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09:45 crackjack can we add custom fields in patron add page?
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09:59 crackjack any one here to reply
10:00 crackjack can we add custom fields in patron add page?
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12:21 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
12:21 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is -5.7�C (7:16 AM EST on January 10, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: -19.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Rising).
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17:25 Genji hiya all
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18:09 rhcl_home Brendan!
18:09 brendan morning
18:09 rhcl_home Hey, did you party too much? I saw the news about the earthquake in N. Ca yesterday.
18:10 brendan heh
18:10 brendan not too much, but enough
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18:42 zico hi
18:42 zico i am little bit confused about something
18:43 zico i want to add some html pages there in my opac main page
18:43 zico say... virtual on screen keyboard
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18:43 zico i added that keyboard there ...
18:44 zico but... my popup keyboard is not working
18:44 zico i cannot understand...where should i keep my "virtual_keyboard.html"?
18:44 zico i mean.. in which directory?   opac? opac-tmpl? or anywhere?
18:54 zico by the way
18:54 zico what is the "textarea id" of KOHA OPAC?
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19:36 chris ahh drive by questioning, that pretty much never works
19:37 rhcl_home chris what up?
19:39 chris ahh was just reading zico's questions
19:41 chris hows the weekend going?
19:46 Genji When does masonj usually reactivate?
19:46 chris did you email him?
19:46 chris i messaged you his email
19:46 Genji ya.
19:46 chris he works usually late hours, starts late in the morning
19:47 Genji I'll be working with him, hopefully today.
19:47 chris sweet
19:47 Genji Ah.. okay. Yah. Boss really wants it installed today.. behind schedule.
19:49 chris_n2 afternoon
19:49 rhcl_home the board is showing a few signs of life...
19:50 chris hi chris_n2
19:50 chris oh, is that good news rhcl_home ?
19:50 rhcl_home oh, just a quick was quiet for a while
19:51 chris_n2 opps
19:51 chris_n2 son #1 just took a picture of his mother without her knowing... :-)
19:51 chris_n2 bad move ;-)
19:51 chris heh
19:51 Genji why bad move?
19:52 chris_n2 only in jest Genji :-D
19:52 Genji ....
19:52 chris_n2 no lady I've ever met liked her picture taken without being warned
19:52 Genji ah.
19:53 chris down to 279 libraries without coordinates now
19:54 chris_n2 it appears that Makefile.PL was never exporting INSTALL_BASE
19:56 chris oh really?
19:56 chris_n2 and so rewrite-config.PL always uses /usr as $prefix
19:58 chris_n2 I'm still trying to work through it, but it appears that way atm
19:58 chris hmm seems to sometimes work, dev installs seem to mostly work
19:58 chris_n2 yeah, I'm not sure this would mess things up too back on *nix
19:59 chris_n2 it showed up on Win32
19:59 chris right
19:59 chris_n2 where there is no /usr
19:59 chris_n2 but it should export that var in any case
19:59 chris yes
19:59 * chris_n2 is working out the last few bugs so that a "smooth" install is possible on Win32
20:00 chris yay
20:00 chris that will make a lot of people happy
20:01 chris_n2 ahh... we have success... now the var is exported into the environment
20:03 chris :)
20:06 chris_n2 happy_people++
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20:10 zico hi
20:11 zico i added a virtual keyboard in my OPAC
20:11 zico but... if i insert any button of that keyboard ... nothing appears in my search box
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20:11 richard hi
20:11 zico can anyone help me a little?
20:12 chris not me
20:12 chris i have never tried doing that
20:19 zico chris: then can you tell me.. the "text ared id" of opac search box?
20:19 zico * "text area id*
20:19 chris nope
20:19 * chris has spent 15 years studiously not learning css/html and js
20:20 chris owen is who you want to ask about that
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21:10 IrmaCalyx Good morning all
21:17 chris hiya IrmaCalyx
21:17 chris happy new year
21:31 IrmaCalyx Thanks Chris. To you and your family as well. I am looking forward to this one!
21:32 chris yep, should be a good one
21:33 IrmaCalyx Have just come back from a bit of a road trip to North Victoria...Beautiful Mallacoota area .... a pile of work is now waiting!
21:33 chris i hear that :)
21:33 chris have you gotten any sailing in?
21:34 IrmaCalyx Always too little!
21:36 IrmaCalyx CALYX has an enhancement to submit re
21:36 IrmaCalyx Rick is preparing it today
21:36 chris excellent :)
21:37 IrmaCalyx Talk soon, I must start the day. Have a good one :-)
21:37 chris cya later
21:37 IrmaCalyx cya
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22:11 zico hi
22:11 zico some days ago.. i have been facing a "duplicate item" problem
22:11 zico that means.. if i edite any item.. after editing... it became two items
22:12 zico now.. though.. i am not facing that problem...but.. if i go to delete one item of this duplicate... another one goes too..and and "Error 404" occurs
22:20 chilts zico: is this on live or development?
22:20 chilts ah, hmm, I asking in the wrong channel ... thought this was something else :)
22:20 chilts sorry, I probably won't be able to help :D
22:21 zico :(
22:21 zico i don`t know why i am facing so many problem in my koha server
22:21 zico :(
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