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00:29 brendan @later tell chris stephen abram no longer with Sirsi-Dynix. he's gone back to publishing
00:29 munin brendan: The operation succeeded.
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03:14 brendan @wunder 06798
03:14 munin brendan: The current temperature in Washington Woodbury Road, Roxbury, Connecticut is -4.9�C (10:11 PM EST on December 19, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady). Winter Storm Warning in effect until 1 PM EST Sunday...
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04:44 chilts hmm, I keep falling off ... wish I had a better ~/.irssi<something> :)
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04:48 Genji hiya all. I am trying to get koha working on a hostgator dedicated server... anyone done this before? im having trouble with permissions I think.. or config files. hostgator's config files are all over the place.
04:49 Genji hope someone answers this, cause im going out of my mind.
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04:59 CGI834 hi
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07:07 Ropuch Morning $koha
08:27 Genji morning Ropuch. You familar with hostgator + cpanel + centos + koha?
08:27 Genji added to this, is suPHP....
08:27 Genji God, its a headache...
08:43 Ropuch Genji: "koha" is only familiar word to me [;
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08:53 zico hi... i am really grateful to you guys
08:53 zico you helped me a lot regarding various koha-.3.0.4 problem
08:53 zico now.. i need a little bit favour again
08:55 zico the problem is: in koha-3.0.4 ... say... i have 5 holdings of any book... now.. if i search for that book... it shows me that.... "there are 5 holdings" .. but... it only shows only 1 physical item
08:55 zico for the rest 4... it shows "no physical items for this record"
08:55 zico :(
08:57 zico is there anyone.. who can help me a little?
09:00 Ropuch zico: you have 1 bibliographic records with 5 items attached for a title?
09:01 zico Ropuch: yes, you are right
09:04 Ropuch zico: I'll grab a coffe and we'll try to figure something oou [;
09:04 zico Ropuch: thanks man.. bring me some caffee. :)
09:05 zico *coffee
09:05 zico :)
09:11 Ropuch Ok, I'm back
09:12 zico Ropuch: i am here
09:12 Ropuch Can you see the items in stuff interfece?
09:12 Ropuch *interface
09:16 Ropuch Funny, I have biblio with 2 items - one is is not for loan
09:17 Ropuch The one that can be borrowed is displayed in search result, but on title's detail page only reference copy is shown
09:26 zico Ropuch: yes, i can see those in stuff interface
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10:06 zico Ropuch: sorry man... my internet connection suddenly went out
10:06 zico what did you suggest?
10:09 zico i can see them in staff interface
10:09 zico but.. not in opac
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10:57 zico Ropuch: r you there man?
11:01 zico hello... is there anyone who can help me a little regarding OPAC holding problem?
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17:42 chris hiya hdl_laptop (if you are still around )
17:42 hdl_laptop i am
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17:45 chris i did a blog post about 3.0.5 .. did a test install too, seems all good
17:48 zico hi
17:48 zico i am using Koha-3.0.4. And, i have been facing this "normal opac view" problem. That means, my searching shows i have 5 holdings, but it is only showing one physical item. Others are showing "no physical items for this record".  I went this link:[…]c153d064d242adcea   and added <!-- /TMPL_IF -->  in 296 ... which is just after "Checked out"...  But, yet.
17:48 chris zico: you could try upgrading to 3.0.5
17:49 zico chris: Alas!!! :( .. i don`t want to do that... 3.0.5!!!
17:50 chris why not?
17:50 chris running the latest stable is always a good idea
17:50 zico actually... i upgraded from 3.0.2 to 3.0.4... but... many new problems occuring...
17:50 chris yep there have been tons of fixes between 3.0.4 and 3.0.5
17:50 zico as for example....  some problem created... because of migrating my previous database from 3.0.2 to 3.0.4
17:51 chris hdl_laptop:  is now updated, is hideously out of date still
17:52 chris zico: well, i don't really have any other suggestions, what you are seeing doesnt happen for me
17:52 chris im afraid
17:52 chris when you look in mysql, there are definitely 5 items attached eh?
17:52 hdl_laptop zico: i think this problem was fixed in 3.0.4_fixed
17:55 zico laurent... i used 3.0.4_fixed!!! but.. nothing changed
17:56 zico i mean.. i had to add <!-- /TMPL_IF --> in opac-detail.tmpl
17:56 zico but.. nothing changed... i mean.. the error yet exists
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20:52 rhcl_home Stephan is no longer w/ Sirsi?  That's interesting.
20:52 rhcl_home Very
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21:01 Genji greetings all.  Failed to load ICU chain icu.xml .... anyone know what this means?
21:01 chaos I think it maeans that you failed to load ICU chain icu.xml
21:02 chaos but I could be wrong
21:02 chaos so what is the purpose of this network and channel more specifically?
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21:03 chaos in all honesty I'm exceedingly bored and it was one of the first hits if you google cgi irc
21:03 chaos and BAM here I am
21:03 Genji Ah. cool. hi then.
21:04 chaos if I recall the server was kiwi run
21:05 Genji Kiwi born, actually.
21:05 Genji Koha is an Intergrated Library System.
21:06 Genji Open-source one at that.
21:06 chaos oh, I thought it was a fancy kiwi word
21:06 Genji And #koha is its support channel.
21:06 chaos they use weird words like flat, that I as an american had to ask wtf they were talking about
21:06 chaos turns out a "flat" is an "apartment"
21:06 Genji Yes, it is a kiwi word.. and its hardly fancy.
21:07 chaos I don't know if you're aware of that but if you tell an american about a "flat" or a "flatmate" you'll have to speak american to us and say "apartment" and "roommate"
21:07 * Genji hrms... "a Flat is a casual place.. an Apartment, is considerably more posh here."
21:07 Genji I think...
21:08 chaos posh....
21:08 chaos now you sound limey
21:08 chaos hmmmm so what is the purpose of koha?
21:09 chaos the way you describe it I kinda liken it to something like QT libraries or ncurses libraries or GTK
21:09 Genji good definition of flat vs apartment.
21:09 Genji[…]rtment-and-a-flat
21:10 Genji nope. Think library as in books.
21:10 chaos now you've lost my primitive american mind
21:10 chaos books?
21:11 Genji Issues, returns, renewals, stocktaking, budget, catalog searches, membership, with fines and overdue fees etc, printing of dockets, reporting.....
21:12 chaos .......wait so you write open source software for actual libraries
21:12 Genji Not just books either. any media. The library im working with, has no books, just PDF files.
21:12 chaos that's stupid
21:12 Genji nope. its Digital Archiving.
21:12 chaos how do you not return a pdf?
21:12 chaos they make a copy, done and done
21:12 Genji You download it.
21:12 Genji And thats it, yes.
21:13 chaos so if it's just PDF then how do yo uhave anything returned, overdue, fines, or fees?
21:13 Genji you don't .. its just unused features.
21:14 Genji you can use as much or as little of Koha as you want.
21:14 Genji you can also change any aspect of it that you don't like, too.
21:17 chaos well I guessed that with it being gpl
21:17 Genji and get support from a community like this, or anyone you choose. Unlike library systems like Dynix, which is one of the most popular library systems.
21:18 chaos american libraries use windows
21:18 Genji Yup. GPL, and proud of it. So, we get alittle disappointed when a fork of ours, gets perverted.
21:20 * Genji hrms.. "I try doing a yaz-client find.. @attr 1=4 School .... the zebra server closes connection on me."
21:27 chaos unrelated question
21:27 chaos don't suppose you'd be knowledgeable in setting up pppoe in debian
21:28 chaos only internet access I can get out here is pppoe
21:28 chaos never had to set up pap/chap and pppd shit
21:35 Genji nope. but i
21:35 Genji id suggest heading to #linux, and ask there.
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21:35 Genji oh, a better irc chat prog, is mibbit.
21:37 Genji even better , is a client side one, like Mirc, or BitchX (though, running BitchX on a root account, is stupid, and going into #linux like that, is just asking for abuse.)
21:40 chaos I'm limited to cgi irc on these public computers running windows
21:40 chaos they're starting to block certain servers though
21:40 chaos I'm too lazy to get lists of socks5 proxies to override it
21:40 chaos and I don't feel like being questioned by the govt
21:40 chris mibbit is web based
21:40 chris if you can run cgi-irc you can run mibbit
21:42 chaos wow
21:42 chaos I've never seen that before
21:42 chaos thank you
21:43 Genji hmm... wouldn't happen to be in the .mil would you?
21:44 chaos unfortunately
21:44 chaos but only for another 671 days not including a projected 76 days of terminal leave
21:45 chaos but shit, who's counting
21:45 Genji Stationed currently, near russia?
21:46 chaos LOL
21:46 chaos are you doing a whois on my dns?
21:46 chaos that's cute
21:46 chaos I'm in Iraq
21:46 Genji last .mil guy that came here, was stationed near russia.
21:46 chaos I think we actually shoot out by sattelite to somewhere in europe
21:49 Genji Anyway, I gotta go. back laters.
21:49 chaos does it bother you that I'm in iraq wearing a costume with a goofy insignia on my chest to represent an arbitrary position of authority and amount of money paid per month
21:49 Genji Well, when you put it that way...
21:49 Genji Anyway, really gotta go.
21:49 chaos ok
21:49 Genji is now known as Genji_away
21:50 Genji_away Come back soon eh? you sound like you know enough to be useful, if you ever want to help with #koha.
21:51 Genji_away And we indeed have a prepacked debian Virtual Machine, to start people off with.
21:52 chaos I can't guarantee specific hours but I'll try to drop by when I'm not busy with stupid guard shifts or doing translation work
21:53 imp what languages do you speak?
21:56 chaos english, arabic, decent bit of spanish, the rest I know aren't enough to do major work with, just mild conversational
21:57 chaos I can translate from hebrew but I'm crappy at forming it myself
21:57 chaos same with turkish
21:57 chaos mostly I study linguistics in my free time
21:58 imp not bad :)
21:58 chaos you'd be amazed at how much arabic and hebrew have in common
22:00 chaos turkish borrows a bit from arabic as welll
22:01 imp i've got a little introduction from a co-worker in arabic, the punctation (dunno if it's the right word) and different forms for the letters are quite confusing for me ;)
22:04 chaos where are you from?
22:05 imp germany
22:09 chaos decent number of arabs out there
22:09 chaos you could try conversing with them
22:10 imp don't speak any
22:10 imp he just showed us some words
22:11 chaos oh
22:12 chaos where's he from?
22:12 chaos there's a lot of dialects but four major ones and variants within
22:13 imp syria iirc
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22:19 chaos hmmm levantine dialect is probably the easiest among the four major ones
22:20 chaos syria, palestinians, jordan, and lebanon, all pretty much speak the same dialect
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22:24 chaos alright man well I'm gonna head to sleep, see you guys later
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