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00:41 * chris_mib clocks in from paeroa
00:41 chris_mib http://www.aotearoapeoplesnetw[…]wifi-restrictions <-- blocking me using ssh :(
00:42 chris_mib ill have to tether my phone, ssh to my server, get ssh listening on another port, and ill be back in business, mission for tonight
00:46 robin chris_mib: apt-get install corkscrew, depending on how their proxy is set up.
00:48 chris_mib oh, good idea
00:48 * chris_mib looks
00:58 chris_mib hmm no joy
00:58 chris_mib gonna go grab lunch
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02:23 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  Logged:  Pastes:
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02:40 chrisc ok, back via using easytether to connect to my machine at home and switching ssh ports
02:41 chrisc is now known as chris
02:42 anitsirk hello chrisc. good to have you up and running :-)
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03:49 Mehwish Hello All..
03:50 Mehwish I have an error 404 in my Koha..
03:50 Mehwish can anyone help me?
03:53 Mehwish I cannot add multiple copies of a book at different library branches..
03:53 Mehwish what may be the cause?
03:53 robin Mehwish: have you looked in your apache logs?
03:54 Mehwish Sorry I am new to linux and koha. I forgot where may be the apache log..
03:55 Mehwish can u give some hint?
03:57 robin it depends on how it's set up. But perhaps start by providing more detail about what's happening, such as what URLs and error messages you're seeing.
03:57 robin If it's really a 404, then it sounds like an apache configuration issue.
03:57 Mehwish OK visit our site at
03:57 robin but that would seem odd.
03:57 Mehwish then search for java
03:57 Mehwish then click on first result..
03:58 Mehwish you will see error message.
03:58 robin ah
03:58 robin yep
03:58 robin perhaps try rebuilding your zebra indexes
03:58 Mehwish second result is ok
03:58 robin I've seen that happen when the zebra information is stale.
03:58 Mehwish hmm.. I have configured the system with great efforts..
03:59 Mehwish but we selected no zebra during web installation.
03:59 Mehwish i remember.
03:59 Mehwish shall I need to set Zebra indexes any how?
03:59 robin Oh, not using zebra is not recommended except for very small collections (and even then, I'd recommend using it.)
04:00 robin rephrase: using zebra is strongly recommended.
04:00 Mehwish now can I configure Zebra now?
04:00 Mehwish without any data loss?
04:00 robin yes
04:01 robin it's a matter of setting it up, loading the data into it, and then telling koha to use it
04:01 Mehwish hmm.. but how can I get back to that step where I selected no zebra?
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04:02 robin It is the NoZebra system preference that controls this.
04:02 Amit heya chris
04:02 Amit hi robin
04:02 robin Hi
04:07 Mehwish OK I am trying to build zebra indexes..
04:07 Mehwish Thanks Robin.
04:08 robin Hope it helps!
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05:26 Soomro Good morning all!
05:26 Soomro I need the complete list of features of KOHA in breif . could any one help me?
05:29 imp Soomro:[…]oftware)#Features ?
05:31 Soomro impo: there are no features at[…]oftware)#Features ?
05:31 imp Koha has most of the features that would be expected in an ILS, including:
05:31 imp * Simple, clear interface for librarians and members (patrons) ....
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05:32 Soomro there are all these or some others r also?
05:33 imp don't know - you can also take a look at[…]ation/3-2-manual/
05:34 Soomro imp: this is manual...this is not features
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05:36 imp Soomro: 1.3.1. Patron Categories -> /translates/ to a feature: you can have different categories for patrons
05:38 Soomro thnanks
05:39 imp got the schema?
05:44 Soomro imp: yes
05:45 Soomro and exploring more
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05:51 cait good morning #koha
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07:00 paul_p chris, or any kiwi about ? what about NZ earthquake in wellington ? you're not concerned or you are ?
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07:17 kf good morning #koha
07:18 magnus good morning #koha
07:18 kf hi magnus
07:18 magnus hi kf
07:18 chilts paul_p: some people in Wgtn could feel it
07:18 chilts I was asleep at the time
07:18 kf hm my calendar tells me about a birthday
07:18 magnus not mine
07:19 kf nope
07:19 kf 5 September 6 1999        Work starts on Koha
07:19 kf the 5 is the line number from history.txt
07:19 magnus wow! ;-)
07:19 kf happy birthday Koha :)
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07:20 magnus "gratulerer med dagen", Koha!
07:27 kf magnus: at which time do you arrive on 21st?
07:27 magnus something like 8 am, i think
07:28 Amit heya kf, magnus
07:28 kf ah, much earlier than me - 3 pm
07:29 magnus yeah, it's kinda early
07:29 magnus hi Amit
07:35 kf thought we could perhaps try to keep each other awake
07:35 kf hi Amit
07:37 magnus kf: ;-) i'm pretty curious about how the whole jetlag thing will work out...
07:38 kf me too
07:38 kf will try not to sleep at day time
07:39 magnus yeah, sleeping through the roadtrip would be... no fun...
07:40 wasabi stay up all nite, the day before...
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07:40 wasabi sleep all thru the flight
07:40 magnus flightS... ;-)
07:40 wasabi yeah, flights :)
07:41 wasabi ... and attempt a double-reset of your bio-clock
07:41 magnus wasabi: how do you do that?
07:43 wasabi its a little experiment of mine, i think it works OK for me
07:44 wasabi using the flight-time to sleep, can help with your jet-lag adjustment
07:46 magnus wasabi: yeah i read that somewhere
07:49 kf chris said try to sleep according to nz time
07:50 kf take 2 clocks etc.
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08:21 eduard hello!!!
08:22 eduard seems like koha download is broken on the website
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08:49 chris thats cos eduard was using the wrong website
08:50 reed hoping that was it
08:50 reed can't get me no harley
08:51 chris
08:51 chris bustinated
08:51 reed odd error tho
08:51 chris in fact every downloa link on that site is broken
08:52 chris they really should just turn it off, or put it at koha-community, cos this is just stupid
08:52 reed
08:52 reed seems to want to be a koha instance
08:52 chris yeah, theyve mucked something up
08:53 reed did you see we're using akamai for non-NZ videos now
08:53 chris oh excellent, that will help
08:53 reed we'll probly switch the lot plus static to them soon
08:54 reed it just works
08:54 chris *nod*
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08:54 chris and takes the whole bandwidth thing out of the equation
08:54 chris speaking of just works, easytether
08:55 chris thats what im using on my phone to get internet on the laptop at the motel
08:55 chris has a .deb for your machine and an app for the phone, and just works
08:55 chris very handy
08:56 reed cool
08:56 reed I should try that
08:56 reed got a vodem stick tho
08:56 reed just works
08:56 chris cool
08:57 reed was cheap, like $99 and came w/ a $40 prepaid credit I still haven't used up and it's been about 4 months ago
08:57 chris awesome
08:58 reed but then I hardlt use it
08:58 chris if slef is watchng, theres a tip
08:58 kf hi chris and reed
08:58 reed hi kf
08:58 chris hiya kf
09:00 reed chris, we shifted 700G of videos on saturday, no telling what would've been w/out the bandwidth ceiling
09:01 chris yeah, id go for at least double that
09:01 reed is lucky we had akl turned on
09:01 chris pretty cool the servers didnt blink
09:01 reed yes
09:01 reed very happy about that
09:01 chris nginx really is awesome
09:02 reed tim shoved a geo ip checker through it today - via some ruby thing of course
09:02 chris :)
09:03 chris well i should go get some sleep, day started at 4.30, (laurel and the boys should be landing in LA about now)
09:03 reed g/nite
09:04 chris night all
09:04 kf night chris
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14:04 mib_78l8o Hi
14:06 mib_78l8o When I load the catalog using the Z39.50 search, duplicate record appears. ?
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14:13 CGI117 hi
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14:16 CGI117 hi to everybody, i have one it normal to duplicate the catalogue when i put at least one item in that?
14:16 CGI117 i mean one stays empty..
14:19 jcamins_a CGI117: what are you asking?
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14:23 CGI117 the thing is when I import a book using z39.50 it creates one catalogue, but when i start to increment the items koha creates another registry t put my items
14:24 CGI117 one registry remains empty for example and the new one with 5 items inside that
14:24 CGI117 of the same book
14:25 jcamins What version of Koha are you using?
14:25 CGI117 3.00.06
14:25 jcamins Does this problem show up in the OPAC, or just the staff client?
14:26 CGI117 just the stuff client
14:26 jcamins That's what I thought. I think what you're seeing is the record in the Resevoir and the record in the catalog.
14:27 jcamins The resevoir contains a copy of every record you download via Z39.50.
14:27 CGI117 ok
14:28 CGI117 and there is something wrong with that?
14:28 jcamins You don't need to worry about the contents of the Resevoir (I think I'm spelling it wrong, and I apologize for that).
14:28 jcamins Nope.
14:30 jcamins As long as things are showing up properly in the OPAC, you can ignore records in the Reservoir. There's a way to empty the Reservoir, but I don't remember exactly where.
14:30 CGI117 sorry, now i'm doing a search in the OPAC and i see both records
14:31 jcamins Hm.
14:31 jcamins Okay, that's a problem then.
14:31 jcamins Did you try the instructions in the FAQ:[…]on/faq/searching/
14:31 CGI117 ok i will take a look
14:32 CGI117 thanks!
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14:58 CGI117 Now I'm sure whats wrong, Koha make two records of the book just when i click save in the add MARC registry (I did the zebraidx -c /path/to/zebra-biblios.cfg drop biblios & commit , but nothings seems to work..)
15:00 jcamins Hm.
15:01 jcamins Did you try deleting the extra one?
15:01 jcamins It's possible that it just double-clicked on save, or something. I've done that a few times.
15:02 CGI117 at first i think that, but i did several times the adding procedure
15:03 jcamins Hm.
15:20 kf Colin++
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16:11 wajasu if i am running in a koha git dev install, then do git pull, do i have to do a make/makefile command to see changes? or change my koha-dev to continue using the app?
16:12 jcamins wajasu: I don't think so. I think you just have to run the web installer.
16:12 wajasu ok.
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16:13 wajasu that worked. thx
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16:18 cait hi #koha
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16:36 wajasu i created an empty koha database, and restored a mysql backup.  i upgraded to the latest git pull  from .111 to .145).  my librarian went to look for his printer label batches he had worked on , but none exist.  Wouldn't those be in the database?
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16:49 cait wajasu: they are stored in the database
16:50 cait did you restore an older backup?
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17:21 mazenoz hello world
17:22 mazenoz anyone, except me, successfully installed koha 3 on windows :D
17:22 mazenoz ?
17:22 jcamins chris_n would be the one to talk to, but I don't think he's gotten it working yet.
17:23 jcamins Mostly the recommendation is to use VirtualBox running Linux.
17:23 mazenoz I had it working
17:24 mazenoz using the latest version of Strawberry perl  (May '10)
17:25 mazenoz and playing with some sources in koha's directory
17:25 jcamins Wow! You should e-mail the list with instructions.
17:25 mazenoz the thing is, I'm new too all this
17:26 mazenoz which list should I be enrolling?
17:26 jcamins Probably koha-devel would be best.
17:26 mazenoz @?
17:26 munin mazenoz: Error: "?" is not a valid command.
17:26 jcamins By the way, you know that the website is right?
17:26 jcamins (I'm looking now for the mailing list page)
17:26 mazenoz yup
17:27 jcamins[…]ha-mailing-lists/
17:27 jcamins Actually, there's a Win32 list.
17:27 mazenoz got it http://lists.koha-community.or[…]stinfo/koha-win32
17:29 mazenoz joining and transferring knowledge :)
17:30 jcamins Wonderful!
17:30 jcamins That's really quite impressive, that you managed to get Koha running under Windows.
17:34 wajasu forget what i said earlier about not seeing my batches.  it was because my library branch was not set.
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17:59 cait wajasu: ah :)
17:59 cait we should ask that, happens to me a lot too
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20:22 brendan afternoon :)
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20:26 richard hi
20:31 anitsirk hello richard
20:32 richard hi anitsirk
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23:38 brendan @wunder 93117
23:38 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.2�C (4:38 PM PDT on September 06, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Falling).
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