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02:54 druthb sekjal++  # as if anyone *needs* a reason to ++ sekjal
02:54 sekjal :)
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04:46 chris may disappear for a bit, as i upgrade the os underneath him
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09:23 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha - Koha 3.2.2 is now available. Next general meeting on 5 January 2011
09:26 chris halfway there, but that will do for tonight
09:42 magnus yay!
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11:16 magnus paul_p++ # for rebuild_zebra_sliced.zsh
11:16 magnus not that i've tried it but it sounds really cool... ;-)
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11:33 cait hi #koha :)
11:39 magnus guten tag cait!
11:41 cait hi magnus :)
11:41 cait working on ebook formats? :)
11:48 ivanc hi cait
11:50 cait hi ivanc
11:50 cait einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr :)
11:51 ivanc danke auch du :)
12:03 magnus cait: i shouldn't, but i just couldn't help my self...
12:04 magnus not sure when and if i'll get round to having another look at it though...
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12:08 cait why shouldn't? thought you wanted to spend the time between the years for some fun projects
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12:09 cait on some...
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12:17 magnus hi jwagner, tcohen and nengard
12:17 jwagner hi magnus
12:18 nengard hello all
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12:30 * magnus waves at druthb
12:31 druthb hi, magnus!  :D  o/
12:33 * cait waves at druthb
12:33 druthb :)  hi, cait!
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13:25 owen Hi #koha
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13:43 jwagner hi owen
13:44 owen Whew, I was beginning to think a strange comet had reduced everyone in #koha into either dust or rampaging zombies.
13:48 * druthb shambles around, mumbling, "braaaaainnssss..."
13:49 * owen hands druthb a cherry and cheese brainish
13:50 druthb mmmmm...
13:57 tcohen owen: i've sent a 1-hour patch for disabling marc docs via javascript
13:57 tcohen i'm levaing for vacation in a few minutes
13:57 owen Great, thanks tcohen
13:57 tcohen so I wont complete it
13:57 tcohen it is missing the cookie handling part
13:58 tcohen by mid-january i'll be back and finish was is left
13:59 tcohen oh, i included jquery.cookie which is well documented inside
13:59 tcohen it looks pretty straight-forward to implement cookie-use
13:59 tcohen well, see u next year on IRC!!!!
13:59 owen Happy New Year tcohen
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14:00 tcohen happy new year to you and all in koha community!
14:09 jcamins_a Mmmm. A cherry and cheese brainish.
14:10 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
14:16 jwagner I could use some brains, but I don't like cherries....
14:20 * owen boggles
14:21 sekjal joined #koha
14:21 jwagner What, it's unAmerican to not like cherries???
14:22 * owen thinks maybe it is
14:24 * jwagner thinks that food dislikes are irrelevant to patriotism :-)
14:24 jwagner But you can have my share of them
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14:35 francharb jwagner: lol
14:35 francharb food dislikes are irrelevant to patriotism
14:35 francharb ok, i'm vegetarian in france so i can forget my patriotism?
14:36 francharb fine by me
14:36 francharb ;)
14:36 francharb oups
14:36 francharb i was reading food dislikes are relevant to patriotism
14:36 francharb humm
14:37 francharb it turns out that i can be vegetarian and french...
14:37 francharb :-/
14:38 * francharb go back to work with the marvelettes singing "someday, someway"
14:38 * jwagner could use some chocolate about now, speaking of food likes...
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15:23 wizzyrea mornin
15:23 nengard can someone remind me how to resolve merge issues with patches?
15:23 nengard Failed to merge in the changes.
15:23 nengard Patch failed at 0001 Remove space in filename of OPACNoResultsFound.png
15:25 owen wb wizzyrea
15:26 wizzyrea ty :) it's nice to see you all
15:26 nengard magnus, your documentation patch isn't applying and i don't remember how to resolve merge issues and my tutorial on the wiki seems to have no made it over from the old site :(
15:29 wizzyrea @wunder Wellington, NZ
15:29 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (4:00 AM NZDT on December 31, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
15:29 wizzyrea @wunder Lawrence KS
15:29 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 15.0�C (9:32 AM CST on December 30, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.34 in 993.5 hPa (Steady).
15:29 wizzyrea HA
15:30 owen Uncanny
15:30 jcamins nengard: open the file that has the problem and search for <<<<<
15:30 jcamins (to clarify, yes, you should search for a bunch of less-than signs)
15:30 nengard k see ... the problem is that it's an image :)
15:30 jcamins Uh-oh.
15:30 jcamins Have magnus resend?
15:31 nengard i'm thinking i'm missing a step somewhere
15:32 nengard oh i think i get it
15:32 nengard hang on
15:33 nengard bingo
15:33 nengard my fault
15:34 nengard magnus is now a committer to the manual :)[…]ocs.git;a=summary
15:34 jcamins :)
15:37 wizzyrea nengard you're going to have to start a "history of the manual" now
15:37 wizzyrea >.>
15:37 wizzyrea j/k
15:37 wizzyrea I tease
15:37 nengard hehe
15:37 nengard it's not very exciting yet
15:38 nengard 4 or 5 of us i think
15:50 nengard okay - is my brain just tired or does this site lack information on what the heck it means?
15:51 wizzyrea hmm
15:52 wizzyrea well it's not exactly explicit is it
16:01 gmcharlt apparently we will know all tomorrow
16:01 gmcharlt and ick - /me dislikes that kind of mysteriousness for nothing
16:02 ivanc by #koha
16:03 ivanc I wish u all a very happy new year
16:03 ivanc left #koha
16:05 jwagner The domain seems to be owned by someone in Madeira, if I'm looking it up right.
16:05 Brooke joined #koha
16:06 Brooke kia ora
16:12 drotsk kia ora brooke
16:21 stephane_ joined #koha
16:21 * Brooke waves to stephane_
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16:33 wizzyrea did we ever hear back from the library that was having the hellish time with receipts?
16:34 Brooke on list or IRC
16:34 wizzyrea on the list
16:34 Brooke cause I think the answer might be no to both
16:35 wizzyrea ah I was hoping someone had heard something :)
16:35 wizzyrea those receipts can be tricky
16:36 wizzyrea we actually use a version of portable firefox that we customize
16:36 wizzyrea so they can run native firefox and a "prints receipts only" version side by side
16:36 wizzyrea seems to work ok
16:36 wizzyrea better than prism
16:37 owen Wow, what a pain in the butt
16:37 wizzyrea the reason we do that
16:37 wizzyrea is because in lots of our libraries there is only one circ computer
16:37 wizzyrea and the staff member wants to print stuff to the normal printer
16:37 Brooke yeah
16:37 wizzyrea but you can't have print silent on if you want to ever print to a different printer
16:38 wizzyrea and boy do they complain when they have to click print.
16:38 Brooke I've kind of wondered for the past decade why we cling to dot matrix receipt printers.
16:38 wizzyrea so we had to find a way to have both
16:38 wizzyrea and portable firefox is ez to configure this way
16:38 wizzyrea we used to use a thing called prism
16:38 wizzyrea but god help ya if you wanted to update it
16:39 wizzyrea this way we just make up a new one, tell them to delete the old one, and drag the new one to the desktop. Much easier.
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16:40 nengard wizzyrea i haven't heard back from her yet
16:44 wizzyrea aha
16:44 nengard but it's a holiday week so things are slow in general
16:44 wizzyrea right
16:44 * Brooke is always slow.
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17:32 gmcharlt
17:35 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
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18:13 owen I wasn't sure how to advise Janusz about how to properly format patches besides saying "use git"
18:13 owen See Bug 5564 's attachment
18:13 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5564 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, januszop, ASSIGNED, UNIMARC plugin for field 4XX fails
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18:16 chris yeah, point them to the git usage page on the wiki
18:16 chris i mean i could apply that with patch -p0
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18:17 chris but then id get the commit credit
18:17 chris and i really dont want to start doing that
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19:08 cait hi #koha
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20:12 owen is now known as owen-away
20:16 cait hm.
20:21 wizzyrea hrmph.
20:21 wizzyrea heyyyyy throwing a LibLime Koha Keg Party i
20:21 wizzyrea !
20:21 wizzyrea woo beer!
20:23 * wizzyrea giggles
21:06 * jcamins just got official co-op approval! :D
21:06 wizzyrea :D
21:07 * wizzyrea throws a party for jcamins with <insert your favorite goodies here>
21:07 druthb yay!
21:12 chris Woot
21:12 chris Umm what's that mean?
21:13 jcamins chris: I'm moving in three weeks!
21:14 wizzyrea (awesome new apartment!)
21:14 chris Ahhh
21:14 jcamins The building is a co-op, so even after the landlord approved me, I still had to get approval from the co-op management.
21:14 chris Cool
21:14 chris Slef will be happy
21:14 jcamins :)
21:14 wizzyrea hehe I thought the exact same thing
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21:32 chris Lots of helicopters out today
21:32 sekjal left #koha
21:33 chris Yay!!
21:33 chris[…]ve-in-Cook-Strait
21:33 wizzyrea ooo! happy news!
21:34 druthb good news!
21:34 wizzyrea "boaties" love it
21:40 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:40 jcamins And goodbye from the American Numismatic Society.
21:41 jcamins Happy new year, to those of you I don't talk to again before next year!
21:41 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
21:41 wizzyrea happy new year jcamins :)
21:41 chris you too jcamins_a
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21:53 hdl happy new year #koha
21:57 chris to you too hdl
21:57 chris 13 hours of 2010 left for me
21:57 wizzyrea give it a slap on the rear from me
21:58 wizzyrea 2010, that is
21:58 brendan_l left #koha
21:58 wizzyrea and happy new year, hdl :)
22:04 cait Happy new year #koha!
22:37 wizzyrea Happy new year everybody, see you next year!
22:53 cait happy new year liz!
23:24 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away

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