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00:08 pianohackr|work Good night
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00:46 owen *sigh* Zebra question. Anyone?
00:48 owen True there are many better things to think about on a Friday night
01:01 Genji Whats your question?
01:03 brendan howdy owen
01:03 owen Hey brendan, Genji
01:03 brendan zebra usually ends up everyones friday night
01:03 brendan :)
01:03 brendan owen - shoot away with your question
01:04 brendan and also are you going to code4lib?
01:04 owen I struggling with a problem I know I've tackled before: I can't get the zebra fast index to work
01:04 owen [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/home/oleonard/koha-dev/va​r/lock/zebradb/biblios/norm..LCK [Permission denied]
01:04 brendan that a permissions issue
01:04 brendan are you running the command as - the oleonard user?
01:05 brendan errr... which user are you currently logged on as
01:05 owen Yes
01:05 Genji Ya, have you always run reindexing as the user that zebraserver is running on?
01:05 brendan ok so then -- it should be something liek this
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01:06 brendan chown -R oleonard:oleonard /home/oleonard/koha-dev/var/lock/zebrabd/biblios
01:06 brendan you may need to put a sudo in front of that
01:08 * owen tries it
01:08 * brendan has LOTR on in the backgrounf
01:09 brendan background
01:09 brendan a little call out to NZ :)
01:09 owen I have the books on the bookshelf behind me, does that count?
01:10 owen I'm always surprised at how long it takes
01:10 brendan owen - you know that's how we came up with the name for our company
01:11 brendan how many records do you have in your database
01:12 Genji brendan: what company?
01:12 brendan
01:13 Genji Wow, ceo. cool.
01:32 brendan Genji - where in NZ are you?
01:33 Genji Palmerston North
01:34 * brendan google maps
01:34 brendan @quote random
01:34 munin brendan: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
01:52 owen No luck running it as oleonard:  [warn] previous transaction did not finish (shadow disabled)
01:53 owen I tried running it as the koha user and it finished without errors, but still no results from my search
01:53 brendan what flags are you using?
01:54 owen -b -w
01:54 brendan -w (disables the shadow)
01:55 brendan do you remember which user you identified as the zebrauser - during your install (Makefile.PL)
01:55 brendan next time you run it -- try -b -v
01:55 brendan -v
01:56 brendan -v ( is the more verbose) meaning you'll see more information as it runs
01:57 * owen is trying it with -v
01:59 owen Remind me next time to get zebra up and running *before* I import 10,000 records
02:05 brendan zebra+-
02:07 brendan @karma zebra
02:07 munin brendan: Karma for "zebra" has been increased 2 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 0.
02:12 owen Hmmm... working now. But I'm not sure whether the fast index was really failing or not, because it turns out the zebra server wasn't running
02:12 brendan hmmm...
02:12 owen I thought that was what I was doing when I ran " start
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02:13 brendan first I usually do this
02:13 brendan ps -aef | grep zebra
02:13 brendan if you seem more than one line -- your good
02:13 brendan s/seem/see
02:14 owen Yeah, I do see Zebra running, but I had to start the process from the command line. The daemon aparently didn't run
02:14 brendan ah - that makes sense
02:15 brendan you need to water, walk, and feed your zebra often
02:16 brendan what do you get when you,
02:17 brendan ls -lh /etc/init.d/
02:17 brendan should point you to the koha-dev file
02:19 owen What I have is  /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon -> /home/oleonard/koha-dev/bin/
02:19 brendan looks right
02:19 owen (following the Debian Lenny INSTALL file)
02:20 brendan well for now when you turn your VM on -- just check to see if zebra is running
02:20 brendan one little trick that may help you out
02:20 brendan is if you type
02:20 brendan history
02:20 brendan at the command prompt, it will show you the last 300 or so commands you typed
02:21 brendan so you can easily copy and paste - the start command
02:21 brendan instead of having to memorize that
02:22 owen Okay, enough zebraing for me for tonight. Thanks brendan!
02:22 brendan later owen - enjoy the weekend
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02:42 si or if you use bash, you can do <ctrl-r>zeb
02:43 si to search your history
02:43 brendan hey si
02:43 si heya brendan
02:44 brendan how's your weekend going
02:44 si windy
02:44 brendan heh - rainy here
02:45 si been a pretty constant 60-80Kmh
02:45 si there were gusts forecast to 130Kmh
02:45 brendan do you know if they are still shooting the hobbit there?
02:45 si I've no idea
02:45 brendan don't they call wellington the windy city
02:45 si as in, are they shooting here at all, or have they finished?
02:45 * si has no idea wither way
02:45 brendan either
02:45 si yup, the windy city
02:46 si according to the met service site, we have 180 days a year where the wind is over 50Kmh
02:46 brendan heh
02:47 si Wellington averages 173 days a year with wind gusts greater than about 60 km/h or 32 knots.
02:47 si windy is Wellington.htm
02:49 si no smog though
02:49 si there's an upside to everything :-)
02:49 brendan :)
02:51 si ohh, 63Kmh is a gale
02:51 si in the formal sense
02:52 si that's why they measure it
02:56 chris_n2 evening
03:16 brendan evening chris_n2
04:49 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
04:49 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is -3.6�C (11:43 PM EST on December 11, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Falling).
05:18 chris_n2 am I missing something or does the 'aqbudgets' table mysteriously appear between commits 6fb8ef0d79cc145e0e227a9cd8a606c50ebcea84 and a3dfe58e014c316687fffdc1a38b4c7618ba5cfc ?
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07:24 CGI990 hi
07:32 indradg @wunder kolkata
07:32 munin indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 24.0�C (12:20 PM IST on December 12, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
07:36 CGI990 z39.50 search is not working
07:36 CGI990 ResultsConnection failed to z3950.loc.govNothing found. Try another search.
07:37 CGI990 what is the problem?
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07:45 CGI990 .
07:55 CGI990 can any body help me?
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08:35 brendan http://www.coloradolibraries.o[…]s-unite/#comments
08:35 brendan with that
08:44 Genji Wow. that kicks butt, brendan.
08:45 Genji ByWater++
08:45 Genji liblime--
08:45 Genji @karma liblime
08:45 munin Genji: Karma for "liblime" has been increased 0 times and decreased 8 times for a total karma of -8.
08:51 chris ?
08:51 chris did brendan put a comment on? I cant see it?
09:02 Ropuch Morning #koha
09:24 chris hi Ropuch
09:24 Genji Nope.. but Engard, commenter 1, is ByWater
09:25 Genji
09:25 chris heh, yeah i know who nicole is :)
09:26 Genji So, hence the ByWater increase...
09:28 Genji I wonder when Aspencat will say 'oops'.
09:28 chris shes also biblibre
09:29 Genji Whats the story about Emerald? same story as LEK?
09:29 chris emerald?
09:29 Ropuch I'm afraid that part of libraries don't realy care if they're usuing open source or not
09:29 Genji one sec, maybe wrong name...
09:29 Genji One that begins with E...
09:30 Genji Evergreen
09:30 Genji Evergreen is similar in philosophy to LEK?
09:30 chris hell no
09:30 Ropuch No
09:30 chris Evergreen is free software
09:31 Ropuch AFAIK Evergreen is floss
09:31 chris like Koha
09:31 Genji Right.
09:31 chris yeah, thats why 2 Koha developers left liblime to work on evergreen when liblime was making them do proprietary work
09:31 * Ropuch is just reading through "Survey on open source integrated library system"
09:32 Ropuch chris: didn't know that
09:32 chris yep, galen the release manager now works for ESI doing evegreen, and so does atz (joe atzberger)
09:33 Genji how difficult is it to leave a company that made you do propietary work, to go do opensource, without tainting your new work?
09:33 chris not difficult at all
09:33 chris how would it taint?
09:34 chris they were doing opensource for a long time before that, were still doing it, and left when it became clear they wouldnt be able to do it anymore ... i cant possibly see any taint
09:35 Genji Fixing the same problems, the exact same way, adding features to opensource, the exact same way it was added in the propietary...
09:38 chris 1/ the are working on evegreen not koha
09:38 chris 2/ the code was still gpl'd just never released
09:38 chris so by both counts (or by either) the point is moot
09:39 Genji So.... a staff member of Liblime could leak the entire source of LEK, and would have no backlash from it, except possibly loosing their job at liblime?
09:40 chris probably could get sued
09:41 chris recreating that work on the other hand
09:41 Genji Yet LEK is gpl?
09:41 chris yes
09:41 chris but not distributed
09:41 Ropuch Genji: that the trick is
09:42 chris hence why any liblime clients running koha on their own servers will not be given the opportunity to run lek, it would then have been distributed and they could also distribute it
09:42 chris hence only offering it as hosted
09:43 Genji Right. Really against the spirit of gpl.
09:44 Genji Can't wait for their datacenter to go kablooey, or net connections broken down...
09:44 Genji Both have happened, in datacenter history.
09:44 Ropuch That's pretty immature ;-)
09:45 chris the main danger with LEK for libraries using it
09:45 Genji[…]rvices/1246640587
09:46 chris is they are now locked in to a small company, and if that company ceases to exist, they are stuck with an unsupportable product
09:46 chris seems incredibly dangerous when it runs your core business
09:46 Ropuch chris: yet LL still poiints out no-vendor-lock-in as a feature of their produscts ;>
09:46 Genji 5 people you say?
09:48 chris might be 7, no one knows
09:48 chris Ropuch: of course .. who would sign with them if they told the truth?
09:49 * chris sends another patch .. productive day
09:51 Ropuch When patches get into head?
09:52 chris thats up to the release manager
10:06 Genji hey, can anyone confirm that its a bad idea having apache running as root?
10:07 Ropuch It is bad idea ;>
10:07 Genji Right.
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10:08 Genji I didn't do it, it wasn't me. Im the one cleaning up after it.
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10:09 chris running anything as root, unless you really really have to is a bad idea
10:16 Genji i know, just checking. what about the seed process of an apache multithread?
10:17 chris that has to be run as root, to bind to port 80
10:17 chris but its child processes should be run as much lower privileged user
10:17 chris or you are asking for a rootkit
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10:18 Genji huh.
10:19 Genji no, not askign for a rootkit.
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10:19 chris running your apache threads as root, yep that's asking to be rootkitted
10:19 Genji back in a sec, switching to wireless.
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10:20 Genji-Wireless What of Zebrasrv? bad idea to run as root?
10:23 chris yes
10:23 chris there is utterly no need to do so
10:25 Genji-Wireless and no excuse to do so. I suspect the person that was doing this, just couldn't work out why reindexing was failing.
10:26 chris highly likely
10:26 chris ok, time for sleep
10:28 Genji-Wireless Night Chris. sleep well.
10:28 Genji-Wireless chris++
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10:32 Ropuch Hi cait
10:37 cait Guten morgen Ropuch :)
10:50 * Ropuch is reading through
11:01 * cait is working on koha + virtualbox :)
11:05 Ropuch Whoa, it's 12 already
11:08 Ropuch I should start updating some websites, but learning git while testing & fixing koha code is much more interesting
11:08 cait I know that feeling
11:09 Ropuch ;>
11:09 Genji-Wireless I should be setting up my own git repo just for my own use, to manage versions. I actually have no idea how to start.
11:11 Ropuch Genji-Wireless: take a look at the progit book, really :)
11:12 Genji-Wireless website down?
11:13 Genji-Wireless okay, gotta sleep. mind fading in and out. night.
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11:25 Ropuch
11:25 Ropuch ;-))
13:19 * chris_n2 notes that ben has shown up again
13:30 Ropuch Yup
13:31 Ropuch Hi chris_n2 ;>
13:31 chris_n2 hi Ropuch
13:31 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
13:31 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is -1.4�C (8:28 AM EST on December 12, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1023.9 hPa (Falling).
13:39 * chris_n2 just had to post his $0.02 worth
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13:53 cait chris_n++
14:03 CGI574 joined #koha
14:04 hdl_laptop hi cait
14:13 chris_n2 hdl_laptop: am I missing something or does the 'aqbudgets' table mysteriously appear between commits 6fb8ef0d79cc145e0e227a9cd8a606c50ebcea84 and a3dfe58e014c316687fffdc1a38b4c7618ba5cfc ?
14:13 * chris_n2 worked on testing the updatedatabase patch you sent last evening
14:15 hdl_laptop chris_n2 table aqbudgets is the "new name" for aqbudget.
14:16 hdl_laptop Therefore I updated a3dfe58e014c316687f to rename that table and add the missing fields
14:18 hdl_laptop at first, the updatedatabase paul pushed was only creation of the table.
14:18 hdl_laptop But it was not really the best choice since then previous information for budgets, if any woudl have been lost.
14:18 cait h hdl_laptop :)
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14:24 chris_n2 hdl_laptop: this might be the problem: my db does not have an 'aqbudget' table
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14:24 chris_n2 bbiab
14:24 hdl_laptop ??? How comes ?
14:25 martinmorris hello, i'm upgrading to koha 3.04 but it's insisting on GD 2.39.  Do I have to install an old version of the module?
14:27 hdl_laptop martinmorris: i don't think so.
14:27 martinmorris so I can just go ahead?
14:37 chris_n2 hdl_laptop: I'm not sure, but I'll have to add it and then re-test the patch
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15:14 |Lupin| joined #koha
15:14 |Lupin| hi there
15:15 eiro hello |Lupin|
15:24 |Lupin| salut eiro ! :) la forme ?          
15:42 eiro |Lupin|, yep! familly time ... watching a movie with the children, hidden under blankets
15:43 |Lupin| :)
15:44 |Lupin| eiro: how many children do you have ?
15:44 |Lupin| anyone who could help with g, pls ?
15:44 eiro Alixe and Guillaume ( 6 and 5 years old)
15:44 eiro g ?
15:44 |Lupin| 'd like to cherry-pick some patches, which instead of modify should modify is that possible ?
15:44 eiro git :)
15:45 |Lupin| ( has been renames dto but git does not know about that)
15:45 eiro i'm not skilled with git: sorry
15:45 |Lupin| np eiro :)
15:45 |Lupin| yeah git, bad typer today
15:45 |Lupin| eiro: you have your domain of speciality already :)
15:46 Ropuch |Lupin|: you can change the file name in patch file manually
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15:50 |Lupin| Ropuch: yeah but I've several commits to change and may overlook some of them, that's why I was looking for something more automatic.
15:51 |Lupin| I may be able to do some commits to rename the old file to the new one so that git knows about it...
15:51 Ropuch |Lupin|: you can always checkout to temp branch from your current one, rename the file, chery-pick patches you want
15:51 Ropuch format-paych and aplly it to your current ;>
15:52 Ropuch But simply renaming files looks like better solution
16:02 |Lupin| Ropuch: the problem is I'll rename the file because there is a file with same name in Koha: there is an in Koha, I wrote another one which was called so far, too. NOw I'd like to make things nicer, so I restored the file as it is in Koha and added the modified version as But now all the changes done to willl have to be applied to additem-helene...
16:02 |Lupin| it's a mess I know... :/
16:04 Ropuch HM
16:05 |Lupin| :/
16:06 Ropuch |Lupin|: I'm newbie with git, but I'm quite sure you can fix things with some temporary branches & merge kung-fu [;
16:08 |Lupin| Ropuch: I guess merges are one thing I wanted to avoid, not exactly sure why...
16:09 Ropuch
16:10 Ropuch Really simple and useful (pictures included ;-)
16:10 Ropuch hm
16:11 Ropuch Aaa, now I;m curious how to solve it
16:11 Ropuch [;
16:12 |Lupin| Ropuch: well,pictures are not a good argument for me as a blind, but thanks a lot ! will give it a try anyway !
16:15 |Lupin| Ropuch: ok... to make things even more funyy, in the meantime I configured my git to refuse commits when there are trailing whitespaces, and I started to fix them so the patches do not apply anymore...
16:16 Ropuch Huh
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17:08 |Lupin| Ropuch: finally I think the less inconvenient way I've found is to git format-patch and then modify the generated files and then git am them
17:10 Ropuch Sound quite simple :)
17:11 Ropuch Oh, Chris has alredy sent patch for issuingrule sin updatedatabase
17:26 |Lupin| :)
17:26 |Lupin| actually I'm considering watching koha-patches much more seriously and examine each patch to see whether it should be applied on our branch o not
17:27 |Lupin| so far I was waiting til the patches were accepted inmaster
17:27 |Lupin| but I'm not sure it's a good idea
17:28 Ropuch Yup
17:34 Ropuch 'Removing redundant coma in updatedatabase' sounds lame ;>
17:35 Ropuch Although installer was throwing an error because of that
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17:58 Ropuch Hello pianohackr|work
17:58 pianohackr|work hello
18:49 Ropuch Hm, updater seems to have some problems with budgets
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18:57 chris_n2 g'afternoon
18:58 pianohackr|work Hi, chris_n2
18:58 pianohackr|work How's your weekend going?
18:59 chris_n2 busy :-)
18:59 chris_n2 and your's?
19:00 pianohackr|work Pretty good, doing server admin stuff
19:00 pianohackr|work What's keeping you busy?
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19:25 |Lupin| joined #koha
19:27 |Lupin| hi again
19:27 pianohackr|work Hi, |Lupin|
19:29 chris_n2 pianohacker|work: set building and lighting design for an upcoming drama
19:33 |Lupin| hello jesse :)
19:42 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: is it correct that a custom theme works by overloading the "prog" theme, so that if one doesn't like something in a file of the prog theme, one just copies it at the same locaiton in the default theme and modify that copy ?
19:42 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: I think so, yes. You might have to copy the includes, js, css and image folders over to the custom theme, though
19:44 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: ah, yes, that's what I was suspecting... anyway since I can't test al that by myself I'll copy those folders anyway...
19:44 pianohackr|work k
19:45 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: for the includes I think it is not necessry: the template thing can take an include path and I think Koha defines this one correctly.
19:45 pianohackr|work Not sure on that one
19:45 pianohackr|work But you can test through a view-source
19:46 chris_n2 @later tell hdl_laptop running a fresh round of web installer throws this errror: "sample_budgets.sql ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'kohatest.aqbudget' doesn't exist"
19:46 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.
19:46 pianohackr|work testing_dbupgrades++
19:48 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: actually I already did and that worked.
19:48 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: ah, ok. cool
19:51 chris_n2 hrmmm... missing line terminator at the end of an INSERT in sysprefs.sql
19:52 bebbi left #koha
20:03 |Lupin| anyone knows if the recent acquisitions stuff has been integrated into master, pls ?
20:06 * chris_n2 squashes a few bugs as a small diversion from a busy schedule ;-)
20:06 Genji joined #koha
20:07 |Lupin| :-)
20:08 cait Lupin: if recent acq stuff = biblibres new acq module, yes
20:21 |Lupin| cait: hmm I'm not sure...
20:22 |Lupin| cait: recent acquisitions is a link on the main page that lets readers see what has been recently added to the catalog... has that been integrated in master somehow ?
20:23 pianohackr|work oh, I don't think anyone has submitted that...
20:23 cait lupin: ok, not the new acq module :) no, this is not integrated I think
20:23 cait I think ptfs is working on a feature
20:23 pianohackr|work ah
20:23 cait I saw something on the mailinglist or here, not sure, but its not integrated and i saw no patches
20:24 cait hm
20:24 cait maybe I m wrong
20:25 cait[…]tober/004729.html
20:25 |Lupin| cait: I'm gonna see... who is ptfs ?
20:25 pianohackr|work koha support company
20:26 |Lupin| aah
20:26 |Lupin| cait: yeah I tried this script but couldn't make it work actually
20:26 cait but the patch I found is from biblibre
20:27 |Lupin| there was a problem with date construction, and changing the date format syspref didn't solve the issue so I stopped trying, lack of time to debug
20:27 |Lupin| yep nahuel is from biblibre
20:27 |Lupin| anybody else tried this feature ?
20:31 chris_n2 @later tell hdl_laptop: disregard the previous note; there were several bugs in the en optional datasets as well as some duplicate INSERTS in sysprefs.sql; patches submitted to fix all
20:31 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.
20:32 chris_n2 @later tell hdl_laptop However, I cannot now test the patch you sent as there is no need to update the db
20:32 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.
20:33 |Lupin| chris_n2: too bad you do'nt have a dump of the old one...
20:34 chris_n2 |Lupin|: I do, but sadly it was missing key tables required for to run correctly
20:34 indradg left #koha
20:35 chris_n2 I'm not sure where they were lost along the way, but this is after all my sandbox :-)
20:35 chris_n2 sometimes some of the sand goes away without me knowing it
20:37 |Lupin| :)
20:37 |Lupin| I'm wondering
20:38 |Lupin| how would you guys export a hundreed of patches to _one_ file you could then scp to another machine and apply to another repo ?
20:38 |Lupin| I'm talking about git commits, actually...
20:40 cait bye
20:41 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: Why not a simple git pull
20:41 pianohackr|work cait: bye
20:41 cait left #koha
20:48 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: hmm... because the ssh access is easier in one way...
20:48 |Lupin| so perhaps I should push ?
20:49 pianohackr|work You can push, yes, though you'll have to do a git reset --hard on the other end to apply the changes to your working tree
20:49 pianohackr|work (carefully, of course, as git reset is a loaded gun)
20:52 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: yep...
20:52 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: but if a new branch has been added on the repofrom where the push is done, will it be propagated ?
20:53 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: and does it matter which are the active branches on both sides ?
20:53 pianohackr|work |Lupin|: You could always just push that one branch
20:53 pianohackr|work and no
20:59 |Lupin| pianohackr|work: oki, thanks
21:06 pianohackr|work bye
21:07 pianohackr|work left #koha
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21:10 eiro joined #koha
21:14 |Lupin| chris_n2: around ?
21:38 |Lupin| someone around ?
21:38 |Lupin| looking for feedback about member search and the new filter feaure...
22:07 |Lupin| okay, enough work for today good night
22:07 |Lupin| left #koha
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