your presentation
05:18 Oak_ oh yes that will surely help. did not thought of that
05:18 Oak_ exactly
05:18 rangi ok, im off
05:18 rangi good luck :)
05:18 Oak_ ok thank you very much rangi :)
05:19 Oak_ much appreciated
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05:46 rangi @wunder wellington nz
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05:46 rangi I bet its actually about 4 on this bus
05:50 eythian it's only a 61.1kph ssw wind. Harden up :)
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06:25 alex_a hi #koha
06:26 cait joined #koha
06:26 cait hi #kohy
06:26 cait #koha
06:26 eythian hello
06:26 cait hi eythian :)
06:29 eythian how's tricks?
06:32 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
06:34 cait tricks?
06:34 cait morning magnuse :)
06:36 eythian cait: it's a slang expression meaning "what's happening?"
06:36 eythian or "how's it going"
06:36 cait thx
06:36 cait so the answer is: tired, weekend was too short and getting ready for work ;)
06:37 cait and I see rangi worked on my translation problems! yay!
06:38 cait eythian: how's tricks?
06:38 eythian heh
06:39 eythian trying to allow bulkmarcimport handle duplicate barcodes more gracefully than just throwing away items :)
06:40 magnuse morning #koha
06:41 magnuse @wunder bodo, norway
06:41 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0�C (8:20 AM CEST on April 18, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
06:43 cait eythian: sounds like a good idea
06:44 cait ok, have to go - ttyl
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06:44 eythian yeah, needed for a migration I'm doing, and likely to come up again in the future. Some versions of liberty default the barcode field to the biblio ID number. Which causes Koha problems if you have more than one item on that biblio.
06:45 eythian oh, bye :)
06:45 magnuse that does sound like a somewhat unfortunate default, eythian...
06:48 eythian magnuse: one of many in Liberty it seems.
06:48 magnuse ouch
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06:58 AmitG heya hdl, julian, sophie_m
06:58 magnuse bonjour biblibre
06:59 sophie_m hello #koha
06:59 julian hi #koha!
07:00 AmitG heya magnuse
07:01 magnuse hiya AmitG
07:02 matts_away is now known as matts
07:03 matts hello #koha
07:10 magnuse so what are easter holidays like in koha land? in norway we work full days today and tomorrow, half a day on wednesday and then have thursday, friday, the weekend and monday completely off...
07:10 rangi we have friday and monday off
07:11 AmitG we have only friday off ;(
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07:12 eythian yay, fixed bulkmarcimport to deal with dodgy data.
07:13 magnuse eythian++
07:13 * eythian makes a bug, makes a patch
07:13 magnuse ooh, sounds like we are quite lucky, then ;-)
07:14 magnuse rangi: you might be busy on friday, even if you have the day off?
07:14 rangi yep will be busy
07:14 kf joined #koha
07:14 kf good morning #koha
07:15 hdl hi all
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07:18 rangi magnuse: hopefully not too busy
07:19 rangi wrote the release notes today, tomorrow ill be building a couple of tarballs, and testing installs
07:19 magnuse cool
07:21 magnuse my plan is to upgrade all my installs to 3.4 during easter - i might live to regret that, but it seems so very convenient to do it during those quiet days
07:21 magnuse and i am so looking forward to not having to maintain my own little normarc fork! ;-)
07:22 rangi i think it should be pretty safe, i think the last remaining gotchas are to do with the translations and i think they are pretty much sorted
07:23 rangi or at least getting there
07:24 rangi for people running in another language, i would make sure to test the translations before upgrading production
07:25 magnuse test them how? are there things that are likely to be missed?
07:25 francharb joined #koha
07:25 magnuse bug 5917
07:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
07:26 magnuse ah yes
07:26 francharb hello all
07:26 rangi thats what needs to be tested :)
07:26 eythian magnuse: all your Norwegian translations will now come up in Esperanto.
07:26 clrh joined #koha
07:26 magnuse eythian: woohoo!
07:26 magnuse bonjour clrh
07:26 clrh Bonjour magnuse & all :=)
07:27 rangi hi clrh
07:29 Irma joined #koha
07:30 eythian srsly git, how about spotting whitespace errors during format-patch rather than git-am
07:30 rangi magnuse: you could grab the norwegian .po files from and install them
07:30 rangi eythian: you can make it spot them at commit
07:31 rangi im sure you can at format-patch too
07:31 eythian rangi: that'd be better still
07:31 rangi just add a hook
07:31 rangi in .git/hooks
07:31 rangi my commit runs all the critical tests
07:32 rangi and checks for conflict markers etc
07:32 magnuse rangi, yeah will do that
07:33 rangi eythian:[…]s/heads/git-hooks
07:33 eythian rangi: but what do you use to find the whitespace errors?
07:33 eythian oh
07:34 eythian I can't see anything in there that would do it...
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07:36 kf eythian: hehe
07:37 kf hm. it's monday. forgot to scroll down.
07:37 rangi[…]s-pre-commit.html
07:38 kf magnuse: the translation still has some glitches - hope chris recent changes will fix most of it
07:38 kf in my tests yesterday a lot of things in opac didn't get translated
07:38 rangi eythian: you can check the hook for the apply
07:39 eythian rangi: that could be useful. Although it wouldn't catch this particular case: a space before a tab.
07:39 eythian I mostly just think it's dumb of git to create a patch it can't apply
07:39 rangi oh it can apply it just fine
07:39 rangi if its just whitespace errors
07:39 eythian error: misc/migration_tools/ patch does not apply
07:39 eythian the only mentions are of whitespace
07:40 rangi yeah those are just warns
07:40 rangi the not apply will be of something else
07:40 rangi unless you have somehow switched on some kinda strict mode or something
07:40 rangi at least half the patches i get have whitespace issues
07:40 eythian hmm strange
07:40 rangi but they still apply
07:42 eythian I'll see more soon
07:42 rangi usually if i get a dont apply, the mail programme has munched it
07:42 rangi or its been formatted against a branch, other than the one im trying to apply it to
07:42 kf rangi: I saw your commits - one of them fixing xslt translation?
07:42 rangi no
07:42 eythian rangi: yeah, that's what I'm doing here.
07:43 rangi well maybe
07:43 eythian but it doesn't give me conflicts
07:43 rangi kf: i dont know
07:43 rangi yeah it often doesnt just refuses not to apply cos the hashes in it dont exist in that branch
07:43 eythian OK, well I'll see if I can cherry pick it onto master and do it that way
07:44 rangi normally i get conflicts if it was formatted against an old version of the branch
07:44 rangi yeah that oughta work
07:44 rangi kf: i think it just fixed the %s but maybe the xslt too
07:45 eythian OK, now I've got useful conflicts
07:45 magnuse eythian woohoo ;-)
07:46 kf rangi: will test tonight :)
07:51 rangi cool
07:53 magnuse is bug 5579 making it into 3.4? hope so!
07:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
07:54 rangi it needs another sign off, and then it will
07:54 hdl magnuse: coulr be... It needs some more signoff
07:54 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6199] Allow bulkmarcimport to blank duplicate barcodes rather than skipping items <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6199>
07:54 hdl feel free to test and sign off :P
07:54 hdl hi all
07:54 rangi im really hoping it will, it looks good to me, but is quite a big change so would like one more to check :)
07:54 kf hi hdl :)
08:00 magnuse oh, it would be so good to have that in 3.4!
08:01 rangi yep i really want it in
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08:05 magnuse so which patch(es) should be tested? the one called "signed off patches set" ([…]ment.cgi?id=3826) from clrh, or all of the four that are listed?
08:06 rangi hmm lemme check
08:09 * kf puts a plate of cake int he middle of #koha
08:09 kf can't only feed my coworkers here and leave #koha out
08:10 magnuse yummy!
08:10 rangi magnuse: ah yes, that has all 11 of them in that one file
08:10 rangi so yes that one 3826
08:13 magnuse ok, cool - i might not be able to keep myself from giving it a try then...
08:13 rangi hehe
08:13 rangi good
08:13 rangi the things to test would be the obvious things, like circulation and cataloguing
08:14 magnuse yeah
08:14 eythian location values map to the authorised value 'LOC' right?
08:15 rangi if you set that in your frameworks yep
08:15 rangi (i think by default that is set)
08:16 paul_p joined #koha
08:16 magnuse kia ora, paul_p
08:16 eythian cool
08:17 rangi wb paul_p
08:17 paul_p bonjour everybody !
08:17 paul_p back IRL after one week afk
08:22 magnuse paul_p: you consider this to be the real life? ;-)
08:23 rangi koha is life
08:23 rangi :)
08:23 paul_p magnuse, ;-)
08:23 magnuse hehe
08:36 eythian fixing one more thing then it's time to go home I think
08:40 magnuse well, that's early ;-)
08:41 eythian yeah, it's not even 9pm yet :)
08:46 kf I think we all have a serious koha addiction
08:46 magnuse hehe
08:47 kmkale joined #koha
08:47 kf hi kmkale
08:47 kmkale hi kf :)
08:50 magnuse hiya kmkale
08:50 kmkale hi magnuse
08:50 magnuse any more registrations for kohacon? :-)
08:51 kmkale 120 so far
08:52 kmkale 2 paper abstracts awaiting review
08:52 magnuse nice
08:53 paul_p hi kmkale !
08:53 kmkale hi paul_p
08:54 kmkale magnuse: most interesting part is the registrations are from 16 countries[…]Conf/registration
08:55 kf magnuse being one of those probably ;)
08:55 magnuse and kf
08:55 magnuse cool graph!
08:56 kf oh 2 from nz!
08:56 kf but no idea about most of the other abbreviations
08:56 rangi BI?
08:56 rangi i know all the other ones
08:56 kf I need a legend
08:56 rangi dont know that one
08:57 rangi afghanistan
08:57 rangi australia
08:57 rangi bangladesh
08:57 rangi bi ?
08:57 kf great britain
08:57 kmkale I don't see Germany and France in there yet :(
08:57 kf india
08:57 kf ir? ireland?
08:57 rangi yep
08:57 kf lk...
08:57 rangi sri lanka
08:57 kmkale Shri Lanks
08:57 kf kmkale: more pestering? ;)
08:57 kmkale *Lanka
08:57 kmkale yep
08:58 rangi nigeria
08:58 rangi norway
08:58 magnuse yay
08:58 magnuse 19 from nigeria? wow!
08:58 rangi nz, philipines, pakistan, taiwan, us, china
08:58 rangi im guessing ng is nigeria
08:59 kmkale
08:59 kf zw is china?
08:59 kmkale zimbabwe
09:00 rangi an yeah i was going on the language codes
09:00 rangi thats pretty cool
09:01 magnuse it is
09:02 kf bi?
09:02 kf burkina faso
09:02 kmkale burundi
09:03 kf hm list says that's kh
09:03 rangi yeah i think its iana delegations not countrycodes
09:03 rangi
09:04 rangi
09:05 kf magnuse: do you think they want us or only our language codes?
09:05 kf or countrycode
09:05 magnuse hehe
09:07 kmkale_ joined #koha
09:07 kmkale_ yay
09:08 kmkale_ who kf?
09:08 wahanui rumour has it kf is the kind of person that will brighten everyone's day
09:10 kf 2 kamkales for more pestering about kohacon?
09:11 kmkale left #koha
09:11 kmkale_ is now known as kmkale
09:12 kmkale blame that on my broadband provider :(
09:18 AmitG heya kmkale
09:18 kmkale hi AmitG
09:19 kmkale AmitG: bhow about that link?
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09:31 * magnuse wanders off to an early lunch
09:31 magnuse is now known as magnus_lunch
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10:13 tcohen hi #koha
10:15 magnus_lunch is now known as magnuse
10:24 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
10:29 matts is now known as matts_away
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10:48 druthb joined #koha
10:49 magnuse o/
10:49 druthb o/
10:50 kmkale hi druthb
10:50 druthb hi, kmkale! :D
10:50 kmkale :)
10:58 kf hi druthb :)
10:59 * druthb wriggles happily
11:08 conan joined #koha
11:09 conan hi everyone
11:10 AmitG heya conan
11:10 kf hi conan
11:16 magnuse hi conan
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11:28 jwagner joined #koha
11:28 magnuse hiya nengard and jwagner
11:28 jwagner Hi magnuse
11:29 magnuse you didn't get swept away by the wind last night, nengard!
11:29 nengard magnuse, the wind was a couple days ago and it was hard to stand upright :) but I made it :)
11:30 magnuse oops, i'm a bit delayed then... good that you made it!
11:31 nengard hehe :) thanks for checking up on me! :)
11:32 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
11:35 * kf waves
11:36 * jwagner waves back
11:43 chris_n joined #koha
11:49 AmitG heya jwagner
11:49 jwagner Hi AmitG
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12:12 nengard is there a way in git to delete a bunch of branches at once? a wildcard or something? I have so many branches from all my signoffs and I really need to cut that list down some
12:13 Oak joined #koha
12:14 hdl nengard: you could do that but only with bash and getting down in the .git files.... Which I would not advise....
12:14 nengard k
12:14 nengard i'll need to spend some time just deleting them one by one ;)
12:14 Oak \o
12:15 hdl Or with a for i in `git branch -r |grep tokenIwant`
12:15 hdl do
12:15 hdl git branch -D $i
12:15 hdl done
12:15 hdl branch -r is to get remote branches.
12:17 kf hm question: I want to delete all fines, history about fines and everything else related
12:17 kf can I just writeoff all fines from borrower accounts and drop the accountlines table or will it explode?
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12:17 pastebot0 "jcamins" at pasted "nengard - update koha-dev" (4 lines) at
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12:26 oleonard Hi #koha
12:27 tcohen hi oleonard
12:39 Oak who is B W Johnson
12:39 Oak ?
12:40 jcamins Brooke.
12:40 Oak and Brooke Helman?
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12:42 slef joined #koha
12:42 nengard same person
12:42 nengard two emails
12:45 Oak ah, ok, thanks
12:46 Oak making a presentation on Koha and adding links to her tutorials...
12:49 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5791] Robust handling of deleted biblios/authorities <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5791>
12:50 Oak is it ok to say Koha is 'used by thousands of libraries in the world' ? the word 'thousands' ok?
12:51 oleonard That sounds too high to say without evidence.
12:52 Oak what should I say then?
12:52 magnuse lib-web-cats has 1200 and some, that's the only thing we can say for sure...
12:52 magnuse but there are a lot more than that
12:52 jcamins "Well over a thousand"
12:52 Oak ok, 'more than a thousand libraries' should be ok then
12:53 magnuse i'd say more than 1200, but yeah
12:54 kf the problem with lib-web-cats is that a lot of those entries never get updated :(
12:54 * oleonard is glad that, at the very least, the lib-web-cats search for Koha libraries includes all of his vendor-specific categories
12:55 Oak ok, thanks
12:56 gmcharlt good morning
12:56 magnuse g'day gmcharlt
12:57 tcohen hi gmcharlt
12:58 kf hi gmcharlt :)
13:07 nengard can someone confirm for me that i just found a bug ... i'm on the funds page and i'm clicking edit next to a fund and nothing is happening
13:08 nengard the url changes, but the screen does not
13:09 oleonard /cgi-bin/koha/admin/ ?
13:11 nengard bug 6200 submitted on it
13:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6200 blocker, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, can't edit funds
13:11 nengard feel free to close if it's not a bug
13:11 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6156] Misaligned column in cart print view <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6156>
13:12 nengard also i don't see the budgets on the right of cgi-bin/koha/acqui/
13:12 * oleonard has no active edit or delete link on Grey text.
13:16 jwagner left #koha
13:21 nengard oleonard - okay so it's a FF4 thing showing me the links probably - but they should be active
13:21 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6185] holds slip says 'reserve' <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6185>
13:22 nengard checking in chrome
13:22 nengard oleonard, on chrome on mac the links show as well
13:22 Oak left #koha
13:22 nengard nothing greyed out
13:23 Irma left #koha
13:28 oleonard nengard: The greyed out text is from the budget being locked, according to the template
13:29 nengard oh
13:29 nengard mine aren't locked
13:29 oleonard I didn't think mine were either
13:29 oleonard Are they locked at the budget level or the fund level?
13:34 nengard fund level
13:34 nengard no
13:34 nengard buddget
13:34 nengard budget
13:34 nengard see manual Add a budget
13:35 mib_pockr6 joined #koha
13:35 nengard[…]19#budgetplanning
13:37 mib_pockr6 Hi there...
13:38 liw left #koha
13:38 liw joined #koha
13:38 mib_pockr6 can anybody help me in two things?
13:39 mib_pockr6 First: It is possible to block a patron to reserve books that he already have?
13:41 nengard koha does that automatically - you cannot place a hold on a book you already have a hold on
13:41 nengard at least it used to :)
13:41 mib_pockr6 I've tested now and it is possible :/
13:43 mib_pockr6 it is some system preference?
13:43 nengard love patch for bug 4389 - signed off!!!
13:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4389 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Trigger quick slip print on empty checkout submit
13:44 oleonard nengard: Are you sure it used to?
13:44 nengard yes cause it pissed people off :)
13:44 nengard i always remember people getting annoyed at me
13:44 nengard during training
13:44 oleonard Ah you would remember that then
13:44 nengard it's a bug report actually ... hang on
13:45 nengard bug 4239
13:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4239 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Allow holds on multiple items of selected titles
13:46 sekjal joined #koha
13:46 kf nengard: hm, I think what mib... asks is if you can prevent people from placing holds on items they have checked out? because you can't
13:46 nengard oh!
13:46 chris_n g'morning
13:46 nengard sorry you're right
13:46 kf there is a bug report for that too :)
13:46 nengard LOL
13:46 kf because it annoys my people hehe
13:46 mib_pockr6 so it's a koha byg
13:46 mib_pockr6 *bug?
13:46 kf it's a feature... it seems
13:46 nengard heh
13:46 kf but a debatable one
13:46 nengard do you know the bug number?
13:47 oleonard It's neither a bug nor a feature, it's just the way it is. :)
13:47 mib_pockr6 for me it's a bug LOL because the library wants to prevent that
13:48 kf nengard: searching... seems I added a comment to an existing bug, makes it harder to find it
13:48 oleonard To configure that policy is feature Koha lacks, let's put it that way mib_pockr6
13:48 nengard kf, with so many bug reports searching can be difficult i do agree
13:49 oleonard mib_pockr6: I can certainly see the utility of having that option
13:49 kf bug 3551
13:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3551 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, patron able to place hold on book he already has
13:50 kf nengard: hm. do you see a possibility that this might be covered by the holds rewrite?
13:50 nengard kf that's a question for sekjal
13:50 mib_pockr6 :| that's a problem to me... there isn't any patch to solve it?
13:50 nengard not at this time
13:51 oleonard mib_pockr6: There can't be a patch for it until someone decides that this is a problem worth patching
13:51 oleonard mib_pockr6: That means that you could be the one!
13:52 sekjal at this time, it's more of a feature to have this enabled.  this way, patrons can have one volume of a multi-part set out, and a hold on the next volume
13:52 sekjal once multiple holds can be placed on a single biblio, we'll need to reevaluate
13:52 mib_pockr6 I can help in the proccess because i've good perl knowledges...
13:52 kf hm.
13:53 oleonard sekjal: Of course if they have item-level holds turned off...
13:53 kf yep, I think oleonard is right, it should only allow item level holds, not an additional title level hold
13:54 sekjal why would a patron place a hold on an item they already have?
13:54 paul_p jumping in the discussion: I agree it's debatable: a school can find usefull to have a teacher with a check-out placing a hold on another item for a student of his team
13:55 paul_p (hello everybody)
13:55 oleonard sekjal: So that when it was time to return it they were sure to be next in line in the hold queue?
13:55 kf mid-air collision!
13:55 sekjal oleonard: as a way of gaming longer loan periods?
13:55 kf sekjal: I think about students during exams. they will do almost everything to make sure they can keep a book
13:55 kf making it hard for others
13:55 paul_p oleonard, in this case, the teacher won't return his book, just check out 2 at the same time : one for him, one for the student
13:55 oleonard I think that's the fear sekjal
13:56 paul_p kf, good argument too. I fear it's a problem that each library will want to solve differently...
13:56 kf yes, and perhaps different for different types of libraries
13:56 mib_pockr6 I agree with kf....
13:56 sekjal have any Koha libraries found people doing this, or is it just a theoretical exploit at this time?
13:57 mib_pockr6 it's a possibility to have the book for longer periods of time...
13:57 mib_pockr6 which if a problem if the others patrons wanted the book too
13:58 tcohen i need advice on something that is being discussed on patches for 3.2.x
13:58 kf sekjal: I can imagine that happening
13:58 mib_pockr6 (by the way my name is Vitor Fernandes, maybe you've already read some of my questions on the mailing list)
13:58 tcohen i submitted a patch against master (for pre-tt master actually)
13:58 kf sekjal: I have seen them put holds on different editions, just to get one
13:58 tcohen it was rebased for tt
13:58 tcohen (pushed)
13:59 tcohen the patch for template::pro doesn't apply cleanly on 3.2.x
13:59 tcohen should I commit a new patch fr 3.2.x or wait for changes in pre-tt master be cherry picked by chris_n?
14:01 sekjal so to exploit this bug, the patron would need to get out the material, then place a hold on it and have that hold get to the top of the queue just about the time the material would be due?
14:02 chris_n tcohen: if the patch will not apply cleanly to 3.2.x you should submit separately
14:02 mib_pockr6 so if I want to block the reserves I've to change the code.... C4::Reserves maybe?
14:02 chris_n otherwise, note in the commit message that it should be applied to 3.2.x and I'll pick it from master
14:03 tcohen chris_n: no problem then, bugzilla will have patch for master (already pushed), patch for pre-tt master, and for 3.2.x branch
14:04 tcohen the problem is that it changes 2 files not present in 3.2.x right now
14:04 chris_n which?
14:04 wahanui it has been said that which is not which
14:04 tcohen modules/members/printfeercpt.tmpl
14:05 chris_n which bug I mean; sorry
14:05 tcohen modules/members/printinvoice.tmpl
14:05 tcohen Bug 6126
14:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6126 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Slip print doesn't work on Webkit based browsers
14:06 tcohen i already have the patch for 3.2.x
14:07 tcohen but i know i'll find more situations like this
14:12 chris_n tcohen: this is related to bug 4389?
14:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4389 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Trigger quick slip print on empty checkout submit
14:12 tcohen not directly
14:13 tcohen but bug 4389 happens not to work on webkit based browsers
14:13 tcohen because of a bug patch for 6126 solves
14:13 chris_n I'm confused as to what files are missing in 3.2.x which are not included in the patch set for 6126
14:14 tcohen patch for 4389 add a feature to circulation.tmpl/tt
14:15 chris_n ahh... new features are not backported to 3.2.x
14:15 tcohen patch for 6126 fixes a bug in moremember-receipt.tmpl, printfeercpt.tmpl and printinvoice.tmpl
14:17 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
14:17 tcohen chris_n: so, patch for 3.2.x, for 4389 wont be applied
14:17 wizzyrea joined #koha
14:17 tcohen the patch that fixes bug in 6126 should be ported
14:17 chris_n tcohen: if it depends on 6126, no
14:18 library_systems_guy joined #koha
14:18 chris_n if 6126 is a truly "new" feature, that is
14:18 chris_n sorry
14:18 chris_n 6126/
14:18 chris_n 4389 that is
14:18 * chris_n cannot seem to type this morning
14:18 jcamins Hello, library_systems_guy.
14:18 tcohen hehe
14:19 wizzyrea wb library_systems_guy
14:19 tcohen 4389 is enh, 6126 a bugfix that should/could be applied to 3.2.x
14:19 chris_n tcohen: if 6126 depends on files added by 4389 then it will not be back ported is what i'm trying to type :-P
14:19 library_systems_guy thx wizzyrea
14:19 chris_n otherwise, I just need a complete patch set so that 6126 applies cleanly to 3.2.x
14:19 tcohen ok, i get it: those bugs are unrelated
14:19 chris_n make sense?
14:20 library_systems_guy sup jarrod
14:20 jcamins Jared. ;)
14:20 * chris_n 's brain got twisted up during the tornadoes apparently
14:20 wizzyrea :( boo tornadoes
14:20 jcamins library_systems_guy: if you don't already know about it, you'll probably want to browse the jQuery library on the wiki at some point:[…]ki/JQuery_Library
14:21 tcohen 6126 is a bug, 4389 is a feature (that happens to fail to work if 6126 is not applied, webkit problems)
14:21 wizzyrea jquery library?
14:21 wahanui jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
14:21 wizzyrea :D
14:21 library_systems_guy w00t
14:22 nengard hey library_systems_guy
14:22 wahanui well, library_systems_guy is mumbling about finding something
14:22 nengard hehe
14:22 nengard guess someone taught wahanui that on Friday
14:23 library_systems_guy i was mumblink
14:24 library_systems_guy mumbling*
14:24 library_systems_guy man i can't type
14:24 library_systems_guy must be monday
14:24 wizzyrea wahanui: forget library_systems_guy
14:25 wizzyrea silly bot
14:25 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot library_systems_guy
14:25 wizzyrea there you are
14:25 library_systems_guy oops i forgot that was the bot
14:25 library_systems_guy should rename it troll bot
14:25 library_systems_guy So I was thinking about my Git issue that I was having when Nicole was here last week
14:26 library_systems_guy and If i did a standard install to /var/share/koha and i did the checkout from /home/koha/kohaclone
14:26 library_systems_guy how do the new template files get into the cgi-bin?
14:27 sekjal library_systems_guy:  you'd need to rerun make
14:27 library_systems_guy oh man that sucks
14:28 jcamins If you're using git, do a dev install.
14:28 wizzyrea ^^
14:28 library_systems_guy ok
14:28 library_systems_guy then just path everything from there
14:29 library_systems_guy is doing a dev install stable for production?
14:29 jcamins Yeah.
14:29 kf yep
14:29 library_systems_guy is that install process in the doc anywhere?
14:30 wizzyrea version control using git?
14:30 wizzyrea[…]Control_Using_Git
14:30 kf the only thing you have to do is choose dev instead of standard when you install koha
14:30 wizzyrea version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
14:30 wizzyrea version control using git?
14:30 wahanui i guess version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
14:30 wizzyrea sign off on patches?
14:30 wizzyrea sign of on patches is at[…]gn_off_on_patches
14:31 wizzyrea sign off on patches?
14:32 library_systems_guy I'll be back later, have a koha implementation
14:33 wizzyrea you can bring us with you!
14:33 library_systems_guy oh man that'd be awesome...I could put you guys on the projector
14:33 wizzyrea !
14:34 wizzyrea :)
14:34 wizzyrea I've done that
14:34 wizzyrea (but I usually warn them)
14:34 library_systems_guy haha
14:34 clrh_ left #koha
14:34 oleonard You gotta warn us so we can put on pants
14:34 library_systems_guy yeah guys no crazy-ness in the irc
14:35 library_systems_guy psh whatever meetings are no fun with pants
14:36 nengard :)
14:37 nengard I had #koha open while training, why not during a meeting?
14:37 nengard then we can answer questions
14:38 library_systems_guy NICOLE!!!
14:38 wahanui it has been said that nicole is not, though.
14:39 mib_pockr6 guys another questions (reserves is a "bug" of Koha)... it is possible to remove the option to forgive fines in the circulation? (because the librarians can use it as they want it, which is a problem)
14:39 kf jquery
14:40 kf there is no permission about that (sadly) but you could hide it
14:40 mib_pockr6 ok... thanks... it has to be hardcoded or by CSS right?
14:41 library_systems_guy headed back soon
14:41 library_systems_guy left #koha
14:41 wizzyrea wahanui: forget nicole
14:41 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot nicole
14:44 kf jquery would be javascript
14:44 kf not sure if you can do it by css... perhaps you can
14:44 kf using display none
14:44 library_systems_guy joined #koha
14:45 library_systems_guy back :)
14:47 jcamins library_systems_guy: that was your meeting?
14:47 library_systems_guy no
14:47 library_systems_guy its about to start
14:48 wizzyrea I think he's in the meeting now ;)
14:48 library_systems_guy in about 10 mins
14:49 library_systems_guy too bad I can't put you guys on conference on the meeting :P
14:50 wizzyrea heh
14:51 library_systems_guy what OS do you guys use to run koha? any preference?
14:51 jcamins Debian!
14:51 wizzyrea debian
14:51 jcamins Definitely Debian.
14:51 wizzyrea (or ubuntu)
14:51 wizzyrea (if you have to)
14:51 jcamins anything_not_debian--
14:51 library_systems_guy heh ok...well i had it on ubuntu
14:51 library_systems_guy but im about to try a debian install
14:52 library_systems_guy after this meeting
14:52 library_systems_guy i think
14:52 jcamins Ubuntu is okay.
14:52 jcamins anything_not_debian_or_ubuntu--
14:52 library_systems_guy what is its shortcoming?
14:52 wizzyrea dependency packaging
14:53 wizzyrea debian has more of them packages
14:53 library_systems_guy fair enough
14:53 wizzyrea them as*
14:53 wizzyrea I can't think of anything else though
14:53 wizzyrea ubuntu is fine really
14:53 wizzyrea it's basically debian
14:53 library_systems_guy it seemed to work ok
14:53 library_systems_guy and i agree
14:54 library_systems_guy there is some other software that doesn't work with ubuntu but works on debian that the university uses
14:54 library_systems_guy so debain doesn't seem like a bad option
14:55 library_systems_guy people starting to arrive at meeting
14:55 library_systems_guy fair warning
14:56 library_systems_guy not that you guys have to stop talking lol
14:56 wizzyrea < staff meeting
14:56 mtj there's many more Koha devs running debian that ubuntu, so you get better help from them
14:56 mtj thats why i run debian
14:57 library_systems_guy good point mtj
14:57 wizzyrea ^^ also a good reason
14:57 wizzyrea not quite yet on the staff meeting
14:57 wizzyrea walked in and only 2 people there, walked out again. :P
14:58 rhcl joined #koha
14:59 library_systems_guy calling it...fashionably late
14:59 julian left #koha
15:03 kf nengard: reading your list of questions on the mailing list
15:03 kf 2 of them are regarding developments I did :)
15:04 nengard oooo
15:04 nengard so you can help me? :)
15:04 kf I hope
15:04 julian joined #koha
15:04 nengard i'm looking for librarian english explanations ;) not developer explanations
15:04 nengard that's where i'm stuck
15:04 kf no, nothing in the data will change in data for the new state field
15:04 nengard that i figured
15:04 nengard was just confirming
15:04 kf sorry, bad english, but you understand
15:04 kf and I can confirm
15:04 jcamins nengard: I explained UseControlNumber in librarian English. Just not layperson English. :P
15:05 nengard jcamins - OH YES YOU DID!!
15:05 nengard I have taht saved on my computer
15:05 nengard i just forgot about
15:05 nengard thanks
15:05 kf I think you could write a script to do some of it - but someone else should figure that out
15:05 kf we don#t even have states
15:05 kf and I sent you sample records
15:05 kf :)
15:05 kf for the usecontrolnumber thing
15:06 nengard you are right
15:06 nengard sorry i forgot about that
15:06 kf I can imagine your todo list is as long or longer than mine
15:12 slef gmcharlt: it seems that the 3M SIP 3.0 discussion is 3h later today. I only noticed that after wondering why I was still the first participant there even after discovering that one of my phones can't access their teleconference system.
15:13 gmcharlt slef: oy
15:13 slef (3M only give meeting times in some random US abbreviation not -xxxx format)
15:14 druthb joined #koha
15:14 kmkale left #koha
15:15 nengard jcamins - does the 78x field need the symbol before the control number?
15:15 jcamins nengard: no.
15:15 nengard k
15:15 jcamins No symbol.
15:15 nengard you have $w(YrSymbol)12345  in the notes
15:16 nengard and YrSymbol in the 003
15:16 jcamins Yeah, it should just be $w12345
15:17 kmkale joined #koha
15:17 nengard kf in the samples you gave me you have the symbol in there
15:18 kf hm, don't think so
15:18 kf not in the $w subfields
15:18 kf or i send you the wrong files
15:19 kf the symbol should be in 003 but not in parentheses in front of the $w
15:19 nengard 785 00 - SUCCEEDING ENTRY
15:19 nengard i Display text Forts.
15:19 nengard a Main entry heading Fachinformationszentrum Technik / s
15:19 nengard t Title FIZ Technik / Maschinenbau
15:19 nengard w Record control number (DE-576)057735654
15:19 nengard w Record control number (DE-600)1360045-x
15:20 nengard and that finds no results, but if I change it to just the number it works
15:20 nengard at least now i understand enough to write the manual
15:20 kf oh
15:20 kf I really send you the wrong file :(
15:22 adnc joined #koha
15:23 kf nengard: I am sorry
15:23 kf can send you the right file if you want to?
15:23 nengard kf no problem at all!!
15:23 nengard I don't need a new file, I have it all working
15:24 kf ok
15:24 kf and sorry for causing confusion
15:26 kf !
15:27 kf a lot of public libraries use BOND around here.
15:28 kf but it's time to go home - bye all
15:28 julian left #koha
15:28 kf left #koha
15:29 francharb left #koha
15:29 tcohen left #koha
15:29 tcohen joined #koha
15:33 matts is now known as matts_away
15:33 druthb left #koha
15:35 library_systems_guy left #koha
15:38 sophie_m left #koha
15:39 mizstik joined #koha
15:53 kmkale left #koha
15:54 library_systems_guy joined #koha
15:56 library_systems_guy Well that meeting went way better than I thought
16:06 wizzyrea :D
16:08 library_systems_guy how was your meeting wizzyrea
16:08 wizzyrea best way to spend time ever!
16:08 library_systems_guy lol exactly
16:09 mizstik left #koha
16:09 * wizzyrea goes to check the logs...
16:14 jcamins Does anyone remember a recent browse shelf bug?
16:15 cait joined #koha
16:15 cait hi #koha
16:16 library_systems_guy hi cait
16:16 cait hi library_systems_guy
16:16 library_systems_guy I think nengard mentioned something about that bug jcamins
16:16 mib_pockr6 left #koha
16:17 nengard i did?
16:17 library_systems_guy yeah in our meeting
16:17 wizzyrea what was the bug?
16:17 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5500
16:17 huginn Bug 5500: major, P5, ---, pianohacker, NEW, shelf browse changing bib record
16:17 wizzyrea this one jcamins?
16:17 nengard there is one where if you scroll to the next list... yeah that one
16:17 library_systems_guy yeah that one
16:17 cait thought that was fixed
16:18 wizzyrea also this[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5138
16:18 huginn Bug 5138: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Erroneous display for OPACShelfBrowser with GoogleJackets enabled
16:18 nengard that i didn't know about cause i don't use google jackets :)
16:18 library_systems_guy amazon ftw
16:18 jcamins Hm, no, I'm getting... odd... results with browse shelf.
16:19 jcamins It's skipping from 003 to 300 (for example), but there are records with call numbers in between.
16:20 wizzyrea that does seem odd. Books in between cataloged correctly?
16:20 jcamins Seem to be.
16:20 jcamins What's really odd is it seems to do this for *all* books.
16:21 jcamins So it also skips from 003 to 280.
16:21 wizzyrea !
16:21 paul_p left #koha
16:22 conan left #koha
16:22 jcamins[…]8901#shelfbrowser and[…]0605#shelfbrowser
16:22 jcamins Actually, it's 001.9 to whatever.
16:24 nengard hey - what patch changed the email labels to primary and secondary - and why didn't it fix the phone labels as well?
16:25 * chris_n is on to squashing a bit more of the utf8 labels encoding monster bug
16:25 oleonard jcamins: Check the new "shelfbrowseruses*" prefs?
16:26 jcamins Ooh, I bet that's it.
16:26 wizzyrea nengard: that seems like something I would do, but I imagine that if I didn't change the phone numbers it was because there was a compelling argument not to
16:27 wizzyrea though I don't remember what it is :P
16:27 nengard hehe
16:27 NCAR joined #koha
16:27 jcamins Oh, weird.s
16:27 wizzyrea wb NCAR
16:27 NCAR howdy
16:27 jcamins s/s$//
16:27 jcamins Mystery solved.
16:28 NCAR is Galen around today?
16:28 jcamins Actually, I'm not sure if the mystery was solved.
16:29 jcamins Yup. Mystery solved.
16:29 jcamins No cnsort.
16:30 cait mystery solved ;)
16:30 cait chris_n: utf-8 encoding monster bug??
16:31 NCAR left #koha
16:31 jcamins Rrwawrr!
16:31 jcamins ^^ that was the bug
16:31 chris_n cait: the pdf standard does not handle utf8 well
16:31 jcamins Or possibly Myshkin chasing it.
16:31 cait ah
16:31 jcamins Probably the latter.
16:31 cait I misunderstood labels
16:31 chris_n but the problem seems to be exacerbated by PDF::Reuse
16:31 cait Myshkin++
16:32 chris_n and I think I'm on to a fix for some of the "wide character" errors
16:32 cait is Paul around here?
16:32 cait probably not
16:32 wizzyrea he left just a few minutes ago I think
16:32 * cait feels totally misunderstood
16:32 hdl cait: ?
16:32 cait not paul_p - the one from the mailing list
16:33 wizzyrea ohh
16:33 wizzyrea no clue
16:33 wizzyrea :)
16:33 gmcharlt @later tell NCAR yes
16:33 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
16:33 jcamins No, I don't think he's on IRC.
16:33 Brooke_ joined #koha
16:33 hdl hi Brooke_ you're scaring me away ;)
16:33 hdl have a nice day folks.
16:34 Brooke_ *gasp*
16:34 Brooke_ cheers hdl
16:34 cait bye hdl
16:35 cait hae a nice evening
16:35 cait and hi Brooke
16:35 cait Brooke_++ for being right
16:35 wizzyrea hi brooke!
16:36 Brooke_ me feels the <3, excepting from flying Frenchmen.
16:36 wizzyrea :)
16:36 Guillaume1 left #koha
16:38 nengard has anyone tested the OPACMySummaryHTML preference since switching to TT?
16:38 nengard I'm not getting it work
16:41 hdl left #koha
16:45 Brooke_ left #koha
16:48 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:49 jcamins cheddar_oregano_buttermilk_biscuits++
16:49 wizzyrea NOM
16:50 cait oooh!
16:50 cait nengard: probably not :(
16:52 jcamins Joy of cooking buttermilk biscuits + 1 c. shredded cheddar + oregano, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes to taste = happy jcamins
16:52 wizzyrea ok yes, that sounds like the best biscuit ever
16:52 wizzyrea like the red lobster ones but spicier
16:53 jcamins Yup.
16:53 jcamins I've never actually had the Red Lobster biscuits, but that's why I make them.
16:53 jcamins Shari really likes Red Lobster biscuits.
16:53 wizzyrea they are righteous gut bombs, but yummy.
16:54 jcamins Actually, there's one other customization to the recipe: instead of using butter I use shortening from bacon.
16:54 wizzyrea hahahahahaha... I can't even... that's so awesome.
16:55 jcamins Why waste it, right?
16:55 wizzyrea :)
16:55 jcamins And shortening really makes for *much* fluffier biscuits than butter.
16:56 wizzyrea ...I just realized I'm not connected to freenode.
16:56 wizzyrea hrm
16:57 * oleonard considers the positive benefits of needing a lot of bacon grease to be left over
16:59 jcamins oleonard: the alternative is collecting jars to put it in so you can throw it away, where it does no one any good.
17:00 oleonard The alternative I'm experiencing is not cooking enough bacon.
17:00 jcamins Ah.
17:01 * jcamins likes to have bacon omelets for breakfast every so often.
17:02 miguelxercode left #koha
17:03 miguelxercode joined #koha
17:05 * chris_n looks for someone with label utf8 encoding issues to test a patch
17:09 oleonard I've got 99 problems but label utf8 encoding issues ain't one.
17:15 nengard_lunch hey looks like things aren't loading on this page:
17:15 nengard_lunch can someone point me to the list of patches that need sign off
17:16 jcamins Works fine for me.
17:16 nengard_lunch i forget where the link is
17:16 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:16 jcamins nengard:[…]gnoff&sharer_id=1
17:23 * chris_n creates his own encoding issue by adding some hindi as well as misc diacriticals to some titles
17:24 cait hehe
17:24 chris_n this is definitely only a way around an ungraceful death
17:24 SteveJ joined #koha
17:24 chris_n not a fix of the problem by any stretch
17:32 nengard ooops ... what happens if you type 'git am -3 -i -u' without the name of the patch ... i hit enter too soon
17:33 nengard and it seems to be hanging
17:33 jcamins It's waiting for you to type in the patch by hand.
17:34 jcamins Hit Ctrl-C and try again.
17:34 nengard oh cool
17:34 nengard thanks
17:34 nengard um
17:34 nengard it didn't like that
17:34 nengard cat: /home/nengard/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply/next: No such file or directory
17:34 nengard previous rebase directory /home/nengard/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.
17:34 jcamins Hm.
17:34 jcamins git rebase --abort
17:35 jcamins git am --abort, sorry
17:35 nengard nengard@debian:~/kohaclone$ git am --abort
17:35 nengard Resolve operation not in progress, we are not resuming.
17:35 jcamins Hm.
17:36 nengard that's not promising
17:36 jcamins I'm out of ideas. --abort usually works for me.
17:37 jcamins Let me try and replicate what you did.
17:37 nengard anyone else ... cause now things are really borked
17:37 jcamins Hm.
17:38 jcamins Mine is working fine after that.
17:38 cait nengard: what does a git branch give you?
17:38 nengard my list of branches
17:39 nengard wait
17:39 nengard seems to be okay .. let me try
17:39 cait on which branch are you on
17:39 cait *?
17:39 jcamins nengard: did you run both git rebase --abort _and_ git am --abort?
17:39 SteveJ left #koha
17:39 jcamins If I do that, I get the same message you did.
17:40 nengard jcamins it's working
17:41 jcamins nengard: yay!
17:41 nengard don't know what the errors were about
17:41 nengard but i started again and it worked
17:41 nengard patches signed off
17:46 chris_n nengard: git reset --hard HEAD also
17:53 rangi wow that guy is annoying
17:54 sekjal left #koha
17:55 nengard guy?
17:55 rangi koha-devel list
17:55 nengard oh okay
17:55 rangi cait spends time helping him out, and he uses it as an opportunity to just whine more
17:56 cait rangi: thank you
17:56 jcamins Yeah, I've decided not to try and help.
17:56 jcamins nengard: did you sign off on bug 5683?
17:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5683 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, REOPENED, can corrupt records
17:57 nengard nope ... i have no idea how to test that
17:57 jcamins Run the test in the second patch.
17:57 jcamins In that case you signed off on bug 5859.
17:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5859 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, Can't set character encoding with stage MARC records
17:57 jcamins Yep.
17:57 jcamins That's the one you signed off on. I found it in my e-mail.
17:59 rangi jcamins: i was gonna ignore him too until his last email
18:00 nengard k
18:01 jcamins (from my comment on the bug report: For testing it may be better to apply the second follow-up patch first (and run
18:01 jcamins perl t/db_dependent/Biblio.t), to confirm the incorrect behavior exists, and
18:01 jcamins then apply the first follow-up patch to fix it (and rerun the test).
18:04 jcamins Of course, the only thing that matters is that the new tests pass in Master, so it's not critical to apply the second first.
18:11 rangi stay classy sirsi dynix
18:11 rangi http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
18:11 nengard oh for crying out loud
18:12 rangi the death throes of a stuffed business
18:12 rangi it'll do this for about 10 more years
18:12 rangi once you start suing libraries
18:12 rangi you know you are screwed
18:13 jcamins Did they sue a library for not choosing their software?
18:13 rangi they probably have a legal case
18:13 rangi chose it, changed their minds
18:14 rangi sd still want the 150k
18:15 rangi cos it was a binding contract
18:16 rangi As a direct consequence of CPC Regional’s breach of this covenant, SirsiDynix has suffered injuries and damages in the amount of $146,844.80.
18:16 rangi even tho they never implemented it
18:16 library_systems_guy jesus
18:16 library_systems_guy thats a lot of cash
18:16 oleonard I suffered injuries and damages in the amount of 56 million dollars when I didn't win that much in the lottery.
18:16 rhcl bad planning on CPC's part too, methinks.
18:16 * chris_n wonders what consideration was actually rendered in this context
18:17 rangi yes bad planning
18:17 library_systems_guy i suffered injuries using Sirsi Symphony...can i sue
18:17 rangi they should never have signed with a stupid evil company
18:17 rangi if you sign a contract that says you have to pay some 150k whether you use their software or not
18:17 oleonard But they're so big they must be good, right? Everyone else is doing it!
18:18 rangi then yes, you almost deserve it
18:18 chris_n I'm still curious as to what consideration binds the contract if said company did nothing other than quote and sign
18:19 rhcl let me re-read, but didn't CPC sign?
18:19 rangi probably a condition in the contract that says, you pay us this no matter what
18:19 rangi yes they signed, and under us law that might be valid
18:19 cait probably a long complicated contract
18:19 rhcl "After entering into the Master Agreement with SirsiDynix, CPC Regional "
18:19 rangi in nz, you do have to actually render services to get payment
18:19 chris_n consideration is typically money or tangibles
18:19 chris_n rangi: in NC too, iirc
18:20 rangi so the court here would probably say, what, you can have 5k
18:20 chris_n ie you cannot bill services in advance
18:20 rangi thats how much it cost you to draft
18:20 rangi that quote and contract
18:20 rangi now go away
18:20 rangi chris_n: *nod*
18:21 chris_n but it may be the old "sue and hope they settle instead of fight" line
18:21 rangi what it looks like to me is they are having a crack at oclc
18:21 rangi who are no saints themselves
18:21 cait have you seen they bought BOND?
18:21 rangi and cpc is the pawn in the middle
18:21 cait oclc
18:21 rangi cait: they buy everything
18:21 cait hmpf.
18:22 cait yeah, they do
18:22 rangi cait: they will never cope with all your localised german changes tho
18:22 rangi :)
18:22 cait they do
18:22 cait BOND is a German company, it's THE system used in public libraries
18:22 rangi quick add some more fields to 952
18:23 * cait pouts
18:23 rangi cait: $20
18:23 jcamins What is a pub file?
18:23 tcohen a tool to valida marcxml?
18:23 rangi says they move people slowly off it, to their 'webscale' thingy
18:23 jcamins MS Publisher.
18:23 jcamins Eww.
18:24 tcohen s/valida/validate/
18:24 tcohen (from command line)
18:24 rangi even 150k ... is it really worth the publicity?
18:25 jcamins publicity == good
18:25 rangi when the publicity is, sirsi sues people?
18:25 rangi i know im gonna be dining out on that in sales talks for months
18:26 rangi 'With Koha, we won't even sue you if you change your mind"
18:26 cait lol
18:26 Ahmuck-Sr joined #koha
18:26 * cait stops pouting
18:28 rangi naw, hes only 5th
18:28 rangi!/ranginu[…]60047296536117248
18:29 cait I know the paper
18:30 Ahmuck left #koha
18:30 cait hm!
18:36 adnc left #koha
18:50 * slef is in a sip3 call
18:51 library_systems_guy realized there is no sudo command in debian
18:52 slef library_systems_guy: I use it most days!
18:52 library_systems_guy o_0
18:52 library_systems_guy do you just do so root?
18:52 library_systems_guy su root*
18:52 slef no, I use sudo!
18:53 library_systems_guy hmm
18:53 jcamins library_systems_guy: just install sudo. apt-get install sudo
18:53 jcamins Then run visudo and give your user permissions.
18:53 library_systems_guy andddd...i feel retarded lol
18:53 library_systems_guy thanks
18:53 jcamins Whoops, time to get ready and head to seder.
18:54 tcohen fellows, is marclint a good way for checking marc data from koha's db?
18:54 jcamins Happy passover, #koha
18:54 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
18:54 slef tcohen: it'll give you the basic problems.
18:55 nengard welcome back library_systems_guy - how are things after your meeting? people still mad at me? :)
18:55 tcohen slef: is there a similar tool for marcxml
18:55 tcohen ?
18:55 library_systems_guy nengard: haha well lets just say you are the talk of the said the things i wish i could
18:56 nengard oh boy
18:56 slef tcohen: I've some xsl somewhere which transforms marcxml to warnings and errors, or you can convert it back to marc21
18:56 nengard well the #koha community will tell you that I'm certainly not known for sitting back and not speaking up :)
18:56 tcohen slef: that sounds awesome
18:56 tcohen :D
18:57 wizzyrea nengard are you causing trouble again?
18:57 slef tcohen: I think I got it from some university. mail me when I'm not in a meeting.
18:57 nengard just speaking the truth
18:57 library_systems_guy indeed she was
18:57 slef bah, nengard is a diplomat compared to me :)
18:57 library_systems_guy much needed truth
18:57 nengard LOL - I do have to agree with slef
18:57 cait hehe
18:57 wizzyrea we love you both anyway ;)
18:57 nengard then again slef has never been to one of my trainings
18:58 slef nengard: pay my expenses :)
18:58 nengard LOL
18:58 nengard I just meant that you've never seen me when Koha is being attacked
18:58 nengard well .. i guess you have :)
18:58 library_systems_guy slef: she is vicious
18:58 nengard HEY!!
18:59 nengard be careful library_systems_guy #koha doesn't handle people picking on me well :)
18:59 slef off the phone. gmcharlt around?
18:59 library_systems_guy nengard: it was a compliment
18:59 nengard well okay then :) hehe
18:59 wizzyrea vicious like an attack squirrel?
18:59 wizzyrea over the line?
19:00 wizzyrea <3
19:00 gmcharlt slef: yes
19:00 wizzyrea no I'm teasing
19:00 gmcharlt how did it go?
19:00 nengard wizzyrea how was i supposed to take that ;) hehe
19:00 slef gmcharlt: well, it seems most of the 3M sip3 calls is taken up by stepping through suggested changes.
19:00 wizzyrea I was trying to think of a little but mighty critter
19:00 library_systems_guy wizzyrea, if only i had an attack squirrel that was as awesome as nengard
19:00 wizzyrea poison dart frog maybe?
19:00 nengard awwww
19:01 * wizzyrea imagines nengard as a tiny tree frog, giggles
19:01 rangi badger
19:01 slef gmcharlt: key changes today seemed to be adding "unsupported request" everywhere it could possibly go; and not allowing times to be omitted from timestamp fields.
19:01 rangi back on of those into a corner and ull know about it
19:02 wizzyrea which necessarily forces me to link this:
19:02 nengard i'm not sure how i feel about all this me as an animal talk
19:02 rangi ok time to make the kids breakfast back from the bus later
19:02 slef nengard: it could be wors.e An ex-cow-orker compared me to a squirrel.
19:03 nengard wait-  wizzyre just said i was an attack squirrel
19:03 wizzyrea but probably not in a nice way
19:03 wizzyrea which is not what I meant >.>
19:03 nengard hehe
19:03 gmcharlt slef: sounds reasonable
19:03 wizzyrea i mean squirrels are cute, fuzzy, curious
19:03 slef gmcharlt: I suggested replacing First Name and Last Name with Given Names and Surname, which seemed to be my sum total of useful contribution to that call.
19:03 wizzyrea inventive, creative critters
19:04 gmcharlt ... prone to hanging on my window screens, thereby teasing my cats mercilessly
19:04 wizzyrea but they'll protect their nuts with a vicious fervor
19:04 nengard the squirrels in my yard tease Beau
19:04 nengard they run back and forth on the fence out of his reach and watch him try to catch them
19:04 wizzyrea oh that's so rude.
19:04 wizzyrea hehe
19:04 slef gmcharlt: so I'm not sure what koha should do about sip3. I think if we can get their jive-bs thing working, we could comment more time-efficiently there.
19:05 slef Question for anyone: can recent openoffice or libreoffice open docx and if so what version?
19:05 wizzyrea I believe libreoffice can
19:06 gmcharlt slef: agreed.  as far as what Koha should do, IMO, undo its OpenNCIP fork, then contribute patches to OpenNCIP as needed to become compliant with SIP3
19:06 wizzyrea I have the newest version, or one step back
19:06 nengard slef opeoffice can too
19:06 * wizzyrea doesn't keep open office around anymore
19:06 nengard yeah i need to switch, i just haven't gotten to it
19:06 wizzyrea though there was some promising talk from them this weekend re: oracle giving it back to the community
19:06 wizzyrea maybe it will unfork
19:07 slef says it can.
19:07 nengard wizzyrea i read that article
19:07 oleonard[…]s-the-project.ars
19:07 wizzyrea I probably saw it from you
19:07 nengard not sure how to take it
19:07 oleonard There are some great quotes in that article
19:07 wizzyrea that pic is pretty funny too
19:07 slef I think they've missed the boat and are tossing OOo into the water. Best chance it has is if it can merge into the boat before it drowns.
19:08 oleonard "Oracle now has little choice but to abandon its commercial ambitions for OOo because the growing momentum of the more inclusive LibreOffice fork is making OOo irrelevant"
19:08 wizzyrea @quote add "Oracle now has little choice but to abandon its commercial ambitions for OOo because the growing momentum of the more inclusive LibreOffice fork is making OOo irrelevant"
19:08 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #127 added.
19:08 slef gmcharlt: how's the unfork going? I've seen some emails on it, but not been watching closely. Are we SOL if PTFS won't release the liblime-developed patches?
19:09 oleonard "When TDF was founded, the group's leadership invited Oracle to participate in the hope that the database giant would be willing to hand over the OOo trademark and allow the vendor-neutral governance body to take over stewardship of the project"
19:09 oleonard That sounds eerily familiar.
19:09 wizzyrea @quote add "When TDF was founded, the group's leadership invited Oracle to participate in the hope that the database giant would be willing to hand over the OOo trademark and allow the vendor-neutral governance body to take over stewardship of the project"
19:09 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #128 added.
19:09 Ahmuck joined #koha
19:09 gmcharlt slef: haven't made much progress yes, but we're in good shape; PTFS-E has agreed to release theirs, and the number of LL-origin patches is small enough to cleanroom
19:09 wizzyrea "The LibreOffice escape from Oracle is a powerful demonstration of how open source forking can be used to protect community autonomy and lock out exploitative stakeholders."
19:12 library_systems_guy left #koha
19:14 wizzyrea nengard, in the 3.4 manual, the permissions are all there?
19:14 wizzyrea the new permissions I mean
19:14 slef ok, I'm going to go get dinner now, unless anyone has any sip3 questions?
19:14 gmcharlt slef: just one - was anything said about character sets?
19:14 nengard wizzyrea, should be ... I just read through 300 commit messages and didn't see any new ones
19:14 wizzyrea left #koha
19:15 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:15 slef gmcharlt: not during this call. Let me check what I can see of the docx
19:15 nengard wizzyrea, should be ... I just read through 300 commit messages and didn't see any new ones
19:15 nengard if you see a missing one let me know
19:15 slef gmcharlt: "Variable-length fields start with 2 field identifier characters, followed by     UTF-8    , and end with a | (hexadecimal 7C)."
19:16 wizzyrea k ty
19:16 gmcharlt slef: yay
19:16 library_systems_guy joined #koha
19:16 slef gmcharlt: hrm, I bet no-one's clarified what the maximum lengths mean now
19:17 gmcharlt slef: characters, hopefully, but good point
19:17 wizzyrea hmm the screencap is pretty out of date for the permissions
19:17 wizzyrea it's a pretty epic list nowadays
19:17 nengard that i didn't update because i can't fit them all on one screen :)
19:17 wizzyrea gotcha
19:17 nengard but I did define them all in the permissions defined section
19:17 slef gmcharlt: which will mean implementers have to allow 4*characters bytes?
19:18 nengard let me see how i can improve that screencap
19:18 gmcharlt slef: sure - admittedly, a little strange for a format that has fixed-length fields to begin with, but it's not like SIP3 messages would be all that long to begin with
19:18 wizzyrea it would be a lot more work but maybe a cap of the section above each section?
19:19 wizzyrea instead of a monolith screencap?
19:19 slef gmcharlt: it looks like fixed-length fields are still ASCII
19:19 wizzyrea or just list them out as clickable anchors
19:19 wizzyrea and forego the screencap
19:19 slef gmcharlt: ah no, I'm wrong: "The default character set will be UTF-8"
19:20 slef gmcharlt: so could this make fixed-length sizes backwards-incompatible as soon as UTF-8 is present in one?
19:21 slef gmcharlt: so, forward progress, but approach with care.
19:21 slef ok, any more questions? :)
19:22 gmcharlt slef: no, that's it
19:22 slef I'm out to lunch^Wdinner :)
19:23 gmcharlt bon appetit
19:31 Ahmuck left #koha
19:33 library_systems_guy left #koha
19:34 library_systems_guy joined #koha
19:43 snail joined #koha
19:44 library_systems_guy hi snail
19:44 snail hello library_systems_guy
19:45 library_systems_guy its kind of quiet in here today, and I'm kind of new
19:45 wizzyrea hi snail :)
19:45 library_systems_guy just thought id say hey
19:46 library_systems_guy hey wizzyrea
19:46 wahanui rumour has it wizzyrea is a wonderful mother, colleague, and friend. or a koha poet
19:46 wizzyrea lol
19:46 wizzyrea yes?
19:46 library_systems_guy lol
19:46 wizzyrea silly wahanui
19:46 library_systems_guy oh i thought you left
19:47 wizzyrea nope. I'm working on my KUDOSCon presentation
19:47 library_systems_guy do you just leave the config directory on default on the dev install?
19:47 wizzyrea I do normally, yes
19:47 library_systems_guy ok...wasn't sure if i should change it to /usr/share
19:47 wizzyrea except for passwords, I usually leave it all default for dev
19:48 library_systems_guy alright thanks
19:48 wizzyrea dunno what others do
19:49 library_systems_guy thinks wizzyrea is right
19:51 nengard library_systems_guy i thought we talked about you shortening that username :)
19:52 cait listen to nengard ;)
19:52 nengard hehe
19:52 library_systems_guy I thought you were going to get tabbing?
19:52 nengard told you my chat client doesn't have that function
19:52 library_systems_guy but the name is sooo cool ;)
19:53 nengard hehe
19:53 nengard you can keep it
19:53 nengard i named you after all :)
19:53 library_systems_guy its true
19:53 library_systems_guy you dubbed me library_systems_guy
19:53 nengard hehe
19:53 library_systems_guy cait, do you not have tabbing either?
19:54 nengard brb
19:54 nengard fruit salad time
19:54 library_systems_guy mmm salad
19:56 rangi back
19:56 library_systems_guy wb rangi
19:57 cait I always forget about tabbing
19:57 cait wb rangi
19:58 Joethoha joined #koha
20:02 nengard back
20:02 rangi tcohen: you around?
20:02 tcohen yeap
20:03 tcohen for a few minutes more i'll be here rangi
20:03 rangi did you see the message on the mailing list from unesco in uruguay
20:03 rangi ?
20:03 rangi they were hoping a spanish speaker might help them
20:04 tcohen uh, i didn't
20:04 rangi just came through
20:04 tcohen i'll check my email
20:05 rangi so I thought who is smart, knows koha and spanish, and there you were :)
20:06 tcohen haha, no prob, i just wrote her
20:07 SteveJ joined #koha
20:07 rangi thanks
20:10 tcohen left #koha
20:10 library_systems_guy ok so everytime i install koha and go to load the web installer the page never comes up
20:11 library_systems_guy so I generally have to go and add directory access to the opac and staff client in the koha.conf file
20:11 library_systems_guy I know i have to be doing something wrong
20:11 rangi hmm that has never happened to me
20:12 library_systems_guy I don't think its ever happened to anybody but me lol
20:12 rangi what comes up?
20:12 library_systems_guy just a could not connect page
20:12 rangi if you go to http://staffsite/
20:12 SteveJ I am glad to see that I am not the only one who always seems to encounter the unique problems.
20:12 wizzyrea well you still have to configure your virtualhosts and restart apache
20:13 library_systems_guy oh wait
20:13 library_systems_guy i forgot the ports file
20:13 rangi that would do it
20:13 wizzyrea nengard: do you know of a good online tool for timelines?
20:14 library_systems_guy ok it let me in
20:14 wizzyrea yay!
20:14 library_systems_guy but i got a software error this time
20:14 library_systems_guy :'(
20:15 library_systems_guy Can't call method "config" on unblessed reference at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 680
20:15 rangi check your apache error logs
20:15 rangi im better above that
20:15 rangi betting even
20:16 rangi that it complains about the db
20:17 library_systems_guy ive got nothing but nothing but notices
20:17 library_systems_guy but they are all for python o_0
20:17 wizzyrea what else have you got running on this box?
20:17 library_systems_guy nothing
20:17 library_systems_guy its a fresh install
20:20 nengard wizzyrea ... not off the top of my head
20:20 wizzyrea nengard: i found one,
20:20 wizzyrea just now trying it out
20:21 library_systems_guy rangi, just made sure the db was up and running with koha db in.  looks good
20:21 rangi cool, have u checked all the error logs?
20:21 library_systems_guy not yet
20:21 library_systems_guy just wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything in apache
20:22 rangi there should be a specific apache log for the opac, and staff side
20:22 rangi might be in there
20:22 rangi not the main one
20:22 library_systems_guy i don't see those logs yet
20:23 library_systems_guy err at all
20:23 rangi check the koha-httpd.conf
20:23 rangi that will tell you where they are
20:24 rangi ok my stop
20:24 rangi bbiab
20:24 oleonard left #koha
20:26 wizzyrea nengard:[…]phics/bottom2.gif
20:26 wizzyrea ooo
20:26 wizzyrea wrong
20:26 wizzyrea lol
20:26 wizzyrea
20:26 wizzyrea that's what I intended :P
20:26 hdl joined #koha
20:26 nengard cool
20:26 nengard and impressive :)
20:27 wizzyrea since it shows the days I think I'm going to go back and make it accurate
20:30 library_systems_guy so the Koha error log says it can't locate koha-conf.xml
20:30 library_systems_guy so i verified the export directory
20:30 library_systems_guy and it looks good
20:30 library_systems_guy anything else that I might be missing
20:31 rangi the SetENV bit?
20:31 library_systems_guy where is that?
20:31 wahanui that is a risk you have to take... ;-)
20:31 nengard left #koha
20:31 sekjal joined #koha
20:31 rangi in the koha-httpd.conf
20:32 rangi SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/blah/blah/koha-conf.xml"
20:32 library_systems_guy yeah i have that set
20:32 library_systems_guy correctly
20:32 rangi and its right?
20:32 library_systems_guy yes it is
20:32 rangi and most importantly
20:32 rangi can www-data read it
20:32 library_systems_guy hmm
20:33 library_systems_guy i can chgrp it just to be sure
20:33 rangi yeah id do that, make sure its not world readable, its got passwords ! :)
20:33 library_systems_guy eek
20:34 library_systems_guy i don't think that was it
20:34 library_systems_guy but
20:34 library_systems_guy perl5lib is set to /home/koha/kohaclone
20:35 library_systems_guy is that normal for a dev install?
20:36 SteveJ left #koha
20:37 hdl1 joined #koha
20:37 cait looks normal to me
20:37 library_systems_guy hmm
20:37 library_systems_guy well thats frustrating
20:38 rangi library_systems_guy: is that where you git checkout is ?
20:38 rangi if so, thats the right place
20:38 library_systems_guy yeah it is
20:38 library_systems_guy so thats good
20:43 hdl left #koha
20:44 JesseM left #koha
20:45 hdl1 left #koha
20:45 library_systems_guy so i went into and added a warn to see if the path to the environment was correct and it is
20:46 rangi if it cant read it, then im still picking permissions
20:46 rangi check the permissions on the directory itself
20:50 library_systems_guy -rw-r--r-- 1 koha www-data 6460 Apr 18 10:39 koha-httpd.conf
20:50 rangi on the dir?
20:51 cait rangi: tried with files from pootle and new branch - it's a little better, but still a lot of things missing
20:51 library_systems_guy drwxr-xr-x 4 koha www-data 4096 Apr 18 10:39 etc
20:52 rangi hmm that should be fine then
20:52 library_systems_guy yeah that is what i thought
20:52 library_systems_guy hmm
20:52 library_systems_guy im stumped
20:52 rangi cait: bummer, so things that are in the .po file not showing up? how about if you update then install?
20:52 wizzyrea hm
20:52 cait a good example is lists
20:52 cait the button on opac
20:52 cait and the patron summary when you go into the account
20:53 wizzyrea wait
20:53 cait it still says welcome on top and click here , if you are not
20:53 wizzyrea I haven't ever had to set owner as www-data
20:53 rangi wizzyrea: its not owner
20:53 cait rangi: update to master or update po files?
20:53 wizzyrea er group - i may be high, just a sec
20:54 rangi its group, and the user apache is running as does need to be able to read the file
20:55 wizzyrea ^^ what he said
20:55 rangi cait: update po files
20:55 rangi cait: probably wont work, but im out of ideas
20:56 cait will try
20:56 rangi thanks
20:59 cait rangi: I hope we can get opac working
21:00 rangi me too
21:00 rangi if not, we will just have to recommend that people who run in other languages wait for 3.4.1
21:01 cait hm
21:02 rangi either that or remove template toolkit
21:02 rangi thats the 2 options really
21:03 pastebot0 "cait" at pasted "updating pootle files" (11 lines) at
21:03 rangi i think waiting a month for 3.4.1 is the better of those 2
21:03 cait I agree
21:03 cait I have some errors for you in that paste
21:03 rangi considering german is the only one that is even close to up to date anyway
21:04 rangi  <-- see
21:04 sekjal left #koha
21:05 cait spanish is catching up
21:06 rangi yup
21:06 cait I send a mail aksing for help to the mailing list - but I don't think I will be able to finish in time
21:06 rangi ah those are just warns
21:06 rangi yeah
21:06 rangi i suspect that what i will say is
21:07 rangi 'due to a few remaining glitches and the fact that most translators have not had time to update their translations, we recommend that people running in languages other than english delay their upgrade until 3.4.1'
21:07 rangi something like that anyway
21:07 cait update done, only 2 more warns in intranet
21:07 cait now installing
21:09 cait it looks a bit strange
21:09 cait Waiting%sOn hold%s for patron
21:09 cait missing spaces?
21:10 rangi hmm
21:10 rangi yeah
21:10 cait better though :)
21:10 rangi yay
21:10 cait before we didn't have placeholders -missing spaces are better hehe
21:11 rangi well is the translation any better?
21:11 cait still installing
21:11 cait this is an old laptop
21:11 rangi ahh right
21:12 cait it's still cutting of things
21:12 cait example
21:12 cait %s%sKoha Online%s Catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back soon! If you have any questions, please contact the
21:12 cait that's a lot of placeholders
21:12 cait that don't make much sense to me
21:12 cait the translation for it is:
21:12 cait Der Katalog ist zur Zeit wegen Wartungsarbeiten offline. Wir sind bald zurück! Wenn Sie Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an den <a1>Web-Administrator</a>
21:12 cait it cut off the email
21:12 cait it was one string before
21:12 rangi right
21:12 cait and it's too many placeholders
21:13 rangi no its right
21:13 rangi its just the old one was wrong
21:13 rangi thats one of the problems
21:13 cait ok
21:13 cait I can accept that
21:13 rangi the trick i am having is making it exactly as broken as the old system :)
21:13 cait hm, itputs the name in front, right?
21:13 cait hehe
21:14 cait I think we can live with it working better than before
21:14 rangi well it will mean more translating
21:14 cait but once we are there we need to update the po files on pootle again
21:14 rangi yep
21:14 rangi if you look at the comments above that
21:14 rangi it will tell you the line in the file its from
21:14 cait I don#t see the comments in po edit
21:14 rangi ahh just open it vim
21:14 cait they are part of the file, right? editor coming up
21:14 rangi or emacs
21:14 rangi yep
21:15 rangi its helpful for testing like this
21:15 rangi cos you can then see the line in the en ones
21:15 rangi and the de-DE ones
21:15 rangi .tt files
21:15 rangi and see what happened
21:15 cait hm
21:15 cait #. %1$s: ERROR
21:15 cait #. %2$s: ERROR
21:15 cait #. %3$s: ERROR
21:15 cait #: opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/
21:16 cait lots of errors in there
21:16 rangi i think i fixed that recently too
21:17 rangi ill check and send afix for that (you can ignore them tho, they are comments so dont actually effect anything, just for debuggin)
21:17 rangi p>The [% IF ( LibraryNameTitle ) %][% LibraryNameTitle %][% ELSE %]Koha Online
21:17 rangi thats why the place holders
21:18 Joethoha left #koha
21:18 cait makes sense
21:18 rangi but the The is on another line
21:18 rangi thats why its not matching
21:18 cait ah
21:18 rangi if you check line 24 in the de-DE file
21:18 cait evil
21:19 rangi its not showing as translated eh?
21:20 rangi if so, that gives me something to work on
21:20 rangi figure out why the the is not showing
21:20 cait you are right
21:20 cait not translated
21:20 rangi i suspect this is what is happening for most things
21:20 cait oh
21:20 cait it can't
21:21 cait it#s fuzzy
21:21 cait let me correct that in the po file and try again
21:21 rangi ok
21:21 rangi i wonder if it might be just because we are making things fuzzy !
21:21 * rangi hopes so
21:21 rangi thats much easier to fix
21:22 cait hehe
21:22 cait yep, but if that's the reason we really have to figure things out and update pootle
21:23 rangi yep
21:23 rangi i can regen all the files and put them somewhere for frederic to add, but we need to confirm changing from fuzzy works
21:23 rangi i dont think the translation script cares actually
21:23 rangi im pretty sure it will do them if they are fuzzy or not
21:24 rangi but i might
21:24 cait <p>The [% IF ( LibraryNameTitle ) %][% LibraryNameTitle %][% ELSE %][% END %]Katalog ist zur Zeit wegen Wartungsarbeiten offline. Wir sind bald zurück! Wenn Sie Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an den<a href="mailto:[% KohaAdminEmailAddress %]">Site Administrator</a></p>
21:24 cait it cared in the past
21:24 cait when something was fuzzy it was not translated
21:24 cait not sure about now, but it seems so :)
21:24 cait this looks not too bad
21:25 cait it's a bit irritating with the missing spaces
21:25 cait checking how it looks in opac now
21:25 rangi missing spaces i can fix too
21:26 * cait believes rangi can fix everything :)
21:26 rangi heh, not everything
21:26 wizzyrea the pressure! the pressure!
21:26 cait rangi: from the templates:
21:26 cait The Katalog ist zur Zeit wegen Wartungsarbeiten offline. Wir sind bald  zurück! Wenn Sie Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an denSite Administrator
21:27 rangi cait: before the update, was that string fuzzy or did updating make it fuzzy?
21:27 rangi so its just the missing spaces that are a problem now?
21:27 cait I used my nice and completely translated files from pootle
21:27 cait not fuzzy strings
21:27 cait no
21:27 cait that's why I test with opac, intranet is too incomplete and confusing
21:27 cait I can try fixing the updated po file some more
21:27 rangi right so the update is making them fuzzy
21:27 rangi ?
21:27 cait yes
21:28 rangi ok dont do that then
21:28 cait I thin because the strings are constructed differnetly
21:28 rangi do you have 20 mins
21:28 cait yes
21:28 rangi ill try to do a patch to stop it making them fuzzy
21:28 rangi and we can test that
21:28 cait hm
21:28 cait it should make them fuzzy
21:28 cait because the place holders are moved around
21:28 rangi hmm ok
21:28 rangi true
21:28 cait I am not sure, but I think you will break the po fies
21:29 rangi right i wont do that
21:29 rangi ok in that case, can you try making a few more unfuzzy and see if it makes them show up
21:29 rangi and ill work on the missing spaces
21:29 cait ok
21:29 rangi thanks
21:29 cait perhaps the spaces are in the variables?
21:30 rangi could be
21:30 cait will try to find some more nice strings for testing
21:30 rangi the subject search
21:30 rangi on the front page
21:30 rangi that seemed to not be translated
21:32 cait you know why cutting off the The is evil? because it can be der die or das in gemran
21:32 cait german
21:32 cait subject search on the front page?
21:32 cait the link in the navigation? authoritiy search?
21:33 rangi yeah that one
21:33 rangi ill look into the the issue too
21:34 cait ok
21:34 cait new problem
21:34 cait I can't leave opac maint
21:34 rangi you can upgrade in the staff side?
21:34 cait no
21:35 cait what I mean is, I switched it on, I switched it off but it doesn't go away :(
21:35 rangi but you have upgraded?
21:35 rangi its running .52?
21:36 cait ah stupid
21:37 * rangi stops having a heart attack
21:37 cait it'sme
21:37 cait I am sorry :(
21:37 rangi s'ok :)
21:37 cait the navigation is German for me
21:38 rangi yay!
21:38 rangi hmm whats another one to test then
21:38 cait Welcome,
21:38 cait it's only welcome in the po file
21:38 rangi right
21:40 cait ok
21:40 cait one that's missing a placeholder
21:40 cait (published on
21:40 cait was
21:40 cait (veröffentlicht am %s)
21:41 cait it's the published date on opac news
21:41 rangi cool, if you can check that out
21:42 cait hm?
21:42 rangi look at the comments
21:43 cait ah, probably one where the line breaking is a problem?
21:43 rangi see what file its in and see what the full string is
21:43 rangi yeah
21:43 cait running the install script at the moment
21:43 rangi ahh cool
21:43 cait I updated a few things
21:43 rangi thanks
21:43 cait it's really slow
21:43 rangi yep
21:44 cait cool
21:44 cait I updated lists from fuzzy
21:44 cait in the file from pootle the term was ok, but got not translated
21:44 cait after updating the file today  and undoing the fuzzy.... it's German now!
21:46 cait looks good so far
21:47 rangi yay
21:47 rangi ok, so i think what we need to do
21:47 rangi is fix the spaces
21:47 rangi update all the po files
21:47 rangi and update pootle
21:48 rangi sound right?
21:50 cait needs a little more testing
21:50 cait but it looks promising
21:50 cait some strings at the top of the file are a bit weird
21:51 rangi yeah
21:51 cait and it would be great if you could fix the line breaks
21:51 rangi ill try :)
21:51 cait because it makes translation a lto harder if the strings are cut into pieces
21:51 cait and the po file has things like
21:51 rangi can you send me the filename of one where it is breaking the file?
21:51 cait )
21:51 rangi yeah
21:52 cait the maintenance thing was a good one
21:52 cait with the The cut off
21:52 cait hm, no line break?
21:52 rangi yeah no line break in that
21:52 rangi all one line
21:52 cait hm
21:52 cait so why?
21:52 wahanui so why is, like, it populated
21:52 rangi i think
21:52 cait wahanui forget why
21:52 wahanui cait: I forgot why
21:52 rangi the <p>
21:53 rangi i think somehow the The got parsed as part of the tag
21:54 cait there is a single The
21:54 cait a separate string
21:54 rangi ohhh
21:54 cait the probme is - that's not really translatable in german
21:54 rangi yeah
21:54 rangi or maori
21:54 rangi or pretty mucn every language
21:54 rangi much too
21:54 rangi right thanks ill work on that
21:54 cait good to know that's not another localized problem
21:55 rangi heh
21:55 rangi go to sleep
21:55 cait you start sounding like ruth
21:55 rangi and i hope to have it fixed for you by the time you wake up
21:55 wizzyrea go sleep things will magically occur while you're dreaming
21:55 space_librarian :)
21:55 wizzyrea dream of fudge and sugarplum fairies
21:56 cait sugarplum fairies?
21:56 * space_librarian thinks about fudge
21:56 wizzyrea oh what's that from... the nutcracker?
21:56 wizzyrea ballet?
21:56 rangi yup
21:56 rangi yup
21:56 * space_librarian points cait in the direction of The Nutcracker
21:56 * cait wonders if she has that music somewhere
21:57 wizzyrea rangi: Cheap, Cheerful, Copy of Cx
21:57 wizzyrea 4C
21:57 wizzyrea C4
21:57 rangi that might be what they took it to mean
21:57 wizzyrea ta da!
21:57 * space_librarian now has the dance of the sugarplum fairy stuck in her head
21:57 wizzyrea ^.^
21:57 cait hm
21:57 wizzyrea see also: explosive!
21:57 cait I thought it was something like for times better than something starting with C
21:57 rangi im sticking to my its gonna asplode in my face story
21:57 cait and the explosive
21:57 space_librarian lol
21:58 wizzyrea right, rosalie defined it as a Cheap, Cheerful Copy of Cx (and rangi adds that it's might asplode in your face)
21:58 cait rangi: if you can fix the problem, I could update the file and do a complete translation
21:58 rangi cait: ill try
21:58 wizzyrea oh lawd, time to go
21:59 wizzyrea l8r peeps
21:59 rangi lawd and larks
21:59 cait bye wizzyrea :)
21:59 space_librarian bye!
21:59 rangi egad
21:59 rangi etc
21:59 cait ?
22:00 rangi cait: just have to do some client work, but then i have about 10 patches to check and push, and then ill be on translation the rest of the day
22:00 cait you are crazy
22:00 * cait sends rangi coffee
22:00 rangi well until i can make space_librarian do it for me
22:00 rangi :)
22:00 * cait sends space_librarian cookies
22:00 rangi heh
22:01 * space_librarian wonders what she's got herself in for...
22:01 * space_librarian munches cookies throughtfully.... yum! thanks cait! :)
22:01 * rangi has 2 bottles of french red
22:02 rangi ive been saving since kohacon10
22:02 rangi to celebrate the release, we might have to open them on thursday
22:02 space_librarian :)
22:04 * cait mumbles something
22:04 space_librarian cait: come to nz... we have good (French?!) wine!
22:04 space_librarian :p
22:04 rangi space_librarian: she was here in october ;)
22:04 rangi and thats when the wine arrived
22:04 cait yep, I was
22:04 space_librarian she can come back... lol
22:05 rangi came with paul_p and hdl ;)
22:05 cait I guessed that
22:05 cait :)
22:05 * space_librarian can imagine the shenanigans
22:05 rangi i dont have any of caits chocolate left
22:05 rangi that didnt last long ... impossible to save that
22:05 rangi :)
22:05 cait I had no better idea
22:06 rangi im glad
22:06 cait and everybody likes chocolate
22:06 rangi cos it was AWESOME
22:06 cait hm... not slef, but everybody else
22:06 rangi he's always been a little odd
22:06 rangi :-)
22:06 cait if you go to India... there could be more chocolate... and french wine
22:07 * space_librarian has already made plans to swap wine in India too... just needs to get there.
22:07 rangi cait: its my wife you have to convince not me
22:08 rangi i promised i wouldnt be away from home as much this year
22:08 space_librarian rangi: promise her a sari...
22:08 rangi space_librarian: i think a nanny would work better :)
22:08 space_librarian possibly. Can't imagine why... :)
22:09 cait hm. not easy to get peanut butter here
22:10 cait and not easy to ship a nanny to nz... will have to find something else
22:10 cait I should sleep
22:11 space_librarian you should. :)
22:20 cait hmpf.
22:20 cait :)
22:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Bug 6126 - [3.2.x] Slip print doesn't work on Webkit based browsers <[…]c63349789e5945390>
22:24 cait ok, I give up - bye all :)
22:24 cait left #koha
22:29 jenkins_koha Starting build 19 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:53 NateC left #koha
22:58 HBankhead joined #koha
23:07 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.2.x build #19: SUCCESS in 38 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/19/
23:07 jenkins_koha Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 6126 - [3.2.x] Slip print doesn't work on Webkit based browsers
23:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6126 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Slip print doesn't work on Webkit based browsers
23:36 Irma joined #koha

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