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00:06 chris yep ricardo
00:06 ricardo chris: Cool :)  I'm sending you an e-mail right now
00:07 ricardo Sent!
00:07 chris cool
00:09 ricardo I noticed that Pootle shows the 1st character (it's actually Vim's character for BOM - Byte Order Mark - for Unicode UTF-8 files... I think it's harmless)
00:12 chris just testing it now
00:12 ricardo Great  :)
00:12 ricardo BTW: I would be interested to see your vimrc (and/or vimrc customisations)
00:13 chris i dont use vim
00:13 ricardo chris: You don't? I'm shocked!  ;-) So... what do you use? Emacs? Nano? Kate? Gedit?
00:13 chris emacs
00:14 ricardo Isn't Emacs "hard on fingers"?
00:14 chris only as hard as vim is on the brain
00:14 chris :)
00:14 ricardo LOL!
00:15 ricardo You're wrong... vim is easy... It's as easy as git!  ;-)
00:15 chris templates build ok
00:15 chris pushing up now
00:16 ricardo chris: Cool  :)
00:16 ricardo (Hmm.... VirtualBox not responding)
00:17 ricardo chris: I see that you pushed it already (thanks!). The diff is scary:
00:17 ricardo[…]61210bc9f0d663160
00:18 chris yes, you appear to have made a lot of changes, mostly whitespace
00:18 ricardo Darn...
00:19 ricardo Not on purpose though
00:19 chris what did you use for editing?
00:19 chris windows eh?
00:19 chris +#: ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/mo​dules/virtualshelves/shelves.tmpl:348\r
00:20 * chris see carriage returns
00:20 ricardo I think I used vim... Although the last thing was "SVN Update" to a Windows machine (but don't remember to do any changes there)
00:20 ricardo Let me check this
00:20 chris ahh
00:20 brendan joined #koha
00:20 chris yeah, that might put the carriage returns in, (the svn update)
00:20 ricardo But this is what I usually do... And I don't usually get that "carriage returns"  ;-)
00:20 chris but thats why so many changes lots of \r
00:20 ricardo chris: Yeah... I hate that
00:21 ricardo I confirm that the file is in UNIX format. It shouldn't behave that way
00:22 chris hmm check it in vi
00:23 ricardo Looks correct...
00:23 chris not a big worry tho, tis harmless, but would be good to figure out where they came from
00:23 ricardo # file pt-PT-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po
00:23 ricardo pt-PT-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po: UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM) PO (gettext message catalogue) text
00:23 ricardo The only thing is the "BOM" that I mentioned before (inserted by Vim... but that should also be harmless)
00:24 chris vim carefully hides the \r from me, vi shows them
00:25 ricardo chris: Hmmm... OK. Let me try this in vi compatible mode then
00:25 ricardo Nope... Not even in compatible mode I see them  :-/
00:26 ricardo Do you want to reset that commit and try another one, activating the "fix whitespace errors" or similar feature of git?
00:26 chris yeah, ill do that, will revert it, and fix the whitespace
00:26 ricardo Make git automatically remove trailing whitespace before committing
00:26 ricardo[…]before-committing
00:27 ricardo I don't know if that helps... I'm just *trying* to help  :)
00:29 chris here we go
00:30 ricardo "EOL: LF"  ... Everything seems to be right  :-/
00:30 chris there, without the whitespace changes this time
00:31 ricardo chris: OK, cool! What was the secret formula, then?  :)
00:31 chris i just stripped the \r with sed :)
00:32 ricardo LOL!
00:32 ricardo That's cheating!  ;-)
00:32 chris :)
00:32 chris i cheat doing finds too
00:32 ricardo Eheh
00:32 chris find /. | grep "filename"
00:33 ricardo I'm more of a "locate" kind of guy
00:33 ricardo updatedb; locate -i filename
00:33 chris :)
00:34 ricardo In a fast machine, the seconds that updatedb take don't bother me  :)
00:35 ricardo Where do you have your git tree? Something like /home/chris/kohaclone ? /kohaclone  ? /root/kohaclone  ?
00:35 chris never in root
00:36 chris on my dev box its /home/chris/git/koha.git
00:36 chris along with all my other git repo's
00:36 chris -'
00:36 ricardo chris: OK, cool. Thanks  :)
00:37 ricardo "never in root" meaning "never in root's home", right? You may create a "kohaclone" root folder (at the same level of /usr /var /root etc...), right?
00:37 chris i probably wouldnt do that either, cos that would need superuser privs
00:38 chris i try not to use elevated privileges when i don't need to
00:38 ricardo chris: It would, yes
00:38 ricardo OK. That's a good policy
00:39 ricardo No changes from your PO file to mine... Good  :)
00:40 ricardo Meanwhile VirtualBox is still not responding....
00:40 chris sweet, maybe the zipping did something weird, or unzipping, who knows, fixed now :)
00:40 ricardo Yeah... I'm blaming ZIP now, as well  (hey, I need a culprit!  ;-)
00:42 ricardo I think that I'll have to reboot now. BBL.
00:42 ricardo chris: Thanks for having submitted the updated translation
00:42 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
00:42 chris no problem
00:42 ricardo BTW: what's up with munin?
00:43 chris not sure, gmcharlt looks after it
00:43 ricardo chris: Oh, OK. Thanks for the info
00:43 chris_n2 ricardo: vim can be made to trim whitespaces on save
00:43 chris it may have been still runnin gon a LL server perhaps
00:43 chris not sure
00:43 ricardo chris_n2: Cool... What's the super-trick for that?  :)
00:43 pastebot Someone at pasted "" Removes trailing spaces func" (13 lines) at
00:43 chris_n2 check that paste
00:44 ricardo chris_n2: %s/\s*$//
00:44 ricardo chris_n2: Got it... Thanks :)
00:44 chris_n2 long live vim... ;-)
00:44 ricardo chris: And "logbot_backup" is yours?
00:44 ricardo chris_n2: Eheh
00:44 chris yep, that and the pastebot
00:44 ricardo chris: Cool. OK, thanks
00:45 ricardo chris_n2: I'll want to see your vimrc  :)
00:45 chris was set up, cos i was scared logbot would disappear ..
00:45 ricardo chris: Good thinking!
00:46 ricardo OK. This is it... Rebooting now
00:46 ricardo left #koha
00:59 * chris heads off to a meeting
00:59 chris bbiab
01:00 * chris_n2 heads off to eat pizza
01:13 ricardo joined #koha
01:19 ricardo Going to bed now. Take care everyone!
01:19 ricardo :)
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01:34 chris back
01:41 brendan wb chris
01:41 chris thanks, good weekend brendan ?
01:42 brendan so far great -- waiting for Sonja to get home -- made her a nice dinner (and got her some flowers)
01:42 brendan how was yours
01:43 chris busy but good
01:43 brendan :)
03:43 brendan @wunder 93117
03:43 brendan munin?
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04:10 drupsta Hi ALL
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05:09 john Anyone here?
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05:31 |Lupin| good morning koha
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06:26 |Lupin| hi again
06:27 Madar hi  lupin
06:29 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:29 |Lupin| hello Madar
06:29 |Lupin| hi Ropuch
06:36 Madar how can i edit marc configiration
06:36 Madar ??
06:36 Madar ?
06:37 Ropuch You mean: marc flavor (UNIMARC/MARC21)?
06:37 Ropuch Or something else?
06:38 |Lupin| anyone knows how to retrieve a recorde based on its biblionumber in opac, pls ?
06:39 Ropuch /cgi-bin/koha/
06:39 Ropuch Change the number to whatever you want ;>
06:44 |Lupin| Ropuch: yeah thanks, I new this one. I just wanted to avoid typing the URL; thought perhaps there is something one can enter in the research field and which will lead to the right page.
06:45 fredericd |Lupin|: Local-number:120 to find biblio record #120
06:45 fredericd hi
06:48 Ropuch oh
06:48 |Lupin| fredericd: hello ! thanks !!
06:48 Ropuch Nice
06:48 Ropuch fredericd: i didn't knwo that, usefull [;
06:49 Ropuch Thanks :)
06:49 |Lupin| fredericd: I was pretty sure there was something like that.
06:49 |Lupin| fredericd: where does the "Local-number" name come from ? is it hte name of a Zebra index or something like that ?
06:53 fredericd |Lupin|: You have to take a look at two places: record.abs for your marc flavour, and file
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07:08 Madar Ropuch i dnt know actually , but i found im MARC bibliographic framework test You have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using Koha
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07:18 |Lupin| fredericd: ok, thanks a lot !
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08:18 |Lupin| perl question pls
08:18 |Lupin| I defined a function in a module
08:18 |Lupin| and try to call it from a script
08:18 |Lupin| perl doesn't find it
08:19 |Lupin| I call another function defined n the same module, perl sees it
08:19 |Lupin| however none of them are exported explicitly...
08:19 |Lupin| any idea what I'm doign wrong ?
08:19 hdl_laptop EXPORT must have this function defined
08:20 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ah EXPORT in uppercase...
08:20 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: there is no EXPORT in the module and however one function gets called whereas mine is not
08:21 hdl_laptop you have an array at the head of this function
08:22 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ?
08:23 hdl_laptop @EXPORT = qw(
08:24 hdl_laptop usually in the BEGIN block
08:24 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: there is no such thing in the module, so I think the actual mystery for me is how it works for the other funciton...
08:26 chris can you paste the whole module at
08:26 |Lupin| sure
08:26 |Lupin|
08:27 |Lupin| I just wrote the maintainance_mode function
08:27 |Lupin| and try to call it from a script
08:27 |Lupin| it doesn't work and perl says it's undefined
08:27 |Lupin| but if I replae this call by a call to top, it works
08:29 chris hmm
08:30 chris i notice something else, it says GPL 2, but also it is not free software
08:31 |Lupin| chris: yeah because I forgot to remove the old thing saying it is not free...
08:31 |Lupin| chris: this is a part of the cade that will disappear anyway since thenew platform will be KOha based
08:31 chris can you paste the code that is calling it also please?
08:32 |Lupin| sure
08:33 |Lupin|
08:33 |Lupin| replacing the call by top("foo") works
08:34 |Lupin| (i.e. it produces another error but later, proving that the function is really called)
08:34 chris ahhh
08:34 chris well that is why top is working
08:34 chris you are giving it the full name
08:34 chris if it was exported you could just go top()
08:35 chris now to see why maintainance_mode isnt
08:35 chris (you also have 2 BEGIN blocks ... you dont want that)
08:37 |Lupin| chris: ok, I removed the second BEGIN block
08:37 |Lupin| but it doesn't work better with maintainance_mode
08:37 |Lupin| chris: the call also fully qualifies the name, so shouldn't it work as it does for top ?
08:38 chris yep
08:38 chris im just checking for typos
08:40 |Lupin| chris: thanks... looking for that, too
08:41 chris when you run perl -c that_file
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08:41 chris does it complain about that call still?
08:42 |Lupin| let me check
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08:43 |Lupin| chris: no; syntax OK
08:43 chris and when you run it, what is the error?
08:43 |Lupin| (does it check that functions are defined?)
08:44 |Lupin| sorbier:~/src/helene/webserverv1/cgi-bin$ perl > /tmp/log 2>&1
08:44 |Lupin|
08:46 |Lupin| I also did a perl -c on the module, it says the syntax is ok
08:55 |Lupin| now I removed all useless modules from the test script... same problem
08:57 |Lupin| ok, I have found the problem
08:59 |Lupin| somehow Perl loads the wrong module... a version already installed on the system and which does not have the function...
09:00 chris it will load the first one it finds, so there must be one in the perl @INC
09:02 |Lupin| chris: yeah I jsut displayed the @INC hoping o see a directory which might contain such a module but I can't see such a directory...
09:02 |Lupin| oh yes it does
09:02 |Lupin| /home/seb/src/koha
09:02 |Lupin| and I copied the library there
09:03 |Lupin| so it takes this version rather than the one I'm modifying...
09:04 chris probably taking both
09:04 chris and redefining, hence the undefined message
09:05 |Lupin| right...
09:06 |Lupin| ok, I'm ashamed I dusturbed you with such a silly question chris
09:06 |Lupin| my apologies for that
09:06 chris np
09:08 |Lupin| chris: you know the storry about the sheppard that was yaling there was a wolf and in fact there was no wolf at all ?
09:09 chris crying wolf :)
09:09 |Lupin| chris: at the end there really was a wolf and nobody came to rescue him because they didn't believe him...
09:10 |Lupin| chris: yeah exactly.. so I feel a bit like the shephard... :/
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10:07 ricardo Good morning everyone!
10:07 |Lupin| hello ricardo
10:07 ricardo |Lupin|: Hi Sébastien  :)
10:09 ricardo I'm having a strange problem in one setup that I have (running git Koha 3.0.x in SuSE - SLES 10 SP2). The first page, after login, in the Intranet - "" - appears in English, instead of Portuguese. All the other pages in the staff appear correctly in Portuguese. I don't have this problem in other similar installs  :-/
10:12 ricardo ... and if I click in the "Português" link, at the bottom of the screen, I remain in the "English" option
10:12 chris what does intranet-tmpl/prog/pt-PT/m​odules/intranet-main.tmpl look like?
10:12 ricardo chris: Good morning. Let me check that
10:14 ricardo chris: Err... It doesn't
10:14 ricardo /koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/pt-PT/modules # ls
10:14 ricardo about.tmpl  acqui  admin  authorities  auth.tmpl  catalogue  cataloguing
10:15 chris theres the problem
10:15 chris you could do an pt-PT
10:15 chris and copy over the created file
10:16 ricardo chris: Yeah, but I did that - ran "./ pt-PT"  (and deleted the folder "pt-PT" right before that, just in case)
10:16 ricardo I'll do it it again and generate a log
10:16 chris it created it fine on my machine
10:16 chris using the .po file you sent
10:16 ricardo chris: Right
10:17 chris BUT, that .po is for 3.0.4 (or what is in the 3.0.x branch anyway)
10:17 ricardo chris: I updated the PO file with git... And git log shows the commit. Let me check this... I still have the log for this
10:17 ricardo chris: Right. I'm in the 3.0.x branch  :)
10:17 chris so it might not work against 3.0.3
10:17 |Lupin| lunch
10:17 chris in that case it should work fine
10:18 ricardo |Lupin|: OK. Have a nice lunch!
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10:19 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Output of "./ pt-PT" in a git Koha 3.0.x install in SLES 10 SP2" (826 lines) at
10:24 ricardo Aren't you glad that I pasted those 826 lines to pastebot, and not here to the channel?  ;-)
10:24 hdl_laptop sure ;)
10:24 chris :)
10:25 chris weird
10:26 ricardo chris: Right... There's no entry for "intranet-main"
10:26 chris Creating ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/pt-​PT//modules/catalogue/suggest.tmpl...
10:26 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi Henri! Good morning  :)
10:26 chris Creating ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/p​t-PT//modules/intranet-main.tmpl...
10:26 chris thats what i get
10:27 ricardo chris: Yeah... I have other setups (one with openSUSE 11.1 and another one with Debian 5.0.3) where I do NOT have this problem
10:27 * chris has to go to bed, but im guessing a gettext issue then
10:28 ricardo chris: OK. Thanks for the tip. I will have to investigate this... or not. The final install will probably be in SLES 11 (and not SLES 10 SP2)
10:28 * chris_n2 says g'night to chris
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11:35 |Lupin| hi jane
11:36 jwagner Bonjour
11:37 |Lupin| jwagner: excellent :)
11:41 jdavidb joined #koha
11:44 |Lupin| hello jdavidb :)
11:44 jdavidb Hi, |Lupin|! :)
11:45 |Lupin| jdavidb: I was wondering.. shall I keep the debian.packages file I once built, or do you have it and I can get rid of it ?
11:45 jdavidb for the Squeeze test?    That's the one I have, and am tinkering with, yes.
11:46 |Lupin| jdavidb: hmm I tend to get lost with debian code names... squeeze is the current testing one ?
11:47 jdavidb Right.
11:47 |Lupin| jdavidb: what's the name of current stable again ?
11:47 jdavidb "Lenny".
11:47 |Lupin| ah right, thanks jdavidb
11:47 jdavidb It's still pretty new; a lot of folks are still using the current oldstable, which is "Etch."
11:48 jdavidb I've not had *any* issues with Lenny installs, though.
11:48 |Lupin| jdavidb: I think it would be worth preparing a package file also for this one, cause Koha 3.2 has some newdependencies that were not there for KOha 3.0
11:48 |Lupin| jdavidb: also had a few
11:48 jdavidb Probably so; I know there are some recent new dependencies, so the packages file for lenny probably needs some updating.
11:49 jdavidb I'm doing a whole bunch of lenny installs for some testing and demos this week; I'll try to remember to take notes, and send a patch for the lenny file.
11:52 |Lupin| jdavidb: great. I can think of IPC::Cmd and the thing that does caching as things to double-check, that's all I remember
11:52 jdavidb Those are the two that stick out in my mind, too.
11:52 |Lupin| jdavidb: but I have also sent a patch for fixing a wrong package name I think, so that shold be in the archives of the koha-patches mailing list
11:52 |Lupin| jdavidb: I think this has not been applied so far, don't know why
11:54 |Lupin| jdavidb: other tricky think is that some Perl modules packages required by KOha are not packaged but a few of their dependencies are, and shold be installed, too
11:55 jdavidb *nod*  I'd like to install as many via packages as possible; it's a little easier to keep track of that way, since Debian doesn't shift versions on things quite as often as CPAN does.
11:55 |Lupin| jdavidb: the issue with IPC::Cmd was that it's not a package per se; it's part of perl-modules, so I installed this one from cpan to have the right version
11:55 |Lupin| jdavidb: right
11:59 |Lupin| can someone please remind me the name of the syspref used to set koha in maintainance mode or something like that ? I can't remember it right now
11:59 jdavidb OPACMaintenance, I think.
12:00 |Lupin| jdavidb: ah, thanks
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12:04 |Lupin| jdavidb: hmm, this syspref seems to have vanished... no trouble though, I'll just remove the editcatalogue permission for those users who have it and that will do
12:05 jdavidb Hm...That's odd; a syspref search for "Maint" is what I usually do to find it fast.
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12:12 |Lupin| jdavidb: I did a select with Maint and it didn't return anything...
12:13 Nate joined #koha
12:13 |Lupin| aurelie_v: bonjour
12:19 hdl_laptop nengard: hi
12:19 nengard hiya - just emailed you back
12:19 hdl_laptop hav you managed to get the tree ?
12:19 hdl_laptop just received your email
12:21 chris_n g'morning
12:25 hdl_laptop have you sent more ?
12:25 hdl_laptop nengard: have you sent more than one ?
12:26 nengard hdl_laptop - no just the one where i started all over
12:36 hdl_laptop nengard: works for me on my laptop with your passphrase
12:36 nengard so I can try again?
12:36 hdl_laptop I think so.
12:36 aurelie_v is now known as paul_p
12:36 ricardo back for a while
12:37 hdl_laptop nengard: please provide ssh/config full path to your ssh key file.
12:37 ricardo " *** aurelie_v is now known as paul_p " ... Hmmm.... Multiple personality?  ;-=
12:37 paul_p my dell XPS is broken. Using a spare desktop until it's repaired
12:37 paul_p ;-)
12:37 hdl_laptop And not simple basename
12:37 paul_p (Aurelie has left BibLibre, and not be replaced yet)
12:38 ricardo hdl_laptop: In a "make test" I did yesterday, I think there's a missing dependency in "Makefile.PL" ("DublinCore::Record"). Should I report this / submit a patch? I have a problem: I don't know what would be the "DublinCore::Record" version required
12:38 ricardo (for 3.0.x)
12:38 nengard hdl_laptop - okay - I'll make that change
12:38 ricardo paul_p: OK  :)
12:39 hdl_laptop Dublincore::Record ???
12:40 ricardo hdl_laptop: Yep, I think so
12:41 ricardo hdl_laptop: Yes...
12:41 ricardo I can put this in Pastebot... wait, please
12:46 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted ""make test" for Koha 3.0.x complains about missing "DublinCore::Record"" (26 lines) at
12:52 ricardo hdl_laptop: There... Pasted it to "workbuffer" / pastebot  ^^^
12:56 hdl_laptop seen
12:56 Colin joined #koha
12:57 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK
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13:01 jdavidb Hi, mmm!  Long time no see.
13:01 nengard mmm - is that michele?
13:01 mmm yes
13:02 nengard HI!! :)
13:02 mmm I just realised that I have not signed for while
13:02 mmm how is everyone doing
13:03 jdavidb Nine kinds of awesome, here.
13:04 nengard just finished setting up git for the 3.2 manual here - so i'm pretty stoked :)
13:04 nengard thanks to help from hdl_laptop!!!!
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13:06 ricardo nengard: cool  :)
13:06 nengard writing email now
13:11 nengard[…]ohadocs;a=summary
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13:19 nengard time to head out and get a flu shot so I can make it to Norway without getting sick :) be back shortly
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13:44 chris_n nengard++ #for the work on the manual
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14:25 nengard thanks chris_n - still a long way to go
14:35 |Lupin| nengard: it's really cool that the manual goes into git ! I'm pleased because I'll be able to generate doc in txt format which I find especially convenient
14:36 |Lupin| nengard: but does this mean that the ability to modify the KOha manual on the web is lost ?
14:37 nengard Lupin - there was not ability to modify the manual online - you could create new pages but not edit exisiting ones taht I wrote - a big issue for me - so hopefully we can find a way to overcome that barrier with this new format and a git reop
14:37 nengard repo
14:42 |Lupin| nengard: ok... I'm not sure how something could be both in Git and editable online, but if the two options are mutually exclusive, I think I'd defninitely choose git
14:47 nengard Lupin - sorry - not editable online - but editable by downloading it from git
14:49 |Lupin| nengard: yep
14:57 |Lupin| someone knows how to display file permissions in numerical rather than symbolial representations, please ?
15:11 ricardo |Lupin|: stat * -c "%a %n"
15:27 |Lupin| ricardo: ah I didn't know there was a stat command !!! thanks a lot ricardo !
15:30 ricardo |Lupin|: No problem... I must admit I had to Google a bit to answer your question (and adapted a result that I found :)
15:39 brendan left #koha
15:42 |Lupin| ricardo: I also googled before asking, but apparently not enough. It's cool to know this command exists ! then one just have to read the man to accomodate the results nicely...
15:44 |Lupin| ricardo: I just tried the comand and it does exactly what I want, you are great :-)
15:44 |Lupin| (here the coma should not be read as a logical implicaiton)
15:45 |Lupin| and above all it sholdn't be read as a logical equivalence.
15:45 ricardo |Lupin|: LOL!
15:45 ricardo |Lupin|: Cool. I'm glad that helped  :)
15:47 |Lupin| ricardo: the organization that employs me has a digital library project and this project stores files on a file system. I'm just doing a lot of opeations to convert this file system from an old to a newer format. So this implies a lot of shell scriping, it's really an interesting test to figure out how good one is at shell programming
15:48 ricardo |Lupin|: For most of the Admin tasks that I do, I stopped doing "shell scripts" and started writing "Perl scripts"
15:51 owen joined #koha
15:52 |Lupin| ricardo: I see... Well I'm not good enough with Perl to actually gain some efficiency...
15:53 ricardo |Lupin|: Yeah... That takes a bit of time, in the beginning
15:53 |Lupin| ricardo: actually, I think that I decide for which task whether it will be shell, perl or perhaps even Caml, depending of what seems easier to me, the code I already have related to the task, etc.
15:53 |Lupin| ricardo: yep.
15:54 Kivutar left #koha
15:55 ricardo |Lupin|: I never touched Caml, so I can't comment on that one... You can write a Perl with shell commands, by using    system("command");   e.g:  system("ls -l");    Granted, for many things it's better to use a native Perl construct than to use "system", but for some things it works well
15:56 |Lupin| ricardo: I certainly believe you... I even used $var=`command` in Perl once, I think.
15:57 ricardo |Lupin|: Maybe... I don't remember if that's allowed, but it may be
15:58 brendan joined #koha
16:01 laurenc1 left #koha
16:03 |Lupin| ricardo: I think it is...
16:04 ricardo |Lupin|: OK
16:04 ricardo Oh boy...
16:04 ricardo Trouble
16:06 ricardo
16:07 wizzyrea omg, I got that one too!
16:07 wizzyrea I thought it was just me
16:07 ricardo wizzyrea: Right... Everyone always think that anrything only happens to them!  ;-)
16:09 |Lupin| ricardo: I can't read the page well wth lynx... what's the problem ?
16:09 hdl_laptop ricardo: ?
16:09 hdl_laptop Is that on 3.0.x?
16:09 wizzyrea well, I'm prone to stupid mistakes >.>
16:10 wizzyrea so *usually* it is just me :P
16:10 ricardo wizzyrea: LOL!
16:11 ricardo hdl_laptop: I'm doing an update from SLES 10 SP2 to SLES 11... and had to change some paths. And now I'm getting this.
16:11 |Lupin| ricardo: I could have said the same...
16:11 hdl_laptop that may come from debug level too important or CGI::Session
16:11 hdl_laptop make sure you use CGI::Session::Serialize::YAML
16:11 ricardo There are some curious entries in the error log... Pasting it to Pastebot in a few moments
16:12 ricardo hdl_laptop: Oh, I am using CGI::Session::Serialize::YAML  :
16:12 ricardo # rpm -qa | grep -i cgi-session
16:12 ricardo perl-CGI-Session-Serialize-yaml-4.24-1.22
16:12 ricardo perl-CGI-Session-4.42-8.5
16:14 hdl_laptop ok
16:20 Jee joined #koha
16:20 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Koha Error Log for a "Content-type: text/html" Loop in Koha 3.0.x" (25 lines) at
16:20 francharb left #koha
16:21 |Lupin| nengard: still around ?
16:21 hdl_laptop ricardo : set debug level to 1 anywhere you can
16:21 nengard Lupin yes -- but on the phone
16:22 |Lupin| nengard: ok, pls tell me when you're available, I'd like to talk about a part of the manual with you
16:22 nengard okey dokey
16:22 * nengard on phone
16:22 |Lupin| artichokey
16:22 |Lupin| thanks nengard
16:22 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK, will do
16:40 * paul_p leaves office. See you tomorrow morning  #koha !
16:45 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK, this is weird:
16:45 ricardo " NO /root/kohaclone/ at /koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 203."
16:46 * nengard off the phone
16:46 ricardo But I already updated paths in "koha-conf.xml" :-/
16:46 nengard Lupin - what did you want to ask?
16:46 ricardo and in "koha-httpd.conf"
16:46 ricardo (I no longer have a "/root/kohaclone", only a "/koha/kohaclone")
16:49 ricardo I'll do a reboot (just to be sure)
16:53 * nengard lunching
16:57 ricardo Is it "fair game" to edit wrong paths in koha/kohaclone/blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml and koha/ricardokohaclone/blib/K​OHA_CONF_DIR/koha-httpd.conf  (although those files are marked "read-only")?
16:57 ricardo Never mind... I'll do a "make test"; "make install" instead
16:58 |Lupin| nengard: hmm I missed you, sorry
16:58 |Lupin| nengard: not sure whether I shold wait for you or just go home and talk to you from there
16:59 wizzyrea |Lupin| she'll probably be 30-40 mins
17:00 |Lupin| wizzyrea: ok, thanks a lot !
17:00 nengard back
17:00 nengard hehe
17:00 |Lupin| nengard: oh wow, you're a quick luncher !!
17:00 nengard Lupin - i've been sick
17:01 nengard just eating something small
17:01 |Lupin| nengard: I wante d to tellyou about two system preferences
17:01 nengard k
17:01 |Lupin| nengard: just checking heir names...
17:01 |Lupin| nengard: staffClientBaseURL and OPACBaseURL
17:02 nengard yep - they are for the url to your staff client and your OPAC
17:02 |Lupin| nengard: I think the manuals document them as if they work, but as far as I know they actually do _not_ work so far.
17:02 ricardo OK... I solved that bug (infinite loop)... and I'm back to the old bug (first page after staff client appears in English... Oh well. I'll leave for today. I think I'll be back here in 4 hours or so.)
17:02 nengard both need http:// in front of them
17:02 nengard Lupin - they weren't used at all - until I submitted some patches that do use them
17:02 nengard so theyll be used in 3.2
17:03 |Lupin| nengard: really !?
17:03 nengard :) yup
17:03 |Lupin| nengard: and they are used consistently everywhere in KOha now ?
17:03 nengard no - not that i know of - but i don't think they're required everywhere - are they?
17:03 |Lupin| nengard: that's really great !! I missed this feature so much !!
17:03 ColinC joined #koha
17:03 ricardo (Looking at traffic cameras on the Web...
17:03 nengard Like I said - I know that they work for the features I wrote -but I did not fix them globally
17:04 |Lupin| nengard: well... which links according to you shold not take them into account ?
17:04 ricardo "Bad traffic! Bad!"  ;-)
17:04 nengard Lupin - no clue :) hehe - just know that the system seems to work a-ok without them set
17:04 nengard would need a developer's input on this
17:04 Jee left #koha
17:05 |Lupin| nengard: yeah so they do not work everywhere... according to me every url generated topoint to the OPAC shold take the OPAC one into account, same for the intranet
17:05 Ropuch Evening, #koha
17:05 |Lupin| hi Ropuch
17:05 wizzyrea lol nengard that was the fastest lunch ever
17:05 owen Oh nice, Liblime has kicked me off the Liblime-users list.
17:05 owen Guess what guys, our contract isn't up until January!
17:05 wizzyrea ...
17:05 nengard owen - wait - aren't you a LL customer?
17:06 wizzyrea !! You're a muck stirrer !!
17:06 nengard and isn't the list for LL customers?
17:06 |Lupin| nengard: what I mean is that by reading the manual it's what I understood -- that all the OPAC-related urls use th opac sysperf and the same for intranet related urls and the intranet syspref. And then I realized it was not the case and was frustrated.
17:06 wizzyrea owen: still, that's epic dirty.
17:06 nengard Ahhh - okay - Lupin I'll update the description to make it clear that it's not used for everything at this time
17:07 * owen was about to stir up some more muck!
17:07 Ropuch [;
17:07 Ropuch Sue them! ;-)
17:07 |Lupin| nengard: /me disappointed :)
17:07 schuster Did you get an email? or how did you know you were bumped?
17:08 nengard I'd be happy to have one less email list to read through :)
17:08 nengard Lupin - sorry :(
17:08 nengard is there a bug for it?
17:08 |Lupin| nengard: actually the wonderfur thing would be to patch KOha so that they are used everywhere... but I realsie it's a logt of job and don't have the time myself to do it
17:08 owen schuster: I got a message that my email was "being held until the list moderator can review it for approval."
17:08 owen "Reason: Post by non-member to a members-only list"
17:09 wizzyrea wowie
17:09 schuster hmmm used the same email account right?   Very interesting...  I'll probably be next.
17:09 |Lupin| nengard: yeah, but I céan't remember the number right now... it was suggested to get rid of the sysprefs, but I added a comemnt to explain why it was not a good idea IMO
17:09 wizzyrea and nengard got a nastygram from LL too
17:09 Colin left #koha
17:09 nengard schuster? why would you be next??
17:09 wizzyrea ??!
17:09 schuster I keep asking when when when...
17:10 owen Because schuster didn't call to have me tarred-and-feathered when I stirred up muck ;) Let that be a lesson to all of you!
17:10 schuster As a self hosted we would be treated like community - but pay support for community upgrades and we are "tied-in" for the 5 year contract.
17:10 * jdavidb wouldn't tar-and-feather owen, even for funsies.  He's too awesome for that.
17:10 wizzyrea schuster did you have the option to say "this isn't what we signed up for, let us out?"
17:11 schuster Havn't gotten legal yet....
17:11 wizzyrea i know our contract is under review
17:11 schuster We also have some development that I'm waiting to see from them.
17:11 wizzyrea so do we
17:11 wizzyrea and we haven't had any updates since... june-ish?
17:11 ricardo Bye ppl!
17:11 ricardo left #koha
17:12 nengard so much sadness :(
17:12 wizzyrea well, actually, that's not entirely accurate. we've had a couple very specific bugfixes since then
17:12 schuster Yep...  No updates and I have been getting emails that logs are being noted - "when this bug is fixed in community it will be applied to your system"
17:12 wizzyrea yes, we are getting those too
17:12 Ropuch Uh
17:13 schuster I sent Josh and Marc an email today about our development timelines.
17:13 wizzyrea so have we
17:13 wizzyrea last week, actually
17:13 wizzyrea and we have heard nothing
17:13 nengard schuster - did you report your bugs/requests/issues on - feel free to email me some of them if you need help with them - I'll do my best
17:13 nengard same for wizzyrea
17:14 schuster 3166 is one that they noted
17:14 wizzyrea a lot of our stuff is fixed already
17:14 schuster Lucky you...wizzyrea
17:14 wizzyrea we just need the effin patches. :(
17:14 wizzyrea don't know, don't feel so lucky
17:15 schuster I'd better stop now or I'll be sanctioned.
17:16 nengard that too is way too sad :(
17:16 Ropuch How can I git clone the kohadocs repo? I'm not familiar with git and can't figure out the repository ulr
17:17 nengard Ropuch - I used this:
17:17 nengard git clone clonedoc
17:17 nengard but I don't know if that is what you need
17:18 Ropuch nengard: yep, but it requires a password - maybe it's not public yet?
17:18 nengard Ropuch - yeah - hdl said he had to remove the password we set up for me to start the work - so we probably just need to wait a little bit
17:19 nengard besides like I said the version in there isn't complete and isn't the one I'm going to work on anymore - I'm going to start fresh
17:19 Ropuch nengard: ok, I'm just courious [;
17:19 brendan nengard++  startingfresh++
17:19 nengard :)
17:19 nengard I need a good refreshing in general
17:24 Ropuch I'm thinking of starting an english-polish dictionary with modern librarianship vocabulary, all i have acces to are pretty out-of-date
17:25 Ropuch Polish mozilla translating team has something like that, pretty simple and useful
17:34 chris *sigh* i find it telling that joshua doesnt have time to commit code back, or answer questions, but has time to threaten nengard
17:34 chris i guess it shouldnt suprise me, he already threatened me earlier this year, but still ... what a dick
17:36 owen left #koha
17:37 jdavidb Hi, chris.   I guess y'all are just special; he hasn't hassled me yet.    But the day is young.
17:40 |Lupin| all the best everybody, time to go home
17:40 |Lupin| bye
17:40 |Lupin| left #koha
17:44 chris savitra++ #lots of good answers on the mailing lists
17:45 collum joined #koha
17:46 ColinC is now known as Colin
17:58 brendan still no munin eh?
17:59 chris yeah, havent seen galen for a couple of days
18:00 brendan how am I supposed to know what the weather is like outside?
18:00 brendan I guess I will use old fashion ways and open a window
18:02 nengard hehe - or turn on the news - or visit
18:02 nengard :)
18:03 chris hehe
18:04 owen joined #koha
18:10 chris web owen
18:10 brendan chris is now in spiderman mode
18:10 nengard hehe - was wondering what he meant by 'web'
18:10 nengard thanks for clearing that up :)
18:11 chris wb i meant to type
18:11 nengard but it's so much fun to pick on you :)
18:11 nengard will do
18:12 owen I'm feeling a bit disreputable today thanks to my mailing list ban ;)
18:12 chris be careful, or i will send you an email and cc a lawyer nengard
18:12 brendan koha loves you owen
18:13 pianohacker joined #koha
18:14 pianohacker hello
18:15 chris quick there he is nengard
18:15 chris hiya pianohacker
18:16 nengard pianohacker
18:16 pianohacker oh no
18:16 nengard was just talking about you :) hehe
18:16 * pianohacker runs away again
18:16 nengard was about to write you an email
18:16 jdavidb run away, pianohacker!
18:16 nengard NO NO NO - :)
18:16 nengard you're all so mean to me :( boo hoo
18:16 pianohacker I saw the one about sysprefs
18:16 pianohacker I just can't handle all the pressure!
18:16 nengard no another one -
18:17 brendan hi pianohacker
18:17 pianohacker hi brendan, jdavidb, chris, nengard
18:17 nengard I'm actually writing up the manual now for sys prefs - but I wanted to ask if you need help - and I wanted to suggest - or do it for you - that you put the prefs in alpha order
18:18 nengard is that something I can do to aleviate pressure?
18:18 nengard also if you tell me what sections need prefs still I can try to help with that too
18:18 nengard anything that makes my documenting life easier :) hehe
18:18 pianohacker ahh, okay. within the groups, they're often loosely grouped by function
18:18 nengard yes within the groups
18:18 pianohacker but alpha would probably be easier to deal with
18:19 pianohacker jk about the pressure :)
18:19 nengard heh
18:19 nengard but seriously, I can help
18:19 nengard I don't mind - but I didn't want to step on what you were doing
18:21 pianohacker right. it is a bit behind; let me do some work on it today and submit that. you've reminded me that I really need to make a guide to adding sysprefs to the editor
18:24 pianohacker That would probably go on the dev wiki, but I could make a basic docbook version if it would make your life easier
18:27 nengard whatever way is easiest for you
18:27 nengard also the tabs themselves aren't in alpha order right now - and should be
18:28 pianohacker okay, I'll check that and make sure it's correct for the version I submit today
18:29 pianohacker (It will also include the OAI-PMH -> Web Services change, as that's very easy)
18:30 chris hmmm no ricardo
18:32 chris ah well google translate to the rescue
18:32 * chris found this today
18:33 chris[…]ca-nas-politicas/
18:33 chris which lead me to
18:33 chris[…]ter/november-2009
18:34 nengard pianohacker - you rock - and while you work I'm going to document what you have already anyway - so I can be ahead of the curve
18:34 pianohacker nengard: sounds good
18:36 chris_n interesting descriptive term... "enraged"
18:37 * jdavidb is pleased to spot two new twitter followers, and they're two of his faaaaavorite koha people.
18:37 wizzyrea what's your twitter jdavidb
18:38 jdavidb dbavousett
18:38 chris chris_n: hehe yeah, i thought the writeup mostly gets it though eh?
18:38 chris_n chris: dead on the nail head
18:39 pianohacker jdavidb: hahaha, you're a qc fan too, eh?
18:39 jdavidb Very much!
18:39 jdavidb When Jeph was here for SPX, he did a great sketch of Dora for me. :)
18:40 pianohacker oh, very nice
18:40 jdavidb I've posted in in my facebook album, pianohacker...aren't you on there?
18:40 pianohacker every once in a while, let's see...
18:42 jdavidb I laugh a *lot* at unsuckdcmetro's tweets.  Someone needs a hug, real bad.
18:42 pianohacker hey, doing pull-ups on the subway isn't a bad idea!
18:43 nengard git question
18:43 nengard if i remove files from my local directory will it note that when i commit? or do I have to use a command to remove files?
18:43 chris_n git rm
18:43 pianohacker nengard: you have to use git-rm
18:44 chris_n pianohacker: those fingers are healing well I see ;-)
18:44 pianohacker hehe
18:44 pianohacker this one-handed typing is working better and better
18:44 nengard thanks chris_n and pianohacker
18:49 ColinC joined #koha
18:50 chris_n brb
18:55 chris bus time
18:55 chris bbiab
18:55 pianohacker cya
18:55 Colin left #koha
18:57 tomascohen left #koha
19:03 wizzyrea is anybody here in a library that's using the SMS capability in Koha
19:12 schuster Are there any CODE4LIB folks online right now?  Couple of questions...
19:13 pianohacker schuster: I think all of the members are idling at the moment, but I might be able to help
19:13 cc joined #koha
19:14 schuster I've never been, but understand they CAP attendance?
19:14 jdavidb I believe that's correct schuster, but it's not as nefarious as it sounds.  They deliberately choose small venues.
19:15 schuster So its first come you get in type stuff.
19:15 jdavidb As I understand it, yes.
19:16 schuster Ah....
19:17 cc is now known as Colin
19:19 ColinC left #koha
19:21 Colin left #koha
19:39 nengard pianohacker - another edit for you
19:39 nengard on the catloging preferences
19:39 nengard change the spelling of the title from Cataloguing to Cataloging
19:40 nengard schuster yes - that is the case - small venues so limits on the number of people
19:41 pianohacker nengard: ahh, thank you for catching that, I've been britrotted by the usage of cataloguing in the code
19:41 nengard hehe
19:42 nengard no prob
19:42 nengard question for everyone - why are we using OSt as the default MARC Org code?  Should we try to get one for Koha - or use something fake instead of a real code for a library in Ohio?
19:43 jdavidb left #koha
19:43 nengard[…]ns/org-search.php
19:47 richard joined #koha
19:47 richard hi
19:47 wizzyrea heya richard
19:47 richard hi wizzyrea
19:48 chris back
19:49 richard wb chris
19:52 chris_n nengard: this might be something we could do after fixing our foundational woes
19:52 nengard that makes sense
19:53 chris_n nengard: it would be nice to have a syspref for libraries to enter their own org code if they have one and otherwise default to the koha foundation code
19:53 chris presumably each library should have thei own
19:53 chris and yes it is a syspref
19:53 chris_n nothing like re-inventing the wheel :-P
19:53 * chris finds
19:53 nengard chris - but if the library doesn't use MARC why have a code?
19:54 chris MARCOrgCode
19:54 chris they have to use MARC with koha currently
19:54 nengard I know that - that's what I'm talking about - but they don't have to register for a code
19:54 nengard :)
19:54 chris there is no way round it, much to my chagrin
19:54 nengard which means they're using the one for a library that isn't theirs
19:54 brendan left #koha
19:54 chris yeah, i dont think that actually matters
19:55 nengard it does if they allow for their records to be downloaded by others
19:55 nengard then another library might download it and have that code attached - anyway - it shouldn't be a code for a real library by default in my opinion
19:55 chris in that case they should register for one
19:55 chris id leave it blank by default
19:56 * chris_n applies for an org code for the library here
19:56 chris but i dont really care :)
19:56 chris_n nengard: thanks for bringing this up
19:56 nengard chris - as a cataloger I care :) hehe
19:56 chris whatever value is in there is going to be wrong
19:57 chris unless it is actually the library's one
19:57 nengard true
19:57 chris_n catch 22
19:57 chris so blank is probably best
19:57 nengard k - then we need to change another setting too - that requires that that field be filled in
19:57 chris_n maybe a link in the syspref description to the code request form?
19:58 nengard chris_n - pianohacker did that :)
19:58 nengard in his new sys prefs developments
19:58 chris_n cool
19:59 chris_n chris: is there a chinese translation/usage of koha?
19:59 chris yes
19:59 chris there is a huge koha-taiwan group
20:00 chris and quite a few mainland ones also
20:00 * chris_n reads a request on the list
20:02 chris
20:02 chris_n yup
20:02 chris_n google knows... :-)
20:02 chris_n kind of scary actually
20:03 Madar left #koha
20:05 chris :)
20:06 nengard left #koha
20:16 collum left #koha
20:16 brendan joined #koha
20:24 wizzyrea ok question about SMS + koha
20:27 schuster You may ask but may not find... ;(
20:32 richard is now known as rich-away
20:42 wizzyrea we are toying with the idea of letting patrons use their phone email address as their SMS info
20:42 wizzyrea but I think that means that any notices sent to the SMS email addresses will be the same as the regular notices
20:43 schuster There was some note someplace about needing an SMS "driver" or something along those lines...
20:43 chris yep
20:44 wizzyrea yea, I think you can get around that if you are using it as email
20:44 wizzyrea as in, not the native SMS driver
20:44 wizzyrea BUT
20:44 wizzyrea I'm thinking about these notices
20:45 wizzyrea who wants to get 3 texts saying 'you have a hold'
20:45 wizzyrea So.
20:49 Nate left #koha
21:01 mmm left #koha
21:07 schuster left #koha
21:08 Nate joined #koha
21:27 ricardo joined #koha
21:27 ricardo Hi all (again)
21:28 pianohacker hi, ricardo
21:28 ricardo pianohacker: Hi Jesse
21:28 pianohacker I think chris was looking for you earlier
21:28 pianohacker how are you?
21:28 ricardo pianohacker: Chris was looking for me? Why?
21:28 pianohacker ricardo: not sure
21:29 ricardo pianohacker: I'm well, but I need a long vacation... And no chance to take days off in sight (although I still have *lots* of holiday days to use)
21:29 pianohacker ricardo: busy with work?
21:29 ricardo pianohacker: You bet!
21:30 pianohacker where exactly do you work?
21:30 ricardo pianohacker: "I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you"  ;-)
21:31 pianohacker oh my. "dias-marques, ricardo dias-marques", eh?
21:31 ricardo pianohacker: I'm a public/civil servant, in Portugal
21:31 ricardo pianohacker: LOL!
21:31 pianohacker right, in portugal. what does the government have you doing?
21:31 ricardo pianohacker:[…]rsion?language=en
21:32 pastebot "hdl" at pasted "data in @next_items" (58 lines) at
21:33 ricardo pianohacker: Although, you may recognize more easily[…]koha/   ;-)
21:33 pianohacker Ah, your agency is in the government. That page manages to say a lot but communicate very little about what the agency actually does ;)
21:34 ricardo pianohacker: LOL!
21:34 ricardo pianohacker: It does several things... None of them are secret (that I know of) but they are listed in the site only in the Portuguese area of the web site
21:35 * chris_n2 marvels at pianohacker's insight into the uselessness of government disinformation ;-)
21:35 ricardo chris_n2: LOL!
21:35 pianohacker a quick scan seems to indicate that you are essentially the it and recordkeeping services for the government
21:36 pianohacker chris_n2: I work at a public library, so I can't really talk, but...
21:36 chris_n2 nice looking site ricardo
21:36 pianohacker it is purty
21:36 chris_n2 lol pianohacker
21:36 ricardo pianohacker: Well, I suppose you say "you" = meaning "The Institute", and not me... I work a lot, but not THAT hard  :)
21:37 ricardo chris_n2: Wasn't done by me, but by some colleagues of mine... and it's Plone powered!  :)
21:37 chris_n2 ok, well feel free to pass it along :-)
21:38 * chris_n2 hears food calling
21:38 pianohacker enjoy your meal, good sir
21:38 chris_n2 and, of course, must obey
21:39 ricardo chris_n2: LOL
21:40 pianohacker ricardo: for someone buried under work, you're in a bubbly mood
21:41 ricardo pianohacker: Well... when you have to work in several projects at the same time, getting late in some of them becomes inevitable... So, you do your best and try to keep a good mood, I guess
21:41 pianohacker ricardo: yeah, I'm familiar with that coping mechanism from both school and work...
21:42 ricardo pianohacker: Right!
21:42 pianohacker gotta stay cheerful, or you'll end up on top of a clock tower clutching a sniper rifle and cackling madly
21:43 ricardo pianohacker: LOL! True
21:44 ricardo Hmmm....
21:45 pianohacker ¿Qué pasa?
21:45 ricardo Many "File does not exist" errors in this Virtual Machine (in the "koha-error_log"
21:45 ricardo pianohacker: That's Spanish... but OK  ;-)
21:46 pianohacker ricardo: actually, that leads me to a question from our conversation yesterday; do you encounter spanish much in portugal, and do you speak it?
21:46 ricardo pianohacker: I understand Spanish... I may speak "Portunhol" (similar to "Spanglish"), but that's not a real language  :)
21:47 pianohacker ahhh, okay
21:47 pianohacker cool, good to know.
21:47 ricardo :)
21:47 pianohacker do some of those errors contain itemtypeimg?
21:48 pianohacker there's a weird bug with itemtype images
21:48 ricardo pianohacker: Nope
21:48 ricardo kohaclone/koha-tmpl/container
21:48 ricardo kohaclone/koha-tmpl/menu
21:48 ricardo kohaclone/koha-tmpl/utilities
21:48 ricardo kohaclone/koha-tmpl/button
21:48 ricardo That's it...
21:48 ricardo Should these files exist?
21:49 pianohacker ricardo: not to my knowledge, looking for similar errors in my library's install
21:49 ricardo pianohacker: OK, thanks  :)
21:50 ricardo pianohacker: Try to enter the "System Preferences" area and see if you get these errors, please
21:51 pianohacker haven't checked system preferences yet, but I am getting a lot of harmless errors like this: File does not exist: /home/jakarta/projects/koha3-p​roduction/koha-tmpl/koha-tmpl, referer: http://staff.jcfl/cgi-bin/koha[…]rd&importid=88321
21:51 ricardo pianohacker: Right... That kind
21:53 pianohacker ricardo: loading up the sysprefs area doesn't generate any errors on my bleeding-edge install
21:53 ricardo pianohacker: For "3.0.x" or "master"?
21:53 pianohacker master
21:53 ricardo pianohacker: OK. I'm on "3.0.x". That may explain it
21:54 pianohacker could be some fixed bug
21:54 ricardo pianohacker: Perhaps... I'll try to update this
21:55 ricardo OK... What's that command to compare a "working copy" file with HEAD again...
21:55 pianohacker git diff master <filename>, I believe
21:55 pianohacker replacing master with whatever base you want to use
21:56 ch joined #koha
21:56 ricardo pianohacker: Yep, you're right. Thanks  :)
21:56 ch left #koha
21:59 ricardo Ouch!
21:59 pianohacker ?
21:59 ricardo "In the radio: the temperature may drop 10º C, here in Portugal, during this week"
21:59 pianohacker wow, that's quite a drop
21:59 ricardo Yep!
22:02 owen left #koha
22:06 ricardo Running "./ pt-PT"
22:07 pianohacker please don't paste the output! :)
22:08 ricardo pianohacker: LOL!
22:08 ricardo pianohacker: "Touché!"  ;-)
22:09 ricardo Here's the output:
22:09 ricardo "The install seems to be successful."
22:09 ricardo ;-)
22:09 pianohacker well then!
22:09 ricardo Let's see...
22:10 Nate left #koha
22:11 ricardo Everything is the same... I'll run "perl Makefile.PL; make test; make install" again
22:21 ricardo Running "make test". Now pasting the output of this would be fun ... and long!  ;-)
22:24 * chris_n2 tinkers with koha on win32 with the latest Strawberry rc
22:25 ricardo chris_n2: Is it working well?
22:27 chris_n2 phone
22:32 ricardo Eeek!
22:32 ricardo I have to rebuild the MySQL database of this install
22:37 pianohacker What happened?
22:38 ricardo pianohacker: An almost database, in this case... This is an old VM (untouched for a long time), so it may be some old problem that I don't remember
22:39 ricardo almost *empty* database, I mean
22:39 ricardo What's the best way to make the Web installer run again?
22:40 pianohacker ricardo: change the Version system preference
22:43 ricardo pianohacker: To what value?
22:43 pianohacker ricardo: depends, where do you need to rebuild it from?
22:44 ricardo pianohacker: Well, this is for 3.0.x
22:44 ricardo pianohacker: Right now, the "Version" system preference, in the database, reads " 3.0004018"
22:45 ricardo I only have 3 rows in the "systempreferences" table actually
22:45 ricardo "FrameworksLoaded", "marcflavour" and "Version"
22:45 pianohacker ahh, something is very screwed up
22:45 pianohacker how'd that happen?
22:45 ricardo pianohacker: Nah.... I would just point to:
22:46 ricardo
22:46 ricardo ;-)
22:46 pianohacker right then?
22:47 ricardo pianohacker: Not sure... Some mix-up between a "kohamaster" and a "koha30x" database in this git setup? Rest assured that I treat my production machines better than this, eheh
22:48 rich-away is now known as richard
22:50 ricardo pianohacker: I'll try to run "perl Makefile.PL" without pointing to a previous install, and see how this goes
22:51 chris_n2 ricardo: good... so far
22:52 ricardo chris_n2: I assume you're talking about "Koha on Windows". OK  :)
22:52 chris_n2 right
22:52 chris_n2 pre-reqs are going flawless so far...
22:52 ricardo chris_n2: Nice"
23:07 chris_n2 ok, the party is over... stuff is refusing to install :-S
23:08 * chris_n2 gets out his bigger hammer
23:08 * ricardo ducks!
23:08 ricardo OK... Something is *really really* wrong here
23:08 ricardo Even with an empty database... I wonder if the problem is with the SQL test files that I have in this setuo
23:08 ricardo setup
23:19 ricardo OK, yeah... that was it.
23:20 ricardo The problem was that I had some SQL test files (for a future version of the Portuguese translation) under:
23:20 ricardo kohaclone/installer/data/mysql/pt-​PT/marcflavour/unimarc/mandatory/
23:20 pianohacker chris_n2: same errors as the last time you tried?
23:20 chris_n2 pianohacker: no, this is an issue with Barcode::Code128
23:21 ricardo ...and I selected "pt-PT" in the Installer... because I don't have yet INSERTs for the "systempreferences" table (for Portuguese), this had all kinds of nasty effects
23:21 chris_n2 I'm not sure it is a *real* issue
23:21 ricardo chris_n2: I think Galen said it's safe to force install Barcode::Code128
23:22 chris_n2 it seems that the binary in the graphic generated by GD does not match that in the test file
23:22 chris_n2 I tend to think it is more of a problem with the test than a bug proper
23:22 chris_n2 ricardo: seems I remember that too
23:23 pianohacker chris_n2: I think I had to force install myself on linux
23:23 ricardo #28369: PNG image generated by test looks the same but is not identical
23:23 ricardo[…]lay.html?id=28369
23:24 ricardo I even "chimed in" for that Barcode::Code128 bug:
23:24 ricardo[…]=28369#txn-531884
23:24 chris_n2 are you the same ricardo?
23:24 ricardo chris_n2: Yep
23:24 chris_n2 ricardo++
23:24 ricardo LOL
23:24 ricardo Thanks  :)
23:25 chris_n2 and we're off again
23:27 ricardo I have a greater victory for "HTTP::OAI" where I exchanged e-mails with Tim Brody and he changed that module so that it didn't fail tests (in Koha installs, it would usually fail because "we" change the ParserDetais.ini file)
23:27 chris_n2 nice
23:27 ricardo :)
23:28 chris_n2 I've got some improvements submitted for PDF::Reuse which should show up in the next release near the end of Oct
23:28 ricardo ... and if you think some Koha code is hard to read, you should try to read "HTTP::OAI" code: it uses "recursion" and "reflection" extensively  :-S
23:28 ricardo chris_n2++
23:28 chris_n2 yuk
23:29 chris_n2 obfuscation is intriguing at times, but mostly a pain
23:30 ricardo Tim Brody has a PhD... and he belongs to the Research Staff of the "School of Electronics and Computer Science" of the "University of Southampton" in the UK. So, I guess that his code look simple to him...
23:30 chris_n2 heh
23:32 ricardo For instance
23:32 ricardo[…]/OAI/
23:32 ricardo Read "sub _oai"
23:33 pianohacker wow, that's a lot of perl shortcuts
23:33 ricardo pianohacker: yep
23:33 ricardo $r->record(@{$self->{_records​}->{$args{metadataPrefix}}});
23:34 pianohacker bleh, though things like that are the fault of perl's horribly bass-ackwards data structures
23:34 ricardo LOL
23:35 chris_n2 interesting
23:36 ricardo chris_n2: It is... He uses  blocks with "$verb" to create ... err... methods at runtime... That probably has a name in Perl but I don't know it / remember
23:36 chris_n2 I wonder if there is really any gain in net speed vs extrapolating the code into a bit more readable form?
23:36 chris no
23:37 ricardo chris: He's alive!
23:37 chris_n2 heh
23:37 ricardo I like these 2 lines even better:
23:37 chris the interpreter will execute them both the same
23:37 ricardo } elsif( $verb eq 'ListIdentifiers' ) {
23:37 ricardo $r->identifier(map { $_->header } @{$self->{_records}->{$args{metadataPrefix}}})
23:37 chris_n2 no ricardo, he comes up for air occasionally
23:37 chris the only reasno for doing stuff like that is if you are playing perl golf
23:37 pianohacker chris_n2: I've had to resist the urge to write 1 line of unreadable code vs. 4 lines of readable code before
23:37 ricardo chris: LOL!
23:37 chris its short term gain vs months of long term pain
23:37 chris_n2 I took the ultra readable route in the labels rewrite
23:38 ricardo chris: *nod*
23:38 chris chris_n2++
23:38 pianohacker I'm hoping some of the shortcuts I took in the new sysprefs editor don't make it too unreadable :)
23:38 ricardo I really prefer "readable"... I'll have to debug stuff months from now, and the simpler, the better... Not to mention I think my IQ is decreasing as years go by...
23:39 chris_n2 ricardo: same problem here ;-)
23:39 ricardo chris_n2: eheh
23:39 chris[…]quote_of_the_day/
23:40 pianohacker ahaha, very true
23:40 chris_n2 chris: LOL!
23:40 ricardo chris: Kernighan++  ;-)
23:41 ricardo chris: pianohacker said you wanted to talk with me?
23:42 chris ah was about
23:43 chris[…]ca-nas-politicas/
23:43 ricardo "Baixamar"? heh
23:43 ricardo OK. Let me read that
23:44 ricardo OK, read...
23:44 ricardo I read Portuguese fluently!  ;-)
23:44 chris hehe
23:44 chris its just about the LEK fork eh?
23:46 ricardo chris: It is... It says that's an example similar to others that has an enterprise version, targeted to the corporate market, with "enriched" software ... and also has a "less evolved" version in the hands of the community. The article compares it to Fedora from Redhat, openSUSE from Novell and Zimbra from Yahoo
23:47 ricardo Let me try a real-time translation (of my own) for the next paragraph
23:47 chris right, i think those are false comparisons, but i guess they are similair
23:47 chris Redhat didnt fork the kernel
23:48 ricardo "The fracture between LibLime and other companies that participate in Koha's development iis served. Companies and individuals propose to keep the development by creating a foundation so that the application remains in the hands of the community like has happened in other projects like Mozilla or OpenOffice"
23:49 ricardo Where's Google Translate when you need it... Let me see if their translation is good
23:49 chris :)
23:50 ricardo[…]n&history_state0=
23:50 ricardo "perky for themselves"?!
23:50 chris hehe
23:50 ricardo That is "developed by themselves"
23:50 chris cool thanks
23:50 ricardo The 2nd paragraph is perfectly translated (Google++)
23:51 ricardo 3rd paragraph is also almost perfect, as well
23:52 ricardo 4th paragraph also perfect
23:52 ricardo And I understand perky... The article used the world "desenvolta" instead of "desenvolvida". I bet if the article used "desenvolvida" Google Translate would also "nail that one"
23:53 ricardo s/world/word
23:55 ricardo chris: I also have a question for you. Are you still here?
23:55 chris yep
23:55 chris_n2 it would appear that at times cpan forgets to set PERL5LIB correctly.... at least in Strawberry and with chained dep installs
23:55 chris_n2 of course it could have to do with the different syntax for setting env vars on win32
23:55 ricardo chris: How does Koha deal if there's a PO translation for a Language but does NOT have SQL files for that language?
23:56 ricardo chris_n2: Could be
23:56 chris it uses the english sql instead
23:56 ricardo chris: OK. Fair enough... What does it do? Sees if there's a directory "installer/data/mysql/pt-PT" and, if not, uses English SQL?
23:56 chris or at least it should, they are only used during the install process
23:58 chris yep
23:58 ricardo chris: I saw that *really bad things* happen if I have some SQL files under ""installer/data/mysql/pt-PT" (for UNIMARC frameworks) but do NOT have SQL file(s) for the "systempreferences" table
23:58 chris yes
23:58 chris you need to have them all or none
23:58 ricardo chris: right
23:58 ricardo pianohacker was already insulting me for having a destroyed Koha install  ;-)
23:59 chris :)
23:59 ricardo Eheh
23:59 chris you can copy the english ones in
23:59 ricardo chris: Right...
23:59 chris_n2 so what's wrong with this picture:
23:59 chris_n2 Warning: prerequisite Data::ICal 0.13 not found.
23:59 chris_n2 Warning: prerequisite Date::Calc 5.4 not found.
23:59 pianohacker bah, wasn't trying to insult you
23:59 chris_n2 Warning: prerequisite Date::ICal 1.72 not found.

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