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00:05 ricardo BBL
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02:18 chris_n^2 back
02:19 * chris_n^2 really hates winder's addiction to reboot after software installtions
02:21 chris heh
02:37 chris_n^2 g'night #koha
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06:48 chris hi nicomo
06:48 nicomo hi chris
06:49 nicomo was your week-end ok?
06:51 brendan hello all
06:51 brendan getting ready to pack and head back to the west coast :)
06:52 nicomo hi brendan
06:52 brendan heya nicomo
06:54 chris hi brendan
06:54 chris nicomo: good thanks, how is yours going?
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06:55 nicomo well: yesterday at friends who have a new house (self-built, those guys are nuts)
06:55 brendan heya chris
06:55 nicomo now sunday morning, I'm the only one up so far
06:56 nicomo my 5 years old likes to sleep, which is a blessing :-)
06:57 chris :)
06:59 brendan ok -- good night
06:59 nicomo bye brendan
07:00 brendan night nicomo and chris
07:00 brendan koha++
07:00 nicomo eh chris any dates for the KohaCon yet?
07:01 chris nope
07:01 chris november
07:01 chris but no actual days
07:01 chris at this stage im aiming for 3 days conference 4 days hackfest
07:01 chris i figure to fly this far, you want at least a week :)
07:02 chris (November because the students are on holiday so we can use facilities at one of the universities)
07:03 nicomo ++ to november
07:03 nicomo and yes, I think a week is a good length of time
07:03 nicomo arriving a couple days before to take in the jet lag too
07:03 chris also 3 days for conference, so we can have one stream
07:04 * chris hates when 2 sessions he wants to go to are on at the same time
07:04 nicomo yes, and the community is not sooo big that we want multiple tracks
07:04 chris *nod*
07:04 nicomo it's summer holidays in nov.?
07:05 chris yes, end of academic year
07:06 chris and cricket season
07:06 chris :)
07:06 nicomo can't we have it both ways: end of academic year, but some cricket still going on?
07:06 nicomo I'd love to see a cricket game
07:06 chris yep, there will be cricket, cricket will jsut be starting
07:07 nicomo ok, I had misunderstood, thought it was the end of both the academic year and the cricket season
07:07 nicomo so that's perfect
07:08 nicomo do you have a team you especially support?
07:08 chris pakistan are touring nz in november and december
07:08 chris so there may even be a new zealand vs pakistan game
07:08 chris wellington are my team
07:10 chris[…]an/65/series.aspx
07:10 nicomo wow: 4 days
07:10 nicomo a test lasts 4 days
07:11 nicomo which means if you attend, say, day 3, you might not know who won?
07:13 chris 5 days
07:13 chris thats right
07:13 chris (the warmup will only be 4 days)
07:14 chris or maybe even only 3
07:14 chris but a test is 5, and most often day 3 you have some idea who might win ... but cant be sure
07:15 nicomo ok, so if you really want to follow the game you have to basically take a week off from work :-)
07:19 chris usually 3 days, thursday friday and monday
07:19 * chris makes sure he has enough leave :)
07:26 chris i will probably try to find a 20/20 game to take you to
07:26 chris they only last around 4 hours
07:28 nicomo ok, daughter waking up
07:28 nicomo got ot go
07:28 nicomo seeya
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15:17 jhaig I have recently found koha and am trying to find my way round it.  Unfortunately, someone has already started putting data from the library into an Access database (before I had found koha) and so I am wondering about copying the data across.  I have found the script, but is there some information (for someone who doesn't understand the marc system) about how the data for this should be formatted?  If I can get a csv file out of Access, I should
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19:58 richard hi
19:59 chris morning richard
19:59 richard hi chris
20:00 ebegin hi guys
20:00 chris hiya ebegin
20:01 richard hi ebegin
20:03 ebegin do you have any preference between bugzilla or trac?
20:03 chris i like bugzilla
20:04 chris but trac is nice also, specially how you can integrate it with a vcs
20:04 ebegin I think that bugzilla has some plugin for integration with git, isn't it?
20:05 chris probably does
20:05 chris ill have a look into it
20:10 cait hi
20:10 chris hiya cait
20:10 cait hi chris - good morning to you
20:14 ebegin Hey cait
20:14 cait chris: are xslt-translations in opac and staff?
20:15 chris definitely opac, not sure about staff
20:15 cait kf: seems they are also in staff
20:15 cait kf = chris...
20:15 chris cool
20:16 cait not sure if the files are actually used in staff or if its just in both po-files
20:16 chris i think if its in there, it should be being used
20:17 cait that would be really cool
20:17 chris (only if you have checked out 3.0.x branch from git)
20:17 chris soon it will be in master (3.2.x) too
20:18 cait I only looked at pootle
20:23 * cait switching laptops
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20:32 chris wb cait_laptop
20:32 cait_laptop :)
21:42 cait_laptop my, was totally confused why my changes did not show up in opac. forgot to swith to english templates... :(
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21:51 chris_n^2 g'evening koha
21:51 chris hiya chris_n^2
21:54 chris_n^2 wow, weather says 9 deg C for Wednesday night here
21:54 chris heading into winter
21:54 chris_n^2 nice to see some cooler weather
21:54 * chris_n^2 must sharpen his axe and chainsaw
21:55 chris firewood?
21:56 chris_n^2 yup, we heat with wood
21:56 chris_n^2 it makes wonderful heat
21:56 chris_n^2 and great cooking too (during the winter only :-S)
21:59 chris :)
21:59 * chris sees another patch from cait_laptop
22:00 cait_laptop its my second attempt on bug 3380
22:00 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3380 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Serial enumeration / chronology should display in opac holds interface.
22:00 chris *nod*
22:01 chris looks good to me
22:01 * chris_n^2 greets cait_laptop
22:02 cait_laptop one I understood the code it was not so difficult
22:02 cait_laptop hi chris_n^2
22:02 chris_n^2 @quote get #koha 31
22:02 munin` chris_n^2: Quote #31: "<@gmcharlt> but hacking Koha *should* be a restful part of any vacation ;)" (added by chris at 11:31 PM, September 02, 2009)
22:02 chris_n^2 lol
22:03 cait_laptop :)
22:04 cait_laptop I remember this one
22:09 cait_laptop chris: german translation with pootle is a real problem for me, because I cant correct typos and wrong terms when search does not work :( can I bribe you to spend some time on the strange search problem? could send chocolate...
22:10 chris i dont think i know enough python to hack on pootle to figure out what it is doing wrong
22:10 chris but i can look again
22:10 chris what i recommend is downloading the po file, searching/editing it and uploading it again
22:10 chris (kbabel or poedit are good offline ones)
22:11 chris until i can figure out what is going on
22:12 cait_laptop when uploading: merge or replace the existing file?
22:13 chris replace is fine
22:13 cait_laptop ok, will download files at work tomorrow
22:13 chris :)
22:13 cait_laptop just dont wanted to keep others from working on the files
22:15 chris *nod* if you want you can send the file to me, ill merge it
22:15 chris then no danger
22:15 cait_laptop I will try to do the changes fast
22:18 cait_laptop perhaps send a mail to the mailinglist too, so that I can replace the file myself - hope there will be some time for this tomorrow. my work days are a little crazy lately :)
22:18 chris :) mail to the list is a good idea
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22:24 pianohacker good morning, chris
22:24 cait_laptop good morning pianohacker
22:24 pianohacker hi cait
22:25 pianohacker how are you?
22:25 chris hi pianohacker
22:25 pianohacker how are you, chris?
22:25 chris good thanks, hows the hand healing?
22:26 pianohacker alright
22:26 pianohacker slowly
22:43 * cait_laptop wonders how to make labels from <optgroup> translatable
22:44 pianohacker cait_laptop: will probably involve a dip into the internals of the translator script
22:45 cait_laptop pianohacker: I hope not, searching for other optgroups now
22:45 chris cool another vendor has put up their public repo :)
22:46 pianohacker There's a specific line in some of the files that controls which attributes are translated
22:46 cait_laptop this could be too difficult for me
22:47 pianohacker mdhafen?
22:47 cait_laptop but the second one that I found is also not translated
22:47 chris mason james
22:47 pianohacker ahh
22:48 mason beep
22:48 pianohacker hallo mason
22:48 pianohacker what is this SCIS feature, btw? looks interesting
22:48 mason yeah, im slowly moving all the offensive-comments from my code
22:48 chris heh
22:49 * richard noticed an awful lot of bad language
22:49 mason
22:49 pianohacker I've been tempted more than once when dealing with things like fines
22:50 mason most high-school in NZ and australia use the SCIS service to get their MARC records , for their school collections
22:51 mason its a web-driven service :/ , so the koha-scis code is doing a lot of webpage-parsing
22:51 pianohacker ehh
22:51 pianohacker Why don't they just make them Z3950 accessible?
22:52 mason they ' Curriculum' have a Z39 server in testing
22:53 mason but when i wrote the code, they didnt ...
22:53 mason so it can hopefully be replaced with a z39 fetch
22:53 cait_laptop good night :)
22:53 pianohacker good night
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22:54 pianohacker yeah; as hoary as z3950 is, webpage parsing is difficult and fragile
22:55 mason hell yeah :/
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23:57 pianohacker better log off for today, bye all

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