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03:00 * chris_n2 wanders in and looks around
03:00 * chilts sees chris_n2 wander in and look around
03:07 chris_n2 hi andy
03:10 SelfishMan multiple chris* nicks confuses me
03:11 chris i only have the one :)
03:11 * chris_n2 is also chris_n
03:11 chilts lol
03:11 chris_n2 vpn is too latent for me to deal with
03:11 chilts so my Post-Christmas resolution (seeing as I don't do New Year's ones), get Koha going at home and damn well fix somethign :)
03:11 chilts think I missed getting a commit number under 100 :)
03:11 chilts maybe 101 is good though
03:12 SelfishMan there are three chris* nicks? I just got used to two!
03:12 chris_n2 my resolution to get koha going on win32 by year's end is fading fast
03:12 chilts :(
03:12 chilts good luck!
03:12 SelfishMan chris_n2: What flavor of perl?
03:12 chris_n2 SelfishMan: earlier there were four chris* nicks
03:12 chris_n2 strawberry
03:13 SelfishMan I haven't played with strawberry yet.  Does it have full support for Time:HiRes yet?
03:13 chris_n2 the maintainers worked with me last month to get several changes made in the January 2010 build necessary to run koha
03:13 chris_n2 I'm not sure about that
03:14 SelfishMan That is one of the things that always amazed me about activestate and vanilla perl was that Time::HiRes was not useable
03:14 SelfishMan Even more amazed by that fact that there was no alarm support
03:14 chris_n2 right now I'm trying to fight through figuring out why a single directory install of koha runs fine, but a dev install causes apache to bork when calling /cgi-bin/ pages
03:15 chris_n2 motivation has been low for the last several weeks, however :-P
03:16 SelfishMan Is there a release date for 3.2 yet?  Not sure if I missed that discussion
03:18 chris nope
03:18 chris_n2 SelfishMan: cpan Time::HiRes says "Time::HiRes is up to date (1.9719)."
03:18 chris
03:18 chris_n2 it appears to be a core module on strawberry
03:18 chris gotta kill those blockers and criticals (to be fair, most of them have patches waiting to be pushed)
03:18 chris and then it will be sometime after that
03:18 SelfishMan chris_n2: ok.  just making sure.  Had a library tell me they wanted to upgrade to 3.2 today but I don't remember it being scheduled for release yet.
03:19 * chris_n2 wonders if the bugs with patches waiting are marked as such
03:19 chris they are
03:19 chris using the priority column
03:19 chris so when they get pushed, someone gets to test and close them :)
03:20 chris_n2 any thoughts on why "http://localhost:8080/index.html" works fine, but "http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]ols/" causes apache to throw a 500 error?
03:20 chris_n2 same thing works fine with a single directory install
03:20 chris SelfishMan: we don't really do dates .. we aimed to get 3.2 out by the end of the year, but that wont happen .. but it will be out as soon as we can fix the bugs
03:20 chris chris_n2: whats the error in the log?
03:21 chris the main apache2 error log that is
03:21 chris_n2 nothing... that's the thing... just a line for the 500 error in the access log
03:21 * chris_n2 hates silent fails
03:22 pastebot "chris_n2" at pasted "access.log" (6 lines) at
03:23 chris_n2 last entries in the error log are from 16 dec... :-(
03:24 chris not the koha error log either?
03:26 chris_n2 yes
03:26 chris_n2 there are
03:27 * chris_n2 suddenly remembers where he was four weeks ago in the debugging
03:28 chris :)
03:28 pastebot "chris_n2" at pasted "koha-error_log" (6 lines) at
03:28 chris_n2 it appears to be pathing, but again, the only change here is the dev install vs. single dir install
03:29 chris_n2 C4 is located in C:/DOCUME~1/CHRIS/MYDOCU~1/koha-test/lib/
03:29 chris and the SetEnv is right?
03:30 chris_n2 SetEnv PERL5LIB "C:/DOCUME~1/CHRIS/MYDOCU~1/koha-test/lib/"
03:30 SelfishMan chris: That's what I remember but they were convinced that 3.2 was out
03:30 SelfishMan Just needed to figure out which of us was on crack :--P
03:30 chris SelfishMan: heh, funny, maybe they were confused with 3.0.2
03:32 chris_n2 I've been trying to get it running as a dev install to ease getting my work into my git repo
03:32 chris_n2 it's a chore to manually move each change from the single dir into my win32 repo
03:33 chris you cant do symlinks in windows eh?
03:33 SelfishMan sure you can
03:34 SelfishMan They are called "junctions" and can be a little funky
03:35 chris_n2 what SelfishMan said :-)
03:35 chris_n2 funky is definitely the word
03:35 * chris_n2 wonders what part of windows is *not* funky
03:36 SelfishMan The first thing I learned about junctions is to *never* remove the target before removing the junction
03:36 chris right time to pick up kids
03:36 chris spotyas later
03:36 chris_n2 and time for bed here
03:36 chris_n2 g'night
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03:38 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:38 Amit good morning all
04:00 brendan hi amit
04:00 brendan good evening
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08:09 Ropuch Morning #koha
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08:16 nicomo morning Ropuch
08:22 hdl_laptop hi all
08:26 Ropuch Hello
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10:11 Amit heya nicomo, ropuch
10:15 Ropuch Hi amit
10:19 Ropuch Huh, I was just wondering how tiny dryed grapes are called in english
10:19 Ropuch I remeber "raisins" from sezame street ;>
10:20 Ropuch But querying some dictionaries gave me: tidbit, plum
10:20 Ropuch Thank you, google image! ;>
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13:16 nengard happpy christmas eve eve everyone :)
13:16 jwagner And to you.
13:19 magnusenger to you too!
13:19 hdl_laptop nengard: hapy xmas eve
13:29 chris_n g'morning
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13:35 hilongo happy christmas eve eve to you too... and to all :)
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13:42 nengard so - today i'm going through pianohacker's updated sys prefs branch - i have to say i like it more and more the more i use it :)
13:44 owen nengard: You got tired of waiting and set up a special branch to test?
13:44 nengard yeah
13:44 nengard cause hdl_laptop gave me some detailed instructions for setting up a new branch and not losing HEAD :)
13:44 nengard I can share them with you too if you want
13:45 owen I think I'd better not...plenty of things to keep me occupied today without new shiny distractions
13:52 jwagner New toys! new toys!
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13:54 hdl_laptop nengard: I want to make an open testing interface so that one can test.
13:54 nengard cool
13:56 chris_n bye chris_n2
13:57 * chris_n wonders if his 3 year old is playing with the keyboard at home again :-)
13:58 jwagner But Daddy plays with it, why can't I???
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14:09 chris_n hehe
14:09 chris_n paul_p++ #for the "too many sysprefs" observation
14:10 chris_n jwagner: if chris_n2 suddenly starts typing things unintelligible, you'll know what happened ;-)
14:12 jwagner Yep.  Unfortunately, most of us don't have that excuse....
14:13 jwagner chris_n, not sure I agree with paul_p and you -- I think allowing anonymous suggestions and allowing reading history anonymizing are two different functions.  Libraries should have the either/both choice.  I think both sysprefs should stay.
14:13 paul_p jwagner: activating them is another thing. This one is just to say which patron is the "anonymous patron".
14:14 chris_n my complaint about too many sysprefs is more general rather than directed so much at this particular instance
14:14 paul_p so, we have 3 : sugg yes/no, readinghistOptIn yes/No, AnonymousPatronName Number
14:14 jwagner paul_p, in that case, I'm OK with it.  Just don't want to lose the granularity of control.
14:15 jwagner Personally, I like more sysprefs.  The more control we give the library, the happier they'll be and the less customizing we might have to do.  So long as the sysprefs are documented and don't clash with each other, the more the merrier!
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14:30 chris_n jwanger: I've been thinking of a feature which would allow some sysprefs to be set on a per user basis (those that are appropriate for that sort of thing)
14:31 nengard chris_n & paul_p I don't agree - more preferences means more control for the librarians - and that's a good thing :) and pianohacker's sys prefs edits makes it much easier to navaigate
14:32 nengard paul_p i'm confused - suggestion just says whether to allow suggestions at all
14:32 jwagner chris_n, I think that would be very advisable.  There are some sysprefs that the library really _shouldn't_ mess with, and others, like all the opac text blocks, that they can change to their heart's content.  If we could group the "don't touch" ones somewhere and isolate a permission for them, that would be great.
14:32 * chris_n 's main concern has been the hither-to-fore confusion and general lack of understandable explanation of sysprefs in general
14:33 chris_n but nengard's work should fix most of that and stop my griping ;-)
14:33 nengard paul_p - so if i have suggestion on but want the suggestions to be anonymous i set anonsuggestion
14:33 jwagner I do think many of the sysprefs need better documentation.
14:33 nengard jwagner - working on it :)
14:33 nengard help always appreciated
14:35 chris_n some sort of syspref development standard which could be enforced on patches containing new sysprefs might also help keep the poison out of the pot of sysprefs
14:35 chris_n and keep work like is having to be done now down to a minimum
14:35 owen An iron-fisted RM could help
14:36 * chris_n tries to imagine gmcharlt with an iron fist, glibly smashing patches into little pieces :-)
14:36 jwagner Nah, gmcharlt is more the velvet glove type.  Keep the iron fist out of sight, but available :-)
14:37 gmcharlt *snort*
14:37 owen Oooh, what color are they gmcharlt ?
14:37 chris_n I think development standards in general should move up to near the top of the list after our 3.2 release
14:37 jwagner I vote we all present gmcharlt an Order of the Iron Fist plaque when he retires from his present role.
14:38 chris_n they could save lots of time
14:38 gmcharlt owen: fuligin, naturally
14:41 * owen runs off the look up fuligin
14:52 chris_n @dict fuligin
14:52 munin chris_n: No definition for "fuligin" could be found.
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14:58 nengard owen added you to a bug - i thought it was a circ issue -but now i'm almost positive it's a design issue
15:04 nengard done testing an documenting the new sys prefs branch - i think :)
15:11 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: hi
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15:38 jwagner Got a report puzzler for you -- I'm trying to run a select * from borrowers where cardnumber like 'e%' but when I save the report, it's cutting it off at like 'e -- leaving off the % and the closing '  Any ideas why?
15:40 nengard jwagner sounds like an HTML filtering issue on the textarea ...
15:40 nengard off to try it myself
15:41 owen Some kind of sanitize routine that gets run on SQL submissions?
15:41 nengard jwagner and owen - it works for me ...
15:41 jwagner Don't know.  This is a pretty old version of Koha, maybe a bug that got fixed in the meantime.
15:41 nengard on the most recent version of head
15:42 owen I've got a question about adding budgets. On the add budget form (admin/ there is a hint that says "Budget amount cannot both be empty"
15:42 jwagner It does the same thing with a contains 'e' -- cuts off the closing '
15:42 nengard yeah - i think i put a bug in for that owen - it's a language issue
15:42 owen nengard: So the "both" is superfluous?
15:42 owen Or "amound" and something else cannot both be empty?
15:42 nengard or there is another field that can't be blank that's missing
15:43 nengard not sure which
15:43 nengard owen - it wasn't a bug report - it was an email to the mailing list that was never answered --
15:43 nengard off to put it in as a bug that you can watch
15:43 owen Maybe hdl_laptop or nahuel know the answer?
15:44 nahuel abotu what ?
15:44 nahuel about
15:44 nengard Bug 3998
15:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3998 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Confusing warning on budget add page
15:44 owen nahuel: On admin/
15:45 nahuel oh right
15:45 nahuel it's on new acquisition module ?
15:45 nengard yes
15:47 nahuel 2s
15:50 nahuel I don't find the message in templates...
15:50 owen "Budget amount cannot both be empty"
15:51 nahuel oh 2s
15:51 nahuel :)
15:53 nahuel $ grep -ir 'cannot both' koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/
15:53 nahuel doesn't return anything...
15:53 owen[…]9ea39fd8b;hb=HEAD
15:53 owen Line 284
15:56 nahuel 2s i'm rebasing
16:00 nahuel I got it !
16:01 nahuel So
16:02 nahuel hmmm
16:04 nahuel ok
16:04 nahuel "both" can be deleted
16:04 nahuel if you want to do the patch
16:05 owen If budget amount cannot be empty, shouldn't it be a required field like budget name is?
16:05 nahuel no
16:06 nahuel It's an old stuff
16:06 nahuel Before you had to choose 2 budgets
16:06 nahuel now you have only one
16:06 owen So the whole message can be removed?
16:06 nahuel hmmm
16:06 nahuel Depends :)
16:06 paul_p owen: probably right
16:07 nahuel amount me be filled
16:07 nahuel as I know
16:07 wizzyrea nahuel: I have a question about bug 3950, is it related to 3270?
16:07 owen So it's okay to create a budget with no amount?
16:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3950 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Pending reserve problems
16:08 wizzyrea (because if you fixed that, I will... I'm not sure, but it will be a huge thanks)
16:08 nahuel owen, no you can't
16:08 nahuel wizzyrea, I fixed it today
16:09 nahuel it was REALLY hard
16:09 nahuel :)
16:09 owen Then budget amount *should* be a required field?
16:09 * wizzyrea squees with joy
16:09 nahuel I have a question for US people : how many holds a library have?
16:09 wizzyrea lots
16:09 nahuel lots is like how much ?
16:09 wizzyrea hundreds a day
16:09 nahuel 200 ?
16:09 nahuel 1000 ?
16:09 nahuel 10 000 ?
16:10 wizzyrea you know, I'm not sure how to measure that
16:10 wizzyrea items on the holds queue for the day? Items waiting in the queue
16:10 wizzyrea ?
16:10 nengard nahuel owen - my head hurts - what does the note mean and do we need it?
16:10 nahuel wizzyrea, items that should be in pending reserves :)
16:10 wizzyrea Ahh... lemme see if I can get a current snapshot of that, sec
16:10 nahuel nengard, The "amount" *must* be specified
16:11 owen Thanks nahuel, I'll see about including that in the work I'm doing on that template right now
16:11 nengard so it should be required and we can remove the note
16:11 nahuel ok cool :)
16:12 owen select count(*) from reserves where found IS NULL ?
16:12 owen Hmmm... and maybe add "and cancellation date is not null" ?
16:14 owen No, that turns up nothing
16:14 nahuel héhé
16:14 nahuel no owen
16:14 nahuel "and cancellationdate IS null" :)
16:15 owen Of course. But it doesn't look like it makes a difference to check cancellation date. I get the same result: 2726
16:16 jwagner nahuel, one of my sites can have several hundred holds in a day, maybe getting close to 1,000.  We've done some work on pendingreserves ourselves, trying to speed it up for them.  Not finished with that yet -- our programmer is looking at your patch to see if we're taking the same approach.
16:17 nahuel owen, me too :)
16:17 nahuel jwagner, I don't think
16:17 nahuel Mine is slower, but not hang the browser
16:17 nahuel It use some AJAX
16:18 nahuel for 1700 holds it took 20s to show the result
16:18 nahuel it have pagination
16:18 nahuel and filtering
16:19 owen We may have 2726 holds  but we never look at a list of all of them.
16:19 nahuel In pending reserve, i'll add a CSV export
16:20 nahuel to allow librarians to print it
16:20 wizzyrea 2918 here
16:20 wizzyrea omg nahuel
16:20 wizzyrea i love you.
16:20 nahuel ahah
16:21 owen She says that nahuel, but she never calls on Valentine's Day.
16:21 wizzyrea well I didn't want to annoy your wife
16:21 wizzyrea ;)
16:21 paul_p nahuel: i'll copy/paste the chat to Delphine :D
16:21 nahuel You can
16:21 nahuel I have a lot of "in-love" friends
16:21 nahuel :p
16:21 wizzyrea Wife vs. Some random koha person... wife winds
16:21 wizzyrea wins*
16:21 chris_n hehe
16:22 wizzyrea wife crits you for 9999
16:22 wizzyrea you die.
16:22 * chris_n gets bug #3999
16:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3999 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Create Batch on Marc Import Tool Does nothing
16:22 chris_n tnx nengard :-)
16:22 nengard no prob
16:22 wizzyrea there's one last thing about pending reserves
16:23 nahuel yep ?
16:23 wizzyrea i'm not sure we've filed a bug, it's kind of more of a fringe case
16:23 wizzyrea where the only item with a hold placed on it is missing
16:24 wizzyrea the reserves system shouldn't allow that
16:24 nahuel you're right :)
16:25 wizzyrea to be perfectly clear, this is a situation where a bib has only one item, and it's lost
16:25 owen What did I accidentally type to make mysql ask, "Display all 2786 possibilities? (y or n)"
16:26 nahuel héhé
16:26 nahuel "tab"
16:26 owen Oh, "tab" twice :)
16:26 nahuel héhé like in a shell
16:27 jwagner I don't think we've submitted it yet, but we've created a field in the reserves table for expiration date instead of calculating on the fly.  This allows filtering etc.  We also created a script to automatically transfer expired holds to old_reserves.
16:28 nahuel What about if you change the expiry delay ?
16:28 jwagner It records the expiration date as of the setting when the hold is triggered.
16:30 nahuel it don't update fields ?
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16:30 jwagner You mean if someone changes the syspref?  No.  We have a site that changes the syspref at intervals (don't ask) but the expiration date should always be based on what was in effect when the hold was triggered.
16:34 nahuel héhé in 3.4 this won't be a syspref anymore
16:35 nahuel it'll be in issuingrules/smartrules
16:35 nahuel each library will be able to choose his delay
16:39 hdl_laptop pianohacker around ?
16:41 chris_n @seen pianohacker
16:41 munin chris_n: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 1 day, 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <pianohacker> Good night, #koha
16:44 owen @seen pianohackr|work
16:44 munin owen: pianohackr|work was last seen in #koha 3 days, 17 hours, 35 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <pianohackr|work> It is a landmine, I tell you
16:45 owen Hmmm.. I guess munin doesn't know you were here unless you said something.
16:45 nengard heh - sometimes those last quotes are just funny
16:45 chris_n @quote add  <pianohackr|work> It is a landmine, I tell you
16:45 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.  Quote #50 added.
16:46 * chris_n is sorry he missed seeing that one live ;-)
16:47 wizzyrea[…]+Brown+Christmas/
16:47 wizzyrea merry christmas everybody
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16:51 owen nahuel: I'm curious about the jquery "treeTable" scripts in aqbudgets.tmpl
16:51 owen Under what conditions does something on that page display as a tree?
16:51 owen I've tried adding a sub-budget, thinking that would be it, but my sub-budget displays the same as other budgets
16:51 nahuel owen, with big tree between budgets
16:52 nahuel sub-budgets with sub-budgets with sub-budgets
16:53 owen nahuel: If I have a sub-budget with a sub-budget, should I see the tree view automatically?
16:53 nahuel theoricaly yes :)
16:54 * owen doesn't see it :(
16:54 nahuel oh, tomorrow i'll take a look
16:55 owen Okay, I'll file a bug
16:55 nahuel ping me to remind me :)
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17:00 owen Bug 4000!
17:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4000 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Budgets table doesn't show tree view for sub-budgets
17:02 jwagner That's some kind of milestone.  Not sure if it's good or bad....
17:04 owen I'd like to see a graph of open bug reports over time. Hopefully that would not be a steadily rising line.
17:07 chris it does rise, mainly because we are bad at marking bugs resolved/closed not because we arent fixing them
17:07 owen nengard will have made a difference with her recent work
17:07 chris hence the desire for 3.4 to come with a bug wrangler to do that
17:07 chris yep
17:08 chris also enhancements ... often just keep growing and don't get checked again
17:08 chris even when they have actually now been implemented, or it no longer makes sense
17:11 chris nahuel: was your patch for 3536 meant for master or 3.0.x ? it does the updatedatabase for 3.0.x ... shall i make one for master too?
17:11 * chris_n hates it when he gets the assignment operator swapped with a logical equality >:-(
17:13 paul_p chris: nahuel just left
17:14 paul_p chris: Merry Christmas to you ! (it's 24th for you isn't it ;-) )
17:14 * paul_p head home now (6:15PM in France)
17:14 chris_n bye paul_p
17:14 paul_p see you tomorrow. Next week will be an internet-less one !
17:15 * chris_n too (next week)
17:17 chris cya
17:20 indradg Merry Christmas to all at #koha
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17:36 nengard owen - yeah - i did the best i could - some bugs weren't even marked as patch sent - so i may have not tested some that were done because of that
17:37 nengard i think bugzilla could make things a little easier - but i like it better than other systems i've used
17:37 owen it takes some discipline on everyone's part to make sure the process works well.
17:38 owen If only Bugzilla could prevent you from marking something as patch-sent if there are not patches attached.
17:38 nengard i'd like a way to mark it assigned, patch sent and attach the patch in one move
17:39 nengard see if bugzilla made it easier maybe more people would do it
17:39 nengard who knows
17:39 chris i doubt it
17:39 nengard LOL
17:39 chris seriously
17:39 nengard well - i'd appreciate it :) making my life easier as one of the good kids just seems fair
17:40 nengard or a way to add multiple attachments at once - that would also be nice
17:40 nengard i try to be detailed and provide images - but sometimes i just don't cause of how annoying it is to do
17:40 chris there are probably enhancements filed for that
17:41 wizzyrea nengard: you could use screencast/jing and keep them all online and just link to them there
17:41 wizzyrea instead of uploading to bugzilla
17:41 nengard bleh - still another step
17:42 nengard hehe
17:42 wizzyrea hm, my experience with jing is screencap, add arrows or whatever, say save to screencast and it is ready to paste the link
17:42 nengard i'm not a fan of jing in general - not sure what it is - but it bugs me
17:42 nengard :)
17:42 wizzyrea which seems easier than taking the screencap, adding arrows, saving, uploading into bugzilla
17:43 chris basically what we need the bug wrangler to do, i forget who volunteered for that
17:43 chris lemme look
17:43 wizzyrea ah, well you're entitled to your opinion :D
17:43 nengard several people did
17:43 nengard volunteer for the bug wrangler job
17:43 chris jesse or calyx
17:43 chris to nag people
17:44 chris attach your patch, add more info
17:44 chris there are bugs that i just go, what? and move on
17:44 chris if a developer cant figure out what you mean ... they will just move on .. more info is always better
17:45 chris its a human problem, ppl are inherently bad at reporting bugs
17:45 owen Yeah, because if there is lower-hanging fruit it will be chosen first
17:45 chris and they just need someone to nag them into being good ;-)
17:48 nengard working as temp bug wrangler again - i'm good at nagging :)
17:49 chris :)
17:50 chris im too brutal to do bug wrangling, id just go these have been open more than 6 months, no one has done anything to them ... closed
17:50 nengard no no no
17:51 nengard the prob is there are so many patches waiting to be pushed - so i can't test them and close them until they're pushed
17:51 chris the mail will at least prompt people to reopen them and look at them if they really care
17:51 chris oh there are craploads of really old ones with no patches too
17:52 chris 1199 open
17:53 chris 304 of those have patches
17:54 nengard wizzyrea - who wrote this?[…]receipt-printers/ I want to add it to the manual with the proper credits
17:56 * chris_n finishes adding the ability to embed borrowers table fields into text lines on patron cards
17:56 chris_n and inches one step closer to the end
17:58 tomascohen left #koha
18:01 nengard woo hoo - go chris_n
18:02 wizzyrea nengard: pretty much everyone on the NExpress team had a hand in that one. I wrote it originally, Heather Braum edited it some, sharon did too
18:02 wizzyrea I think you can just credit NEKLS with it's creation
18:02 wizzyrea it was a team effort :P
18:03 nengard wizzyrea - okey dokey
18:03 wizzyrea most of our stuff is (except for the reports stuff, sharon does most of that)
18:03 nengard :)
18:03 nengard okay all - prepare to be flooded with bug emails if you subscribe to that list
18:03 nengard status changed to REMIND on all bugs that haven't been looked at since before 12-31-2008
18:04 wizzyrea nengard: did you see the patch I sent yesterday that sharon re-wrote some of the help in the reports module?
18:04 nengard yes i saw it - and i need to grab that text for the manual or i might end up overwriting it next time i edit that file :)
18:05 nengard i usually write those files based on the manual
18:05 wizzyrea or you can work them together
18:05 wizzyrea i'm sure she won't mind
18:05 nengard yeah - that's what i mean - i need to take her edits and add them to what i wrote in the manual :)
18:05 wizzyrea ah gotya
18:05 wizzyrea <- is a little slow today
18:06 nengard okay -- manual question for all on the chanel - should we have 2 manuals - one for useage and one for sys admin stuff?  right now it's all in one manual - which i'm fine with - but i'm just wondering if we want 2
18:06 nengard let the debating begin
18:07 chris i like 1
18:08 chris otherwise you are gonna have to check 2 places everytime you arent sure
18:13 wizzyrea chris++ 1 manual please
18:16 * chris_n votes for 1
18:17 * owen too
18:19 * owen is off
18:19 owen Merry Christmas everyone
18:19 owen left #koha
18:31 nengard okay - adding it all to the one manual -
18:31 nengard hubby home - time for a break - be back later
18:31 nengard left #koha
18:41 Ian joined #koha
19:10 hdl_laptop left #koha
19:11 hdl_laptop joined #koha
19:11 richard joined #koha
19:13 rhcl joined #koha
19:28 nengard joined #koha
19:42 zico joined #koha
19:42 zico hi
19:42 zico i just need an idea regarding koha-3.0.5
19:43 zico i want to add "New arrival" in my opac
19:43 zico there... that "New Arrival" will just show the new arrivaled book`s image... say .. only 5 images
19:43 zico how can i do that?
19:45 wizzyrea
19:46 rhcl Cool. Pretty nice of ACLOU.
19:46 wizzyrea something like that zico?
19:51 nengard left #koha
19:52 zico wizzyrea: yep! xactly like this. :)
19:52 jwagner zico, jdavidb has worked on a feature for a new books list, not exactly like owen's, but controlled by sysprefs.  With luck he can get that one pushed out fairly soon.
19:54 zico jwagner: is jdavidb here?
19:54 jwagner No, he's on vacation this week.
19:57 wizzyrea and a well deserved one at that
19:58 jwagner He was trying to sneak in and do some work this morning, but I growled at him.
19:59 wizzyrea good girl jwagner!
19:59 jwagner Doing it via chat doesn't have quite the emphasis of in-person looking-over-the-top-of-the-glasses, but it seems to work.
20:00 Ian hi folks, quick question: does the dev version of Koha work with MySQL 5.2?
20:02 zico ok.. guys.. i will check this tomorrow...and let you know... :)
20:03 zico need some sleep now!
20:21 wizzyrea Ian: afaik, dev koha works exactly the same as tarball koha in that regard
20:21 wizzyrea so if tarball koha works, dev should too.
20:23 zico left #koha
20:54 * wizzyrea loves low hanging fruit
20:56 Ian thanks wizzyrea
21:00 moodaepo @wunder 56001
21:00 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is -3.1�C (2:58 PM CST on December 23, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1016.8 hPa (Steady). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until noon CST today...
21:12 indradg left #koha
21:22 wizzyrea hahaha
21:22 wizzyrea it's really too bad chris isn't here lol
21:28 * jwagner chortles
21:28 jwagner I think a LOT of people would appreciate that one.
21:30 jwagner In fact, I just sent it to a couple of them....
21:33 jwagner left #koha
21:40 * chris_n heads out to find food and become chris_n2
21:52 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
21:53 IrmaCalyx Good morning all...
21:56 wizzyrea morning IrmaCalyx
22:03 Ian left #koha
22:04 cait joined #koha
22:05 cait hi #koha
22:05 rhcl Hi cait!
22:06 cait hi rhcl :)
22:07 cait zico around?
22:10 wizzyrea newp, he's gone
22:10 wizzyrea cait: I think I answered his question to the list, but I"m not sure
22:10 wizzyrea if I understood it correctly
22:10 cait hi liz
22:10 wizzyrea heya
22:10 wizzyrea :)
22:10 cait I wrote him the same... some days ago
22:11 wizzyrea lulz
22:11 wizzyrea oi
22:11 cait I m a little confused why he wrote to the mailing list again
22:12 wizzyrea his english may not be very good, he may not be understanding
22:12 wizzyrea hard to say
22:12 wizzyrea we'll get him sorted out eventually
22:13 cait thx for answering him :) and I need to tell him, Im not a he ;)
22:13 wizzyrea hee :)
22:14 wizzyrea well peeps, I may check in now and again over the long weekend, but if I don't talk to you, have a merry and safe holiday
22:14 wizzyrea I'm out, ttyl
22:14 wizzyrea left #koha
22:15 cait oh now she is gone :)
22:16 cait @tell wizzyrea you were too fast for my typing - merry holidays to you too!
22:16 munin cait: Error: I haven't seen wizzyrea, I'll let you do the telling.
22:16 cait @later wizzyrea you were too fast for my typing - merry holidays to you too!
22:16 munin cait: Error: The "Later" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "wizzyrea" in it.  Try "list Later" to see the commands in the "Later" plugin.
22:16 cait @list later
22:16 munin cait: notes and tell
22:17 cait list later
22:17 cait hm
22:17 cait difficult
22:18 cait @later
22:18 munin cait: Error: "later" is not a valid command.
22:19 * cait gives up
22:19 cait merry christmas #koha :)
22:19 cait left #koha
22:58 rhcl left #koha
23:56 matts left #koha

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