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12:38 chris_n g'morning
12:47 davi morning
12:47 kf morning :)
12:48 davi I see Koha do not completely support ISSN in all the functionality.
12:48 davi ISSN support is in biblioitems table
12:48 davi but for example it is not supported in the "New order" form.
12:48 davi  (I have added support for ISSN in the "New order" form".
12:49 davi Besides, it is not clear if Koha support both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
12:51 hdl_laptop davi : question is what do you think when you are thinking supporting both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
12:51 hdl_laptop davi: it is storing ISBNs all right
12:52 davi yep, you are right
12:53 hdl_laptop If by support you mean : if i search for an ISBN-10 then it will bring along also ISBN-13, and the reverse, then it might not be the case at the moment.
12:53 davi Another point,  I miss a barcode field in the biblioitems table, because it is not the same the ISBN that the barcode, isn't it?
12:55 davi  I see Koha as a unfinished product
12:56 kf what do you mean by barcode? the EAN on the book or the barcode label of the library?
12:58 davi I understand that EAN-13 is equal to ISBN-13
12:58 davi but, e.g. I have here a book:
12:58 davi ISBN 0-13-141155-1
12:59 davi barcode:  9 780131 411555
13:00 davi there is another barcode too, maybe the vendor one:  0 76092 02591 7
13:00 davi and another barcode (small one):  57499
13:01 davi It is this book:
13:07 davi Now I see the barcode:  9 780131 411555 is just the ISBN-10 with the 978 prefix. Thanks
13:08 davi  Therefore there is not need to add a 'barcode' field in the biblioitems table
13:09 hdl_laptop well actually your "barcode" is just ISBN-13.
13:09 hdl_laptop the two latest ones, i don't know.
13:10 davi so, ISBN-13 is always equal to 978 prefix + ISBN-10 ?
13:10 davi If so, what is the sense of use ISBN-13 instead of ISBN-10?
13:11 davi  maybe future expansion?
13:12 hdl_laptop it is not really ==
13:12 hdl_laptop since latest number is not the same.
13:12 hdl_laptop But it allows books to be "standard" merchandise.
13:12 davi I see, it allow books be EAN-13
13:13 davi allows*
13:13 hdl_laptop There are so many barcode types, that it is not so bad for users to stick to "one" standard.
13:14 hdl_laptop it is what I think of the change.
13:14 hdl_laptop maybe not really the true reason.
13:14 davi I see[…]Types_of_barcodes
13:16 kf there were not enough numbers left
13:16 kf more digits more numbers :)
13:18 davi kf, do you think ISBN-13 is not enough?
13:19 kf no, I thin one reason for the change was that more numbers were needed
13:20 davi I see
13:38 kf bug or feature: I can place holds on books I have checked out :(
13:43 hdl_laptop kf : there is a system preference for that
13:45 kf AllowOnShelfHolds is off
13:46 kf thats the pref I m testing atm
13:46 kf I saw it got fixed in 3.2 and its really important
13:47 kf its working great - but I should not be able to check out a book and put a hold on it (same person)
13:47 hdl_laptop you mean you need it fixed in 3.0 ?
13:49 kf I think we will start with a 3.2 installation
13:49 kf pre 3.2 stable - because SIP
13:52 kf my problem is: patrons will check out books they cannot renew and place a hold on it
13:55 kf hdl_laptop:  thx for listening :) I thnk its a bug, but will test again tomorrow on our 3.0.3 installation and file ab ug
13:57 kf have to leave now - bye #koha!
14:20 owen Hi chris_n
14:32 sekjal I'm writing a script to bulk capture our libraries in-house use of items for the year.  Can I just use C4::Circulation
14:32 sekjal 's AddIssue function?
14:33 sekjal or do I need higher-level logic to detemine if my patron is statistical or real?
14:34 owen sekjal: Are you trying to do a statistical report of the year's checkouts?
14:35 sekjal I'm in the process of migrating to Koha, and want to have the 2009 in-house use counts preserved
14:35 sekjal I can create a file that lists out each barcode and how many times its been used
14:36 owen I see. Sorry, migration issues are beyond me.
14:36 sekjal I just want to be sure I'm adding that information into the right place
14:36 sekjal owen: no worries.  they're kind of beyond me, too.  we'll see just how far come Sept. 1
14:37 atz sekjal: you might look at just populating the old_issues table
14:38 sekjal atz: that might work.
14:39 owen atz: Do you know anything about the status of this?[…]e_staff_interface
14:40 atz owen: not really... it's a big job
14:40 owen I was just curious whether it was still a possibility for 3.2. I take it the answer is no?
14:41 atz yeah, probably not
14:42 atz looks like work by jesse, so ask him if he comes back online
14:42 owen Oh, of course. I was blanking on the "jpw" for some reason
14:42 wizzyrea last I heard from jesse that was a project that made him want to eat his own eyes.
14:43 atz yeah, circ has a 100 contingencies
14:44 wizzyrea plus there's the accessibility contingent that are probably against it
14:44 atz and people add random sysprefs that then add a confirmation/override layer
14:44 atz so it was a moving target even when he was working on it
14:44 wizzyrea yea :/
14:44 wizzyrea boy, a plugin framework sure would be handy
14:44 atz like how?
14:45 atz our "plugin framework" for editing records is a pain in the ass hackjob  :\
14:45 wizzyrea no, not like that
14:46 wizzyrea i mean standardizing the framework for ease of snap in modules
14:46 wizzyrea so that koha proper becomes a basis for laying custom circ modules, for example, on top
14:47 sekjal I'm fond of Wordpress's system of hooks
14:47 wizzyrea yes, that's kind of what I was thinking of
14:47 wizzyrea the paradigm, anyway
14:47 sekjal would require a major reworking of the code, but it would probably be worth it in the long(er) run
14:48 wizzyrea yea, it would be an epic project, for sure
14:48 sekjal perhaps that could be 'revolution' of Koha 4.0
14:48 wizzyrea well, it seems like since everybody has a different way of doing things,
14:49 atz a lot of refactoring projects are "worth it" to us, but objectively speaking not worth it to anybody funding features.
14:49 wizzyrea interestingly, it was acquisitions that made me think of this
14:49 wizzyrea I mean, ok, lets think about this
14:50 wizzyrea two institutions... different desires for acq
14:50 wizzyrea why should they have to choose?
14:50 wizzyrea why can't they get what they want, based on a common framework
14:51 wizzyrea we talk about the fact that we can make koha fit our workflow, instead of changing our workflow to fit koha
14:51 atz what kind of different desires?
14:51 owen Because the institution who wants the alternative acq version funds the new acq version, not the refactoring project.
14:51 atz why isn't different MARC framework enough for them?
14:51 wizzyrea I mean more esoteric things... like workflow
14:51 atz framework affects workflow
14:51 atz directly
14:52 wizzyrea I suppose that would depend on how you wrote it. Perhaps acquisitions isn't the best example.
14:52 sekjal a plugin system would make it easier for folks to do custom development for their institutions or customers, while keeping the core code common to all.
14:52 wizzyrea YES. That is what I am getting at
14:52 atz sekjal, wizzyrea: *hypothetically*
14:52 sekjal there could even be a marketplace for different versions of 'acquisitions' or an ERM
14:53 wizzyrea a la drupal modules
14:53 atz if you make it too complex, then everyone's customizations will be to hack off your structure and write raw scripts to do what they want
14:53 atz i.e., it can get worse
14:53 wizzyrea I'm not trying to convince you, it's just an idea ;)
14:54 atz i think webservicey layer stuff is the right model overall though
14:54 wizzyrea I don't think you'd ever get rid of the native versions of all functions
14:54 wizzyrea but the ability to snap in your own custom circ module... that is win win win win win
14:55 owen You'd have to hope someone continued to contribute to the native versions
14:55 wizzyrea this is true
14:55 atz i'm not so sure.   i think custom circ leads to babylon.
14:55 atz there are already dozens of toggle-able sysprefs in place
14:56 wizzyrea yes, and you could simplify that
14:56 wizzyrea I think such a refactoring could make the base code much easier to maintain
14:56 atz i can imagine such a scenario.  i just don't see that it is at all possible to get there from here.
14:57 sekjal its simple
14:57 sekjal when I win the Powerball jackpot, I'll fund a group to blitz through it
14:57 atz sekjal: the concept is simple.  the code is a bitch.
14:57 wizzyrea LOL
14:57 atz sekjal: :)
14:57 owen sekjal: You're not the first to have proposed winning the lottery for that purpose.
14:58 sekjal owen:  I'll just be the first to succeed.  I have a secret weapon
14:58 wizzyrea your cat works for the lottery commission?
14:58 sekjal ...
14:59 sekjal wizzyrea:  the point of a *secret* weapon is that no one else knows!!!
14:59 sekjal dang it!
14:59 wizzyrea DOH
14:59 wizzyrea well I can't help it if I guess right!
14:59 sekjal well, to be fair, kitty isn't exactly subtle
14:59 sekjal she blogs extensively
14:59 wizzyrea "How to win the lottery without even trying"
15:00 sekjal brb.  departmental meeting.
15:32 Sharon Howdy - can I ask for some help troubleshooting a SQL statement?
15:32 Sharon I'm looking for 7-9 year olds at a library.  Here's my attempt (that doesn't work)
15:33 Sharon SELECT  borrowers.surname,borrowers.fir​stname,borrowers.categorycode, borrowers.cardnumber,borrowers.address,borr​,, FROM borrowers  WHERE borrowers.branchcode='ATCHISON' AND WHERE DATE(borrowers.dateofbirth) BETWEEN '2000' AND '2002' ORDER BY borrowers.surname asc
15:33 owen What about using year(borrowers.dateofbirth) ?
15:34 atz ^^ what he said
15:34 Sharon year instead of date?
15:34 Sharon cool, I'll try that
15:34 owen The year() function pulls just the year out of your date
15:34 atz since you're only comparing year, in this example
15:34 Sharon nope
15:35 atz oh... don't say WHERE twice
15:35 Sharon i've tried it with '2000-01-01' AND '2002-08-11' no luck
15:35 Sharon ah
15:36 Sharon so simple!  Thank you
15:36 Sharon that worked
15:36 owen Sharon: you must have been lucky enough to have had dateofbirth data from your old system?
15:37 Sharon yes
15:40 Sharon Thank you! I have just what we need.  
16:10 tomascohen   /COMMANDS
16:17 Sharon owen: i'm creating a bug to add a scroll bar to for folks who have more than 10 lists - should I assign it to you?
16:17 owen Sure
16:18 Sharon not sure, but hopefully it's a simple fix
16:20 tomascohen Is anyone awary of some problems in authority handling on stable (3.02 & 3.0.3 for instance)?
16:20 tomascohen s/awary/aware/
16:21 wizzyrea chris_n very interesting. Not sure that anyone could argue that koha doesn't need a foundation. :/
16:21 wizzyrea but going for grant funds to start that is genius
16:22 owen Sharon: be sure to include browser information in your bug report
16:22 Sharon ok.
16:23 chris_n wizzyrea: not only the funding, but just having a solid consensus across such larger and smaller organizations is unusual.
16:23 wizzyrea definitely, it looks like an interesting project
16:24 wizzyrea in several ways
16:34 Sharon Owen bug 3523
16:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3523 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Missing scroll bar at
16:36 owen Sounds like the script isn't pulling more than 10 lists
16:38 owen I remember something about this with reference to the "Lists" button that is part of the search bar.
16:38 Sharon I hope that I caught all the pertinent info in the bug
16:39 Sharon I can do some more testing, too
16:39 owen atz: Do I recall correctly that when pulling list names for the Lists button it only gets the most recent 10?
16:39 Sharon You're right - if you do a search, select all and use the Add to: drop down menu, it only shows the 10 most recently added lists instead of all of them (in alpha order)
16:41 atz not necessarily ten, but however many are on the page
16:41 owen On the page?
16:41 Sharon I added a second screenshot to the bug
16:41 atz LIMIT 10 (could be less, like zero)
16:42 atz that info is stored in session, so it shouldn't be allowed to be arbitrarily large
16:43 atz a new design would be welcome
16:48 owen atz, I don't understand. Is "my $limit = 10;" on line 100 of not the limit for the number of lists to be retrieved?
16:49 atz are we talking about VirtualShelves "Lists" ?
16:50 owen Yes
16:50 atz that isn't controlled by any script, since it has to be internal
16:50 atz and made available for *every* script/page
16:51 owen But on, the script has to retrieve its own list of existing lists
16:51 owen my ($shelflist) = GetRecentShelves($shelftype, $limit, $shelftype == 3 ? undef : $loggedinuser); ?
16:52 atz that looks like it would be it...
16:52 atz that must be newer than the last time i worked on shelves though
17:12 tomascohen we're having some errors when trying to use authorities in the stable branch
17:12 tomascohen easily reproducible, so I'll post it to bugzilla
17:13 tomascohen creating and saving an auth, then trying to edit  (without changes)
17:13 tomascohen it again
17:13 tomascohen leads to a crash when trying to save it
17:14 tomascohen and a ZOOM error in the logs
17:15 tomascohen anyone perceived this behaviour?
17:20 hdl_laptop tomascohen: can you detail and give the bug # you filed. Going to dinner
17:21 tomascohen i didn't fill it yet, was trying to have some feedbach before I posted it
17:21 tomascohen i'll leave the bug # soon
17:56 chris_n owen: I added that limit back in June 08. See the notes on this commit:[…]33afab974d57ac4b9
17:57 chris_n particularly those pertaining to C4::VirtualShelves::GetRecentShelves
17:58 owen chris_n: But why would a limit need to be enforced for a page like That's not a session-based thing is it?
17:59 chris_n I don't know about that page in particular...
17:59 atz owen: at that point, I don't think that it is
18:05 chris_n ahh, right. It should not apply to the drop-down list.
18:05 chris_n let me look again
18:06 chris_n owen: iirc there was some discussion on just what to do here
18:07 chris_n if a patron created 100 private lists, the drop-down could become unwieldy
18:08 chris_n best I remember, the prevailing thought was that a syspref could be developed to allow the limit to be specified locally rather than hard-coded
18:08 chris_n hence my comments in the commit
18:08 owen How else could the patron add something to one of their 100 lists?
18:08 atz chris_n: that's not really good enough
18:09 chris_n that is the problem
18:09 owen Isn't it up to that patron to deal with the fact that they have too many lists?
18:09 atz right
18:09 atz this is one place where you need to at least allow an override like "show all"
18:09 chris_n so will the browser behave well with a super-long drop-down?
18:09 atz otherwise their old material ends up in a black hole
18:10 atz there are performance limits... but think about it.  How many dropdowns are perfectly fine w/ all 50 states?
18:10 atz or all 150+ countries?
18:10 chris_n at any rate, the limit can be set arbitrarily high which should preclude the issue.
18:11 wizzyrea yea, people don't mind scrolling, and if they have 100 lists, they probably want to see them all
18:11 atz has to be in order though... or else you can't use keystrokes to jump through it
18:12 wizzyrea truth
18:14 wizzyrea though if you watch people, not many of them know the keystroke trick
18:14 wizzyrea only us folks who live online
18:14 wizzyrea ;)
18:14 owen In my experience, people don't even know you can use the tab key to move between form fields.
18:14 wizzyrea yep, mouse... click.... type... mouse... click.... type
18:15 chris_n the call can probably be changed to GetShelves rather than to GetRecentShelves
18:15 wizzyrea and they get confused when you tell them
18:15 wizzyrea i've stopped doing so
18:15 wizzyrea "whoa whoa whoa, you mean there's another way?!"
18:17 owen chris_n: I thought we needed the limited query of lists for the Lists button in the search bar. Isn't that the one that stores your lists in your session?
18:17 chris_n the query returns the lists grouped by shelfnumber rather than alphabetically
18:18 chris_n I'm thinking of changing just the call which builds the drop-down on
18:20 chris_n of course, public lists are at the bottom of the user's lists
18:20 chris_n owen: are we looking at the same page?
18:21 owen I'm looking at the issue described in this bug report:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3523
18:21 munin Bug 3523: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Missing scroll bar at
18:22 chris_n then there are two places it may need to be changed
18:23 chris_n I see the problem mentioned in 3523
18:23 chris_n that may be as easy as changing the function call, but I'd have to look at it more
18:24 chris_n also presents a limited list of both private and public lists
18:24 chris_n I'm assuming if it gets changed one place it needs to be changed there as well.
18:31 chris_n owen: feel free to reassign the bug to me, but it probably will not get serious attention until after my labels work is completed.
18:31 owen I'll take later over never!
18:31 wizzyrea me too ^.^ and sharon would agree I'm sure
18:50 Sharon yep. I'm just happy it's being looked at.
19:20 chris morning
19:21 jdavidb Hi, chris!
19:24 gmcharlt hi chris, jdavidb, schuster
19:37 jwagner Hi, all!
19:37 pianohacker1 Hello
19:51 baseballfreak47 hello I was wondering if i could get some help on apache
19:51 pianohacker Depends, what do you need?
19:51 baseballfreak47 I was wondering if I could get a download link
19:51 baseballfreak47 i went through the website and can not find it!
19:52 baseballfreak47 i fell rather dumb asking because its probably very obvious
19:52 pianohacker baseballfreak47: Normally you wouldn't be getting apache that way. Koha 2.2, which is available for windows, comes with Apache
19:52 baseballfreak47 I am installing it on debain
19:53 baseballfreak47 I just realized you are the person who helped me last time
19:53 pianohacker Then you would install it by using the following command as root: apt-get install apache2
19:53 baseballfreak47 Im not very computer savy could i get that in english?
19:54 baseballfreak47 sorry
19:54 pianohacker Start by opening a Terminal. Are you using GNOME or KDE?
19:54 baseballfreak47 how do i know?
19:54 baseballfreak47 right now im on a vista computer
19:55 pianohacker Ah. Have you already installed debian?
19:55 baseballfreak47 the instqll disc is currently downloading
19:55 pianohacker Ok.
19:55 pianohacker It might be easiest to walk you through once you have debian installed and running
19:55 baseballfreak47 oh okay
19:55 baseballfreak47 jw how often are you on here/
19:56 baseballfreak47 every time ive asked questions its been you
19:56 pianohacker Varies, unfortunately
19:56 baseballfreak47 haah
19:56 jdavidb pianohacker lives here, I think.
19:56 baseballfreak47 hows Colorado
19:56 baseballfreak47 weather wise
19:56 pianohacker Fairly good. Rather rainy right now
19:56 baseballfreak47 oh i wish it would rain here
19:57 chris ok off to catch my bus
19:57 pianohacker Bye
19:57 baseballfreak47 adios
20:04 chris_n will $ENV{'HTTP_REFERER'} always (or nearly always) be correct?
20:04 pianohacker If the browser sends the correct header, yes.
20:04 pianohacker What are you using it for?
20:05 chris_n to build a "Done" button which sends the user back to the referring page (which may be different each time)
20:05 chris_n ie. many pages may call one page; one page needs to send the user back to the place they came from
20:06 pianohacker You could always use the ENV variable and default it to something reasonable if it isn't present
20:06 chris_n great idea, tnx pianohacker
20:29 richard hi
20:29 pianohacker hello
20:48 chris back
20:54 chris_n hi chris
21:29 chris hmm
21:48 wizzyrea hmmm?
21:51 chris trying to remember what i was supposed to do today
21:55 wizzyrea erm, save the world one library at a time?
21:55 wizzyrea ...that seems achieveable
21:56 chris hehe
21:56 lamiette do we have a "Captain Koha" mascot or anything to go with that goal?
21:59 chris dont give people ideas lamiette
22:01 chris awesone!!
22:04 gmcharlt chris_n++
22:06 chris_n heading out for food... bbl
22:58 baseballfreak47 I  have a barcode question can anyone help/
22:59 baseballfreak47 can someone answer a few quick questions
23:00 baseballfreak47 Can I use any barcode scanner for koha ?
23:01 baseballfreak47 ?
23:03 chris yes
23:03 chris pretty much any
23:03 chris if you can open up a text editor (like notepad in windows)
23:04 chris scan a barcode, and it appears in the text editor
23:04 chris then it will work with koha
23:07 baseballfreak47 oh ok
23:07 baseballfreak47 how can i tell before I buy it?
23:09 chris you want one that is a keyboard wedge
23:09 chris those are the magic words
23:09 baseballfreak47 thats what its called a keyboard wedge barcode scanner?
23:09 chris[…]oard_wedge-115401   <-- any of those ones would work with koha
23:10 baseballfreak47 oh okay thank you very much
23:10 chris Interface type: Keyboard wedge
23:10 chris thats what you want to hear/see
23:10 baseballfreak47 oh i see i understand now
23:10 baseballfreak47 thank you much
23:10 chris np
23:14 baseballfreak47 just making sure will this one work?
23:14 baseballfreak47[…]ksid=p3286.c0.m14
23:14 chris hmm that link doesnt work for me
23:15 baseballfreak47 what browser are you using?>
23:15 chris firefox
23:15 baseballfreak47 probably because it is a us page and your in uk?
23:15 chris nope
23:15 chris This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available.
23:15 chris    *
23:15 chris      Please check that you've entered the correct item number
23:15 chris is what ebay says
23:15 chris (im in NZ btw)
23:16 baseballfreak47 weird
23:16 baseballfreak47 oh ok
23:16 baseballfreak47 this is what it says:
23:17 baseballfreak47 PSC HANDHELD LASER BARCODE SCANNER & QuikLink 501 Wedge
23:17 baseballfreak47 does it sound like it should work?
23:17 chris no idea sorry
23:18 baseballfreak47 oh ok
23:18 chris google seems to suggest it would
23:18 Jo morning all
23:19 chris hi Jo
23:19 Jo feel like I have been dragged through a gorse bush by a tractor
23:20 Jo Had the library management reviewer onsite all day yesterday which capped a week of finding or creating paperwork.
23:21 chris ahhh fun
23:21 Jo so that post-andrenaline hangover period
23:22 chris heh
23:37 baseballfreak47 so chris you think that will work?
23:41 chris don't know, but it looks like it should
23:41 baseballfreak47 okay thank you
23:43 joetho baseballfreak47 don't forget about the "power supply not included" thing
23:44 joetho this looks like a pretty old scanner, but new enough to have a PS/2 plug
23:47 joetho here's a usb scanner from HongKong, shipped, for thirty bucks. It LOOKS like it would work. Sounds good on paper, anyway...
23:48 joetho look for one that supports all kinds of symbologies, like 3 of 9, etc etc
23:50 joetho "keyboard wedge" refers to how some scanners used to plug in- they had a little pigtail that put them inline with the keyboard, thus the "wedge"
23:50 chris yeah its come to mean "looks like a keyboard to the OS" now
23:51 chris which is what you want
23:51 joetho I am starting to look like a keyboard myself.
23:51 chris heh
23:51 joetho time to hang it up
00:01 baseballfreak47 hey chris i have another questino
00:02 baseballfreak47 if it says this does that probably mean it will work?
00:02 baseballfreak47 "The LS 4008i ensures connectivity to virtually any host with universal cabling and multiple onboard interfaces, including USB, RS-232C, IBM468X/9X, Keyboard Wedge, Wand and Synapse. Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) capabilities allow scanned data to be modified prior to transfer, ensuring compatibility with the application on the host system. "
00:03 chris sure looks like it
00:59 chris man, this tweet sounded so much cooler than it actually is
00:59 chris
01:00 gmcharlt yeah, I noticed that too - false advertising ;)
01:01 chris we had a koha monk
01:01 chris back in the early days, a polish koha monk
01:01 gmcharlt chris: doesn't slef support a bunch of them?
01:01 chris probably :)
01:51 chris_n2 g'evening
01:51 pianohacker Hey
02:04 pianohacker Good night
02:17 chris_n2 catalogue/ now has a "Print Label" button in its toolbar...
02:18 chris_n2 sounds like a job for tomorrow
02:45 baseballfreak47 are there any advantages when installing koha on debain as apposed to ubuntu?
02:48 baseballfreak47 anyone have time to help/
02:50 bob the main contributers do their work on debian so I'd suspect they would be better to help if things go wrong if you went the debian way
02:53 baseballfreak47 I tried debain but it is extremely hard to use
02:53 bob it can be a bit of a steep learning curve
02:53 baseballfreak47 personally
02:53 baseballfreak47 oops
02:53 baseballfreak47 wring box
02:54 baseballfreak47 ya its not as user friendly as other lynux based os
03:09 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:09 Amit good morning #koha
03:09 chris hi amit
03:10 Amit 13 death in india due to swine flue
03:10 chris how many for the regular flu?
03:10 chris here more ppl have died from that, than swine flu still
03:11 Amit around 1000 in india
03:11 Amit most in pune
03:51 brendan hi amit
05:34 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
05:34 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 28.0°C (10:10 AM IST on August 12, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 27.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
05:47 brendan good evening #koha
05:49 Amit hi brendan
05:50 Amit @wunder New Delhi
05:50 munin Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 34.0°C (11:00 AM IST on August 12, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 27.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
05:50 Amit @wunder Dehradun
05:50 munin Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 27.0°C (8:30 AM IST on August 12, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 29.64 in 1004 hPa.
05:50 Amit @wunder Mysore
05:50 munin Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
05:59 hdl_laptop hi
06:08 Amit hi hdl
07:04 kf good morning #koha
07:05 chris hi kf
07:05 kf hi chris
07:10 kf have bug reporting on my todo list today - hope today I will find time for it
07:10 chris :)
07:36 natnat hi
07:37 natnat anybody here willing to help a newbie
07:41 kf natnat: just ask your question, perhaps I can help - or somebody else will answer
08:23 chris the magical psychic question approach
08:25 kf did I scare him away?
08:30 chris hehe
08:47 kf started with something easy @bug 3524
08:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3524 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, Display of item type image/description when placing holds (broken image / no description)
08:52 chris cool
08:56 kf ok, working on holds now, question: is it a bug, when I can place a hold (title level or item level) on an item I have checked out?
08:56 kf I think it is
08:58 chris i think it might not be
08:58 chris if it is an item that doesnt allow renewals
08:58 chris but you know you wont finish it, so you want to get it out again
08:59 chris people do that at public libraries
08:59 chris so it would need to be a system preference
08:59 kf I think its unfair
08:59 kf I would check out the item and set a hold on it
08:59 kf so I can keep it longer
08:59 chris yes, but it should be up to the library to decide if they allow it
09:00 kf ok
09:00 chris and you still have to return it
09:00 kf so its an enhancement?
09:00 chris yep
09:00 chris someone else might have put a hold on it before you too
09:00 chris so you still wouldnt nessecarily get it back right away
09:02 kf just asked my colleague about our current system
09:02 kf it can be configured
09:04 chris yep, so an option to configure it would be a good enhancement
09:09 kf ok, will try to write something
09:10 kf option to avoid placing holds on checked out items/titles - ok?
09:11 kf hm
09:13 chris yep sounds good to me
09:18 kf hm perhaps its really more a feature than a bug
09:18 chris yep, i think its a feature
09:18 chris but features go in bugzilla too, just as enhancements
09:18 natnat hi
09:19 kf yes, but the more I think about it, the more I think its ok how Koha is working now
09:19 natnat i have successfully installed koha in fedora core 10
09:19 kf perhaps Im just used to our current system
09:20 natnat the problem i have is in adding koha-zebra-daemon to services that would start during boot time
09:22 chris right
09:22 chris you have symlinked the file into /etc/init.d ?
09:22 natnat yes...
09:23 chris so on fedora you have to use chkconfig
09:23 chris
09:23 natnat ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
09:24 chris but chkconfig is how you add it to the rc.d directories
09:24 chris check out the example in that man page
09:25 chris so you have to edit that file
09:25 chris add in some lines
09:25 chris ah well, i tried
09:36 kf yes.
09:41 kf ok, added my test cases to AllowOnShelfHoldsBug - works great now in 3.2 :) Will discuss the enhancement for holds on checkouts with my colleagues before filing a bug
09:42 kf thx for your insight on this feature chris :)
09:45 chris no problem
10:05 nathan1021 hi
10:06 nathan1021 i have some few issues with koha in fedora core 10
10:06 nathan1021 i have successfully installed it
10:06 nathan1021 its up and running
10:07 nathan1021 but hit a wall when trying to run zebra server
10:07 chris 21:23 < chris> so on fedora you have to use chkconfig
10:07 chris 21:23 < chris>
10:07 chris 21:23 < natnat> ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
10:07 chris 21:24  * chris is a debian user so i would do sudo update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults
10:07 chris 21:24 < chris> but chkconfig is how you add it to the rc.d directories
10:07 chris 21:24 < chris> check out the example in that man page
10:08 nathan1021 i have already add using chkconfig
10:09 nathan1021 since is not "compatible" with chkconfig
10:09 nathan1021 i have to add the two lines in the top of the file
10:09 chris yes
10:09 nathan1021 #chkconfig: 2345 20 80
10:09 chris yes
10:09 nathan1021 #description: Koha Server Daemon
10:10 nathan1021 i have already added those lines.
10:10 nathan1021 then run
10:10 nathan1021 chkconfig --add koha-zebra-daemon
10:12 chris yep
10:12 nathan1021 is that all i need to do??
10:12 chris yep its added to the runtimes now
10:13 nathan1021 im not sure exactly if zebra is already running during boot time
10:13 nathan1021 how do i check inside koha if zebra is running?
10:13 chris you dont, but you can do a ps axf | grep "zebra"
10:14 chris or /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start
10:14 chris you probably are missing the daemon program, unless you have installed it already
10:16 chris but if you try to start it, it should say something about it missing if it is
10:16 chris
10:20 nathan1022 sorry i got disconnected
10:20 chris what was the last thing you saw?
10:21 nathan1022 when i tried /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start it cant start
10:21 chris right
10:21 chris 22:14 < chris> you probably are missing the daemon program, unless you have installed it already
10:21 chris 22:17 < chris> but if you try to start it, it should say something about it missing if it is
10:21 chris 22:17 < chris>
10:22 nathan1022 so... that must be it
10:22 nathan1022 it did not understand the options like --name
10:22 nathan1022 etc...
10:22 nathan1022 thanks...
10:22 nathan1022 i'll try it tomorrow...
10:23 nathan1022 im in a different command center right now
10:51 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
10:52 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes
10:52 hdl_laptop hi
10:52 hdl_laptop how are you ?
10:52 gmcharlt ok
10:52 gmcharlt how are you?
10:52 hdl_laptop good.
10:53 hdl_laptop Just wondering whether reconciliation branch would be truly a reconciliation branch.
10:53 hdl_laptop I read the RFCs down.
10:54 hdl_laptop I am wondering whether something was done for items ?
10:54 gmcharlt what about items, specifically?
10:54 chris
10:57 chris hehe did you tweet that before or after i pasted it gmcharlt ? :)
10:57 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: items out of biblioitems.
11:15 gmcharlt chris: after - should have credited
11:16 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: taking items out of MARC blob is my personal project
11:17 hdl_laptop will you be able to make it for 3.2 ?
11:17 gmcharlt yes
11:43 chris gmcharlt: naw, wasnt angling for credit, just was wondering if you saw it in your feedreader same time as me :)
11:44 chris google blog search picks things up fast
11:49 gmcharlt indeed
11:51 kf good night chris
11:53 gmcharlt g'night

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