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02:20 rangi hi druthb
02:22 druthb hi, rangi! :)
03:10 rangi @marc 300
03:10 huginn rangi: A physical description of the described item, including its extent, dimensions, and such other physical details as a description of any accompanying materials and unit type and size. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,3,6,8]
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03:23 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5776 - menu on funds wraps when only 1 fund <[…]3cccd9cf387dfcc09>
03:25 hudsonbot Starting build 374 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:49 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #374: SUCCESS in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/374/
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03:49 hudsonbot Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5776 - menu on funds wraps when only 1 fund
03:49 kmkale Namaskar #koha
03:50 druthb Namaste, kmkale.  :D
03:51 space_librarian Namaste, kmkale. :)
03:51 druthb All set to throw a mighty conference in Thane?
03:51 kmkale heya druthb Yup :)
03:51 kmkale hi space_librarian
03:52 kmkale I was away for a few days doing a Koha training trip in Konkan, then the weekend. But this is great
03:52 druthb I'm excited about the idea of coming to India for the con!  It'll be fun.
03:52 kmkale yes. 1 min on phone..
03:55 kmkale druthb: I hope everyone will come.
03:56 kmkale I am going to throw up a site with registrations and speakers etc asap
03:57 kmkale rangi: around?
03:58 rangi for a few more mins, then ill be back from the bus a bit later also
03:58 rangi whats up?
04:00 druthb kmkale:  once I know for sure that I'm going, I'll jump in with *some* kind of presentation proposal, I imagine.  It's hard for me to speak about what I do, because it comes so naturally to me--it'd be like speaking about how to breathe or perspire or make your heart beat.  You don't think about it, you just *do* it, mostly.
04:01 kmkale this kocon I think we will have a lot of student participation
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04:01 kmkale so think about how to get new ppl into koha dev or guide budding librarians on to koha
04:02 * space_librarian agrees
04:05 kmkale getting the international Koha community here and exposing our librarians and students to you good people is the whole purpose behind bidding for kohacon for us
04:06 * rangi heads for the bus, bbl
04:09 kmkale brb. gonna reboot
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05:13 Brooke_ kia ora
05:16 druthb hi, Brooke!
05:16 Brooke_ :)
05:28 kmkale hey Brooke_
05:28 wahanui i think Brooke_ is not quite as she tries to appear.  It's okay, though; she's really very sweet.
05:28 Brooke_ wahanui: forget brooke
05:28 wahanui Brooke_, I didn't have anything matching brooke
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05:28 Brooke_ wahanui: forget Brooke_
05:28 wahanui Brooke_: I forgot brooke_
05:29 Brooke_ how's it going?
05:29 Brooke_ druthb?
05:29 wahanui druthb is quite possibly insane, but she fits right in at ByWater Solutions, because of it.
05:29 Brooke_ ehhhh
05:30 * druthb sticks her thumbs in her ears and goes "wugga wugga wugga!"
05:30 Brooke_ I like the stuff I read in the logs about the conference :)
05:33 kmkale Brooke_: I hope you are coming to India :)
05:33 * Brooke_ hopes so, too.
05:33 * druthb hopes so, too.
05:33 kmkale :)
05:33 Brooke_ elephant ride = mandatory.
05:34 kmkale hehe. In Thane. That will  be a tough one..
05:34 druthb hee hee
05:34 Brooke_ I'll go into the country
05:34 * druthb finding a beautiful saree = mandatory.
05:34 kmkale Or may be not. There are people who hire for weeings etc. Will find out
05:35 kmkale druthb: thats easy
05:35 druthb :)
05:35 * Brooke_ prolly should have kept one of her mum's...
05:35 kmkale druthb: selecting from the shree variety is the problem
05:35 kmkale my typing is on a whack today
05:36 druthb Oh, looking at sites online, there's an astonishing variety...  I know what colors tend to work on me (read as: What I'll wear in public, and what I won't.), which does help narrow things down a bit.
05:36 Brooke_ pfft
05:37 * druthb glares at the peanut gallery.
05:38 kmkale druthb: apart from the colors there are too many types of cloth; silk and what not..
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05:39 Brooke_ girly stuff is gonna put me under
05:39 druthb So I've gathered.  Lots of different sorts of embroidery and prints, too.    Fun!  :D
05:39 druthb pooooor  Brooke!
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05:45 * druthb watches Brooke_ flee, and just shakes her head.
05:46 druthb I'm gonna head to bed...gotta get my beauty sleep.   See ya soon!
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06:45 kf good morning #koha :)
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06:54 kf jcamins?
06:54 wahanui hmmm... jcamins is supposed to be an outstanding cook. or well-traveled and brilliant. or trying to think of a solution, but short of a set of three sysprefs (ShelfBrowserUsesLocation, ShelfBrowserUsesCcode, and ShelfBrowserUsesHomeBranch), I don't really have any ideas.
06:55 kmkale hi kf
06:56 kf hi kmkale :)
06:56 kf congratulation
06:56 kmkale thanks. please book your tickets :)
06:57 kf hehe
07:00 kmkale gotta go. meeting. bbl..
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07:26 kf god morgen magnuse
07:30 magnuse guten morgen kf & #koha
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07:57 magnuse bonjour hdl
07:59 kf bonjour hdl
07:59 hdl Bonjour
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08:06 Veera hi
08:06 Veera good morning
08:07 kf good morning Veera
08:07 Veera I am from American university in Kuwait
08:07 magnuse hiya Veera
08:07 Veera I need your assistance in some module in koha
08:08 Veera I have recently installed koha live cd 3.2 version
08:09 Veera if you could guide me to setup z39.50
08:09 Veera as I could not importa data of LOC
08:09 Veera I mean MARC
08:09 Veera please help
08:10 kf Veera: when you go to cataloging > z39.50 search - is loc listed there as a search target?
08:10 Veera yes
08:10 Veera it is listed
08:10 kf and when you search for a word in the title, what message do you get?
08:11 Veera no msg..and no action
08:11 kf are you behind a firefall?
08:11 Veera simple staying inthe same search page
08:11 Veera no
08:11 Veera even our system admin was checking the same
08:12 kf firefall is firewall ...
08:12 kf so nothing happens when you click on search?
08:12 Veera yes
08:12 kf hm
08:12 Veera could you please help in this
08:12 Veera ?
08:12 kf it works for me without problems :(
08:13 magnuse me too
08:13 kf I am using a 3.2.2 install
08:13 Veera is there any where we should enable an option
08:13 magnuse Veera: what title did you search for?
08:13 Veera ?
08:13 Veera management
08:14 Veera infact, I tried different keywords
08:14 Veera nothing
08:14 magnuse i get lots of results for management
08:14 magnuse hm
08:15 magnuse have you tried other z39.50 targets?
08:15 Veera ya
08:15 Veera I tried
08:15 Veera but the problem is that page has no action
08:15 Veera at all
08:16 magnuse no results for any z39.50 target?
08:16 Veera no
08:16 rangi i think Veera is saying the form doesnt submit
08:16 rangi what browser are you using Veera
08:16 rangi ?
08:17 kf hi rangi
08:18 Veera IE
08:19 Veera but the server is mossila
08:19 Veera client is IE
08:19 rangi try with firefox
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08:22 Veera the server machine I tried with firebox
08:22 Veera no result
08:22 Veera the same
08:23 rangi i have no more ideas then im afraid, it works fine here also
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08:23 Veera is there any place where should we enable some option or something???
08:23 rangi no
08:23 kf Veera: which language are you using?
08:23 francharb hellp #koha
08:24 kf morning francharb :)
08:24 francharb hi kf
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08:27 * magnuse just tested copy cataloguing with IE on Vista and Koha 3.2.2 - the form looked strange but it did return results
08:27 rangi could be something with the live cd set up
08:28 rangi like it might be set to use remote yui, instead of local, and i think yahoo have broken the remote one
08:28 kf makes sense
08:29 kf if she is not using the english templates that sometimes is a good test to - change back to english and test to rule out problems with the translation
08:29 kf but I am not aware of a problem with this template
08:33 magnuse i winder what she meant by "server is mossila"...
08:39 kf perhaps that she has mozilla (firefox) installed on the machine where koha is running?
08:40 magnuse ah, might be
08:42 paul_p hello everybody
08:46 magnuse bonjour paul_p
08:52 kf bonjour paul_p
09:26 rangi hi paul_p
09:27 paul_p hi rangi. What's new? good week-end ?
09:27 * paul_p start feeling spring coming in Marseille, and had a thought for NZ this morning, thinking you may feel the autumn coming...
09:28 paul_p @wunder marseille
09:28 huginn paul_p: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 11.0�C (10:00 AM CET on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
09:28 rangi @wunder wellington nz
09:28 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0�C (10:00 PM NZDT on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
09:28 rangi still pretty warm here
09:30 magnuse @wunder bodo, norway
09:30 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -2.0�C (10:20 AM CET on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
09:32 magnuse spring equinox is just one month away - yay!
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09:44 kf we got snow overnight
09:45 kf it was very spring like the last few days - I think we all were a bit surprised
09:45 kf @wunder Konstanz
09:45 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 0.4�C (10:50 AM CET on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: -0.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Steady).
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12:00 sekjal druthb++
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12:07 druthb sekjal++
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12:15 kmkale any thoughts on making the KohaCon11 site using or mediawiki is better?
12:23 druthb kmkale:  that has some nice facilities!~
12:23 kmkale yup
12:24 kmkale never used it though so dont know if it will have flexibility
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12:29 mihafan hello world
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12:29 magnuse trying out ocs would be cool!
12:29 magnuse hello mihafan
12:30 mihafan I have a problem with ldap authentication
12:30 mihafan Description of problem:  On local machine is installed windows server 2003 with configured active directory <nabble_img src="ad_.png" border="0" alt="acive directory"/>, I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on another machine, here I installed Koha 3.0 which still works well. Koha have configured to allow users from Active Directory authenticate via LDAP module in Koha d
12:31 mihafan koha-conf.xml contents:
12:31 mihafan <useldapserver>1</useldapserver>   <ldapserver id="ldapserver">
12:31 mihafan <hostname></hostname> <!-- address of LDAP server -->
12:32 mihafan <base>dc=koha,dc=md</base>
12:32 mihafan <user>cn=Administrator,cn=​Users,dc=koha,dc=md</user>
12:32 mihafan <pass>Q1W2e3r4</pass>
12:32 mihafan <replicate>1</replicate>
12:32 mihafan <update>1</update>
12:32 mihafan <mapping>
12:32 mihafan <firstname    is="givenName"      ></firstname>        <surname      is="sn"             ></surname>        <address      is="postalAddress"  ></address>        <city     is="l" ></city>        <branchcode   is=""               >MAIN</branchcode>        <userid       is="sAMAccountName" >Administrator</userid>        <password     is="userPassword"   ></
12:32 mihafan When I try to log in OPAC module, only the user administrator can login, other users can not authenticate in opac module. How things should look to enable authentication and other users.
12:34 * magnuse hopes someone who knows something about LDAP can help answer that...
12:36 mihafan anyone know other forums besides Koha,
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12:39 mihafan no?
12:45 sekjal mihafan:  do you have bind_by_auth set?
12:45 sekjal as I recall, it's a required config for Active Directory
12:45 mihafan yes
12:46 sekjal hmmm
12:47 mihafan user can authenticate in koha via ldap module
12:47 mihafan active directory is a ldap server where exists a user accounts
12:49 mihafan and user must be authentificate in koha with account and password that exists in Active Directory
12:57 mihafan does know how to make authenticate for other user, without Administrator
12:57 mihafan ????
13:00 sekjal perhaps take "Administrator" out of the <user> tag in the mapping
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13:03 mihafan but what about the rest of the users in active directory are they just control the Administrator, would still have to log in Koha OPAC
13:04 tcohen hi #koha
13:04 tcohen i recently posted on koha-devel about adding authority edition logging
13:05 tcohen i didn't have any feedback
13:06 tcohen has anyone thought about it
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13:11 mihafan here is active directory conf
13:11 mihafan print screen
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13:22 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:24 sekjal morning, jcamins
13:28 kf hi sekjal and jcamins :)
13:28 kf marcelr++
13:28 sekjal hi, kf!
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13:43 NateC good morning #koha
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13:46 hdl hi all
13:46 kf hi NateC
13:46 NateC hiya kf
13:46 tcohen hi hdl, jcamins
13:46 NateC hi hdl
13:47 * jcamins waves at everyone on #koha
13:48 * magnuse too
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14:08 hdl @later tell thd The invariant number of results is fixed. It was owed to a bad Regexp::Grammars version (it was a bit old on the machine you tested). I have added a z3950 configuration file. Should be better now. We are still struggling with the bad MARC....
14:08 huginn hdl: The operation succeeded.
14:23 kmkale i did a "git rm on installer/data/mysql/" by mistake. How do I get that file from the origin repository?
14:24 jcamins How do I force git to either ignore file permissions or reset them?
14:25 jcamins kmkale: I think you can do a git revert, can't you?
14:26 kmkale jcamins: will that revert in anyway hurt my work in progress?
14:26 * kmkale is afraid of git :(
14:27 jcamins kmkale: I'm not sure.
14:28 jcamins Probably better not to risk it. If you say gmcharlt's name three times in a row, though, sometimes he appears and solves everyone's git problems. :)
14:28 kmkale :)
14:31 kf kmkale: could a git add work?
14:31 sekjal_away git checkout installer/data/mysql/
14:31 kf ah, sekjal :)
14:35 kmkale error: pathspec 'installer/data/mysql/' did not match any file(s) known to git.
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14:38 sekjal_away hmmm
14:38 jcamins kmkale: git checkout HEAD -- installer/data/mysql/
14:39 kmkale jcamins: rror: pathspec 'installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.p' did not match any file(s) known to git.
14:39 kmkale sorry jcamins that should be "error: pathspec 'installer/data/mysql/' did not match any file(s) known to git."
14:40 jcamins Hm.
14:41 jcamins Uh-oh. I just made my entire git repository unreadable.
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15:11 wizzyrea oh no
15:13 jcamins wizzyrea: oh no?
15:13 wizzyrea re: your git repo
15:15 jcamins wizzyrea: oh, I got it straightened out.
15:16 jcamins I do have something "oh no"-worthy to report, though.
15:16 wizzyrea !!
15:16 jcamins My chair just broke.
15:16 wizzyrea ....
15:16 wizzyrea did you fall down?
15:17 jcamins Not all the way.
15:17 jcamins But I leaned back, and when my back hit the back of the chair, both backs kept going.
15:17 jcamins ;)
15:17 wizzyrea .......
15:17 wizzyrea !
15:17 wizzyrea that's alarming for a monday
15:18 jcamins I knew it was coming. I noticed last week that there was something off about my chair.
15:19 wizzyrea can anyone explain to me the rationale behind the z39.50 button on the bib detail page?
15:19 wizzyrea what is a use case for that?
15:19 jcamins z39.50 button on the bib detail page?
15:19 * jcamins goes to look for it.
15:20 wizzyrea
15:20 jcamins I don't think I ever noticed that before.
15:20 jcamins Overlaying?
15:20 * wizzyrea is glad she has no incriminating tabs open
15:20 wizzyrea that's what I'm wondering
15:21 wizzyrea if you click it, it populates the search with the current title/isbn
15:21 wizzyrea i just wondered what people actually use that for
15:22 * jcamins doesn't use it at all.
15:22 * wizzyrea has had it hidden from our librarians for a long time
15:22 jcamins Anyone have any idea where "summary" comes from on the OPAC results template?
15:26 jcamins It's not set.
15:27 jcamins So why is it populated?
15:28 jcamins Okay, I think it comes from
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15:31 wizzyrea hmm where are we keeping the circ rules in the db these days?
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15:36 jcamins wizzyrea: branch_borrower_rules and branch_item_rules?
15:37 wizzyrea Ah thanks, will look
15:37 wizzyrea koha_circ_rules++
15:38 jcamins Oops, I forgot issuingrules.
15:38 jcamins You need all three.
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16:28 cait hi #koha
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16:42 wizzyrea hey cait
16:42 nengard git question for any git experts on -  how do i 'stop' git am:    It looks like git-am is in progress. Cannot rebase.
16:42 jcamins git am --abort?
16:42 cait git am --abort
16:42 cait not sure
16:42 cait but I did it before
16:43 cait ah, jcmains said the same
16:43 jcamins I've never done it, I just think that's how I would.
16:43 cait and hi liz
16:43 cait :)
16:45 hdl nengard: if you want to be able to edit the code to make it pass... git am -3
16:45 hdl then you edit the conflict
16:45 hdl And you commit
16:46 nengard thanks all
16:46 nengard got it going again
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17:49 mib_d05vwu hi
17:49 wahanui bonjour, mib_d05vwu
17:50 mib_d05vwu i have a question
17:50 mib_d05vwu about autobarcode
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17:50 mib_d05vwu hi
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17:51 mib_d05vwu hi i have a question about autobarcode
17:51 jcamins mib_d05vwu: go ahead and ask.
17:51 jcamins Anyone who can help you will.
17:52 mib_d05vwu ok
17:52 mib_d05vwu thnaks
17:52 jcamins Also, you may want to change your nick to something more typable. ;)
17:52 mib_d05vwu i have my koha autobarcode in incremental
17:53 mib_d05vwu but only generates 4 number
17:53 mib_d05vwu i need 6
17:53 mib_d05vwu how I can do to generate 6
17:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Fix for Bug 5776 - menu on funds wraps when only 1 fund <[…]544a7ad71dd4f174b> / Bug 5741 - Extra comma causes JavaScript error in Internet Explorer <[…]9c86817a302f1b765> / Bug 5777 Update and install syspref tab titles <
17:53 mib_d05vwu ??
17:54 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:54 jcamins mib_d05vwu: I don't know much about the autobarcode code.
17:55 mib_d05vwu this generates 4 number
17:55 mib_d05vwu i need 6
17:55 mib_d05vwu :(
17:57 jcamins chris_n might know the answer.
17:58 jcamins I don't think he's around at the moment.
17:58 mib_d05vwu ok
17:58 mib_d05vwu thanks
17:58 mib_d05vwu i wait
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18:02 cait mib_d05vwu: there is no way in configuration at the moment to change the length of the autobarcode feature
18:03 cait hm, I wonder what would happen when you add a longer barcode - if it would count from that perhaps
18:05 mib_d05vwu mm...whare?
18:05 mib_d05vwu where?
18:05 mib_d05vwu i think the same..
18:06 mib_d05vwu but where?
18:06 mib_d05vwu cait, where i add a longer barcode
18:09 cait I would try and just add a new item with a longer barcode
18:09 cait but not sure what will happen - probably won't work
18:09 mib_d05vwu ok
18:11 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
18:16 mib_d05vwu yes its work
18:16 mib_d05vwu :)
18:16 mib_d05vwu add a loger barcode...
18:16 mib_d05vwu and now this incremental from this
18:17 mib_d05vwu cait other question...
18:17 nengard screencast time - will log back in when done :)
18:17 nengard left #koha
18:18 cait ah cool :)
18:18 mib_d05vwu yes
18:18 mib_d05vwu other question...why dont show me a renewal date?
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18:19 mib_d05vwu appears in blank
18:20 jcamins mib_d05vwu: you probably shouldn't be editing items that are already checked out.
18:21 mib_d05vwu mmm.. i dont und....
18:21 jcamins mib_d05vwu: what are you trying to do?
18:21 mib_d05vwu ok
18:22 cait you want to renew an item that is checked out?
18:22 mib_d05vwu i lend a book
18:22 mib_d05vwu this show me a return date
18:23 mib_d05vwu but....if i do a renewal  of this book
18:23 mib_d05vwu the same book...
18:23 mib_d05vwu dont show me retun date
18:23 cait you renewed successfully but the date didn't change?
18:23 mib_d05vwu appears in blank
18:24 cait that's ok
18:24 cait the due date field is only there to set a different date than the one calculated from your loan rules
18:24 mib_d05vwu yes, appears in blanck
18:24 mib_d05vwu :(
18:24 jcamins mib_d05vwu: yes, it's supposed to be blank.
18:24 mib_d05vwu if not then return the book
18:25 cait normally a book will be renewed for the time you set as loan period in your circ matrix under administration
18:25 cait if you want to renew it to a specific date you can enter one in the field
18:25 mib_d05vwu yes i know that...
18:25 mib_d05vwu but dont show me nothind
18:26 cait there are different options for the calculation of a renewal - you can add it to the date due or it can be calculated from the current date
18:26 jcamins mib_d05vwu: maybe you could take a screenshot and show us what you're talking about?
18:26 cait if you renew and the date does not change, and the book was checked out today, it's probably calculated form today
18:27 mib_d05vwu the problem is that dont show me return date, when i renewal
18:28 mib_d05vwu ok
18:28 mib_d05vwu screenshot
18:29 mib_d05vwu how add a screenshot?
18:30 rangi Morning
18:30 cait morning rangi
18:30 cait can you upload the pic somewhere?
18:31 mib_d05vwu
18:32 mib_d05vwu
18:33 bg morning
18:33 jcamins Morning.
18:33 cait morning bg
18:35 jcamins mib_d05vwu:[…]easy-screenshots/
18:37 mib_d05vwu ok
18:43 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_lunch
18:43 druthb joined #koha
18:43 druthb howdy, #koha!  Showing the Erikson Institute the IRC! :)    New Koha library!
18:44 wizzy_lunch Hi peeps :)
18:44 rangi Hi erikson institute
18:44 rangi Ata marie from aotearoa
18:45 bg hi there
18:45 wahanui privet, bg
18:45 indradg left #koha
18:45 bg privet?
18:45 rangi @wunder wellington nz
18:45 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 18.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on February 22, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
18:45 bg @wunder 93109
18:45 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 14.0�C (10:50 AM PST on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
18:45 druthb @wunder chicago, IL
18:45 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Chicago, Illinois is -1.6�C (12:51 PM CST on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Light Ice Pellets. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 29.17 in 987.7 hPa (Rising). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 6 am CST Tuesday...
18:45 rangi bg: the bot speaks a few languages
18:46 * rangi wins
18:46 bg yup rangi wins
18:47 druthb wahanui:  druthb?
18:47 wahanui i heard druthb was quite possibly insane, but she fits right in at ByWater Solutions, because of it.
18:48 rangi Excuse
18:48 druthb documentation?
18:48 wahanui it has been said that documentation is at
18:48 rangi wahanui: excuse
18:48 wahanui rangi: terrorist activities
18:48 rangi I'm not sure that one will fly wahanui
18:49 rangi wahanui: excuse
18:49 wahanui rangi: Police are examining all internet packets in the search for a narco-net-trafficker
18:49 druthb @karma
18:49 huginn druthb: Highest karma: "chris" (236), "oleonard" (235), and "gmcharlt" (216).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-88), "failed" (-49), and "-" (-34).  You (druthb) are ranked 12 out of 1234.
18:49 rangi There we go
18:49 rangi @marc 510
18:49 huginn rangi: Citations or references to published bibliographic descriptions, reviews, abstracts, or indexes of the content of the described item. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,x,3,6,8]
18:50 rangi Sadly I knew that
18:50 * cait waves to druthb and the ericson institute
18:50 druthb you're a geek, rangi, but we love you.
18:50 * druthb waves to cait.
18:50 jcamins rangi: but do you know what the second indicator should be?
18:50 cait undef? *guesses*
18:51 rangi jcamins: msdiaf?
18:51 jcamins msdiaf?
18:51 jcamins cait: yeah.
18:51 cait hehe
18:51 jcamins Lots of people get the first and second idicators confused on that one.
18:52 jcamins I see lots of records that are _4 instead of 4_.
18:52 druthb I'm hoping that Erikson will jump in with us some.  Thanx for the greets n stuff.  Back to ye old grindstone.  See y'all this evening.
18:52 druthb left #koha
18:54 indradg joined #koha
19:04 jcamins If I were to copy all the files in var/lib/zebradb from one machine to another, would that work?
19:07 rangi maybe
19:08 rangi but i wouldnt bet money on it
19:08 jcamins Phooey.
19:08 braedon left #koha
19:08 jcamins So far as I can figure out, my setup is now identical to this one client's, but they continue to have all sorts of problems that I can't duplicate.
19:09 rangi man i hope thats not that guys real ad admin password
19:09 jcamins rangi: what?
19:09 rangi posted to the list, and in here
19:09 rangi i was gonna scour the logs of it
19:09 jcamins Huh?
19:09 rangi but its out there now
19:09 jcamins Yes, that's a good idea.
19:09 rangi check the koha ldap authentification
19:09 rangi thread
19:09 jcamins Oh.
19:10 jcamins Ouch.
19:10 rangi no point scouring the logs, hes posted to a list that is archived all over the place
19:10 nengard joined #koha
19:10 * rangi emails to tell him to change the password now
19:10 jcamins Probably wise.
19:11 hdl left #koha
19:11 rangi hi nengard
19:11 nengard hiya
19:11 nengard just finished two more tutorial videos
19:11 nengard waiting for them to convert to the right format so i can upload them
19:12 jcamins nengard++
19:12 jcamins @karma nengard
19:12 huginn jcamins: Karma for "nengard" has been increased 143 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 143.
19:14 nengard other video ideas from the crowd?  Here's what we have so far (not counting today's):
19:16 jcamins Reports.
19:19 nengard that's one i did today :)
19:19 jcamins nengard: then no.
19:19 nengard :)
19:19 cait override renewals?
19:20 cait had to explain tht a lot of times
19:21 cait but it's probably already there :)
19:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Translation update for 3.2.4 <[…]b47b9bbbd78ff6590> / Revert "Partial fix for Bug 5745, Overdues with fines report not showing titles" <[…]3b513008696726ce0> / Revert "Bug 5759 : displaying 2nd email if there is one on print template for borrowers" <http://
19:26 nengard cait, no i don't think i did that one
19:26 nengard i'll add that to my list
19:27 nengard since it's kind of hard to find (i agree)
19:27 jcamins Bug 5785 - anyone else encountered that?
19:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5785 enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Holds should catch new acquisitions
19:27 cait nengard: cool :)
19:28 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
19:29 nengard logging off to record cait's suggestion
19:29 nengard be back in 30 min or so
19:29 nengard left #koha
19:29 NateC joined #koha
19:32 magnuse hiya NateC
19:32 NateC hiya magnuse
19:32 rangi heya NateC
19:33 NateC Hi rangi!
19:42 sekjal_lunch left #koha
19:43 sekjal_lunch joined #koha
19:43 darling joined #koha
19:45 sekjal_lunch is now known as sekjal
19:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_3550' into kcmaster <[…]670af0fdde431d9c2> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_2742' into kcmaster <[…]bc43b4df095aee583> / Bug 3550 : Display changes needed in opac-results-grouped too <
19:50 space_librarian joined #koha
19:51 nengard joined #koha
19:54 nengard just for cait:
19:54 cait nengard++
19:54 cait thx :)
19:54 magnuse lucky cait (and us)
19:54 nengard no prob!!
19:54 nengard I'm up for more ideas
19:54 mihafan joined #koha
19:54 nengard I promised a video a week and I'm running out of ideas of my own :)
19:56 wizzy_lunch is now known as wizzyrea
19:56 magnuse and it's just monday?!? ;-)
19:56 magnuse hiya wizzyrea!
19:56 wizzyrea hi :)
19:59 wizzyrea What is funny about this table?
19:59 wizzyrea
20:00 cait hm have seen that before
20:00 cait is it anew install?
20:00 wizzyrea yea
20:00 wizzyrea err
20:00 wizzyrea define "new"
20:01 cait I think my problem was related to miss one of the optional things during install
20:01 wizzyrea did I install it today? no. Is it running (nearly) the newest codebase? yes.
20:01 wizzyrea hmm
20:01 cait one of the messaging somethings you can choose
20:01 wizzyrea it's like this in at least two installs
20:01 * wizzyrea goes to check the demos
20:02 cait ok, no idea then
20:02 bencahill so guys, everything is in the db, right? (e.g. if I want to start from scratch, backup, or restore from a backup, that's just the db?)
20:02 wizzyrea hm it's right in the bywater demo
20:02 rangi bencahill: yes
20:03 liw bencahill, there's configuration files too
20:03 wizzyrea it's about 9db revisions back from where I'm at
20:03 bencahill ah right, but that's just the koha-conf.xml? (and koha-httpd.conf, depending on your setup)
20:03 bencahill liw: ^^
20:04 rangi the zebra config files too
20:04 bencahill rangi: good, just checking :)
20:04 bencahill rangi: right
20:04 cait bencahill: if you don't change the indexing, have a sip server or ldap :)
20:04 bencahill cait: well yeah, just setting up a very basic install here :)
20:04 * bencahill loves open source support :D
20:05 magnuse wizzyrea: is up to date as of right now - login: demo/demo
20:06 wizzyrea oo ty magnuse
20:07 wizzyrea very ty, it's not wonky in yours
20:09 magnuse cool, i guess...
20:09 wizzyrea that just means it's something I've got going in ours
20:10 wizzyrea bc I have it in two installs
20:10 wizzyrea the problem
20:10 wahanui the problem is, like, that on order is not treated differently than the other not for loan values
20:10 wizzyrea forget the problem
20:10 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot problem
20:12 * magnuse wishes it was always that easy... ;-)
20:12 wizzyrea me too
20:15 mihafan left #koha
20:17 wizzyrea magnuse++
20:17 cait magnuse++
20:17 wizzyrea thanks for updating your demo, really helpful :)
20:18 magnuse thanks, no problem (i try to keep it up to date almost on a daily basis anyway...)
20:21 space_librarian left #koha
20:21 space_librarian joined #koha
20:22 magnuse wizzyrea: could your table trouble be related to bug 5765?
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5765 trivial, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, patron messaging form template tests for SMS inconsistently
20:23 wizzyrea ooooo
20:23 wizzyrea yes, that has to be it
20:24 wizzyrea and there's no way to nullify that table
20:24 wizzyrea syspref
20:24 wizzyrea ty ty for finding that
20:24 wizzyrea magnuse++ again
20:24 magnuse ooh, thanks again - i had this nagging feeling it sounded kind of familiar
20:25 wizzyrea so
20:25 wizzyrea could it be that even if there's nothing there
20:25 wizzyrea nothing in that syspref
20:25 wizzyrea if something was *ever* in there
20:26 wizzyrea it might be broken
20:26 wizzyrea even like, a space
20:26 wizzyrea magnuse: you are a genius
20:26 sekjal wizzyrea: oh, that's fixed
20:26 sekjal that screen image you showed
20:26 wizzyrea not in my test install it's not
20:26 wizzyrea :/
20:27 wizzyrea db18
20:27 wizzyrea 3.03
20:27 sekjal bump to 19
20:27 wizzyrea srs, lol
20:27 wizzyrea k
20:27 sekjal fix was put out just a couple days ago
20:27 wizzyrea cool beans :)
20:27 sekjal the SMS bug shown above was a side-effect bug from trying to solve it
20:27 wizzyrea aha
20:28 wizzyrea what I did, for now
20:28 magnuse wizzyrea: hardly... but it goes to show skimming through all those bug reports is not a total waste of time... ;-)
20:28 wizzyrea :D
20:29 wizzyrea i just added something that looks like a driver so that the table looks pretty. It won't go into production that way
20:29 wizzyrea but very good to know that the fix is in
20:29 magnuse fixed_bugs++
20:29 wizzyrea sekjal++ for helpful, timely info
20:30 sekjal :)
20:30 sekjal just found that the fix for 3319 breaks the previous work on 4945... but that's easy to patch, too
20:30 wizzyrea bug 3319
20:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3319 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Need a nicer error message when attempting to add a patron with no libraries defined
20:31 wizzyrea bug 4945
20:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4945 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Patron search is limited by default to the currently logged-in library
20:31 wizzyrea the 2nd way more important than the 1st
20:31 wizzyrea but happy it's ez to fix
20:31 sekjal repeated variable name
20:32 wizzyrea oops
20:34 cait good night all
20:34 wizzyrea gnite cait
20:34 cait left #koha
20:35 JesseM joined #koha
20:35 bg hey JesseM
20:35 wizzyrea hi JesseM
20:35 JesseM hello all
20:36 NateC Hi Everyone, I would love to introduce the newest member of the ByWater Team, Jesse Maseto
20:36 wizzyrea Oo! Hi there!
20:36 wizzyrea welcome :)
20:36 wizzyrea at one point I had that column hidden with jquery, but for the life of me I can't nuke it again
20:37 JesseM thank you wizzyrea
20:38 rangi hi JesseM
20:38 JesseM great to be a part of the Koha community. cant wait to work with you all.
20:38 JesseM hello rangi
20:38 * jcamins waves to his new coworker.
20:38 jcamins Has anyone else experienced an item with a NULL homebranch breaking the fines cron job?
20:40 nengard Hi JesseM
20:41 rangi nope, but i can imagine it would, having a null homebranch seems like a pretty bad situation for an item to be in, id hope it would break stuff or at least yell loudly so it can be put in a branch, rather than silently failing
20:41 JesseM Hi nengard
20:42 jcamins rangi: it breaks stuff, silently.
20:42 space_librarian like an evil ninja?
20:42 rangi cron doesnt even complain?
20:42 jcamins rangi: sometimes.
20:43 rangi well that should be fixed to complain all the time loudly then :)
20:44 jcamins It seems to me that the fines cron job is the wrong place to complain, though.
20:44 jcamins It should be complaining at the point when the record enters into the system.
20:44 rangi there too
20:44 rangi but ppl can poke at the db, it should complain anywhere that it might be a problem
20:45 jcamins I mean, sure, an error message there too, but a vendor should not be able to send invalid records.
20:45 rangi exception handling ftw
20:45 rangi yep, will complain
20:45 wizzyrea the bib merging function: does or does not (or is or is not supposed to) merge holds?
20:45 * magnuse greets JesseM (better late than never...)
20:45 rangi wizzyrea: you'll need to ask biblibre
20:46 wizzyrea okies
20:46 jcamins wizzyrea: I think there's a bug report about that.
20:46 * space_librarian joins magnuse in late greetings
20:46 JesseM thank you magnuse!
20:46 wizzyrea you are right: bug 5459
20:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5459 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, merging records loses holds from one
20:53 sekjal the biggest technical problem with that is how to order the holds queue once the two records are merged
20:59 wizzyrea right, i imagine that's tough
21:00 wizzyrea what might help would be an option to "export hold queue" from a bib
21:00 wizzyrea so at least you have a list of the holds
21:00 wizzyrea I suppose you could just print the dang thing :P
21:01 sekjal ordering by date placed would make the most sense most of the time, but there'd need to be a warning
21:01 sekjal in case of any manual reordering having taken place
21:01 wizzyrea add a note: automerge?
21:01 wizzyrea or merged from position x on bib XXXXX
21:01 sekjal could do
21:01 sekjal so long as it added to any existing note, rather than replaced
21:02 wizzyrea right
21:02 sekjal I've got some code that'll fix priority orders.... so doing it this way won't take too much more
21:04 wizzyrea I can't think of any reason why adding a note with the old priority wouldn't be sufficient. If you have a bib with a ton of manual edits, it's probably better to not automerge them anyway
21:05 sekjal perhaps a 'select all holds from both bibs', 'order by date created', 'loop through and add to kept biblio' approach
21:06 wizzyrea a tickbox "merge holds? (Warning: holds will be ordered based upon date placed. Old priority number will be in the notes"
21:08 sekjal even techier:  zipper merge.  alternate between holds on each biblio, 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,5,6
21:08 sekjal add a checkbox for the merger to pick their strategy
21:08 sekjal then we can implement more down the road, if need be
21:09 wizzyrea well that's better than no merge at all
21:09 * jcamins imagines all sorts of interesting possibilities for complex merges.
21:09 sekjal looking forward to diving into this, but unfortunately, I must depart, and pack for my trip to Maine
21:09 sekjal have a great night, #koha!
21:10 sekjal left #koha
21:10 wizzyrea by... oh bother.
21:12 wizzyrea a stopgap for that though, since we should *never* lose data
21:12 wizzyrea would be to spit out the un-merged holds as an error.
21:12 wizzyrea "This item had holds on it, here's what we know about them so you can merge: "
21:14 * magnuse wishes #koha a good night (or other time of the day - you choose!)
21:15 magnuse left #koha
21:30 wizzyrea so philosophically speaking
21:30 wizzyrea should we assume that if you are deleting a bib record
21:31 wizzyrea that you don't care about any holds attached to that bib?
21:31 wizzyrea also, if you are deleting the last item, should you be alerted that there are still holds on the item?
21:32 rangi no and yes
21:32 rangi assumption is the mother of all f**k ups
21:32 wizzyrea ok cool that's the direction I was leaning
21:32 wizzyrea because right, now, we do both
21:32 rangi yes
21:33 wizzyrea we assume that you don't care, and we don't alert
21:33 rangi yep, its a definite bug that should be fixed
21:33 * wizzyrea goes to file it
21:33 rangi we check for issues, but not holds
21:33 rangi wizzyrea: add subscriptions to the list
21:33 rangi we need to check those too
21:33 wizzyrea k
21:34 rangi deleting a biblio tht has a journal subscription attached can make a big pile of mess
21:35 jcamins Bleck.
21:35 wizzyrea bug 1959
21:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1959 normal, P3, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, No warning when you delete a biblio with a subscription
21:35 jcamins The exterminator went to Manhattan instead of coming here.
21:35 jcamins Meaning that we emptied our kitchen for naught.
21:35 wizzyrea so that's there.
21:38 nengard so basically we should never ever delete bib records
21:39 rangi not until those bugs are fixed, no
21:41 wizzyrea or you have to be super-vigilant
21:41 wizzyrea about checking before you delete
21:41 wizzyrea :/
21:45 nengard hmmm
22:02 jcamins Dinner time.
22:02 jcamins Good night, #koha
22:02 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:08 mib_d05vwu left #koha
22:12 darling left #koha
22:13 wizzyrea bug 5790
22:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5790 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Deleting a biblio should alert/fail if there are existent subscriptions and holds
22:22 rangi make sure you link 1959 to that
22:22 wizzyrea oh yes good point ty
22:22 wizzyrea bug 1959
22:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1959 normal, P3, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, No warning when you delete a biblio with a subscription
22:24 wizzyrea sorry bw peeps for all the mail :P
22:24 wizzyrea I was only adding a CC!
22:27 nengard no prob
22:30 nengard left #koha
22:31 rangi were you gonna link the 2 bugs?
22:31 francharb left #koha
22:34 wizzyrea yep
22:34 wizzyrea did I do it wrong?
22:34 rangi i use the depends or blocks links
22:34 wizzyrea ohh... I added the "see also" url
22:34 rangi i made 5790 depend on 1959
22:35 wizzyrea ok I see what you mean no
22:35 wizzyrea now*
22:39 wizzyrea can't say I've ever had to do that one before... I'll know better next time
22:40 rangi cool :)
22:40 eythian I really want to find whoever implemented liberty/concordance's CSV export and give them a good ... talking to.
22:40 eythian they output unparsable data :(
22:41 wizzyrea it seems like you may want to give them more than that
22:43 identify @wunder 56001
22:43 huginn identify: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is -6.2�C (4:49 PM CST on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: -11.0�C. Pressure: 29.84 in 1010.4 hPa (Steady). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 6 PM CST this evening...
22:43 wizzyrea brr
22:47 bencahill would squid speed up koha (on a slow-ish server)?
22:48 rangi not really no
22:48 eythian I wouldn't expect it to a whole lot
22:48 bencahill ...(bottleneck is cpu)
22:48 rangi because you cant actually cache the results
22:48 rangi not unless you want to lie to patrons ;)
22:48 bencahill rangi: anything I can do to make it go faster?
22:48 bencahill rangi: lol :)
22:48 eythian more CPU :)
22:49 rangi bencahill: put the expires headers out on the .css .js and image files
22:49 bencahill eythian: doesn't seem like it should be that slow on a p4 1.6 tho, right? :P
22:49 bencahill rangi: not slow like that, I'm on a lan :D
22:49 eythian hmm, probably shouldn't be. Is it really CPU, or is it database?
22:49 rangi its more likely ram thats the bottleneck that cpu
22:49 eythian (or RAM, yeah)
22:49 bencahill eythian: dunno, top shows the .pl scripts taking up 90-100% cpu during a pageload
22:49 bencahill rangi, eythian: not using any swap...
22:50 rangi yeah, that doesnt really matter (the swap)
22:50 rangi its how much RAM mysql can use
22:50 rangi it wont use more than you allocate it
22:50 eythian but if it's the .pl using the CPU, rather than mysql...
22:50 bencahill rangi: well the ram is not anywhere near filled up (like 200MB out of 600MB), that's what I'm saying
22:50 bencahill rangi: o_o d'oh :)
22:50 bencahill eythian: yeah, the .pl's
22:51 rangi and yeah 600MB is a tiny amount of RAM :)
22:51 rangi top is not a good indicator
22:51 bencahill rangi: depends on your usage scenario :)
22:51 bencahill rangi: why is that?
22:52 bencahill doesn't show disk usage?
22:52 rangi because it will sit at 90% when its mostly asking mysql to do stuff
22:52 eythian rangi: it shouldn't...
22:52 rangi it does
22:52 eythian unless the driver is spinlocking or something terrible
22:52 bencahill rangi: what do you use that's better?
22:52 rangi use the profiler
22:52 bencahill the profiler?
22:53 rangi and yeah 600MB is too little to run apache, mysql, zebra
22:53 bencahill not running zebra...
22:53 rangi well theres half your problem right there then too :)
22:53 rangi nozebra is much slower
22:53 bencahill rangi: zebra doesn't affect browsing the admin interface, does it?
22:54 bencahill I thought it was just searching...
22:54 rangi yes
22:54 rangi and yeah if browsing the interface isnt coming up within seconds, theres something up, and chances are its mysql, because browsing the interface isnt doing anything else
22:55 * bencahill times
22:55 rangi a bunch of selects, and outputting a template
22:55 bencahill 5 seconds for going from home to circulation after login
22:56 bencahill rangi: right, shouldn't take that long :P
22:56 rangi try tuning your mysql
22:57 bencahill will do, thanks
22:57 rangi and fyi
22:58 rangi also, what XML parser are you using?
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23:37 druthb @wunder Chicago, IL
23:37 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Chicago, Illinois is -2.3�C (5:43 PM CST on February 21, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.25 in 990.4 hPa (Steady). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 6 am CST Tuesday...
23:37 druthb at least the sleet stopped.  for now.
23:37 bg heya druthb
23:41 druthb hi, bg!
23:41 druthb just popping in a bit before dinner with a really great library director, then down to a mess of nitty-gritty tonight.
23:43 bg enjoy
23:59 rangi crap
23:59 rangi another earthquake

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