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00:00 chris ah cool
00:06 jo waves at pianohacker - and sends congrats to :)
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00:07 pianohackr|work hi jo
00:07 pianohackr|work jo: lots of koha drama since I've been here last, no?
00:09 jo yes indeed
00:09 jo but, the community as a whole is definitely stronger for it
00:10 jo facing adversity and all that :)
00:16 hdl hi pianohackr|work
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00:17 hdl congrats
00:20 pianohackr|work thanks hdl
00:20 pianohackr|work how are you?
00:22 hdl tired (2.30AM). But.... It is really nice to see you.
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00:26 hdl hi brendan and ebegin
00:27 brendan heya hdl
00:30 pianohackr|work Hi brendan
00:30 brendan heya pianohackr|work
00:30 brendan great to see you ;)
00:30 pianohackr|work Heh, thanks. You too
00:31 pianohackr|work Hrm. No such host:
00:31 brendan is that a call to host it :)
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00:31 pianohackr|work In the least direct possible way!
00:32 pianohackr|work But seriously, yes
00:32 pianohackr|work There are some very useful tools buried in there
00:32 brendan yeah some little gems in there
00:33 brendan got run to the store catch you all in a bit
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01:03 brendan bye pianohackr|work
01:07 chris_n drat... missed him
01:12 chris_n @later tell pianohackr|work congrats!
01:12 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
01:19 brendan just reading back - I think chris 's comment summed it up best - "holy crap" it's pisnohacker
01:25 chris back
01:25 brendan wb chris
01:26 brendan hopefully it won't be two months until the next time we see jesse
01:27 chris ahh, it'll be fine once he is at college
01:27 chris internet in the dorms and all that :-)
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01:46 chris hmm anyone else noticed that sorting by popularity does it alphabetically not numeric?
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01:59 chris_n g'night
01:59 chris night chris_n
01:59 brendan night chris_n sleep well
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02:39 nmlib Hey there everyone, I was wondering if someone has a minute to help me out with a label batch problem that I am having
02:40 nmlib When I try to add items to a label creator batch, I use a wildcard '%' search on the 'Title' field with no date options
02:41 nmlib Which returns results, however, only the first 22 of the 94 total have data in them.  The remaining records have cells laid out for them, but they are blank
02:44 chris ahh youve just missed the labels guru
02:44 chris you might want to drop a mail to the mailing list
02:44 nmlib Ok thank you
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03:25 chris ah ha
03:25 chris its that is being dumb
03:25 chris[…]lib/ZOOM.pod#sort()
03:36 brendan hmm..  missed that
03:38 chris yeah i want numeric, not alphanumber sort
03:39 chris sorting by the number of issues alphanumerically just doesnt work
03:44 chris yeah and its in the c too
03:45 chris crap
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04:28 kmkale good morning all\
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04:52 Amit heya kmkale
04:54 kmkale hi amit
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06:01 Ropuch^__ Morning #koha
06:12 Amit heya Ropouch
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06:59 magnus good time of the day, #koha
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07:13 chris hi all
07:18 Amit heya chris
07:25 magnus so did anyone else notice koha got a mention in Linux Journal? issue 194/june pp. 34-35
07:34 Ropuch^__ Yup :)
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07:39 chris issue 106 too
07:40 chris
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07:42 chris magnus: was it a good write up?
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07:44 magnus well, the scenario was someone looking to "catalog" his books at home, and i guess the conclusion was "so if you have your own public library, Koha is really neat, but I realized I needed something else"
07:44 chris ah yeah, its overkill for a home library
07:44 magnus and he then goes on to explore applications like Alexandria, GCstar and Tellico
07:44 chris cool
07:45 magnus yeah, overkill sums up the conclusion
07:45 chris he probably just needs a catalogue
07:45 chris without all the circulation, acquisitions, etc
07:45 magnus yup, not the whole ILS/MLS thingies
07:45 chris yup
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07:47 magnus he also says "as much as i would like to use an industrial-strength tool, the system was too confusing for me as a layperson (my wife was kind enough to point out there is a reason it is called Library Science)" ;-)
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07:48 kf good morning #koha
07:48 magnus The article is written by someone called Dirk Elmendorf, by the way
07:48 magnus g'day kf
07:48 kf hi magnus
07:49 kf dirk elmendorf?
07:49 kf sounds German
07:49 magnus the bio says he is a cofuonder of Rackspace
07:50 magnus cofounder, even
07:51 kf ah
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07:54 kf thx :)
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08:51 chris magnus: i do think we don't need to make it quite as complicated as we do a lot of the time
08:51 chris magnus: unfortunately a lot of librarians think power=complexity
08:52 magnus chris: interesting thoughts! and yes, we do seem to thrive on complexity (e.g. MARC...)
08:52 magnus chris: and not to forget: RDA
08:53 chris yeah
08:59 chris magnus: id like to bring back the non-marc catalogue interface
08:59 chris (it can still store in marc in the back)
09:00 chris there are hundreds of thousands of libraries around the world
09:00 chris with non library school trained librarians
09:00 magnus godd point
09:00 magnus good, even
09:02 magnus perhaps things could be made simpler with a few stripped down frameworks with good labels, too?
09:02 chris yep
09:02 chris things like Author
09:02 chris instead of Personal Name :)
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09:03 magnus for example!
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10:20 chris_n g'morning
10:21 chris hi chris_n
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11:38 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
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11:48 kmkale_ is space allowed in item type and branch codes?
11:49 kmkale_ hi jdavidb
11:49 jdavidb hi, kmkale_. :)
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12:31 schuster Howdy Koha groupies...
12:32 * owen really considers himself more of a Koha rock star... </modest>
12:32 schuster LOL... Thanks I needed that...  I suspect many of us would agree with you though on that!
12:33 * jdavidb thinks owen is the Ronnie James Dio of OPAC customization.
12:33 schuster Just let us know when your next concert is and we'll show up.
12:33 schuster OPAC - heck... KOHA!
12:33 * jwagner would rate owen right up there with Bruce Springsteen!
12:34 schuster jdavidb - I modified my and am loading inventory records this morning works like a charm.  Now to write the reports I need and then talk with PTFS about some enhancements to the process!
12:34 owen You're quite right jwagner, once I was giving this talk on OPAC customization and Courtney Cox came right up on the stage and started dancing
12:34 nengard hehe
12:34 * jwagner wants pictures of that....
12:37 schuster MORE LOL...  stop, I might start crying here in a minute too funny.
12:38 jdavidb If owen is the Ronnie Dio, then gmcharlt must be the Ozzy.  Only, without the biting heads off animals part.
12:39 jdavidb ...which would probably make me...the Oak Ridge Boys or something.  :P
12:40 * gmcharlt is no geek - the chicken heads are *not* to be bitten off!
12:40 jwagner jdavidb, you're more the Bill Staines type.
12:40 jwagner Maybe I can be Mannheim Steamroller?
12:41 jdavidb Yeah, Staines sounds about right for me.  (So obscure I had to look 'im up...)
12:42 nengard i have to admit i am so so so so lost right now
12:42 jwagner Staines may be obscure, but he's very very good!
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12:45 jwagner To quote one of my favorites, "All God's critters got a place in the choir"
12:46 jwagner (or the version I usually sing, All God's creatures...)
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13:00 owen If the issues table doesn't record the issuing branch in the issuingbranch column, what does issues.branchcode record? The home library of the item?
13:00 owen Looks like it must be the holding library?
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13:02 owen
13:06 owen Am I interpreting that right? If that's so, then issues.branchcode == issuing branch, because it records the new holding branch of the item (the branch which circulated it)
13:14 * owen sees that he missed a pianohacker sighting last night
13:25 * owen sees that he's here all by himself, stretches out on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of Cheetos
13:25 * chris_n breaks out the cokes
13:25 * jwagner brings the pizza
13:26 * magnus goes to the fridge to fetch some cheesecake
13:29 * jwagner has nothing else to do -- big power transformer just blew up outside & building has lost power.
13:30 jwagner My puny little UPS isn't going to last very long -- will catch you all later.
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13:33 schuster Pass the Cheetos...
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13:38 * owen totally bogarts the Cheetos
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13:49 jwagner Harrumph
13:50 * chris_n wonders if the number of patches from owen is directly proportional to the number of Cheetos he eats... ;-)
13:51 owen More Cheetos = fewer patches. Can't type with orange fingers.
13:51 chris_n hehe
13:52 jwagner Well, you _can_ but it makes for a messy keyboard....
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13:53 * nengard reading the final proofs of my upcoming OSS book! :)
13:54 owen nengard++
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13:57 CGI781 hello! It's possible to use KOHA with 1 300 000 biblio with 100 biblioitems per biblio ?
13:58 chris_n nengard++
13:58 chris_n CGI781: I believe that there are some libraries with millions of records running on Koha
13:59 * chris_n looks around for any biblibre people
13:59 owen nengard: I tried my best to come up with a fix for Bug 4418, but all my solutions were way too ugly. I hope you don't mind the change to 'enhancement'
13:59 CGI781 i want believe!! ;)
13:59 chris_n they just did a very large migration iirc
13:59 chris_n maybe nahuel knows
14:02 magnus CGI781: here is a FAQ about the number of items:[…]faq/cataloging/#6 looks like 100 should be ok
14:04 chris_n CGI781:[…]10-05-14#i_440648
14:04 chris_n 1.2 million
14:05 owen 1.2 million items. 1.3 million biblios is not quite the same thing depending on your library
14:06 owen 1.3 million x 100 = 130 million!
14:07 CGI781 yes, 130 million of bibioitems!
14:07 schuster That's a big system...
14:08 CGI781 130 millions of book!..
14:08 magnus "Over 2 million items"
14:08 nengard owen re: 4418 whatever works :)
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14:10 owen nengard: I think it's a worthwhile enhancement...if only someone can take it on.
14:10 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:10 wizzyrea hello :_
14:10 chris_n CGI781: I'd see no reason why Koha would not handle your reqs, however, a post to the list might obtain a more accurate assessment
14:11 * chris_n hands wizzyrea Cheetos
14:11 CGI781 may be, it's MYSQL limit ?
14:11 chris_n not afaik
14:11 chris_n mysql does not have a record limit iirc
14:12 CGI781 cool :-D
14:12 chris_n nor does zebra
14:12 schuster you might inquire with the University of Chicago - they do LOTS of testing with LOTS of different systems.  They have LOTS of items and bibs too.  On my proprietary system they were the one we all looked to in dealing with size.
14:12 schuster wow in looking things up the 6th floor museum is using what looks like koha to me -
14:12 schuster learn something new every day...
14:12 * chris_n thinks it would be nice to have data available on performance testing with various sized dbs and Koha
14:15 owen I was hoping, long ago, that the community would benefit form all the Waldo work with regard to experiences with large collections
14:18 collum schuster: they posted to the koha list in Feb.[…]ruary/022717.html
14:18 * collum couldn't remember why he knew this.
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14:23 nahuel CGI781, ?
14:23 libtek chris_n: are you here?
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14:24 libtek can anyone tell me, what is the other database that koha uses besides mysql.
14:24 libtek ?
14:26 owen libtek: Are you referring to Zebra, the indexing engine?
14:27 libtek not sure.
14:28 libtek I have an issue where a record is still showing up in cataloging.  I've thrown out the mysql koha database, and rebuilt it, but the record still shows up.  I am trying to figure out where this record still exists so I can wipe it out.
14:28 chris_n nahuel: CGI781 was asking if koha could handle 130 million items
14:28 nahuel it could
14:28 nahuel if you have a huge mysql server :)
14:28 libtek I'm getting the following error when I click on the record:
14:28 libtek Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/catalogue/ line 123.
14:29 nahuel and a huge zebra server
14:29 chris_n nahuel: I thought it could
14:29 nahuel And I think you have to patch  a bit koha tables
14:29 * chris_n wonders about the performance issues
14:29 nahuel :)
14:30 nahuel with 1 thousand records you have performance issues with koha :)
14:30 nahuel so with 1 000 000 you can have too :)
14:32 libtek anyone know how to scrap the zebra indexing and start fresh?
14:33 gmcharlt libtek: -b -a -r
14:35 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "response to zebra rebuild" (2 lines) at
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14:36 nmllib Hi everyone, I was here last night, and I wanted to check back.  I am having problems with the label batch creator
14:36 libtek rebuild failed.
14:36 nmllib Specifically, I have enough rows created when I do a wildcard '%' search on 'Title', but only the first 22 of the 94 have data in them
14:37 chris_n libtek: you forgot to export KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB
14:38 chris_n nmllib: sounds like a bug in the labels search code
14:39 nmllib I'm going to try upgrading to Harley right now and see if the bug still exists
14:39 nmllib Do you have the issue when you try to do it chris_n?
14:39 chris_n it probably does
14:39 chris_n om
14:40 owen nmllib: What version are you on? That will tell us whether Harley is an "upgrade" or not
14:40 chris_n searching on '%' returns no items for me
14:40 nmllib Is there a search target that returns all the items in your library for you?
14:41 CGI781 chris_n: thank, i willsee..
14:42 chris_n nmllib: you could search by accession date range
14:42 libtek chris_n: export?  When/where?  I didn't know about this.
14:42 chris_n nmllib: Koha's search code is slated for a major overhaul in 3.4
14:42 chris_n libtek: we went through this the other day iirc
14:43 chris_n you have them set in your kohauser's crontab
14:43 libtek chris_n:I have those listed in the crontab, if that is what you mean.
14:44 chris_n libtek: yes, but you have to export them into your environment if you run the script from the command line thus:
14:44 chris_n export PERL5LIB=/path/to/C4
14:44 chris_n export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/koha-conf.xml
14:45 chris_n and be sure to run the rebuild script as your kohauser or it will break as well
14:45 nmllib chris_n, but if there has been a bug in this for a while then, then how do people generate their item barcodes?
14:47 chris_n nmllib: here, we search by accession date range
14:47 nmllib Ok, let me try that
14:48 nmllib And by that, I assume you mean the two date pickers that appear under the keyword/title/author search box?
14:48 chris_n ie. if you want all of your items, set some extremely long ago date in the added after date and today's date in the added before date
14:48 chris_n right
14:48 chris_n mine returns every item in the catalog by doing that sort of search
14:49 libtek Okay.  I've done all that.  Still getting the funky record and error.
14:49 libtek I can't figure out where this information is lurking.
14:49 nmllib That's odd, when I leave the search BOX blank and fill in the date after as May 2008 (my library founded in 2009) and the date before as today - I click 'Submit' and am returned right to the same page
14:50 nmllib Its as if the page just refreshed
14:51 chris_n libtek: please run that script with the -v switch and paste the entire output
14:51 chris_n nmllib: do searches work in other parts of Koha on your installation?
14:52 jcamins nmllib: We have that problem too, with the page refreshing. It always works the second time.
14:52 nmllib jcamins, the search refreshes the second time also
14:52 jcamins Oh. Huh.
14:53 nmllib chris_n, if I search the catalogue for '%', then I am returned all 94 records
14:53 jcamins I will see if I do anything different the second time around.
14:53 chris_n nmllib: what version are you using?
14:53 nmllib
14:54 nmllib And I am looking into upgrading right now
14:54 nmllib But I have a quick question about that, after I run the MakeMaker pointed to the old install log, will that wipe out all of my database information?
14:54 libtek chris_n: Just a sec.  I rebooted the server, and now the record is gone!
14:54 chris_n nmllib: I would suggest going to alpha2 personally if you are not using this system in production atm; the labeling code is much improved there
14:55 libtek chris_n: after all that?   That's all it needed?
14:55 chris_n libtek: great; be sure that the zebraqueue daemon is not running
14:55 owen Has anyone tested an "upgrade" from 3.0.4 to Harley?
14:57 chris_n libtek: btw, you can always edit the .bashrc file for you kohauser and add the export lines to the bottom of that file; that way they will automagically export whenever you su to that user
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15:00 libtek chris_n: I stopped the daemon...apparently it is starting on it's own.  Know of a way to disable it?
15:00 chris_n delete the link to it in /etc/init.d
15:00 libtek chris_n: is .bashrc the ubuntu equivalent of autoexec.bat for dos?
15:01 chris_n uhh actually
15:01 chris_n update-rc.d DAEMON remove iirc
15:02 chris_n libtek: in a rough way of speaking
15:03 nmllib chris_n, can you confirm that by upgrading to the latest version in git that I will NOT lose all of my patrons and items/biblios in my database?
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15:05 libtek chris_n: Thanks for the removal of that service.  Did that.  Now I will update the .bashrc file.  I'll see if I can find some documentation on editing that file.
15:05 gmcharlt nmllib: following the upgrade instructions will not cause description of data in the database
15:05 gmcharlt obviously, as with *any* upgrade of *any* software, it is best practice to do a full backup first
15:07 libtek chris_n: thanks again for your patience and help.  I'm going to go crawl in a cave with this stuff and try to absorb more.  You've been a BIG help, in more ways than I can express.  Thanks.
15:07 chris_n libtek: np, glad to help
15:08 * chris_n remembers when he first laid eyes on Koha and required lots of help
15:09 chris_n sadly the individual that provided a bunch of that help is no longer here :-(
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15:13 schuster :(
15:14 schuster question about sql - I need to join 2 different tables - and am an SQL newbie.  I have the items table and have succesfully join biblioitems using (biblionumber)
15:14 schuster Now I need to join issues using(itemnumber) - what would be the best way to do that?
15:18 jwagner_meeting LEFT JOIN issues on (items.itemnumber = issues.itemnumber)
15:18 jwagner_meeting ?
15:18 jwagner_meeting (Can't remember -- I think issues has itemnumber field)
15:19 owen Yes
15:20 libtek This thing hates me :/
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15:27 libtek Anytime I try to add a record to the catalog I get the "CAn't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/ line 92." error.  Would this be because I am using a newer version of perl?
15:28 gmcharlt no, perl 5.10 is not the problem
15:32 libtek do I need to update the MARC::File::SAX?
15:32 gmcharlt what version of MARC::Record and MARC::File::XML do you have?
15:33 gmcharlt and what results do you get if you run
15:36 libtek not sure how to tell the version.  First line in the file reads: Automatically generated by Pod::Man 2.1801 (Pod::Simple 3.05)
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15:39 chris_n libtek: what does 'perl -MMARC::Record -e 'print "$MARC::Record::VERSION\n"' say?
15:39 libtek having trouble with the syntax on
15:40 libtek chris_n: Just shows ">"
15:42 wizzyrea do you have item types defined?
15:42 wizzyrea have you been through the preferences and defined all of your parameters?
15:42 * wizzyrea likes to start with the simple things :P
15:43 wizzyrea I kind of remember that there are several things that, if you have not defined in the settings, that things break wierdly.
15:44 libtek I do have item types defined.
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15:46 chris_n libtek: try this again: perl -MMARC::Record -e 'print "$MARC::Record::VERSION\n"'
15:46 chris_n exactly like that
15:48 libtek Oh, there we go.  2.0.0
15:48 chris_n libtek: and: perl -MMARC::Record -e 'print "$MARC::File::XML::VERSION\n"'
15:49 chris_n and then run like: perl /path/to/misc/
15:49 chris_n libtek: oppss: perl -MMARC::File::XML -e 'print "$MARC::File::XML::VERSION\n"'
15:50 libtek Chris_n:Ah, that's better: 0.92
15:52 chris_n like: perl /path/to/misc/ says?
15:53 libtek I am seeing people say that there were changes in the 0.92 file that relate to this error, and someone has patched/updated this.
15:53 libtek was that for me?
15:53 chris_n yes
15:54 chris_n jmnnmjj,,mjnhhmhkhulkjhnjml.kjhkl;'
15:54 * chris_n hates it when he spills things on his keyboard :-P
15:54 wizzyrea oh my
15:55 chris_n can you tell which keys got wet?
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15:55 pastebot "libtek" at pasted "Chris_n: results for" (5 lines) at
15:55 chris_n bingo
15:56 libtek I love it when you say that.  :)
15:57 chris_n[…]1352;hb=HEAD#l142
15:58 chris_n move all of the lines associated with  XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser to the very top
15:58 chris_n and save
15:59 chris_n then re-run the parser test and see if it passes
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16:05 libtek Chris_n: Didn't make any difference
16:05 libtek same results
16:06 pastebot "chris" at pasted "[XML::SAX::PurePerl] http://xm" (16 lines) at
16:06 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "[XML::SAX::PurePerl] http://xm" (16 lines) at
16:07 chris_n opps
16:07 chris_n libtek: make it look like that
16:07 chris_n I should have said bottom
16:09 libtek Yep.  That worked.
16:09 wizzyrea I think it has to be.. yea
16:09 wizzyrea bottom
16:10 libtek Should I try to add a record now?  Or do I need to rebuild anything first?
16:13 chris_n try adding a record
16:13 wizzyrea hm
16:13 wizzyrea can anyone duplicate this:
16:13 wizzyrea go into a patron record
16:14 libtek Same error
16:14 wizzyrea and try to change messaging settings (add email notification for item due, for example)
16:14 wizzyrea do you get an error?
16:14 nmllib left #koha
16:14 libtek Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/ line 92.
16:14 libtek Still happening
16:15 libtek I could restart the server again.  :)  That worked before.  :)
16:15 owen wizzyrea: I don't have an option for setting an email notice for item due, but I was able to set email notices for checkout and hold filled.
16:15 owen No errors.
16:15 wizzyrea hm
16:16 wizzyrea mine does
16:17 wizzyrea ok I think I figured out when exactly it happens
16:17 libtek chris_n: I do notice that the HASH value on the is different than what it says it wants, but everything else looks the same and it says it looks good.
16:17 wizzyrea
16:19 owen wizzyrea: I get the same error as you when clicking the "edit" link from the patron detail page
16:20 wizzyrea i'm looking for existing bugs
16:21 wizzyrea I wonder if it's related to this[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4486
16:21 munin` Bug 4486: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Error logged during member entry
16:22 owen One was just filed yesterday I think, related to this...
16:22 owen Bug 4508
16:22 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4508 major, P5, ---,, NEW, can't edit patron attributes using little edit link
16:22 wizzyrea AHA, I would not have thought to look for it that way
16:23 owen Yup, that's it
16:23 wizzyrea I was never sure why there were two ways to edit
16:23 owen nengard is way ahead of us as usual
16:23 wizzyrea hehe
16:23 nengard ??
16:23 nengard what did i do?
16:23 francharb1 left #koha
16:23 wizzyrea found the bug we were just talking about
16:23 nengard ah
16:23 wizzyrea before us
16:24 owen wizzyrea: The idea is to be able to quickly edit a smaller subset of patron details rather than have to load the whole edit screen
16:24 nengard well when you write the manual you click every link :)
16:24 nengard that's how i find those things
16:24 wizzyrea right
16:24 nengard nothing magic :)
16:24 wizzyrea is it convenience thing or a performance thing
16:24 owen ...and it's a remnant of a time when the patron edit screen had been divided up into "wizard"-like steps
16:24 wizzyrea or both
16:24 wizzyrea or that
16:24 wizzyrea lol
16:24 wizzyrea well
16:24 owen ...but now I think it's just a convenience thing
16:25 libtek I'd like to update the MARC record files from  I think this might fix my error.  Has anyone ever done this?
16:26 bank left #koha
16:26 wizzyrea it sort of makes sense to me to eliminate it... but there might be a lot of backlash on that
16:27 libtek left #koha
16:28 libtek joined #koha
16:28 wizzyrea what if instead of the little edit links
16:29 wizzyrea you included a toolbar on the main edit screen "jump to: Main Address | Contact | Alt Address | etc"
16:30 wizzyrea wouldn't that simplify the template some?
16:32 wizzyrea it's also interesting to me that the manage patron image bit isn't in the "edit patron" screen
16:35 libtek Has anyone here applied this patch?[…]ugust/004176.html
16:37 libtek Not sure what I should do - apply the patch or update the MARC record files.
16:40 hdl left #koha
16:40 jcamins libtek: We are running with MARC::Record 2.0.0 and it works fine, so it's probably not MARC::Record's version.
16:41 jcamins (you did say earlier you had version 2.0.0, right?)
16:42 libtek yes
16:43 libtek Then my other option is the patch.  Do you know the steps to apply such a patch?
16:43 brendan left #koha
16:43 jcamins What version of Koha are you running?
16:43 libtek
16:46 wizzyrea !!
16:48 libtek I'm sorry - I was just reminded of a meeting I have to attend.  I'll stop by later about the patch.  Thanks to everyone!
16:48 libtek left #koha
16:49 chris_n @later tell libtek you should upgrade to the latest stable release which is 3.0.6 found here:
16:49 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
16:50 wizzyrea I wanted to suggest that
16:50 chris_n @later tell libtek that patch was applied last year
16:50 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
16:50 wizzyrea we didn't back off of 3.0.6 did we?
16:50 chris_n he may have a bad record again
16:51 chris_n ?
16:51 wizzyrea nothing, I'm losing my mind :(
16:52 * chris_n helps look for it :)
16:52 wizzyrea hm, and 3.0.06 hasn't been put on ohloh yet
16:52 wizzyrea @later tell chris were we going to put 3.0.06 on ohloh?
16:52 munin` wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
16:53 * chris_n wonders why mbreeding does not do a news release for the 3.0.6 release
16:59 wizzyrea brendan about?
17:00 wizzyrea irc usage fail.
17:00 wizzyrea (mine, not his)
17:00 wizzyrea @later tell brendan is the demo still running Or is it up to Head?
17:00 munin` wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
17:00 owen is now known as owen-away
17:03 brendan joined #koha
17:04 wizzyrea aha
17:04 wizzyrea speak of the devil >.>
17:05 * jdavidb perks up, then realizes that wizzyrea is speaking of the devil on the other coast.
17:05 wizzyrea hahahaha
17:05 wizzyrea brendan: see your tells
17:06 brendan ?
17:06 wizzyrea is the demo still running Or is it up to Head?
17:06 brendan gottacha now
17:06 girlajo left #koha
17:06 brendan was at .124
17:06 brendan I can update it... give me about 20 minutes and then I'll ping you that's it's updated
17:06 * wizzyrea realizes that she should have just looked at the dang thing
17:07 wizzyrea derrrrr.
17:07 wizzyrea it's no biggie, really, just wanted to make sure the website was accurate
17:09 brendan ah it was at 133 now it should be at 134
17:09 chris_n seems we could setup a hook in git to sync the demo install with the main repo
17:10 wizzyrea is that 3.2.134?
17:10 wizzyrea I'm dumb.
17:10 nmllib joined #koha
17:10 wizzyrea gah sorry.
17:10 mib_mike joined #koha
17:10 nmllib Hey guys, were you able to install Graphics::Magick 1.3.5 through CPAN?
17:11 wizzyrea I wasn't, I ended up doign it through apt
17:11 wizzyrea doing, even
17:11 brendan chris_n - we have the database refresh every hour - so doing git sync - would cause the web installer to appear every hour
17:12 brendan well eventually the next time the database is updated
17:13 chris_n hmm... maybe a separate script could trigger the that makes things complicated
17:13 * brendan doesn't mind gentle reminders to update demos
17:13 brendan ok all set Wizzyrea
17:13 wizzyrea woo!
17:15 wizzyrea updated
17:16 nmllib Does anyone have an RPM for GraphicsMagick?  I have tried building 1.3.5 and higher from the source, but Koha's Makefile cannot find it
17:17 wizzyrea anyone have any suggestions for improved verbiage for this page?
17:17 wizzyrea[…]or-library-users/
17:17 wizzyrea i'm not feeling very creative today
17:22 mib_mike wizzyrea: you could give some examples of the kinds of feedback you're looking for.
17:22 wizzyrea It's a new part of the site, I'm not sure I have any examples
17:22 wizzyrea lol
17:22 wizzyrea :)
17:22 wizzyrea but good idea
17:22 mib_mike wizzyrea: "What would make it even easier for you to use your library web site?"
17:23 wizzyrea ooh, good one
17:23 mib_mike "Is there anything that annoys you about your library's website?"
17:25 wizzyrea another fine example
17:27 mib_mike I'm not sure how you envision people arriving at that page.  I suspect most library patrons aren't aware of Koha or any ILS.  Something about what Koha is might be helpful.
17:27 wizzyrea I'm not sure either, actually
17:27 wizzyrea afk lunch
17:27 nengard left #koha
17:28 mib_mike I've got a problem with zebra indexing.
17:29 mib_mike It seems I've got some substandard marc somewhere.  The rebuild zebra kicked back a record, but I'm not sure how I go about deleting that record to allow indexing to condinue
17:29 mib_mike "continue"
17:30 joetho joined #koha
17:30 mib_mike Marc seems to be stored in many places, and I don't want to have "half records"
17:30 nmllib left #koha
17:31 schuster I know at one time there was some talk about building a report engine that the user then could insert a variable.  ie - select barcode, location from items where homebranch = "xxx" and location = "yyy"
17:32 schuster so that the user could select something for xxx and yyy without making them go through the guided reports step by step.
17:32 jcamins mib_mike: What about going directly to the edit biblio screen with the biblionumber? Like so:
17:33 jcamins http://[SERVER]:8080/cgi-bin/koha/catalogui​ng/[BIBLIONUMBER]
17:33 schuster I have 67 locations and have hundreds of reports that I have had to duplicate for each location and link to a separate website.  It would be soooo great if I could create the report once and people could run it as they needed with the appropriate variables.
17:33 jcamins (change [SERVER] and [BIBLIONUMBER] to the correct values for your installation, of course)
17:33 mib_mike jcamins: Let me check
17:36 joetho schuster: koha reports are a pretty big sore spot with a lot of librarians, and I don't think that is widely recognized.
17:36 joetho Librarians LOVE reports
17:36 joetho accurate ones, anyway
17:38 rhcl joined #koha
17:40 mib_mike jcamins: "Software error:  Can't call method "title" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/cataloguing/ line 894."
17:41 mib_mike jcamins: Is that because the zebra index doesn't include this record?
17:41 jcamins Hm. Sounds like you have something else going on there.
17:41 jcamins I don't think so, but a Zebra expert could correct me if I'm wrong.
17:41 mib_mike jcamins: That could very well be.  Any ideas?
17:42 jcamins Do you have MARC::Record installed?
17:44 jcamins Actually, wait. Earlier question: did you go through the entire Koha installation procedure successfully?
17:44 mib_mike jcamins: yes, but it's the last alpha release.
17:45 jcamins Okay. Hm.
17:46 jcamins Nothing obvious is occurring to me, but I'm just a librarian who can read a bit of code.
17:46 jcamins What OS are you using?
17:46 mib_mike jcamins: Thanks for trying.  Can you tell me the tables that should be purged of this record?
17:47 mib_mike jcamins: Ubuntu - it's an old release.
17:47 Colin left #koha
17:49 jcamins It seems to me that if you run "DELETE FROM biblio WHERE biblionumber='?'" the foreign keys should make the change propagate through the database, but you'd want to check with someone else.
17:50 jcamins How did you get the malformed MARC record into Koha in the first place?
17:50 mib_mike Thanks for your help, I'll look into the database structure for foreign keys
17:51 mib_mike I don't know how I got the bad MARC, but I'll find out.
17:59 jdavidb left #koha
18:11 chris morning
18:15 owen-away Hi chris
18:15 owen-away is now known as owen
18:18 * owen has a whole new list of numbers to crunch for his library's statistics
18:23 mib_mike I'm still having trouble with rebuilding my zebra index
18:23 mib_mike I deleted the record that rebuild_zebra spit out at me, but
18:23 mib_mike I'm still getting:
18:23 mib_mike 14:20:47-19/05 zebraidx(15525) [warn] MARC: Bad offsets in data. Skipping rest
18:23 mib_mike 14:20:47-19/05 zebraidx(15525) [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
18:24 mib_mike Can anybody suggest a course of action?
18:25 jcamins Did you get the MARC records from a previous ILS?
18:25 mib_mike Some of them, but the problems started when new MARC was added.
18:26 tomascohen left #koha
18:26 chris wizzyrea:[…]0.x&release=3.0.6
18:27 chris ill do the all translations one when i get to work
18:28 chris_n heya chris
18:28 brendan morning chris
18:31 chris hiy owen, chris_n and brendan
18:34 wizzyrea woot thanks chris
18:34 cait joined #koha
18:36 chris hi cait
18:43 chris right time to start the day, back after breakfast
18:51 cait left #koha
19:07 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
19:07 wizzyrea mib_mike: I guess I envision very curious, technical savvy or library savvy patrons to end up there.
19:08 wizzyrea perhaps some day we'll add a link from the OPAC.
19:08 wizzyrea One thing I think we should do, as an aside
19:08 wizzyrea is make sure that every deployed koha opac has some kind of link back to It doesn't have to be big, or obvious
19:11 chris yeah some libraries have taken to putting copyright libraryname at the bottome
19:11 chris which is cool and all, but probably want koha there too
19:12 chris ok bus time
19:12 wizzyrea I mean, sirsi does that
19:12 wizzyrea "this library powered by <insert snarky comment here"
19:13 libtek joined #koha
19:14 libtek I'm sorry folks.  I have returned. :O
19:15 libtek I am currently working on the following error:
19:15 eric_b is now known as ebegin
19:15 libtek Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/ line 92.
19:16 wizzyrea have you tried getting the latest version of koha
19:16 wizzyrea you said you were on 3.0.2
19:16 wizzyrea we are up to 3.0.6
19:16 wizzyrea
19:16 libtek Yes.  And I found a patch at[…]ugust/004176.html, but I have no clue how to apply it.
19:16 wizzyrea that patch would be in 3.0.6
19:17 libtek Oi.  I've barely got myself running.  I hope an upgrade process is documented somewhere.
19:18 wizzyrea it shouldn't be too difficult
19:18 jcamins[…]e537877b401d#l376
19:18 jcamins Goodness. That's quite a URL. Sorry about that.
19:19 jcamins (before you follow those instructions, you need to download 3.0.6, of course)
19:20 jcamins (I have never actually done the upgrade myself, though, so I don't know much about it)
19:24 * jwagner snarls. About to go into my FOURTH meeting since 10:00 AM. When am I supposed to get any WORK done????
19:24 wizzyrea O.O
19:24 wizzyrea you should suggest standing meetings
19:24 libtek So, I assume I will download the file into the build folder and then unpack it there, then the first line of the upgrade will be modified to read "perl Makefile.PL --/build/koha-3.00.02 /build/koha-3.00.06", is that right?
19:24 wizzyrea so they can never be too long
19:25 owen After that you escalate to jumping-jacks meetings
19:25 wizzyrea ^^ exactly
19:25 jwagner I'd prefer to de-escalate to NO meetings :-(
19:26 wizzyrea after a week of jumping jack meetings everyone will be too tired to call meetings
19:26 jwagner But those of us with arthritic knees won't survive that long....
19:26 wizzyrea an excuse to leave the meeting!
19:26 owen jwagner: You get to bow out under ADA rules
19:26 wizzyrea owen: great minds ;)
19:27 jwagner Now if I could just get building mgt to enforce the handicapped parking spots :-(
19:28 libtek wizzyrea: I'm starting to understand bits and pieces.  :)  I just do those 4 lines under upgrade, right?  Do I need to reindex or anything after that?  Restart the server?
19:29 jwagner Oh well, off to meeting land.  See you all tomorrow.
19:29 jwagner left #koha
19:30 jcamins libtek: Restarting would probably be a good idea.
19:30 wizzyrea you will probably have to do several things: 1. log in on the staff side and run the update script
19:30 wizzyrea 2. reindex
19:30 wizzyrea not sure you actually need to restart the OS
19:30 wizzyrea (I never have)
19:30 wizzyrea (and 1 is automatic, you won't have to do anything)
19:30 wizzyrea (except maybe click next a couple of times)
19:31 libtek the web client will know that I need to run the update script?
19:31 jcamins I think when we upgraded we had to restart Apache.
19:31 jcamins But I wasn't actually the one running the upgrade, so I'm not sure that the instructions were followed.
19:32 libtek It's not like a restart would hurt, since this is only a test box.
19:32 wizzyrea yep, the web client wil lknow
19:35 libtek So, while I am waiting on the download...the installation guide I had been using was​_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy.  It said to download 3.00.06.  Is that because it is a stable release, or is it just because it is out of date?
19:36 libtek excuse me..
19:36 libtek it said to download 3.00.02
19:36 bgkriegel joined #koha
19:38 wizzyrea it's out of dates
19:38 wizzyrea we are in the process of moving all of that stuff to a new wiki
19:38 * wizzyrea notes that we need to eliminate specific versions where possible
19:39 wizzyrea the instructions are all about the same for the 3.x versions
19:45 libtek Are you involved with the documentation?
19:45 wizzyrea everyone in the koha project is involved with documentation ;)
19:45 wizzyrea but nengard is really the doc manager
19:52 collum left #koha
19:53 jcamins Is the border around the SQL box in the "Create Reports from SQL" screen invisible to anyone else (bug 4534)?
19:53 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4534 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Box for SQL not visible in "Create Report from SQL"
19:56 owen left #koha
19:56 libtek wizzyrea: to clarify before I screw something up, where it says --prev-install-log, I am going to instead type --/build/koha-3.00.02, and where it says /path/to/koha-install-log, I am going to instead type /build/koha-3.00.06.  I am for sure interpreting that correctly?
20:08 chris_n libtek: that does not look right
20:08 chris_n you can 'locate koha-install-log' to find its location
20:09 bgkriegel libtek: no, you must pass the option --prev-install-log /path /to/koha/prev/log, the last one normally on /usr/share/koha/koha-install-log
20:09 chris_n where did you see this: --/build/koha-3.00.02
20:10 bgkriegel left #koha
20:13 jcamins left #koha
20:19 richard joined #koha
20:19 richard hi
20:21 libtek Sorry.  I am trying to interpret the UPGRADE instructions wizzyrea pointed me to.  This is why I am clarifying.  :)  So, as I understand it now, the command should read "per Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /usr/share/koha/koha-install-log".
20:22 libtek oops.  should be perl, not per
20:25 libtek although, I show 3 locations for this file.  One of them is located at /usr/share/koha/misc/, so I am assuming that is the correct one.  The other two are in various locations in the /build/koha-3.00.02 folders
20:26 chris the usr/share one is right
20:26 wizzyrea yes, /usr/share should be the right path
20:35 libtek Thank you very mucho for the clarification.  I'll get this done yet.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to catalog something too.  :)
20:40 libtek I have two issues at the end of the Makefile that came up...
20:40 libtek Warning: prerequisite Biblio::EndnoteStyle 0.05 not found.
20:40 libtek Warning: prerequisite Biblio::EndnoteStyle 0.05 not found.
20:40 libtek [Wed May 19 13:39:30 2010] Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite Text::CSV::Encoded 0.09 not found.
20:42 richard left #koha
20:42 libtek I assume I need to CPAN these and then rerun the Makefile update again.
20:45 wizzyrea uep
20:50 libtek worked like a charm.  :D  Not bad for improvising.  Now I'll do the rest.  :)
20:51 richard joined #koha
20:57 wizzyrea :) good luck
21:06 schuster left #koha
21:10 libtek The only issue that came up on the make test was "Use of uninitialized value $string in split at line 9.
21:13 libtek should I ignore it and move on or is this a major concern?
21:26 davi left #koha
21:36 larsw joined #koha
21:37 CGI107 joined #koha
21:39 CGI107 left #koha
21:48 chris_n libtek: ignore for now
21:52 libtek I can create records!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!!!
21:54 wizzyrea 3.0.6++
21:55 * wizzyrea does a little dance for libtek
21:55 wizzyrea that wasn't so painful :)
21:57 libtek It's painful every time I have to beg for help.  :/  I feel like a freakin 6th grader again.
21:58 chris_n great news libtek
21:58 wizzyrea gmcharlt bug 4224 - when we looked at this it looked good, 3.4?
21:58 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4224 major, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Holds queue report includes items already allocated
21:59 wizzyrea libtek: we have all been there
21:59 wizzyrea i'm sure there's probably only 1 person in this channel that hasn't felt like a 6th grader at some point in their koha career.
21:59 libtek * libtek trips while celebrating
22:00 larsw I wish I would feel like a 6th grader. It'd be a big improvement.
22:00 chris heh
22:00 wizzyrea later peeps
22:00 wizzyrea :)
22:01 mib_mike left #koha
22:07 libtek Okay.  Got a puzzler.  I created my record.  I can scan the barcode on checkin to find it, but if I do a plain old search for it, I don't get anything.  Any ideas?
22:07 libtek The record is there.  Search just doesn't find it.
22:09 joetho libtek: be patient
22:09 joetho ummmm
22:09 larsw libtek, if you're using zebra, the index has probably not been updated yet
22:09 joetho zebra index
22:10 libtek I went to the koha account and ran "perl /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -b -a -z >/dev/null
22:10 joetho manual or cron
22:10 joetho manual
22:10 joetho that sounds right.
22:10 libtek it's also in the crontab, but for testing I ran it manually.
22:11 joetho how to test to see if zebra has been re-indexed?
22:11 libtek ??
22:12 libtek I also ran it with the -v switch, and I didn't see any errors.
22:12 chris is zebrasrv running?
22:13 libtek how can I tell?
22:13 larsw pgrep -lf zebrasrv (on linux)
22:14 libtek doesn't respond with anything
22:14 libtek in ubuntu
22:14 chris yeah then its not running
22:15 chris did you set up the init.d job and start it?
22:16 libtek I turned off and disabled the daemon.  Is this the same thing?
22:16 chris no
22:16 chris that was the zebraqueue daemon, you still want the zebrasrv running
22:17 libtek I don't think I see the instructions to start just the zebrasrv
22:17 libtek Is there a way to set this up to turn on automatically?
22:18 chris looking at the INSTALL.ubuntu ?
22:18 chris and yes, it tells you exactly that
22:18 chris look around line 304
22:18 libtek Let me look.  I've been going off a wiki guide this whole time.
22:23 libtek okay.  Got it.  I'll do that.  The docs have been confusing, between options and Zebra Server and Zebraqueue Daemons.  I think I understand better.
22:31 libtek that did it.  Now I just have to figure out why I have 12 results.  :)
22:32 chris run your rebuild with -r instead of -z .. just once, to flush and rebuild hte index from scratch
22:32 chris it probably has all the records from your other attempts indexed
22:38 libtek I've got 12 results in the catalog, and 46 in the reservoir.  This may be all my attempts, mixed with the fact that I don't really understand the koha cataloging procedures.  So, I think I know how to delete the catalog listings.  Not sure how to get things out of the reservoir.
22:38 joetho time to revisit the care and feeding of the zebra
22:38 joetho clarity in the dox
22:39 chris patches accepted joetho
22:39 joetho although, until I start actually doing the heavy lifting of dox editing, I should shut up
22:39 joetho That is however an area I think I would be good at.
22:39 joetho Tomorrow.
22:40 joetho I like working with Nicole.
22:40 libtek okay.  I can edit the records, but I actually don't see a way to delete them.
22:40 joetho left #koha
22:43 libtek chris: do you know how to delete records?
22:43 chris from where?
22:43 chris the catalogue?
22:43 libtek cataloging
22:43 chris not in cataloguing
22:43 chris just search for one
22:43 chris in the staff interface
22:44 libtek okay
22:44 chris then click on edit
22:44 chris choose delete
22:44 libtek ah
22:46 libtek and I take it they continue to show until the cron job runs
22:46 chris yep
22:49 libtek I'm getting it.
22:50 libtek I notice the icon for the item type is not displaying correctly on the results, but when you click on the record and the items are shown below the record, it displays correctly.
22:56 larsw left #koha
23:00 larsw joined #koha
23:04 libtek left #koha

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