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03:36 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:57 chris hi Amit
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04:53 kmkale good morning all
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05:42 Amit heya kmkale
05:42 kmkale hey Amit. How is it going?
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05:47 ray why can't i add a topical term when creating a new marc bibliographic entry ?
05:57 ray anyone knows?
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06:03 ray hello
06:04 mason ray: your've prolly got 'use-authorties' on
06:04 ray so what should i do?
06:05 mason flick them off in your sysprefs
06:05 ray what specific preference?
06:07 mason or you could use authorites too ;)
06:07 mason takes a little extra admin etc...
06:08 ray i can't figure it out what authorities are for and how can i make use of them
06:08 mason them u prolly dont need them :)
06:11 ray ahm... i tried to look for the demo site of liblime. It accepts new topical term
06:12 ray and i already checked its preferences
06:14 mason fyi: looks like the way to flick auths off , is a framework change - not a syspref, my bad
06:15 mason mysql>  update  marc_subfield_structure set authtypecode = null;
06:15 mason that should do it
06:16 ray oops... i think i solved my problem
06:16 mason im not sure what state the liblime demo site is in
06:16 ray i just set BiblioAddsAuthorities to on
06:16 ray thanks for the time
06:17 mason cool, np
06:18 mason hmm, perhaps 'BiblioAddsAuthorities' syspref ignores the 'authtypecode' values
06:18 mason thats sounds like a smart idea
06:21 ray hehehe.... i just missed it when i compared the preferences in the demo site
06:23 mason fyi: iirc your koha is probably is quite different than the liblime one your are comparing againist
06:24 ray i think my koha is in higher version... i'm using 3.0.5
06:25 ray and the demo site is 3.0.3?
06:25 mason pass, have a look
06:26 mason afaik , their demo-koha hasnt been 3.0-stable for ever
06:27 ray aw... by the way.. is it normal to have a delay in the opac if i turned on the google book jacket option?
06:29 mason yep, extra request to google for the jackets
06:29 ray i observed that amazon book cover look up is faster in the demo site but i can't get it to work
06:30 ray there's a delay of approximately 3-5 seconds and i think that will annoy users
06:31 mason use squid and a tweaked apache config to help with that
06:32 mason from NZ google-jackets speed is fine
06:32 ray ahm.. what's squid and can i configure may apache config file
06:33 mason sadly... i gotta switch back to some work now-ish
06:33 ray aw.. ok.. thanks!
06:33 mason
06:34 mason google-jackets may not play nicely with proxy-caches
06:35 mason i havent really checked :/
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06:37 ray ahm ok.
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06:58 ray how can i enable amazon book jacket retrieval?
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08:24 CGI456 hello
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08:31 hdl_laptop hi CGI456
08:49 CGI456 i have a KOHA installation question
08:50 CGI456 i just installed it on my server... via commandline... what do i do next?
09:11 hdl_laptop run cronjobs and connect to the intranet interface
09:11 mason and config/test your apache
09:19 CGI456 apache is set up. i installed KOHA on a webserver that's already hosting a website..... i followed the directions on the INSTALL file.
09:20 mason cool!
09:20 CGI456 but now I don't know where to go next.... how do I login or get into the web interface, or a more general question... what comes next after installing??????
09:20 mason now, hit it with your web-browser :)
09:21 CGI456 its not in the root...
09:22 mason have a read of this...
09:22 mason[…];f=INSTALL.debian
09:23 mason '4. Configure and start Apache'
09:24 mason check that stuff, on your box
09:24 mason '6. Run the Web Installer, populate the database, initial configuration of settings'
09:49 CGI456 i think i need a dedicated server for this... i cant edit the apache config file
09:50 mason set up a debian vm, do it on a test-box
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10:11 cait hi #koha
10:18 chris hi cait
10:18 Amit heya cait
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10:23 Amit heya kmkale
10:24 kmkale hi amit
10:24 Amit kmkale: how is going on?
10:24 kmkale good. how about you?
10:25 Amit same for my side
10:25 Amit same from my side
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10:29 cait hi chris, Amit and kmkale
10:29 kmkale hi cait
10:30 kmkale hi chris
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10:33 mpelletier Greetings everyone.  Does anyone know where I can find instructions on cataloging e journals in koha or using koha as a single point of entry type system for electronic journals?
10:38 Amit mpelletier: i think use 856 tag
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11:09 albertos hi all
11:09 albertos i would like to ask something about koha
11:09 albertos i can add as many libs as i want
11:10 albertos but ... is there a way to limit my opac to search only in one or some of them?
11:10 albertos the thing we are trying to do is... have some catalogers to insert books in a Test Lib
11:10 albertos and then edit the entries to go over the main library
11:11 albertos but untill then... how can we limit the opac search only to the main lib?
11:11 cait not sure you can really do that, but perhaps searchmylibraryfirst could help?
11:12 cait I never tested this sys pref, so not sure how it workds
11:12 albertos searcgmylib is only for registered users i think
11:13 cait[…]l/?ch=c19#AEN2405
11:13 cait yes
11:15 albertos so?
11:15 albertos is there any solution for this?
11:17 albertos there is a "single Branch" mode
11:17 albertos can this help?
11:33 cait single branch mode is for libraries with only one branch
11:33 cait it hides the library name from facetted search, advanced search, item table
11:33 cait etc.
11:33 cait I does not limit search
11:35 albertos ημμμ
11:35 albertos oops
11:36 albertos is there a way to have this kind of workflow?
11:36 albertos meaning that entries will have to be confirmed before get published in opac?
11:38 cait I dont think this is possible right now
11:39 albertos :-(
11:39 albertos to bad
11:39 albertos but...
11:40 albertos can i change the html post for search to search only in one lib?
11:40 albertos by adding the some params there?
11:45 cait not sure, but perhaps this is possible
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11:55 albertos i'll try...
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12:48 chris_n g'morning
12:50 cait good morning chris_n
13:25 kmkale hi chris_n
13:27 kmkale in the label creator, is it possible to search for a range of barcodes? like for example THN-1 to THN-100
13:28 chris_n kmkale: I'm not sure
13:29 chris_n but I don't think so atm
13:30 kmkale does the search box take any wildcards?
13:32 kmkale whats the standard number in the drop down for?
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13:49 cait hm, I created a folde de-DE in installer and translated all files, deleted my database and wanted to install using German, I was able to select de-DE but now Step 1 is broken, I see the header but nothing else
13:53 cait I think I solved it by creating the German template files before starting the web installer
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14:28 chris_n kmkale: I'm not sure on either count; I did not write the labels search code and have only fixed a few things in it long ago
14:28 chris_n it will probably be rewritten for 3.4
14:29 kmkale chris_n: right. I should add a wish for barcode range selection then for 3.4
14:29 kmkale or attempt to hack it if nobody else is working on it..
14:32 chris_n kmkale: probably waiting a bit is best as C4::Search is slated to undergo a major refactor and the labels search relies upon that module
14:32 kmkale ok.
14:34 kmkale brb.
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14:48 kmkale back
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15:21 kmkale Bye all. good night
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16:58 cait gmcharlt: around?
16:58 gmcharlt cait: for a little bit
16:58 cait hi there :)
16:58 cait I just finished one of my big projects: translation of all web installer files including marc frameworks
16:58 cait i get this error message: fatal: 0001-German-web-installer-files-​including-translation-of-.patch: 192: patch contains a line longer than 998 characters
16:59 cait can i just attach the patch to the email in this case or do I need to break the lines?
16:59 gmcharlt you can attach the patch
16:59 cait ok
17:00 cait another question, I saw that there were some patches with new granular permissions
17:01 cait they are not in git yet, I saw that they were not added to all languages
17:04 cait userpermissions.sql was not changed for all languages
17:06 gmcharlt right, those will need to be reconciled
17:07 cait hm, should I send my patch now or wait until the granular permissions got in?
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17:14 cait gmcharlt: I will send the patch. I will add the new permissions once they are in git. and you can tell me if something more needs to be done or is missing. I did an installation in German with all sample data that worked fine.
17:14 gmcharlt cait++
17:15 cait thx! :)
17:15 cait I started translation of marc21 frameworks months ago, glad I finally finished them
17:17 cait oh, cant send the mail, message size exceeds maximum
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17:38 cait gmcharlt: sent :)
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20:35 chris morning
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20:43 richard hi
20:44 chris hi richard
20:45 mason crazy news day...
20:47 mason ' oh my god, they've got clubs!'
20:47 richard hi chris and mason
20:48 mason[…]-storms-aid-ships
20:49 mason ... they should have used a 'butter-bomb' (topical)
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20:51 mason heya richard/chirs
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22:00 chris_n2 hmm.... mass exodus
22:01 chris :)
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