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02:22 reva hi Braedon: jcamins: how do you show the "contiunes" and "continued by" (tags 780 and 785) for serials (in Koha 3.0.6)? I came across this in the list: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]s/2010-August.txt.
02:23 jcamins_a reva: it's only available in 3.1, as I recall.
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02:24 reva it looks like a patch; but I do not know how to integrate a patch. But I can follow instructions though:).
02:24 jcamins The problem is that it's a patch on 3.1, and you're using 3.0.6.
02:24 jcamins Or am I mistaken?
02:25 reva oh, ok jcamins: so there are no alternate tags for thsoe two fields?
02:25 jcamins What do you mean?
02:26 reva jcamins: it says it can be applied to 3.0.x.
02:26 jcamins I think I may have misunderstood your question completely.
02:26 jcamins What are you trying to do?
02:27 jcamins Oh, you're talking about Bug 5078.
02:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5078 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Show preceding/succeeding entry (MARC21 780/5) in Staff normal view
02:27 jcamins I don't know anything about that one.
02:27 jcamins I keep on forgetting that you use Standard view and not XSLT view.
02:28 jcamins So you can disregard my statement about 3.1.
02:28 reva I think you understood the question correctly. I would like to enter "continued by" and "continues" for the serial I am working on. So how would I apply the patch (the link I gave above actually has the code given at the bottom) .
02:29 jcamins Right.
02:29 jcamins You're going to need to find the patch file.
02:30 jcamins The page you linked to has a ton of patches all in the same file.
02:30 reva ok, let us say I find it. How would I apply it?
02:31 jcamins You would go into your kohaclone directory (so, for example, for me: cd /home/hosting/kohaclone ) then run `patch < PATCHFILE`
02:31 jcamins And hopefully it would work.
02:32 jcamins If it does not work you would try `patch -p0 < PATCHFILE` then `patch -p1 < PATCHFILE`
02:32 jcamins I can never remember which of those three is right.
02:33 reva ok Jcamins: let me note down these instructions.
02:33 jcamins There are lots of other people who would be able to help you more.
02:33 jcamins Friday night isn't a good time... it's late in the States, and it's the weekend in NZ.
02:34 jcamins Speaking of it being late, time to go prepare some bread and go to sleep.
02:34 jcamins Good luck.
02:34 reva ok, I will log on may be tomorrow to ask. Actually cait gave me a link to another patch for showing place of publication in the OPAC, but I have not yet applied it because I do not know how.
02:35 reva Thanks jcamin: Goodnight.
02:35 jcamins Before I go, though, one point about that patch: I think you have to set a keyword link for "continues" and "continuedby" but I don't know exactly what that involves.
02:36 jcamins Tomorrow is Saturday in the States and Sunday in NZ, so I don't know how many people there will be.
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02:36 reva ok, I have noted it and ask for the steps.
02:36 reva Monday then:).
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03:57 CGI955 hola
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07:41 cait chris_n: around?
07:43 chris i doubt it
07:43 chris its about 3.40am
07:43 chris where he is i think
08:02 * chris_n cooks up a script to grab patches from his gmail, grep through the subject line for a bug number, grep through the body for "Signed-off-by", save the patch to his hdd, name it based on the bug number, and flag it if it has been signed off on
08:05 chris how are you awake!!
08:05 chris :)
08:06 chris sounds like a good script to have
08:06 chris did you see what i started doing?
08:06 chris
08:07 chris i have a library going live in a week, once thats out of the way, ill get that all up to date
08:07 chris with a awaiting_signoff dir
08:19 * chris_n wipes the drool off of his keyboard
08:19 chris :)
08:20 chris_n nice
08:21 chris_n I'm going to try to work toward a set of scripts that will grab the patches, create a branch per patch, attempt to apply the patch, report on the results
08:22 chris_n it could even route the patch based on the results
08:22 chris_n but I'll have to have a bit of sleep first, I think
08:23 * chris_n envisions a git repo that watches a mailbox and slurps up patches as they come in (based on various parameters, of course)
08:27 chris[…]power-after-storm  <-- the storm did finally arrive
08:28 chris chris_n: there are some tools like that already i think
08:28 * chris will look around
08:29 chris_n definitely let me know as there is no use re-inventing the wheel
08:29 chris_n especially at the cost of sleep :-)
08:30 chris :)
08:34 chris_n I googled around a bit earlier and didn't turn up anything on retrieving git patches from gmail
08:34 chris_n but I can't imagine that someone has not done something of the sort
08:34 chris_n it does seem rather obvious
08:36 chris what id do, is use offlineimap
08:36 chris to pull them down to a linux machine
08:52 chris_n here's a bit:
08:52 chris_n ###############  Misc. Debris
08:52 chris_n # Apply all patches in a Berkeley mbox-format file
08:52 chris_n #
08:52 chris_n # First, make sure that the tools subdirectory of the git-core repository is in
08:52 chris_n # your PATH.
08:52 chris_n #
08:52 chris_n cd my-kernel-tree-2.6
08:52 chris_n applymbox /path/to/mbox /path/to/signoff.txt
08:52 chris_n #
08:52 chris_n # The file /path/to/mbox is a Berkeley mbox file, containing one or more
08:52 chris_n # patches to be committed to the git repository. The optional file
08:52 chris_n # /path/to/signoff.txt is the text file that is appended to each changeset
08:52 chris_n # description. For the Linux kernel, this typically includes the
08:52 chris_n #
08:52 chris_n # Signed-off-by: Your Name <>
08:53 chris_n real2m58.889s
08:53 chris_n user0m1.948s
08:53 chris_n sys0m0.284s
08:54 chris_n times for parsing through 5500 emails, bringing down 262, checking them over and saving them
08:54 chris_n and that over a sorry Inet link
08:54 chris :)
08:55 chris_n if we could get consistent [3.x.x] added to the subject line or commit message things would be even nicer
08:55 chris yup
08:56 chris the trick is we want everything pretty much applied to master, then cherry-picked back to 3.2.x
08:56 chris otherwise we make our lives harder than they have to be
09:01 chris_n what about situations where a section of code diverges... say, a new feature is added to master, later a bug is found so the patch will not apply cleanly to 3.2.x? Do we just work it out with a manual merge?
09:01 chris yup
09:03 chris_n ok, off to get a few hour's sleep
09:03 chris sleep well
09:03 chris_n cul
09:59 cait chris_n: ?
10:00 cait ah, now I missed him again
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11:22 ljana hello everybody ; i am a newbie on your channel, trying to test the debian package of koha.
11:25 ljana and can't get anything but english as a language choice in the first pannel of the post-install configuration process ; is there a way to get other language choices at this step or has it to do with the development state of the 3.2 version ?
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12:13 ljana bye
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14:15 jcamins_a vtl++
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