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03:58 chris what a day
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03:59 chris wb wizzyrea_
04:00 wizzyrea_ ty :)
04:02 chris
04:04 chris and more on topic
04:04 chris[…]x.php?q=node/4462
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09:43 zico hello all
09:43 zico how are you everybody?
09:43 zico i am having problem with my statistics wizard
09:44 zico no statistics is showing any result
09:44 zico that means...if i go for any kind of statistics... it shows 0
09:44 zico :(
09:44 zico do i need to run any cron job for this?
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09:53 cait morning #koha
09:59 zico is there anything which i need to run for getting this statistics
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10:09 Genji greetings all! wow! chanservs...
10:10 Genji Anyway, 4 weeks since last 3.0.x commit...
10:11 Genji nothing to be worried about?
10:20 cait Genji: but a lot of 3.2 commits yesterday
10:20 cait not sure if there will be another 3.0.x release before 3.2
10:20 Genji ah. the 3.0.x tag doesn't automatically get moved?
10:21 Genji And congrats Cait.. you got opship and all.
10:22 cait I think they are differnet branches not connected to each other
10:22 Genji ah, so one can't easily go from 3.0.x to 3.2 via git?
10:22 cait I think all regulars can get, I tested for chris when he was setting up chanservs
10:22 cait I think you can do in the end
10:23 cait when 3.2 is released
10:23 Genji hmm... maybe im regular enough for opship?
10:23 cait just as chris, as motd tells :)
10:23 cait as = ask
10:36 Genji okay, i need to do some arabic stemming.. im going to use an external module to do the actual stemming, but where do i put the call?
10:38 Genji nevermind.. i found it... i think..
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12:19 CGI926 hello
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14:57 Miguel_Fe Hi! Does anyone know if koha is able to print a receipt after an item is cheked in?
15:06 cait you can send checkin notices as email
15:06 cait I think there is no option at checkin to print a slip atm, but its possible for checkouts
15:08 hdl_away mmm cait I think you are right
15:08 hdl_away is now known as hdl
15:08 cait hi hdl
15:11 Miguel_Fe thanks. That's what I thought..
15:19 hdl hi cait
15:19 cait watching the game?
15:27 Miguel_Fe who's playing?
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15:28 cait nz : italy
15:28 cait ah, too late
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15:46 cait ah, chris will be happy
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16:14 chris cait: Italy has 3541 professional footballers to New Zealand's 25
16:14 chris happy is an understatement
16:14 cait ah g
16:14 cait :)
16:14 wizzyrea_ oh you WON
16:14 cait im happy with you
16:15 cait 1:1
16:16 wizzyrea_ nice
16:17 chris its all going a bit mental
16:17 cait next is nz vs. paraguay
16:21 chris we have to beat them, and italy have to draw or lose against slovakia for us to go through, but that doesnt really matter, drawing with italy is about 10 million times more than anyone thought we could do
16:22 chris right its 4.30am ... i need some more sleep back later
16:23 cait night chris
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20:38 richard hi
20:39 chris hiya richard
20:39 richard hi chris
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20:49 cait hi chris and richard
20:49 richard hi cait
20:50 larsw good morning
20:50 chris hi cait and larsw  :)
20:50 cait hi larsw ;)
21:11 chris stacy++
21:14 chris larsw:[…]-June/051791.html
21:17 larsw oh cool :)
21:17 larsw also fun: I once wrote a C library called publib :)
21:17 chris :)
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21:35 cait bed time
21:35 cait good night all
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