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00:53 Genji Greetings all.
00:54 Genji how do i put a biblio, and its marcxml and its associated db linked fields, into the zebraqueue?
00:54 Genji AddItem does not cause a zebraqueue event.
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01:34 darling wizzyrea, check yer mail for wordpress potention wreckage opportunity from me just now
01:34 darling potential
01:34 Genji poteintial wreckage oppertunity?
01:35 darling yeah, some of that too
01:35 Genji as in, hack wordpress?
01:35 darling mostly add rewrite rules
01:35 Genji or a security flaw that needs fix?
01:35 Genji oh.
01:35 darling so the manual can have tidy urls that google will like better
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06:58 * magnus makes his apologies for not attending the meeting yesterday, and hands out leftover virtual birthday cake to anyone who wants it
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07:28 paul_p hello world. sorry for being afk yesterday, but I was at the beach with my family
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09:27 cait hi #koha
09:27 chris hi cait
09:28 cait :)
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09:36 Amit heya cait
09:36 cait hi Amit
09:36 Amit kf is there?
09:37 Amit can any one help me regarding amazon review?
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09:58 cait Amit: I am kf
09:59 Amit heya kf
09:59 Amit i have have problem with amazon review is not now coming?
09:59 Amit can u help me?
10:01 Amit cait: can u help me for amazon review?
10:01 cait what is your problem?
10:01 Amit my amazon review is not coming
10:02 cait which version of koha?
10:02 Amit master branch
10:02 Amit[…]g/koha/2010-06-30 i m seeing this log
10:03 cait have you set the private and access keys in sys prefs?
10:03 Amit yes
10:03 Amit i have already set
10:03 cait which locale are u using?
10:03 cait amazonlocale
10:04 Amit american
10:05 cait have you checked your logs?
10:05 Amit i m also seeing error log its's give error
10:05 Amit could not retrieve[…]wuXtUWtZR6MHk8%3D at /home/kohasys/kohaclone/C4/External/ line 161.
10:06 cait ok, if you click the link now it says:
10:06 Amit yes
10:06 cait Request has expired. Timestamp date is 2010-08-12T09:35:19Z.
10:06 cait is your server date/time correct?
10:07 Amit Thu Aug 12 15:47:58 IST 2010
10:08 cait you are located in india, right? perhaps amazon can not deal with that?
10:08 cait not sure here
10:08 Amit so
10:08 Amit i have to reset my time
10:08 Amit i have to reset my server time
10:08 cait it seems evey request to amazon sends a timestamp and if it is too old you dont get the reviews and covers from amazon
10:08 cait you could try and see if it makes a difference
10:09 Amit but cover is appearing review is not coming
10:09 cait but perhaps not good for other things
10:09 Amit yes
10:09 cait I had covers too
10:09 cait only the reviews were not working
10:09 Amit try with changing the time zone
10:11 Amit not effect after changing the time
10:12 Amit cait: any other solution
10:12 cait what says the error log?
10:12 Amit same
10:13 cait I would check the error log immediately after reloading the opac page
10:13 cait still expired?
10:13 Amit [Thu Aug 12 06:20:46 2010] could not retrieve[…]bP2jg2H5VPc5FM%3D at /home/kohasys/kohaclone/C4/External/ line 161.
10:15 cait hm be careful pasting the urls
10:15 cait I see your awsaccesskeyid in there
10:15 cait there is another error message now
10:16 cait complaining about your login data
10:16 cait I see you set associate tag and access key
10:16 cait is your private key there too?
10:16 cait in koha?
10:16 Amit yes
10:17 cait The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method.
10:18 Amit k
10:18 cait seems like a different problem now
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11:18 OpenUser Hello, we notice the staff client display of the details page is different to the OPAC, that is there aren't as many marc tags displaying. Is this something that is easily changed?
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11:21 druthb @wunder 20817
11:21 munin druthb: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 24.9�C (7:29 AM EDT on August 12, 2010). Conditions: Thunderstorm. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Rising).
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11:42 Amit heya nengard, jwagner
11:42 jwagner Hi Amit
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11:57 cait @wunder Reutlingen
11:57 munin cait: The current temperature in Reutlingen, Germany is 19.9�C (2:04 PM CEST on August 12, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 31.12 in 1053.7 hPa (Rising).
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12:17 nengard grrrr
12:18 nengard just started working on a bunch of things that were already fixed
12:18 owen I was just about to email him. Unless you already have?
12:19 nengard i did
12:19 nengard and i batch edited the bugs
12:19 nengard but i had already done work :(
12:20 owen How do you batch edit bugs?
12:20 nengard :) magic - hang on let me go find the link
12:20 nengard at the bottom of the page there is a link 'Change Several Bugs at Once '
12:20 nengard if you're on a page that lists bugs
12:21 nengard so i searched for 'misspelled' and checked off his bugs and changed them to patched
12:21 owen Neat, I hadn't noticed that before
12:23 owen Uh oh, VirtualBox upgrade. Preparing to dive.
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12:35 nengard oh yeah - virtualbox did prompt me to do that yesterday - in a webinar!!! guess i better do that now
12:36 * owen is in a land of unending beauty since upgrading
12:38 nengard how so? just upgraded -not seeing anything particularly beautiful
12:38 owen No, not really. I always hope....
12:38 nengard got it!
12:39 nengard well i was able to patch anther misspelling bug this morning - one that wasn't done already
12:48 owen nengard: Isn't Bug 3929 fixed?
12:48 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3929 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, parameters in guided reports
12:48 owen Don't we have that option now in HEAD?
12:48 nengard what option - this bug tells me nothing ... the title isn't helpful and there is no summary
12:49 cait nengard: the patch had a lof of information - I'm using it
12:49 cait and there is a help file in koha
12:50 nengard[…]uided_reports_RFC
12:51 nengard reading the RFC I don't think it's all there yet ... there are some choices, but date range isn't one of them ... off to confirm if i'm right or not
12:51 cait *sighs* cant start koha in my vb - I am not in my home network :(
12:52 cait nengard: I think the list works, but my only report using it requires to enter the borrowernumber
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12:56 nengard had to clear out my logs and restart sql to get koha to start :) now i can test
12:57 nengard i'm still confused - all i see that's different is that the limits now have << >> around them ... but the limits are the same as they always were - maybe i'm just still to tired to think straight
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13:05 jcamins Good morning.
13:06 owen Hi jcamins
13:08 nengard My calendar says it's the 12th and I'm pretty short on articles for the next newsletter - I'm up for all tips and news you want to share, send it along to me today or tomorrow - it just has to be 1-3 lines long!
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13:13 larsw nengard, sent :)
13:13 jcamins Did anyone else get an e-mail from Anuradha.K.T. and respond to it? He didn't e-mail the mailing list, but his e-mail doesn't sound particularly specific to me.
13:14 nengard larsw you're my new best friend!! :)
13:16 owen I never notice before that Liblime bought Google ads for the term "koha"
13:17 owen "LibLime Offers Complete Support Packages on Koha Open-Source ILS" ...and it links to LEK.
13:17 * owen fumes
13:19 jcamins I find myself doubting my sanity, and it's not even 9:30 yet... if you have a MARC record, and convert it to MARCXML, it's the exact same data, right?
13:19 jcamins I have always believed it was, but I just got an e-mail asking me for an example record in MARC and MARCXML.
13:22 * owen wonders where all the work he did in this branch went :(
13:27 larsw nengard, no worries. it's just self-advertisment, after all. :) also, looks like it's currently going to be my final contribution to Koha for a while
13:27 nengard oh no??!!
13:31 larsw I left Catalyst and, alas, Koha isn't something I use myself, so I don't work on it in my free time, either
13:32 wizzyrea larsw: I'm so sad.
13:32 larsw no need to be sad, others continue what I did
13:32 wizzyrea but they aren't you :)
13:33 wizzyrea (that is to say, I like you, I'm sad you won't be hanging out with us much)
13:33 larsw but robin might be a better me than I am :)
13:33 * wizzyrea is sometimes very bad at compliments
13:34 larsw thanks, I do appreciate the sentiment :)
13:34 larsw and I intend to hang out here at least for a while more
13:34 wizzyrea \o/
13:38 owen The IRC log is an imperfect backup of my brain.
13:38 owen I should yammer here more about everything I do.
13:38 larsw owen, heh :)
13:39 magnus owen: as long as it's remotely koha-related we're all ears! ;-)
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14:00 owen If I mark a suggestion as "accepted," shouldn't an email message end up in my message_queue table for that patron?
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14:31 jwagner owen, I don't know if the acq emails go through the message queue.  They should certainly get emailed, though.
14:33 owen jwagner: Looking at it certainly seems like the queue is used.
14:34 owen sub ModSuggestion { ... if ($$suggestion{STATUS}){ ... my $enqueued = C4::Letters::EnqueueLetter({
14:34 owen Hmm... I wonder if it's because I have no suggestions notice defined?
14:37 owen jwagner: Do you have a suggestions letter in your system?
14:41 jwagner acq suggestions don't go through the notice setup.  There are four hard-coded templates that are used.  Don't remember what directory offhand & I'm not logged in.  Look for mail_suggestion_ACCEPTED.tmpl (that's one of them)
14:42 jwagner I've been _wishing with all my heart_ that someone would sponsor a rewrite so that acq suggestions would work like notices -- files the site could customize locally.
14:42 owen I see calls to C4::Letters::EnqueueLetter in,,, and
14:43 owen ...which makes it look like Suggestions should work the same as with hold notices, advance notices, overdues, etc.
14:43 jwagner Maybe someone has fixed it in current head, then?  I haven't noticed & don't remember seeing any patches come across for that
14:45 owen A patch from hdl was approved on 2009-09-30, "Adding Letters management to Suggestions."
14:45 jwagner commit #? or bug #?
14:46 owen Here's what I'm looking at:[…]510b35ed7f03ada3d
14:47 jwagner Hmmm.  Will look later -- gotta run to a meeting right now.
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14:59 owen jwag_mtg: The code referencing mail_suggestion_ACCEPTED.tmpl etc. seems to be gone now
15:18 owen Hm, can't enqueue letter HASH(0xa5073c8)
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15:24 owen No suggestions fans out there in #koha land today I take it.
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16:20 jwagner owen, looking through the bug updates you've been doing, it seems like my original message reporting that acq emails weren't working was because of this change (adding to notices-type setup)?
16:20 jwagner But no one ever updated the bug to reflect that?
16:21 owen Yup, and I think I've got it working
16:21 jwagner Woo-hoo!
16:21 jwagner I saw there were separate problems about no templates delivered and no way to create any.  Anything else?
16:22 owen bug 5127 is one other part
16:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5127 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, No sample suggestions notices are installed by default
16:22 owen And I found a typo in
16:23 owen After fixing Bug 5126, correcting the typo, and manually adding a suggestions notice I was able to modify a suggestion and see the message appear in my message queue table
16:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5126 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Suggestions module missing from "add notice" form.
16:25 jwagner Is there a separate bug report/patch for the typo? Or incorporated in one of these?
16:26 * jwagner grumbles that it would have been nice if someone had just responded/updated Bug 4211 when I posted it in February....
16:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4211 major, P2, ---, oleonard, NEW, Acquisitions actions on suggestions don't generate email
16:27 owen I'll attach a patch for the type to Bug 4211
16:27 owen typo. Heh, I had a typo when I was trying to type typo.
16:31 jwagner owen++ for all the investigating and fixing!
16:34 owen Hmmm... but the "suggestion accepted" message in my message queue includes all the placeholders.
16:34 owen <<borrowers.firstname>> <<borrowers.surname>>
16:35 owen That's not correct is it?
16:35 owen The other message in my queue has the real data in it.
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16:37 jwagner Depends on how the code was written -- does it know to translate <<borrowers.surname>> etc.?
16:37 owen I'm assuming anything in the message queue table is supposed to be email-ready?
16:38 jwagner Beats me -- that's out of my league :-(
16:38 owen I could actually test the sending... Do you know how to trigger the processing of the message queue?
16:38 jwagner under kohaclone/misc/cronjobs, I think it's perl
16:39 jwagner Assuming you don't have anything sitting in your queue that _shouldn't_ go out, like test overdues
16:39 owen that'd be awesome, wouldn't it? Spamming my entire patron database with a "Is this thing on?" message?
16:39 * jwagner goes to get some lunch, back in a bit
16:39 jwagner It Has Been Known To Happen (not naming names, here....)
16:40 * wizzyrea hides in shame.
16:40 jwagner Actually, that's not who I was thinking of :-)
16:40 wizzyrea but there's nothing better than angry patrons claiming the library has spammed them.
16:40 jwagner There are other guilty parties :-)
16:41 wizzyrea OMG I RETURNED THAT ARE YOU )%$#$%* INCOMPETENT %^*&(#$%*(&
16:41 wizzyrea ...maybe.
16:41 * wizzyrea gets her wolly blanket and starts to suck her thumb
16:42 * jwagner sends wizzyrea some hot chocolate and cookies
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16:46 owen No errors from, but no messages either.
16:46 owen On the other hand, I can send a cart just fine so I know some email is working
16:50 owen Oh, status: "failed."
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17:09 jwagner Sounds like something's wrong with your email config then.
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17:11 sekjal usually if Koha winds up with a 'failed' status, it never got to your email program in the first place.
17:11 sekjal I've found occasions where the to or from addresses aren't populated
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17:54 owen sekjal: I noticed that the "from" wasn't populated so I manually updated the message_queue table
17:54 owen sekjal: Any suggestions for where else to look?
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17:58 owen Hi schuster
17:59 sekjal owen: so it's still failing after "From" has been populated?
17:59 owen sekjal: Yes
18:00 schuster Hey owen.  thanks for the help with jquery yesterday - but is there a reason that doesn't work in ie?  it hides published just fine in firefox but still displays in ie...
18:00 schuster - example
18:00 sekjal owen:  hmmm.... will do some checking
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18:01 owen schuster: Looks the same to me in Firefox and IE8
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18:03 schuster ok so it is an older version of ie almost afraid to tell you which one.
18:04 owen Sorry schuster, IE8 is all I have to test with at the moment
18:04 schuster no problem thanks for looking at least I have some ammunition to tell my boss why it is showing!
18:13 ebegin nice library:[…]594_5926559_n.jpg
18:15 jcamins ebegin: Indeed. Which library is that?
18:16 ebegin Unfortunatly, I dont know... :(
18:18 ebegin ok, it's not a real one.  It was a proposal for the Stockholm library:[…]php?story_id=5097
18:20 jcamins Probably a good thing, since all that light would be terrible for the books.
18:28 chris morning
18:32 owen Hi chris
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18:50 jcamins Has anyone else installed their Windows security updates this week and had Firefox break?
18:51 jcamins Specifically, had Firefox start freezing when accessing the staff client?
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18:55 jcamins If anyone starts experiencing that, apparently killing the plugin-container process will fix it, at least for a little while.
18:57 owen Help with Bug 4211 would be welcomed. It seems like it should be close to working, but my brain is full.
18:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4211 major, P2, ---, oleonard, NEW, Acquisitions actions on suggestions don't generate email
18:58 chris now we are finally finished with rfp responses, i might get a chance to look at that today owen
18:59 chris im hoping can organise a lunch with larsw too
18:59 chris :)
19:00 jcamins Does the staff client use Flash?
19:00 chris no
19:00 jcamins That's what I thought.
19:00 larsw hi, chris :)
19:01 jcamins I wonder why Firefox keeps on crashing due to the Flash plugin.
19:02 chris yeah, that doesnt seem right
19:03 * chris doesnt have a windows machine to test with
19:03 jcamins chris: lucky you!
19:04 jcamins I installed Google Chrome, and that seems to work.
19:04 chris chrome is pretty fast
19:05 chris i run chromium at work quite a bit, and it is noticeably faster usng koha with it, than firefox
19:05 chris ok, time to wake the boys up and give them breakfast before work
19:05 chris bbiab
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19:25 briceSanc hi all,
19:26 briceSanc I've a question about the relicensing of Koha, is it for Koha 3.2 ? or later ?
19:27 owen 3.4
19:27 owen or later, I suppose, if deliberations drag on
19:27 briceSanc What are the proposals for relicensing (GPL v3?, AGPL?)?
19:28 owen GPL 2+, GPL 3+, AGPL
19:28 briceSanc ok
19:29 briceSanc so Koha 3.2 stay in GPLv2+ !?
19:30 owen Licensing of Koha 3.2 will not be different than previous versions
19:30 briceSanc ok
19:31 briceSanc thanks owen !
19:34 chris owen: guess what shirt i found in my drawer and decided to wear today
19:34 owen ?
19:35 chris Halloween in Athens 2002
19:35 owen :D
19:35 chris ps the fish you sent for Kahu, has been passed on to Ata
19:35 * owen 's old neon green Koha shirt doesn't have the same shine now that isn't on our side.
19:36 chris and he loves it just as much as Kahu did
19:36 owen I'm really glad to hear it
19:36 chris yeah, same with my blobby man one
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19:36 chris must be time to make some new shirts
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19:37 chris ill talk to russ, we got some shirts made for a conference here once, and they were pretty cheap, but lasted well, ill see if i can get some kohacon10 ones done and send one back for you with one of the americans
19:37 * chris_n hates doing network drops
19:38 chris right, time to go wait for the bus, hopefully be back on irc on the phone
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19:50 chris Back
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20:08 owen Gone!
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20:35 richard hi
20:36 chris hi richard
20:36 richard hey chris
20:37 jcamins Hello.
20:37 jcamins And goodbye.
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20:38 sekjal have a great weekend everyone!  I'm out a little early (heading out of town for my first wedding anniversary).
20:39 chris ohh congrats
20:39 chris have fun
20:39 sekjal thanks, chris.  we shall (going camping)
20:39 chris sweet
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21:11 briceSanc hi
21:12 briceSanc i unable to make HOLDS
21:12 briceSanc in Opac and Intranet
21:12 briceSanc is there a tip to success ?
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21:19 darling wizzyrea, apologies for not being more clear about that line break thing needing a space
21:20 wizzyrea it's ok. though.. fwiw, it's still not working. :( But i'm confident that we *will* get it working
21:26 wizzyrea it's ok darling (hehehehehehehehe.... congratulations for making me giggle)
21:27 darling hehe, happy to
21:27 darling so, what's the symptom at the moment?
21:27 chris darling: wizzyrea is coming to kohacon, so you can hear her giggle in person
21:27 wizzyrea ^^ it's true!
21:28 wizzyrea it should look like this, right:
21:28 wizzyrea RewriteRule ^documentation/3-2-manual/([a-z0-9]+) $documentation/3-2-manual/index.php?ch=$1 [L]
21:28 wizzyrea space $
21:28 darling yes
21:28 darling do you have access to the apache log?
21:28 wizzyrea yep, sec tho
21:28 darling would be curious to see what it says under the covers about[…]-manual/c19#AEN69
21:29 wizzyrea mm hmm
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21:31 chris http://koha4arcadialibrary.blo[…]e-on-our-way.html
21:31 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "yikes" (1 line) at
21:31 wizzyrea bywater++
21:33 darling interesting
21:34 wizzyrea now, we are using a plugin to include the show docs in the WP page
21:34 wizzyrea so the problem could be there, though it seems rather unlikely
21:35 darling ...thinking
21:35 darling have seen this error before
21:35 wizzyrea oh, never mind, it's an apache thing... also thinking
21:35 darling but only when missing the [L] thing
21:35 wizzyrea do you want the contents of the entire htaccess?
21:36 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted ".htaccess" (27 lines) at
21:36 wizzyrea there has to be one in there that's triggering a loop
21:38 darling ah!
21:39 darling RewriteRule ^documentation/3-2-manual/([a-z0-9]+) documentation/3-2-manual/index.php?ch=$1 [L]
21:39 darling instead of-
21:39 darling RewriteRule ^documentation/3-2-manual/([a-z0-9]+) $documentation/3-2-manual/index.php?ch=$1 [L]
21:39 darling i think
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21:39 darling actually--
21:39 darling RewriteRule ^documentation/3-2-manual/([a-z0-9]+)$ documentation/3-2-manual/index.php?ch=$1 [L]
21:39 darling that's what you want, try it anyhow
21:40 wizzyrea k trying
21:40 wizzyrea mmm 404, but that could be something else
21:40 wizzyrea lemme update/redo then I'll try again
21:42 wizzyrea it might be the fu in the updatedocs php
21:42 wizzyrea it's still 404
21:42 wizzyrea sec, lemme look at the html
21:42 wizzyrea to make sure it's right
21:42 wizzyrea oh oh
21:42 wizzyrea oh oh
21:42 wizzyrea sec
21:44 wizzyrea bah, nm
21:44 darling ...
21:45 wizzyrea I thought it was in the show_docs, but the problem isn't there
21:46 darling no, and the actual docs are loading from the right place ok
21:46 darling we're close..
21:48 darling here's something that will tell us something-
21:48 darling replace our rewrite rule with-
21:49 darling RewriteRule ^documentation/3-2-manual/([a-z0-9]+)$1 [L]
21:50 darling that should show us if it's getting hit and what value $1 is getting set to
21:50 wizzyrea it looks like it's right :/
21:50 wizzyrea ok, I will be back shortly, gotta go pick up my kiddo
21:51 darling ok
21:51 wizzyrea sorry >.<
21:54 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:17 brendan left #koha
22:42 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
22:47 chris koha bugzilla needs an upgrade, so it might go away for a bit
22:48 chris (security fixes)
22:49 bgkriegel when chris?
22:51 chris right about now
22:51 chris well ill yell out before i turn it off
22:51 chris im just reading the patches now
22:52 chris ok patched it
22:52 chris and done
22:52 chris its now 3.6.2
22:53 davi left #koha
23:07 robin left #koha
23:10 robin joined #koha

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