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00:24 robin oh wait...not using a multithreading apache certainly helps, too.
00:49 robin the checkauth function is ~400 lines long :(
00:50 chris its all do with the granular preferences and stuff eh?
00:50 robin I'm not sure.
00:51 robin The loading the name from basic auth doesn't actually set up the user in the session, so other things blow up. I'm trying to work out how to deal with that.
00:51 chris ah
00:56 gmcharlt chris: robin: no, its 400 lines because of code bloat and insufficient functional separation
00:56 gmcharlt the granular permissions stuff per se is only about 25 of those lines ;)
00:56 robin gmcharlt: yes, that's correct :)
00:57 robin I'm going to be doing a little refactoring of it in order to make this work.
00:57 robin but first, I'm doing some reformatting just so I can tell where blocks start and end.
00:59 chris_n refactoring++
01:04 gmcharlt test_cases++
01:05 chris :)
01:07 chris_n :P
01:13 robin well, now the function is no more well designed, but the indentation is correct and the bracketing style is consistent. So that's a start.
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01:18 * chris_n grumbles at his docbook editor
01:23 chris_n the sorry thing crashed
01:23 Brendan Hi chris_n
01:23 chris_n howdy Brendan
01:23 chris_n how's DC?
01:24 Brendan Hot man
01:24 chris_n hehe
01:24 Brendan Can't believe how much being outside suxs right now
01:24 chris_n yeah, its not CA
01:25 chris_n @wunder 28334
01:25 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 25.2�C (9:31 PM EDT on June 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.50 in 998.9 hPa (Steady).
01:25 chris humid and hot Brendan ?
01:25 chris_n @wunder 22727
01:26 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Madison Cnty; 3 miles NE Haywood, Haywood, Virginia is 23.9�C (9:30 PM EDT on June 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007.0 hPa (Rising).
01:26 chris_n ouch
01:26 Brendan Yup
01:26 chris_n raining?
01:27 Brendan Well im wet enough for it to seem like rain
01:27 chris yuck
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02:23 chris_n g'night
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03:08 Amit heya chris
03:08 Amit morning #koha
04:04 robin what is that _session_log gunk in C4::Auth doing there? It looks like it should be removed.
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04:12 Mehwish Hello All!
04:13 Mehwish I want to ask is it necessary for every item to have a barcode?
04:13 Mehwish cannot we issue / checkout a book without barcode information?
04:14 Mehwish Is there any way to issue/checkout a book that do not have barcode?
04:15 Mehwish Is there any setting in Administration that enable me to checkout books without barcode information?
04:17 robin Mehwish: a barcode isn't necessary, but some way of uniquely identifying each item is certainly useful, even if it's a number you type in by hand.
04:17 robin A barcode just makes that process easier.
04:17 Mehwish OK we have entered more than 2000 records..
04:18 Mehwish almost all without barcode.
04:18 Mehwish Now how can a librarian checkout those books?
04:19 Mehwish as entering barcode seems to me the only option for checkout.
04:19 Mehwish can they browse books select book and then checkout that book to a patron?
04:20 Mehwish I cannot see any option other than entering barcode?
04:21 robin Hmm, you're right. I haven't played with that part of the system much.
04:21 robin I'm not aware of an option to change that, but it may be possible. I expect that almost everyone uses barcodes of some sort.
04:21 Mehwish now do we have to enter all 2000 records again???
04:22 Mehwish we cannot afford that..
04:22 robin No, I think that at the worst you'd just have to attach barcodes to them, all the information is going to remain the same so won't need to be entered.
04:23 Mehwish means we need to edit all record again and enter barcod for each by hand?
04:25 robin Yeah, I think so. I had a quick look and can't see an option to turn the checkout barcode box into a search box.
04:27 Mehwish OK Thanks but that is very expensive solution I think.
04:28 robin someone else may have a better idea, but I'm not aware of one. Lurk around here or perhaps ask on the mailing list, someone may be able to help.
04:28 wasabi Mehwish: its only a small perl-script to mod your items to have a unique value in the barcode field
04:29 robin Mehwish: oh yeah, you can give them a barcode value now, but only attach the code to the book when you have to handle it.
04:29 robin that way it's not significantly slower.
04:30 Mehwish Sorry I am not getting..
04:31 robin Give each item in koha a barcode value. Pre-print sheets containing all the barcodes for all the books. When someone brings up a book with no barcode, look it up, find the barcode in the sheet, and attach it to the book.
04:31 Mehwish are u saying that I can run a query to give them barcode and then print out barcode list then attached a small chit
04:31 robin It won't be fast, but with 2,000 items, it'll be over quick.
04:31 robin basically, yeah
04:32 Mehwish hmm.. It seems some reasonable solution.
04:32 robin at least you're spreading the hard work out over a longer time :)
04:32 Mehwish Thanks
04:32 wasabi
04:32 wasabi Mehwish:  that will do it..
04:34 Mehwish U mean I add this code in file
04:34 wasabi something like that ....
04:34 Mehwish hmm.
04:34 robin Mehwish: just from the line that starts '#!/usr/bin/perl'
04:35 Mehwish OK I am trying that.
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04:58 robin chris: you aroung?
04:58 robin -g+d
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05:03 cait good morning #koha
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06:24 chris am now robin, but i suspect you have headed home
06:24 robin chris: not quite :) any idea why my local dev install would be trying to fetch assets from library.,
06:25 chris it'll be the css in the systempreferences
06:25 chris take a look in the opac tab
06:26 chris and remove the opacmaincss in think it is
06:27 robin chris: seems to be coming from colors.css ... perhaps you committed to the wrong branch at some point?
06:27 chris could be, are you running master?
06:27 robin clientwork
06:28 chris right, id just remove the code in sysprefs to use colors.css
06:28 robin OK
06:28 chris most installs dont use that
06:28 chris and we shoudl git rm it
06:29 robin hmm. It's still trying to use it.
06:29 * robin flushes caches
06:29 chris weird
06:30 robin oh. It's also pulling in home_colors.css
06:30 robin I don't know where from though
06:31 chris ahhh thats definitely a bug that should only be in hlt
06:31 chris its
06:31 robin OK cool. deleting that made a difference.
06:31 * chris will bbiab kids to bed
06:31 robin kk
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07:20 kf good morning #koha
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08:04 Ropuch Morning #koka
08:04 Ropuch uh
08:04 Ropuch s/koka/koha
08:04 Ropuch ;>
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08:19 chris Ropuch: koka means aunt, or foster mother, or sometimes mother in maori :)
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08:24 Ropuch Not that bad, in polsih 'koka' is short version of cocaine
08:24 Ropuch Hello chris [;
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08:25 chris hi Ropuch :)
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10:46 chris_n g'morning
10:46 chris_n @wunder 28334
10:46 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 23.3�C (6:53 AM EDT on June 28, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.47 in 997.9 hPa (Steady).
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11:03 Genji HIYA ALL
11:04 Genji okay, can i use GetMarcItem to create a simple marc record i can add to marcxml, without going through a template?
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11:46 druthb howdy, #koha!
11:51 sekjal hi, druthb!
11:52 druthb sekjal, it was nice meeting you on the exhibit floor on Saturday. :)
11:52 sekjal druthb: likewise
12:08 sekjal time to head out to the conference!  hope to be back on soon.
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12:09 druthb Hi, owen!
12:09 owen Hi druthb!
12:10 * owen is jealous of his virtual friends meeting in meatspace
12:10 druthb hee hee.  Shoulda snuck off to ALA.  :)
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12:11 owen I'd have had to sneak some money to pay for a non-member ticket too
12:11 druthb well, yah.
12:11 owen Non-members have to wear a special beanie too don't they?
12:12 druthb yep.  for librarians, it's a beanie with a little book on top; for us geeks, it has a propeller.
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12:35 owen Hi nengard
12:36 nengard hiya
12:36 druthb ssshh...owen, we gotta quit talking about her now; she's here!
12:36 nengard grrr
12:36 nengard found me a free wifi in the exhibit floor!!
12:36 nengard chris_n around?
12:36 druthb w00t!
12:40 * druthb hands nengard a Sharpie.
12:43 nengard .... i'm not sure why...
12:44 nengard druthb why do i need a sharpie?
12:44 druthb I suggest writing on his forehead, since he's not here.
12:45 * druthb may do that to gmcharlt shortly--plenty of room there.
12:46 nengard oooo
12:46 druthb See?  I don't *just* pick on you.  You just got an extra dose since we were in-person, and it was your birthday.
12:47 nengard ah - so birthday girls get picked on??? that's not what I was told :)
12:48 druthb birthday girls get it *extra*;
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12:51 owen Oh, nengard I owe you a happy birthday! Happy birthday! Belatedly :)
12:51 nengard thank you :)
12:51 nengard had me a birthday s'more last night:
12:52 nengard well I shared it with 2 others - but still
12:52 hdl happy birthday nengard
12:52 nengard thanks
12:53 * collum finds yesterdays' Dilbert especially funny.
12:53 collum Happy Birthday nengard
12:55 * druthb agrees with collum.
12:56 druthb thanks for sharing the birthday muffin with me, nengard.  It was tasty.
12:56 nengard no prob!!
13:01 owen I wonder if anyone is working on Bug 4438?
13:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4438 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, incorrect "Budget total exceeds period allocation" error when editing fund
13:06 chris_n heya nengard, happy birthday
13:06 nengard thanks
13:11 jcamins Happy birthday, nengard, and hello, #koha
13:12 nengard thanks
13:13 * druthb takes the Sharpie from nengard, and hides it.  noooooo, chris_n, neither of us had *anything* to do with the writing on your forehead...nope.
13:14 owen Why does a fund show up as locked on the budget planning page?
13:14 owen I see: $budget_lock = 1 if $borrower_id != $budget->{'budget_owner_id'};
13:14 owen ...but I'm the budget owner
13:14 owen I see: $budget_lock = 1 if $borrower_branchcode ne $budget->{budget_branchcode};
13:15 owen I wonder if that means a budget with no branch specified is always locked?
13:15 druthb Probably, yeah, unless a borrower had no branchcode, also.
13:16 * chris_n concurs
13:16 chris_n with the budget question that is
13:17 druthb @eightball Catch up, maybe?
13:17 munin druthb: About as likely as pigs flying.
13:17 druthb That's what I thought.
13:17 * druthb gets out the pig-a-pult.
13:19 owen The problem was all my funds were locked at the budget level by a lock on the budget
13:21 owen Hmmm... A different indicator for "Locked" based on the reason for the lock?
13:22 * chris_n finds that most of his funds are locked at all levels regardless of how hard he tries to access them ;-)
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13:26 chris_n bbl
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13:31 * druthb waves to sekjal
13:31 * sekjal waves back to druthb
13:32 sekjal getting myself warmed up for the KUDOS meeting in a little less than 2 hours
13:32 druthb I have a slightly-used set of body armor, sekjal, just in case you need to borrow it.
13:33 sekjal I'm more worried about the peace being kept in the session afterwards
13:33 sekjal Open Source:  Free Beer, or Free Puppy?
13:33 sekjal oh, and there's a puppy now!
13:33 * druthb is glad she's not at that one.
13:34 sekjal wondering if it'll be as fiery as it looks stacked to be:  Marshall Breeding, Karen Schneider and Stephen Abram, with Roy Tennant moderating
13:35 druthb Sounds like a planned hypergolic mixture.
13:36 sekjal hope I have wifi this afternoon; would be nice to tweet on a larger keyboard
13:36 * druthb thinks right off the bat you're in for a wild session--when the title is a false dichotomy...
13:37 sekjal I think that's what the planners are hoping
13:37 owen Free beer *and* free puppy, but be careful: the puppy is drunk.
13:37 druthb maybe we oughta take lessons in Evil from the conference planners.  That takes some talent.
13:37 sekjal mwahahahaa!
13:37 sekjal I've already got the laugh down
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13:38 druthb @quote add <owen> Free beer *and* free puppy, but be careful: the puppy is drunk.
13:38 munin druthb: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:38 sekjal and when I get really stressed out my left eyebrow turns partially white
13:39 jcamins Where did the free puppy come from? Wasn't it a free kitten six months ago?
13:39 druthb @quote add <owen> Free beer *and* free puppy, but be careful: the puppy is drunk.
13:39 munin druthb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #81 added.
13:40 druthb @quote random
13:40 munin druthb: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
13:41 druthb @quote random
13:41 munin druthb: Quote #39: "chris <chris> nope, ive made it my aim in life not to learn js or html" (added by ricardo at 02:00 PM, October 07, 2009)
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14:08 kf hi all
14:08 kmkale hi all good evening
14:10 tomascohe hi all, 'im having a weird error message  can't figure out where to start looking
14:10 tomascohe [error] /usr/share/koha_ffyh/intranet/​cgi-bin/cae/koha_ffyh/lib/C4/ line 168., referer:
14:11 tomascohe it happens in too
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14:12 druthb hi, kmkale and kf!
14:12 kmkale hey druthb
14:12 owen tomascohe: Are there any more related errors?
14:13 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:13 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 29.0�C (4:00 PM CEST on June 28, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 24%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
14:13 tomascohe nope
14:13 tomascohe it looks like its only a warn sentence in
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14:14 tomascohe if we're not using an URL for the xsl file, the code triggers "warn getCwd";
14:17 owen hdl, do you have any advice for tomascohe ?
14:19 owen gmcharlt around?
14:19 hdl owen: I am here.
14:19 owen Hi hdl, tomascohe has a question about which I think relates to a change you made
14:20 hdl tomascohe: which version are you using.
14:20 hdl On community/master I donot see any warn getCwd issued
14:21 hdl owen: the changes I proposed were not pushed iirc.
14:21 * owen saw it in 3.0.x on gitweb
14:23 hdl on 3.0.x yes.
14:23 hdl But not on master
14:25 hdl tomascohe: this is an unconditional warn.
14:26 hdl on line 168 of C4/
14:26 hdl can be safely removed
14:29 tomascohe hdl: 3.0.6
14:30 hdl Saw that.
14:30 owen It's too bad Bugzilla can't track when a patch has been pushed
14:30 tomascohe it looks safe to remove
14:31 tomascohe but i'd like to know if it would be better that we don't get into that code every time
14:31 tomascohe don't we have the xslt parameter in a variable?
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14:32 hdl tomascohe: you can set all XSLT variables to '' and you won't use XSLTs
14:33 kf owen: perhaps you could make git send an email to bugzilla?
14:33 owen kf: I'm not sure how we'd indicate it in Bugzilla.... another priority setting for "patch-pushed?"
14:35 kf perhaps just an update like galen does now: patch pushed, plz test and close
14:35 tomascohe hdl: of course, what i meant is that every time an xsl file is requested we do a lot of parsing on
14:35 tomascohe the xsl filename
14:35 hdl owen: git-bz can help you ;)
14:36 kf owen: not sure git can send emails, but it would perhaps makes things a bit easier, needs a correct bug number in submit messages
14:37 tomascohe which at first sight, cuold be in (some way) in C4::Context
14:46 sekjal kf: there is git send-email as a function, and you can also add hooks to run arbitrary scripts before or after certain events, like commits
14:47 sekjal and with that, time to get ready for KUDOS.  Hope to have connection so I can report the proceedings.  Cheers!
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14:47 kf sekjal: cool
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14:52 hdl tomascohe: you can set all XSLT variables to '' and you won't use XSLTs
14:53 kf bye all, bbl
14:53 kf left #koha
14:54 tomascohe hdl: i watn to use xslt's, just saying the code looks inneficient, with a los of innecesary i/o for just showing results or biblios
14:56 hdl tomascohe: the parser is stored in a HASH. So parsing XSLT should be done only for the first result
15:00 tomascohe hdl: ok, if i leave the 'warn' i see an error message for each search i do
15:01 tomascohe i'll look at it and if i find something interesting will come back with this
15:01 tomascohe thank
15:01 tomascohe s
15:03 hdl tomascohe: you're welcome.
15:03 hdl tomascohe: I will remove the warning.
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15:10 * druthb velcroes sekjal down
15:23 nengard sekjal is at the Kudos meeting now
15:24 sekjal yup, free wifi here, so I'm on my full keyboard
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15:38 gmcharlt good afternoon
15:39 cait joined #koha
15:40 druthb Hi, gmcharlt and cait! :)
15:40 gmcharlt hi druthb :)
15:40 cait hi #koha and druthb :)
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15:42 owen sekjal: Say hi to Kudos for me
15:48 nengard joined #koha
15:49 sekjal owen: sure thing
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16:11 cait owen++
16:13 chris_n owen gets the "kitten of the day" award (so far) :)
16:15 owen Thanks. Lots of "patch sent" bug reports needing follow-up!
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16:23 owen How can I find information in git about a file that has been removed?
16:27 collum owen:  git ls-files -d
16:28 collum According to[…]git-ls-files.html
16:28 druthb collum++
16:28 druthb @karma collum
16:28 munin druthb: Karma for "collum" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
16:29 druthb @karma
16:29 munin druthb: Highest karma: "chris" (149), "gmcharlt" (149), and "owen" (117).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-57), "failed" (-40), and "-" (-25).
16:31 owen I get no output from that at all. Does that only work with files removed from your branch?
16:33 sekjal left #koha
16:39 chris_n owen: I'd bet so
16:39 * owen wonders why 'git status' wouldn't suffice... Perhaps he manages too few files in one go
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16:43 * collum is looking at git commands and is amazed by the number of commands
16:52 owen There are unfixed issues in the RFC comments, but I'm tempted to mark Bug 3929 as fixed since the basics are in place
16:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3929 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, parameters in guided reports
16:52 owen[…]uided_reports_RFC
16:55 owen is now known as owen-away
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17:05 gmcharlt @quote random
17:05 munin gmcharlt: Quote #28: "<owen> I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say." (added by jdavidb at 09:14 AM, September 01, 2009)
17:05 chris_n lol
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17:11 sekjal KUDOS meeting wrapped and tweeted.  On to the Ultimate Debate (with leftover food)
17:12 sekjal may lose WiFi for a couple minutes...
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17:47 sekjal twitter has crunched down on search results for the conference IP... ugh
17:52 owen-away sekjal: PTFS is considering turning over to KUDOS?
17:52 owen-away is now known as owen
17:55 sekjal owen: it was talked about at KUDOS, yes
17:55 chris looks like a slap in the face to HLT and the people who voted for hlt to hold community property to me
17:55 * owen agrees
17:55 owen No to mention a slap in the face of every non-US Koha enthusiast
17:56 sekjal having in the hands of a non-profit users group would be better than nothing, but it should point to the world site.  period
17:56 sekjal KUDOS needs a website. is available.... but some folks want to leverage the SEO of, rather than letting it rot
17:57 chris i can only see that as driving a wedge into the community
17:57 chris unless yes it was pointed to the world site
17:57 sekjal agreed
17:59 wizzyrea well
17:59 chris if the domain was in control of the community, and could both work, and point to
17:59 chris can work right now if desired
17:59 wizzyrea if they turned it over to kudos, kudos could turn it over to koha-community :P
18:00 sekjal no promises could be made about such a turnover, whether KUDOS would 'own'' outright, or if PTFS would retain control, and give license to KUDOS to maintain the site
18:00 owen "Could."
18:00 tomascohe has anyone seen sthing like this? http://ffyh2.biblioadmin.unc.e[…]
18:00 wizzyrea ah, that requires a login
18:01 tomascohe oops
18:02 sekjal KUDOS is not Koha. should not be the KUDOS site.  that's what links are for
18:02 chris im with you
18:02 sekjal there, I've definitely stated my position
18:02 chris :)
18:02 sekjal for whatever it's worth
18:03 tomascohe wizzyrea: my mistake, here goes[…]
18:04 chris doesnt work for me tomascohe
18:04 wizzyrea me either :(
18:04 owen "production mode - trapped fatal error" Is that the point?
18:04 owen I've seen that error many times
18:04 chris i get a dns one
18:05 tomascohe i'm trying to show an error
18:05 wizzyrea I get a DNS one as well
18:05 tomascohe if you search borges everything works fine
18:05 tomascohe its just some words
18:06 tomascohe philosophy, journal, etc
18:06 tomascohe please try this opac instead, its the same problem
18:06 tomascohe
18:07 chris what does the apache error log tell you?
18:07 tomascohe Wide character in subroutine entry at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/Charset/ line 96
18:07 chris looks like the record has some bad characters in it
18:08 tomascohe the problem (in my side) is that it is not refereed to A record
18:08 tomascohe its a problem with a generic zebra search
18:08 owen Perhaps a problem with the XSLT parsing of the search results?
18:08 tomascohe should i look for coding problems in ALL the records?
18:09 chris well its not all, as borges works
18:09 chris but its definitely som
18:09 chris e
18:09 owen One bad record throwing off the parsing of the XML in the result set?
18:09 chris at least one record in the search results will break it
18:09 chris yeah
18:09 chris tomascohe: do you have display results using XSLT turned on?
18:10 tomascohe yes, i'm turning it off
18:10 chris yeah try that, it might help us spot the bad record
18:10 tomascohe you where right, it worked
18:11 tomascohe should ? look for the problem in the first results list records?
18:12 chris i think so
18:13 chris we should also fix it so a bad record doesnt kill everything
18:13 tomascohe thanks, i'll try to figure how to check it algorithmically in the databse
18:13 chris cos thats just lame
18:13 chris tomascohe: you could export the marc
18:13 tomascohe chris: thats a good idea
18:14 chris then run marcdump or marclint on it
18:14 * owen recalls ranting about that recently
18:14 chris might help you find it
18:14 tomascohe thanks again
18:14 chris no problem
18:14 chris good luck finding it
18:14 chris owen: is there a bug on it do you know?
18:15 chris this early morning help is brought to by chris' stomach bug
18:15 owen :(
18:16 chris getting better i thnk, i feel better than yesterday, not 100% yet tho
18:16 owen Nothing relevant to the general issue turns up in a search of Bugzilla for "trapped"
18:16 sekjal out of battery.  chris, feel even better, #koha, take care!  hope to be back on soon
18:16 sekjal left #koha
18:16 chris definitely something we want to fix in future
18:16 chris we should skip the record in the opac
18:17 chris and do a big red warning in the staff side
18:17 rhcl joined #koha
18:17 chris imho
18:17 cait get well chris
18:17 wizzyrea ^^
18:17 wizzyrea agreed
18:19 owen "the general issue" I refer to is the fact that if debug level is 0 you get a blank page with "production mode - trapped fatal error"
18:20 owen Why does such an error not trigger a page like we get for a 404 or 500 error?
18:20 tomascohe left #koha
18:22 chris yeah
18:23 chris but i think that a 500 is bad in that case too
18:23 chris we shouldnt explode cos one record is bad
18:23 chris we should show the other 19
18:23 chris and warn the librarian one is bad
18:24 wizzyrea so one bad character in one bad field causes it to puke?
18:24 wizzyrea this comes from the index?
18:24 wizzyrea (I'm still trying to understand)
18:24 chris its from parsing the xml using xslt
18:24 chris in this case
18:35 bigbrovar joined #koha
18:45 owen chris, can you elaborate on "run marcdump or marclint on it?"
18:46 chris if you export the marc
18:46 chris then run marcdump on it
18:47 chris it should explode when it gets to the bad character, or at least tell you it saw one
18:47 chris you may have to install marclint
18:47 chris apt-get install libmarc-lint-perl
18:47 chris it looks through your records and finds mistakes
18:51 chris so
18:51 chris marclint marc_file_name | less
18:51 chris or something similair
18:54 owen Trying to export one of my problem records gives me a 0-byte file
18:54 chris ahh thats unhelpful
18:54 chris bbiab
18:58 tomascohe joined #koha
19:14 tomascohe left #koha
19:19 owen gmcharlt?
19:23 aaclibrar joined #koha
19:42 aaclibrar left #koha
19:46 owen left #koha
19:51 cait left #koha
19:58 francharb left #koha
20:07 cait joined #koha
20:25 richard joined #koha
20:25 richard hi
20:59 robin chris: so, there's a new Debian package policy version out, which I think gives me an excuse to make myself the maintainer of larsw's packages.
21:00 larsw yay
21:08 cait bye all
21:08 cait left #koha
21:32 chris sweet :)
21:32 gmcharlt robin++
21:32 gmcharlt larsw++
21:38 * robin wishes he had the time to rewrite the auth system - is currently very hard to make changes to :(
21:42 chris it can go on the list for 3.4
21:43 robin chris: what gets stored in the session? It looks like it's a bunch of information about the user, I assume that's used to reduce db lookups?
21:44 robin ohh. I can have a session without a cookie if httpauth is being used - it just ties the session to the userid, that could work.
21:44 chris yup
21:45 robin It looks like the httpauth stuff was written a long time ago, and kina forgotten about, it doesn't really work just yet :)
21:45 chris yep thats exactly what happened
21:57 pianohack joined #koha
22:05 pianohack morning all
22:05 pianohack also, chris: around?
22:06 chris semi
22:10 pianohack ah
22:10 pianohack chris: so maybe not the best time to go into your reasons for not liking apple?
22:10 sekjal joined #koha
22:15 chris heh
22:15 chris its pretty much all ethical
22:15 chris with some practical thrown in as well
22:16 pianohack okay
22:16 chris i don't like their drm and lock in practices, i dont like the patent threats steve jobs makes, i don't like the working conditions of the people who make their products
22:17 pianohack so drm, patents and foxconn
22:18 chris proprietary code too, but that goes without saying :)
22:18 pianohack Yes, those things suck, but are they objectively much worse than the rest of the computer _hardware_ industry?
22:18 chris (theres more than just foxconn too im afraid)
22:18 larsw but, but, ... shiny! or dull! white! or black! metal! dull shiny aluminium metal! brushed! how can you you not want to give all your money to them!
22:19 chris if you were gonna buy it, reformat and put linux on, then nope, but you are buying their software .. and that is much worse than a lot of the software industry :)
22:19 chris also, objective measures don't exist in an ethical sphere :)
22:19 pianohack well, no
22:20 pianohack I think I've been reading too much english class material, throwin' in adverbs for the hell of it
22:20 pianohack but anyway
22:21 chris hehe
22:21 pianohack Hmm. I wonder how far up the chain I could get with the a "Mac OS X tax" argument for a refund?
22:21 pianohack Don't know if anyone's tried
22:21 chris i think about no where at all
22:21 chris frankly i dont think the hardware is good enough to justify the price, without OS X
22:22 chris thats just my opinion though
22:22 pianohack Even if you're going for, say, the entry level macbook as opposed to the macbook pro, which costs more than some used cars I've seen?
22:23 chris whats an entry level macbook cost these days?
22:23 pianohack (not _great_ used cars, but still)
22:24 chris :)
22:24 druthb joined #koha
22:24 chris heya druthb :)
22:24 druthb hi, chris! :D
22:24 chris all conferenced out?
22:24 druthb Very much so, yes.
22:26 * sekjal is already outta DC
22:26 druthb The convention center is three loooong blocks long by two wide...huge place.
22:26 chris crazy
22:26 pianohack chris: $950 for us lucky college entrants ;)
22:26 chris sekjal: on the bus home?
22:27 sekjal chris: train to Baltimore.  my best friend gets married next weekend
22:27 larsw pianohack, which country's dollars?
22:27 chris sekjal: oooh cool
22:27 pianohack larsw: USD. Just out of curiosity, where are you from?
22:27 larsw entry level macbook in nz is nzd 1749 in the apple shop
22:27 druthb sekjal, that's a nice little ride---40 minutes or so, and cheap-cheap.  I go to baltimore n back fairly often.
22:28 larsw pianohack, currently in NZ, born in Finlnad
22:28 larsw Finlnad -- the land of a thousand typos
22:28 pianohack Oh, wow, that's a 25% export premium over the us
22:28 pianohack larsw: See, but I think it's still preferable to minnesota
22:28 sekjal druthb: yup, I'm about 10 minutes away.  nice to have outlets to recharge my devices.  all the sessions today drained them dry
22:29 druthb yep.
22:29 druthb you on northeast regional, or acela?
22:30 sekjal druthb: northeast regional
22:31 druthb *nod*  That's what I usually ride, too.
22:31 druthb I was gonna take acela to Boston for midwinter, then ended up not going.
22:32 sekjal next one is in San Diego, right?  that'd be a wicked long ride
22:33 sekjal alright, pulling into the station.  got to bounce yet again.
22:33 * sekjal unsticks velcro
22:33 chris prolly cost more than a macbook
22:38 sekjal left #koha
22:49 druthb left #koha
23:41 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:41 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 21.9�C (6:49 PM CDT on June 28, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 28.96 in 980.6 hPa (Falling).
23:41 chris cool anthony mao from taiwan confirms he is coming and can present, only 2 outstanding now
23:42 * moodaepo sees pianohack dissing Minnesota
23:42 chris he
23:42 chris h
23:42 moodaepo chris: nice.
23:46 custard joined #koha
23:52 pianohack moodaepo: Only to tie in with larsw's joke ;)
23:54 custard hello #koha,

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