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00:23 jloucks FINALLY! Everything is working. Still importing... next step will be doing Zebra, I guess. Finally got the amazon stuff working--using 3.02.
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00:45 custard morning all.
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00:55 ray how can i change the favicon in koha?
00:57 ray how can i change the favicon of koha?
01:03 chris_n @later tell nengard I'm working on getting the docs exported to pdf format including the images; I'll be submitting some changes to image attributes in the documenation which will help make this export easier over the next week or so
01:03 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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01:55 jloucks Woohoo. Import completed. Images working. Amazon working.
01:56 jloucks Now I get to try to figure out circulation, importing patrons, and how to make our follett scanners work with Koha.
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05:31 chris chris_n++
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10:02 Genji greetings all. how does one set a homebranch on an item, after the item was created?
10:10 Genji guess it could be a stupid question, for anyone who has  items..
10:35 chris_n Genji: edit the item
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13:22 cait hi #koha
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16:16 davi_ is now known as davi
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16:55 CGI651 hello
16:56 CGI651 n00b here. running into a lot of trouble with my koha (harley) install (on OSX)
16:56 CGI651 is anyone around? I have never done IRC before I'm afraid
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17:00 CGI651 please
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17:32 cait CGI651: hi CGI651. harley is a bit special, because its a koha release from PTFS, not the community. not sure we can help you here
17:32 cait oh, i m too late
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18:08 * chris_n steps in and looks around
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19:11 chris morning
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19:50 hdl happy birthday nengard
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20:29 richard hi
20:33 sekjal greetings, richard!
20:34 chris_n hi to all those in Monday
20:34 * chris says hi from his sick bed
20:35 richard hiyas.
20:35 richard bummer chris
20:35 chris some kinda stomach flu
20:35 chris or food poisoning, im hoping the former
20:36 sekjal oh, that's no good.  feel better, chris!
20:36 chris thanks
20:49 sekjal alright, time to pack up the booth for the night.  goodnight, #koha
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20:56 * chris_n passes chris a get-well-soon card
20:58 chris heh thanks
21:05 larsw chris, ouch, I hope you get better soon
21:09 chris thanks larsw
22:33 robin chris: I propose we have a policy of avoiding winter, it does no one any good.
22:33 robin I'm sure Catalyst will pay for us to spend 6 months a year in Europe :)
23:00 robin chris: oh no! C4::Auth doesn't appear to be safe in some fashion. I'm getting weird errors, using this mix of mod_perl and CGI.
23:03 robin ah
23:04 robin something in C4 is re-initing LibXSLT, which makes it unhappy. Fixing this will also make us a small step closer to being mod_perl compatible.
23:24 robin I just managed to make apache crash: *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/apache2: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x0922f580 ***
23:25 robin I think this avenue for authentication is a dead end until Koha is mod_perl compatible.
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