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12:39 jwagner Hi chris -- sorry, been off on another screen.
12:48 gmcharlt jwagner: re your patch for 3532, it appears to be dependant on a prior patch not yet submitted - not seeing where the itemlostloop referred to in the template is coming from
12:48 gmcharlt that, or there's some copy-and-paste stuff from cataloge/detail.tmpl that needs to be trimmed from the patron version
12:51 chris_n g'morning koha
12:53 gmcharlt hi chris_n
12:56 slef can a koha-admin mark nomail please?
12:57 hdl_laptop koha or koha-devel ?
13:05 jwagner gmcharlt, yes, I did copy from the detail.tmpl -- is it just the loop part that needs to come out?  FWIW, the patch does work fine on my devel system -- the moremember.tmpl displays correctly.
13:10 slef hdl_laptop: koha
13:11 jwagner gmcharlt, just experimented, and most of the loop stuff can come out of the tmpl file.  Works with just                 <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="itemlost" -->
13:11 jwagner                                        <span class="lost"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemlost" --></span>
13:11 jwagner                    <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
13:11 jwagner                <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="damaged" -->
13:11 jwagner                                        <span class="dmg"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemdamaged" --></span>
13:11 jwagner                <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
13:11 jwagner Do you want me to resubmit?
13:21 gmcharlt jwagner: please
13:21 jwagner OK, will do a bit later -- got a meeting right now.
14:15 jwagner gmcharlt, just sent revised patch -- hope everthing made it through the commit process :-)
14:23 gmcharlt jwagner: cool
14:41 jwagner Got another one in the works for you too, gmcharlt :-)
14:48 jwagner nahuel, online?
14:49 nahuel jwagner, of course
14:49 nahuel :)
14:49 hdl_laptop back from holidays today
14:49 jwagner Could I get a translation?  I'm adding a syspref to control display of the my messaging tab in the OPAC?
14:50 jwagner Syspref definition is: If on, enables display of My Messaging tab in OPAC patron account and the email/text message settings in OPAC user update tab
14:51 schuster Galen here?
14:53 owen schuster: use his nick in case his IRC client beeps him when he's mentioned: gmcharlt
14:53 nahuel hdl_laptop, jwagner, Si activé, affiche l'onglet "Mes Messages" dans le compte de l'adhérent à l'OPAC, et la configuration de l'e-mail et du message dans les préférences de l'utilisateur à l'OPAC.
14:53 nahuel hdl_laptop, t'en pense quoi ?
14:55 hdl_laptop jwagner: go with nahuel translation
14:55 jwagner nahuel, merci beaucoup!
14:55 nahuel héhé
14:55 nahuel you're welcome !
15:05 gmcharlt hi schuster
15:12 jwagner nahuel, it's Bug 3535 -- hope the translated string goes through.
15:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3535 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add syspref to control display of My Messaging tab in OPAC
15:12 nahuel ok
15:13 kf hi nahuel - I saw that renewals can be defined in circ matrix in biblibre's Koha - will this feature be in 3.2? I think its not on the road map
15:13 nahuel kf, Hi, it should, but ask to gmcharlt :)
15:14 gmcharlt kf: it will be added, albeit with a little refactoring
15:14 kf great!
17:04 joetho It's Monday here in Mondayville.
17:29 kf bye #koha
18:00 fredericd Anyone knows what's the difference between tests places in t directory and those found in xt directory?
18:00 pianohacker fredericd: xt seems to be mostly code-correctness related tests
18:01 gmcharlt xt - primarily author tests
18:01 gmcharlt t - functinal and unit tests
18:02 fredericd thks
18:02 fredericd I'm diving into Koha test cases...
18:02 fredericd It's a world...
18:02 fredericd Where would you put a test verifying syspref coherence between languages?
18:02 gmcharlt xt
18:03 gmcharlt fredericd++ # test cases
18:07 fredericd gmcharlt: It's related to my attempt to deal with your 3 weeks old demand of a test case on bug 3226...
18:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3226 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Extended characters aren't always properly displayed on resultat page when XSLT is on
18:07 fredericd I have first to understand test cases :-)
19:35 chris morning
19:37 gmcharlt hi chris
19:38 jwagner morning, chris
19:52 chris off to catch the bus
20:42 richard hi
20:42 pianohacker Hello
20:44 chris back at work
20:45 pianohacker Good morning
20:45 pianohacker chris++ # by the way, like the new About page
20:45 chris cool
20:56 chris_n and pianohacker
20:56 pianohacker Hi, chris_n
20:57 chris heya chris_n
20:57 chris and wizzyrea
20:59 Jo Morning all
21:00 chris hi Jo
21:10 wizzyrea hi everybody :)
21:11 pianohacker Hello
21:11 owen What's up wizzyrea?
21:12 wizzyrea oh, just wishing that today were more weekend
21:12 wizzyrea there was not enough to go around this time
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00:31 chris @quote random
00:31 munin chris: Quote #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.... eventually, ye shall stop asking." (added by gmcharlt at 08:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
00:56 Elven_Thief i've got a question about the independantbranches option...
00:56 Elven_Thief does enabling that affect the Marc record matching systems?
00:57 Elven_Thief say I'm importing data from 2 libraries and they have the same book - if it would match by one of my rules, does it prevent matching because this option is turned on?
00:57 chris i dont think so
00:58 chris i think it will still match
00:58 Elven_Thief ok.
00:59 Elven_Thief how about identical barcodes? can I get away with that?
00:59 chris nope
00:59 chris items.barcode has a unique constraint on it,
00:59 chris actually let me check that
01:00 chris ohh nope, it no longer does
01:00 Elven_Thief well, i'm not too worried about the constraint in SQL and more worried about the import tools
01:01 chris well the constraint in SQL would trump whatever the import tools do anyway
01:01 Elven_Thief right right
01:01 chris so now that constraint has been removed, you might be able to get away with it
01:02 Elven_Thief well, i know the import tools are catching matching barcodes from different marc sets (each one from a different library) and basically not adding those data items
01:02 Elven_Thief er just items
01:02 Elven_Thief i'm going to run a few tests and get back here if i have more questions
01:02 chris even if you could insert them, the more important thing would be if circulation handled them properly
01:03 Elven_Thief right
01:03 chris rather than you ending up with items you cant ever issue
01:03 Elven_Thief well, i'm also worried about items never getting imported as well
01:03 chris i *think* and i might be wrong, that circulation assumes uniqueness of barcodes
01:05 Elven_Thief ok
01:05 * chris checks the GetItem subroutine
01:05 Elven_Thief what file is that in?
01:05 chris C4/
01:05 Elven_Thief rgr
01:05 chris its what C4/ uses
01:05 chris given a barcode, to get the item
01:06 Elven_Thief ok. yeah. it appears that matching barcodes belonging to different libraries will be ignored on input
01:06 chris yeah it doesnt seem to do anything other than
01:06 chris SELECT * FROM items WHERE barcode = ?"
01:06 Elven_Thief ok
01:06 Elven_Thief er import, not input
01:06 chris and then return the first row
01:07 chris so if you wanted to have duplicate barcodes, that would need to be changed to take a library code as input as well
01:07 Elven_Thief yeah
01:07 brendan @wunder 93117
01:07 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.9�C (6:04 PM PDT on August 17, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Falling).
01:07 Elven_Thief that or batch process a prefix to the barcodes and hack the library code into the matching system
01:08 chris yeah, thats the other option
01:08 chris or another option :)
01:08 chris you in the US Elven_Thief ?
01:08 Elven_Thief yeah
01:09 chris west coast im guessing?
01:09 Elven_Thief central, actually
01:09 chris wisconsin?
01:09 Elven_Thief yeah
01:10 Elven_Thief i had a friend say "you know linux. help me set this up for my school district"
01:10 chris ahhh
01:10 chris you know of scls ?
01:10 chris
01:11 chris
01:11 Elven_Thief nope
01:11 chris they are in the process of migrating to Koha
01:11 chris dunno if they are near you or not
01:11 chris but they have a bunch of librarians, who might be able to help with library type questions :)
01:12 * chris is in nz .. everything is pretty near here ;)
01:12 Elven_Thief they are near me, but the school district has a competant person who can answer my questions
01:12 chris sweet
01:13 chris i was more thinking koha librarian questions, that your librarian might even have :)
01:13 Elven_Thief it's just digging into the system and figuring out the ways of updating barcodes, item types and holdings.
01:13 Elven_Thief ah
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03:34 Amit joined #koha
03:35 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:35 Amit good morning #koha
03:49 brendan hiya Amit
03:49 brendan anything new
03:50 Amit no
03:50 Amit brendan: from your side
03:50 Amit brendan: I am planning for doing MLsc.
03:51 brendan nothing at the moment
03:51 brendan sleep soon :)
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04:47 brendan good night #koha
05:07 kmkale joined #koha
05:20 anasha joined #koha
05:29 kmkale Good morning all
05:43 greenmang0 kmkale: good morning :)
05:43 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
05:43 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 27.0�C (10:40 AM IST on August 18, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
05:43 kmkale GM greenmang0
05:44 kmkale are you in Mumbai?
05:44 greenmang0 kmkale: yeah...
05:45 greenmang0 kmkale: you must have guessed it by mumbai's temperature ;)
05:45 kmkale greenmang0: cool. I am in Thane on the border on Mumbai ;)
05:45 greenmang0 kmkale: oh.. i thought in pune
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06:47 kf morning #koha
07:48 chris hi kf (and everyone else)
07:49 kf hi chris
07:49 kf there is a German Koha library:[…]koha/
07:50 Amit hi kf
07:50 chris oh cool
07:51 chris wow thats an old one alright
07:51 Amit kf: i think this is koha-2.2.9
07:51 Amit version
07:51 chris 1.2.3
07:51 chris circa 2002
07:51 Amit oh!
07:52 kf there is not much information, its located in a pharmacy
07:52 chris yep, i remember now
07:52 chris[…]Apotheke-Muenchen
07:53 kf you remember?
07:54 chris i had seen this before
07:55 kf ah :)
07:55 kf I thought you were there
07:56 chris well i have been to munich ... maybe i walked past it :)
07:57 kf :)
08:25 nahuel good morning & night @ all ):
08:25 nahuel :)
08:47 kf good morning nahuel
08:50 hdl_laptop hi
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13:36 Ropuch Hello
13:39 brendan joined #koha
13:39 brendan morning #koha
13:40 Ropuch afternoon
13:40 Ropuch ;>
13:40 brendan well I guess morning here :)
13:40 Ropuch I won't argue
13:42 Ropuch Anybody familiar wih AuthDisplayHierarchy variable? I wonder what it shuold do
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13:56 ccurry joined #koha
14:04 ccurry I used to import bibs and auths; everything worked well, except links between bibs and auths.  Every one of my authority records says "0 biblio(s)" in the "Used in" column.  Can someone point me to documentation that will help me resolve this issue?
14:11 hdl_laptop Ropuch: I al
14:11 hdl_laptop am
14:11 hdl_laptop In fact, I wrote it
14:12 hdl_laptop ccurry: Links between authorities and bibs are not automatically set.
14:12 ccurry Oh, yeah.  Also used, then indexed all using
14:12 hdl_laptop ccurry: you have to use a tool for that.
14:12 Ropuch hdl_laptop: I've found it in syspref in form of sql insert statement
14:12 ccurry Aren't they...?
14:12 ccurry Great!
14:12 ccurry Can you point me to it's likely location?
14:13 ccurry its*
14:13 hdl_laptop in order to set $9 to authid number in bibliorecord.
14:13 hdl_laptop
14:13 hdl_laptop in misc/migration_tools
14:14 hdl_laptop or misc/
14:14 ccurry didn't see that (using 3.0.1); how about /usr/share/koha/bin/
14:15 ccurry just said that.
14:15 ccurry Thanks.
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14:22 nahuel[…]/#q=koha&cmpt=geo
14:51 kf left #koha
15:17 ccurry hdl_laptop:(et al) Running now, but getting repeated error "CCL parsing error (10014) Right truncation not supported ZOOM at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 237."  Can anyone translate this for me?  The script doesn't have a status indicator, but I assume that only some bibs are throwing this error (maybe because there are no related authority records?). ...
15:17 ccurry ...Thanks for your time.  If this error indicates that the script is not running properly, I'd like to nip it in the bud.
15:19 hdl_laptop ccurry: which marcflavour are you using ?
15:19 hdl_laptop ccurry: which configuration are you using for authorities ?
15:19 hdl_laptop DOM or GRS-1 ?
15:21 ccurry hdl_laptop:marc21; don't know the answer to the second question...the authority records were included in the same .mrc export from our old catalog.  Are there distinguishing features to each configuration that I'd be able to pick out?
15:23 schuster joined #koha
15:23 hdl_laptop DOM shouldbe the best suitable choice for you if you are to use HEadings with authorities in MARC21.
15:40 ccurry hdl_laptop: are you saying that the error message I saw is related to the authority record configuration?
15:41 hdl_laptop It is related to the zebra configuration for your authorities.
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16:01 joetho joined #koha
16:05 ccurry hdl_laptop: can you point me to documentation that explains configuring zebra to use dom?  I found the config files (zebra-authorities.cfg, zebra-authorities-dom.cfg, et al.), but cannot see how these files could be changed to use dom instead of grs-1.
16:05 ccurry hdl_laptop: or is this a syspref change?
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16:26 ccurry anyone?:can you point me to documentation that explains configuring zebra to use dom? I found the config files (zebra-authorities.cfg, zebra-authorities-dom.cfg, et al.), but cannot see how these files could be changed to use dom instead of grs-1.
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17:32 wizzyrea @quote random
17:32 munin wizzyrea: Quote #20: "<wizzyrea> you will see no wedgie-ing from me" (added by jdavidb at 03:50 PM, July 31, 2009)
17:33 jdavidb lol
17:33 jdavidb Hi, wizzyrea! :)
17:34 wizzyrea hehe hi
18:17 pianohacker joined #koha
18:17 pianohacker Good, well, afternoon
18:18 jdavidb Howdy, pianohacker.
18:18 pianohacker Hallo
18:25 * owen files an enhancement request for a pony to go along with wizzyrea's Bug 3538
18:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3538 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Create additional templates for staff client for maximum accessibility
18:26 wizzyrea ooh ponies!
18:26 jdavidb Everyone likes ponies.
18:26 * wizzyrea ducks
18:26 pianohacker And a new red bike, with the racing stripes!
18:27 * wizzyrea wants fancy ajax happiness, but must appease the accessibility gods
18:28 owen I don't think a separate set of templates is the solution, except maybe for some very specialized interfaces like addibiblio
18:28 owen Everything else should degrade gracefully
18:29 owen I'd rather see individual bug reports for instances which don't degrade gracefully
18:36 wizzyrea well ok, i'll delete it then.
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19:08 jdavidb there something that can be set in a bib or item rec that can cause something to be un-searchable, hidden, though you can still get at it from the reservoir list?  It's got a biblionumber, but it's just *not* searchable!
19:10 gmcharlt jdavidb: it's an indexing problem - there's nothing to completely suppress a record from *staff* searches
19:11 jdavidb Okay.  That narrows things down somewhat.
19:11 jdavidb Zebraqueue shows it *got* indexed...I'm thinking of resetting "done" to zero, and rebuilding with -v on, see what happens.
19:12 gmcharlt yup
19:15 jdavidb I'll be.  Worked, that time.
19:15 jdavidb (But, I'm not going to manually do that every time they add bib records!)
19:19 gmcharlt jdavidb: are you cronning rebuild_zebra for regular index updates?
19:19 jdavidb yep.
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19:21 jdavidb Hrm.  When I -v'd the cron, I got the extract, but *no* indexing output.  Sounds like it's having trouble finding zebra?
19:22 gmcharlt PATH issues?
19:22 jdavidb possibly.
19:23 jdavidb PERL5LIB is defined, as is KOHA_CONF...that much looks right.
19:25 jdavidb zebraidx is in /usr/local/bin, and that's plausible...
19:26 gmcharlt not necessarily for a crontab, though
19:26 jdavidb *nod*
19:27 ccurry Can anyone explain to me why running would return the following error: CCL parsing error (10014) Right truncation not supported ZOOM at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 237?  hdl_laptop told me it had something to do with zebra's authorities configuration (DOM vs GRS-1), but I can't figure out how to configure this correctly.  Koha 3.0.1 on Debian Lenny,...
19:27 ccurry ...MARC21 records.  Thanks.
19:28 ccurry A pointer to documentation would be sufficient.
19:29 ccurry By the way, the script finishes with the following result:
19:30 jdavidb sure enough, gmcharlt.  Something is munging PATH in the case of cron jobs....grrr.
19:36 gmcharlt ccurry: do you know if you installed using DOM or GRS-1?  If you don't know offhand, grep your koha-conf.x l for zebra-authorities.cfg and let me know if it references zebra-authorites-dom.cfg or zebra-authorites.cfg
19:36 gmcharlt or rather, grep for 'zebra-authorities'
19:37 ccurry I already looked at koha-conf, and now that I think about it, I did choose DOM during the installation.
19:38 gmcharlt hmm - which is what you want since you're using MARC21
19:38 ccurry gmcharlt: koha-conf references zebra-authorites-dom.cfg, so it appears the config is correct.
19:42 gmcharlt ccurry: OK - if you can shoot me an example MARC bib and authority from your config (preferably a pair that has mathcing headings, natch), I
19:42 gmcharlt I'll test locally
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19:44 ccurry gmcharlt: Thanks: do you need the original MARC records I imported or would records copied from koha work; they shouldn't be much different I suppose.
19:45 gmcharlt ccurry: either will work
19:45 ccurry gmcharlt: great!  just a sec.
19:51 ccurry gmcharlt: sorry for the wait; my import files are huge, so it'd take forever to find a matching pair in there and I'm having trouble getting a straight MARC display of the authority record without tabs an such.  I'll keep poking around.
19:52 gmcharlt ccurry: ok
19:54 * chris wanders off to catch his bus
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20:02 ccurry gmcharlt: can't get the data I need in the right format and I may have discovered another problem.  Thanks anyway.
20:03 * pianohacker is about ready to throw his computer and its confusing problems with empty URL parameters against the wall
20:14 * chris_n empathizes with pianohacker
20:15 davi joined #koha
20:16 pianohacker How's your labels rewrite going?
20:25 chris_n pianohacker: just debugging a migration script to take the db from the old tables to the new
20:25 chris_n existing db's I should say
20:26 pianohacker Cool
20:26 chris_n tomorrow I'll migrate the production koha here and let my catalogers have a whack at it
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20:27 chris_n I still have to tidy up, fix the broken tests I wrote at the beginning, finish POD and fix
20:28 chris_n maybe end of this week first of next it will be ready for submission
20:28 gmcharlt chris_n++
20:30 richard joined #koha
20:30 richard hi
20:30 chris_n then I'll move on to finishing up the patron card tool
20:30 chris_n hi richard
20:30 richard hi chris_n
20:30 * chris_n heads out to find food
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20:45 chris made it
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21:00 wizzyrea ok I need an opinion: is this change one that would be appropriate for the community (or partial, like the note about which fields show on the transit slips). I have done this local to our install using jquery, but I'm trying to decide whether to submit a real change to the templates for the changes
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21:08 * chris looks
21:08 pianohacker I like the transit slip note
21:08 chris yes
21:08 chris id submit that
21:09 chris cos then its translatable
21:09 pianohacker Not sure about the primary/alternate change; I know atz has mentioned that Europeans tend to use those literally; personal email is the employee's home email, and work email is a contact at their workplace
21:10 chris yeah, but it will be translated for them anyway :)
21:10 * chris has an en-NZ translation of the opac and intranet
21:11 chris the default is all americany anyway
21:11 chris so making it more americany isn't a problem IMHO
21:11 chris since we can just have regional translations
21:11 pianohacker Ahh, good point
21:38 pianohacker brb, going to work
21:38 pianohacker left #koha
21:48 wizzyrea Hmm good points all
21:48 wizzyrea i think I will add the transit slips notes.
21:48 wizzyrea it's trivial to change the labels
21:48 wizzyrea (with jquery)
21:48 wizzyrea I miss atz
21:49 wizzyrea @seen atz
21:49 munin wizzyrea: atz was last seen in #koha 5 days, 6 hours, 35 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <atz> it kindof ignores that the developer might not be writing the specs, and the buyer might not even use the software
21:49 wizzyrea ./sob
21:50 chris he's having a well deserved holiday, im sure we will see him again
21:51 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
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22:46 digitalfredy hi chris , i continue working for win implementation of koha in a University in Colombia :)
22:46 chris cool
22:48 digitalfredy chris, i am searching the implementation guide
22:48 digitalfredy i see it some das ago
22:48 digitalfredy but not remember where is
22:49 digitalfredy yes i find it
22:49 digitalfredy :)
22:49 digitalfredy check list
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23:12 pianohkr|work Glad we could be of service
23:15 aindilis joined #koha
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