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03:16 Amit joined #koha
03:16 Amit hi chris
03:16 Amit good morning #koha
03:17 pianohacker Good evening
03:17 chris hi amit, and hi again pianohacker ... nearly time for sleep eh?
03:18 Amit hi pianohacker
03:18 pianohacker chris: Yes, as soon as I get this last bit of school in (and savor fantasies of revenge upon my teachers)
03:18 pianohacker It's been a long weekend
03:18 chris hehe
03:23 phasefx_ sleep is for the ukraine
03:24 Amit heya phasefx_
03:24 chris still sick phasefx_ ?
03:24 pianohacker I can sleep when I'm dead
03:24 phasefx_ bleh, I'm functioning :)
03:24 Amit chris: India no 1 team for only 24 hrs
03:26 chris yeah sri lanka played well
03:27 Amit yes
03:27 pianohacker (disclaimer for log readers; in the above, I'm kidding! mostly.)
03:27 Amit today is final
03:28 chris yep
03:28 Amit in champion trophy first match india vs pakistan
03:28 Amit on 26 sep
03:28 chris hmm that will be an interesting game, i think india will win though
03:28 Amit hmm
03:29 Amit who is your favorite team
03:30 chris of course i will be hoping nz can win .. but i think it will be between australia, south africa, india and sri lanka
03:31 Amit hmm australia i m not in favour i don't like australian team
03:31 chris me either, but they still win a lot
03:31 Amit yes ur right
03:32 pianohacker Good night, #koha
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05:49 kf good morning #koha
05:57 chris hi kf
05:59 kf hi chris
06:01 Ropuch Good morning
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06:31 Amit hi Ropuch
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06:47 Amit hi kf frederic
06:47 kf hi Amit
06:48 chris bon jour frederic
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06:57 Susan Hi Everyone,  I have a question, hope someone can help.
06:57 Susan I have a dev machine (Koha) fully operational with Zebra and everything.  The administrator created an exact vmware clone of the machine
06:57 Susan and now we have a Test machine with a different static IP.  However I did zebra reindexing, reimporting, made sure all the services are started
06:58 Susan Yet when I create a record into Koha-Test, and after all the indexing happens, I still can't search for it.  IT says it is not found, eventhough it is in the DB
06:58 Susan Is there an issue with Zebra+IP address changes? Because the DEV machine was setup with a different static IP
06:58 Susan Thanks :)
06:59 chris hmm check your koha-conf.xml
07:00 Susan I have already.  I changed it to the correct static ip and restarted apache
07:00 Susan I am really unsure of how to proceed with this.  It would be too much to re-install koha/everything on this Test machine..
07:01 chris not the apache config
07:01 chris you koha-conf.xml
07:01 Susan the /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
07:01 Susan Yes I have done that..
07:01 chris cool, and is zebra listening on a unix socket, or on an port?
07:02 Susan This I have no clue..sorry..I don't remember how I setup zebra
07:02 Susan I just followed a tutorial document of how to set it up, how do I know?
07:03 chris look for this line
07:03 chris <listen id="biblioserver" >unix:/home/chris/koha-dev/var/r​un/zebradb/bibliosocket</listen>
07:03 Susan in the koha-config.xml file??
07:03 chris (it wont be that exactly, but something similair)
07:03 chris yes
07:04 Susan ok let me see
07:04 chris sorry one handed typing whle i hold a baby
07:04 Susan hehe its alright, Thanks though :)
07:04 Susan it says unix:
07:05 Susan unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket
07:06 chris ok cool that looks good
07:06 chris now at the commandline
07:06 chris type
07:06 chris yaz-client
07:06 Susan ok
07:06 chris then
07:06 chris when you are in yaz
07:07 chris open unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket
07:07 Susan I have to install yaz..I dont seem to have it
07:07 Susan the yaz client anyways
07:08 chris ahh
07:08 chris one thing we can check is /var/log/koha/
07:08 chris is there anything in there?
07:09 chris we are looking for the zebra log file
07:09 Susan The client it is searching on is different IP
07:10 Susan [error][client]  stuff....XXX
07:10 Susan But the machine static IP ends with 25
07:10 Susan meaning thats the issue right?
07:10 Susan But I don't know what it means by "Client", is that the Yaz client?
07:11 chris well no thats the apache log
07:11 Susan This is the koha-error_log
07:11 chris yeah, thats apache
07:11 Susan so, how do you recommend I proceed? STill install yaz client and look into the port?
07:11 chris is there a somethingsomething-zebra log
07:11 Susan Yes I will open it now
07:11 chris cool
07:12 chris you can do
07:12 chris tail -f thatfile
07:12 chris then do a search on the website, and see what happens
07:13 Susan I am looking at the koha-zebradaemon-output.log
07:13 Susan is that the right file?
07:13 chris should be
07:14 chris when you search does anything happen in there/
07:14 Susan There are many issues I see.
07:14 Susan There is zebra_lock_create fail  on the file biblios/norm and biblios/shadow..
07:14 Susan But I don't understand why that is, since everything I run is sudo
07:15 chris ahhhh
07:15 Susan I like seeing Ahh
07:15 Susan hehe
07:15 Susan what do I do now? :)
07:15 chris you might run as sudo
07:16 chris but the script to start it is trying to run as the koha user
07:16 chris gotta go change a nappy be back in a minute
07:16 Susan I should I then startup Zebra and zebra daemon as Koha user?
07:16 Susan ok
07:16 chris well it will be trying to start as them
07:16 chris if yo uare using the scripts in in /etc/init.d
07:17 chris but when you indexed it might have made the files to be owned by root
07:17 chris brb
07:17 Susan ok
07:23 Susan Thank you Chris.  I got it fixed.  Your a genius :)3
07:23 Susan Good luck with the baby
07:25 chris cool, nappy changed, and the 3 year old is now ready for bed .. the 4 month old is falling asleep too .. in 20 more minutes i will have some peace hehe
07:25 chris glad it works now
07:26 Susan Thanks alot :)
07:26 Susan appreciate it
07:26 chris just out of curiousity where in the world are you? europe?
07:33 Susan sorry for the dleay
07:33 Susan I am in the Middle east
07:33 Susan Abu Dhabi actually :)
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07:35 Amit hi paul
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07:43 chris ahh cool Susan :) sorry i was putting my son to bed
07:46 Susan no worries
07:46 Susan I am at work, and I am using the web client not the i don't really know when there is a new message
07:46 Susan so I will be delayed also hehe
07:49 chris hi biblibre :)
07:51 Susan Thx for the help, I will go now. Bye
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07:51 chris nahuel: all ready for the code run?
07:51 nahuel yap
07:51 nahuel it's time to begin
07:52 chris have fun :)
07:52 nahuel you're going to bed ?
07:52 chris not for a few more hours
07:53 nahuel ok
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07:59 chris hi Colin
07:59 Colin Morning (or is it evening?) Chris
08:00 chris evening for me
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08:04 chris hi hdl_laptop
08:04 hdl_laptop hi
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08:18 chris hdl_laptop1: i just committed some more fixes to the virtualshelves test
08:19 hdl_laptop1 are you asking me to test ?
08:20 chris nope, just letting you know that you might wnat to pull from my branch at some point :)
08:21 hdl_laptop1 ok. Will do
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08:46 chris hi nicomo_laptop
08:47 nicomo_laptop hi chris
08:50 kf good morning nicomo
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08:58 nicomo_laptop hi kf, hi all
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10:09 kf back :)
10:09 chris :)
10:10 kf dont know what happened, was not able to reconnect for some time
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10:11 chris hmm my norwegian isnt good enough to read this, hopefully google can help :)
10:15 chris i love google translate
10:20 chris magnusenger: very good blog post
10:21 magnusenger thanks! I just read the google translated version, and it looks sort of ok, actually
10:21 magnusenger not perfect, but probably understandable
10:21 magnusenger the post is intended as a "review" of what is going on, aimed at noregian librarians and others interested in koha
10:21 chris yep, few words that are not right, but enough that you can understand it
10:22 chris *nod*
10:24 kf German is cruel
10:26 magnusenger kf: how so?
10:26 kf cruel is perhaps not the right word, its not understandable in German with google translate
10:26 kf English is much better
10:27 magnusenger ah
10:34 magnusenger by the way: i tried to learn German for 4 years in school so i'll agree that it's cruel in general... ;-)
10:39 kf Im glad I did not have to 'learn' it. I think it must be really difficult
10:39 Ropuch Nah, all my friends that actually speak german are saying that it has quite simple grammar
10:39 Ropuch They're complaining more about learning french
10:45 kf cant tell, tried to learn Russian and Japanese
10:48 kf but not very successful ;)
10:51 chris i only know maori and english
10:51 chris and little bits of other languages from travelling
10:54 Ropuch I'm to be sent to some DAAD german course this year, so then i can tell you how hard is to learn german ;>
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11:07 chris i suspect polish is hard to learn too ;)
11:11 gmcharlt good morning
11:12 Ropuch Hello
11:12 chris hey there gmcharlt
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11:36 Amit chris: one more century from Sachin Tendulkar
11:36 chris yes 197-1
11:37 chris could be 310+
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11:47 chris hi jwagner
11:51 jwagner Good morning (or evening) chris!
11:52 kf hi jawagner
11:53 jwagner hi kf
11:53 jwagner Looks like I missed all the fun on Friday :-( (blarsted site visites....)
11:53 collum joined #koha
11:54 chris im sure the 'fun' will continue
11:54 chris a public git repo would end it all, and i would be ecstatic ... dreams are free huh
11:54 jwagner Well, tomorrow's meeting should be interesting anyway.
11:55 chris yep
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11:58 hdl_laptop1 hi gmcharlt
11:58 hedgesst joined #koha
11:58 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop1
11:58 chris hiya hedgesst
11:58 hedgesst hi chris!
11:58 jdavidb joined #koha
11:59 chris how are things going hedgesst
11:59 chris ?
11:59 hedgesst ok, another week begins...
11:59 chris heh yep, already one day down for me
12:00 hedgesst today's task is to get dimdim setup for a webinar on Friday
12:02 chris ahh good luck
12:02 hedgesst I like your shirt:
12:02 Mark__T joined #koha
12:03 kf does someone know a trick to get pootle to search for copy cataloging? (result contains copy and cataloging or better "copy cataloging"?)
12:03 chris :) gotta get your laughs where you can
12:05 * jdavidb must get one of those shirts...
12:05 chris hedgesst: ive heard good things about dimdim but have never tried it
12:05 chris kf: i dont sorry
12:07 kf chris: no problem, just finished translation, but I found a better translation for copy cataloging and cant find them now :(
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12:10 Amit hi galen
12:10 gmcharlt hi Amit
12:11 chris right it must be bed time, have a good day all and Illegitimi non carborundum
12:11 hdl_laptop1 gmcharlt: I made up a  CodeRunBase Branch
12:12 hdl_laptop1 good night to you chris
12:12 gmcharlt g'night chris
12:12 gmcharlt hdl_laptop1: cool - let me know whenever you want me to pull from it
12:12 hdl_laptop1 not until Thursday.
12:13 gmcharlt k
12:13 hdl_laptop1 Will try and announce that on koha-devel
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12:21 chris_n-2nd is now known as chris_n
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12:21 chris_n gmcharlt: did you see my patch correcting the labels css location we spoke of?
12:22 gmcharlt chris_n: yep, looks fine
12:22 chris_n great
12:23 chris_n I'm hoping to get some work in on the patron card code this week
12:23 Mark__T Hi, I'm thinking about some 'distributed' library thing and wonder if koha can be used for that.
12:24 hdl_laptop1 can you detail ?
12:24 Mark__T The idea is that there is no physical library, but patrons hold the book until someone else wants them
12:25 Mark__T so patrons will be owners and location of books
12:27 Mark__T I need to figure out the details, but that's the rough idea
12:28 Amit left #koha
12:28 Mark__T so if someone wnat's a book he can 'order' it, and it get's send to him by the guy who has it or he just picks it up at the other guys location
12:35 gmcharlt Mark__T: how many patrons would be involved?  I can see extending Koha's hold request system to do this
12:36 Mark__T gmcharlt: I think not too many, that is way less than 1000
12:37 Mark__T but you never know what happens if you start such thing, you can end up with only 10 or with 10000 of people
12:45 owen joined #koha
12:49 jdavidb Howdy, Owen. :)
12:49 owen Hi
12:49 Mark__T oh, btw, koha exclusivly works with mysql?
12:49 owen I'm back for more.
12:50 jdavidb Hm.  I have a little enhancement one of our customers wants, and I'm thinking of making it a general Koha bugzilla, and tossing it over the wall.
12:51 owen Mark__T: At the moment koha is exclusively mysql, but work is being done to make it more database-independent (by some postgres fans)
12:52 gmcharlt jdavidb: go for it - what is the enh?
12:52 jdavidb The syspref AutoEmailPrimaryAddress seems to be where you set what email address to use as "primary," but C4::Letters::_send_message_by_email does not obey it.  Our customer fills in emailpro, but not email.
12:53 jdavidb So, all their email notices get failed for want of address.
12:53 gmcharlt so enh would be to allow specifying a hierarchy of patron email addy fields to try?
12:54 jdavidb My thinking is to make it obey the syspref.  If the field selected in the syspref is not an email, it'll still fail.  Long-term, it'd be nice to have a user-definable hierarchy.
12:56 owen it's kind of a mystery to me why we have multiple email fields.
12:57 jdavidb A couple of lines of code right before the second unless clause in _send_message_by_email, and a change to the unless, would be all that's needed to make it obey the preference.  Not a perfect fix, but it'd work for the time being.
12:58 jwagner Question on statistics -- does anyone know if checkouts etc. done through the web self-check are logged differently?  Is it possible to collect stats on how much use the web self-check gets?
12:59 jdavidb (and the customer seemed to think it *should* work that way, when they set up the preference.)
13:00 gmcharlt jdavidb: making it obey the syspref is reasonable for a first step
13:01 gmcharlt jwagner: they're not currently logged any differently IIRC
13:01 jdavidb Okay.  I'll bugzilla that, then, and get a patch thrown this morning for it.
13:01 jwagner gmcharlt, I was afraid of that.  Thanks.
13:03 owen Is it still the case that renewals made from the OPAC are recorded in statistics without a branch?
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13:07 owen Hi biglego
13:08 biglego morning owen
13:09 owen What brings you to #koha this morning?
13:09 biglego drama
13:09 owen Well, we'd love to get your opinion
13:12 biglego I'm aghast that we have a company that has made valuable additions to koha that does not seem to understand their actions are against most peoples arguments for an oss library system
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13:22 owen nahuel: Thanks for your "highlight" patch. That bothered me as well :)
13:23 nahuel hehe, but it still have some problems
13:23 nahuel but it's better
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13:23 nahuel Like for item's summary... we cannot exclude fields "titles"
13:24 nahuel or we have to include data result in span class="dataresult"
13:24 nahuel or something like
13:24 nahuel (don't know if you see what I mean)
13:24 owen yes I do
13:26 gmcharlt nahuel++ # I agree a new span and CSS class would make it easier
13:26 paul_p (nahuel away for some cigarette :( )
13:27 gmcharlt cigarettes--
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13:28 paul_p gmcharlt: this week, jeanandre is working on an Offline circulation Firefox module
13:28 paul_p (I mean Kivutar)
13:28 gmcharlt cool
13:29 paul_p hdl & matts are working on BibLibre integration branch, nahuel & me on new_acq branch, Laurence on finding bugs & translating, and nicolas on many various things (including boring us about ergonomy ;-) )
13:33 kf sounds like you have a lot of fun ;)
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13:35 jdavidb welcome back, biglego.  Again.  :)
13:36 biglego sorry trying to edit too big a marc file in my vm, made it kinda choppy
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13:41 kf would it be very difficult to make messaging follog the calendar? (notices are sent on holidays atm)
13:43 jdavidb kf:  you know, just at first glance, I don't think it would be that hard.  Something in process_message_queue that would just cause the program to end on a calendar holiday...
13:43 kf just thinking if I can do that... but perhaps its too complicated. but there must be already code for holiday in other parts of koha
13:43 jdavidb C4::Calendar::isHoliday, maybe.
13:45 jdavidb Feed it the system date, and if today is a holiday, don't send notices.  That might work.  But the logic of doing that is unclear--if, for some reason, the system generates a notice on a holiday, why *not* send it out ASAP?
13:45 jdavidb 'specially if you're sending out advance or predue notices.
13:46 kf we want to set the notice when the fine is set
13:46 kf and fines should never be set on holidays
13:46 kf I think notices are handled differently in Germany than anywhere else - at least I got this impression
13:47 jdavidb It may be a non-issue, then...if no fine is set, and notices are predicated on that, then no notices will be dropped in message_queue.
13:47 kf you can use FinesCalendar with noFinesWhenClosed, but there is no option for the notices
13:47 jdavidb A new syspref, maybe noNoticesWhenClosed?
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13:47 kf I think notices and fines are not related to each other now
13:48 jdavidb Correct; they are not.
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13:48 jdavidb There are several processes that can toss a notice into the message_queue; the fines cron is not one of those, unless I'm missing something.
13:49 kf perhaps I need to investigate it a bit more
13:50 jdavidb We've got an enhancement here to send out billing notices--when a user owes more than ($<foo>), then send a letter to them.  Still being refined.  (we're also using that as a trigger to debt-collection processing)
13:50 kf I thought fines cron does set fines and creates the messages
13:50 jdavidb It may be, kf, that the billing-notice enhancement is something that will be useful to you.
13:51 kf jdavidb: yes, it sounds like it could be used for notices
13:51 jdavidb doesn't talk about the fines; it just lets the user know that items are overdue, IIRC.
13:52 kf ok, perhaps some more testing will help, but notices testing needs some patience.
13:52 jdavidb Yes, it does.  It can get a little tiresome.
13:53 jdavidb Keep an eye on the patches list for the billing-notice enhancement.  I am hoping to finally get a few more of these enhancements we've got over the wall in the next couple of weeks.
13:53 kf I only now, that it sent out notices on sunday, which was not what I expected or wanted it to do ;)
13:54 kf ok, will watch out for it, thx jdavidb
13:54 jdavidb sure thing.  :)
13:54 jdavidb global_community++
13:56 Colin kf: Isnt it just a matter of not running overdue_notices on a Sunday, or am I missing something?
13:58 kf no, I think we will end up with that
13:58 kf but what about holidays?
13:59 kf the weekends are not the problem, but other holidays
13:59 kf we will use Koha for a Hebrew library and they have a lot of holidays
13:59 hdl_laptop1 kf you can parametrize that in crojob
14:00 kf ah, I didnt know that
14:00 hdl_laptop1 you can tell on which days you send overdues
14:00 kf week days I knew, but can I tell him exceptions for special dates?
14:01 kf him = it
14:01 hdl_laptop1 mmm no.
14:02 Colin It gets messy. You need to reflect the library calendar not the one on the wall
14:02 kf yes, would be the best solution
14:03 kf will try to write a bug for it, but dont know exactly how its supposed to work now
14:07 jdavidb Some things, you'd *want* to go out on a holiday, like an advance notice for something due the day after the holiday.
14:08 Colin possibly a wrapper script that checks the holidays before running the overdues...thinking aloud
14:09 jdavidb See, that's what I was thinking, Colin...just pump the system date into C4::Calendar::isHoliday, and if it comes back true, don't do anything.  But that might not be the whole right answer.
14:12 jdavidb If you set up a syspref noNoticesOnHolidays, then if that is on, do the holiday check, and check on the letter_code in the message queue against a list of what you do or don't want to send in another syspref...  That's a little bit of tinkering to C4::Letters::SendQueuedMessages, but not much.
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14:56 rhcl Perrier w/ Lime - It's what's for breakfast.
14:58 chris_n regexp gurus: why does: [-a-zA-Z]? not match CD-ROM while [-a-zA-Z] does?
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15:01 gmcharlt chris_n: first form works for me:  perl -e 'print "matched\n" if "CD-ROM" =~ /[-a-zA-Z]?/';
15:03 owen is now known as owen-away
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15:14 kf chris_n: wher is the difference?
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15:17 kf Colin, jdavidb: thx, just came back from an unexpected meeting. sounds too complicated for doing it myself, so I will start with a bug report / enhancement request first. thx for the hints!
15:18 chris_n kf: ? matches 0 or 1 time any chars of the preceding group
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15:19 kf ah, thx
15:21 chris_n which was the problem btw... it needs to be *
15:21 chris_n tnx gmcharlt, kf
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15:47 schuster nicole around?
15:47 schuster Anyone have a current email for her?
15:47 owen-away is now known as owen
15:48 schuster I know how I can find it thanks...
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15:52 ColinC is now known as Colin
16:01 chris_n gmcharlt: please ignore my erroneous re-submission of the css patch along with my bug 2500 patch
16:01 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2500 enhancement, P3, ---,, ASSIGNED, Standing enhancement request for adding/updating call number splitting algorithms in C4/
16:01 gmcharlt chris_n: ok
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16:25 * chris_n 's stomach drives him away from the keyboard
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16:34 wizzyrea ohhh is the foundation meeting today US time?
16:34 wizzyrea or properly tomorrow?
16:35 jdavidb tomorrow.  :)
16:35 owen[…]5%2019:00%20UTC+0
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16:39 wizzyrea thanks, owen :) owen++
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16:47 kf time to go home - bye #koha
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16:50 Ropuch By
16:50 Ropuch e
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16:56 pianohacker Bye
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18:35 wizzyrea very quiet.
18:36 cait_laptop joined #koha
18:37 jwagner wizzyrea, shhhhh -- don't wake sleeping grumbles....
18:37 Ropuch ;>
18:41 owen joined #koha
18:43 wizzyrea ORITE. Sorry.
18:43 * wizzyrea tiptoes away
18:44 jwagner But since you ask....Is anyone making a link from Koha to SFX or another OpenURL resolver?  I have a couple of ideas about how to do it, but wanted to see if someone else has already solved the problem.
18:46 gmcharlt jwagner: there's partial support already via COinS
18:46 ColinC joined #koha
18:47 jwagner gmcharlt, yes they're using COinS, but if I understand it correctly, that requires having the browser plugin loaded.  They want a link available for anyone regardless.
18:47 jwagner I was thinking about wrapping the SFX URL and search syntax around the ISSN/ISBN fields in the XSLT files.
18:48 gmcharlt well, in principle the really quick hackish way to do it would be to generalize the COinS support to allow specifying a base URL for your resolver
18:49 jwagner I'm lost already :-(
18:51 gmcharlt don't worry, you can also do it via the XSLT stylesheet as you suggested
18:51 chris morning
18:51 chris_n hi chris
18:52 * chris_n wonders what the correct scale factor for M$ time is
18:52 Colin left #koha
18:52 chris_n "26 seconds left" has been showing for the past 5 minutes now
18:53 owen Your process keeps discovering new things it has to do which will take exactly one second.
18:53 chris_n oh good... now its only 23 seconds
18:53 chris_n lol :-)
18:55 ColinC Knew a lib onve that used to start saying you have minus 5 minutes left
18:56 ColinC onve/once it did time not spelling
18:56 ColinC is now known as Colin
18:58 Ropuch lc
19:01 Colin left #koha
19:07 sekjal joined #koha
19:10 chris heya sekjal, migration sorted?
19:11 sekjal it seems to be doing okay
19:11 sekjal did a data reload this last weekend
19:12 sekjal got my old system's record numbers injected into the MARC, as well as fixed a dumb error on my XSLT's part that put our bound journals VOL/NO info in the wrong field
19:13 sekjal have to do another load of patron attribute data, though; some unique identifiers were getting repeated (bad incoming data)
19:13 jdavidb joined #koha
19:13 sekjal chris: how was your weekend?
19:13 chris ahh sounds familair
19:14 chris sekjal: hmmm interesting :) .. you know the curse "may you live in interesting times" :)
19:14 chris some fun bits though
19:14 sekjal oh, good
19:15 sekjal I kept up with the news on Twitter and the listserv... interesting indeed
19:15 chris_n chris: when pushing to a public repo should one push master or the current working branch?
19:15 Ropuch "May you teach someone else children" ;>
19:16 chris chris_n: thats up to you really
19:16 sekjal is there a good place for me to go to learn how to set up a public git repo for my institution?
19:16 hdl_laptop joined #koha
19:17 sekjal once we get on 3.2, we want to start developing
19:17 chris_n chris: so no "best practice" to avoid offending
19:17 chris chris_n: i do a bit of both
19:17 chris master mostly has 'completed' code
19:17 chris and branches for WIP
19:18 chris which i push, then merge into master and push master too
19:18 chris (when they are done)
19:18 chris sekjal: you have a few options
19:18 chris_n tnx
19:19 chris sekjal: you can do like gmcharlt and I have and set it up on a server under our control
19:19 chris or you could do what chris_n and pianohacker et al have done and use github
19:21 chris either way is actually pretty simple
19:21 sekjal chris:  thanks, I'll start there.  we don't currently use git, so I've got a little institutional inertia to overcome either way
19:21 chris[…]public-repository
19:21 chris if you want to do it on your own server
19:21 chris but yeah, starting with github is a good option
19:22 chris offsite back up right there
19:22 sekjal an attractive selling point
19:23 chris there is also
19:25 sekjal great.  I'm very eager to get working on all the stuff my staff wants, and I think a large amount of it could be valuable to the community at large
19:25 chris awesome :-)
19:26 sekjal we need an electronic resources management system
19:26 sekjal that should make for a fun challenge
19:27 chris oh yeah, there is a killer app there ... if someone can write one that doesn't suck
19:28 sekjal yeah.  we had on in our old ILS, but we never really got it working 100%
19:28 sekjal we coverage loaded our electronic journals holdings every month, but the quantity of new biblio records that that created overwhelmed cataloging
19:29 chris i can imagine
19:29 sekjal so we had a lot of stub records that just wound up suppressed
19:29 sekjal we had this idea to do bulk Z39.50 record pulling as part of the load, but never quite got it going
19:30 chris im sure its something almost all libraries would love
19:30 wizzyrea you mean something to manage digitization projects?
19:31 wizzyrea ERMS?
19:31 chris managing electronic serials (and other electronic resources)
19:31 wizzyrea or like, electronic course reserves
19:31 wizzyrea Ah right
19:31 wizzyrea yes, no one has gotten that quite right yet
19:32 sekjal my coworkers and I are researching the current state of things, and keeping a list of our own needs.
19:32 chris excellent
19:32 sekjal I want to be sure to get Koha community feedback, too, because I know other libraries manage their e-resources differently
19:33 chris you might want to write up an RFC on the wiki
19:33 chris and send a message to the list, hopefully that will stir some suggestions loose
19:34 sekjal I think I registered for the wiki already.... gotten check my email archive...
19:36 chris cool
19:40 sekjal we've got another idea for an 'analyzer' tool that would allow you to link biblio records together... might be a part of an ERM, might not
19:41 chris oh, i would love that ... so these 4 are representations of the same work?
19:42 sekjal it could be used for that, as well
19:42 sekjal we need it for providing monographic biblio records to individual issues of a serial
19:42 chris sweet
19:43 sekjal in our old system, we were allowed to link the item to two different bibs.  this created no end of headache for me in the migration
19:43 chris id like to use it for linking the largeprint, talking book, hardcover and paper back of some harry potter book together (when they are different biblio records)
19:44 chris but yes definitely need it for monographic biblio records too
19:45 sekjal yeah, I'm a big FRBR fan.  I'd like to see that, too
19:46 chris yep
19:46 chris it would make search results much nicer
19:49 sekjal It may also be useful for showing which journal titles are available full-text in a specific database
19:50 jwagner left #koha
19:50 magnusenger left #koha
19:52 sekjal there! our library is now accounted for on the wiki
19:52 chris yay!
19:53 chris ok, been a good chat sekjal, but i have to go catch my bus now ... enjoy the rest of your day in case you are gone when i get back to a keyboard
19:53 * chris wanders off
19:53 sekjal cheers, chris!
19:56 biglego left #koha
20:06 cait_laptop hm testing lists in opac - seems that some strings are not translatable :(
20:06 cait_laptop <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="RequestOnOpac" -->$("#placehold").html("<a href=\"#\" class=\"hold tag_hides\">Place Hold<\/a>");
20:07 owen That should be: <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="RequestOnOpac" -->$("#placehold").html("<a href=\"#\" class=\"hold tag_hides\">"+_("Place Hold")+"<\/a>");
20:07 cait_laptop hm, is there an easy way to make it translatable?
20:07 cait_laptop ah thx owen
20:08 owen ...if I'm not mistaken
20:08 cait_laptop i can try it out
20:08 cait_laptop thx :)
20:09 Ropuch Hm
20:10 Ropuch I can't find authorities while cataloguing
20:10 Ropuch But searching in opac seems to be working
20:11 nicomo_laptop joined #koha
20:13 hdl_laptop yes owen
20:17 cait_laptop updating po-file now to see if it gets in there :)
20:17 brendan left #koha
20:20 frederic left #koha
20:21 collum left #koha
20:26 cait_laptop owen: its listed in po-file now, but broken in opac :(
20:27 owen Is this on the search results page?
20:30 cait_laptop open a saved list in opac account - the file is opac-shelves
20:31 cait_laptop I got place hold working with:    <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="RequestOnOpac" -->$("#placehold").html("<a href=\"#\" class=\"hold tag_hides\">"+_('Place Hold')+"<\/a>");
20:32 cait_laptop but select all and clear all are still not translated
20:33 chris back
20:34 owen The same change must be made to those lines in the template. Would you like me to submit a patch for it?
20:34 cait_laptop hm let me try to do it
20:34 cait_laptop I think I found my mistake now
20:34 cait_laptop should I add a bug for that or just send a patch?
20:35 owen The formal procedure would be to add a bug report, attach the patch file to the bug report, submit the patch, and mark the bug as "patch-sent"
20:35 cait_laptop ok, just thought because its just a small bug, but will do once I get everything working
20:36 chris if its small you can get away with just sending a patch, as long as the patch has enough detail in the commit message
20:36 chris (that's not gospel though, just my rule of thumb)
20:37 owen cait_laptop: Also check line 119
20:37 cait_laptop sigh, perhaps its just too late, whats wrong with that:
20:38 cait_laptop $("span.clearall").html("<a id=\"CheckNone\" href=\"#\">"+_('Clear All')+"<\/a>");
20:38 jdavidb left #koha
20:38 brendan joined #koha
20:39 owen Looks right to me cait_laptop
20:39 cait_laptop it is, the mistake was in another line - sorry
20:40 cait_laptop but everything seems to be working now, will add bug and send patch now - thx for your help owen, I think I will find more things that need to be added to translation, so I want to learn how to do it
20:40 chris yay for sending patches
20:41 sekjal left #koha
20:41 cait_laptop chris: I promised you I would some day :)
20:41 chris :)
20:44 cait_laptop and its much more fun than learning for my distance study...
20:45 chris hehe i can imagine
20:50 chris awesome little exchange on the koha-patches mailing list
20:50 * chris tweets about it
20:51 richard joined #koha
20:51 richard hi
20:51 chris good morning richard
20:52 richard hi chris
20:52 pianohacker Hi, richard
20:52 richard hiya
20:54 chris how's things in katipo land?
20:54 richard busy doijg quotes - not the most enjoyable thing but hopefully keeps the bread on the table
20:54 richard doing quotes evern
20:54 chris :)
21:03 chris michael_hafen++
21:05 nicomo_laptop left #koha
21:12 cait_laptop patch sent, good night #koha :)
21:12 cait_laptop left #koha
21:13 Ropuch Hm, i've got some authorities' search problem with 3.00.03
21:13 Ropuch 22:47:56-14/09 zebrasrv(14) [request] Search authorities ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @attr "1=Heading" @attr 7=1 0 @and @attr 5=100 @attr "1=authtype" GEOGR_NAME @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr "1=Heading-Main" Germany
21:14 Ropuch I've copied the C4/ from 3.00.02 and problem disappeared
21:14 chris ohh interesting
21:15 chris can you do me a favour Ropuch?
21:15 Ropuch Shhot
21:15 chris[…]nce.git;a=summary
21:15 chris can you grab the
21:15 chris from there, and see if the problem comes back?
21:15 chris (that is what will be 3.0.4)
21:16 Ropuch sure
21:16 chris[…]172633e862d59d2c4
21:16 chris should get it
21:16 chris if it does, we will need to make sure we fix it
21:16 Ropuch w8
21:19 hdl_laptop Ropuch are you MARC21 or UNIMARC ?
21:19 Ropuch Marc21
21:19 Ropuch And the one from 3.04 is not working
21:19 chris right thank you
21:20 Ropuch HM, i have
21:20 Ropuch But I;m sure i've just installed 3.00.03
21:20 hdl_laptop it is right.
21:21 hdl_laptop Are you using grs or dom indexing ?
21:21 rhcl chris: how can I follow your tweets (tweet ID)?
21:21 Ropuch grs
21:22 chris rhcl:
21:22 chris or on identica
21:22 hdl_laptop you should have Heading-Main in your record.abs for all $a subfields of headings
21:22 chris
21:22 chris which is free software, and breaks way way less than twitter :)
21:22 hdl_laptop chris can you update taht ?
21:22 chris will do
21:23 chris im not sure what i need to update tho?
21:25 Ropuch Hm
21:25 chris etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc​21/authorities/record.abs ?
21:25 chris change this line
21:25 chris melm 100 Personal-name:w,Personal-name:p,Persona​l-name:s,Heading:w,Heading:p,Heading:s
21:26 chris from Heading to Heading-Main ... is that right hdl_laptop ?
21:26 hdl_laptop not exactly
21:27 hdl_laptop add melm 100$a Personal-name:w,Personal-name:p,Personal-​name:s,Heading:w,Heading:p,Heading:s,Head​ing-Main:w,Heading-Main:p,Heading-Main:s
21:27 hdl_laptop if doesnot exist
21:27 chris ahhh right and for all the $a ones?
21:29 hdl_laptop yes if you can
21:29 hdl_laptop mmm.. for all the headings $a.
21:30 hdl_laptop Maybe it doesnot quite make sense for MARC21, but for Unimarc it is really important
21:30 chris ok doing that now
21:30 Ropuch Can I switch from grs to dom?
21:30 hdl_laptop and anyway, if users want to specify some $a they will be able to do so
21:31 chris Ropuch: when i have finished i will show you where you can get the record.abs file from, and that will hopefully fix it for you
21:31 hdl_laptop Ropuch: I would not advise you to do so
21:31 hdl_laptop Ropuch: But you will have to reindex your ahtorities
21:32 Ropuch Funny thing is test install on my laptop is working just fine
21:33 chris[…]c0b3737a38b715e93
21:33 chris hdl_laptop: committed now
21:36 hdl_laptop thanks
21:37 hdl_laptop pushed on koha-maintenance
21:37 hdl_laptop chris have you tried to update 3.0 ?
21:37 hdl_laptop (translation i mean)
21:39 chris nope, i will do that tonight, i think we are not going to be making any big template changes now
21:44 hdl_laptop So do I.
21:45 hdl_laptop Thanks a lot for your help.
21:45 chris no problem
21:52 Nate joined #koha
21:53 Ropuch Is there a way to serach by rejected form of authorities?
21:54 chris not sure i understand you
21:54 chris hi Nate
21:54 Ropuch I'd like an user to be able to find books on United States after typing USA for example
21:54 chris ahhh
21:54 chris in that case, i dont know ;)
21:54 Nate hey chris!
21:54 Ropuch [;
21:54 Ropuch I think somebody has asked about this on the list
21:55 hdl_laptop Ropuch: Yes : search Everywhere on the authority
21:55 hdl_laptop There is a patch for that in 3.0.4
21:55 Ropuch Can't wait [;
21:56 Ropuch I mean: can't wait to see 3.0.4
22:00 owen left #koha
22:04 Nate left #koha
22:08 hdl_laptop Ropuch: you can then take koha-maintenance/master branch if you canno wait
22:13 Ropuch I will wait
22:14 hdl_laptop Sorry I took that 1st degree ;)
22:14 Ropuch I need koha up and running in 2 weeks - i don't have time and skills (almost read perl tutorial ;-) to mess around with code
22:15 Ropuch And our IT pretty busy with other things right now
22:15 hdl_laptop left #koha
22:24 Ropuch Good night
22:24 chris night Ropuch
22:25 chris Do widzenia
22:39 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
22:44 brendan see you in a bit #koha
22:45 chris cya brendan
22:54 brendan left #koha
22:59 brendan joined #koha
23:08 brendan ah nice -- made it back home - ready for some MNF
23:08 brendan american MNF that is
23:09 chris :)
23:09 chris who is playing?
23:12 brendan Patriots (m team) and the Bills
23:13 chris ahhh
23:13 brendan wearing throwbacks jerseys looks excellent in HD
23:32 richard weird -
23:34 chris yeah thats mental

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