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00:04 Brooke Kia ora
00:21 chris yay fixed one failing test 11 to go
00:21 Brooke :)
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01:06 BobB Is chris about?
01:07 chris yup
01:07 chris check your email
01:08 BobB OK.  If I can do that, that's great.
01:08 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
01:10 BobB But I'm having trouble with WRMS.   Request 76568 appears in my email but I cannot access it in your system.  Shows 'Request 76568 is unavailable - do you have the number right?'
01:10 chris hmm lemme check something
01:11 chris try a refresh now
01:11 BobB Got it.  Thanks.  Will load the file.  Cheers.
01:12 chris cool
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01:19 chris got it
01:20 chris will work on it now
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02:01 chris BobB: you still about?
02:02 chris im going to tune up my search string
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02:24 Brooke kia ora
02:26 druthb kia ora, Brooke. :)
02:27 Brooke :)
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02:32 wasabi xpaths in jquery, has anyone done this often?
02:33 wasabi im trying to hide a block of searching options in the OPAC adv-search page
02:35 wasabi hmm, i think the xhtml on that page might be non-valid? causing the xpath to fail
02:35 wasabi or i'm just doing it wrong… ;)
02:37 wasabi ahh,[…]g-xpath-selectors
02:37 wasabi "Important Update!
02:37 wasabi As of jQuery 1.3, the attribute selector '@' has been deprectaed and will break in the latest version of jQuery."
02:38 wasabi … lots of examples with the old syntax :/
02:45 Brooke eh oh, New England's down by 10.
02:49 Brooke 3 now.
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02:57 * Brooke waves at kevind
02:57 robin Brooke: the ashes?
02:57 ibot the ashes are off to a good start(!) time to sleep instead I think
02:57 robin Oh, that's Old ENgland.
02:57 Brooke heheheh
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02:58 * Brooke is just glad she's not a Duhrector anymore.
02:58 Brooke New England / Packers games used to be brutal.
02:58 kevinD joined #koha
02:58 Brooke Me Board sided with the Packers
02:59 Brooke and the little mister is a die hard Patriots fan.
02:59 Brooke (Though I can claim to be a fan, because I went the The Game. The one where The Thermometer ceased to register.)
03:00 kevinD Hi Brooke
03:10 druthb evenin', kevinD.
03:10 BobB Chris, I'm back.  Have picked up the ticket and will look at the files now.
03:11 Brooke and the Patriots pull ahead.
03:12 kevinD Hi
03:13 kevinD Do you usually install kohl locally
03:13 kevinD Koha
03:13 kevinD This iPad changes words
03:14 Brooke you could do either.
03:14 kevinD Which is easier,
03:14 druthb Brooke++ # quick answer.
03:14 Brooke mmmm
03:14 druthb It's fundamentally going to be the same install whether you install it locally or on some server somewhere.
03:14 Brooke by Zipf's principle, support.
03:15 Brooke so remote generally.
03:15 kevinD Installing on a host, is it hard to find a host with the right setup
03:15 druthb A local install is still a server, only not-far-away.
03:15 Brooke by I want my mits on mah data, local.
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03:15 kevinD I have done Drupal both ways
03:15 druthb easy to find hosting.  Any VPS host that can run Debian Lenny should be able.
03:15 * druthb waves to brendan_l
03:15 Brooke erm some folks have had trouble with random ISPs, but other folks have been able to get their ISPs to give em command line access
03:16 Brooke so the short answer is if you do that be sure you have command line access when ye need it
03:16 kevinD So that must make it a bit easier
03:16 kevinD What about ubuntu
03:16 kevinD Is that just for locall
03:16 druthb Very do-able on Ubuntu.  Lots do it, both ways.
03:16 * Brooke nods at druthb
03:16 Brooke also Ubuntu is so simple, a Brooke can install it.
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03:17 chris BobB: cool
03:17 kevinD I took a course in UNIX but far from fluent
03:17 Brooke ja I hear ya
03:17 kevinD You need Linux knowledge true
03:17 * Brooke is just a documentation ratbag.
03:17 Brooke it's your choice.
03:18 Brooke you can have a minion that knows Linux
03:18 druthb Ubuntu-as-a-server is pretty much Debian-ish.  Lots of the same code, same behavior.
03:18 Brooke and a Librarian
03:18 Brooke or you can have one super duper person that does both.
03:18 Brooke or a cast of thousands.
03:18 robin[…]bc0f8c150a8b402a1 <-- I don't think that ever happened, at least, it's still there :)
03:18 kevinD I am volunteering to set up for a Museum, I think I am, not sure as of yet, it's a Quilt museum
03:18 Brooke mm hmm
03:19 kevinD Is that taking the place of LAMP
03:19 Brooke em no
03:19 druthb no, Koha runs on a LAMP stack.
03:19 kevinD or MAMP
03:19 Brooke one is people
03:19 kevinD I am on Mac usually
03:19 Brooke one is software
03:20 * Brooke is also on a Mac.
03:20 kevinD Choice of 2 OS
03:20 druthb I haven't seen anyone running it locally under MacOS, but I suppose 'twould be easier than on Windows.
03:20 kevinD Ubuntu and De....
03:20 chris or suse, or centos, or gentoo
03:20 kevinD Ubuntu is a operating system
03:21 druthb Those are the commonest choices; other Linux variants have been used, including Red Hat derivatives.
03:21 * Brooke makes the blech face.
03:21 chris ubuntu is a distribution
03:21 * druthb waves at chris
03:21 chris gnu/linux is an operating system
03:21 Brooke it's a sexy distro.
03:21 druthb @karma Brooke
03:21 munin druthb: Karma for "Brooke" has been increased 6 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 5.
03:22 kevinD What is the easiest setup
03:22 chris debian squeeze
03:22 chris and use the packages at
03:23 kevinD Could I find some pretty detailed instructions do you think
03:23 druthb ooh, yah.  If you're using packages, it's a one-liner, pretty-much.
03:23 chris
03:23 kevinD Thanks
03:23 druthb chris++
03:24 chris everyone should use packages at all times :-)
03:24 chris specially since there is a nice script to build them from a git repo
03:24 * chris no longer deploys koha any other way
03:24 Brooke is it thus quilt museum?
03:24 Brooke
03:24 kevinD Yes
03:25 kevinD Are you in Massachusetts or just looking through archives
03:25 Brooke oh no, not any more.
03:25 Brooke howdy neighbour.
03:25 kevinD Cold
03:25 Brooke <--- 22314
03:25 kevinD Cold weather
03:26 druthb <--- 20852, a little farther away than Brooke.
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03:26 Brooke ^ dirty Northerner.
03:26 kevinD I am in Dracut, Massachusetts
03:27 Brooke but you're volunteering for VA?
03:27 kevinD No Lowell, Ma
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03:27 Brooke so link yer museum since I was way off base :P
03:28 Brooke yooooouuuu
03:28 kevinD I don't even know the site, just was contacted by a non profit
03:28 Brooke since you're up north
03:28 Brooke want to phone Nora at MassCat
03:28 kevinD I did work for before,
03:28 Brooke and be all like
03:28 Brooke lemme join.
03:28 kevinD Jericho Road Project out of Concord Ma
03:29 kevinD I have been doing Drupal
03:29 Brooke MassCat membership used to be super cheap before the Commonwealth *cough* took certain decisions.
03:29 Brooke
03:29 Brooke go go
03:29 Brooke look look.
03:29 Brooke anything else is reinventing the wheel.
03:30 * druthb is gonna stumble away to bed.  Have a good evening.
03:30 kevinD Just put up this site a few days ago
03:30 druthb left #koha
03:30 kevinD That is for me, it's not so great as far as design, I guess it's a content driven site
03:31 kevinD That's a good way of putting it I guess
03:31 kevinD It sounds like a koha install is a lot more difficult than Drupal
03:32 chris apt-get install koha
03:32 chris done
03:32 chris so no, not really
03:33 kevinD I am going in after another person who I think gave up
03:33 kevinD I want to make sure I can do it
03:34 chris configuring it is a lot harder, and you do need to understand libraries to make the right choices
03:34 kevinD You mean the structure of a library system
03:34 chris not really
03:35 chris more how a library works, (how it actually works, not just how a person who has visited a library thinks it works )
03:35 kevinD When you say library do you mean a physical or database
03:35 kevinD Ok I see
03:35 kevinD I would be covered there having help from a person who works there
03:36 kevinD At the library
03:36 chris once you find out where there is
03:36 robin knowing about /var/lib is useful. but not nearly as much :)
03:36 Brooke ya
03:36 Brooke if "there" is a Library in Massachusetts
03:36 Brooke ring Nora.
03:36 kevinD Who is Nora
03:36 chris if it is in MA, definitely do what brooke said, and get them to join MassCat
03:36 Brooke it'll ensure you play nicely with the other kids.
03:37 kevinD Thanks
03:37 Brooke
03:37 Brooke Nora Blake is the Director.
03:37 Brooke she doesn't bite.
03:37 kevinD Is that catalogue
03:37 kevinD Cat
03:38 Brooke[…]kcs_submit=Search
03:38 Brooke there, that's what it looks like when you type summat in the search box.
03:39 kevinD When you, Robin say var/lib are you talking about a database
03:40 kevinD I have seen that interface before using Ebsco
03:40 robin kevinD: pretend I never mentioned it, it'll be easier :)
03:40 kevinD Thanks
03:41 kevinD I am on a iPad using Colloquies, what a great interface someone designed
03:42 kevinD I guess if I contact Nora She might be able to point me in the right direction
03:42 kevinD I hope
03:43 kevinD Well thanks so much for your help everyone, much appreciated
03:45 Brooke yeah
03:45 Brooke in theory you needs be a MARLS member
03:45 Brooke but that stuff is uh
03:45 Brooke >.>
03:45 Brooke <.<
03:45 Brooke a bit muddled at the moment.
03:46 Brooke She should at very least be able to point you to the right hoops
03:46 Brooke she's a busy lady
03:49 eter i noticed a default admin user in koha, it has staff as category but it cant login to staff interface..therefore my question is...does setting the category give any rights/permissions?
03:49 chris eter: none at all
03:49 eter ok i see
03:50 chris if you edit the permissions, that does it, its just a way of grouping people for things like expiry dates, circulation rules etc
03:50 eter i does mean therefore that if i pull the users from ldap it doesnt matter what ldap group they were in they wouldnt get any advanced permissions
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04:00 Brooke y'all better shoo before the six o clock swirl ;)
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04:01 chris eter: thats right
04:01 eter ok
04:01 * chris heads off to catch his bus
04:02 * Brooke goes back to The Game.
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04:55 Oak \o
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05:34 cait good morning #koha
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06:21 hdl hi all
06:21 Amit hi hdl,cait
06:21 hdl chris : fwiw, about normalization, we worked on that... and NFC is the actual standard for UTF8 display.
06:22 hdl chris: So every data sent to display should be NFC Normalize.
06:22 chris i think brooke and cait were talking about that, not me
06:22 hdl I saw you spole with cait about that.
06:22 chris nope that was brooke
06:23 chris i was talking with cait about a bug in the template toolkit templates that was breaking utf8
06:23 chris its not to do with normalisation tho
06:23 chris that was a side discussion
06:24 hdl I donot think it is Template Toolkit, but maybe data sent from koha to TT.
06:24 hdl But I may be wrong.
06:25 chris yeah
06:25 chris its not data sent from koha
06:25 chris you change to master its fine
06:25 chris change to the tt branch its not
06:25 ibot chris: that doesn't look right
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06:25 chris change back, its fine again
06:25 cait hdl: the normalization issue was something we saw in loc catalog, not with koha
06:25 ibot chris: that doesn't look right
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06:26 cait hdl: we normalize all our data - I think it's not good if you have a mix in your database
06:27 hdl a mix of NFC NFD NFKC ?
06:27 cait I always confuse the abbreviations
06:27 hdl Or a mix of true UTF8 and others ?
06:27 cait but we normalize the 2 character umlauts into one character... if that makes sense
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06:27 hdl NFC then.
06:27 rachel joined #koha
06:27 cait because when you enter a patron or when you change a record manually and use a German keyboard, that's what you get
06:28 hdl cait: we added normalization to AddBiblio and to display...
06:28 hdl because of that.
06:28 hdl (using NFC)
06:29 cait what about search?
06:29 hdl i think it was normalized too.
06:31 hdl Corean characters are quite a good test ;)
06:31 cait I loaded corean into koha - it displays nicey
06:31 cait but normalized before loading
06:33 hdl normalized_data++
06:35 cait I am not sure normalizing for display is the right way to go - I think having only one form in the database is the better way
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06:36 hdl cait: I am with you... But since ppl sometimes have un normalized forms...
06:37 hdl they also deserve some help.
06:37 hdl Maybe a clear advice... Please do ModBiblio on all your data...
06:37 hdl would be enough though
06:39 hdl going at work soon.
06:40 cait yeah me too,  having breakfast right now :)
06:42 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:42 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.6�C (7:45 AM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.64 in 1003.6 hPa (Steady).
06:44 chris got a sec cait?
06:44 cait yep
06:44 chris i have discovered something weird
06:44 cait another 30 minutes
06:44 cait do I need my koha?
06:45 chris http://librarian.koha.workbuff[…]admin/
06:45 chris look at that
06:45 chris vs
06:45 chris http://librarian.koha.workbuff[…]dmin/
06:45 chris it works for branches, not for itemtypes
06:46 cait it works for one page but not the other now?
06:47 chris seems to for me
06:47 chris does that happen for you?
06:47 chris (template_test branch)
06:47 cait when I tested both were broken
06:47 cait give me a sec, have to start the other laptop
06:48 cait I think I noted problems with both pages on the wiki
06:48 cait rebase?
06:49 chris hasnt changed in a few days
06:49 cait hm that's really weird then
06:49 chris yeah
06:49 cait because I tested branches yesterday while we were chatting
06:49 cait and I still saw the problem there
06:50 cait x
06:50 cait which branch are you on?
06:51 cait I am on template test
06:52 cait I added a new item type and a new library, description für both äüö
06:52 cait both displays are broken in list display and edit
06:53 cait hm only the list display is working on your installaton, when you click on edit, it's broken again
06:54 chris interesting
06:54 chris ok, ill keep poking
06:54 chris thanks
06:54 cait I ll be around until 8:30
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06:59 chris woot fixed
06:59 chris if you have 1 sec
06:59 chris line 110 of C4/
07:00 chris the $template->process one
07:00 chris can you add this line before that
07:00 chris binmode( STDOUT, ":utf8" );
07:00 cait mom
07:01 cait hm
07:01 cait my line 110 is different
07:02 chris what is you line 110
07:02 chris ?
07:02 cait mom
07:02 chris ahh sorry line 101
07:03 cait1 joined #koha
07:03 cait1 t
07:03 cait1 ok, now I can copy and paste
07:03 cait1 ok, so after  my $data;?
07:04 cait1 can you paste me the code you want me to add again?
07:05 chris yes after my $data and before the process line add
07:05 chris binmode( STDOUT, ":utf8" );
07:06 cait1 done
07:06 chris then refresh and hopefully its all showing right no
07:06 chris w
07:06 cait1 edit looks good
07:06 chris cool
07:07 cait1 list looks good
07:07 cait1 yay :)
07:07 chris cool
07:07 * chris sends chrish a patch
07:08 cait1 chris: can you open a record from the result list?
07:08 cait1 I have links without the biblionumber
07:08 cait1 biblionumber=
07:09 chris yeah i see that too
07:09 cait1 my normal xslt view is still broken
07:11 chris and if you change to master it works?
07:11 chris and broken in what way, utf8 again?
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07:14 chris http://librarian.koha.workbuff[…]/  fixed the search results
07:16 cait1 sorry
07:16 cait1 had to get ready
07:16 cait1 checking no
07:16 cait1 now
07:17 cait1 changing to master it's fixed
07:17 cait1 I have a reord with äüö at the beginning of the title
07:17 cait1 chris: your facets are broken, search result list looks good
07:18 chris yup facets will be the same issue
07:18 chris but now i know what is causing it
07:18 cait1 different problem I think - you don't have facets at all, only the headings
07:18 chris naw same problem as the biblionumbers
07:19 chris includes
07:19 chris loops in template toolkit work different to html::template::pro
07:19 cait left #koha
07:19 chris scope is important
07:19 cait1 ah
07:19 cait1 ok
07:20 cait1 Ithought you were talking about the utf-8 problem :)
07:20 chris so everything except xslt is ok for utf8 now eh?
07:20 cait1 I see no problems at the moment
07:21 cait1 chris: normal view is ok now
07:21 chris cool
07:22 cait1 ignore me... I was on master
07:22 cait1 no, it's still broken
07:22 chris normal view or xslt?
07:22 cait1 xslt
07:22 cait1 normal view is ok
07:22 chris right
07:22 chris so just have to figure out what is wrong with it
07:22 cait1 not sure
07:22 ibot not sure are you using git?
07:22 chris the xslt stuff is weird
07:23 cait1 I like the xslt stuff :)
07:23 chris i like the idea, dont really like how we implemented it
07:23 chris now we have tt, for 3.6 we can do it in a much nicer way
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07:24 cait1 :)
07:24 cait1 yeah, i was not surprised the patron's display does not really work with tt
07:25 cait1 it's a bit messy
07:25 cait1 what I wanted to say is, that we have some things that are not implemented ideal :)
07:26 cait1 chris++
07:26 cait1 chrisdoth++
07:26 cait1 ok, have to go to work now - see you later
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07:46 Oak \o
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08:12 magnus kia ora, #koha!
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08:19 hdl hi magnus
08:19 magnus bonjour hdl
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08:40 kf hi #koha
08:41 magnus hiya kf
08:41 kf hi magnus
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10:08 kf hmpf
10:09 kf I have a difference between the number of inactive users I selected via sql and the report in horizon
10:09 kf ah koha not horizon
10:09 kf confusing my ils here
10:09 magnus hehe?
10:12 chris_n` joined #koha
10:14 kf yeah, but why the difference?
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10:45 kf hmpf, my statistics for checkouts and returns are different too :(
11:34 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
11:34 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -8.0�C (12:20 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: -14.0�C. Windchill: -18.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
11:34 magnus is now known as magnus_a
11:34 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:34 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 3.6�C (12:35 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1002.9 hPa (Steady).
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12:02 druthb g'mornin, #koha
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12:35 magnus_a is now known as magnus
12:35 magnus g'day druthb
12:35 druthb hi, magnus! :)
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12:40 magnus hiya jwagner
12:44 jwagner Hi magnus
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13:07 * druthb waves to jwagner
13:07 * druthb hands a cookie to owen.
13:08 * owen really ought to only eat virtual cookies for a while... Christmas food consumption has begun...
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13:10 * jwagner wants a cookie too!
13:13 kf owen: a virtual cookie diet... hm
13:14 * owen imagines traveling from channel to channel, begging for virtual cookies
13:14 kf hehe
13:14 jwagner Not just cookies -- while we're at it, beg for all sorts of goodies!
13:21 owen As long as it's virtual, we can drink at work, right?
13:21 jwagner That's an even better idea....
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13:35 owen gmcharlt around?
13:35 rachel joined #koha
13:37 gmcharlt owen: yep
13:37 owen chris pointed out that the translation test script was giving warnings regarding my recent opac comments view
13:37 owen "Possible SGML "closed start tag" notation"
13:38 owen Does that error sound familiar to you?
13:38 owen It happens here:
13:38 owen <![CDATA[
13:38 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="OPACAmazonEnabled" -->...
13:39 gmcharlt if it's in a CDATA, it's like just a deficiency in the translation script
13:39 Nate joined #koha
13:39 gmcharlt but checkout for things like an invalid attribute in the tmpl elements
13:39 gmcharlt e.g., TMPL_IF ANME="foo"
13:42 owen I remember seeing a similar error from opac-opensearch.tmpl, but I thought someone had addressed the deficiency
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13:49 owen gmcharlt: Does prove "xt/author/valid-templates.t" require any arguments?
13:49 gmcharlt owen: no
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13:49 gmcharlt owen: ef5279b47
13:49 * owen was worried by the output saying "Files=1"
13:50 hdl owen: it is likely that translation script is expecting TMPL after <!
13:50 gmcharlt hdl: I think you're on to something; the translator script expects CDATA section only withing script elements and the like
13:51 gmcharlt owen: Files=1 == just one test script file, I believe
13:51 owen gmcharlt: ef5279b47 ?
13:51 gmcharlt owen: as in, look at that commit
13:51 gmcharlt git show ef5279b47
13:52 owen Ah, an explicit exception?
13:52 gmcharlt yep
13:52 gmcharlt not the most elegant of solutions, natch
13:56 hdl mmm must have failed my sign-off patch
13:56 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5143' into kcmaster <[…]f6dd9335710b4e702> / Bug 5143: Help file revisions per Owen Leonard <[…]57037dd5e14e0cfd8>
13:56 Oak joined #koha
13:56 Oak \o
13:59 hudsonbot Starting build 235 for job Koha_Master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #188 13 days ago)
14:02 druthb hi, Oak!  o/
14:09 kf why is chris awakeß
14:09 kf ?
14:10 owen Shhh... Don't make his computer beep at him...
14:17 Oak hiya druthb :)
14:25 marcelr left #koha
14:30 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #235: STILL UNSTABLE in 31 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/235/
14:30 hudsonbot Liz Rea: Bug 5143: Help file revisions per Owen Leonard
14:32 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
14:32 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:33 magnus hiya jcamins
14:40 kf hi jcamins :)
14:42 Nate mornin jcamins
14:42 rachel left #koha
14:43 magnus hi Nate
14:44 Nate hiya magnus
14:44 Nate how goes it?
14:45 magnus Nate: fine, thanks - working on non-koha stuff to make ends meet. and you?
14:45 Nate great! busy as a bee
14:45 Nate and freezing!
14:46 Nate @wunder 06516
14:46 munin Nate: The current temperature in Third Avenue Park, West Haven, Connecticut is -1.9�C (9:39 AM EST on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Falling).
14:46 magnus hah
14:46 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
14:46 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -9.0�C (3:20 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -15.0�C. Windchill: -19.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
14:46 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
14:46 magnus muhaha
14:47 rachel joined #koha
14:48 druthb @wunder 20852
14:48 munin druthb: The current temperature in Woodley Gardens, Rockville, Maryland is -1.4�C (9:50 AM EST on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Steady).
14:48 druthb Finally!  it's colder in Norway than in DC.
14:49 magnus woohoo! ;-)
14:49 magnus wunder Karasjok, norway
14:50 magnus @wunder Karasjok, norway
14:50 munin magnus: The current temperature in Banak, Norway is -16.0�C (3:20 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: -20.0�C. Windchill: -28.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
14:50 magnus @wunder bidjovagge, norway
14:51 munin magnus: Error: No such location could be found.
14:51 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:51 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 6.8�C (3:50 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Steady).
14:51 kf snow is thawing :)
14:51 magnus according to it's supposed to be -37.7 °C in Karasjok now...
14:52 magnus @wunder kautokeino, norway
14:52 munin magnus: The current temperature in Kautokeino, Norway is -28.0�C (1:00 PM CET on December 20, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: -31.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
14:52 magnus cold enough for ya, druthb? ;-)
14:52 magnus kf: that's hot!
14:52 * druthb shivers, and pulls the cat under the blankets with her.
14:54 owen Anyone know why GetShelves returns lists in order by category?
14:57 kf because someone thought it was a good idea?
14:58 owen :P
14:58 * owen humbly suggests it order lists by list name
14:59 * kf got her first mysql log today because she disagrees with the numbers she gets from built in reports
14:59 kf owen: sounds like a better idea :)
15:00 kf magnus: I think it's nice :)
15:00 kf seriously: WHERE 1=1  ?
15:06 owen "WHERE 1=1" is useful if you're building your sql programatically and have an unknown number of "AND" clauses to follow
15:07 kf okok
15:09 eter left #koha
15:09 kf I still don't see why I get different results
15:09 kf *sighs*
15:09 drotsk left #koha
15:09 eter joined #koha
15:10 magnus is now known as magnus_a
15:12 kf hmhmhm
15:12 kf the inactive borrowers report
15:12 kf only works with old_issues - that does not seem right to me
15:13 kf if I have a new patron with checked out books... he will show up as inactive
15:14 jwagner kf, if you have a user with checked out books, isn't that user active, not inactive?
15:15 kf yep
15:15 owen That's her point
15:15 kf but the reprot gets the active users and makes a not in
15:15 kf so it doesn't select this borrowernumber as active borrowrnumber at first - and the not in will throw it out as non active
15:17 * jwagner is lost
15:17 pastebot "kf" at pasted "inactive borrowers" (25 lines) at
15:19 gmcharlt kf: I think you're on the right track, but if the patron has *any* rows in the issues table, regardless of timestamp, they are potentially active
15:19 kf gmcharlt: right, my thoguht too
15:19 gmcharlt at the very least, if the loans are so old that the library will write them off as non-collectible
15:19 gmcharlt doing that should be a distinct step in the workflow
15:19 kf gmcharlt: but I think that's not the way it works
15:20 kf it does: get all borrowers minus those found as active in old_issues
15:20 kf which misses the borrowernumbers in issues
15:20 gmcharlt right - I was responding to your paste
15:20 kf ok, sorry, this statistics gives me a headache
15:20 kf can you explain?
15:21 kf is koha right? or wrong but it should be different from my suggested statement?
15:21 gmcharlt the current report is wrong
15:21 gmcharlt your suggested change is OK as far as it goes
15:21 kf I tried reading the perl script first and ended up recording my report in the log, because it's quite difficult to read
15:21 gmcharlt but in the case where the patron still has items checked out
15:21 kf ah
15:21 gmcharlt even if they're old loans
15:22 gmcharlt that patron may well be inactive according to the library's definition
15:22 gmcharlt but even if the patron is to be deleted as inactive
15:22 kf so we could do get all borrower numbers from issues, get new enough from old_issues make distinct and compare to all?
15:22 gmcharlt any current loans still have to be dealt with first
15:23 kf gmcharlt: I think the question now is if you define a patron as active if he owes the library
15:23 gmcharlt exactly
15:23 kf It hink in our statistics it is always: has checked out or checked in something in the last x days/months/years
15:23 gmcharlt and that depends on the library's policy, ultimatel
15:24 gmcharlt now, I'm thinking in terms of what do do with inactive patrons (e.g,. purge them)
15:24 gmcharlt it sounds like you're thinking of a statistical report
15:24 kf yep
15:24 gmcharlt so I think we're looking at it from two different angle
15:24 gmcharlt s
15:24 kf the library asked me, we used the reports module... but I was suspicious of the results and tried to check them with sql today.. should better not have done that
15:24 kf the only number me and the reports module agree is the total number of all patrons
15:25 kf gmcharlt: I think both are right in a way - but you will perhaps want to track those with long outstanding checkouts and fees in a different report
15:25 kf I would not define them as active
15:26 gmcharlt right, nor would I
15:26 tcohen left #koha
15:26 gmcharlt but if one is generating such a report prior to purging, handling those existing loans would need to be done
15:26 tcohen joined #koha
15:26 kf yeah, deleting patrons should always check checkouts, fines etc.
15:26 kf holds
15:31 kf filing a bug report
15:33 kf where is this quote about the ants?
15:33 kf @quote random
15:33 munin kf: Quote #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't kick the ball, pass it and Feed the backs" (added by jdavidb at 12:11 PM, July 27, 2009)
15:34 kf @quote search ant
15:34 munin kf: 8 found: #19: "<chris> i just want to yell things like don't...", #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian...", #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate...", #40: "<tomascohen> hi everyone, just wanted to say...", #51: "jwagner thinks true joy is not wanting to do a...", #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over...", #77: "*chris_n wants to know if nengard figures out...", and (1 more message)
15:35 kf @quote 5
15:35 munin kf: Error: The "Quote" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "5" in it.  Try "list Quote" to see the commands in the "Quote" plugin.
15:35 kf @quote get 5
15:35 munin kf: Quote #5: "<jwagner> Why is it every Koha rock I turn over produces a zillion (metaphorical) ants, each with a new question????" (added by kf at 01:13 PM, June 12, 2009)
15:35 kf hah
15:36 druthb ooo...
15:36 druthb @quote search bacon
15:36 munin druthb: 2 found: #16: "< wizzyrea> i mean, the point of american bacon..." and #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!"
15:36 druthb lol
15:36 wizzyrea lolwut
15:36 * druthb tries something sneaky
15:36 druthb @quote search wizzyrea
15:36 munin druthb: 14 found: #105: "* wizzyrea would like to note that you do *not*...", #16: "< wizzyrea> i mean, the point of american bacon...", #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!", #20: "<wizzyrea> you will see no wedgie-ing from me", #25: "<wizzyrea> ha, in #koha we don't pick each...", #32: "<wizzyrea> oh, things are not right in the...", #49: "wizzyrea: KOHAKONG: Stomping all other ILS's", #52: "<wizzyrea> (1 more message)
15:36 wizzyrea how is it even possible that I said "holy flaming bacon batman
15:37 druthb how do you get the more bit?
15:37 wizzyrea @quote get 105
15:37 munin wizzyrea: Quote #105: "* wizzyrea would like to note that you do *not* have to add good morning to all of your patches." (added by gmcharlt at 04:11 PM, November 24, 2010)
15:38 gmcharlt druthb: @more
15:38 druthb @more
15:38 munin druthb: Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers", #61: "*wizzyrea doesn't like hoity toity technical...", #65: "<wizzyrea_> koha doesn't make you pizza... it...", #70: "<wizzyrea> owen: I have a jquery... um... query...", #83: "<wizzyrea> you can watch the sunrise around the...", #87: "<wizzyrea> my standard reply for that is you...", and #8: "< wizzyrea> in my experience the transition to..."
15:38 druthb gmcharlt++
15:39 druthb @quote get 17
15:39 munin druthb: Quote #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!" (added by jdavidb at 09:40 PM, July 17, 2009)
15:39 kf hehe
15:39 * wizzyrea shakes her head
15:39 * kf gives wizzyrea some fudge
15:40 druthb @quote search kf
15:40 munin druthb: 3 found: #111: "<thd> kf: Many things can be funded with many...", #4: "< kf> I often get asked: You have to study to...", and #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell..."
15:40 druthb @quote search cait
15:40 munin druthb: 2 found: #103: "<cait>: Nobody can find you hiding in ;)" and #71: "cait: hm it works now and I have no idea why :)"
15:40 wizzyrea @quote search jdavidb
15:40 munin wizzyrea: 5 found: #22: "<jdavidb> owen: you wouldn't know this, being...", #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a...", #55: "<jdavidb> Harrrrumph!", #56: "* jdavidb makes sure no kitty carcasses are...", and #58: "<jdavidb> I prefer killing bugs, not kitties."
15:40 wizzyrea @quote search druthb
15:40 munin wizzyrea: 1 found: #102: "<druthb> harrrumph!"
15:40 * druthb cackles.
15:41 kf @quote get 27
15:41 munin kf: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
15:41 kf ah
15:41 kf bug 5527
15:41 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5527 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Reports: Patrons who haven't checked out misses active users from issues table
15:42 kf did my best reporting.. now can someone else fix it...plz? :)
15:55 hdl left #koha
15:56 hdl joined #koha
16:00 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
16:14 kf hm possible that the sql repots does not like union?
16:15 kf ah no, got it
16:21 kf hm, what is right? old_issues.timestamp> 01/01/2010 or old_issues.timestam > "2010-01-01"?
16:25 owen 2010-01-01
16:25 ibot 2008
16:25 kf ok
16:25 kf than this report has another problem
16:25 owen ibot: :P
16:25 ibot owen: sorry...
16:25 kf then
16:27 kf HMPF!
16:28 rhcl joined #koha
16:29 kf thx owen
16:33 kf will start looking at circulation reports tomorrow ... yay
16:40 * kf eats some of her fudge
16:41 kf @roulette
16:41 munin kf: *click*
16:41 kf @roulette
16:41 munin kf: *click*
16:42 kf @roulette
16:42 kf @roulette
16:42 kf was kicked by munin: BANG!
16:42 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
16:45 drulm joined #koha
16:47 sophie_m left #koha
16:50 drulm Hi All. Any blockers to SOLR besides the Java issue?
16:52 wizzyrea no z39.50 server
16:56 kf joined #koha
17:12 kf left #koha
17:20 tcohen left #koha
17:26 rachel left #koha
17:27 rachel joined #koha
17:28 laurenc1 left #koha
17:43 cait joined #koha
17:43 cait hi #koha
17:43 druthb welcome back, cait!
17:43 cait hi druthb
17:45 wizzyrea whoa, that's kind of weird... the check out screen now seems to save the last barcode in the check out box:
17:46 cait doesn't look good
17:46 cait but today is bug monday
17:46 wizzyrea hehe
17:46 wizzyrea I shall report it :)
17:46 wizzyrea can you confirm, cait? I don't think it's just me but it would be nice to have a 2nd set of eyes
17:46 cait which version?
17:46 ibot which version are you upgraing from ?
17:47 cait hehe
17:47 wizzyrea this is on 3.03.
17:47 cait HEAD?
17:47 wizzyrea HEAD as of this morning
17:47 cait ok, updating git :)
17:50 cait yep, can confirm
17:51 wizzyrea left #koha
17:52 wizzyrea joined #koha
17:52 wizzyrea zounds, what'd I miss?
17:52 wizzyrea (kernel panic, oy)
17:52 cait nothing
17:52 cait but I tested in 3.2.x while you were away - forgot updating at first
17:52 cait so I can say now: it's one of the last recent commits
17:53 wizzyrea git blame made my puter go O.o
17:53 cait because first it worked, but after rebasing to 3.2.x it stopped working
17:53 wizzyrea ah
17:53 wizzyrea aha
17:53 * wizzyrea logs back in for more investigating
17:55 ivanc left #koha
17:56 wizzyrea there was some stuff done 12-15 on that
18:08 hdl left #koha
18:11 chris 2965
18:11 chris is the one, bug 2965 adds that
18:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2965 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, RESOLVED FIXED, Allow the user to specify due dates in the past
18:15 cait missed it :(
18:15 chris -    <input type="text" name="barcode" id="barcode" class="barcode focus" size="14" />
18:15 chris +    <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="barcode" -->><input type="text" name="barcode" id="barcode" class="barcode focus" size="14" value="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="barcode" -->"/><!-- TMPL_ELSE --><input type="text" name="barcode" id="barcode" class="barcode focus" size="14" /><!-- /TMPL_IF --> <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
18:15 chris i think a follow up patch undoing that (testing the old due date still works)
18:16 chris is all that is needed
18:17 cait hi chris
18:17 cait wizzyrea: want me to fix it?
18:17 chris (i grabbed one <!-- /TMPL_IF --> too many in that cut and paste
18:17 chris but you should be able to see the bit i mean in the patch
18:18 cait chris: can I do a followup?
18:18 chris yes please
18:18 chris if you just change that line back, and test it works, then send a patch, ill test too, then push and alert chris_n to pull it
18:18 chris and we'll beat 3.2.2 :)
18:19 chris right taking kahu to work today, off to get ready
18:19 cait old due date?
18:27 cait not sure I tested all that is there to test... so please test! :) but sending patch now
18:28 druthb cait++
18:28 cait hmpf
18:31 rachel left #koha
18:33 druthb why the hmpf?
18:33 cait sent
18:33 rachel joined #koha
18:34 cait because I don't deserve karma for fixing something that I missed during testing
18:35 magnus_a is now known as magnus
18:36 magnus as long as it gets fixed in the end... ;-)
18:36 drulm left #koha
18:42 Oak left #koha
18:43 * druthb agrees with magnus
18:49 Brooke joined #koha
18:50 Brooke Tēnā koutou
18:50 cait hi Brooke
18:51 druthb o/ Brooke
18:52 magnus hiya Brooke
18:52 * Brooke feels the love.
18:52 francharb joined #koha
18:53 Brooke \0 francharb
18:53 * jcamins waves at everyone
18:53 Brooke hey dere
18:54 Brooke random: there's a lunar eclipse tonight that everyone can see.
18:54 jcamins Brooke: you'd think that, wouldn't you?
18:55 Brooke no actually, I wouldn't
18:55 Brooke a lot of times folks in different hemispheres get celestially shafted
18:55 francharb hi brooke
18:56 jcamins Brooke: actually, that was leading up to a comment on air pollution in NYC, but I can't really get there from your response. ;)
18:56 francharb sorry but what does \0 stand for?
18:56 Brooke heheh
18:56 Brooke well, that's a whole 'nother can o woirms.
18:56 Brooke it's a person waving.
18:56 francharb humm
18:56 francharb i wasn't sure
18:57 francharb so \0 Brooke! ;)
18:57 * jcamins should probably find something safely easy to do... he was going to say "it's the null character in C."
18:57 Brooke hehehe
18:58 Brooke those wacky Librarians wrecking havoc with your characters in favour of ascii art.
18:59 francharb i'm working on koha for 1 year and i realise that i dont know you guys! i should spend more time here!
19:00 Brooke indeed :D
19:00 cait yep
19:00 Brooke we're very handy for procrastination purposes.
19:00 francharb sorry, thats my french side!
19:00 francharb ;)
19:00 francharb i should work on that too
19:01 francharb always waiting for something to com
19:01 francharb e
19:01 francharb ;)
19:02 francharb lets go back to work!
19:03 * Brooke goes back to the salt mine reluctantly.
19:03 francharb salt mine?
19:04 mib_lg2z0 joined #koha
19:05 mib_lg2z0 hii
19:05 jcamins francharb: "salt mine" is slang for "work"
19:05 francharb okkkk
19:05 francharb hehe
19:06 francharb great, new friends + i'm going to improve my english! ;)
19:06 mib_lg2z0 why i cant reserve in this bug 404
19:06 munin Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=404 normal, P2, ---, paul.poulain, VERIFIED FIXED, Confirm child page only has title - nothing else
19:06 mib_lg2z0 anybody can help me?
19:06 cait mib_lg2z0: we need more information to help you
19:07 cait which version of koha are you using?
19:07 cait are you trying to reserve from staff or opac?
19:07 cait is there a error message?
19:07 mib_lg2z0
19:07 mib_lg2z0 yes
19:07 mib_lg2z0 error 404
19:07 wizzyrea cait: thanks for fixing that
19:07 mib_lg2z0 whan i try reserve in opac
19:07 mib_lg2z0 when
19:07 jcamins mib_lg2z0: that is a very old version of Koha.
19:08 mib_lg2z0 yes, but i working whit that :(
19:08 mib_lg2z0 in a university
19:08 jcamins Did it work in the past?
19:08 mib_lg2z0 yes...
19:09 francharb mib_lg2z0: did you try to reserve another item?
19:09 jcamins What changed?
19:10 mib_lg2z0 not remember...
19:10 mib_lg2z0 yes i try whit other item
19:11 francharb and always the 404 error?
19:11 jcamins mib_lg2z0: you'll need to narrow down what changed. When did it stop working?
19:11 mib_lg2z0 1 week..
19:12 jcamins What happened one week ago?
19:12 mib_lg2z0 i was not, was my brother
19:13 chris back
19:13 mib_lg2z0 low and went up the database
19:13 mib_lg2z0 because dont indexed
19:13 cait wb chris
19:14 chris you made 2 changes cait?
19:14 cait seems I have to rewrite bug 5527 - forgot I was testing on an old version - but still seems strange to me. hm.
19:14 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5527 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Reports: Patrons who haven't checked out misses active users from issues table
19:14 cait 2?
19:14 chris -    id: 'articles',
19:14 chris +    id: 'articles',b
19:15 cait *sighs*
19:15 mib_lg2z0 Error 404
19:15 cait new patch cis under way
19:15 mib_lg2z0 dont reserve in opac
19:15 chris that was a typo?
19:15 jcamins It's Monday.
19:15 jcamins Definitely Monday.
19:15 chris naw, its tuesday you slowpokes
19:15 * Brooke agrees with Chris.
19:15 owen chris: regarding Bug 4478...
19:15 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4478 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED MOVED, Support for MARBI recommendation 2003-DP01
19:16 owen Whoops... I mean Bug 4473
19:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4473 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Recent comments view for the OPAC
19:16 cait butthis tuesday behaves like a monday
19:16 jcamins cait++ # because she deserves extra karma for it being Monday
19:16 francharb mib_lg2z0:  do you have erro 404 when you are searching an item or just when you try to reserve it?
19:16 cait crazy people...
19:16 druthb :D
19:16 mib_lg2z0 yeees
19:16 owen chris: gmcharlt tracked down this for me: see commit ef5279b47
19:16 cait chris: yep typo - there is something wrong with my b today ;)
19:16 francharb mib_lg2z0: yes what? ;)
19:16 chris cait: cool :)
19:16 chris will wait for follow up
19:17 francharb first solution? second solution?
19:17 mib_lg2z0 yes that bug
19:17 cait first it didn't work at all... not it shows up where it does not belong
19:17 mib_lg2z0 error 404
19:17 drotsk joined #koha
19:17 Brooke if it's both your zebra server might have crapped out
19:17 Brooke if it's one or another, might be summat different.
19:17 drotsk o/
19:17 Brooke \0
19:18 francharb \0/
19:18 mib_lg2z0 when im try reserve it
19:18 francharb :)
19:18 mib_lg2z0 in opac
19:18 mib_lg2z0 second
19:18 druthb :-{
19:18 chris owen: right, we might have to do the same, i have no issue with that, its going away with the new template toolkit work, but it will at least stop it complaining in the tests until then
19:19 * magnus wishes everyone a good night
19:19 magnus left #koha
19:19 mib_lg2z0 franccharb, you are a salution about tahat?
19:19 chris owen: ill do that now, and update the bug
19:20 owen Thanks chris
19:20 rachel left #koha
19:20 mib_lg2z0 francharb????
19:20 francharb mib_lg2z0: never seen that error...
19:20 rachel joined #koha
19:20 mib_lg2z0 :(
19:21 francharb usually, libraries i work with get the 'no item available' message
19:21 mib_lg2z0 i cant reserve in opac, any can help me?
19:21 jcamins mib_lg2z0: you'll need to give us more details than that.
19:21 cait chris: sent
19:21 jcamins We know you get a 404 error, but we don't know when.
19:22 Brooke that's not a proper error message, that's an html error message.
19:23 Brooke is the log similar to this?
19:23 Brooke[…]ember/021669.html
19:24 Brooke in theory this might help
19:24 Brooke[…]-June/018997.html
19:24 mib_lg2z0 not, only show "error 404"
19:24 chris thanks cait
19:24 cait hope it's ok now
19:24 Brooke but that's an old domain
19:24 Brooke and you should really update to a newer version.
19:26 pastebot "chris" at pasted "Translatable templates" (5 lines) at
19:26 mib_lg2z0 show other error
19:27 mib_lg2z0 t" the following fatal error has  ocurred
19:27 chris owen: that worked, merging and pushing now
19:28 mib_lg2z0 cant use an  undefined value as an array reference
19:28 mib_lg2z0 at/usr/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 234
19:30 richard joined #koha
19:30 * Brooke waves to Richard.
19:30 * richard waves right back
19:35 chris owen: updated the bug
19:37 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_4473' into kcmaster <[…]ba7b687fd658ac6fa> / Bug 4473: Making a change to to stop translation error <[…]4c26b772d09f35ba6>
19:44 hudsonbot Starting build 236 for job Koha_Master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #188 13 days ago)
19:44 jransom joined #koha
19:45 * Brooke salutes jransom with respect.
19:45 * Brooke sings "Happy Birthday" too.
19:46 * druthb waves to jransom.
19:46 jcamins Happy birthday, jransom!
19:46 wizzyrea Happy birthday, jo!
19:47 chris cait: right with the new patch it seems you can still set date due in the past, and no barcode hanging around
19:47 owen Okay, I've got a Perl question for you smarterers.
19:47 chris will push
19:48 owen Starting at line 657 of catalogue/
19:48 owen I see it getting the recent shelves for public and private
19:48 owen I see it check "@pubshelves" and set the template variables
19:48 cait happy birthday jo! and your fudge recipe is awesoome!
19:48 owen ...but it seems that @pubshelves is true even if there are no shelves
19:49 chris happy birthday jransom
19:50 owen Can someone help me understand why @pubshelves evaluates as true even though it is empty?
19:50 chris @later tell chris_n if you have bug 2965 in 3.2.x you will need to push the new followup patch
19:50 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
19:51 chris owen: because its an array
19:51 cait chris: I checked, it's a proble in 3.2.x too
19:51 chris righto
19:51 cait patch applies
19:52 owen chris: So you'd have to check that @pubshelves has contents?
19:52 chris yup
19:53 chris are you sure it is empty?
19:55 owen I'm sure that there are no shelves
19:55 chris right, i dont think that array is empty though :)
19:55 chris try this
19:55 chris line 664
19:55 chris use Data::Dumper;
19:55 chris warn Dumper @pubshelves;
19:55 chris then check the error log to see what is actually in there
19:57 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_2965' into kcmaster <[…]24e7920ce703f4419> / Bug 2965: Follow up - fixing problem with barcode field <[…]baca39f3fb95897a8>
19:58 owen $VAR1 = [];
19:58 jransom is now known as server
19:59 chris so its definitely getting inside the if, else you wouldnt get the warn
20:03 server is now known as hltServer
20:05 chris rorohiko:[git/kcmaster-]:~/git/koha% perl -e '@array=[]; if (@array){print "hello\n"}'
20:05 chris hello
20:07 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #236: STILL UNSTABLE in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/236/
20:07 hudsonbot Chris Cormack: Bug 4473: Making a change to to stop translation error
20:08 chris so yeah it has one element, thats the problem
20:08 hudsonbot Starting build 237 for job Koha_Master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #188 13 days ago)
20:08 chris http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Build/testReport/
20:08 chris got rid of one error
20:09 hltServer is now known as Jo
20:10 rachel left #koha
20:11 rachel joined #koha
20:11 * Brooke waves at rachel
20:13 francharb Brooke++ for waving everybody!
20:13 francharb ;)
20:13 * Brooke points out that someone has to be the doorman.
20:14 francharb hehe
20:14 rhcl It's the doormat position that's a bummer.
20:16 Brooke
20:27 jransom joined #koha
20:28 * Brooke scratches her head at the presence of more than one jransom.
20:28 Brooke 0/
20:29 jransom good morning
20:29 * druthb thinks two jransoms is a Good Thing!
20:29 Brooke indeed
20:29 jransom :D
20:30 Brooke I think it means Chris worked the kinks out of the Cloning programme...
20:30 druthb woot!
20:30 jransom doing internet stuff and needed irc in server room to maintain contact with our network admin
20:30 jransom thanks for b'day wishes
20:30 * druthb suggests cloning an extra Brooke or two, a spare cait, and whole raftload of wizzyreas.
20:31 Brooke you know not what you wish for, deary.
20:31 druthb ...oooo...and an owen for everyone!
20:31 jransom another @raginui wouldn't hurt either
20:31 cait a spare cait?
20:31 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #237: STILL UNSTABLE in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/237/
20:31 hudsonbot Katrin Fischer: Bug 2965: Follow up - fixing problem with barcode field
20:31 jransom lets just double up on everyone
20:31 Brooke yeah, at least one of those.
20:31 Brooke if I won't spawn in real life, cloning is ill advised.
20:33 * Brooke submits that cloning ought be based off of comits.
20:34 druthb oh, my.  Then we'd have about a zillion gmcharlts and chrises running around.
20:34 cait lots of chris's this way
20:34 cait hehe
20:34 Brooke *nod*
20:34 jransom Brooke: lol re spawing in real life
20:35 * druthb thinks that having a Brooke on this side of the Potomac would be a Fine Thing.
20:36 Brooke pfft.
20:36 druthb I always do like it when you come to this side of the river, Brooke.  :)
20:36 Brooke bah.
20:37 Brooke very little excuse with WMATA about.
20:43 nengard joined #koha
20:43 * Brooke waves at nengard.
20:44 nengard hiya
20:47 bigbrovar left #koha
20:49 francharb Brooke: you're just waving hello, right? hhumm... doormen are not what they used to be... ;)
20:49 Brooke you wound me, Sir.
20:50 francharb :(
20:50 francharb _0/
20:50 francharb _0_
20:50 Brooke not a thought in the world about channels less fortunate than this that don't have any doormen.
20:50 francharb \0_
20:50 francharb for Brooke
20:52 * francharb dont like the idea of doormen actually...
20:52 francharb i should not joke about it
20:53 kevinD joined #koha
20:54 jwagner left #koha
20:54 owen Bug 5529
20:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5529 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Staff client shows "Your lists:" and "public lists:" when there are none
20:55 jcamins owen: if you test $pubshelves and $barshelves, does that fix the problem?
20:55 owen No
20:55 jcamins Hm.
20:56 kevinD Hi Brooke
20:56 Brooke hi
20:56 ibot hello, Brooke
20:57 kevinD What was the womans name you were telling me about last night please
20:57 jcamins owen: in that case, I'm out of ideas.
20:57 Brooke Nora Blake.
20:57 ibot i guess nora blake is the Director.
20:57 kevinD Thanks
20:57 Brooke ibot, you're a follower, not a leader. ;)
20:57 ibot Brooke: i'm not following you...
20:58 kevinD I forwarded a URL thinking it would help, but it was mass cat
20:59 kevinD I just had a interview in Cambridge coming home saw a person in a truck in the passing lane on Rt 93 do a 360 he did not hit anyone, just drove over and parked in the breakdown lane
21:00 kevinD Pick up truck with ladders, was snowing out here
21:00 wizzyrea /msg ibot forget Nora Blake
21:00 wizzyrea aw
21:01 owen left #koha
21:01 kevinD Oh well thank you, I found out they have a PC that's a few years old in the Quilt Museum
21:01 wizzyrea Nora Blake?
21:01 ibot Nora Blake is, like, the Director of MassCat
21:01 Brooke hmm, surely not a Masshole driving like that.
21:01 kevinD That's funny
21:01 jcamins wizzyrea: doesn't look like it worked.
21:02 kevinD Glad no crash
21:02 wizzyrea it totally did
21:02 jcamins Unless you were changing the capitalization.
21:02 wizzyrea ;)
21:02 wizzyrea naw, I asked him in private
21:02 wizzyrea and updated the entry
21:12 * francharb waving good bye
21:12 francharb it's late
21:12 francharb time for bed
21:13 francharb (doest sound english, hehe)
21:13 francharb see you
21:13 Brooke night
21:13 francharb left #koha
21:18 kevinD left #koha
21:38 mib_lg2z0 left #koha
21:41 jcamins Time to close up shop.
21:41 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:41 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
21:41 Brooke night
21:53 robin heh, a friend of mine just won a 9kg, 1m tall chocolate santa.
21:53 Brooke noice!
21:54 Brooke so what you're saying is that you have enough for the rest of the channel, right?
21:54 robin I don't have any, alas :)
21:54 Brooke you're friends with a mean person ;P
21:56 robin she doesn't have it yet either, doesn't actually get it until christmas
21:56 robin I guess they have to make it so it's fresh
21:56 Brooke pffft, technicalities ;)
21:57 * Brooke does not want to think of the mold fabrication process.
21:57 robin I think it's similar to this:[…]-Christmas-dinner
21:58 robin given it's made by the same company
21:59 * Brooke is not charitable enough to spare his head.
22:00 robin I think after eating the remaining 8kg worth, I'd consider it.
22:00 Brooke though I did put in a fair bit of time at the Ronald McDonald house in Albany. The Fraternity was over there all the bloody time.
22:01 saorge joined #koha
22:01 Brooke hey saorge
22:02 saorge_ left #koha
22:07 nengard left #koha
22:08 pianohack joined #koha
22:09 pianohack Hey #koha
22:09 Brooke woot
22:09 Brooke hey dere
22:09 Brooke :D
22:09 * druthb waves to pianohack
22:09 pianohack Hallo
22:10 pianohack How goes it?
22:10 nengard joined #koha
22:10 cait hi pianohack :)
22:11 Brooke good enough for gummint woik, you?
22:11 pianohack Pretty good
22:11 nengard left #koha
22:11 pianohack Have a possibly useful admin command line script in the works
22:11 Brooke outstanding.
22:13 pianohack misc/admin/koha-preferences set viewISBD off; misc/admin/koha-preferences get intranetuserjs; misc/admin/koha-preferences dump -o preferences.yaml; misc/admin/koha-preferences load -i preferences.yaml
22:21 Brooke omg, Hardball is half over.
22:25 * Brooke suspects Chris Matthews would be excellent pub conversation.
22:28 robin pianohack: make sure you allow the prefs to be queried through that command line tool, that would allow the configuration to be managed with things like puppet.
22:28 pianohack robin: It can get/set one at a time and in bulk, is that what you mean?
22:28 jransom left #koha
22:29 robin pianohack: no, I mean querying them, eg 'koha-preferences get viewISBD' returns 'off'
22:29 robin oh
22:29 robin wait
22:29 robin I'm blind
22:29 robin ignore me: it's already there :)
22:29 pianohack But noooow I seeeee
22:30 pianohack Anyway, yes, it does that :)
22:30 chris very handy
22:31 robin that means you can automate the configuration and updating of values as part of a centralised server admin system thingy
22:31 chris yeah
22:36 cait hm, we don't have a report using issues and old_issues in the reports library yet
22:36 chris what are you trying to find, borrowers who have had a book out in the last x days?
22:37 drotsk left #koha
22:37 kevinD joined #koha
22:38 kevinD left #koha
22:40 cait chris: no, still working on the inactive users
22:41 cait I used a union
22:41 chris ahh
22:42 pianohack Those reports can get nasty
22:42 cait select distinct borrowernumber from (select borrowernumber from issues where timestamp... union select borrowernumber from old_issues where timestamp...) active_users
22:42 pianohack UNION with subquery with UNION inside
22:42 cait yeah, thought perhaps there is a better way
22:42 cait that's why I was checking the  reports library
22:42 pianohack Not AFAIK. Ended up doing exactly that when my old library needed a complicated circ report
22:44 cait pianohack: thx :)
22:47 pianohack Okay, off to bbq, see you guys later
22:47 Brooke cheers mate
22:47 cait bye pianohack
22:47 Brooke may good ribs await.
22:47 pianohack Ooh, I hope so
22:47 pianohack left #koha
23:08 rhcl left #koha
23:29 davi left #koha
23:30 rachel left #koha
23:55 cait good night all
23:56 chris night cait
23:56 druthb night, cait!
23:56 cait left #koha
23:59 jransom joined #koha

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