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03:52 Oak \o
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04:59 Topic for #koha is now os academy is over and we ended with 50.1% subroutine test coverage, let's stay above that
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05:51 Amit heya all
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07:01 francharb heelo all
07:06 Amit hello all
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07:24 kf good morning #koha
07:30 Amit heya kf
07:30 kf hi Amit
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07:46 hdl hi
07:46 kf hi hdl
07:46 kf I was thinking about you right now :)
07:47 hdl so kind of you ;)
07:47 kf hm not really :)
07:47 kf wanted to ask you about[…]tization_solution
07:48 kf because we have a library that will use 3M and I will get one of their devices for testing next week (hopefully)
07:50 kf and the bug number on the wiki is wrong - wanted to correct that but where can I do that - I only see {{{bug}}} in the code. hm.
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07:52 kf bug 3439
07:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3439 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, opac-main.tmpl references unused "recentacquiloop"
07:53 kf wrong number, bug 5439
07:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5439 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, 3M RFID sensitization
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08:10 ephazz i need to map 852khi to koha 952o hw is this done
08:20 kf ephazz: we have different structures here - but I think you have to combine your differnt parts into one callnumber - but isn't o barcode?
08:21 ephazz no o is full call number
08:21 kf ah ok
08:21 kf was looking it up right now
08:21 kf I don't know how your barcodes look like - perhaps you can use copy for item part
08:21 kf not numbers
08:21 wasabi you cant map 3 subfields to a single subfield, afaik
08:21 kf no, you can't do that
08:22 kf but combine them with marcedit into one field
08:22 wasabi of at least, you shouldnt :)
08:22 wasabi heya kf
08:22 kf for example append classification part to call number prefix and save item part into copy
08:22 wasabi s/of/or/
08:22 kf hi wasabi
08:22 kf wasabi: still frustrated I killed my ubuntu :(
08:22 ephazz now is there documentation detailing hw to link all the sub fields using maredit?
08:23 kf you don't link them with maredit
08:23 kf you have to make your data fit into koha's scheme for item data
08:23 kf but you can use maredit to swap fields and such
08:23 kf it's a good tool to work with marc data
08:24 ephazz any documentation for marcedit regarding this
08:25 kf you might want to check 952$t for one of your fields
08:25 kf I think in marcedit is documentation about using the edit functions
08:25 * wasabi 's never used marcedit
08:26 kf you can work with search and replace, swap fields and such
08:27 wasabi yeah, most people use marcedit to manipulate their bibs before a koha import
08:28 ephazz let me see marcedit can do for be back in a sec
08:28 wasabi perl's marc::record is what the pros use ;)
08:29 wasabi[…]ib/MARC/
08:41 hdl kf: just sent you the patch for 3M sensitization.
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09:15 markk hello all!!
09:17 markk i was wondering where can i find a tutorial or program to modify the theme/look of the web interface OPAC/Staff ... does anyone habe any idea about it?
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09:40 hdl kf: have you received my email ?
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10:22 kf sorry hdl, had a phone conference and a meeting - checking now
10:23 hdl commit log is in french.
10:23 hdl Sorry.
10:23 kf it's ok - I will try google translate
10:23 hdl It requires to add some tools
10:23 kf can you say something about configuration? how is it activated?
10:23 hdl sending you a how to
10:24 kf thx a lot hdl
10:24 kf if I get it working I can sign off on it
10:24 kf does it need to be rebased?
10:25 kf ah, I see you solved some conflicts already
10:36 kf hdl++
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11:05 deejay_hr Hello
11:06 deejay_hr if someone is around, I could use a little bit of assistance
11:06 kf deejay_hr: here is always someone around - just ask your question
11:07 deejay_hr thanks
11:07 kf :)
11:07 deejay_hr I'm sure the question has already been asked, and there's probably an answer somewhere, but I don't have the time to dig through the internet
11:08 deejay_hr recently koha has been acting up with circulation
11:08 deejay_hr when you tried to check out a book to certain users, an empty yellow box would appear
11:08 deejay_hr and you can't check it out
11:08 kf which version of koha are you using?
11:08 kf this sounds like an old but familiar bug
11:08 deejay_hr one sec
11:08 deejay_hr
11:09 kf have the users items due on that day? not overdue, but due? or overdue?
11:09 kf that's an old version
11:09 deejay_hr so we need to upgrade?
11:09 kf updating to 3.0.6 > 3.2.2 could be a way to solve this
11:09 deejay_hr overdues could be a problem
11:10 deejay_hr but if you return or renew, shouldn't that reset it?
11:10 kf I remember that the box should ask something like: this person has overdues, do you want to checkout anyway?
11:10 kf and it didn't
11:10 kf hm yes, I would think so
11:10 deejay_hr allright, so upgrade is a possible fix
11:10 deejay_hr I'll see what I can do about that
11:10 deejay_hr thanks for the info
11:11 kf if this is the bug - ubt I have not seen this behaviour on our installations
11:11 kf so I hope it would help
11:11 kf you should always try with a test installation first
11:11 deejay_hr yeah, I kind of assumed that our tech upgraded it, but I guess he didn't
11:11 kf update a test installation first, before production
11:12 deejay_hr but if it's an overdue problem, how do we test it without waiting lol
11:12 deejay_hr well they say patience is a virtue
11:14 kf hm.
11:16 kf perhaps this could help too:
11:16 kf http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]ox-td3061893.html
11:16 kf check if you have accidently added a value to fine days
11:18 deejay_hr hmm
11:18 kf[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4036
11:18 munin Bug 4036: blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, Two conditions missing from circ template messages: USERBLOCKEDOVERDUE  and USERBLOCKEDREMAINING
11:18 kf seems the bug was finally fixed in 3.2 release
11:18 kf this would be a big update - needs serious testing
11:20 deejay_hr well, I'll inform the head librarian and the tech guy, but somehow I doubt we'll do much testing hehe
11:20 deejay_hr we're a rather small library
11:27 kf normally everythign should work, but you never know
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13:20 owen @wunder 45701
13:20 munin owen: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is -11.0�C (8:18 AM EST on January 21, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -15.0�C. Windchill: -18.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
13:20 jwagner @wunder 20817
13:20 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is -0.5�C (8:22 AM EST on January 21, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.75 in 1007.3 hPa (Rising).
13:20 owen Sounds like shorts weather jwagner!
13:21 jwagner Only in comparison to you :-) Still pretty chilly, and with a lot of wind.  But we lucked out & didn't get much in the way of snow last night.
13:22 owen paul_p: I will try to clarify the status of bug5575
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13:28 kmkale hi owen
13:28 kmkale hi jwagner
13:28 owen How's the weather where you are kmkale? :)
13:28 kmkale @weather Mumbai
13:28 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 27.0�C (6:40 PM IST on January 21, 2011). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
13:29 kmkale its bettr in Thaqne since we are out of Mumbai and there is a big National park hill between Thane and Mumbai :)
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13:38 kf nengard: i was not sure if the checks were case-sensitive
13:38 kf and didn't want to break more than I already did...
13:39 kf and she is not here
13:48 * jwagner puts a big basket of cookies out for a Friday treat
14:02 paul_p owen, thx for 5575
14:03 paul_p 'morning america !
14:03 owen paul_p: I hope to do more testing and patching today
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14:07 jwagner Bonjour paul_p
14:11 paul_p bonjour jwagner
14:11 paul_p owen++
14:12 paul_p owen, remember me that I owe you at least 2 trucks full of beer next time I see you!!!
14:12 owen I'll get a plane ticket right away!
14:13 owen Actually, my next trip will be to Chicago for the Drupal conference.
14:14 * owen is looking forward to that
14:18 paul_p there is a DrupalCon in London where we plan to go in a few months too !
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14:22 owen Grrr... why does the tablesorter plugin sometimes just not work?
14:24 sekjal owen:  irregularities in the data it's trying to sort? (shot in the dark)
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14:25 owen I've checked that the plugins are there, I've checked that my markup is valid, I've looked at the source for clues...
14:25 kf owen: friday
14:25 owen That's the cause? :)
14:26 kf yep
14:26 owen I've heard there's a cure, but it takes about 7 hours to work.
14:27 * owen finds it... a stray <tbody>
14:27 owen I guess an extra <tbody> is perfectly valid :|
14:28 owen Take that, Friday.
14:30 sekjal owen++ (for giving King Friday a good wallop upside the head)
14:36 wizzyrea_ oh mr rogers.
15:04 kmkale bye all. good night
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15:20 jwagner paul_p or slef, online?  (Or anyone who might remember version 2.x encoding?)
15:21 jwagner We're trying to upgrade some sites, but the data coming out of the 2.x systems does not seem to be latin-1, windows or MARC-8 or UTF8 encoding.  Anyone know what it is?
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15:24 wizzyrea the smartrules are kept in issuingrules, right?
15:25 paul_p wizzyrea yep
15:25 wizzyrea ty ty
15:25 paul_p jwagner, I cant' tell you what it is. we (french/unimarc) haven't had this problem, because we don't have marc-8 here.
15:26 jwagner Darn :-(  None of our encoding conversions seem to work -- diacritics are all messed up.  Was hoping someone would remember.  I'll check with chris later too.
15:51 wizzyrea owen++ for that awesome "click in the holdings field anywhere to edit" enhancement
15:51 wizzyrea I'm just now getting to appreciate it
15:51 wizzyrea fully
15:59 wizzyrea we haven't had any movement on this, right?
15:59 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4530
15:59 munin Bug 4530: major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Circulation & fines rules aren't always applied from most specific to less specific
15:59 wizzyrea I think I just ran up against it
15:59 kf it's friday - you shoudl have expected that
15:59 * wizzyrea whallops friday... take that!
15:59 * kf decided to not look on such things today
15:59 kf and leaving now for the weekend :)
16:00 kf a nice weekend to you all!
16:00 wizzyrea it's ok, I just think we need to either get rid of the default rule, or fix it so it works
16:00 wizzyrea have a great weekend kf
16:00 kf thx, you too wizzyrea
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16:54 slef hi all - did I fall off or is my client telling me nicknames in a random order?
16:56 jwagner I had asked you (and paul) earlier if you knew anything about the encoding scheme in Koha 2.x -- maybe that's what was happening?
16:57 jwagner (that would be an alert, not a disconnect.  never mind...)
16:57 jwagner But if you know the answer, I'd love to hear it :-)
16:58 slef I think encoding in 2.x was a bit of a mess... mysql and koha did not necessarily agree and we weren't very strong on directing people.  But paul_p and hdl would have had to deal with that much more than I did.
17:00 jwagner Our problem is with taking data from 2.x and trying to load into current -- we can't figure out what the encoding is and none of our conversion routines are working for the diacritics.
17:01 slef It's probably some corrupt mix of double-encoding or ISO-8859-1 mislabelled as MARC-8 and the problem is rather similar to trying to reconstruct a pig from sausages, sorry.
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17:05 jwagner Thanks slef.
17:06 * jwagner thinks the world would be a simpler place if we all used the same encoding.
17:06 * jwagner is probably not realistic....
17:06 slef That's why we keep pushing for UTF-8 but MARC-8 will be slow to die.
17:08 * cait waves
17:08 jwagner I thought UTF-8 caused us more problems?  Our dataloader is always muttering about it, anyway.
17:08 * jwagner waves back to cait
17:08 wizzyrea @quote add slef: It's probably some corrupt mix of double-encoding or ISO-8859-1 mislabelled as MARC-8 and the problem is rather similar to trying to reconstruct a pig from sausages, sorry.
17:08 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #116 added.
17:11 slef UTF-8 is lovely apart from the BOMs.
17:11 wizzyrea reconstruct a pig from sausages... that is so entering my vocabulary
17:13 slef I stole it... probably from Clifford Stoll, The Cuckoo's Egg
17:15 jwagner Gosh, haven't read that one in a long time.  I think it's on my list to be weeded from my personal collection.  Maybe I should reread first...
17:15 wizzyrea another good one I got recently was (something that's good) really butters my parsnips
17:30 * slef goes to deal with electrics that have water in them :-(
17:30 * jwagner hands slef insulated boots etc.
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17:35 paul_p time to go back home for week end ! bye bye #koha ! see you on monday !
17:38 cait bye paul_p, have a nice weekend
17:39 * slef returns, unburnt
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18:13 sekjal I'm trying to get a Koha server to be Z39.50 searchable... what am I missing?
18:13 sekjal I've updated koha-conf.xml
18:13 sekjal and restarted Zebra
18:14 sekjal port 9999 is open
18:14 sekjal but searching on a known item returns no results
18:33 * jwagner grumbles at bugzilla
18:33 jwagner I know there was a bug report for the OPAC results list checkboxes being grayed out when they shouldn't be, but I can't find it.  Ring any bells for anyon?
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19:29 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
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20:10 jwagner anybody on who knows about wildcard and boolean searching?
20:12 cait in which context?
20:14 jwagner OPAC, primarily.  Can you use parentheses in constructing a query, like (juvenile* or youth or child*) and (sentenc* or jail* or prison* or justice)
20:14 jwagner Koha seems not to like the parentheses.
20:15 cait have not tested that
20:16 wizzyrea there's a bug about parens I think
20:16 jwagner I've been trying to find any mention of it, no luck so far.
20:17 jwagner speaking of trying to find things -- wizzyrea, it seems to be impossible to search in the 3.2 manual -- the search box only searches against the wiki site itself.  Am I missing something?
20:17 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1807
20:17 munin Bug 1807: blocker, P3, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, ':' character blocks search ; search () give odd results
20:18 jwagner Thanks.  You can outwit bugzilla better than I can :-(
20:18 wizzyrea though I couldn't find the one you were looking for earlier
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20:18 wizzyrea I wonder if it's closed.... I didn't look at closed ones
20:19 wizzyrea no the search for the manual doesn't work, it's been removed actually.
20:19 wizzyrea maybe someday it will work, it's out of my hands now.
20:20 jwagner OK, thanks.
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21:21 Brooke kia ora
21:23 cait hi Brooke
21:24 Brooke :)
21:25 Brooke wie geht's?
21:26 cait ganu gut
21:26 cait ganz gut
21:26 cait researching ... new laptop... new mouse... new external harddrive
21:26 cait big remodeling project ;)
21:27 Brooke nice
21:28 Brooke I intend to splurge on a new mouse and some speakers soonish
21:30 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
21:34 moodaepo @wunder 56001
21:35 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is -18.2�C (3:36 PM CST on January 21, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -22.0�C. Windchill: -25.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).
21:38 cait Brooke: :)
21:39 cait Brooke: planning a research trip to local shops tomorrow
21:39 cait want to look at some things
21:39 Brooke :)
21:39 * Brooke is a shameless windowshopper.
21:40 cait normally I don't like shopping, but this could be fun
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21:46 druthb hi. :)
21:46 Brooke ello ello
22:05 sekjal found a pretty big bug in the new OpacPublic preference
22:05 sekjal seems it prevents people from logging into the OPAC if the OPAC is set to 'public'
22:05 sekjal generating a patch now
22:06 wizzyrea yikes, and good catch
22:06 druthb sekjal++ # I'll never catch up to him, if I keep doing this...
22:10 Brooke @karma druthb
22:10 munin Brooke: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 54 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 54.
22:11 druthb @karma sekjal
22:11 munin druthb: Karma for "sekjal" has been increased 59 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 58.
22:11 sekjal patch sent
22:12 sekjal brb
22:12 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
22:25 wizzyrea oh that's an old bug
22:26 wizzyrea or a new bug in an oldish bug report
22:26 wizzyrea i mean
22:32 Brooke who was the creep that downgraded sekjal.
22:32 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
22:32 * Brooke will kneecap them.
22:33 wizzyrea I think it was someone doing his bidding, as he was trying to downgrade himself
22:35 druthb harrumph!
22:35 druthb @karma wizzyrea
22:35 munin druthb: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 126 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 126.
22:35 wizzyrea i don't even know how that happened.
22:35 sekjal my memory is fuzzy on that, too
22:35 druthb @karma Brooke
22:35 munin druthb: Karma for "Brooke" has been increased 10 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 9.
22:36 Brooke harrumph
22:36 druthb Brooke++ # I has mah reasons.
22:36 * Brooke glares at druthb.
22:36 wizzyrea lulz
22:36 * Brooke is most certainly not the dog's bollocks.
22:36 * druthb stands mute, and a plea of "Not Guilty" was entered by the Court.
22:37 sekjal I've got to get.  have a great weekend, #koha!
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