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01:13 CGI806 hello my name is ygtrhsd
01:14 CGI806 hi
01:14 CGI806 hi
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01:17 CGI512 hello
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01:25 owen Anyone around for an install question?
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01:28 CGI742 hello my name is miles
01:28 owen Hi miles
01:29 CGI742 whats your name
01:30 CGI742 hi owen
01:32 CGI742 hello
01:32 brendan hey owen - here for a sec if you need something
01:32 owen CGI742: Do you have an interest in open source library software?
01:33 owen Hey brendan, I'm just doing what most guys do on a Saturday night: trying  to install Koha on Debian
01:33 brendan cool beans
01:33 owen I'm curious why the Debian install guide leaves out steps listed in the Ubuntu install guide.
01:33 brendan hmm...  maybe it's one of those - writing by a developer kind of things
01:33 brendan s/writing/written
01:34 CGI742 yes i love library software
01:34 owen For instance, the Debian guide describes how to set up Index Data sources in sources.list, but doesn't tell you to install  yaz, idzebra-2.0, etc.
01:34 brendan ahhh.. yaz and zebra should be in the dselect part
01:35 brendan so I don't think you need to worry about it -- it's taking care of as part of that step
01:35 owen Okay, that's what I wondered
01:35 imp CGI742: are you a bot?
01:35 brendan rereading one of your emails -- where you noted a bunch of packages that did not install
01:35 owen I had trouble with zebra my first time around, so I'm starting from scratch and trying to carefully keep track of my steps
01:35 CGI742 no
01:36 CGI742 are you
01:36 CGI742 areyou?
01:36 owen CGI742: You'll have to quiz each of us extensively to find that out
01:36 brendan sometimes - they just don't go through -- so it's good that during the Makefile.PL step it notes the missing packages
01:37 brendan alright gotta run -- cya all later
01:37 imp bye brendan
01:37 owen Thanks brendan
01:37 chris_n2 bye brendan
01:37 chris_n2 g'night koha
01:37 imp gn8 chris_n2
01:37 CGI742 mytjudfjdtjudt
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01:37 CGI742 ghvcukde
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01:37 CGI742 ucvhroeb
01:37 CGI742 gvc89rkbp
01:37 imp kick!
01:37 CGI742 ghuisvgjor
01:37 CGI742 hvefueklw
01:37 CGI742 hkvbuoer
01:37 owen No doubt, imp
01:37 CGI742 vfror
01:37 CGI742 jyhvfir
01:38 CGI742 i really love zebra
01:38 owen When did this place become somewhere to pop in randomly?
01:38 Jo can we block CGI742
01:38 CGI742 i made it
01:38 imp guess it's a bot controll thing
01:38 chris_n2 no ops on channel :-(
01:38 CGI742 noway dont block the zebra creator
01:38 Jo I don't think its a human :)
01:38 CGI742 chris who do u think u are
01:38 * Jo slaps CGI742 around a bit with a large trout
01:39 CGI742 you stupid nerdy retards
01:39 owen Jo, I don't think that trout was big enough
01:39 * owen hand Jo a bigger trout
01:39 Jo can I punch him in the haed instead :)
01:39 * chris_n2 has a good laugh
01:39 CGI742 if you want to know i go to the most prestiges uni in the world im a computer operator
01:39 owen We should be nicer to the inventor of the zebra.
01:39 CGI742 learn how to spell
01:39 owen Who would have thought to add the stripes.
01:40 Jo you are a social outcast
01:40 chris_n2 maybe we could paint perpendicular strips on the zebra
01:40 CGI742 hahahha you are very damn funny
01:40 chris_n2 then play tic-tac-toe on him
01:40 * chris_n2 really has to go now ;-)
01:40 CGI742 use my zebra program and i will hunt you down
01:40 CGI742 asdfgfsdaf
01:40 CGI742 gasd
01:40 CGI742 sdg
01:40 CGI742 sd
01:40 CGI742 sdg
01:40 CGI742 g
01:40 CGI742 gsd
01:40 owen Yeah, chris_n2 I've heard lots of bug reports about the lack of horizontal strips
01:40 CGI742 gsd
01:40 CGI742 gsd
01:40 CGI742 gsdg
01:40 CGI742 gsd
01:40 CGI742 gsd
01:40 CGI742 sdg
01:40 CGI742 sdgsd
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01:40 CGI742 gsdg
01:40 CGI742 das
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01:41 CGI742 shgas
01:41 CGI742 gsd
01:41 CGI742 hdf
01:41 CGI742 dg
01:41 CGI742 dj
01:41 CGI742 djgh
01:41 CGI742 djghk
01:41 CGI742 dj
01:41 CGI742 djghg
01:41 CGI742 dj
01:41 CGI742 kdf
01:41 CGI742 asdg
01:41 CGI742 asdgdf
01:41 CGI742 gdggfh
01:41 CGI742 gdggfh
01:41 CGI742 f
01:41 CGI742 gd
01:41 CGI742 gdggf
01:41 Jo we can ban him
01:41 CGI742 gdggfhdf
01:41 CGI742 h
01:41 CGI742 fh
01:41 CGI742 hgf
01:41 Jo the channel operator can
01:41 CGI742 dfhj
01:41 CGI742 hdf
01:41 CGI742 hdfh
01:41 CGI742 dfhjdf
01:41 CGI742 dfhh
01:41 CGI742 dfhhhfc
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01:41 CGI742 hjyb
01:41 CGI742 c yu
01:41 CGI742 yg
01:41 CGI742 fhcd
01:41 CGI742 yimg
01:41 imp CGI742: do us a favour and prove that you are from the "best uni from the world" and join from their subnet, please :)
01:41 CGI742 f
01:41 CGI742 r6
01:41 CGI742 uy
01:41 CGI742 d
01:41 CGI742 c
01:41 CGI742 5 4
01:42 CGI742 g htdb
01:42 CGI742 +g
01:42 CGI742 chj
01:42 CGI742 vgjk+
01:42 CGI742 ivgjk+
01:42 CGI742 -r6it70/-.
01:42 CGI742 68.9
01:42 CGI742 r6/*87u
01:42 CGI742 f5t8
01:42 CGI742 ut6um
01:42 CGI742 deruio j
01:42 CGI742 efiojrd
01:42 CGI742 bdr
01:42 CGI742 ogdruk
01:42 CGI742 hgodr
01:42 CGI742 yuidrh
01:42 CGI742 gh8orke8o
01:42 CGI742 thyr5uo
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01:42 pie everyone, just type '/ignore CGI742' and your client will stop showing you those messages
01:42 CGI742 tye5ui
01:42 CGI742 thu4e
01:42 CGI742 bt
01:42 CGI742 setiy9
01:42 CGI742 e3gbt
01:42 CGI742 908e4806
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01:42 owen Good one pie :)
01:42 pie then once someone with ops comes in, they can kick or whatever
01:42 pie :)
01:42 Jo thats pie
01:42 * pie gets no noise now :)
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01:42 CGI500 (. )( .)
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01:43 CGI500 qwertyuiopasdfghjkl;zxvbnm
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01:44 Jo Chris: have you got ops authority on this channel?
01:44 chris_n2 Jo: I think si does that
01:44 Jo or is it someone at Katipo
01:44 Jo ok
01:45 Jo mind you, it looks like he just logs back in again with a dofferent number-name
01:45 imp a server admin would be great right now
01:45 Jo would be chasing a slippery pig to eep up :)
01:45 pie Jo: yeah, unfortunately
01:45 * pie wonders why we have that CGI interface
01:46 imp uhm, is it that one? ->
01:46 pie yeah, looks like it
01:47 richard he's loggin in from that one
01:47 imp (then it doesn't make any sense to ban the ip ... :/)
01:47 pie indeed
01:57 * chris_n2 roasts fresh pecans
01:57 imp nearly 3am and there are still ideas popping up in my mind how to improve the prototype which has to be finished today...
01:57 chris_n2 heh
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02:20 wizzyrea ooh, looks like that was some excitement ^.^
02:21 wizzyrea the creator of the zebra from a prestigious university gets slapped around by jo. I always miss the fun stuff
02:21 * wizzyrea remembers why Jo is the coolest librarian ever
02:25 * richard scrolls back and sees that there ahas been a real pest about
02:28 wizzyrea I suspect a drunken vacationer.
02:28 chris or a 12 year
02:29 chris old
02:30 imp or a broken eliza version ;)
02:30 imp with some serious problems
02:43 chris_n2 well, things were getting awful quiet before the CGI nut wandered in... :-)
02:45 chris heh
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02:56 Jo hes got fish scales stuuck tohis forhead now :)
02:56 Jo and I really should learn to either spell or type better
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02:58 Jo had a nice email challenging my figures for a proprietary system back in 1999: challenged my $NZD225k figure .... his only cost $USD100k ... I expleined to him its about the same :)
02:59 chris yeah it was back then
02:59 chris we were about 49cents
02:59 pie heh
03:02 Jo quite cool though to have the figure confirmed independently :)
03:03 chris :-)
03:03 Jo still have no email ... i feel like a social outcast
03:03 chris was it from a proprietary vendor?
03:03 Jo sirsi
03:03 chris heh
03:03 chris funny
03:03 Jo was probably Mr Abrahms himself!
03:03 chris he woulda called you a terrorist
03:04 chris oh wait, he already did
03:15 Jo :)
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03:30 Amit heya brendan, chris, chris_n2
03:30 Amit good morning #koha
03:31 Jo hiya Amit
03:31 Amit heya Jo
03:33 Jo just thinking to myself it would be cool in acquisitions, if we could scan in the actual invoice when we are receiving a bunch of books, and could be linked to.
03:33 Jo and retrieved in an instant for auditors rather than trawling through boxes for the paper copy
03:39 brendan Heya Amit
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03:46 anotheruser I've got a quick question for a more experienced koha user
03:47 anotheruser I'm helping a group use Koha to catalog their zine collection which doesn't require as much bibliographic information as the default setup (think it's called a MARC framework). I tried making my own framework with its own options (one for title with a title subtag, author with author subtag, etc.). Koha says the tags are invalid. Is there a simpler way to do this?
03:48 pianohacker anotheruser: You could simply hide those tags in the default framework
03:51 anotheruser That sounds like a good idea but they're also cataloguing books
03:52 anotheruser pianohacker: Can I just clone the default framework and then rename it to zines or something like that and hide the tags there? Also, will the zines show up in search results?
03:52 pianohacker I think so and yes, they will
03:53 anotheruser thanks!
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04:11 anotheruser pianohacker: in the tag edit menu I don't see a hide option, am I looking in the wrong spot?
04:12 pianohacker anotheruser: Unfortunately, you have to do it by editing the subfields
04:12 pianohacker There's a quick way to do it, but it requires that you're comfortable with SQL
04:13 anotheruser I can run an SQL command if that's easier
04:14 pianohacker Okay. You need to set the hidden column in marc_subfield_structure to -6 (visible on OPAC and Intranet, but not the Editor)
04:14 pianohacker It'll look something like this for each tag that you want to hide:
04:16 pianohacker UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET hidden = -6 WHERE frameworkcode='<the frameworkcode of the zine framework>' AND tagfield='<the number of the tag you want to hide>' AND hidden = 0;
04:16 pianohacker please back up that table before running that
04:16 anotheruser thanks!
04:16 pianohacker messing with your marc frameworks through sql is touchy
04:16 pianohacker np
04:17 anotheruser yeah
04:17 pianohacker especially the godforsaken hidden field
04:18 anotheruser so for something like the title of  a zine, which title tag should I keep?
04:18 anotheruser Collective Uniform Title? Uniform title? Palellel Titel Proper? Cover Title? etc.
04:19 wizzyrea ooh, that is a question for a cataloger :P
04:19 * wizzyrea is not a cataloger
04:20 anotheruser I mean, I don't really care which is the "correct" one, I just want to make sure that whatever title tag I choose will show up using the built-in search engine
04:24 anotheruser I know there's a whole science to cataloging but this is a small library with no intentions on becoming huge, so I'm just looking for what works
04:27 IrmaCalyx anotheruser: in MARC21: The title field is  always 245 $a  - If the zine is part of a series...and the title of eachzine in that series is different, you create a new bib record for each one and in field 500 (Notes) mention the name of the series it belongs to to link them all. That's keeing it very simple but also indexes the series name to be searched on.
04:29 anotheruser IrmaCalyx: thanks!
04:31 IrmaCalyx anotheruser:  and include the URL...use 856 $u (in MARC21) OK?
04:32 anotheruser IrmaCalyx: Huh?
04:33 anotheruser that sentence went a little over my head
04:33 pianohacker anotheruser: I think that's only if it's an e-zine, and it had some URL it could be accessed at
04:34 * pianohacker is about to hunt down the original person who thought eBook DRM was a fantastic idea and slowly kill them with an icepick
04:35 anotheruser gotcha, thanks for the clarification
04:35 anotheruser and don't go too quick, I'd like to join in ; )
04:37 IrmaCalyx anotheruser & pianohacker: ah..I thought zine = Electronically distributed newsletter or magazine
04:37 pianohacker right
04:39 anotheruser no, they're zines ie a diy distribution method used by lots of political types
04:39 anotheruser should I save the same tags in this case?
04:39 anotheruser I mean, not hide the same ones?
04:41 IrmaCalyx would like to stay but I am running late for a meeting ...cheers for now.
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04:43 anotheruser shit
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05:22 pianohacker anotheruser: Yup
05:22 pianohacker Except for the URL
05:22 pianohacker Just get an idea of what metadata you need, find marc tags for them, and don't hide those fields
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05:28 anotheruser pianohacker: thanks
05:28 anotheruser I think what I'll do is force all the tags I need to show up in the first pane and remove the ones I don't there
05:43 pianohacker k
05:44 anotheruser What are the 000 and 001 tags and can I make them non-mandatory (I assume they're there for a reason)?
05:46 pianohacker The 000 tag is a leader; you want to leave that mandatory, it's automatically set
05:47 pianohacker The 001 can be made not mandatory, it's a control number (definitely in the "if you don't know what it is, learning is not going to be worth it")
05:48 anotheruser when I put things in via the add marc record form, it won't let me save them because 000 and 001 are emptu
05:48 anotheruser *empty
05:48 anotheruser what should i put in them?
05:52 pianohacker You can make the @ subfield of 001 not mandatory; 000 can be field by just clicking in the text input for it
05:54 anotheruser pianohacker: you mean just clicking in the text area? It still gives me in the same error
05:54 anotheruser *me the
05:54 pianohacker Hmm
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05:56 anotheruser oh, you mean clicking on the "..." to the right
05:58 anotheruser thanks for helping me out with this, I feel like such a noob on this system
05:58 anotheruser ok, so one more and I think I'll have my first manually created zine marc record
05:58 anotheruser I put tags 101/102 in the first panel (0) so I could put them in quickly
05:59 anotheruser I can put in the data fine, but it has two text boxes for 101[][] and 102[][], does it matter what I put in those/what are they for?
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06:08 pianohacker Those are indicators, you probably don't have to worry about them
06:12 anotheruser it tells me that they're mandatory
06:12 anotheruser Can't save this record because the following field aren't filled :
06:12 anotheruser * tag 606 subfield a Entry Element in tab 6
06:12 anotheruser * tag 610 subfield a Subject Term in tab 6
06:19 pianohacker @marc 606
06:19 munin pianohacker: unknown tag 606
06:20 pianohacker anotheruser: What version of Koha are you running?
06:21 anotheruser the most recent one
06:21 anotheruser 3.0.4
06:27 pianohacker anotheruser: Was it set up for MARC21 or UNIMARC?
06:27 pianohacker (It's beginning to sound like the latter)
06:28 anotheruser pianohacker: Unimark
06:28 anotheruser *marc
06:28 anotheruser but I have no records at this point
06:28 pianohacker Ohhhhh
06:28 anotheruser can I change it to marc21 easily
06:28 pianohacker Not really, easier to wipe the db and reinstall
06:29 pianohacker MARC21 is more common in the US
06:29 anotheruser I've already spent way too much time to do that
06:29 pianohacker Well, then, the less easy option
06:30 anotheruser hmm...
06:30 anotheruser well maybe I should be using another tag?
06:30 anotheruser thanks for all of your help thus far, you're saving my life here. We've got it to the point where book cataloging is possible
06:31 pianohacker anotheruser: You have no records?
06:31 anotheruser not yet
06:31 pianohacker You can remove all of the frameworks (might take some manual SQL work), then reload them from the sql source files in the tarball
06:32 anotheruser is there a way to backup all of my settings, re-install, and then copy them back?
06:33 pianohacker Excising the frameworks, then loading the marc21 ones, will be easier
06:34 anotheruser ok, sounds like a plan
06:34 anotheruser I'll do that tomorrow
06:34 anotheruser thanks for all of your help, I'm off to bed
06:34 pianohacker see ya, good luck
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06:41 pianohacker Good night
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07:04 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:14 SelfishMan morning
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07:58 kf good morning #koha
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08:10 imp heyho
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08:15 ropuch_ is now known as ropuch_tmp
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08:58 ropuch_ Is itemtypes table in 3.2 supposed to have 7 rows or just six (itemptype, desctiption, rentalcharge, notforloan, imageurl, summary)?
08:59 ropuch_ sample_itemptypes.sql is trying to insert 7 values
08:59 kf I think renewals were moved to circ rules
08:59 ropuch_ Hi kf [;
08:59 kf hi ropuch
09:00 kf I dont have a test installation yet, but I think I saw some patches
09:00 ropuch_ Well, I'll fix sample_itemtypes then
09:01 ropuch_ And there's a aqbookfunds table
09:01 paul_p ropuch_: aqbookfunds has been removed (aqbudgets used instead)
09:01 kf i think acq table structure changed a lot
09:01 paul_p kf: true
09:01 kf hi paul_p
09:02 paul_p hello everybody
09:02 ropuch_ paul_p: thanks, it still exists in sample_budgets.sql
09:03 chris yeah almost all the sample data needs updating for 3.2
09:03 kf hi chris
09:03 kf chris: started workino n 3.2 installation, there are many strings like /cgi-bin/koha/ from xslt-files
09:03 chris yep, the xslt files dont play nice with translation
09:04 kf installation = translation, im not really awake yet
09:04 ropuch_ chris: I've just fixed sysprefs & sample_itemtypes, trying to send my very first patch now ;>
09:04 chris just ignore any ones like that, either just copy and submit, or just ignore them
09:05 chris ropuch_: excellent, then i can add you to the history doc :)
09:05 kf I ll copy and submit :) I need 100% to be happy :)
09:05 ropuch_ ;-)
09:05 Genji hey chris. Did you see Richard saying katipo would be pleased to host?
09:05 chris ropuch_: lucky 99
09:06 chris Genji: yep, its not up to me tho
09:06 ropuch_ chris: can you give me admin rights for 3.2 polish translations? I can only change 3.0 ones
09:06 chris will do ropuch_
09:06 ropuch_ Thanks
09:06 ropuch_ I have 3.2 opac already translated
09:06 kf chris: did you fix the po-files? German seems to have the right size now :) but search is still broken
09:07 chris ropuch_: done
09:08 chris kf: yep, fixed it, not sure whats up with the search
09:08 chris ropuch_: you will be the 99th committer
09:08 chris i hope to get 100 by xmas :)
09:08 kf chris: thx :)
09:09 Genji Zebra voodoo is so fustrating. putting -s to analyse zebraidx'ing, says that pubdate is being indexed with y and n .... maybe Zebra 2.0.35 doesn't support relationals?
09:10 chris you probably should ask on the zebra list
09:10 imp maybe it's because the creator of zebra got hit with a fish today ;)
09:10 Genji Have. no response yet.
09:10 masonj zzanGGGG!!!
09:11 chris can anyone get to the wiki, or ?
09:11 chris ahh bugzilla is ok
09:11 chris no joy with the wiki
09:11 imp masonj: read the backlog? :D
09:11 Genji Got wiki still.
09:11 chris i wonder if they have blocked my ip now too
09:11 chris ahh there it is .. just super duper slow
09:12 Genji Ah.. maybe they have you throttled.
09:14 masonj heh, i keep timing out from home to :/
09:15 kf wiki, bugzilla and ok from here
09:15 paul_p masonj:  & chris: works fine from Europe it seems
09:15 Genji Obviously, they've gotten defensive.
09:16 ropuch_ Where should i sent the patch
09:16 ropuch_ ?
09:16 Genji SelfishMan has successfuly got down the entire wiki. 7GB compressed into 250MB.
09:17 masonj prolly just my wok-fi network home connection tho  :0)
09:17 Genji Wok-fi yeah! How far, masonj?
09:17 masonj now its fast again... :)
09:17 masonj just from next door
09:18 masonj ive recently started graphing its singnal strenght with munin
09:19 Genji Ah. Ive successfully done wok to wok, 130 metres... wok to university calebre wifi, 1.. 2 km.
09:20 Genji Hmm.. your graph has strange drops.
09:20 Genji seem to be consistant.
09:20 SelfishMan Yeah, I may have been the reason they are being defensive
09:21 Genji Hi SelfishMan!
09:21 SelfishMan howdy
09:22 Genji Hmm... paranoid Chris ( :) ) said he wanted it backed up nightly.... how does one detect changes on 7GB, and only download the updates?
09:22 Genji Is it actually possible?
09:23 SelfishMan sure
09:23 SelfishMan The method I used was aggressive and not very well designed but it worked
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09:23 * Genji nods. "So, now you've got it, how do you update it?"
09:23 SelfishMan I'm not going to update it
09:24 SelfishMan Their server doesn't support timestamping so there is no way to effectively check for changes
09:24 Genji Ah.
09:24 SelfishMan I find it interesting that they have explicitly disabled it
09:24 ropuch_ whoa
09:24 ropuch_ patch sent
09:24 masonj hmm, does that break rsync ?
09:25 Genji Hmm.. 'no vendor lock-in'
09:25 masonj i suspect not
09:25 Genji rsync would require ssh or ftp, right?
09:25 masonj rsync would be the obv tool
09:25 kf Gratulation  Ropuch! :)
09:25 Genji LL gives neither.
09:26 SelfishMan we don't have rsync access so it doesn't matter
09:26 masonj click...
09:26 SelfishMan We have http access only because it is (currently) a public website
09:26 ropuch_ left #koha
09:26 Genji Which LL could easily change.
09:27 Genji For all we know, however, LL could just be One guy, at home.
09:27 SelfishMan Technically yes but I think we all know how that *really* works
09:29 masonj genji: yes, there *are* interesting 'dips' in my wifi history graph
09:29 Genji Regular interference.
09:30 masonj some are from me futzing, but some are from something enviromentel , i guess :/
09:30 masonj portable phones and such,  i guess
09:32 kf hm there are some french string from unimarc xslt to translate
09:32 kf Auteur principal
09:35 hdl_laptop principal author
09:39 CGI985 joined #koha
09:41 ropuch_ joined #koha
09:42 CGI985 hi ropuch
09:45 kf hdl_laptop: thx, not sure I did it right, but its translated now
09:45 kf chris: still around?
09:46 kf chris: pootle gives me an proxy error
09:50 chris yeah someone just tried to merge in a big file, it'll come right
09:51 kf chris: ah, ill try again a bit later
09:53 chris pootle doesnt do threading well
09:55 chris try now
10:03 kf chris: works
10:16 chris_n left #koha
10:16 chris_n joined #koha
10:28 CGI985 when Im running 'sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload' it show following error
10:29 CGI985 Reloading web server config: apache2[Sat Dec 05 19:23:08 2009] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts
10:30 CGI985 is any one there to help me??
10:31 imp CGI985: looks like a warning to me, not an error. are you sure that it doesn't work?
10:34 CGI985 imp: I dont know
10:36 imp CGI985: just take a look at your apache with a browser
10:36 CGI985 imp: how?
10:39 imp CGI985: you are restarting an apache, without knowing the website it should be serving? (guess it's a koha running there?)
10:41 greenmang0 CGI985: are you running Debian?
10:42 CGI985 greenmang(): Im installing koha3.00.04_fixed on debian-lenny
10:46 CGI985 I need help about it??
10:46 CGI985 is any one there?
10:49 ropuch_ Yup
10:51 greenmang0 CGI985:
10:51 greenmang0 your ports.conf should look like this
10:52 masonj i get  those apache warnings on my boxes too.
10:52 ropuch_ I've reported bug, submitted patch, what now - shuold i change bug status to fixed or wait fur patch to be approved?
10:53 masonj they aren't fatal to apache
10:53 greenmang0 CGI985:
10:53 greenmang0 notice commented NameVirtualHost * entry
10:54 masonj wait for patch approval, i think
10:54 kf ropuch: wait until its approved, test and close
10:54 greenmang0 ropuch_: can i get any help regarding "kete" installation here?
10:55 masonj try #kete channel too...
10:55 CGI985 greenmang(): i have pasted
10:55 ropuch_ greenmang0: I suppose so, but I have no experience with kete
10:55 ropuch_ kf: ok, thanks
10:56 kf ropuch: ah, change bug to patch-sent and attach your patch
10:56 greenmang0 masonj: i think i am an admin on kete... LOL...
10:56 greenmang0 #kete
10:56 greenmang0 :D
10:56 ropuch_ kf: on my way [;
10:57 greenmang0 CGI985: what did you paste?
10:58 CGI985 error
10:58 greenmang0 CGI985: i have 0 (zero) in my nick and not parentheses
10:58 greenmang0 CGI985: where did you paste? give me the link
10:59 CGI985 CGI985:
10:59 CGI985 CGI985:
10:59 CGI985 greenmang(): I have pasted on
11:00 greenmang0 CGI985: read those 2 links i gave you and do the changes on your system accordingly
11:01 CGI985 greenmang():Im new one so Im not getting easily. how can I read ur links
11:02 CGI985 ok u mean 53342/ and 53343
11:06 kf Ropuch: change priority to patch-sent and you are done
11:08 kf hm. pootle is unhappy again
11:11 ropuch_ And I still don't have permission to change 3.2 trasnlations
11:11 ropuch_ Well
11:11 ropuch_ kf: should i make one-patch for one bug?
11:11 ropuch_ I have 2 bug fixed in one patch
11:12 kf Ropuch: try to logout and login again, when pootle is happier, I think chris wanted to give you the rights
11:12 kf Ropuch: I think its ok the way you have done it, depends on the case I think - Im still a beginner too
11:14 CGI985 greenmang(): I have followed but still have same problem
11:22 CGI985 greenmang()all is same
11:23 CGI985 as u post but still prob
11:24 Amit joined #koha
11:24 kf lunch :)
11:28 greenmang0 CGI985: it's just a warning... is apache running?
11:28 greenmang0 properly?
11:28 greenmang0
11:29 greenmang0 any solution for this error.. i am trying to install Kete
11:29 greenmang0 on Debian Stable (Lenny)
11:29 CGI985 how can I check that whether apache is running or not
11:29 CGI985 ?
11:29 CGI985 as I type localhost it show it works
11:36 masonj $ps -ef|grep apache
11:37 masonj or
11:37 masonj sudo apache2ctl  status
11:38 masonj oooohhh..
11:38 masonj $ sudo apache2ctl  fullstatus
11:47 paul_p left #koha
11:55 kf back
11:58 CGI985 masonj: I type this command but how can I understand that apache is working
11:59 CGI985 and when I want to run '/etc/init.d/apache2 restart' it show error
12:00 imp wb kf
12:01 masonj
12:01 masonj thats a working apache2
12:03 masonj
12:03 masonj thats a non-working / stopped apache2
12:06 CGI985 masonj: it is working like
12:06 CGI985 so why not it is restarting
12:06 masonj well, wots yr error?
12:06 masonj use ;)
12:07 Amit left #koha
12:09 CGI985 masonj: I have posted
12:10 masonj great.....
12:10 masonj now, paste in that url into your chat window....
12:10 masonj or did you already?
12:11 CGI985 no
12:11 masonj ok
12:11 CGI985 masong: Im not getting
12:11 masonj me also
12:12 CGI985
12:13 masonj as someone said, its *not* an error
12:13 masonj its a warning
12:13 imp it's still just a warning...
12:13 CGI985 so should I continue further process of koha
12:13 masonj your apache2 is running , and working
12:14 CGI985 yeah
12:14 masonj you need to put a koha-httpd.conf file in /etc/apache/sites-enabled
12:15 masonj then restart apache
12:16 masonj $  ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
12:16 masonj you have any koha files in there ?
12:16 CGI985 already there is one file  name "koha:
12:16 CGI985 "koha"
12:16 CGI985 is it same ??
12:16 masonj ?
12:16 nengard joined #koha
12:17 masonj pastebin the file, i look...
12:18 CGI985
12:20 masonj $ lynx
12:20 masonj try that...
12:21 CGI985 command not found
12:21 CGI985 It show above
12:21 masonj $ sudo apt-get install lynx
12:21 masonj yep, if you dont have the program , get it ;)
12:22 CGI985 yes Im getting it
12:24 masonj ahhhh, this is very handy for debugging your apache conf problem
12:24 masonj $ sudo apache2ctl  -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS
12:26 masonj fyi: your apache's koha.conf file does look OK
12:26 CGI985 when I try lynx
12:26 masonj i suspect your 000-default file is overridding it
12:27 masonj $ ls -l  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default
12:27 CGI985 this result occur
12:27 masonj that file..
12:28 masonj good
12:28 masonj that means your apache is working
12:28 masonj and you have a common problem
12:29 CGI985 what?
12:29 masonj[…]b52b;hb=HEAD#l121
12:30 masonj you need to create a db, in mysql
12:30 masonj create a user , give the user access to that db..
12:30 masonj mysql> grant all on <kohadatabasename>.* to '<kohadatabaseuser>'@'localhost' identified by '<kohadatabaseuserpassword>';
12:31 CGI985 but I have followed this steps
12:31 nengard left #koha
12:31 masonj do it again...
12:32 CGI985 I replace koha instead of kohadatabasename and kohaadmin instead of kohadataseuser
12:32 jdavidb joined #koha
12:33 masonj yep, then test access from the commandline ;)
12:33 masonj mysql> flush privileges;
12:33 masonj do that?
12:34 masonj $ mysql -u kohaadmin -pPASSWORD kohadb
12:34 nengard joined #koha
12:34 masonj when that works , koha error with go...
12:34 CGI985 wht should I do  '<kohadatabaseuserpassword>'
12:35 CGI985 wht should place here
12:35 masonj your **password** :)
12:35 kf table des matières?
12:36 * kf fighting with translation
12:36 masonj ahhhhh
12:36 masonj '<kohadatabaseuserpassword>';
12:36 masonj the '<' and '>' are incorrect, i think :/
12:38 CGI985 masonj: wht do u mean, im not understanding
12:38 CGI985 should I give any password or keep same as mysql or debian
12:39 jwagner joined #koha
12:40 masonj > grant all on 'koha'.* to 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' identified by 'xxxxx';
12:40 masonj no < or > , ok?
12:41 CGI985 masonj:
12:42 masonj choose a password that matches the password in "/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml"
12:42 CGI985 I have done it but it show same error
12:42 masonj is your grant successfull?
12:42 CGI985 yeah
12:43 masonj mysql> create database koha;
12:43 masonj Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
12:43 masonj do you have a koha db?
12:43 CGI985 where should I search  koha db??
12:43 masonj Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
12:43 masonj mysql> show databases;
12:43 masonj +--------------------+
12:43 masonj | Database           |
12:43 masonj +--------------------+
12:43 masonj | information_schema |
12:44 CGI985 yeah
12:44 CGI985 it is there?
12:44 CGI985 koha is there
12:44 masonj good!
12:45 masonj mysql> flush privileges;
12:45 CGI985 but there is no tables inside koha
12:45 masonj correct
12:45 CGI985 flush privileges was also done successfully
12:45 masonj $ mysql -u kohaadmin -pxxxxx koha
12:46 masonj works?
12:46 CGI985 yeah Im now in mysql>
12:46 masonj goood
12:47 masonj now look in /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
12:47 masonj your user:password:db in there need to be the same
12:48 CGI985
12:50 masonj looks good
12:50 CGI985 masonj: plz dont mind, Im going and will be back in 10 mins]
12:50 masonj your password is correct?
12:50 CGI985 so wht should I do now?
12:51 Kivutar1 left #koha
12:51 masonj everything looks pretty good
12:51 masonj restart apache and mysql ...
12:52 masonj ask a friend to look at your work
12:53 masonj look out for path errors
12:53 masonj tail -f /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log
12:54 masonj look at this file for other errors..
12:54 nahuel left #koha
12:55 tajoli joined #koha
12:56 Kivutar joined #koha
12:57 veryinky Blarg. Why do I keep forgetting to log off from computers.
12:57 tomascohen joined #koha
13:03 nahuel joined #koha
13:04 greenmang0 left #koha
13:04 CGI985 masonj: r u there?
13:06 masonj sort of
13:06 CGI985 here in my region no one is using koha, so no one b available to see my work
13:08 masonj koha is just a LAMP app
13:08 CGI985 mean?
13:08 masonj many people in your region understand LAMP :)
13:08 masonj[…](software_bundle)
13:09 masonj tail -f /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log
13:09 CGI985 masonj: wht should I do now? should I run remaining commands of koha installation or first solve this problem
13:09 masonj look in your log file....
13:10 masonj solve this problem
13:10 masonj koha user needs access to your DB
13:11 masonj ... to complete the install
13:12 CGI985 this command is not working ' tail: invalid option--/
13:14 ropuch_ is now known as skrzek
13:16 CGI985 masonj: this command is not working 'tail -f/var/log/koha-opac-error_log'
13:16 masonj '-f  /'
13:17 masonj theres a space there...
13:17 CGI985 ok
13:18 masonj restart apache and mysql ...
13:19 masonj $ lynx
13:19 CGI985 when I try to restart apache, it show the same error
13:19 masonj $ tail -f /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log
13:19 Ropuch without leading $
13:19 Ropuch ;>
13:19 masonj what error?
13:20 masonj ah , this error..
13:20 masonj
13:21 masonj err, is your password actually '12'?
13:21 masonj in both yr conf file , and your db?
13:23 masonj me asks a silly question...
13:23 CGI985 db have 12 passwd
13:23 CGI985 but conf?
13:24 masonj yr conf does too..
13:24 masonj
13:24 masonj <pass>12</pass>
13:24 CGI985 I run tail command since long but still in process, so Im waiting for see its result
13:24 masonj so...
13:25 masonj mysql -u kohaadmin  -p12 koha
13:25 masonj this works for you?
13:25 tajoli left #koha
13:25 masonj Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
13:25 masonj Your MySQL connection id is 1774
13:25 masonj Server version: 5.0.51a-24+lenny2 (Debian)
13:25 masonj Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.
13:25 masonj mysql>
13:25 masonj .
13:25 masonj you get that?
13:26 CGI985 still i previous command have not completed, but still in process
13:26 CGI985 tail -f /var/log/koha/koha-opac-error_log
13:27 masonj it doesnt complete :/
13:27 masonj ?
13:27 CGI985 no it is in process since long
13:27 masonj erm
13:27 CGI985 I dont know
13:27 CGI985 mean>
13:27 CGI985 ?
13:27 masonj its not supposed to complete
13:28 CGI985 so should i press ctrl-z
13:28 masonj sure..
13:29 CGI985 yes I get it
13:29 CGI985 mysql -u kohaadmin  -p12 koha
13:29 CGI985 mysql>
13:30 masonj ok, i have run out of ideas :/
13:31 CGI985 ok so should I go forward to complete installation
13:32 CGI985 plz read this not... whtz its meaning?
13:34 masonj pass ?
13:35 masonj the next thing *i* would do i turn up the DBI logging , on line 665
13:35 CGI985 this is the note from documentation of install.debian-lenny
13:37 nengard hi all - anyone know what a CAS login is? I'm seeing this on my OPAC now...
13:37 CGI985 I m not understanding ur this sentence "the next thing *i* would do i turn up the DBI logging , on line 665"
13:37 CGI985 masonj: plz tell me simply
13:37 owen joined #koha
13:38 jwagner nengard, online?
13:38 masonj The following fatal error has occurred:
13:38 masonj Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at /usr/sha
13:38 masonj re/koha/lib/C4/ line 666.
13:38 nengard jwagner yup
13:38 jwagner Your report on Bug 3868 -- is this with the newest head?
13:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3868 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Patron Messages Appearing in Both Places
13:39 nengard jwagner yup
13:39 masonj i cant explain how to do that simply, its complex ;)
13:39 CGI985 masonj: then wht steps?
13:39 nengard jwagner it worked a-ok before that upgrade
13:39 nengard i'm going through and working on the documentation for 3.2 and as I do I find these little things
13:40 jwagner nengard, sounds like something got reversed in the updated head -- gmcharlt, check?
13:40 masonj send an email ''
13:40 jwagner I don't have a system updated to current head yet.
13:40 masonj descibing your problem
13:40 nengard jwagner - colin does - that's why i included you both in that bug report :)
13:41 jwagner OK, thanks.
13:41 masonj you have a tricky typo somewhere
13:42 masonj try some fresh reinstalls
13:42 masonj you cannot complete yr install until you fix this error
13:42 kf pootle is moody
13:43 CGI985 wht should I do reinstall
13:43 masonj reinstall koha
13:44 masonj try a 'dev' install
13:44 CGI985 masonj:  and should I overide on current one
13:44 masonj its what most developers use
13:44 masonj yep
13:44 CGI985 ok
13:44 masonj[…]lopment:git_usage
13:45 masonj keep trying you are close.. :)
13:45 CGI985 thnx for encouraging. hope u will b around if any prob occur
13:45 masonj yep, no problemo ;)
13:46 masonj you did a good job , so far !
13:47 masonj double-check your directory paths
13:47 masonj i suspect a typo with them
13:48 CGI985 sure.. Im now more consious
13:51 owen Hi #koha
13:54 jwagner Good morning, owen
13:55 gmcharlt_ hitting the road; offline for a few hours
13:55 gmcharlt_ left #koha
13:57 CGI985 masonj:how can I select dev. it is bydefault standard
13:57 CGI985 and when I want to change it, it is not changing
13:58 masonj type 'dev', then press the enter key
13:58 CGI985 ok
13:59 CGI985 masonj: I have succefully installed koha2.9 on windows but z39.50 was not working in windows
14:00 CGI985 thz y I switched to debian. and I m new in linux
14:04 masonj ahh, ok
14:05 CGI985 perl Makefile.PL
14:05 CGI985 it show some warning, may I carry on.
14:07 CGI985 masonj
14:07 CGI985 may I move forward
14:07 owen CGI985: I was trying an install on Debian over the weekend and ran into the same thing: warnings about prerequisites not installed
14:07 Ropuch What dependencies are you missing?
14:07 Ropuch Hi owen
14:08 CGI985 ropuch: r u with me...
14:09 owen CGI985: I wonder if you got the same message:[…]s-td26658585.html
14:09 Ropuch CGI985: be back in 30 minutes - but if you're missing IPC::Cmd you can move on
14:09 owen Ropuch: Can move on?
14:09 CGI985 ropuch ipc::Cmd and three others
14:12 CGI985 warning are pasted on
14:17 CGI985 is any one there to guide me?/
14:17 CGI985 masonj r u there?
14:18 owen CGI985: Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait for the next expert to become available
14:18 owen I'm interested in finding out the answer to your question too
14:19 CGI985 owen:ok..
14:20 masonj 3am here, i am done..
14:21 owen I should say so masonj
14:31 Ropuch owen: my library is working on install without IPC::Cmd dependency fulfilled
14:32 owen I wonder what it's for?
14:33 Ropuch IPC::Cmd - finding and running system commands made easy, sounds important ;>
14:34 wizzyrea left #koha
14:35 Colin joined #koha
14:35 owen Looks like it's used by the installer. You'd think that would be important
14:35 Ropuch grep IPC::Cmd returns only 4 file
14:36 owen line 15 "use IPC::Cmd;"
14:36 Ropuch owen: i thinks IPC:Cmd is actually a must, but the version number don't need to match
14:36 Ropuch I have 0.41
14:37 owen Hm, could be. The warning I got was about an outdated version (.401)
14:37 Ropuch Same here
14:37 owen But then again my install wasn't entirely successful :)
14:38 Ropuch As long as my library is up and running I consider instal a full success ;>
14:44 Genji left #koha
14:45 Nate joined #koha
14:47 owen So if Makefile.PL returns warnings about missing prerequisites, one should continue with the Koha install, but install the missing prerequisites after?
14:50 magnusenger um, i would install the prerequisites, then run Makefile.PL again to see if it's satisfied
14:50 * jdavidb agrees with magnusenger.
14:50 owen So, CGI985, I guess that's your answer
14:51 magnusenger ...and if it isn't: fix the problems before proceeding
14:53 owen Anyone know the correct package name for IPC::Cmd ?
14:55 owen CGI985: You still around?
14:56 Ropuch owen: IPC::Open2, IPC::Open3, IPC::Cmd) which are in fact in standard Perl distribution so they can be used without worries.
14:57 owen Ropuch: I mean if one were to do "apt-get install XX" I'm always confused about whether a package doesn't exist or whether I'm just not finding it on
14:58 bebbi joined #koha
15:06 wizzyrea joined #koha
15:08 masonj owen:  IPC::Cmd is the correct name
15:08 owen Hi wizzyrea
15:08 owen masonj: For the debian package? Or does there not exist a debian package for it?
15:09 owen masonj: Shouldn't you be in bed? :)
15:09 jdavidb Hi, wizzyrea!  Everyone get well over the weekend?
15:10 masonj[…]table&section=all
15:10 masonj i cant actually see it there.. :/
15:10 owen Heh:[…]rt.cgi?bug=539905
15:11 owen gmcharlt is looking out for us
15:13 owen Does libgd-gd2-perl == "GD 2.39" as reported missing by Makefile.PL?
15:14 wizzyrea my hubs is still sick-ish, and we're all still coughing a bit, but no more fever
15:16 jdavidb well, that's an improvement, at least.
15:16 nengard can someone point me to the template file for the staff login page?
15:17 owen nengard: modules/auth.tmpl
15:17 nengard thanks owen
15:17 owen nengard: I'm curious if you got your authorities import to work?
15:17 nengard no - but that's cause i couldn't find a file that worked - i think
15:18 owen So a download from LOC didn't work?
15:18 Nate left #koha
15:19 nengard grr - okay where is the link to the self checkout page? it's on my login page - but not on auth.tmpl
15:19 owen nengard: intranetuserjs?
15:19 nengard ah
15:19 nengard hehe
15:19 nengard thanks
15:20 CGI985 owen: Im here
15:21 owen I can remember that but I can't remember [x number of important things]
15:21 owen CGI985: Did you get your missing prerequisites installed?
15:21 nengard owen - one more :) where is intranetuserjs?
15:21 nengard thought this would be an easy fix
15:21 nengard guess i was wrong
15:21 nengard can't find a thing
15:22 owen nengard: I mean is that a customization in the intranetuserjs system pref?
15:22 owen Or is that something new in 3.2?
15:22 nengard oh - did I do that myself? off to check my preferences - hehe -silly me
15:22 Ropuch nengard: /cgi-bin/koha/admin/systempr​
15:23 nengard owen you're right - I did it - it's all my fault - bug removed and off to fix documentation
15:23 CGI985 owen: I was away from my pc, now Im reading
15:25 * owen twiddles his thumbs and waits for his patrons to import
15:35 nengard owen - while you do that - want to find out what tags I use to get code to appear as code in docbook? I found a bunch of contradicting things and none seem to look right
15:35 nengard :)
15:39 Nate joined #koha
15:39 rhcl joined #koha
15:42 owen Weird logout error in the latest OPAC
15:42 owen it's trying to redirect me to another port
15:44 owen Oh, because there's a URL listed in the casServerUrl system pref
15:44 owen That doesn't seem like something that should be filled by default
15:47 nengard owen - i reported a bug for that
15:47 nengard the log out thing
15:47 owen Yeah, just modified it
15:48 nengard oh okay - was just gonna give you the link :)
15:48 owen The CAS authentication stuff needs to be turned off, then logging in and out works.
15:48 nengard do you know what CAS is?
15:49 owen I don't. maybe?
15:50 nengard hmmm - we need to explain that further - and you're right they shouldn't be on by default
15:53 kf left #koha
15:55 CGI985 owen: r u there?
15:55 owen Yes
15:56 CGI985 so I have to 1st install dependencies
15:56 owen Sounds like that is recommended.
15:56 CGI985 but how can I install ?
15:58 CGI985 owen: could u guide me plz, as Im confused yet...
15:58 francharb left #koha
15:58 Ropuch CGI985: remind me what madules you're missing
15:59 CGI985 Ropuch:
16:07 owen It's recommended to use the Debian package wherever possible. That's why I asked about whether libgd-gd2-perl == "GD 2.39"
16:07 owen Can anyone confirm?
16:07 owen IPC::Cmd doesn't have a package, so it must be installed via CPAN
16:08 owen sudo cpan IPC::Cmd GD::Barcode::UPCE
16:09 owen sudo apt-get install libpdf-reuse-barcode-perl
16:09 * nengard on library 2.0 gang call
16:09 owen Someone please correct me if I'm wrong
16:09 hdl_laptop you are not
16:10 owen Hi hdl_laptop
16:10 hdl_laptop hi owen
16:10 hdl_laptop howdy ?
16:14 owen Howdy works :)
16:19 brendan left #koha
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16:31 bebbi joined #koha
16:33 brendan joined #koha
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16:37 brendan joined #koha
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16:58 brendan morning all
17:00 owen Hi brendan
17:00 brendan hey owen - how's your install going?
17:01 owen I'm not working on it at the moment. That was on my VM at home.
17:01 owen Anyone else finding that they're not shown their logged-in branch in the staff client in the latest HEAD?
17:09 * nengard done with podcast
17:10 nengard owen - nope - I see my branch a-ok
17:10 CGI985 brendan: here is still night
17:11 owen Hmmm... probably messed up my branch tables
17:11 owen Yup. Bug report averted.
17:19 CGI985 'make test' show some failed. is it error or not?
17:26 owen I second the question. How concerned should one be about problems reported by 'make test' ?
17:29 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
17:32 * owen will take his answer off the air
17:32 owen left #koha
17:35 brendan @wunder 93117
17:35 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 8.9�C (9:32 AM PST on December 07, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Falling). High wind watch in effect from this evening through late tonight...
17:35 joetho joined #koha
17:36 CGI985 'make test' show some failed. is it error or not?
17:39 skrzek_ joined #koha
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17:44 CGI985 is any one there to suggest me?
17:49 CGI985 hi any one??
17:54 CGI985 Im waiting for response of any
17:55 CGI985 can any body guide me that I notice some erros during make test
17:55 CGI985 so should I continue and skip or fixed it
18:01 moodaepo joined #koha
18:10 pianohacker joined #koha
18:10 pianohacker Hallo
18:10 CGI985 hi
18:25 CGI985 left #koha
18:27 owen joined #koha
18:30 owen I'm still curious about CGI985's question if anyone knows the answer: If "make test" shows some failures, should one be concerned?
18:34 pianohacker Depends on the failures
18:36 pianohacker The date tests seem to fail a lot, for no appreciable reason
18:36 owen How does one know whether a failure is worth worrying about?
18:41 chris well, really nothing should fail except maybe the database tests (if you dont have a database set up) so tests failing should actually be a bug and should be fixed ... or actually be a problem, the user shouldnt have to guess wether its a safe fail or not
18:41 chris at the moment, there is no way for you to know owen, so its best to just ignore it and continue
18:42 owen Aye aye Cap'n.
18:42 brendan heh
18:42 * chris goes to catch his bus
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19:06 cait joined #koha
19:07 pianohacker hi, cait
19:07 cait hi pianohacker, hi all
19:18 nengard k - done with the cataloging bibs & items documentation ... moving along nicely
19:18 nengard and just telling you all so i can take a break from staring at the docs :) hehe
19:18 cait :)
19:19 joetho I use this as my reference for making up reports- is it the current one for version 3.01?
19:19 joetho[…]cture.sql;hb=HEAD
19:19 joetho ( table structure )
19:19 nengard pianohacker - did you know about the new sys prefs added by the recent biblibre updates? if not should I bug report them to you so you know to add them to the sys prefs additions?
19:19 collum joined #koha
19:20 nengard joetho that's for HEAD - meaning the working branch where we're all submitting patches and such
19:21 nengard I think you want this one:[…]f80edc8dd;hb=HEAD
19:21 nengard it's the 3.0x working branch
19:25 joetho good enough for me. Thanks nicole engard and MERRY CHRISTMAS MONTH!
19:28 Genji joined #koha
19:36 chris back
19:39 cait hi chris
19:42 chris hiya cait
19:43 * cait translating :)
19:44 owen Now that I'm working on VM's instead of a remote server I'm thinking about how to coordinate my work with git
19:44 owen I can set up a remote git repo, but I'm not sure what the correct procedure is for syncing with it
19:47 richard joined #koha
19:48 richard hi
19:58 nengard left #koha
20:06 veryinky :|
20:06 joetho left #koha
20:12 hdl_laptop hi chris
20:16 hdl_laptop owen: the "make test" pastebin reported no real blocker error, unless you want to print labels.
20:17 owen I was just curious about how to analyze those errors. Those were actually someone else's errors (he left)
20:17 owen But yeah, why wouldn't I want to print labels? :)
20:19 hdl_laptop only because chris_n heavily rewrote this part, and it should make its way, and i think he had no time to adapt those tests to what he wrote.
20:19 hdl_laptop but chris_n can object.
20:19 hdl_laptop or confirm
20:20 hdl_laptop about your remote server.
20:20 hdl_laptop I think you could do it with regular git pull --rebase from a repository.
20:21 owen Can you explain?
20:21 jdavidb left #koha
20:21 hdl_laptop lets say machine A contains branch blabla
20:21 richard left #koha
20:22 hdl_laptop and machine B has a clone of this repository and has a branch Mylocalblabla tracking branch blabla of machine A
20:22 hdl_laptop you can have a cronjob
20:23 hdl_laptop which updates regularly the code of machine B based on machine A
20:23 hdl_laptop is it somewhat clearer ?
20:24 hdl_laptop I say so because pushing or making a hook in your machine A doesnot seem to be the correct way to do things.
20:24 richard joined #koha
20:25 hdl_laptop at least it is my experience, maybe chris or #git can confirm.
20:25 owen Still confused. I don't understand how changes to my local branch are making it to the remote repo
20:25 hdl_laptop on the remote repo you add a remote source
20:26 hdl_laptop git remote add owen ssh://localmachine/mylocalrepo
20:26 hdl_laptop and you have a cron which does :
20:26 hdl_laptop git remote update owen
20:27 hdl_laptop git rebase owen/branchyouworkon
20:27 hdl_laptop owen: clearer ?
20:29 owen I'm not sure about ssh://localmachine when the local machine is a virtual one.
20:31 hdl_laptop mmm is it a VirtualBox or a VMware virtual box ?
20:31 owen VirtualBox
20:34 Genji Anyone know Zebra innards here?
20:35 hdl_laptop depends
20:37 hdl_laptop owen: I think virtualbox can be told which IP to set to a virtual machine. If not, you could add your localmachine to /etc/hosts and use the name you choos in /etc/hosts
20:37 hdl_laptop Genji: ask.
20:37 owen thanks hdl_laptop, I'll have to look into it when I'm back on that computer.
20:38 Genji hdl_laptop: im trying to do ,st-numeric,ge but get relational not supported.
20:39 hdl_laptop i saw you tried with date and it was a semi success.
20:39 hdl_laptop It is quite surprising.
20:39 Genji hdl_laptop: Indexed field by y and n..... st-numeric= doesn't work... st-year only works if its =, doesn't support relationals either.
20:40 hdl_laptop I used st-year with success with relationals.
20:40 hdl_laptop so I am surprised.
20:40 hdl_laptop (well, in fact I used pqf search directly)
20:40 Genji hdl_laptop: used prefix language too.. same result.
20:47 chris[…]-enterprise-koha/
20:47 chris liblime--
20:51 Genji idiots...
20:51 Genji liblime--
20:52 Ropuch LibLime and the LibLime logo, Koha and LibLime Enterprise Koha are either registered trademarks or trademarks of LibLime.
20:53 Genji Ya, noticed that.
20:53 chris its true
20:53 Ropuch I know
20:53 Ropuch But still it makes me nervous ;>
20:53 chris it makes me angry
20:54 Ropuch Same as "no vendor loc-in" as a part of LEK features
20:54 saorge joined #koha
20:54 chris LibLime Enterprise Koha is built on over two years of completed customer-sponsored development, including several highly-anticipated academic and consortia features.
20:54 chris so does that line
20:54 jwagner left #koha
20:55 cait :(
20:57 pie I can't believe they're still talking about Open Source, when nothing they do is related at all
20:59 Genji Its possibly just one guy.
21:01 chris no its not
21:01 chris there are at least 5 people at liblime
21:01 chris (lots less than the 16 or so)
21:01 chris but not just one
21:01 Genji Okay, at least 5..... supporting how many libraries?
21:01 chris joshua, tina, marc, bev, cecilia, maria
21:02 chris then ryan as well, and susan
21:02 chris so maybe 7
21:02 chris i dont think the number matters it the lack of ethics and lies that matter
21:03 chris and i wonder if ASCC even realise they don't have Koha
21:04 Genji Think someone should tell them?
21:12 chris they'll figure it out
21:12 Genji might be too late, already.
21:12 chris well yeah, they have probably signed a 3 year deal or something
21:18 Ropuch The other sad option is that they just don't care
21:18 chris yeah, i hope thats not the case
21:20 collum left #koha
21:21 Genji LL support = no support?
21:23 chris only LL customers could tell you that
21:24 Genji The email on Koha suggest little support. if any.
21:28 Nate whos got 2 migrations?
21:28 magnusenger left #koha
21:28 Ropuch chris: can you give me admin rights  to polish 3.2 translations?
21:29 chris i thought i already did that last night?
21:29 cait good night #koha
21:29 chris Nate: 2 migrations?
21:29 cait left #koha
21:30 Nate scratch that...sorry
21:30 chris Ropuch: yes i did that last night when you asked :)
21:30 Ropuch Hm
21:30 chris you have overview, archive, view, suggest, translate,compile po files rights
21:31 wizzyrea Genji: if by support you mean helping resolve issues related to your koha install, then little support is correct.
21:32 wizzyrea (I did get a one day turnaround on a SIP config change last week, but that was abnormal(
21:32 wizzyrea (and I sent the instructions on how to fix it to them)
21:32 Ropuch chris: sorry, you're right: I have "Administrate" link near 3.0 projects
21:33 Ropuch And I was sure same should appear by 3.2
21:33 Ropuch But i have the rights to change translations, thanks :)
21:34 chris cool
21:34 Ropuch Indeed [;
21:37 Ropuch I must have messed something, i have 3932 total in opac when other langauages have 5865
21:37 CGI508 joined #koha
21:37 CGI508 hi my name is nelson
21:38 CGI508 hey guys
21:39 Ropuch Hello Nelson
21:40 CGI508 hey ropuch! Do u have an interest in computer software?
21:40 pastebot "hdl_laptop" at pasted "searching dates with relational elements" (16 lines) at
21:41 CGI508 left #koha
21:41 hdl_laptop Genji: I tried your search.
21:41 Ropuch wow
21:41 hdl_laptop And it worked.
21:41 Ropuch Am I interested in computer software? It's like asking if I'm interested in eating food
21:44 Genji hdl_laptop: ya.... but thats pubdate inside 008.
21:44 owen Ropuch: That was either a returning troll or a returning bot
21:44 Genji im dealing with pubdate inside of 260$c...
21:44 hdl_laptop Genji: I donot have any 008 : Unimarc
21:45 Genji Ah. Whats your record.abs line for pubdate?
21:46 hdl_laptop see
21:47 brendan Genji - I believe 260$c is the copydate
21:47 Genji hmm.. whats Breaking characters?
21:47 brendan pubdate is in the leader 008
21:47 hdl_laptop It is in numeric.chr
21:47 Genji brendan: the library im working for, put pubdate in 260$c
21:48 brendan advance search in the opac - is for pubdate
21:48 brendan which is pulled from 008/7-10, indexed in year,word,num,sort indexes
21:48 brendan so I think your going to want to change that to search the copydate
21:49 brendan copydate                [yyyy]          (260$c, indexed in word and sort indexes)
21:49 brendan at least from my record.abs
21:50 Genji Hmm.... everything was changed from copydate to pubdate instead. In bib1.att, and record.abs
21:57 hdl_laptop have you checked 260$c is indexed as pubdate ?
21:57 hdl_laptop Going to bed now.
21:58 Genji hdl_laptop: Yes, pubdate is being indexed.
21:59 hdl_laptop annoying.
21:59 hdl_laptop have you checked it was indexed as n ?
21:59 hdl_laptop and not w ?
22:00 hdl_laptop maybe it is also indexed as w and messed the stuff.
22:00 hdl_laptop Good night
22:01 Genji suppose i could take away its W.
22:06 Nate left #koha
22:11 joetho joined #koha
22:56 ian joined #koha
22:57 owen left #koha
22:58 ian asks all and sundry: how do you ask for the biblionumbers of all items from the reserves tables for where there are, say 10 or more reserves on the bib?
23:03 SelfishMan I moved the wiki archive if anyone still needs it.  New address is wget -O /dev/null
23:03 SelfishMan ah, dammit
23:03 brendan left #koha
23:03 SelfishMan well, link is valid just ignore the wget junk ;-P
23:16 * pianohacker is coming to the discussion of ascc's go-live
23:16 pianohacker late
23:18 pianohacker I'm particularly annoyed because me and two coworkers have been demonstrating and pushing open-source to ASCC and CLiC (a supporting group) for about a year now, and demoing koha, and really trying to encourage a move to Koha by ASCC through liblime which was at the time trustworthy
23:18 pianohacker Regardless of how much of a part we played, it is still annoying
23:20 chris i hear that
23:20 * Genji nods. "I feel your pain."
23:21 pianohacker technicalities---
23:21 Genji Creating a webpage to out all this publicly, would be classed defamation?
23:21 chris its only defamation if its not true
23:21 pianohacker Genji: Would depend heavily on the tone :)
23:22 pianohacker Calmly putting out the facts might help
23:22 pianohacker Demonizing liblime, as utterly tempting as it might be, would probably only cause them to dig in further and make any reconciliation more difficult
23:23 * Genji nods.... "So, its likely more people will get ensnared in Liblime unknowingly?"
23:24 pianohacker To be sure, we need to get it out there
23:25 pianohacker It depends a lot on where we go after noche buena (dec 24th)
23:44 brendan joined #koha
23:46 Genji Wow.. google has started doing almost realtime updates.
23:47 Genji hdl_laptop's paste showed up in google.
23:51 Genji okay, just reindexed with 260$c pubdate:n, pubdate:s ..... im getting no results with 4=109
23:52 Genji Without 4=109.. I get Unsupported Use Attribute.
23:52 pianohacker Genji: What is the exact procedure you're using to search?
23:54 Genji auth koha kohap
23:54 Genji open localhost:9999 (sucessful, im in)
23:54 Genji find @attr 1=31 @attr 2=3 @attr 4=109 1981
23:55 Genji No results, search successful. There should be results.
23:55 Genji find @attr 1=31 @attr 2=3 1981
23:55 Genji Unsupported Use attribute
23:55 Genji For 31.
23:56 pianohacker What is the @attr 2=3 for? I'm guessing it's a comparison attribute, but why is it necessary?
23:57 Genji Not really, just explicitly say that Im looking for equality. with 4=109, 2=4 is successful (no result when there should be though)
23:57 Genji Im guessing, the default 'find' is word index based?
23:58 pianohacker Genji: What about a plain find @attr 1=31 1981 ?
23:59 pianohacker Genji: yaz-client uses PQF (the @attr stuff) by default; you would need to set it to ccl syntax to search using word indexes
23:59 pianohacker (I think ccl)

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