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07:05 cait1 good morning #koha
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07:52 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:52 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 13.5�C (9:53 AM CEST on September 05, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1018.8 hPa (Steady).
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18:29 zico hello all
18:30 zico friends, I want to change the color of default blue search bar of koha
18:30 zico is it possible?
18:31 zico I am looking at "opac.css" in ~/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/opac.css
19:11 cait zico: it's easier to use opacusercss
19:11 cait you can overwrite the other css files with the statements there
19:12 cait it's a sys pref
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20:33 richard hi
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21:53 irma Good morning all
21:53 irma I have a question about auth_header ...
21:55 irma How come that when I import an authority record from another db it does not populate auth_header?
21:55 irma Is that the right table?
22:03 jo waves at Irma :)
22:18 irma hi Jo... How are you?
22:19 jo I'm great
22:20 irma good U r not in Christchurch...poor people who lost their homes
22:20 irma Re work
22:21 irma I am trying to nail the downloading of authority records from Libraries Australia
22:21 irma but they do not populate table auth_header
22:21 irma which is what I should should happen
22:22 jo I don't know sorry
22:22 irma Can I borrow your cataloguer fro an hour?
22:22 jo I get Chris to do that stuff for me :)
22:22 irma :-( thanks Jo
22:23 irma Wishing you a good day - Irma waves at Jo
23:14 wasabi irma: take a look at  the ./misc/migration_tools/ tool , too
23:15 * wasabi assumes you are importing auth-records via the web-gui, which i've never tried...
23:17 wasabi my hunch is importing via the gui only handles bibs, not auth records
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23:27 irma Thanks wasabi. So ... There is no way to import (one by one) authority records from an external db (Libraries Australia authority db in our case) via z39.50, into the auth_header table ...
23:28 wasabi pass, i have only imported auth records 100k  at a time, from ./ tool
23:29 wasabi i wrote a similar script to do what you want, for bib records...
23:29 wasabi for HLT
23:30 wasabi pull records from natlib-nz via z39 on isbn, then import
23:31 wasabi your task is easier if spilt into two
23:32 wasabi 1) get your marc records from lib-oz
23:32 wasabi 2) ./ -f ./your-new-auth-records.mrc
23:34 wasabi fyi: i dont have ATM any auth records to test a web-import
23:35 wasabi mail me one, i can try...
23:35 irma I confirm that importing a auth record via web-gui handles the auth record as if it is a bib record ...
23:36 irma somehow the cataloguing workflow works better if the cataloguer can download a auth record at a time
23:37 irma as she then download the latest auth record for that author for example
23:37 irma a bulk import of auth records would have to be regularly updated
23:38 wasabi yeah, i understand..
23:39 irma and in this way keep the Thesaurus up to date
23:39 wasabi catalog workflow does differ between libraries, it seems..
23:39 irma not sure how easy that would be for the cataloguing team to do on a regular basis.
23:39 irma Issues as I see them:
23:40 wasabi looks like z39 search/import for auths is missing from koha-head
23:40 wasabi ... via the gui
23:40 irma 1) bulk import of authority records can be done but data is out of date as soon as the import has taken place
23:41 irma 2) Via z39.50 one by one record downloads is currently not a feature  of Koha
23:41 wasabi good news, is  that most of the bib-import code is reusable for auth-import...
23:41 irma goood news indeed
23:41 wasabi its just that know-one has got round to doing it so-far
23:42 wasabi s/know-/no /
23:42 irma Is #2) a development for hackfest after KohaCon?
23:44 wasabi #2 works for bibs, not for auth records
23:44 wasabi pass
23:45 wasabi it could be
23:45 irma Thanks wassabi.
23:46 wasabi its a useful enuff feature, for not too much additional effort, i think
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