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00:03 owen joined #koha
00:04 owen Is everyone done being pissed off or can I join in?
00:05 * chris_n growls
00:05 owen PTFS--
00:06 owen Liblime--
00:06 owen LEK--
00:06 owen Joann++
00:09 nengard owen - not so much pissed off - as I am frustrated that no matter how hard we try we cna't seem to teach them what open source really means
00:09 nengard I'm with you though
00:10 nengard Joann++
00:10 nengard HLT++
00:10 owen I'd feel better if they were just stubbornly evil. Now they think they need to go on the record as insulting HLT andthe Koha community
00:11 owen It's a shame Josh isn't sticking with Liblime and PTFS, they're made for each other.
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00:15 nengard LOL @owen
00:16 rhcl Josh I and now Josh II
00:17 Joann Can someone make a change to the event calender please on
00:17 Joann need to add in 5th may 1900 UTC Koha Dev meeting
00:17 nengard sure - how?
00:17 chris you make a post
00:17 Joann I don't know how
00:17 nengard Want me to teach you?
00:17 chris and set the date
00:17 Joann yes please
00:18 chris and it magically shows up
00:18 chris tis cool
00:18 Joann ok - we'll i login first
00:18 Joann then site admin
00:18 nengard then 'add new' under post
00:18 Joann quick press or a real post?
00:18 nengard real post
00:18 Joann ok
00:19 nengard at the very bottom of your screen is an events area - click the plus sign
00:19 nengard to add the event - but make sure you write something in your post as well :)
00:19 Joann just in the heading or body or both
00:20 owen chris_n++ # for a nice response on the list
00:20 * owen is still trying to decide if he can respond without using inappropriate language
00:20 gmcharlt owen: good reason to sleep on it
00:21 Joann WE sat on it for hours and hours and hours while Galen was sleeping :)
00:21 Nate joined #koha
00:21 chris wb Nate
00:21 gmcharlt Joann: I'll just have to send you a remote control for my alarm clock :)
00:21 Nate hiya chris, everyone
00:21 chris owen: yeah im in the same boat as you gonna sleep on it
00:24 Joann Galen: that would be grand :)
00:24 Joann Nicole - I did it butbadly I fear
00:25 reed chris_n++ as above
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00:28 nengard had to look up "Ipse dixit."
00:28 nengard :)
00:29 nengard chris_n++
00:29 nengard that was awesome
00:29 nengard Joann, I'll go check it
00:29 nengard Joann - I don't see it - did you delete it?
00:30 nengard sorry I didn't answer you before - you need a title and a body
00:30 Joann yep - had to - it was awful
00:30 Joann off for food
00:31 nengard here's an example from me:[…]eral-irc-meeting/
00:31 nengard I can do the post for you - but I want to empower you to be able to do it yourself :)
00:32 chris_n tnx, I hoped to say things well
00:32 nengard you did very well and kept emotion out of it and stuck to facts
00:33 mason well done everyone :)
00:33 nengard What is most frustrating to me - as an educator - is that no matter how hard we all try we can't seem to make them understand what open source is and how it works - it's so easy to understand if you just open your mind up a little bit and listen
00:34 nengard I like to think I can teach anyone - but I see now that sometimes I have to just let it go
00:34 mason yeah, i think so nicole..
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00:35 chris_n nengard: what is the correct format for adding a gmail account as an openid in wordpress?
00:35 nengard chris_n .... um .... have never done it .... :(
00:36 nengard wizzyrea is probably the one to ask
00:40 chris_n found it:
00:40 chris_n enter that url into the openid box
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01:09 lee joined #koha
01:10 lee liz
01:10 lee you around?
01:14 chris hiya lee
01:14 chris i think she isnt
01:17 slef urgh - why am I awake?
01:17 chilts caffeine?
01:17 richard it's that kind of a day
01:18 slef I think the universe just woke me to reply to that email.
01:20 lee sorry guys
01:20 lee I was looking for some feed back from Liz about the PTFS deal
01:21 lee did they cancel their LL contract?
01:21 robin left #koha
01:22 nengard lee not that we know of
01:22 lee ah
01:22 lee we had been talking about what the next disaster would be guess we know
01:23 lee Oh by the way I don't care who reads what I say
01:23 chris lee: its a disaster for ptfs and their clients
01:23 chris its a relief for the rest of us
01:23 lee agreed
01:23 lee esp. the LEKers
01:23 chris its finally over, and we can stop worrying about it
01:23 slef chris: was the conference call ever scheduled?
01:24 lee excellent
01:24 larsw newbie here... what is LEK?
01:24 slef[…]ssions-with-ptfs/ reads like it wasn't.
01:24 slef larsw: LibLime's Enterprise Koha
01:24 larsw ah, ack
01:24 slef larsw: aka LL's E&E'd Koha
01:24 lee but i wonder if they will take Koha code and create the next freakinstien
01:24 chris its now PTFS Fully managed solution
01:25 chris i think is the rebrand
01:25 slef lee: I smell an Archivalware merger attempt, what about you?
01:25 lee *gagging*
01:25 lee yea
01:25 lee that makes sense
01:25 lee Koha is just a vehicle for their archievelware
01:26 lee did I just type arch evil?
01:26 chris slef: the agenda was not agreed on, it was tentatively scheduled, certainly not confirmed by everyone on the committee
01:27 chris as it was being negotiated the wiki edits came along too, which didnt help
01:27 chilts I find that with everything going on with LL/PTFS, my willingness to participate in the community is stronger ... hopefully I'll have a play (finally) and send in some patches :)
01:27 chris slef: i think we stated the facts fairly succintly in the report
01:27 * chilts has to stop talking about it and do
01:28 nengard chilts that is awesome
01:28 nengard okay all - it's time for me to head to bed - won't be around tomorrow -giving a Koha lecture and then teaching Mashups to libararians - see you all next week (or maybe over the weekend some)
01:28 nengard left #koha
01:28 chris_n slef: aren't you close to gmt?
01:29 slef chris_n: +0100, yes. 0230 here.
01:29 chris_n ouch
01:29 * chris_n hands slef coffee
01:29 lee chris_n do you have a link to your response? to PTFS
01:29 slef I think that would be a baaad move
01:29 chris_n lee: om
01:30 lee nicole said it was gooooood
01:30 chris_n lee:[…]s-to28406334.html
01:31 lee my banner ad is for Auckland hotel Mercure....crazy how do they know???
01:31 lee chris_n :)
01:31 chris hehe
01:31 chris_n lol
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01:32 lee
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01:34 lee It seems clear from this statement that PTFS views itself as somehow on a plane of equality with the Koha community
01:34 chilts if not higher (and very untrue)
01:34 lee ah Chris_n
01:34 lee nice
01:34 lee thank you
01:34 lee well stated
01:35 lee yeah boyos get in line
01:35 lee behind all our other excellent vendors who actually contribute
01:36 lee BTW speaking of contributing my library would like to sponser food or drink for the hackfest
01:36 lee let me know
01:36 chris_n tnx lee
01:36 chris_n I must go on record as noting the contribution of both jwager and jdavidb, however
01:37 lee see you in NZ chris_n?
01:37 chris_n lee: I would love to, but not this time
01:37 lee yea... but  they have to do what they have to do
01:37 chris_n yup
01:37 lee unlike Galen
01:37 chris lee that would be fantastic
01:38 lee they won't be able to play without permission
01:38 lee chris put me down and we can settle on the details
01:38 chris if you want to email russel with that info, and then
01:38 chris is where you can put money straight into the coffers
01:38 gmcharlt lee: ?
01:38 lee yea Galen?
01:38 robin joined #koha
01:39 lee chris I will do that
01:39 chris thank you
01:39 lee will I get a sponsership banner?
01:39 chris yup
01:39 chris send your logo in the email
01:39 gmcharlt lee: saw you mention my name, didn't get the context
01:39 lee i send my graphic to russel/ yea/
01:40 chris thats the one
01:40 gmcharlt lee: nm, I see (and also need coffee)
01:40 lee galen just about jane wagner and the PTFS thingy
01:41 gmcharlt right
01:41 slef roflmao http://media.urbandictionary.c[…]e/pwned-39138.jpg
01:41 * gmcharlt states for the record that he appreciates the contributions of all PTFS employees who have submitted patches
01:41 lee chris_n was giving her a nod
01:41 lee yea me too
01:41 chris me too
01:41 lee just wonder if they will still play after today
01:42 lee :/
01:43 lee guess i should just ask her
01:43 chris_n lee: I think the greater question is will their employer let them play after today
01:43 lee :(
01:43 slef lee: great on sponsorship. agreed to sponsor some stuff (I still need to write that up) but not refreshments.
01:43 lee hmmm not feeling the love so much anymore
01:44 lee NZ pizza and beer for EVERYONE!!!
01:44 gmcharlt lee++
01:44 * chris_n hands gmcharlt some coffee he just made
01:45 reed left #koha
01:45 slef another question: will those other companies who have loudly announced partnerships with PTFS pull out of them?
01:45 slef brendan: are you here? ;-)
01:45 lee thanks for all you do for us lowly librarians Koha is the best thing that has ever happened to my library
01:45 chris i think bywater is the only one
01:49 lee left #koha
01:50 collum joined #koha
01:57 slef chris: I don't watch that closely. It felt like there were more.
01:58 jdavidb joined #koha
02:00 chris_n heya jdavidb
02:00 jdavidb howdy, chris_n
02:04 chris
02:05 chris might be worth looking at
02:05 chris_n nice
02:06 collum just caught up on the IRC logs and my email.  Interesting day.  chris_n++
02:06 * chris_n wishes he could afford ssds
02:07 chris me too
02:07 * jdavidb has an ittle bitty ssd in his netbook, but that's it.
02:09 chris_n I'd imagine that mechanical drives will be obsolete before long
02:10 * gmcharlt looks forward to the day
02:11 braedon|home1 ... why is everyone talking about ssd today?
02:12 braedon|home1 was just on #xkcd and they were also
02:12 * jdavidb waddles off to bed.  Busy day tomorrow, need mah beauty rest.
02:12 jdavidb left #koha
02:13 * collum is also calling it a night.
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02:14 joetho joined #koha
02:20 joetho My 25 lib consortium was an unwitting Liblime customer, now PTFS.
02:21 joetho Thankfully, we have thus far resisted the siren song of LEK.
02:22 joetho We are in year 2 of a 5 year contract.
02:22 joetho Groan.
02:22 chilts :(
02:23 joetho Happily, though, I think we will be able to update or 3.0x installation to 3.2 when the time comes.
02:23 joetho As per the terms of our contract.
02:23 joetho LEK participation does not appear to be a contractual requirement on our part.
02:24 chris_n g'night
02:25 joetho thank you for your earlier listserv post, chris_n.
02:25 joetho Well served.
02:25 joetho thank you and goodnight!
02:26 chris night joetho
02:27 slef chris: can I suggest lurkers email you?
02:27 slef well done joetho
02:28 chris slef: about?
02:28 slef getting started in the Koha community
02:28 chris oh certainly
02:28 slef if they're scared of posting to the list, really
02:29 chris yep, no problem at all
02:29 slef I think PTFS's USP is that they talk off-list
02:29 slef or at least how they present it
02:36 brendan heya slef
02:36 slef hi brendan ;-)
02:36 brendan PTFS did a contract with me in the beginning (I was getting married) but haven't worked with them since then
02:36 Joann left #koha
02:38 brendan wow lots to read back through
02:39 brendan too late for the show... but nice to see a lot of git repository hosting messages in my email box gmcharlt++
02:39 joetho left #koha
02:42 slef brendan: has the contract ended automatically or can you end it?  Feel like a public confetti show?
02:46 chilts cool, so that stats thing is now on :)
02:47 chris yep
02:47 slef ok, bbl
02:47 chris get some sleep slef ;)
03:25 Amit_G joined #koha
03:25 Amit_G heya brendan, chris
03:25 brendan morning Amit_G
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05:12 schuster joined #koha
05:13 schuster anyone about?
05:14 schuster ok then off to bed I go.  Just finished reading and replying to the PTFS post.
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06:01 brendan @coin
06:01 munin brendan: heads
06:01 brendan @roulette
06:01 munin brendan: *click*
06:01 brendan @monologue
06:01 munin brendan: Your current monologue is at least 3 lines long.
06:02 brendan one more
06:02 brendan @monologue
06:02 munin brendan: Your current monologue is at least 5 lines long.
06:07 Amit_G @wunder Bangalore
06:07 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 26.0�C (8:30 AM IST on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
06:07 Amit_G @wunder
06:07 munin Amit_G: (wunder <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.
06:08 Amit_G @wunder New Delhi
06:08 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 36.0�C (11:00 AM IST on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Falling).
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06:11 genji joined #koha
06:18 Amit_G heya genji
06:18 genji hiya  Amit.
06:18 genji how goes?
06:18 Amit_G @coin
06:18 munin Amit_G: tails
06:19 genji @roll 3d6
06:19 munin genji: Error: "roll" is not a valid command.
06:19 genji gah.
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06:49 * magnus is happy to see all those commits on a day like this!
06:50 reed lars and his packages work should have been the news of the day
06:51 reed maybe it is
06:54 magnus reed: it is, all that other stuff is just about one company among many
06:58 alex_a joined #koha
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07:06 magnus is now known as magnus_away
07:18 Amit_G heya nicomo, magnus
07:19 nicomo Hi Amit_G magnus_away
07:22 kf joined #koha
07:25 nicomo matts_: around?
07:27 kf morning koha
07:29 Amit_G heya kf
07:31 kf hi Amit_G
07:32 kf chris_n++
07:32 chris fredericd++
07:33 chris and yes larsw++
07:33 chris he showed me a demo this morning, it was very very cool
07:44 kf larsw++
07:44 kf morning chris
07:47 nicomo left #koha
07:53 chris hi kf
07:55 chris oh thats quite sad
07:59 chris[…]-transplant-fails
08:04 kf yes :(
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08:15 jransom joined #koha
08:17 chris evening jransom
08:17 jransom hi chris
08:18 chris have you noticed i turned on the sounds at circulation?
08:20 jransom no
08:20 jransom im trying to summon the strength to go look at the WRs
08:20 jransom and test and report bugs
08:21 jransom i loved Don's comment on koha-community
08:22 jransom and feeling sad that my son't cat has been gone for 2 days
08:22 chris :(
08:22 chris that is sad
08:22 chris hopefully its just on holiday
08:24 jransom it is very sad. the other cat keeps loooking for her mate
08:30 chris bbiab
08:31 jransom k
08:40 magnus_away is now known as magnus
08:50 chris back
08:57 magnus welcome back, chris ;-)
08:57 chris thanks magnus
08:57 magnus you're very welcome!
08:57 jransom hi Magnus
08:58 magnus hi jransom
08:58 magnus jransom, chris et al: thanks for the great work you are all doing for the community!
08:59 jransom well we did try, even if it looks like we walked away at the first opportunity (which we didnt)
09:01 magnus i don't think anyone who knows the tinyest bit about you would think that
09:02 jransom Fantastic committee - always 'on', worked issues through to consensus, all letters were team efforts, and all members have such integrity
09:02 magnus but of course, it could be made to look that way, if someone wanted to
09:02 jransom yes indeed
09:03 chris im sad that it looks like at least one library that uses koha believes that, but encouraged that others dont
09:04 jransom waldo?
09:04 chris plano
09:05 magnus guess this will be a time for libraries to choose sides
09:05 jransom hey i was wondering, say someone had a contract with liblime for koha under the understanding / believe it was open source, couldn't they claim breach of contract now its PTFS and LEK?
09:05 magnus and feel sorry for those in the middle of looong contracts
09:06 jransom I feel sorry for them to. money is so hard to come by and i bet many can't afford to walk away
09:06 chris they could, but it would be very hard
09:07 jransom how does 'bait and switch' fit in here?
09:08 magnus i think it will important now for the decisionmakers in the libraries to be well aware of what FOSS really is, and that they are not just choosing between two similar products, but between two different philosophies with quite different ramifications
09:10 jransom yes
09:11 jransom I see libraries in NZ who want to be handheld still with their LMS
09:12 jransom so they would be reluctant / scared / nerous / apprehensive / all of the above about going 'open' open source
09:13 jransom and libraies who have become dependendt on LL wuould feel the same - or just not be interested / able to cut loose
09:14 jransom and, it is a big hard learning curve - believe me I know - but so satisfying
09:18 jransom This was shown to me today:  Its about how open source is about so much more than just the code
09:23 magnus interesting!
09:32 * mason waves....
09:33 jransom hey babe :)
09:33 * magnus waves at mason and everyone else
09:34 mason i just have to say, in all lightness... isnt this story getting pretty fascinating...
09:34 reed It's fun to see so many well written and calm responses on the mailing list to the "hey lookie, I just bought Koha, I demand you give me all your lovins" dude
09:35 mason i mean its stressful for sure. some of this  stuff is unpleasant to handle....
09:37 mason i was just thinking before, out of all of the 24 vendors listed here....
09:37 mason
09:37 reed it's made for a very long day for me and I'm mostly just a spectator; it's definitely proven why FLOSS is so tasty
09:38 mason ... i could safely bet - there wouldnt be a single vendor that would agree with ptfs/ll's position
09:38 gmcharlt good morning
09:39 gmcharlt left #koha
09:39 gmcharlt joined #koha
09:39 mason and thats a pretty good indication of your community's opioion
09:39 jransom hi galen
09:39 mason oops, opinion
09:40 jransom I was thinking that it will make an interesting study later
09:40 jransom looking back
09:40 hdl_laptop hi galen
09:40 jransom and analysing the way vendors have 'managed' open source
09:41 jransom and looking at compnay culture / institutional culture etc
09:41 jransom really interesting in many ways. and i agree the many calm rational comments have been thoughtful and thought provoking
09:43 mason yeah, aggressive business tactics dont seem to work so well, in this situ...
09:44 mason anways, i talk to much....
09:44 jransom indeed. and i have been thinking over how and why the PTFS / Koha Community 'thing' was so difficult
09:45 mason well.... ;)
09:45 jransom like we were talking different languages - it was extraordinary. I truly don't think has any idea at all how his approach was just so wrong on so many levels
09:46 mason lol, yeah pretty far gone
09:46 jransom interesting though - looking at it from the balcony.
09:48 kf jransom: I think you are right on that
09:49 mason the funniest bit for me , is that first letter to the koha-manage list re: ptfs
09:49 kf koha-manage?
09:49 jransom ?
09:49 jransom I don't know either
09:50 mason i bet JY hasnt read *that* letter
09:50 kf mason: I think we dont know what letter you are talking about, because this was a closed list
09:51 mason kf: correct ;)
09:51 kf I really hope there are no more closed lists now
09:51 mason i'll tell you over a beer and pizza sometime...
09:52 jransom I don't believe there are, other than the 2 weeks of negotiations with PTFS which have been reported publically pretty comprehensively
09:53 kf jransom: thats ok - was not speaking about the committee, I know you need to communicate to each other
09:53 chris_n g'morning
09:53 kf but I found it weird that ptfs send the first letter about only to vendors...
09:53 jransom oh that one.
09:53 kf and the community is more than vendors
09:53 jransom yeah -very weird.
09:54 mason feels kinda good talking about it now that its semi-public...
09:55 jransom yep absolutely
09:55 reed one thing I haven't seen mentioned on the list was their wikipedia edit
09:55 mason im curious to see how other people join the dots, on the mailing-lists...
09:55 jransom i'm glad that letter found its way online
09:55 jransom oh yeah
09:55 jransom maybe people dont know
09:56 gmcharlt jransom: it wasn't really mentioned outside of #koha
09:56 * chris_n thinks some posts show that some are still missing the point
09:57 reed being a vendor I'm shy to toss that onto the fire but I hope someone doe
09:57 reed s
09:59 jransom i loved chris's tweet: never engage in a wikipedia war with a librarian: they have tons of time and know how to reference things!
09:59 mason i feel a little guilty of chatting bout it on #public irc, but it feels kinda good ;)
10:00 jransom Kelly edited wikipedia entry for koha and toom out links to koha-community.rg and made them go to - which is no longer the home of Koha of course
10:00 mason the NZ-trademark thing is a pretty 'bold' move too...
10:00 kf jransom: I think worse was linking liblime to
10:01 jransom well its nuts: LEK is not Koha
10:01 mason heh, yeah the commits were funny/clumsy
10:01 jransom the NZ trademark application was a wee punch in the stomach so we know whose boss
10:02 mason but hay, having a proper community website back again is great!
10:03 kf colleagues waiting for me to go to lunch - bbl
10:03 jransom I was thinking, usually when a company 'buys' another with an established user group then the 'user group' would just roll over and do what they are told.
10:03 jransom cya Katrin
10:03 kf :)
10:04 magnus jransom: yeah, the NZ trademark application is hardly a friendly gesture
10:04 mason ah, those were the days... when enthusiastic members of the koha community, updated the website...
10:04 mason why...?
10:04 mason just because they wanted too!!
10:04 jransom poor JY must be thinking: "what is wrong with these people!"
10:05 magnus hehe
10:05 mason but then..  someone thought that the website contained a *magical* power
10:05 jransom whay dont they just admit its over - probably never imagined we'd wander off to another site
10:05 jransom lol
10:05 jransom it did - the community made it magical
10:05 jransom but without the community ....
10:06 mason he who controls the spice, controls the universe!
10:06 jransom thats great!
10:06 mason (dune quote...)
10:07 mason but yeah, great to have a proper website back....
10:08 jransom yep - I love it.
10:08 jransom I can actually find stuff!
10:10 mason yunno.. the actual koha source-code itself is pretty darn worthless, without an enthusiast community to learn it, teach it, hack on it...
10:10 mason no offense to the src-code obv.
10:10 gmcharlt mason: I don't think anybody has added AI to it yet, so I don't think it can take offense :)
10:11 mason heh, click..
10:11 mason lol, ever the programmer galen
10:15 mason yes, everyone wandering off to another paddock was genuis!
10:16 mason "let us in!, let us in! ,  its soo cold out here, outside the castle walls..."
10:17 jransom you're quite talkative tonight Mason :)
10:19 mason sometimes you've just go to laugh...
10:19 mason s/go/got/
10:20 jransom its nice :)
10:24 mason i don't know how some people sleep at night, really...!
10:26 jransom when do you sleep?
10:27 chilts heh
10:28 * chilts sleeps at night
10:28 chilts I thought that was ... normal?
10:28 mason ...risking something as beneficial as the koha project, for some lame short-term profit :/
10:29 mason cant we all just get along...?
10:29 jransom i'm trying to catch up on all the testing i shuld have done this week
10:29 mason no, because *i* have to win!
10:29 jransom and filling work requests for chris :)
10:32 * mason quite impressed with the ranting..
10:34 mason i dont think i'm capable of writing a tactful letter to the mailing-lists
10:35 jransom oh well get it off your chest then :) do remember this is a public place though - and logged
10:35 mason oh *that* much, i do know.. :)
10:36 jransom how do you do that?
10:37 chris_n and then your comments to follow that "tag"
10:37 jransom so replacing that - bit
10:38 chris_n snap
10:38 * chris_n wanders off to find breakfast
10:38 chilts heh, I'm just thinking of switching the light off
10:39 chilts except I'm too excited, got my concept logos from the designer today (gonna start a company sometime this year) :)
10:39 chris_n neat!
10:39 chilts I saw larsw's demo earlier today, he's done some great work!!!
10:39 chilts larsw++
10:40 jransom oh that is exciting
10:41 chilts yeah, he's a superstar
10:43 kf back
10:43 mason im gonna wander off for some tea
10:44 jransom cya Mason
10:44 tirabo @wunder Cordoba, Argentina
10:44 munin tirabo: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 10.0�C (7:00 AM ART on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
10:45 mason yep, cu2 (teen-speak)
10:49 jransom @wunder Levin, New Zealand
10:49 munin jransom: The current temperature in LEVIN, Levin, New Zealand is 14.6�C (10:49 PM NZST on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Rising).
10:50 jransom @learn jransom as Joann Ransom. Head of Libraries, Horowhenua Library Trust.
10:50 munin jransom: The operation succeeded.
10:50 jransom who is jransom
10:50 jransom what is jransom
10:51 jransom @games roulette
10:51 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
10:51 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
10:51 gmcharlt @whatis jransom
10:51 munin gmcharlt: "jransom" could be Joann Ransom. Head of Libraries, Horowhenua Library Trust.
10:51 jransom @games roulette
10:51 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
10:51 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
10:52 jransom flip - 2 bangs of 2
10:52 chilts @whatis gmcharlt
10:52 munin chilts: Error: No factoid matches that key.
10:52 gmcharlt not your lucky day
10:52 chilts :(
10:52 jransom @games roulette
10:52 munin jransom: *click*
10:52 jransom @games roulette
10:52 munin jransom: *click*
10:52 Amit_G heya galen, jransom
10:52 gmcharlt hi Amit_G
10:52 jransom heya AMit
10:53 jransom @games highball
10:53 munin jransom: Error: The "Games" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "highball" in it.  Try "list Games" to see the commands in the "Games" plugin.
10:53 jransom list games
10:53 gmcharlt @list Games
10:53 munin gmcharlt: coin, dice, eightball, monologue, and roulette
10:53 jransom i want that funny drinks one
10:53 chilts @games dice
10:53 munin chilts: (games dice <dice>d<sides>) -- Rolls a die with <sides> number of sides <dice> times. For example, 2d6 will roll 2 six-sided dice; 10d10 will roll 10 ten-sided dice.
10:54 chilts @games dice 3d6
10:54 munin chilts: 6, 2, and 2
10:54 chilts @games dice 3d6
10:54 munin chilts: 2, 4, and 4
10:54 chilts all even so far
10:54 jransom @games dice 3d3
10:54 munin jransom: 3, 3, and 2
10:54 jransom @games dice 3d3
10:54 munin jransom: 2, 2, and 1
10:55 jransom @games dice 3d3
10:55 munin jransom: 2, 3, and 2
11:03 kf looks like a game for roleplayers
11:03 kf @games dice 3d20
11:03 munin kf: 18, 5, and 10
11:06 kf is there a date for the next developer meetingß
11:06 kf ß=?
11:07 kf 19:00 UTC+0 on 5 May?
11:08 gmcharlt yes
11:09 jransom you could check the up to date website which is maintained by community volunteers :)
11:09 kmkale joined #koha
11:10 kf jransom: thats what I did, the community meeting is there, but did not find the developer
11:11 kf updating my calendar so I wont miss anything this time
11:12 jransom oh ... i thought nicle added it today after i mucked it up
11:14 jransom so are there really meeting son the 5th, 6th and 7th?
11:14 kf 7th=
11:15 kf can not type ? today...
11:15 jransom coomunity on 6th and general onthe 7th
11:16 jransom thats cool - they are on the events calender
11:16 magnus is now known as magnus_away
11:16 kf jransom: now im really confused
11:17 kf I tought 4th and 5th
11:18 gmcharlt kf: sorry, I shouldn't quote dates without looking at a calendar
11:18 kf jransom: thats aprils dates
11:18 gmcharlt but yes, next Tuesday, the 4th is the community meeting
11:18 jransom doh!
11:18 gmcharlt and Wednesday, the 5th, is the general meeting
11:18 jransom times?
11:18 kf ok - thx :)
11:19 kf 19:00 UTC+0
11:19 jransom and we have a kohacon meeting soemtime too
11:21 jdavidb joined #koha
11:23 chris hi jdavidb
11:23 jdavidb Hi, chris.
11:23 chris tgif eh?
11:23 gmcharlt good morning
11:23 * gmcharlt wanders off in search of caffeine
11:25 Amit_G left #koha
11:26 kmkale 19.00 UTC is 00.30 midnight India time :(
11:26 chris :(
11:26 chris what time is it there now?
11:26 kmkale 4.56 PM
11:26 CGI529 joined #koha
11:27 CGI529 hi
11:28 chris hmm so 10.00 UTC is 3.30pm india eh?
11:28 chris sorry 4.30pm
11:28 CGI529 my hard drive was formatted unintentionaly....  I lost my all koha files
11:29 chris ouch!
11:29 nengard joined #koha
11:29 chris morning nengard
11:29 kmkale oohh
11:29 nengard morning all can someone remind me of the git syntax if there were merge errors - after i fix the files i do something with --continue
11:29 nengard but i don't know what :)
11:30 nengard hi chris
11:30 chris are you doing a merge or a rebase?
11:30 CGI529 Then I install window, on which viruses attacked that I again partitioned it. Now I installed window... How can I recover file
11:30 CGI529 left #koha
11:30 nengard rebase
11:30 jransom by crikey mjray writes a good letter
11:30 chris fix the file
11:30 nengard did that
11:30 kmkale CGI529 why not give Ubuntu a try and forget about viruses
11:30 chris git add
11:30 nengard did that
11:30 chris git rebase --continue
11:31 nengard there it is :) I did git rebase origing --continue and it didn't work :)
11:32 jwagner joined #koha
11:32 CGI529 joined #koha
11:32 tirabo left #koha
11:32 CGI529 my hard drive was formatted unintentionaly....  I lost my all koha files
11:33 CGI529 I again partitioned
11:33 CGI529 how can I recover files?
11:33 chris windows or linux?
11:33 jransom HI jwagner
11:33 jwagner Morning
11:33 jransom nice to see you
11:34 * jdavidb waves to jwagner
11:34 jwagner I'm here every day....
11:34 jransom I know ... but you know... stuff
11:34 CGI529 I was on debian/linux
11:34 nengard so - of course there were a ton of commits last night and today I'm out of the office so I can't work on updating the manual to reflect those changes!!!
11:34 chris usually when jransom is asleep tho
11:34 nengard time to head out  - thanks chris
11:34 CGI529 Now I installed window
11:34 chris no idea sorry CGI529
11:35 nengard and great responses from all while I was sleeping!! see you soon!
11:35 jransom cya nengard
11:35 nengard left #koha
11:35 CGI529 Chris: do u have knowledge of recovering data from linux plateform.. if yes than I install debian
11:36 chris not once you have repartitioned and installed all over it i dont
11:36 CGI529 ok
11:37 gmcharlt slef: since we seem to have give you US-style presidential campagin TV debates, could you send us Question Time?
11:37 gmcharlt thanks!
11:42 CGI529 left #koha
11:44 paul_p joined #koha
11:44 kmkale on how do I see a list of all open bugs?
11:44 chris hi paul_p
11:45 chris kmkale: you have to do a search
11:45 paul_p hello world !
11:45 paul_p back from Amsterdam !
11:45 jransom Hello Paul
11:45 kmkale chris: oh so i have to know what to search for. :(
11:45 chris do advanced
11:46 chris and if you just hit submit there
11:46 chris without changing anything
11:46 chris you will get all open ones
11:47 kmkale OK
11:47 kmkale Thanks
11:48 kmkale HEAD 556 bugs found
11:52 chris sounds plausible
11:53 jransom is there a particular bug area you are looking for?
11:54 kmkale no just looking around
11:57 kmkale whats the correct git command to update dev install to head?
11:58 kmkale i have only applied the icu patch
11:58 chris what branch are you on?
11:59 kmkale umm head? master?
11:59 chris right
11:59 gmcharlt git status
11:59 kmkale havent selected a branch while following the git usage wiki doc
11:59 gmcharlt will tell you
12:00 chris if you are on master
12:00 chris then git fetch
12:00 chris git rebase origin/master
12:00 collum joined #koha
12:01 kmkale ok. so when you guys approve a patch where does it go? master? I mean is that THE latest?
12:01 joetho joined #koha
12:02 gmcharlt kmkale: nothing fresher :)
12:02 joetho[…]rmal&bug_severity
12:02 joetho 705 bugs found]
12:02 kmkale then what about the 3.4 branch?
12:03 kmkale is it derived from master?
12:03 chris doesnt exist
12:03 kmkale or 3.2?
12:04 chris 3.2 is master currently, when its closer to release, it will branch to 3.2.x and master will be for work for 3.4
12:04 kmkale oh. OK.
12:05 kmkale so currently we have master and 3.0.x branches right?
12:06 chris yep
12:06 kmkale now in a dev install after I do a git fetch and git rebase origin/master do I need to run through the script based install part again?
12:07 chris nope just the web installer
12:07 kmkale gr8.
12:10 jransom 3 pages down - and only 5 tiny bugs found !
12:11 jransom off to bed; taking teenage girls to Wgtn tomorrow. No doubt we'll end up at Te papa ... probly see Chris there with his boys
12:11 chris :)
12:12 jransom left #koha
12:14 kmkale i can see 556 bugs in HEAD and 154 in rel_3_2 under advanced search so how are these two different?
12:14 kmkale Sorry if I am bothering you with stupid questions. I am just trying to understand the structure
12:15 nicomo joined #koha
12:16 chris head is kinda meaningless
12:16 chris its better to file against a version
12:16 kmkale so for now master = rel_3_2 correct?
12:16 chris yes
12:17 kmkale great. enjoy the weekend all. off for a swim..
12:17 kmkale bye
12:17 owen joined #koha
12:18 kmkale left #koha
12:20 joetho left #koha
12:21 owen Hello #koha
12:23 Nate joined #koha
12:23 * owen catches up on the gossip in the log
12:23 chris heh
12:24 Nate morning everyone
12:24 Nate chris_n, nice post!
12:25 * paul_p discovers ptfs/ll toughts... (it shows clearly their misunderstandings...)
12:26 paul_p we really took the right decision when not agreeing to a conf call (ie : it was not "cancelling it"...)
12:26 owen This morning my worry is that jdavidb and jwagner will be forbidden from participating here
12:26 paul_p owen, right (i'm afraid...)
12:26 chris still here so far
12:27 chris so not yet at least
12:30 jwagner Nobody is forbidding us anything.  But I don't mind saying that I've been personally hurt by a lot of comments recently and I am increasingly uncomfortable about staying online.
12:31 owen jwagner: I'm sorry if you've been hurt by any comments here. We're all pretty steamed about the statements coming from your colleagues, but we really appreciate your participation
12:32 owen jwagner: You and jdavidb represent the best possible way for PTFS to participate and collaborate, and I had high hopes for the future based on that
12:32 * gmcharlt echoes owen
12:33 * magnus_away echoes owen too
12:33 magnus_away is now known as magnus
12:37 * kf echoes owen too
12:38 * collum as well.
12:40 kf I still hope that the problems can be solved.
12:42 * paul_p echoes owen & send thankfull waves to jwagner & jdavidb . Sincerely
12:46 Colin joined #koha
12:49 owen slef++ # for his LibLime thoughts on the list
12:50 schuster joined #koha
12:51 owen Hi schuster
12:57 schuster Hello.  Near tears over all this discussion.
12:57 reed left #koha
12:59 chris[…]April/011253.html  <-- focus on the important thngs, like debian packaging and bug fixing, everythng else is distraction
13:08 Mike left #koha
13:10 gmcharlt if any users of auth_with_ldap are around, would appreciate a test of the patch just sent for bug 4256
13:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4256 blocker, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, C4/ replication broken and corrupts data when used without update
13:10 owen "apt-get install koha" I love it!
13:12 magnus well said, chris
13:12 owen Cute jquery trick:
13:13 magnus apt_get_install_koha++
13:14 chris another thing to look at
13:14 chris node.js
13:14 collum Thanks for pushing all the patches gmcharlt
13:16 genji left #koha
13:18 schuster gmcharlt++
13:19 schuster gmcharlt karma+
13:19 schuster karma gmcharlt +
13:19 schuster karma
13:20 magnus @karma gmcharlt
13:20 munin magnus: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 127 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 126.
13:22 schuster Thanks magnus...  I dabble but never become proficient in anything!
13:24 magnus being proficient in munin should probably be one of the less important things in one's life... ;-)
13:24 owen Not until munin finally learns how to do my taxes
13:24 gmcharlt owen: that would be $39.95 per return
13:31 Nick1884 joined #koha
13:35 * chris_n will take two at that price :)
13:36 Nick1884 left #koha
14:09 wizzyrea owen: that is cery cute
14:09 wizzyrea larsw++
14:09 wizzyrea larsw++
14:09 wizzyrea larsw++
14:12 collum I will second that.  larsw++
14:13 kf @karma larsw
14:13 munin kf: Karma for "larsw" has been increased 14 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 14.
14:30 chris_n nice feature by kyle
14:33 owen "Surely an NDA is not part of a standard service contract." At least not until now!
14:34 gmcharlt the very best of cataloging humor -
14:40 schuster NDA is standard for many Proprietary systems...
15:08 greenmang0 left #koha
15:11 paul_p joanna Hause ++
15:11 paul_p even if she never comes here !
15:11 * paul_p would be happy to have more libraries saying what they think...
15:20 chris_n schuster: an NDA on a customer service agreement and covering comments on QOS?
15:20 * chris_n owns nearly half of an IT support company and we do nothing of the sort there
15:21 chris_n owen: what do you think: our librarians would like to see the renewal date (if there is one) displayed on in the checkout tab
15:22 owen chris_n: Where would you put it?
15:22 chris_n perhaps between the "checked out on" column and the "call no" column...?
15:23 owen I think the amount of data we're cramming into that table is becoming really unmanageable
15:23 owen Would you want just the last renewal date?
15:23 owen ...because there might be more than one
15:24 chris_n I think so
15:24 tjl joined #koha
15:24 chris_n is there somewhere else that they can get that info?
15:25 owen I don't think so
15:25 chris_n circ history does not show it either
15:25 chris_n but maybe that is a more appropriate location to have it displayed
15:25 owen I would love for the circ history page to be more informative and more usable
15:26 owen Right now it doesn't make much sense to me
15:26 owen What need would be fulfilled by adding the renewal information? When do your librarians find themselves wanting to know?
15:28 tjl left #koha
15:28 chris_n there was a patron who contested a fine as having been calculated from the original date of issue
15:28 chris_n the librarians seem to think that they could better show the patron by knowing the data of renewal
15:29 owen Based on that use case I'd definitely say a change to the circ history page would be a better solution
15:29 * chris_n thinks they could just reverse engineer the thing personally :)
15:30 chris_n but I try to keep them happy even if I cannot anyone else
15:30 nahuel joined #koha
15:30 nahuel hi
15:30 nahuel people :)
15:30 nahuel any marc21 expert ?
15:30 owen Hi nahuel
15:31 chris_n @marc 021
15:31 munin chris_n: unknown tag 021
15:31 chris_n opps
15:31 * owen points at gmcharlt
15:31 nahuel héhé no
15:31 chris_n @marc 040
15:31 munin chris_n: The MARC code for or the name of the organization(s) that created the original bibliographic record, assigned MARC content designation and transcribed the record into machine-readable form, or modified (except for the addition of holdings symbols) an existing MARC record. These data and the code in 008/39 (Cataloging source) specify the parties responsible for the bibliographic record. [a,b,c,d,e,6,8]
15:31 nahuel a real expert of marc21 :)
15:32 nahuel intelectual expert
15:32 tjl joined #koha
15:32 chris_n @marc 040$c
15:32 munin chris_n: unknown tag 040$c
15:32 chris_n munin you've disappointed me
15:32 munin chris_n: Error: "you've" is not a valid command.
15:33 nahuel We have a lot of documents for a same collection
15:33 nahuel and a lot of records for this collection
15:33 nahuel each record represent a part of contract
15:33 nahuel where can we specify this ?
15:33 kf @marc 040c
15:33 munin kf: unknown tag 040c
15:34 gmcharlt @marc 773
15:34 munin gmcharlt: Information concerning the host item for the constituent unit described in the record (vertical relationship). In the case of host items that are serial or multi-volume in nature, information in subfields $g and $q is necessary to point to the exact location of the component part within the bibliographic item. (Repeatable) [b,d,g,h,i,k,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,w,x,y,z,3,6,7,8]
15:34 gmcharlt nahuel: ^^ as one possibility
15:34 nahuel okay
15:34 chris_n ahh... the marc-master has spoken :)
15:34 nahuel thanks
15:35 nahuel héhé
15:35 chris_n owen: I may make a few changes to the circ history page and send the patch to you to check out if you don't mind
15:35 owen Sounds great chris_n
15:37 Kivutar left #koha
15:39 alex_a left #koha
15:40 laurence left #koha
15:50 kf have a nice weekend all
15:50 kf left #koha
15:57 CGI359 joined #koha
15:59 CGI359 Ping
15:59 owen Do you have a question CGI359 ?
16:00 CGI359 Nae, just testing the software - thanks though.
16:00 CGI359 left #koha
16:03 paul_p left #koha
16:09 magnus is now known as magnus_away
16:26 cait joined #koha
16:27 cait hi #koha
16:27 jdavidb hi, cait. :)
16:27 jwagner hi cait
16:39 nahuel do you know what is "control-number" in marc21 ?
16:40 cait hi jwagner and jdavidb
16:40 cait nahuel 001?
16:40 cait @marc 001
16:40 munin cait: The control number assigned by the organization creating, using, or distributing the record. The MARC code for the organization is contained in field 003 (Control Number Identifier). []
16:41 cait our union catalog identifier is carried in 001
16:41 cait @marc 003
16:41 munin cait: The MARC code for the organization whose control number is contained in field 001 (Control Number). []
16:42 Colin left #koha
16:51 wizzyrea owen: you about? I have a not necessarily koha related question for youy
16:51 owen Present!
16:52 wizzyrea ok, I'm looking at in IE 7, and the menus are popping behind the headers for the posts
16:52 wizzyrea and I'm totally clueless as to why
16:52 wizzyrea >.<
16:52 wizzyrea don't take more than 5 minutes to look at it, if you have a minute to look at it at all
16:53 wizzyrea or rather, if you don't have time... no worries
16:53 owen Of course
16:53 owen I like the design
16:53 wizzyrea it's pretty, isn't it?
16:56 tjl left #koha
17:09 jwagner wizzyrea, for what it's worth, it seems to look OK in IE8
17:10 owen Looking at Bug 4418
17:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4418 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, required patron attributes not red
17:11 owen "When a patron attribute is required it should be in red like other required fields"
17:11 owen You can make a patron attribute required?
17:11 * owen is trying to find it
17:18 magnus_away owen: BorrowerMandatoryField[…]l/?ch=c19#AEN2231
17:18 magnus_away ooops i'm supposed to be away...
17:19 magnus_away left #koha
17:20 owen Those fields are already in red. I assumed the bug was referring to Patron Attribute Types
17:24 collum left #koha
17:31 nahuel gmcharlt, owen
17:31 nahuel why opac detail search for authors only between 700 and 720
17:31 nahuel and it doesn't look in 110 ?
17:32 gmcharlt hmm - 110 is a corporate author, thus different index, but no reason not to hyperlink
17:32 nahuel ok
17:45 nahuel left #koha
17:50 slef hi #koha
17:51 slef my postings to koha@lists.katipo - too much, enough, more?
17:53 slef and seredipitiously given what I was writing about, lisnews just sent me "Ten Reasons Why Professional Librarian is an Oxymoron2
17:56 owen slef: I'm enjoying hearing your comments on the list. Keep it up.
17:57 wizzyrea slef: I always like to hear you say you feel better after reflection :)
17:58 slef wizzyrea: it read better than "after sleep" ;-)
17:59 slef I think I meant serendipitiously.
18:01 wizzyrea oh dear lol
18:02 slef today has not been a golden one
18:02 slef delays which I could do nothing about
18:03 slef 8.25 hours worked, 7pm and still hours to work
18:04 wizzyrea owen: can you get any more awesome
18:04 wizzyrea I mean really.
18:04 wizzyrea excellent blog post, chum.
18:06 owen Thanks, I could have gone into great detail on that one but I felt like publishing something fairly quick
18:08 slef link please?
18:10 owen
18:10 slef tyvm
18:10 slef yippee
18:11 * slef is a statistician at heart still
18:11 nicomo left #koha
18:11 slef hrm, NonCommercial licensed :-/
18:12 owen slef: I'm sure you could teach me many things about smart statistics. I don't have any training
18:13 slef I wasn't all that successful as a teacher.
18:13 slef That might have been the UK education sector as much as me, though.
18:14 slef I guess we need more libraries using Koha for a few years to be able to get enough of them interested in some really smart stats.
18:15 gmcharlt slef: Bob Molyneux at Equinox is *extremely* interested in any and all kinds of library usage statistics
18:19 bgkriegel joined #koha
18:19 slef If anyone's ever interested in funding a stray statistician to analyse them, I'd love to get an enquiry.  I think I've had two usage projects in the last 5 years.
18:21 slef First class honours on the first degree, but sadly I failed my doctorate in a blaze of questions at an oral exam years after I finished the research (I didn't revise well enough IMO - others have blamed university politics, but I'm not sure).
18:22 slef I don't remember exactly when the exam was, but I think I was working for TTLLP/, so it must have been two years or more after I finished studying.
18:22 slef anyway, back to my inboxes
18:23 slef bgkriegel will wonder if this is #koha or #failedStatsDoctors
18:36 bgkriegel yes I do :)
18:36 bgkriegel I never finished my PHD in Physics
18:59 indradg joined #koha
18:59 owen Has someone begun the process of moving our Bugzilla database or are we waiting on a community decision?
19:02 owen Maybe what I'm remembering is that was moving forward
19:02 wizzyrea yes, owen, that is set up
19:02 wizzyrea idk about bugs though
19:03 gmcharlt I think chris is organizing hosting by Catalyst
19:03 owen I'm steamed enough right now that just seeing that address from Bugzilla irritates me
19:05 wizzyrea I guess the worst problem
19:05 wizzyrea is getting the current bugs out
19:05 schuster Laying low don't want to get shot.
19:06 wizzyrea aww, you won't get shot
19:06 brendan we won't shout you schuster
19:06 brendan but munin he may
19:06 wizzyrea or shout at you
19:06 brendan @roulette
19:06 munin brendan: *click*
19:06 owen You're a Texan schuster, do you guys pack heat 24/7?
19:06 wizzyrea ...
19:06 brendan hehe - s/shout/shot
19:07 * slef puts some cold water on owen and turns on a fan to clear the steam
19:07 * owen hisses
19:07 schuster Some do it's our right isn't it....  I'm actually from Minnesota where they carry shotguns in the back window of the truck mounted, loaded and ready to go.
19:07 slef for some reason, pack heat always makes me think about animals on heat
19:07 slef not the image I wanted to go to dinner with - thanks all :-/
19:07 slef bbl
19:07 schuster hmmmm steak on a grill...
19:08 slef schuster: not what I meant, you know?
19:08 gmcharlt schuster: in Alaska, somes we just used autombiles to hunt moose.  why settle for a measly shotgun :)
19:09 gmcharlt (for those wondering: no, not really, but there was a program to donate the moose carcass to charity or a family after a car-moose collision)
19:09 * owen suspected gmcharlt was using the term "we" loosely
19:09 chris was there anything left of the car???
19:09 slef not in the ones I've seen
19:09 schuster slef - I tried to fix the image you painted...
19:10 slef bbl
19:10 gmcharlt chris: no, a moose will total even the largest of SUVs
19:10 schuster Same with Deer in Minnesota.  You hit one it was time for a new car.
19:10 chris ok time to get the boy up to take to soccer
19:10 chris for the record, taking my 3 year old son to play football trumped a phone call to the US
19:11 * chris heads off
19:11 schuster Always should... :)
19:14 * chris_n has to move quickly to avoid the avalanche of an overflowing inbox :)
19:15 brendan chris_ overflow with patches is good ;)
19:19 chris_n yup; all three lists have been buzzing today
19:21 jdavidb left #koha
19:28 wizzyrea boo no nengard
19:28 wizzyrea @later tell nengard of course I'd be happy to work on getting the translations translated to wp
19:28 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
19:29 schuster owen - I need your professional opinion on web design.
19:29 schuster I'm looking at using some images - what is the optimum size when you might have say 8-12 on a page and want the page to load fairly fast.
19:30 * wizzyrea wasn't asked, but I'd try to keep each one under 100k
19:30 wizzyrea K
19:30 schuster I was hopeful you would respond anyway...
19:30 wizzyrea :D
19:31 schuster I'm working on the picture driven interface of predefines searches geared toward k-2 students.
19:31 schuster so what would be the opitumum square do you think?
19:31 owen I would probably go lower, maybe 50 or 60KB.
19:32 owen ...but that's just off the top of my head, no research to back it up
19:33 owen schuster: optimum square?
19:33 schuster I'm finding some great pictures in public domain or CC - so I should be able to share what I end up with if people want it.  This picture I have is 1800 x 2700...  so yes size wise..
19:34 schuster I'm going to use fireworks after I have all of my images to resize them to a standard size, HxW as well...
19:40 schuster another question - I want to find all of the bibs that have no items attached...  suggestions for an sql?
19:41 owen schuster: Did you look here already?
19:42 owen I see it, "All bibs without items"
19:42 owen SELECT biblio.biblionumber, biblio.title
19:42 owen FROM biblio
19:42 owen LEFT JOIN items on biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber
19:42 owen WHERE items.itemnumber is NULL
19:43 wizzyrea ^^ love the report library
19:43 wizzyrea should mention that jwagner has put up TONS of those reports. I"m so grateful for her contribution there.
19:45 schuster Well yes there it is.. I looked, but didn't go down the the catalog section as the "contents list" didn't indicate the other reports my bad...
19:45 schuster I did go there first, just didn't go deep enough. sorry to bother everyone.
19:45 wizzyrea no no it's fine :)
19:46 * wizzyrea thinks of yet something else to link directly from the koha-community website
19:46 schuster wizzyrea I was thinking that too, but didn't want to put too much up there...
19:47 wizzyrea ? why not?
19:47 schuster Even it if was in the support section with the listserves.
19:47 schuster Don't want to overwhelm people with stuff.
19:47 wizzyrea oh pish posh. Organization is the key to overcoming overwhelmedness :D
19:48 wizzyrea Would you like to buy an O? Circular and sweet, a nearly perfect circle, nearly good enough to eat. You can sing a little song with it like so: Ohh, Ohh, Ohh...
19:48 * wizzyrea may have spent a little too much time with sesame street.
19:49 wizzyrea
19:49 chris_n hmm... must be Friday :)
19:49 chris_n owen++ # for a nice koha blog entry today
19:49 chris_n very nifty
19:50 wizzyrea A NICKEL! shh! a nickel! Riiiight.
19:50 owen ?!
19:50 wizzyrea see: above linked video
19:51 * wizzyrea is tired of serious talk >.>
19:51 wizzyrea injecting a bit of levity
19:51 wizzyrea Hee!
19:52 cait wizzyrea++
19:53 chris_n the google chart stuff is very cool
19:54 owen They can turn out pretty but they're a pain in the butt to put together
19:57 chris_n what data format do you use for your charts?
19:58 chris_n wizzyrea: is there a section of the site appropriate to linking to very helpful things like owen's blog?
19:59 cait wizzyrea: I will dream about Os
19:59 chris_n maybe on the support page
19:59 rhcl cait, are you on the right channel?
20:00 cait rhcl: its not my fault, its wizzyrea's - she let me watch this sesame street video
20:01 wizzyrea I did. It's true.
20:01 rhcl Ohhhhhhh. I see now. The alphabet "O". Yea, I didn't watch the vid.
20:02 cait rhcl: what did you think about me?
20:02 rhcl Nothing nothing. Nothing at all. It was wizzy.
20:02 chris_n rhcl: or a donut
20:02 owen Have a good weekend everyone
20:02 owen left #koha
20:02 chris_n which are conveniently shaped like an O
20:03 cait hm donuts
20:04 rhcl Bagels
20:04 cait maccaroni?
20:04 gmcharlt cheerios
20:04 gmcharlt the bane of parents everywhere
20:04 cait onion rings
20:05 wizzyrea spaghetti-o's
20:05 rhcl Marconi?
20:06 cait you can cut them in rings
20:06 cait oh marconi ... goes to look that up
20:07 rhcl My connection to the subject was radio and digital communications.
20:07 rhcl Marconi = early development of radio
20:07 cait are marconi o-shaped?
20:08 rhcl and concurrent with the development of Morse code, which is a digital mode, although commonly analog encoded.
20:08 rhcl and digital = "1's" and "0's", although Morse is, of course, a trinary system (long on, short on, off).
20:09 bgkriegel left #koha
20:09 cait oh
20:09 rhcl So that's how my mind made the association of Marconi and "0"
20:10 rhcl I suppose many other people probably don't think like that.
20:10 cait oh not sure
20:12 cait I like the way your mind works :)
20:13 rhcl Hummm
20:18 rhcl
20:19 jwagner left #koha
20:21 Nate have a great weekend everyone!
20:22 Nate left #koha
20:22 wizzyrea bye Nate
20:22 wizzyrea aw just that too late
20:28 johnindy left #koha
20:28 chris_n rhcl: are you a radio geek?
20:32 brendan @roulette
20:32 munin brendan: *click*
20:36 wizzyrea owen: nuke the return all
20:38 cait owen: return all and perhaps renew all too
20:39 cait @roulette
20:39 munin *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
20:39 * munin reloads and spins the chambers.
20:39 cait oooh
20:42 johnindy joined #koha
20:44 chris_n off to the bee hives
20:45 wizzyrea ooh, fun
20:54 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:06 rhcl left #koha
21:06 schuster by all thanks for the fellowship...
21:06 schuster have a great weekend - we have a 9 year old baseball tournement tomorrow and basketball tonight...  Can't wait to come back to work on Monday to rest!
21:07 schuster left #koha
21:13 cait ok, time to sleep - bye #koha and nice weekend to all of you
21:13 cait left #koha
21:14 bgkriegel left #koha
21:29 librarywebchic joined #koha
21:31 librarywebchic I have a Koha question I'm hoping someone here can answer. Does anyone know if the Edition tab code -[…]-xisbn-thingisbn/ is part of the main Koha code or an add-on
21:32 wizzyrea afaik that is in koha now
21:32 wizzyrea yes, in fact I'm sure it is
21:32 wizzyrea this is from my current as of today 3.2 alpha box:
21:33 wizzyrea FRBR is definitely IN, and not an addon.
21:33 wizzyrea (note: in 2007, when this post was written, LibLime was contributing all code they wrote to the community. It was lovely.)
21:34 librarywebchic thank you. I was trying to find out because it is my understanding that some of the Koha things Liblime didn't contribute but I wasn't sure about this one
21:34 librarywebchic so I appreciate the info. didn't want to point people to something they couldn't get
21:35 wizzyrea nope, it's in. you're definitely right that there are a lot of things they wrote that aren't currently in. Fortunately, in many cases others have picked up those features and, while behind LL's progress, are making it in.
21:35 wizzyrea sure thing :)
21:35 wizzyrea where ya from
21:35 wizzyrea ?
21:35 librarywebchic i work at OCLC. my name is Karen Coombs and I'm the Product Manager for the Developer Network
21:35 wizzyrea Ah!
21:35 wizzyrea hi there :)
21:36 wizzyrea < Liz Rea, Northeast Kansas Library System
21:36 librarywebchic I was intrigued that Koha was using the xISBN service for that tab and wanted to make sure Koha folks knew we'd increased the non-commercial free limit to 1000 queries per day
21:36 wizzyrea omg, no, I didn't know that
21:36 wizzyrea maybe others did
21:36 librarywebchic the change just happened this week
21:36 wizzyrea but I didn't, but THANKS for the info, I'll go put a post on the site about it!
21:36 librarywebchic no thank you
21:37 wizzyrea that's great!
21:37 gmcharlt hi Karen
21:37 gmcharlt thanks for the news
21:37 wizzyrea absolutely :)
21:37 wizzyrea stop by anytime. Friday afternoons are quiet here
21:37 wizzyrea but usually lots of folks around
21:37 librarywebchic also if any Koha users are OCLC cataloging members getting and even higher daily usage is free for them. There is a form to fill out but that is it no $$
21:37 librarywebchic if you are a cataloging member
21:38 wizzyrea are there any official press materials to announce these changes?
21:38 wizzyrea (would link to them)
21:39 librarywebchic we post changes to these services to the developer network listserv and the Developer Network blog -[…]l_usage_limi.html
21:40 wizzyrea cool beans, will add that one to my reader so I can stay on top of it. :)
21:41 wizzyrea ok to say that I talked to you?
21:41 wizzyrea or no?
21:41 wizzyrea or just that I saw it on the blog ;)
21:41 librarywebchic either is fine
21:41 wizzyrea okies
21:42 librarywebchic I'm trying to find the official press release too but for some reason I don't think it went out
21:42 wizzyrea erg, I hate it when that happens. And I do crap like that all the time "what, you mean I didn't send it out? *sigh*"
21:42 librarywebchic LOL
21:43 brendan librarywebchic++
21:43 librarywebchic also, I'd be happy to talk to Koha developers about other web services OCLC has that are free for noncommercial use that might be of interest to Koha folks, particularly from an online catalog perspective
21:44 wizzyrea we have a couple of meetings here next week, I imagine that if you wanted to be on the agenda that would be welcome and encouraged
21:44 * wizzyrea tries to find the agenda... hopes it's been put up
21:45 librarywebchic there are some nice things people are doing with WorldCat Identities. One example is[…]+twain&Ntk=Author
21:45 librarywebchic what day? I can try to come if my schedule isn't full of meetings?
21:46 wizzyrea May 5,[…]4%2019:00%20UTC+0
21:46 wizzyrea 19:00UTC+0
21:47 wizzyrea the link should help you convert
21:47 chris librarywebchic:[…]0614d8b0c0efe9bec
21:47 wizzyrea lord help me, it's either 1 or 2 pm here (CDT)
21:47 wizzyrea chris: NICE!
21:47 wizzyrea you are on top of it
21:48 chris well i just did that right now
21:48 wizzyrea I know!
21:48 librarywebchic drat meeting at that time
21:48 wizzyrea ON
21:48 wizzyrea top
21:48 wizzyrea of
21:48 wizzyrea it
21:48 wizzyrea YOU
21:48 wizzyrea it
21:48 chris so not really :) on to it would have done it before we were told :)
21:48 wizzyrea har de har
21:48 wizzyrea well you do live in the future.
21:48 chris woo weee wooo
21:49 librarywebchic you guys are awesome. This is what I love about open source community software building!
21:49 * brendan would love a nice OCLC connextion client plugin for koha (other something like that) I know a few of our clients would love it
21:49 wizzyrea :D it's what we like too.
21:49 brendan it's on sekjal wish list to program
21:49 wizzyrea brendan: it's a long list
21:50 brendan yeah all of our programming wish lists seems to be big
21:50 librarywebchic will take that as a note. Know some folks at the IDS project - who are interested in the same thing and have done some interesting things connecting to Connexion.
21:51 wizzyrea[…]-xisbn-and-xissn/
21:52 collum joined #koha
21:52 librarywebchic can you guys send me a note coombsk[at] when you have your next developer get together? I'd like to try to make it
21:53 librarywebchic in the meantime, if you want to see some of the neat things you can do with OCLC web services you can check out my demos at .
21:53 chris cool
21:54 wizzyrea sure, we also list them on our wiki at (though the web presence is a bit in flux at the moment... if you can't find them you can stop by here and we can direct you to the right page)
21:54 brendan cool nice resources librarywebchic
21:54 librarywebchic the source code is available at
21:55 librarywebchic happy to help and I'm happy to do a presentation for the Koha community. just need to find a time that works!
21:55 wizzyrea bookmarked
21:55 bgkriegel joined #koha
21:55 wizzyrea :) I'm sure we'll talk again
21:56 chris wizzyrea: is there an rss feed for items marked as events
21:56 chris on
21:56 chris might be handy for librarywebchic
21:56 wizzyrea yea, there's an RSS feed for every category
21:56 wizzyrea sec
21:56 wizzyrea
21:56 chris as we always post the meetings on there as events before they take place
21:56 wizzyrea we also ^^ what he said
21:56 brendan wizzyrea it's so nice to have a nice responsive webadmin
21:57 brendan wizzyrea++
21:57 chris hmm
21:57 chris cool, except i thnk the report is tagged as an event, need to fixinate that
21:57 chris i can do that
21:58 librarywebchic thanks all. Have a good weekend. will keep my eyes on the event feed.
21:59 chris except i cant heh
22:00 chris foiled by a checkbox i cant uncheck
22:00 librarywebchic left #koha
22:00 chris well that was the best use of the cgi irc script in years
22:00 chris_n back
22:01 chris_n OCLC visit... cool
22:01 wizzyrea you would need to remove the attached event, chris
22:02 * chris_n is happy since the bees were today :)
22:03 chris ahhhhh
22:03 chris_n nice email from vicki
22:04 chris in that case, i'll leave it
22:10 brendan chris how was football
22:11 chris a bit cold, but fun
22:11 chris im glad its only a 20 min game
22:11 brendan @wunder 93117
22:11 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 20.0�C (2:50 PM PDT on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Falling). Wind Advisory in effect until 6 am PDT Saturday...
22:11 brendan I see a walk on the beach in my future
22:11 brendan now only it munin could check the tide
22:11 chris @wunder wellington nz
22:11 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (9:00 AM NZST on May 01, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
22:11 * gmcharlt sees dinner in his future and seeks to grab it
22:11 chris :)
22:13 chris_n @wunder 28334
22:13 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 30.0�C (5:43 PM EDT on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 25%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
22:13 brendan wow 30 that's hot
22:14 chris_n well, I have a recital to attend with two children playing piano, flute, and violin
22:14 brendan looks like three instruments ?
22:18 chris_n my younger son plays violin and my oldest daughter plays piano and flute
22:18 chris_n actually the son play piano too, just not tonight
22:19 * chris_n wonders where pianohacker has been, speaking of pianos
22:19 chris_n @seen pianohacker
22:19 munin chris_n: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 6 weeks, 2 days, 3 hours, 6 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <pianohacker> that's all :)
22:20 chris_n so is there any problem with Google's TOS when using google book covers with Koha?
22:21 hdl_laptop none that I am aware of
22:23 brendan ah pianohacker I miss him
22:23 brendan heya hdl_laptop
22:23 hdl_laptop hi brendan
22:23 chris_n heya hdl_laptop
22:24 hdl_laptop how are you?
22:24 chris_n great :)
22:24 chris_n kinda late for you isn't it?
22:27 chobbs joined #koha
22:31 hdl_laptop chris_n: yes.
22:31 collum @wunder 41017
22:31 munin collum: The current temperature in Erlanger, Kentucky is 27.2�C (6:30 PM EDT on April 30, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.73 in 1006.7 hPa (Falling). Flash Flood Watch in effect from Saturday evening through Monday morning...
22:32 collum Hope the rain comes after the kid's first baseball game of the season.
22:32 chris_n sounds like a busy weekend for kids around the globe
22:33 chris_n time to go, bbl
22:33 collum sumer is icumen in
22:37 chobbs left #koha
22:40 chobbs joined #koha
22:58 Nate joined #koha
23:03 nml joined #koha
23:07 richard joined #koha
23:09 nml left #koha
23:09 nelson joined #koha
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23:38 Nate left #koha
23:57 chobbs left #koha

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