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02:48 pseubodot We need to build a catalog of technical documentation (manuals, procedural guides, etc) containing some paper assets (some w/ ISBN, some not), and a large number of electronic assets (PDF, CHM, etc) for which most have ISBN. Would kona be a good option for this problem?
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08:05 cait good morning #koha
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10:19 chris hi cait
10:40 cait hi chris
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14:21 wajasu Sure is quiet in the library.   Now i can read something, instead of catalog all things readable.
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17:38 cait @wunder konstanz
17:38 munin` cait: The current temperature in H�ggenschwil CH, Germany is 12.0�C (7:30 PM CEST on April 03, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 36%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Steady).
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22:16 pseubodot Quiet indeed...
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22:27 gpal hi, I am using Koha Cant seem to import recs from Z3950.. Clicking [import] results in a NO ACTION
22:29 gpal Manual adding of records is functional. Both zebrasrv and zebraqueue are on as daemons... though I just cant connect to them using yaz
22:31 gpal I get ==> Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
22:31 gpal need some help here ??
22:32 cait are you behind a firewall?
22:33 cait z39.50 servers use different ports
22:38 gpal no -- no firewall
22:38 gpal am using 9999
22:39 cait hm, check your z39.50 settings
22:40 cait there is a nice directory
22:40 cait
22:40 cait have you installed example z39.50 servers during install?
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22:41 gpal yeah I have the 5 defaults
22:42 gpal via the intranet, i am getting search results... but unable to IMPORT
22:43 gpal cait> I have been at ZEBRA like a BULLDOG for the past few days now..
22:44 gpal Besides the intranet... I am unable to connect ysing yaz-client
22:44 cait hm
22:44 cait Im out of ideas
22:44 cait perhaps an update to current stable 3.0.05 would help
22:44 cait I dont know if there is a known bug in your version
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22:46 cait perhaps ask again a little later, one of the developers might know. its past midnight here now and I really need to get some sleep :)
22:46 cait bye #koha
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22:46 gpal i've GFS/YAZ Version: 3.0.52
22:47 gpal thanx cait

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